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The Voyages of the Penelope and the Yydryl

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posted on Oct, 7 2012 @ 12:23 PM
(From Above)

The rifle never got it's chance to discharge it's bullet as the gaping jaws of a grizzled
dog-like animal lunged from the darkness and beheaded the helmeted sentry in it's
flight, the wolf never made a sound in it's attack.
Tibbs' eyes were like saucers as the wolf accomplished it's task.

"Sorry for the delay..."BIAD said easily as he climbed over the gantry fence, the sight
of the hermaphrodite's 'under-carriage' made Neno and the Vithian gasp. "...I thought
we could do with some help" BIAD finished and moved his blind-head to imply they
should look to their left.

The wolf padded down the grilled-floor and sat down at Neno's side, the Gunslinger
was already back to watching the door. "Keep low and... and keep yer' privates to yersel'"
Neno hissed and raised the pistol again.
Somebody was standing in the building's entrance.

"We are OPHI and we claim this panet as our ow..."the nasal-voice stopped as a flurry
of -what looked like feathers, appeared above the figure's head, the proclaimer fell
back into the building.

"Aye, that's it... shoot first, then somemore and not bother with questions after" Tibbs
growled to himself and re-read the information on his handset. He made sure the screen's
light was hidden.

"There are Ophi Buzzards in there..." he whispered to the crouching Vandal "...they must
have found..." and stopped at the sight from the other-end of the gantry.
Sslar and the remaining two Fourway wolves moved silently towards Tibbs, Neno and Boy
In A Dress, the Xang Cat's fangs glittered wickedly.

The three animals passed the male-trio without looking at them and with the wolf that had
despatched the guard falling in line, the big green feline and the three wolves entered the
"Sic 'em" BIAD said softly and followed Nenothtu towards the doorway.

posted on Oct, 8 2012 @ 05:23 AM

* ~ * Gone * ~ *

As comfortable as the Swamp could be and even after their second round of ‘Dirty Dragons’ (a deep green lethal concoction Chumley and Ship had ordered) Silo and Newman were still having trouble relaxing around Ship and Chumley in their new forms.

Chumley? He was reveling in the use of his new hands at every opportunity gesticulating, slapping the others on the shoulders or laying an arm across Ship‘s back playing with her hair.

Ship? Or rather ‘Shi’ as she informed them with a giggle (‘I’ve shortened my name into something more friendly’) was equally if not less formal, unconcerned and hell bent on chugging back as many drinks as possible in the shortest amount of time.

Ignoring a waiting Newman and Silo who’d asked for an explanation over the vessel-wide tremble the two revelers were snuggled nearly nose to nose laughing over the double meanings of her new nickname. Shi as in shy? Or Shi as in she? Both sent the odd couple to smirking over their private jokes and ripe innuendoes. After Chumley came up for air to order another round Newman took the lead clueing in the clueless; their bodily changes were all fine and good, he was even happy for them, but their attitudes sucked. And he told them so.

‘Excuse me? Did you just say...‘sucked’?’ Shi burst out with a raunchy snicker as Chumley tried to swallow down his own laughter.

‘Yes, I did Mam. I’m gad you found it amusing.’ Newman snarled and tossing back the last of his drink stood to leave. Silo joined him.

‘What’s this? You two going already? We’re just getting started!’ Chumley’s smirk had an edge to it, something ugly and furtive. Newman bristled.

‘You two can stay here until you drown in those things for all I care,’ Newman tipped his chin at the third round of drinks a Bar Droid was delivering, ‘Silo and I want to get to the bottom of why the teleport tab didn’t work and what that shudder was all about.’ Newman’s voice got quieter and deadlier with each word. By the time he finished the Bar Droid froze - a drink still in hand stalled between the table and his tray.

‘Take it away please.’ Silo said kindly but Chumley stopped the Droid from taking the drinks away.

‘If you two don’t want those I’ll not let ‘em go to waste. Give ‘em here Droid. Shi and I can handle ‘em.’ Chumley emphasized the slur on ‘Droid‘ and the implication on ‘she’. Slurping back a glass Chumley’s eyed Newman without blinking burping loudly when he was finished. The twist in his thick lips left no doubt the belch was as big an insult as it was a taunt.

‘You want to take this outside big guy?’ Newman hissed. He’d had enough of the two of them and was ready to prove it. He knew he‘d get pounded to a pulp by the Regalian who easily outweighed him by a quarter ton but he didn‘t care. Silo was none too gently pulling him out of the Swamp when neither ‘Shi’ or Chumley responded to his threat with nothing more than a pair of malicious stares.

‘Come on, let’s go back and check on Adam. Those two are...’ Newman’s eyes were still blazing but his voice had softened. What he didn’t say Silo needn’t be told. Something was wrong aboard the Yydryl and they both knew it.

Raucous laughter followed them down the halls as they backtracked to where they’d left Adam and Jeni.

* * * * *

‘Newman? Silo?’ Moriah crept around the corner of the empty Recovery Bay like a scared cat.

‘Moriah, where’s your sister and Adam? He shouldn‘t be out of his healing chamber.‘ Silo was angry with herself. She knew it was wrong to leave Jeni alone with Adam but at the time she’d allowed herself to be talked into trusting the young woman.

‘I’m...not sure Mam but...she...she asked me to give you this.’ Moriah handed over a small square piece of paper and ran from the room before they could call her back.

‘What’s her problem?’ Newman watched her go shaking his head. ‘She acted like she was...afraid.’ Incredulous Newman took a step to follow the girl but Silo stopped him with a ragged sigh.

‘Newman you better read this.’ her shoulders slumped Silo handed over the paper. A hollow feeling of dread knotted his stomach. Newman took the note already knowing what it was going to say.

‘Newman & Silo. I’m taking Adam away. I’m using the last teletab from the chocolate tin. I couldn’t ask either of you to go with me. Give my sisters my love. Tell them I had no choice. Tell them I’ll never stop trying to get back to the Yydryl but right now I have to do what‘s best for Adam. Jeni‘

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posted on Oct, 12 2012 @ 04:50 AM

* ~ * Hell bent for... * ~ *

‘Silo! Hold up!‘ Newman hollered between his horses ears but the wind blew his words away. He was so far behind her mount she must not be able to hear him. Rising off his syrups Newman leaned over the animal’s neck the horse plunged ahead lengthening it’s stride closing the distance between the two riders. Neck and neck they raced until Silo’s mount put on a burst of speed leaving him in the dust . Making a soft sweeping arch she returned to Newman who’d already pulled his horse to a stop.

‘Nice riding there sport’. Silo dismounted and burst out laughing when Newman’s knees buckled under his own weight as he hit the ground.

‘Just walk out your mount and keep the comments to yourself.’ He snarled good-naturedly .

It was lovely in the Center. The horses were blowing they were all sweating and the gentle wind rising over the hills was just enough to cool them without chilling. It would have been a picture perfect ride if both their minds were not stuck back on Ship Proper and the odd changes in the crew and Ship herself.

‘Did you hear the way Chum was talking? I mean come on - when have you ever heard Chumley finish a full sentence? And without a d ‘diz’ or ‘dats’ or ‘whatebber’?’ Silo walked her horse next to his jumping right into the conversation Newman had hoped they could put off if even for only a few more minutes. But now that she’d begun - He was more than willing to jump in and add his opinion.

‘And Ship? I mean ‘Shiiii’’ he spat, ‘All that giggling and simpering? Great Jenovah it made me want to puke.’ Newman reached and caught a long stem of grass the squeak as it pulled from it’s socket slightly sickening. Chewing on the milky white end he chose to ignore the fact that he’d just killed something.

‘You’re quite the outdoors-man these days.’ Silo slipped a piece of grass copying him. ‘At least your transformation was positive. But them? What’s going on back there? I think we can both agree something changed when Ship shuddered but what was it? Everything was normal, we tried to teleport, it failed during the ’shake’ and now? Nothing’s the same.’

Newman nodded in agreement chewing down the grass until it became bitter. ‘And what I still can’t wrap my head around is what it might have been? What could have caused her to shake like that. We weren’t attacked, there’s no other vessels in the area, no other planets but the one down below and we didn’t receive any incoming hit from there.’ Newman allowed his horse to take a mouthful of grass and changed course towards a small copse of trees flagging a stream.

‘I don’t think it was from down below either.’ Silo felt her throat constricting thinking of the others wondering where they were, how they were. Neno, BIAD...the rest. But not Jeni and Adam. She couldn’t even go there yet.

Newman did. ‘Where do you think they ended up Silo?’ He fed what was left of his grass stalk to horse patting the soft place in the side of it’s muzzle. ‘You think they got to Scotland?’

‘Do we have to talk about them?’ Silo wanted to concentrate for the moment on Ship.

‘No, we don’t. But I don’t see how not talking is going to help.’ Reaching the small creek Newman allowed his horse to drink a few swallows before continuing to walk him out.

‘And how is presuming or guessing going to help?’ Silo removed the saddle from her mount and after giving it a short drink followed Newman. ‘We have no way of knowing where they went even if we know where they wanted to go.’

‘What about their heat signature? We could follow that if we could find the spot where they teleported.’ Problem was they both knew that would mean getting Ship‘s help - which was doubtful.

‘We could but don’t forget, Jeni used the last teleport.‘ Figuring her horse was sufficiently cooled Silo slipped it’s bridle allowing it to graze freely.

‘Couldn’t we take a Deson Flyer?‘ Newman slipped his horse’s bridle giving it an affectionate slap on the neck before it joined it’s friend.

‘You mean you’re willing to leave Ship - in her condition - to go to find Adam and Jeni?’ He couldn’t see her face when she slung her saddle over her shoulder and started making for the stream.

Newman’s swore roundly. He couldn’t leave Ship. She knew it. He knew it. ‘Jenovah Silo! So what the hell did we come out here for?‘

‘Clear our heads, gain some focus?‘ She shrugged noncommittally.

‘And what did we get?‘ Newman ‘oophed’ throwing his saddle over his shoulder.

‘I got sweaty.’ She smiled. ’You? You got sore and sweaty.‘ Silo winked and left him to gather the rest of his gear.

Resting by the water the two enjoyed a bittersweet silence until it was time to saddle up and go home.

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posted on Oct, 12 2012 @ 03:05 PM

..............................~Decent People Shouldn't Live Here~..........................

Dorothy Goodyear can now be classed as the official 'Saviour Of The Shadow Diamond'
what a brave, brave girl. We may presume that the all-in-fight between Nenothtu and the
Ophi 'big-boy' Fandor was the main focus of those in the laboratory and so, Ms. Goodyear
took the opportunity to take the stone from the Mag-cage and fled... to be factual,
she ran like hell.

The portals had faded until the corridors that led to the laboratory storeroom and the
dark, lonely streets of Bisley Deeps -were available, the young scientist headed for
her lover's arms.

The makeshift lighting tossed her shadow ahead of her as the slender girl jinked right
and then left, the vacant halls that had been converted into fancy offices lay just a
few metres away. For some reason, Dorothy pondered what had become of the strange
inhabitants of the underground.

Initially, Bisley Deeps seemed like any other small town, there was power that illuminated
the streets, the generators -if you could call them that, seemed to have no moving parts
or external power source.
But the contraptions work, James had said and that was enough.

The rooms and doorways were small, that led Dorothy to believe that the Euzkalians
were possibly dwarf-like, the effect of living without sunlight -she had mused as she
and James had searched the buildings.
The five guards had been there too, but none of them saw them sneak a kiss in the
very alleyway that she ran through at this moment.
"You seek another kiss from your loved one?" Victor Kershner whispered from the
shadows as Dorothy reached the entrance to James Craddock's rooms, the big man
stepped out into the small lane and smiled like a python at suppertime.

"I... I er, I have the diamond for James" Dorothy stuttered and looked up at the towering
giant in the black clothes, this was her first meeting with her lover's boss, but James'
description was exact.
Big, mean and scary.

"So I see... and your findings?" he growled, Kershner's eyes were hidden in the darkness
of his brow. The noise from the laboratory told the both of them that a free-for-all was taking
place and yet, it seemed far away to the girl with the short-black hair and the massive bald
-headed Crime boss.

"It can open dimensions, it tears time and space" Dorothy said softly and moved the heavy
stone to her right hand, Kershner's head moved slightly at the action.
"I know, and it can do so-much more..." he agreed and held out a meaty hand "You have
performed your task with the hieght of efficiency, it will not go unrewarded" he added.

Victor Kershner had his goal, the semi-transparent rock looked smaller in the palm of
his huge hand and Dorothy felt a pang of regret for handing it over, yet another ache called
in her heart.
The bare-shouldered girl said nothing more and entered the dark building with the single-
lit window. James would make things better.
Victor's reptile-grin returned as he too -had a date, his stride was confident as he neared
his private residence.

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posted on Oct, 16 2012 @ 01:24 PM

-----------------------------~Knight Takes Rook?~----------------------------

The Unholy came out of the darkness and their shambling figures left drab shadows
behind them as they made for the flashing lights of the laboratory. Dead eyes yearned
for that light, the light that would cleanse them of this awful malady.

Years heaped upon years, they had waited, time and The Defenders had moved on and
the Unholy were forgotten, the dark recesses of the many caverns were left to whatever
scurried around down there, it was over.

The Euzkalians had got it wrong, they had used bacteria as infantrymen to defeat their
foe and that microscopic soldier had held no loyalty, it had killed indiscriminately.
Killed...? is that what this flesh-yearning hunger was?

The dozens of fish-white-eyed husks mounted the gantry and headed for the moving
shapes near the doorway, hundreds more invaded Bisley Deeps.
The Diamond Dark had called and ancient residents of Khalamzadar came Hamelin-like.


Imagine the reader could flick back to the past when Nenothtu enjoyed the magic
of the Holo-Theatre... imagine that. The reader could run out to the vendor on the
corner of his brownstone street and say to Joe behind the counter " Heh man, have
you got the January edition of this?" and hold up the latest edition of 'Nenothtu Puts
His Gun Away And Enjoys Physical Violence'

If that particular magazine could be fished out of the string-tied piles of periodical
that doubled as Joe's seat -then I'm sure the cover would display what our favourite
Vandal looked like at certain points in the fight.
But abit of background first, huh?!

The guards had taken-up positions on the gantry that led to the Drilling Rig and began
firing at anything that moved, three of them hit the rock outcrop that looked like a woman
pushing a shopping trolley and the the other one took out a radio dish.

Oh, before I forget.... Death and Pandora had moved off down the same corridor that
Dorothy had fled to, the raven-haired beauty knew that Boy In A Dress was out there
somewhere. The Reaper wanted the big man that thought he'd out-foxed him and the
dark figure that moved silently into the alleyway, relished the meeting.

The light from the laboratory showed the occasional shifting-shadow as Fandor and Jekyll
pulled their comrade away from where he lay, Revandah was gone and it seemed Jekyll's
easy-going-bravery had left with him. "What are we going to do?" Jekyll said with an
earnest-tone and this brought a swinging -blow from his leather-clad partner.

"Stop whining..." Fandor hissed "...whatever is out there is no match for an Ophi"
The fair-feathered head turned to the darkness that waited outside the laboratory door.
"I will overcome" he growled -recalling Krev Joh Pann's words and stepped towards his

It hadn't meant to be this way. When Revandah and his two compadres had first
discovered the Time Shimmer, the three Ophi had just been involved in a 'rally-like'
meeting in Temple Square -where Krev Joh Pann had attempted to stir the crowd
into forcing the Powers-That-Be to visit AND conquer the far-flung fourth quadrent.

The meeting had been mediocre to begin with, fifty-or-so of the Ophi onlookers
applauding in the right places and only the odd cheer. But it was when the word
'Neo' was mentioned that the atmosphere changed.

It was said that this legendary U-man or 'Skinwalker' -as Ophi liked to call the race
that seemed to attempt to infest the corners of the universe, that this Neo could not be
slain with conventional weapons and travels across the void and time -at will.

It was said that he conquers peaceful nations and kills the innocent without thought,
it was said he rides the heavens on a fire-breathing Cat with a crazy woman and a wizard
crying from each pocket... so many things said.

(Continued Below)
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posted on Oct, 16 2012 @ 01:29 PM
(From Above)

Revandah had heard it all before and knew that these yarns may hold a grain of
truth, but it was mainly to stir up the crowd.

But Fandor loved the stuff, his home held portaits of the great gladiators -Graham
and Kerren actually fighting the Skinwalker.
The Neo looked like a mishapen ape with wild-crazy eyes and manic-grin, whilst
the artist had shown the two ancient Ophi Guards in the days of when Fandor's race
actually had wings, but the angel-like-status that emanated from the paintings seemed
to Revandah -a little far-fetched.

On the otherhand, Jekyll thought that his friend's fanaticism in the history of what
their ancestors did thousands of years ago was a healthy-thing.
But Jekyll held a penchant for a fairytale-being called Elvis Carpenter, so make of it
what you want.

The sudden appearance of a watery-shape in mid-air had alarmed the three of them, yet it
was Revandah who urged them forward, the same-Revandah that now bled on Fandor's

And now they stood in another time and place and the Hell-Cat that accompanied the
fabled Neo watched from the doorway. 'He's here' Fandor thought and readied himself.

posted on Oct, 18 2012 @ 01:52 PM

----------------------------~The Things We Do For Love~----------------------------

"YOU DID WHAT...!?" James Craddock roared at the open-mouthed girl leaning over
his desk, her hands were leaving greasy-marks on the polished surface -he noticed
as he absorbed the news.

Dorothy's eyes welled with tears as she watched the roiling rage flow across her
lover's features. "...That was my ticket out of here, that damned-diamond would have
brought me... us riches beyond our wildest dreams" he snarled and closed the space
between himself and the shaking girl.

"I... I thought that was the right thing to do..." Dorothy began and was startled by the
sudden sting of Craddocks swiping hand. "YOU SHOULDN'T HAVE THOUGHT! he
snapped and pretended to slap her again, Dorothy flinched and James struggled to
keep a evil smile from blooming on his lips.

The air crackled with his anger and without another word, he walked to where his
silk jacket hung on his Drayler-Beaty coat stand, two automatic pistols hung from
their chest-wrap holsters. They were nickle-plated of course.

"I'll get it back, my darling I can..." Dorothy whimpered, but Craddock cut her off.
"Don't 'darling' me, I'LL get the diamond. You just stay out of my face" he spat at
the now-sobbing young scientist.

With a slam of the door, James Craddock -the man who held and now crushed her
heart, left the room. The silver globes of James' executive toy 'tack-tacked' on his
desk and marked off time, Dorothy was on her knees and alone.

Her dream of spending the rest of her life with-what she had thought was a preening
-but-sweet man, lay on the plush carpet with her, it was over.
'I know, and it can do so-much more' she remembered Kershner's words,
much more... Maybe even turn-back time?

Dorothy slipped down into the dingy-street and headed for Victor's mansion, keeping
to the small lanes and shadows, she promised herself that she would get it right next time.
Next time.

Boy In A Dress watched for Nenothtu's signal to look for another way into the facility and
with a stern-look from the GunMan, the Man/Girl slipped away into the shadows of the

The shout from inside the laboratory was definitely female and BIAD was puzzled by
the words, the woman didn't sound like she was being held captive, the tone implied anger.
With a shrug of his bare-shoulders, he concentrated on finding another entrance.

Bisley Deeps twinkled in the dark and as BIAD kept low and made his way along a large
carved-wall, a sudden feeling of dread passed through his body. The small alleyway
that struggled under the small lamps strung along it's length, warned of hidden dangers
and wicked musings.

"It's a spooky-one" BIAD whispered to himself and quietly crossed from one-side to the
other, a small doorway skulked in the dim-light. The pathway that wound-away into
blackness called the hermaphrodite and though he had no way of knowing it, it was the
same track Dorothy had used only minutes before to get to Kershner's house.

BIAD tilted his head and shrugged again "All paths lead to Rome" he muttered and stepped

(Continued Below)
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posted on Oct, 18 2012 @ 01:57 PM
(From Above)

"Well, hello li'l lady..." the out-of-breath James Craddock sighed at the bare-legged
woman with the black hair "...and who may you be?" Every word purred from his double-
edged tongue.

Pandora frowned and wondered what the human was thinking of. The smooth-surfaced
lane that the two beings had met, led away to the main 'square' -of Bisley Deeps and
James had only ever been there once. That was when he and Dorothy had found the

They had been scouting the strange-little town for a location to put the laboratory and
the metallic-sign had glinted in James' hand-held torchlight. "What the hell does that
say?" he had whispered to nobody as he neared the grubby stone wall it was bolted to,
Dorothy had silently stepped behind him and squeezed his hips.

"Lets make love here..." she had began and then followed Craddock's gaze to the enigmatic
tablet, her beau scrunched his eyes and peered closer.

'Emendith Del Arcadia ICCN WVV Neo' it stated in black-etched letters and James had
touched the smooth surface of the metal "Is it gold, do you think?" he murmered and licked
his lips.
Pandora ignored the grinning-idiot that leaned against the wall-plaque and tilted her head
as she picked up the sense of danger, something was coming... something was wrong.

Please Click Now For Music...

The house seemed out of place among the other buildings of Bisley Deeps and
as Boy In A Dress gently pushed the slightly-open door, the organ-music became

The hallway told of lavish times and paintings offered visions of night fears and
madness, BIAD stepped carefully into Victor Kershner's home with caution.
Ignoring the startled-stares of the mounted heads of boar, bison and even a huge
scaled-Uktena, the Man/Girl walked towards two high ornate doors, a fancy 'V'
scrolled on each surface hinted at a Narcissistic Crime Boss who enjoyed his privacy.

It was an office. Well, it was sort of an office, there was a massive desk, a filing cabinet
and the decor implied conscious discipline and seriousness.
Of course, those sort of words are are lost on Boy In A Dress.

'All this way' he thought to himself, all this way to the den of his Father's murderer.
BIAD clenched his fists and recalled some of the trails and adventures that had led
to this day.... this far and no further.

The music blared on and as BIAD scanned his surroundings, a small monitor on the
black-wooden desk showed his friends in a bluish-grey and white.
Nenothtu was in the thick of it, with guards and Ophi attacking and being attacked.
The Fourway wolves and Sslar could be seen as nothing more that fleeting-shadows
passing from right-to-left on the screen as they tore into the remaining guards.

"My God!" a voice roared from the doors near the rear of the room and this startled
the hermaphrodite that glanced at a balcony that promised a awesome view of the
subterranean town at his left/ He walked towards the strange music.

The room was a chapel, a place of contemplation and worship, a place to visit your
God and seek his approval. The would-be Devil stepped in and peered towards the
where the alter should be.

"Does it gall you, my little-man...?" the huge silhouette at the organ said easily.
"...Your hunt is over and here you are, ready to plunge the dagger and feel the pain
of your creator's demise seep away" the tone was mocking as the music continued
and turned to face Boy In A Dress.

"But as in Triton Prison, all I see is a dirty-little queer that man shunned from the moment
you-somehow spewed from the bowels of our planet and we both know that to appreciate
such avengment is beyond you"

Kershner's eyes became slits as he neared the smaller figure with the feminine shape,
BIAD looked up at Professor Shaw's murderer and felt the same feeling he tasted when
burying his Father -so many, many years ago.
He felt sorrow.

(More Beneath!)

posted on Oct, 18 2012 @ 02:02 PM
(...And Finally... For Now!)

The massive fist nearly took BIAD's head off and the speed was astonishing, Victor smiled
snake-like at the eyeless-creature sprawled on the floor. "I thought Ramey had put you
down back in '65' but I know that even God-less bastards like you can catch a break" the
bald-headed man muttered and kicked out at his silent victim. BIAD rolled to his right and
felt the breeze of a swift-moving boot waft through his hair, the size-12 missed him by

Spitting a wad of blood onto the herringbone-patterns wooden floor tiles, the wobbling
Boy In A Dress stood erect and raised his fists "You killed my father" he hoarsely whispered
and this stretched Kershner's perniciouss grin further.

"Oh, you don't really think that even he that turned his face from the one-true Lord and
looked for the answers in science -actually spawned you, did you?" the sweating-giant
chortled "Oh please tell me, my dear Pinocchio... you haven't been clinging to that
childish dream?" he added.

BIAD wondered why his permo-wig hadn't lashed out and torn Kershner to shreds, the
length of his fingernails hadn't altered either... something wasn't right.

"You're nothing more than the result of a coupling between a demon and fool... be
grateful you weren't drowned like a cat in a sack at birth" Victor offered sarcastically
and closed the space between them, it was time to finish the game -he thought.

The bare-thighed Man/Girl breathed in deeply and prepared himself, that was when he
saw the bed behind Kershner's vast frame.
It was when he saw the body of Dorothy Goodyear laying on it too.

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posted on Oct, 20 2012 @ 10:38 AM

------------------------~You're Mine Now Mary~----------------------

Tibbs sighed to himself and looked down at the fragments that Boy In A Dress
had given him. "If things get out of control, then dropped these to the ground
and say these words" the smiling-but-serious Man/Girl had whispered when they
had waited at the rise.

The shards looked like ivory, somemore of BIAD's silly magic -Tibbs shook his head
and peered down to where the gun-toting Vandal stood.

Nenothtu waited at the door frame and prepared himself to enter the laboratory,
Sslar was at his side and would every so-often sneak a peek into the well-lit room.
"Listen fella, this is mar' land and ah'll giver yer a short while to git-back to where
you came from" Neno gritted his teeth at the lame-call, but as Landlord of the planet,
he felt that he should show some mature responsibility.

At least, that was what the small Vithian in the shadows thought. The single-shot
that caused one of the unwanted trespassers to cry out made Tibbs recalibrate his
musings, the GunMan was doing nothing more than luring the strangers to their

That was around the time that one of the guards was pulled away into the dark...
screaming. Fandor heard it too and wondered what armies of darkness the so-
called Neno had to back-up his play, Jekyll was more concerned with the blood-
soaked bullet-hole in his favourite suit.

"The Gangle shot me...! I don't believe it, he's shot me!" the Puma-headed Ophi
gasped and felt his legs weakening. Fandor glanced at his friend slumped against
one of the consoles and then brought his attention back towards the door.

"I am Fandor, son of Gren and descendant of Paul. I know no fear" the big leather-clad
Ophi called and glimpsed the huge green feline head looking in again.
Fandor thought about the legend.

'They met on a far-flung planet when sinister plans were afoot to tear a hole in the
continuum of the Ophi and take the female of their race. It was said by sages that
the Skinwalkers bought the favour of the scourge of the universe and pleaded with him
to help them.

The brute known as 'The Neo' lived inside a sun, a blood-red sun that held no planets
in it's grasp. The lone star waited at the edge of everything, where the Neo smoldered
and also waited. With his slaves meeting every one of his whims, the crazed-killer had
mounted his feral beast known Sslar and set-off to destroy his latest enemy.

His woman, the harlot of the skies known as Silon, had also straddled the fire-breathing
cat and with the prayers of the evil species that wished to exterminate the peace-loving
Ophi, the Neo had began his cunning scheme.

Through the valiant efforts of Gerald and Paul, the stinking monster had been thwarted,
although they had paid with their lives. The Ophi had mourned their loss for a whole year.
We continued to live in peace and hoped that day would never repeat itself'
Fandor pulled his gloves tighter and knew what he had to do. Making sure that Jekyll
was comfortable, he called to the ogre in the darkness.
"Come if you dare -old monster"

The Unholy stepped into the laboratory from the alleyway at the rear and Jekyll gasped
at the horrible sight. "Oh Elvis protect me" he whispered and slid down to the floor.

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.............................................~Unlikely Allies~..................................

The girl was dead. Boy In A Dress had no idea who she was, but his limited imagnination
ran towards what Victor Kershner may have done to the poor female.
He felt the rage that should have been their for finding his Father's murder and along with
it, a guilt that it couldn't be summoned earlier.

"Please do not concern yourself with the female..." Victor said in soft-round tones "...she
sought to take from me and as you may know, that cannot happen" and to emphasis his point,
Victor lashed out BIAD again.

The Man/Girl ducked and felt the breeze of the fast-moving hand, he knew he had to attack
at the first opportunity and yet, something was making him hesitate.

"Carry him for a few rounds" the tall shadow that appeared near the organ said and BIAD
glanced over to see his brother waiting with folded arms. Death was close and this brought
a confident feeling to the small Being in the red dress.

"Tell me why you murdered my Father" BIAD snapped and dived to his left, Kershner was
preparing to grab him and the sight of those large hands brought an image of chicken being
torn apart at a supper table. The Crime Boss moved after BIAD and the dance went on.

"Your Professor discovered one of my business acquistions and as I said earlier..." Victor
waved a chunky-finger "...that's a no-no" Another grab at the bare-shouldered
hermaphrodite missed by inches.

The Reaper ignored the petty tête à tête and leaned close to the beautiful human that slept
the sleep of the dead. "You will be called upon -my girl, you have a unique fate waiting for
you" he whispered and curls of vapour slithered around her inert form.

"You didn't have to kill him, he would have gone away... and forgot your ugly-face" BIAD
offered to the approaching giant, Victor grunted in amusement and thrust a foot towards
his enemy's nether-regions. "Nobody get's out alive" he hissed and maneuvered his prey
towards the piped musical instrument.

Craddock reloaded his pistols and fired again at the shuffling corpses, the night-haired
woman at his side tore with nails and kicked with booted-foot, Pandora was secretly
enjoying the work-out.

James' raincoat lay on the alley floor in ribbons due to the hordes of zombies that poured
into Bisley Deeps, the culprits that had grabbed at the garment lay close by.
"We were made to be together" he shouted as he squeezed off round-after-round, Pandora
frowned, tore the rotting head from a Euzkalian-female and tossed it into the face of the
blind-Unholy that came on next.

"You are nothing to me, go on your way before I use you as a club to bludgeon these irritating
husks" Pandora tossed over her shoulder, a mangled hand touched that shoulder at the same

"But I can bring you riches, high-times and excitement" Craddock panted and ducked the
half-eaten zombie withe the reaching arms. The woman would make a nice piece of 'arm
-candy' -James thought as he blew a hole in the nearest face.

The selfish thought of the self-centred human slid across Pandora's mind and without
taking her eyes off the dozens of undead, she lashed out a foot and kicked James Craddock
in the head. "Take him" she rasped and the wave of flesh-rotting shells moved from Pandora's
area and surrounded Kershner's sly-looking second-in-command.

As the hammer slammed on empty chambers, James screamed, dropped the expensive
pistols and they were upon him.


"Do you know what that cursed stone can do...?" Victor said and lifted the unmoving body
od Boy In A Dress from the floor, the Man/Girl's weight was nothing to the burly human.
"...It will make sure that Death can never be at my door, I will be eternal" and with a surprising
grace, he neared the organ.

BIAD's brother chuckled to himself as he recalled the hundreds and hundreds of times he had
heard that confident boast, his compadre -Kharon had also laughed at the retelling of those

It had taken one punch, one punch into the grinning face of Boy In A Dress and now the
unconcious hermaphrodite would feel the long-time rage that Victor felt for the filthy animal.

The piped instrument waited and as the bald-headed Crime Boss flicked a switch near the
keyboard, the organ disappeared and a strange-looking machine took it's place.
There on the top of the humming contraption, lay the Shadow Diamond.
"Here is my future" the thick-lips muttered.
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~*~ Here there be... ~*~

Tall shadows rearing up whitewashed walls rose like beasts of fire and light snorting and plunging - real as any dragons of myth and lore. Long silhouettes streaking down the bare floor their thrashing tails, longer shadows still battering the rafters their wings and horns. Pewter candlesticks giving off a fine light gleamed like steel swords made to pierce black hearts and behead with one blow, a serving tray a great shield, goblets stood waiting at the bar to be raised in victory.

Of course the Pot aux Roses didn’t have dragons, not even one, but the Boy’s dreams teamed with them. Plenty of them - and all well fueled by the dregs left in the ale tankards he tossed back on the way to the kitchen, fortified by the gristle and bone scraps cluttering bread trenchers limp with cold gravy of mutton. Boy was in training. Training to become the greatest dragon fighter he’d ever known and that meant he had to have food to grow muscle over his lank and bone - as well as work. Happy to have both he was the last to care he supped on slops of congealed grease and soured beer and wine. It was dragons he fed on. Dragons he lived and breathed.

At first meeting it was his eyes dark and wide set with a preternaturally intelligence that caught your attention until he dropped them to the floor once again the submissive ragamuffin moving to and from the kitchen. His hair, three colors of dirty stuck under a cap on a head that barely clearing the tabletops - his arms and legs mere sticks to propel him here and there while dodging cuffs and kicks and the occasional pinch to a bony arse from those who took him for a lass or lad alike. Yet the owner of the Rose kept Boy safe - not from affection nor fear of the Waysmen or even the wrath of God Almighty Himself but for the fear of good coin going into any pocket but hers.

The evening was warmer than usual, the alehouse packed with outlanders and townsmen alike all calling for more as their tongues wrapped around meat, tall tales, ale and the foul green pipes they lit that did nothing but whet their appetite for more. They kept the Boy running but he’d known no other life and hadn’t the want to complain.

Not so the Mistress of the Rose. Complaining was her wont and more so this night with her colorless face and dark mood having just delivered another bairn - thankfully another stillborn. For one who never had any humor at all hers was as foul as the air wafting from the privy and Boy took special care to beware. Staying well clear of her bloodstained hands and ready slap Boy made fast to duck and run the dog’s leg from tap to tables carrying trenchers and grog with the gauntlet in-between growing increasingly difficult as more men shouldered their way into the pub. Still amongst the work and rabble the Boy kept his ears well tuned hungering for bits of news like the men he served hungered for huge joints of roast and deep bowls of potatoes carried on a tray he’d barely grown into only that season.

Two strangers in the back hunkered over the stone hearth jutting off the fireplace waved to Boy for the third time that night the big redheaded warrior more giant than man. On their way to drunk they were and as their coin held they’d keep on drinking but the boy didn‘t mind. He wished them hollow legs and steady noggins so he could keep returning again and again catching at snatches of the talk he lived for. Dragons.

‘I’m tellin’ ya I know what I saw brother,’ the smaller one who sat closer to the fire was saying, ’an if you’d a smelt tha stink a commin’ up from the ground you’d a known whot was waiting fer ya just like I did.‘ The man’s eyes shown with a light brighter than lunatic fire as he continued, ‘an even afore I made me way deeper down in that great gappin’ hole there she was as blacky green as the tar pits and...‘ Michael’s curiosity ached to hear the rest of the tale but a rush of hollering from a quartet just come in the door drowned out the rest of the story. Moaning with disappointment the Boy ran back for more ale delivering it to the newcomers and returning with two more in hand for the pair by the fire.

‘What tales you tell brother o’ mine!‘ The giant laughed around another length of mutton he stuffed between his wolf like teeth. ‘Damn if yer noggin’ aint as useless as yer staff ya great noodle! All this goin on aboot them creatures!’ Shaking his head the giant flung another gnawed bone to the rushes as Boy set their drinks on the hearth before slipping behind them to add more log to the fire giving him excuse to listen.

‘But I’m telling you I saw her with me own eyes Argus, me own eyes! ’ The smaller warrior insisted his hands starting to flap like broken birds in his lap.

‘And I’m telling you right here and right now you saw not. Nothing.’ Using a fleshy bone like a club he raised and pointed the knuckle end in the others face. The younger man’s eyes grew wide before the spark there went out. He understood. It wasn’t that his brother didn’t believe him - he just wanted him to shut up. Nodding wearily he did just that. Sometimes when the dragon talk came over Quiet he forgot he wasn’t supposed to talk about them at all.

Frustrated by a story gone cold Michael slapped the fire iron against the coals releasing a shower of sparks. With an oath he watched one particularly bright fellow fly free from the others and drifting on an ill wind float right over the shoulder and onto lap of the giant. Boy held his breath and whispered prayers that went unheard. The giants great red beard - soaked with a thousand drops of oil from a thousand greasy meals tempted the stray spark to life. Watching in horror as a thin wisp of smoke grew to a flame Boy didn't think - he acted. Grabbing two tankard’s of ale from an opposite table he lunged for the big warrior tossing the mead full in his face.

A roar shook the alehouse and a stunned crowd quite used to roaring stopped and stared. They’d never heard the likes of Argus nor would they ever again. Even the Alewife stepped from behind the bar and what greeted her made her insides squall like she’d swallowed a pair a tomcats. There hung her serving boy upside down by his heal eye to eye with a fine braw warrior who emptied his lungs and not a little spittle full into the boys bone white face.

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~*~ Here there be... (cont II) ~*~

‘Put the lad down Argus!’ Quiet said chuckling while battering at his brother’s arm that bulged like a small mountain under his onslaught. Boy wished the smaller giant would stop being so helpful. All his knocking about sent tremors through Boy (who still hung from his heal) causing his teeth to clack together painfully.

Laughing until tears rolled freely down his cheeks Quiet smacked Argus again - hard. His brother‘s face had turned a purple he reserved especially for rage and Quiet was afraid he’d swallow his tongue. He’d done it before.

‘Do what yer told mon. Let go a the lad.’ The Alewife stood off the giant’s shoulder broom in hand and gave warning.

The Boy frowned at her from his world turned topsy-turvy wondering why she bothered with him now when she never had before. Maybe it had something to do with the lost bairn he’d buried under lamb offal in the dung heap. Loosing wee ones made her angry but they made her weak too. But when her broom connected against the giant’s head with a dull thwap that sent both the warrior and Boy flying against the smaller of the two brothers - that wasn’t the move of a weak woman.

Fearful for the Boy Quiet pushed the little wastrel behind him and stared openly at the Missus his eyes gone wide, his mouth hanging open like a trap. A short stout hag of a thing with the smell a woman about her felling his brother in one blow? Seasoned warriors hadn’t done so much with the aid of mauls and spiked mace.

‘It’s the lead Sir.’ The Boy whispered from under the crook of Quiet’s arm.

‘It’s woot?’ He asked.

‘She weights the broom sir.’ Boy answered pointing first to the instrument of destruction clutched in the Alewife’s hand then back to Argus’s head lolling at their feet like a lopsided pumpkin.

‘Pick ‘im up and clear out you two devils.’ The woman sighed then added. ’But leave the lad. He’ll pay the piper - but he’s all I gots and I aim to keep him in one piece.’ The small crowd of curious bystanders parted and tugged their forelocks as the Missus walked back to the kitchen her broom thumping dully in time with her step.

‘Mighty fine Mam you got there boy.’ Argus shook his head like a wet dog and crawled to his feet just in time to sit back down again with a thud his head still spinning.

‘She aint my Mam Sir. ’ Boy slid from behind Quiet who’d sat back on the hearth looking vacant.

‘Come ’er lad.’ Argus crooked a fiery red brow one way and a hairy thick finger as big as Boy’s forearm the other motioning the lad forward. Boy grabbed his chance like it’d dropped from heaven nearly throwing himself into the warriors arms.

‘Take me with you! Please! Take me with you to see them, to fight them dragons!’ He sputtered at the man who’d nearly made a pestle of his head against bar floor.

‘Ehhh?’ Argus bellowed, ‘Woot cheek is this? First ye scorch me pride,’ Argus waved his long red braid of singed beard, ’then ya shower me with ale before earning me a thumping from a female smaller than me Ma and now ya got the codswollop ta ask a boon of me?’ Downing the rest of his ale to quench his thirst and mirth Argus glowed. Always mercurial he was struck at odds between anger and respect. Argus knew another boy who’s cut his teeth on dragons and couldn’t blame the lad for trying. He would have.

‘Get yerself off and fetch us more ale boy and don’t be forgetting ta replace the drinks a those two fine gents who’s grog ya stole to quench’ Argus bellowed jovially before growling under his breath ‘and there’ll be no more talk a creatures and such foolishness this night or I‘ll eat your liver while you watch lad.’ Boy shivered involuntarily adding a begrudging ‘Yes Sir’ and trotted off to do as he was bid.

‘You gonna squish ‘im?’ Quiet’s eyes flicked to something behind Argus.

‘We don’t ‘squish’ boys Quiet.’ Argus harrumphed before looking closer at his brother. He was ‘turning’ again. Quiet’s bouts of sanity were getting more infrequent by the day the duration of clarity in between lasting less time than ever. Argus’s heart dropped to his stomach to thump there dully as the leaded broom had thumped his head.

‘No Argus, not the lad - Him.’ Quiet lifted a shaking hand then dropped it again when his eyes rolled back in his head. Argus turned slowly and faced whoever his brother had tried pointing out.

‘Be done with the jabbering you hulks! I got me orders and you outlanders are in for the pen!’ Breathed a skinny Waysman who stood like a pouter pigeon dressed in uniform a three tipped spear aimed at Argus’s middle. The twerps demeanor was inflated as his head was bald and his eyes were slow and dim but Argus could see he meant business. It was all the giant could do not to rip the things head off with one hand. Instead, Argus belched.

‘And why might you be trying to arrest me peaceable self when I was the one who’s not yet recovered from a clubbing?‘ Argus spoke blandly watching the door with one eye and Quiet with the other. His eyes reddened with fury as Quiet started to whimper, a thin stream of drool leaking from the corner of his mouth. Argus had to get his brother out of the pub before his mewling spawned to a full fit and the puny Waysman was the only thing between him and the door.
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~*~ Here there be... (cont. III) ~*~

‘The daft one there was reported for talk a...dragons.’ The Waysman licked his lips and looked fearfully around the taproom as if the shadow creatures would spring to life. ‘And even mongrels like you know that kind’a talk is forbid.‘ Leaning forward like sharing a confidence the Waysman’s spear tip slipped and caught in the leather right over Argus’s heart.

‘Dragons you say?’ Argus laughed leaning into the spear embedding it deeper into his leather jerkin, ’This mon is no more than an idiot storyteller,‘ Argus swallowed around his pride and continued, ’an all his dragoons are only in his head.’ Argus sat back, the spear followed and so did the puny man hanging to the butt of the spear like a joke.

‘ don’t you try any rough stuff you. I’m protected by the Service and that one there was talkin’ a...dragons!’ Red in the face and white around the mouth the serviceman freed the spear and tossed back the rest of his ale trying for courage from his cup. Argus chuckled and pulled his eating dagger from his belt to begin cleaning his teeth, the threat obvious. More than one man gasp through air charged heavy with tension.

From the sidelines Boy wished the Waysman would stop poking Argus with the spear. He didn’t want to be cleaning cock robin’s blood from the floorboards - it was a messy revolting job and the way Argus was spinning his tooth picker the little man’s head was as near to being separated from the crook of his shoulders as the piece stringy lamb was separated from the notch in the giant’s teeth. But the foolish never knew when to stop. Boy slapped his forehead when the little troll advanced on Argus spilling the sitting bench to the floor. The room went death still.

Quiet shook his head clear. He couldn’t let bloodshed happen. Not again. Pulling himself from the tabletop and a weaving about on his he feet he still made it between his brother and the Waysman.

“Wait a moment mon...’ Quiet pushed the spear away from his brother’s heart with the one long tapered finger. ‘Yer talkin’ heat to the wrong brother. This is between you, and me.‘ Quiet smiled brilliantly using his eyes to capture the smaller man‘s attention all the while stepping back closer to his mammoth brother.
‘And you Argus, don’t you think it’s time for you to take a nice nap?‘ Quiet lay his hand to the side of Argus‘s neck and squeezed just so. Without so much as a blink Argus flopped to the floor like a stray kitten neck-wrung by a feral dog. Boy thought he heard the giant swear just before he crumbled but wasn’t sure.

‘Come now sir! Drink up and we’ll come to an...understanding.‘ Ignoring his brother Quiet kept is eyes on the Waysman, kicked the toppled bench back up on it’s four and gestured to Boy. On queue the Boy stepped over Argus placing a tankard of brew before each man and with eyes as round as an owl’s waited for Quiet to nod before he made his escape.

‘Drink up! Drink up!‘ Quiet gestured merrily sliding into his seat. The Waysman no more understood Quiet’s sudden change than he understood day turning dark at dusk but he had no more choice in the matter. Somehow he found himself sitting across from the dragon-teller with his spear at his feet an ale in his hand as the ruckus in the room returned normal and the tension between them blown away like smoke up the chimney.

‘But sir,’ The Waysman said after downing a draft, ‘I was told to take you in.‘ He whined but Quiet cut him off pleasantly.

‘It’s simple really sir,’ Quiet said, ‘we’re in the wrong pub.’ He finished and motioned for the man to drink again.

‘But I was told to arrest two men at the Rose and it’ll be my job if...’ Quiet cut him off once more motioning the Boy to deliver yet another ale for the official.

‘Yet were not here are we?‘ Quiet said matter-of-factually adding a sly dog wink.

‘What do ya mean you’re not here!’ The Waysman slurred as his expression went even more weasel like in trying to understand.

‘This is the Rose man! My brother and I are supposed to be in at the Laughing Joke.’ Quiet smiled triumphantly but the Boy noticed color leaching from his skin.

‘Woot’s that have to do with it!’ The little man’s pate broke out in beads of oily sweat.

‘If we were in the Laughing Joke you’d not a found us. We’d not be here.’

‘But you are here!’

‘But we’re supposed to be in the Laughing Joke! A small mistake easily rectified.’ Quiet’s hands had begun to flutter under the table.


‘But nothing man!’ He interrupted, ’How in the devil can you arrest two men in the Rose who wouldn’t even be here if they were where they were supposed to be in theeee...’ Quiet strung out the word.

‘The Laughing Joke?’ The Waysman supplied dubiously.

‘Now you’ve got it!’ Quiet crowed, ’Smart man you are! Now finish up your ale and have a meal on us.’ Quiet motioned the Boy who set yet another grog between them on the rough-hone table. The Waysman smiled down into his cups blinking.

‘But what will I say to...’ He started.

‘Simple. Tell your master you went to the wrong pub.’ Quiet smiled conspiratorially slapping the Waysman on the shoulder.

‘Then you’ll be going now?’ The befuddled man’s eyes were crossing worse than his words as whatever Boy had put in his ale set in.

‘Yes sir! We’re going right back to where we belong - the Laughing Joke.’ Quiet rose unsteadily turning for the door.

‘The Laughing Joke...’ The Waysman whispered into the hollow created by his crossed arms where with a thud he dropped his head.

‘That’s it, the Laughing Joke.’ Quiet whispered over the snoring man as if blessing a sleeping babe.

‘Quick boy, get me outside.’ Quiet pleaded, stumbled and gained purchase on the Boy’s shoulder to steady him.

The three were out of town and far on their way before the Waysman could put his thoughts together. And that was a very long time.

Argus? He’d come to and slipped out of the Rose right under the Waysman’s sleeping nose and now rode in the lead his black and white warhorse plowing through moonlight and shadows towards somewhere far from there.

Quiet? Mounted and tied to his own horse with a pair of small arms wrapped round his waist to help steady him followed close behind.

Boy? Perched behind Quiet on his first ever ride atop a warhorse he held on to his new friend and shivered with the adventure of it all. Finally - he was headed for dragons.

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* ~ * Repercussions * ~ *

Newman swore under his breath then spit on a corner of his uniform hanging free from where it had been ripped from his vest. Using it as a swab to dab at blood leaking from Silo’s eye he called to her again but got no answer from a face so swollen and ghoulish it was hard to remember her pixy like features once full to brimming with strength and hope. Now all she radiated was pain, anger and something black like revenge - Newman couldn’t be sure and wouldn‘t be until he could look in her eyes.

Hearing his voice she tried to answer around a broken jaw swollen tongue and split lips but was useless. Instead Silo tried to nod her head. Sparks of pain exploded behind her eyes made communication impossible but Newman sensed her awareness and jumped on it.

‘Take it easy hun, we’re in the brig and we’re alone. Don’t try to move or speak, just squeeze my hand if you...’ Newman swallowed the lump in his throat. If she even moved her hand it would only hurt her more. The fingers on the left broken, all of them. The fingers on the right too bloody to tell - but despite the blood she used it to grip at his torn uniform the faint tug on his sleeve traveling right up his arm to his heart.

Newman swore and trying to forget the attack went on assessing her wounds. Her face blackened and distorted beyond recognition, her nose, eyes, jaw. Her fingers. Ribs he’d watched cave under the onslaught of pointed boots he didn’t dare to even touch. Biting his tongue to keep from crying out Newman went back to trying to clear her eyes. It wasn’t working, either the cleaning or the forgetting. Newman dropped his chin to his chest and sighed with disbelief.

Stunned by the speed and viciousness of the pair had been set on by Security Droids just as they returned to Ship Proper. Security Droid’s dragged the confused couple to the brig on charges of not having the required permission for ridding Pip’s horses.

Newman shivered remembering Silo’s demand to see Pip and an hour later when the boy finally arrived his demeanor and stony reception shocked them to their core. Pip ordered Newman and Silo confined to a cell until trial he informed them he‘d make sure they lost. When he snarled hanging would be ‘too good’ for them Silo spit in Pip’s face naming him a lackey adding if his Pa could only see him dog licking up to authority and turning his back on friends he would have puked.

Newman tried to step in front of Silo when Pip turned from bone white to purple with rage but the Security Droids held him back. When Newman was powerless to intervene? It was then Pip hit her. Hard. In the Face. Repeatedly.

Insane with anger Newman lunged for Pip and failed. Pip’s own lackey's the group of four young Droids had laughed, had actually laughed while restraining Newman. Then they took turns pummeling Silo with their bio-metal fists and all at Pip’s encouragement and then his command.

‘THAT’S for your insubordination!‘ Pip spat and motioned the Droid's to hit her again.

‘THAT’S for talking about my Pa you whore!‘ Pip’s eyes bored into Newman’s as the world tumbled off his lips then jumped between the Security Droids following up their punches with more of his own until his knuckles bled.

‘And THAT is for touching my horses!‘ Pip’s voice cracked and when Silo managed a laugh the boy became so enraged Newman was sure he was going to kill her. So sure his shoulder dislocated from its socket with a sickening pop trying to escape the steely hold of the Droids in order to try and stop the onslaught against Silo. Incapacitated by his own pain all he could do was moan for mercy while Pip and the Droids continued to beat and kick her to death where she curled like a babe at their feet. Standing by helpless having to watch - not being able to save her? To stop them? It broke him. Soul deep.

Shaking his head Newman forced the old nightmare away to face the nightmare of now. He had to concentrate on Silo. If she wasn’t dead already she was dying under his hands and there was nothing he could do about it but give in...and he’d already taken far too long to do it.

‘SHI?‘ Newman yelled from their cell remembering to use Ship’s diminutive pet name. ‘Shi? Are you there?‘ He yelled again keeping just enough fear and submission in his voice so she might believe he was ready to capitulate instead of killing her - slowly.

‘I’m here.’ ’Shi’ laughed. Newman could hear male grunting in the background. Swallowing on his own bile Newman turned from Silo who lay crumpled and broken on the cold plastic shelf-bed jutting from the wall of the cell. With his back to the wounded life form he loved Newman stood at attention.

‘Mam. I humbly request aid for your Attendant To Ship Silo.’ Newman cringed at his mistake before he could stop himself.

‘You mean my EX-Attendant don’t you Newman.’ Shi purred, the male voice in the background stopped grunting and swore an oath round and vile.

‘Excuse me Mam my apologies. Yes, for your Ex-Attendant. The life form Silo requires her PHARS or a physician. Deprived of either or both she will die.’ Newman held himself rigid his flaring nostrils the only indication he was alive with anger.

‘Is it your opinion then Newman our Silo has learned her...lesson?’ Shi’s sugary sweet voice soured his stomach.

‘Yes Mam, it’s my belief that she has.’ Newman waited.

‘I’ll send a Droid with supplies. But no PHARS.’ Shi was firm. Newman dared not ask for more.

‘And Newman? In return for granting your request? You’ll report to my quarters - on the double.’ The deep voice in the background grumbled something unintelligible. The sound of skin striking skin was not. Shi had put another male in his place with a fast hard slap.

‘Yes Man, I’ll be there as soon as...’ Newman tried but was cut off.

‘You’ll be here NOW.’ Shi screamed with rage as the two Security Droids who’d been standing by dropped the electric barrier to the cell and rushed Newman.

Before he knew what they were about the Droids - a model he’d never encountered aboard Ship - dropped a circlet of flexible material around his head banding it so tightly at his throat he could barely breath. Newman sensed rather than felt three tiny needle-like prongs embed deep into the skin at the base of his neck.

Then the Droids let him go. They simply let him go.

Reflexively his hands dug at the collar trying to loosen it’s hold. One touch sparked a burst of energy that swarmed through his system wreaking havoc so painful Newman fell to his knees screaming and nearly released his bladder. Panting heavily Newman climbed slowly back to his feet. Tentatively moving in the direction of Shi’s quarters a pulse from the base of his neckline rose straight up his spine to the pleasure center located deep in his brain flooding him with a rush of endorphins so pure and sweet the force nearly knocked him back to his knees with pleasure. Making his way down the corridors Newman couldn’t have said which was worse.

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(V-mail from Mr. Jordan to Croll Mavison- member of Council 767)

The Principles of Changeability or 'The Capricious Paradox'

When an organic travels back and forth through time, any interaction (and there's
some slight evidence to indicate that the very act of travelling has an effect)... with
that time-period, will cause tangents or 'spurs' to accommodate the organic's interference.

The Paradox cannot be calculated or framed, although assumptions of various scenarios
will usually be correct, there is no hard or fast rule.

Many races have looked at the possibility of using non-organic devices to get around
the problem, the so-called 'Grays' of Twentieth Century-Earth lore were such apparatus.
The exotic 'Balloon Dogs' of Gallot were of a polymetal alloy or bimetal and as most
Jaunters know, the black emptiness where the Shawnee System used to abide was caused
by short-cuts in the Dogs' manufacture.

So for our little laboratory experiment, we have a starship of gigantic size travelling in
a conventional manner through space... no problem there, I suppose, although using worm
-holes and faster-than-light speed can have variable-effects with the space-time fabric.
(see Jules Checker for more information)

BUT... as Professor Dwight Corbin showed, when dealing with time travel, we tend to look
at an organic moving from one place-to-another. A 'A' and a 'B'
With regards to the crew of The Yydryl, we have a 'A, B, C' and many other locations that
Nenothtu and his chums have interacted in, 'A'-to-'C' 'B'-to-'C' 'C'-to-'B' -all causing major
alterations in The Yydryl's wake.

The events of their time during the encounter with The USS Penelope, Regalians, The Dark
Lord of Black Atlantis, ect... have created a tangled web of paradoxes that I believe The
Committee should seriously look at shutting the whole-thing down and recalling Tibbs.

I have always had faith in this 'quest' of Tibbs, but the data is becoming quite alarming.

The Splitter (Yeneth)-as noted by Jarv IV, continues to monitor the problems and we can
only hope his work is successful.

Ophi Buzzards being dragged from their own world IN A DIFFERENT UNIVERSE! Now that's
a definite no-no. A report was written about interaction with Antlantean whales and a
discussion regarding the Time-Weave of the mysterious 'CindyMars' urged The Committee
to resolve the predicament. Oh... and the incident in Tall Town...?
THAT timeline was never meant to occur, ever.

The humanoid known as Nenothtu does seem to have an 'ironing effect' in the space–time
continuum. Ben-Ben Moa scientists noted that some of the 'wrinkles' or 'time-ripples' have
flattened when certain acts are performed by this being, this observation is also on-going.

Silo13 can be classed as a non-organic, but some of her interactions (especially the
unforecasted 'pre-birth' of Nenothtu)... have and are causing disturbances. One could say
that the Bio-Wraith's casual use of The Green Man amulets are the cause of some of the
problems and many of The Committee believe this kind of use of the devices is a factor.

As a side-note, the creation or material alteration of the individual known as 'Newman'
is a concern of mine, please peruse attached files for further information.

As far as the reports of the 'Otherside' Grim Reapers visiting members of the crew, ghostly
visions of passed-loves and physical immortality, there is no sound-evidence. It can only
be assumed that these flights-of-fancy are from the individuals involved -dealing with their
personal situations, a very 'human' type of behaviour.
I know we have touched on this subject before and it could well be that such strange
worlds exist outside of our known parameters, but as you know, no evidence has come to
light yet.

I hope that this message finds you well and let's hope this sort of behaviour subsides,
Jordan XX.

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* ~ * Cover up * ~ *

When he entered Shi’s new quarters Newman was stunned. His surprise must have shown.

‘Shocked are you Newman.’ Shi snickered, ’What were you expecting an...orgy?’ Shi expelled another nasty laugh under her breath turning back to her data screen. ‘Here I am slaving away trying to come up with a counter action for that shudder - with my hands stocked full of sick Regalian and you - you ungrateful thing? You thought we were scrumping.’ Shi whispered more to herself than Newman her melodrama sickening. Regardless Newman kept his face blank as possible. Pale and blank.

Chumley grunted unintelligible from Silo’s old bed recently modified to accommodate his bulk. A white rag tucked under his chin Chumley used the fabric to wipe his running eyes. When he broke into a loud whooping cough Shi rose and slapped his back - hard - eyeing Newman closely to gauge his reaction. To Newman it explained a lot. But not enough.

‘Poor Big Guy.’ Shi crooned to her ‘patient’, ‘He should be in the Recovery Bay but those girls,’ Shi spat the name of the twins who’d taken over Adam’s position in the Recovery Bay, ‘have yet to learn a thing about Regalians.’ Shi chuckled cruelly while tucking an enormous blanket back around Chumley. If her hand slipped below the covers to caress him overlong, if her eyes smoldered with heat Newman refused to notice. Disgusted he kept his eyes focused on the wall above their heads. Shi went back to her viewing screen as if he wasn’t even there.

Nearly an hour passed before Newman dared speak. ‘How may I be of...‘ Newman’s teeth clenched when the device buzzed a warning. Obviously he was not meant to speak until spoken too.

‘You may be of service by listening. Listening. That’s the key. You listen, I talk.’ Shi’s fingers flew over her keyboard but for the life of him Newman couldn’t figure out why she was using a keyboard to monitor - herself. Since separating from Ship’s body, taking on the biped form she inhabited now Shi had always remained ‘one’ with Ship never needing any form other than her own senses to moderate her system. Since the strange shudder? It seemed all that had changed.

Smothering another curse of exasperation Shi turned from the viewing screen her eyes narrowed, her brow oily with sweat, her lips upturned like a clowns. ‘Until we’re feeling better,’ Shi motioned to Chumley, ‘and until we know just what happened to us,’ Obviously she meant the Yydryl, ‘all crew members have been assigned a...monitoring system like you have there.’ Shi flicked her long green fingers towards his neck. ’When the present crisis is over we’ll all go back to...normal.’ Shi added lamely without making a commitment to removing the hateful collar. Another spark of hope blinked out for Newman.

‘Now, was there something you wished to ask?’ Shi grimaced impatiently clearly wishing him gone.

‘How may I be of service Mam?’ Newman parroted his earlier request as the last of his integrity pooled at his feet. He feared the power of the collar that much.

‘You can take this...thing,’ Shi snatched a matching band to the one tightened around his throat from where it lay beside her view screen, ’and you put it on Silo. If she heals of course.’ Free from the horrific means of her control Newman would have killed her on the spot when she laughed.

‘All kidding aside Newman.’ Shi yawned, ’Take this thing and put it on her. Then report back to me. Go. Now.’ Shi tossed the collar at him - short - leaving him to lurch forward trying to catch it before it hit the ground. Shi’s eyes glowed green with triumph.

‘I’ll expect you back here within the half hour.’ Shi waved over the pair of Security Droids who flanked Newman ready to escort him to the door. Shi returned to her work without a backwards glance.
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* ~ * Help * ~ *

‘Meester Newman!’ Meester Newman!’ A heavily accented bio-metal voice called from behind him in the corridor. Newman didn’t even slow or turn to look back over his shoulder. The collar. It was always the collar.

‘I can’t stop now Shears.’ Newman’s yelled wondering what the Master Gardener was doing outside Ship’s growing facilities. He’d never known the gardening droid to leave his ‘lovelies’ before.

‘But Meester Newman I come here to you for Silo. I have zumthing for dat girl.’ Still lagging Shears did his best to catch up with Newman.

‘You don’t understand Shears, I can’t stop,’ Newman hoped the droid would understand ‘I‘m sorry Shears.’

‘Meester Newman I do understand. All de ol’droids understand. We have dis ting too - on de inside.’ As if to confirm he was under the influence of his own control device Shears gave a yelp and fell back even farther.

Newman swore. Human as they seemed he knew droids were only programmed bio-metal but nothing had ever convinced him they didn’t have a heart and soul. And Newman had a particular fondness for this old one in particular. Slowing slightly Newman waited. Nothing happened. His hand went reflexively to his neck when he slowed even more. Still nothing. It was when he turned to go back to Shears the warning thrum at his throat increased. He could stop - he just couldn’t go against an order. Cataloging the effects of his new ‘master’ Newman waited for Shears.

‘Thank you Meester Newman. I has to hurry now very fast indeedy. You seez I not do so well outside zee gardens.’ Without preamble Shears thrust the red and gold apron Silo had left on Shears workbench. The Master Gardener’s fame began to shake, a small wisp of smoke leaking from under his rumpled hat. With an audible ‘pop’ and strain of gears Shears tried to turn, smashed into the side of the corridor toppling to the ground.

‘Take dat to Silo. Itsa...itsa make our little girl feel all da better.’ Shears horsetail mustache hung at odds on his face giving a sad lopsided expression to his bio-metal face.

Newman’s hate for Shi grew to something unrecognizable when his collar warned him away from helping the old droid back onto his rollers. With a whispered promise to do as Shears asked Newman tucked the apron under his uniform vest leaving the droid on the corridor floor struggling to control his motor functions. It was hideous - and for once Newman was glad the collar forced him on. Whatever reason Shears wanted Silo to have the apron it must be a good one. When two pairs of hulking black Security Droids marched past Newman in double time - back towards Shears? Newman knew it might have cost the old droid his life all together.

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* ~ * Let her go * ~ *

‘You know what’s you’ve got in the pocket of that apron don’t you?’ Millie asked from beneath Newman’s shuffling feet. Startled Newman almost tripped. He’d forgotten Millie was ‘there’ inhabiting the Yydryl’s corridors where he himself used to live. That he’d forgotten would have filled him with shame had he the time for it.

‘No, I haven’t looked yet.’ Newman lied rounding another bend in his course towards Silo’s new quarters buried deep in Ship’s lowest level.

‘Liar.’ Millie replied with no censure or rancor. ‘It’s the last teletab. The one Jeni used wasn’t. Simple as that. I can’t explain how Jeni found another in that cocoa tin, none of us can but the last tab Silo had in her hand is right there in her apron where she left it.’ Keeping close under his feet Millie’s shag changed from lighter hope to murky fear.

‘So we’ll be able to get her free. From this.’ Newman turned the collar intended for Silo over in his hands weighing the costs and choking on the pain of it.

‘Yes. You can. Now run!’ Before it’s too late Newman! Millie communicated silently the impact of her meaning flooding through him.

‘Thank you.’ Newman whispered leaving Millie behind his legs pumping hard fear lending him speed.

Out of breath a terrific pain knifing through his side Newman reached Silo’s room last at the end of a long stretch of bunkrooms only moments before another pair of dark Security Droids rounded the corner towards him.

‘I’m here on Shi’s orders.‘ Newman pointed to Silo’s door, the collar in his hand then the one at his neck. The Droids put their shiny dark heads together snickered nastily and flanked Silo’s door before allowing him to pass. Only when the door closed behind him did Newman dare breath.

‘You!‘ Surprised by his entrance Moriah jumped to her feet her hand going straight to her throat. She wore no collar. Plainly seeing Newman did Moriah’s face lost all hope her eyes glistening bright as watered sapphires.

Ignoring her fright Newman asked after Silo’s health trying not to look at the mound of bloody rags and bandages strewn around Moriah’s feet.

‘She’s breathing...but...I just don’t know anymore.’ Moriah choked on a sob but when Newman stepped closer pulled Silo’s ancient six-shooter from between the mattress and bed-form pointing the weapon straight at Newman’s head.

‘Moriah I’m not here to tag you for Jenovah‘s sake! I‘m here to help.’ Newman flattened his palm against his chest in earnest but the terrified girl didn‘t lower the pistol. ‘Moriah! We don‘t have time for this. Please, you have to trust me. You must.’ He begged.

‘Newman...I’ve been so scared.’ Her lips trembled as she lowered the gun. ’I’ve been hiding out in the...’

‘Quiet!’ Newman’s hand sliced through the air cutting her off. If the silly girl told him her hiding place he‘d be forced to tell Shi and he wanted Moriah free. With that realization the obvious became clear.

‘Moriah listen to me!’ Newman held a finger to his lips whispering, ’Take this and put it on.’ He threw the apron at Moriah while pacing back and forth near the door in hopes of confusing the tracking unit in his collar. ‘There’s a teletab in the pocket. Hold it in your hand, hang on tight to Silo and go.’ Newman’s collar started a low ominous hum emitting a strange perfume that made his head begin to go light scattering his thoughts. Lurching to the bunk Newman pushed passed Moriah kissing Silo on the forehead while strapping the collar meant for her around his own neck.

‘But, they’ll...kill you!’ Moriah gasped fear for him draining every last drop of color from a face already gone as white as her hair. Newman silenced her again with a hard grip to her shoulder. Shaking her lightly Newman pitched his voice even lower talking so fast she barely understood him.

‘If Silo is going to live and if you’re going to get free of all this mess you’ve got to do as I tell you and do it fast there's Security guards already posted outside the door. Do it now Moriah!’ Pleading, his voice ragged with emotion Newman knew how the girl felt for him and as cruel as a Judas used it against her now.

‘Do it for me Mori.’ His head pounded his voice ringing hollow in his ears like he spoke from the other side of a deep well. ’Sweetheart, if you love me do it for me.’ Cursing himself to a thousand hells Newman leaned down and taking her pale face between his hands kissed her soft and long and sweet.

‘But where do I go?’ Moriah’s begged around his lips.

‘You know where!’ Newman whispered pushing her away as hot tears coursed down his cheeks to catch in the stubble at his jaw. ‘Now go! Just go!’

The sudden flash of blinding light and swirling sparks caused Newman’s arms to wheel as he fell back in place.

When his collar and the one designed for Silo struck in tandem the pain was too great. As Newman slipped to the floor millions of tiny stars spun ‘round the room - froze above him for a moment in time before dropping over his fallen body to flicker out until they shown no more.

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........................~Just Thinking About You...~............................

She misses her friends...

They celebrate Halloween there, 1974 and the the small boy in the Frankenstein mask
that races through the Autumn night, brings a sad smile to my face.
Memories... who needs 'em, huh?

I had been there before, many-many years ago and in a place South of that small Mid-West
town that I watched the trick-or-treating.

The Day of The Dead, the time to remember those who passed over, to sigh into the
cool evening for loved-ones in the here-after. God, I miss him.

Earth had moved on so much since he'd died in the crash, a desert Army Base with heartless
humans and frightened thoughts... torture in the name of technology.

The kid had waited for his Mother to catch up with him, grinning pumpkins line the lawns
and the goblin light had shown his knobbly-knees.

I should go back. That planet calls to me sometimes and yet when I went, I always thought
of that awful night in 1947, the night the ship took the lightning-strike and bounced
across the desert floor.

It would be with similar stormy-skies, when that crazy-midget in the dark-brown robes had
flown in and saved my cracked-ass.

"Twenty-more minutes and then we're getting back" the thirty-something female says
and Franken-kid had trotted away to another house and another handful of candy.

It had been a nightmare after the crash, the young Sergeant named Vannevar Bush had
urged for more information by urging more electricity through the chair I was strapped in.
The pain still haunts my mind like the ghosts that were supposed to enjoy their liberty on
that smoky-smelling Halloween.

I should go back.

Then Tibbs shows up again on Carbiox and I'd thought that Jenovah was working his magic
to attempt to fix my heart. I'm sure the Vithian didn't recognise me.
The beard was longer and those beautiful-intelligent eyes told of tiredness and long
untravelled roads, the weird trio that accompanied him seemed out-of-character for him
to see them as friends. But, friends they are and Jenovah love him for his loyalty.

The Neo, that last Knight on the chessboard and the final hope for the Universe, what was
God thinking -to make a man like that? Yet... I like him, the steely-gaze and the gritty no-
nonsense-way he walks through life. I suppose we could do worse.

I wonder if he knows what lies ahead of him...? That Halloween evening -with leaves
flapping by like vampire bats searching for an early meal, talked of demons and ghouls in
it's breeze and I wondered where that Vandal was, when I watched the young child with the
rubber mask.

Then there's the Devil in the red dress. What goes on under that midnight-wig? What evils
scamper and snicker behind that eyeless face? So much power in the hands of a grinning
My God.

The lavender-haired lassie...? A created female with the ability to love, bounced from pillar
-to-post and yet, never leaving the motley-crew that she knows has friends.
It seems so long ago and if we get through this, I'll ask Tibbs to take me back... to visit the
houses and laugh along with the merry folk who walk that eerie evening.

Me, Tibbs and the others... yes, that'll be nice. Oh Jenovah, I know we rarely talk, but look
after my man tonight... keep him and his friends safe.

That kid with the Frankenstein mask... please keep running that Autumn evening.

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