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The Voyages of the Penelope and the Yydryl

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posted on Apr, 29 2012 @ 06:07 AM

................................................~Coming On Strong~...............................................

The sun sparked and sputtered again, the One who was once known as Carimono and now
goes by the name 'Neo' smiled into the warmth of the erupting star and awaited his Kingdom.
Far off across the pink-blue sky, flames tore across the atmosphere as the planet slowly
fell under the pressure of the dying life-giver.
Carimono touched the rough facade of The Green Man in his pocket and his soul itched with
the want to be on it's way, the Universe called it's magic tune.

Time had been harnessed, the wonders of dimension-travelling had become a common
experience and all the sentient Beings across the Universe had learned to live in harmony.
It had become a Paradise -Carimono mused, a Garden of Eden with Nenothtu at the gate.
In eons past, a U-man had stepped forward from a small dirty-blue planet on the edge of
the universe and taken charge, supposedly ruling with a fair-firm hand and bringing order
to the many races that interacted with each other.

But peace brings lethargy and the need to go further, the urge to explore more had been
stifled. The Vithians had used all their resources to find the omnipotent one called Jenovah
and failed, this so-called God did not exist -they had announced and Carimono had seized the

The fair-haired male took a hand from his coat pocket and clicked his fingers, the four huge
animals that waited patiently near the jagged-outcrop rose from their haunches and stepped
Each paw was bigger than that clicking hand.

"He sets forth on his destiny and we begin ours..." the tall man in the knee-length grey coat
said softly and felt coarse fur brush his hip "... this false-Neo stumbles towards my path"
The Four-Ways Wolves took their positions either side of the Master and showed eyes that
rivalled the waning orb on the horizon, the time had come to take his realm from this hard-
featured Vandal with manners of a Bollow.

"Take care with your footing -my friends..." the new Neo hissed "he has comrades that will
seek to hinder our course and allies that they are unaware of" The image of the startled Splitter
came to mind and brought a smile to Carimono's handsome face.

"We go!" he snapped and the five shapes standing with long shadows beneath a broken sun
faded from sight. Of course, being the last creatures on that creaking planet -nobody could
have witnessed the event.

Boy In A Dress gasped in his doze and felt a hand on his shoulder "It's time" said Call-Me
-Kenneth softly and snatched his pincer-hand away from the flailing hair-whips.
"Sorry" BIAD moaned and got to his feet, the cop's uniform hung on the peg and the swirling
walls in the Changing Room of the Holo-Theatre showed shapes that mocked the Man/Girl's

Call-Me-Kenneth backed his small wheels away from the ungainly male getting to his feet
and picked up the Subduer, the large black gun felt heavy in the Droid's small claws.

"Your experience will commence the moment you step through the door, Sir... enjoy"
C-M-Kenneth announced and BIAD placed the Officer's cap on his black-mane and walked
forward. The words 'We Go' echoed in the hermaphrodite's mind and stifled his regular
smile, the appearing city looked like it needed cleaning-up -he had a job to do.

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posted on Apr, 29 2012 @ 07:11 AM

~*~ Jeni ~*~

The other girls stayed mostly in the Dignitary’s Cabin nestled in a prime location between the dining lounge (not the cafeteria below stairs) and the Dignitary bar, the ‘Digs’ they called it (not the Swamp below stairs). A fast and furious line of working droids zoomed noiselessly in and out the double door (it’s span allowed three U-Man’s to walk abreast through it’s opening) bringing food, wine, entertainment discs and clothes from around the galaxy. The droids had found several cargo bins filled with merchantry Captain Cadbury had been ’storing’ below decks. Since his disappearance? Federation law gave Yydryl claim to his ’goods’ and having no use for them herself the Yydryl had kindly donated the contents to her new passengers.

Jeni was another matter - she loved the great vessel from the moment she set foot in it’s strange halls. Her sisters had no desire to integrate into their surrounding - Jeni wanted to delve in all the way. So different from her home life, the Yydryl offered a world she could never have imagined on her own. From it’s strange bio-mechanic make up to working droids of all sizes and colors. The earth like Center. But where she really wanted to go was the flight deck filled with it’s wonderful machines that could speed you over land and whoosh right up into the air a second later! She’d wanted to see what she’d only heard rumors about eavesdropping on the men’s exchanges in her father’s establishment. Until now she’d never known if the talk of flying cities and vehicles that rode the wind were something they’d dredged up from the bottom of a whiskey glass or for real. Well now she knew. And she was ridding in one. And someday she’d fly one too.

Slipping into a pale blue and gold crew uniform and away from her sister’s unobserved Jeni waited for the sound of their revelry to vanish. Smiling as her reflection in the closing door joined her two halves making her whole Jeni liked what she saw. The soft colors and giving fabric of Ship’s uniform accented her fresh faced looks and lithe curves especially her long coltish legs. Pulling her hair back into a long blond horsetail and securing it with a band Jeni scanned the halls before calling out.

‘Millie? You there girl?’ Jeni trilled a low whistle.

Milli giggled and hoped Jeni didn’t hear. The being inhabiting Ship’s halls didn’t mind being ‘called’ like a pet - she knew Jeni had no malice in her.

‘Yes Jen-nee.’ Milli pronounced the girls name with the strange emphasis Jeni liked. ‘Is now a good time for your tour?’ Milli had been promising and looking forward to escorting the girl though the halls of the Yydryl since thy first met. Milli recalled it had been a smooth first meeting Milli taking to the little human immediately. She’d scared the life out of the girl the first time - calling to her as she stepped out of the Dignitary Suite and into the halls of the Yydryl - but her Jen-nee hadn’t run back into the room like the sisters had. She recovered immediately as open minded as a child and unafraid as a saint. And her Jen-nee was smart Milli glowed with pride in her new friend. After Milli had explained who and what she was it had taken the youth only a moment to accepted the advantages of a ‘sentient’ floor beneath her.

‘I want that tour Milli, I do. But right now can you help me find someone?’ Jeni crouched down and ran her fingers through the weave at her feet giggling herself when Milli started to purr. ‘There was a beautiful man you see. I mean U-Man...’ she corrected herself immediately and went on to describe the driver of the wagon that had so captured the young woman’s curiosity.

‘You describe the Neno,‘ Milli offered his name easily, ‘We have the Ship tour later because now I take you to the Starwolf.’ Milli’s color changed to a nice carnation pink she reserved just for Jen-nee and started down the hall knowing her charge would follow.

‘If you don’t think he’d mind?’ A little self-conscious now Jeni wondered if she wasn’t making a mistake.

‘Not at all,’ Milli spoke out of turn, ’We go!’ Picking up speed Milli painted a trail through the twists and turns of Ship’s halls, in and out of lifts and 15 minutes later they descended to the flight deck.

‘I can’t traverse over tarmac Jen-nee. You go on now. The Starwolf? You know her when you see her. I wait here.’

‘Thanks Milli.’ Jeni gave her a quick scratch before righting herself and taking her first lone step off the live flooring onto the slick black stretch of the flight deck.

The Starwolf. That had to be it Jeni thought her mouth hanging open in wonder. Jenovah but the craft was beautiful! Just beautiful! Everything Jeni had imagined a flying machine should be, and more. Mesmerized by the Wolf’s lines so sleek and noble but cunning and quick at once Jeni moved to the hatch tapping with a shaking hand against it’s smooth exterior a moment before loosing her courage. She had to see inside. She just had to! And if the Neno was there? It would only add the experience.

‘I hope you brought food or I’m not letting you back aboard.’ Neno growled and from under a hand towel he used to dry his hair while deftly wrapping another towel around his middle. He unlocked and opened the hatch for Margot refusing to be ashamed of his hunger or near nudity.


‘Margot I don’t smell any grub...’ From under the towel Neno’s nose caught a scent soft and tender like the perfume of violets opening under a new Spring morning from back home. His hand stilled it’s rubbing. Neno peaked out from under the towel and gave a low groan. It was one a those girls.

‘I’m...I’m so sorry...I’m just...Sorry!’ Jeni stammered her hand rising to her mouth her eyes wide and full of half nude male. ‘I’m so sorry! I knocked but...I’m sorry!’ She sobbed and turned to run. Neno was on her before she could take flight. A rough hand slammed down spinning her around his mind exploding in fear over Silo and Sslar. Had she come to tell him there was something wrong? His fingers tightened over the dove soft skin of her shoulder. The girl cried out.

It was then he saw Margot standing behind the panicked child - just come back to the Starwolf bearing a tray piled high with food and drink.

Margot’s eyes narrowed into slits that promised perdition when she saw Neno still attached at the hand to Jeni’s shoulder and the daughter of her worst enemy teetering between running away and throwing herself into the gunslinger’s arms.

‘Margo. Margo now you just hold it right there!’ Neno stammered one hand steadying the girl, the other held up, a flimsy barrier between the two females. ’Now Margo don’t you go getting all deadly! This isn‘t what you think at all!’ Neno nearly tipped as the towel at his waste slipped to the floor and food started flying.

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posted on Apr, 29 2012 @ 09:40 AM

.........................................~Who Is This Stallone Guy?~.......................................

The Hanson Brothers were coming down hard, the City businesses braced themselves for
a shake-down that would leave the Holiday period feel like a mid-February Wednesday.
Boy In A Dress stood in the rain and waited for the car to show.

The puddles in the alleyway showed the uniformed-cop of New-New York check his Subduer
and plume cold breath into the night air, Nine o'clock came and went.
"Main Desk... BIAD calling in, all quiet" the Man/Girl whispered into his radio and the white-
noise told him that frequencies were as regular as an honest man around here.

The long-black Chrysler 300C slid across the lamplit-streaked street and halted outside the
Store marked 'Victoria's Other Secrets' Black windows told nothing of it's contents.

"I'm alone, a law-enforcer who will bring order to these thugs, no matter what the cost" BIAD
hissed and scraped the rat-poo from his high-heel... the damned stuff was everywhere.

Tall strangers appeared from the shadows of the car interior and without speaking, the two
men strode confidently to the Store's entrance. Shopping had tailed-off as the weather had
turned, only the lonely perused Victoria's aisles in pursuit of that elusive bargain.

Butch Hanson stayed at the door and with hands remaining in the black coat pockets, he
scanned the wandering customers with smoky eyes.
'Hacksaw' Jimmy Hanson continued his walk towards the Manager's office, smaller than Butch
-but the 'brains' in the oufit -BIAD mused.

High-heels clicked across the dank street as the hermaphrodite neared Vic's and that's when
the second-waved arrived. BIAD used all his speed to get to cover as the five men in silk-
suits hopped from the big Dodge-Hornet and quickly got in out of the rain, Victoria's doors
swung open again.

"Seven men and one BIAD" the grinning cop in the red dress said to himself, a bullet clicked
into the breech of the Subduer as an emphasis. With a gulp of air, BIAD crashed the party.

The sequence of events that led Boy In A Dress to overcome the odds of these organised
ruffians could be related here, but heh...? you've seen the corny cop-shows and you know
it pans out.

Only to say that BIAD actually did use the expression "I'm your worst nightmare, Butch... a cop
with a hem-line" and one of the Till-Operator's did swooned at his feet. Apart from that, it
was stereotypical.

"Mr. BIAD...?" intruded Ship formally "... we are coming up on the Khalamzadar system" and
the last straight cop in New-New York city tossed his badge onto the stilled chest of the thug
known as Jimmy Hanson. "Case closed..." BIAD whispered "I'm gonna be a private Dick next
time" and tossing the cap accurately onto it's peg in the Changing Room, he set off for the
Main Deck.

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posted on Apr, 29 2012 @ 11:55 AM

~*~ Chumley in Cross Hairs ~*~

She ran headlong down the hall her eyes blinded with tears colliding smack into his chest - something he’d been fantasizing about only moments before she appeared like something from his dreams.

Long green tentacles wrapped around the violet smelling girl holding her shaking body close against his budging chest that sagged and looked remarkably like a big fat belly.

‘Woot happened Mille?’ Reluctantly Chumley succumbed to asking the Milli-being loathing the necessity but leading the pony tailed female back along the corridor her head still buried near his tentacle pit wasn’t telling him much other than the female thing didn’t have much ‘scrimination.

‘Jen-nee went to see Neno. That’s all I know about Jen-nee. Neno? Last I saw Neno was naked-almost-naked wearing smashed potatoes and chicken fried steak.’ Milli answered calmly, without emotion, as ‘Carpet like’ as possible. She smoothed her nap under their passage making sure neither would stumble. She led them back to the girls quarters by the quickest route. If Milli was going to win over the big green guy now was her chance.

Jen-nee interrupted.

‘I’m so sorry...I was only...looking for him...the U-Man who drove the wagon...I wanted to thank him...’ Jeni hiccupped then burrowed her head deeper into Chumley’s side to begin sobbing alarmingly.

Chumley’s stature straightened, shoulders back and held his head high. She was wanting HIM! She had been looking for HIM! She had need of HIM!

Well, almost him his realistic side pointed out. And yes, our Chumley had a most realistic side. Facts were, he told himself, Jeni had been looking for him but the ‘Neno-Him’. It still felt good but the Regalian knew there was something off about the whole situation he just couldn’t put a tentacle on what it was and he wasn‘t about to try and figure it out right now. Carpet-wanna-be Milli said Neno was naked. Chumley knew U-Man’s got naked for two things. Their bathing ritual or their mating ritual. A deep emerald green suffused Chumley from where her head touched his side clean up to the tips of his eye stalks. That’s the color a Regalian turned during their I-is-gonna-kill ritual.

But, his vanity won out. Reminded of bathing Chumley raised his free appendage slightly and sniffed grimacing at the smell. Thank goodness (at least) he was in his dress uniform thought the Regalian tried desperately to keep one tentacle lightly around Jeni while wrangling the other behind his back where he flattened his tip and fanned desperately at the stink. Chocolate cake. It made him nauseous. The smell’s what provoked him into the Service of the Federation in the first place! Spinsterhood. A Regalian could never ever give off conflicting pheromones during heightened levels of testosterone - especially not chocolate pheromones. The females would eat him alive.

Shaking his head as they turned the last corner to her quarters Chumley stopped fanning his pits and clasped her once more to him. Never having as much as a hug from her father and very little physical contact with her sisters that didn’t consist of slaps or hair pulling Jeni snuggled closer loving the smell of him, the feel of him...the taste. It was all she could do not to lap at his side and that made her giggle feeling better. Until reality dawned and she wondered just who ‘him’ was!

Who ’him wasn’t - was Neno. She’d left him spewing curses as that Margot and dodging fistfuls of stewed peas and carrots. The ‘Him’ she was clinging to now? She didn’t have one clue. But she felt safe, and warm...and like she knew him.

Unwilling to open her eyes lest the wonderful feeling of being held and loved vanish Jeni waited until the long strong arms wrapped around her loosened and just before she raised her head a soft whisper tickled her ear.

‘No open eyes. No even peaking. No even one peaking. You keep eyes closed, count two and go in room.’ Chumley’s incredible ability at mimic, something that had gotten him into more trouble than not with CindyMars came to his aid now. It was Neno’s voice crooning in Jeni’s ear confusing her all the more but her little chin bobbed up and down her eyes scrunched tightly shut.

Before she had a chance to change her mind Chumley was gone. When need be he could move. Fast. And that time was now.

Jeni, still enveloped in the soft perfume of something dark and sweet wiped her eyes and slipped back into the Diplomatic quarters without disturbing her sisters who were still trying on clothes from every corner of the Galaxy. And as she disappeared behind the closing Carpet stopped the retreating Chumley with a warning look pointing back towards her room.

‘You gonna tell me what that was all about?‘ Carpet asked his green eyes sparkling even greener with amusement, curiosity and concern.

All Chumley could do was stammer and turn puce - the color of a Regalian in love.

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posted on Apr, 29 2012 @ 08:42 PM


Nenothtu successfully dodged most of the things flying his way - although he found himself fleetingly wishing that he's taken up ballet instead of gunfighting. He stifled a laugh at a stray thought - there was more than one way to power an army, and Margo had brought enough food to feed a young army. As it turned out, all that food became ammo for a one-woman army, and neno was on the defense for one of the few times in his life.

"Margo! I... we..." but the sentence was cut off by the necessity to duck to avoid a flying bit of mystery meat. he tried again as he bobbed back up "Now hol' on a damn minnit, woman! If you'd jus'...." SPLAT! The gob of mashed potatoes nailed him center of mass in the chest. "Good shot - but ain't this stuff s'posed to go on the INSIDE?" Then he had to duck again - Margo had ran out of food, and started hurling utensils, which could be somewhat more problematic.

"I'm gone for fifteen minutes! FIFTEEN MINUTES! and come back to..." Margo railed as she continued throwing things at neno with both hands.

Weaving and bobbing, lest an errant fork find it's mark, neno said "Well hell woman! You jus' don't know WHAT you've come back to!"

"That... that... little strumpet!" Margo fumed.

Neno's eyebrows shot up at the antiquated word, but he replied "Well whadaya throwin' crap at ME fer iffen you're pissed off at HER?"

"YOU'RE AVALIABLE!" Which neno supposed was so, since the little yaller haired gal had skyed right on out of there in the ensuing ruckus.

When Margo balled her fists up and started towards him, neno broke out in as grin and said "You'd best be positive yer wantin' to go THERE, Margo, afore ye get toe to toe with me!"

"I'll powder you! Make no mistake about that!" Margo fumed and continued to advance on neno. Neno, for his part, struck a comical caricature of a boxer pose. "Wal let's just DO IT, then" He roared. That did it for Margo - she lost all thought and rushed him, arms flailing. For his part, neno made a bold show of getting ready to duke it out, but at the last second he ducked under the flailing arms aimed more towards his head, and drove his shoulder into her midsection and then just straightened up, lifting her feet off the ground to eliminate her leverage. Margot continued to pound on his back with her fists, but couldn't do much with her legs, which neno had pinned to his chest in a bear hug.

Neno laughed at her predicament, and made the comment "How you gonna powder me like that? You hit like a girl!"

"I AM a girl, you neanderthal! PUT ME DOWN!"

"Nah, I reckon not - it's safer to keep ya up in the air like this until you get yer feathers smoothed out. Hell, I might even go fer a jog, just to see if I kin shake ye up enough to make ye spew!"


Neno shurugged, even with the extra weight on his shoulder, and said "well if you think not..." and started to step off into a jog, jouncing her.

"STOP THAT!" Margo wailed.

"You gonna calm yer young ass down?"

"I'm older than you!"

"That don't answer muh question, Margo - an' it just ain't so to boot! I wuz borned better'n 300 years ago, afore yer progenitors ever even got to the stars, much less manufactured YOU." That caused Margo to redouble her pounding on his back. "Yer STILL hittin' like a girl" neno remarked, but it was starting to hurt somewhat - although he'd never admit that - and annoy him. "Ahm gonna go joggin', then." he said.

"DON'T YOU DARE!" Margo squealed out. "I'LL... I'll behave, dammit! Just put me down!"

"Well I just don' know iffen I kin trust ye, Margo. I think I oughtta go joggin' just to emphasize the point...." The pounding on his back had stopped, and he knew the game was over, but felt like he ought to rub it in a little to make his point, and preclude future entanglements of this nature.

"PUT - ME - DOWN! I'll behave... I PROMISE!"

"Aiight, but you'd BETTER behave! Iffen ye don't there's a few laps around the ship on top o' my shoulder fer you!"

"That's cruel and inhuman punishment!" Margo blurted out as neno set her back on her feet.

"So? You seem to be under the impression that I care about that. I don't. Besides - ain't neither of us quite human, so it don't count any how."

Margo studied the deck and twiddled her fingers as she mumbled "I'll just get my stuff and move out."

Nenothtu shrugged. "aiight, if that's what ye want. Yonder's the door - you want any he'p packin'?"

Margo looked like she'd just swallowed her tongue, but stammered out "You'd let me go that easily?"

Neno snorted out "Yup. Jus' like that" and snapped his fingers. "I didn't say it'd be easy - although you ain't really got that much stuff to pack - but I done told you I ain't keepin' no woman agin her will. You wanna go, there's the door, an' don't let it bump yer ass on the way out - especially if you're makin' yer decisions on assumptions."

"Assumptions?" Margo bellowed. "I know what I saw!"

"No you don't" neno responded. "You know what you think you saw. You're thinking on assumptions, jus' like Pip did when he went to shootin' folks that didn't need shootin'. Only this time, it's ME wearin' the mashed potatoes an' gravy fer YOUR bad decisions."

Margo crossed her arms - always a bad sign - and said "Well why don't you just explain what it was I saw, then... and don't be looking to the ceiling for answers!" she tapped her foot in an attempt to emphasize her words.

"Sounds fair" neno agreed. He looked her dead square in the eye and started. "I went to take a shower jus' like I said... 'cause some of us say what we mean an' mean what we say. When I got out and was dryin' off, I heard a tap at the hatch, and - thinking it was you come back with yer hands full, I opened it. Instead of you, it was that yaller haired gal - I didn't catch her name in all the confusion - and she was a-stutterin' and a-stammerin' and sayin' she was sorry 'bout somethin'. I dunno what, and probably never will since you done run her off, but my first thought was that there's something wrong with Sslar or Silo, and she was comin' ter give me bad news."

"Baloney!" Margo spat out. "if anything were wrong, ship would have notified you. You're lying!"

Neno eyes hardened at that. he didn't take well to being called a liar. "Let that be the last time you ever call me a liar, Margo. It ever happens again, and you'll be leaving here at high speed - just as fast as I can throw ye. I may be a lot of things, but a liar ain't one of them. I'll tell you a dozen different versions of the truth afore I'll lie to you. Now, I TOLD you, I was indisposed - in the shower, aboard Starwolf. how in the hell do you suppose Ship would have got hold of me to notify me of ANYTHING?"

Margot studied the floor and scraped her toes on it, failing to reply, so neno continued. "Now, she spooked me, and leaving like that, well, it weren't an option until she'd delivered whatever message she'd brought that prompted her to be 'sorry'. She never did, because it was about that time you showed up an' started goin' off the rails like a mad woman slingin' crap with a sock." He let that sink in for a few minutes before adding "You ready to start packin' now?"

Stalling, Margo said "Aren't you going to ask Ship for a status update on the injured?"

"Nope. I been standing out here in the open hanger deck in my altogethers and assorted bits of food fer some time now, and if anything were amiss, she'd have notified me by now. You packin' or stayin'?"

Margo saw the opening and took it. "I'll stay, I suppose. You need another shower it appears, and I'll wash your back. After all, I messed it up!"

"Sounds fair to me" neno agreed. As they entered the hatchway of the Starwolf, he added "Yer intent on starvin' me altogether to death, ain't ye?"

"You're tough, you can take it. " Margo responded as the hatchway sealed behind them. Just before it closed, her words wafted out saying "We'll go get something to eat later."

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posted on Apr, 30 2012 @ 10:58 AM


Mucklebones reached into a hidden pocket in her skirt and withdrew a small pouch. She loosened the draw-string and removed a cone of incense and a tiny burner and a match.

"You are about to find out a few things, little sister," she said to Gert. "Time for the veil to be lifted. We've been watching you, and waiting, and now you are going to know what is really going on."

"Who, you and this little tart been watchin' me?" Gert said.

"Oh, no..." Muckles said, as she set the match to the incense on the small pyramid-shaped burner and then blew both flaming objects out. Her whiteless eyes suddenly glowed more brightly --- blacker and reflective --- when she looked at the old hag again. "Dag here is my responsibility, and even she isn't aware yet, but my sisters and I have been watching everything you've been doing since Her Sweetness here landed in Vandalia, and the jig is up."

Cecilia's cockpit was beginning to cloud up rapidly with the smoke of the incense. Mucklebones continued, "She deserves to watch comeuppance...'cuz she was the directly insulted pawn you used for your diabolical scheme. Ah plan to speak with Neno later about the mess you sent him into, directin' him into the badlands after Dag had already been abducted by your lackey."

Dag looked at Mucklebones now with a quizzical tip of her head.

"Yup," said the Gray Alien Canyon Witch. "Neno was headed your way, instinctively, and this wicked witch sent him west. You'd a never wound up in that canyon if'n Neno'd got to where they had you imprisoned in that temple, and then there'd o' been no way fer yer pretty little head to be filled with the nonsense that they infected your thinking with.

It was all a ruse, a very nasty, vicious, monstrous scheme for Gertie here to get what she wanted, at your expense. If not for her puppet's poor riding skills and basic lack of training, Ben wouldn'a found ya neither. Ah shudder to 'member the dream I had ... what would a happened to yer if ye'd made it to Fairy Stone Park."

"I thought Neno went to help Silo," said Dag.

"You thought right, and how Silo got to where she landed, at that McAllister place, wasn't as random as it seemed, either," said Mucklebones. "Our hostage here was only part of an elaborate plan that they'd been a-brewin' up for eons, jest waitin' for ya to show up. Yer resemblance to that window -- that shrine in the temple -- was an illusion. A glamor, to convince you. If they'd a grabbed some other girl first, it would'a looked like her instead."

"But----" Dag started, but Muckles reached over a slender gray finger and touched it to her lips. "Take in a really deep breath, Dag, and hold it will all be clear to you, mah dear. I told yer, back in the Swamp, we needed to find out whatcher powers are. Todays' the day, the time, the place. And Elvira here, if she don't melt, is gonna git a thrashin' from my sisters, meanwhile."

Gert was barely visible now in the smoke-filled cockpit, but they both heard her spindly form drop to the floor in a faint.

Muckles grinned at Dag. "Don't you worry," she said. "She aint' never gonna hurtcha again. Just sit back and'll enjoy this, I promise. I 'member my first time....ah.....what I wouldn't give for just one more second of that blissful moment of my enlightenment."

She closed her huge eyes: something only Tibbs had seen her do ever, for she never blinked. Dag didn't see it now, either, for she, too, had closed her eyes, and the three forms then faded clean out of sight.


Ben, after leaving the docking bay, had found a quiet corner on the cargo deck and sat himself down on the shiny floor, crossing his legs and focusing his thinking on locating the sneaky pup that Gert had enlisted to do her dirty work.

"Where would Ah go, if'n I'm a skeered little punk with a lot to lose on a strange ship and not one friend?" he muttered. He squinched his goggly eyes closed and imagined himself as the young man, little more than a boy..."Where do I go, I'm a puppet, I'm a tool, I'm a liar and a fool," he murmured. "A puppet....a tool....a liar 'n' a fool," he repeated like a mantra, over and over, liking the rhythm of it. His hands now seemed to assume a posture, or mudra all on their own...the tips of his little fingers forming an O with their companion thumbs, while the backs of his hands rested on his knees.

"A puppet," he thought, and searched around for a clue-ish idea. "Young'uns like puppets.' Hmm-mm. Ah, them yaller-haired girls, they're young'uns, and come from his home-place. So he might well 'a' gone to them fer solace...but they got the wardrobin' frenzy goin' on from all them crates to go through...girls like tryin' on clothes...and boys like watchin' 'em doin' it. They'd 'a' kicked him out, shore thing."

Then he grinned and his eyes popped open wide. "Yer down here a'hidin' then, ain't ya, junior, tryin' to stow away, waitin' fer them girls to summon ya' back. 'Til ya got protectors, yer nuthin' but prey."

Ben chuckled low, to himself, and rose from the floor. "A liar 'n' a fool," he said. "Allez gives thur'self away. Hangin' round like some shifty poltergeist," he began to walk, slowly, among the crates and stowage, the locked metal cages that held old equipment and the crew's stored items.

"Ship," he said.

"Yes, Ben?" the Yydryl answered.

"Blacklights, please." The room went completely dark, and then relit with the eerie blue glow so well known for exposing invisible gunk and entities. He chortled again. It was one of the tricks of his trade back on Earth...ya wanna find the stuff the eye can't see on it's own, ya gets out a blacklight. Brittle would not be able to hide any longer.

And then, very near him, a little to his right and behind him, he heard, "Crap."

It was little more than a whisper, a reckless escape of air emitted by a terrified hider who's cover is blown. Ben turned, and there lying on the floor under a folded-out rollaway cot, lay Brittle.

"Yer cover's blown," said Ben. "C'mon, then, come out from under there. The hidin's all over, and the mess ye made needs cleaned up. Now."

Ship felt a warmth fill her very core. It was nice to have real men on board, who could help manage the youths until they were ready to be groomed for service.

But the feeling was fleeting.

As helpful as the mature men were, they were outnumbered by the impetuous youths, and keeping them all corralled would be a task she did not want to lightly assign to anyone.

And worse, all these women-folk were outta control, causing unnecessary distractions, using up supplies, straining the droids, making messes like they were on holiday at someone else's house, not to mention all the bickering and food flinging and backstabbing and shrieking.

It just wouldn't do. It was counterproductive chaos. And Ship was far from happy about it. She was capable of establishing rules for order, and very close to doing so. Her crew was becoming overwhelmed, and these new passengers were making trouble. While they'd been on Vandalia, she'd enjoyed the peace and quiet, had felt again her self-possession as the mother-ship, watching, able to turn off the coms when the noise got too irritating.

But now, they were crawling all over her. When they got to Neno's colony planet, things were going to change.
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~*~ Crazy little thing called love... ~*~

‘Ohhh Carpet! How you ged dees new quarters?’ Chumley asked smiling his gruesome smile at the huge overstuffed chair set before a mock fireplace as Carpet waved him into the seat he’d chosen specifically with his huge friend in mind. Arranging himself comfortably Chumley felt just about as warm inside as he did when Jeni smiled his way. Maybe more. In a male way.

‘Ship and I had a talk.’ Carpet said. ’I asked her a question and she answered it. Now we’re all set.’ Carpet shrugged and called for a working droid to bring them refreshments before leaving his new cabin.

‘Whad you ask Ship?’ Chumley should have known but his head was so full of Jeni it left room for little more.

‘Well...’ Carpet let his breath out slowly between the little gap between his front teeth while opening twin ales. Handing one to Chumley the clink of bottle meeting bottle made them both smile. ’I asked Ship if she had a chance to go biped would she do it?’ Carpet winked over the top of his beer and took another swig.

‘Noooooooo!’ Chumley’s mouth hung open the eyes on the ends of his stalks growing round as two ripe limes. Ship’s secret - and greatest desire - was to interact with the crew on a biped level. To walk and talk and ’be’ with them. Carpet Chumley and Silo knew her secret and guarded it jealously.

‘Yeah well, I felt pretty bad about it but she needed to realize I didn’t leave her. Fact is before I got this cabin I promised her I never would.’ Carpet shrugged and finished his beer.

‘So Ship give you droid and cabin and nice chairs. Bed an clothes and squat room. You do well Carpet.’ Chumley finished his beer and started looking around for another.

‘Aww come on ‘mate, I’ve not got anything here you don’t have in your own cabin.‘ Carpet rose to get the beers himself instead of calling back a droid.

‘Chumley cabin jus da bed n’ shadder. Das all. An no one come da see Chumley.’ Beer made him morose. Carpet thought twice before offering him another but it was already uncapped and in his hand.

‘What’re you going on about? Your digs have two chairs - I‘ve been there!‘ Forced cheer fell on deaf ears. Chumley’s chin dropped to his belly - not far to fall - but his next words came out in a whisper.

‘I wants tree chairs.’ His voice held all but physical hope.

‘Ohhh, it’s like that is it...’ Carpet’s heart hurt for his friend, ’You want a chair for someone else is it?’ The scene in the hall outside the girl’s cabin was beginning to make sense now.

‘Ya, I do. For...Jeni.’ Her name on his lips and Chumley got to his feet glowing puce. ‘I needs your help Carpet,’ Stopping with his back to the hearth Chumley rounded on Carpet. ‘I going to use U-Man suit. I going to see Jeni. I going to make love to her.’

‘Hold on there cowboy!‘ Carpet sputtered and spit beer, ‘First of all Neno made sure all those suits were destroyed and the pattern was erased for good. Second? You can’t just go and start slobbering all over Jeni! She‘s just a young female!‘ Carpet tried not to but the visual tripped him into a bitter laugh.

‘I no talking da humpin!’ Chumley growled, ’I talkin’ about da heart’n part. Da love part! An for dat I need da Neno-suit.‘ Before Carpet could respond Chumley hurried on, ’Neno live in da Starwolf. He stay der and Neno-me be here.‘ Chumley’s eyestalks had lowered til they all but dropped back into his skull his tentacle tips at either side of his mouth wiggled with fear and glee. Dreams of a future with Jeni possessed the Regalian with an overdoes of rapture. The room filled with the sweet homey smell of chocolate cake.

‘But you’d be lying Big guy.’ Is what Carpet wanted to say but held his opinion. Bracing his arms on the back of the overstuffed chair Carpet was reminded of his own recent life change - Who was he to say ‘no’ to Chumley for wanting the same? In a moment of decision Carpet reached over and took Chumley’s beer from the side table. Plans had commenced.

‘Ok buddy. If it’s a Neno-suit you want it‘s a Neno-suit you‘ll get. On one condition.’ Circling around the chair to face his friend Carpet was all seriousness. ‘Chumley. No more beer. No more a those fatty giant snails you love. You’ll only eat greens from here on out - raw ones.‘ Carpet couldn’t help but smile at the look of horror crossing Chumley’s face. ‘And you‘ll loose that fat belly, put on some muscle, and stop shaving your head.‘ Carpet was the only one of the crew that knew the Regalian’s habit for shaving all his facial and head hair.

Carpet watched Chumley pale and cringe weighing the sacrifices against the possible gains.

‘OK! I do dis and you help with suit! You help with Jeni!’ It wasn’t a question.

‘I‘ll even go to the gym with you.‘ Carpet nodded. He’d already started a muscle toning program himself and there was no reason why the big guy couldn’t go with him.

‘Ok!’ Chumley repeated nodding gravely, ‘Now when I get to see my Jeni?’

With a sinking feeling in his gut Carpet walked his friend to his wardrobe cabinet and after burrowing deep in the back produced the last remaining Neno-suit, the very one he’d worn on earth.

20 minutes later after a good deal of moaning, groaning and promises never to eat another fatty snail again Chumley stood before Carpet’s wall mirror. But it was Neno who looked back.

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~*~ Blond no more ~*~

‘Come on Jeni! We’re ready!’ Her sisters called their hands filled with vials and chemicals their hands covered in plastic gloves. They’d been giving each other hair treatments since she returned to the cabin and now figured it was her turn.

‘No thank you ladies!‘ Jeni trilled lightly hoping to avoid confrontation. ’I’m going natural!’ She giggled but it wasn’t catchy. Jeni started backing towards the cabin door when 6 sets of eyes narrowed and gloved hands turned to claws.

‘You’re what?’ A few of the older girls snarled, the others broke into tears.

‘Oh come on! It’s no gig deal girls, I just don’t want to be blond anymore.’ Coming out the shower after washing away food spray Jeni felt nothing but relief when her hair dried to a strawberry blond. Another three or four more washings and it would be copper once again. Long ago her Father had insisted she color her hair to match her sisters. It was something she loathed then and it was going to stop now.

‘But...Father...wanted...’ They started. Mentioning him was all she needed to really blow.

Father isn‘t here!’ She barked, ‘And it‘s time you all figured that out!’ Working herself up into a full blaze Jeni jumped onto the nearest easy chair sinking into the cushion but still towering above them. ‘And now that I’ve got your attention? All this playing you’re doing? How long you think it’s going to last?‘ Her eyes flared like twin torches sparking from one sister to the next.

Knowing better than to take her on in her present mood the girls hands dropped to their sides, their eyes stuck on the floor. When they dared to peer back up again each one blinked sheepishly guilty heat pinkening their cheeks. Jeni took it as a cue to continue.

‘Ya know, I don’t know what the Yydryl has planned for you but I can tell you one thing. Unless I’m extremely wrong?’ Her eyebrows raised dramatically, ’Unless I’m extremely wrong it’s not going to be an ongoing party with her Ambassador quarters turned into a playground for a bunch of spoilt-rotten girls!’ Full steam ahead Jeni jumped from the chair and moved strategically around the room closing the entertainment center, waving away the droids bearing more clothes into the room and the ones still in the room? Those she waved back out draped with as much silks and satins as they could take with them.

Thanking the droids politely the fingers of one hand pinching the bridge of her nose Jeni waited for the doors to the suite to close before rounding back on her sisters.

‘You all want to know what’s good for you? Stop acting like a bunch of dolts and start studying! Anything and everything you can about this Ship and serving on her! ‘ Catching her breath she spied the great round teary eyes of her youngest sister reminded of the youths love for plants and all growing things. ‘And you?‘ She gave the girl a private wink. ‘If you don’t want to study start figuring out how to help Ship. Maybe in the gardens or kitchens.’ Ruffling the teens curly hair Jeni turned back to the others. ’So, consider yourselves warned. Figure out how to make yourselves useful or pack your bags and get ready to be marooned on the first available planet.‘

Storming from the room Jeni didn’t care about the storm she left in her wake. She’d been horribly embarrassed by her sister’s actions since coming aboard the Yydryl and wasn't about to feel guilty for reaming them out one and all.

Run out of steam Jeni stopped in mid stride and sunk to the floor. Could she really blame them? They were so young! And it wasn’t like they knew any other way.‘ She clenched her hands in anger her fingernails made half moons creases on the inside of her palms. Her Father had petted cosseted and spoiled them since birth keeping them safely locked in a gilded tower not much different than the rooms they had now. Who could blame them now?

But blame them was just what she had done.

Promising to be more patient in the future Jeni gave a sigh and lay her forehead on her knees. If there was only someone she could talk to. Someone to help her make sense of their lives. It used to be Margo she thought bitterly. It never would be again.

‘Jeni?’ A pair of well worn boots stopped in the hall the toes almost touching her own. She hadn’t heard him coming. Mortified she didn’t look up when she realized who it was.

‘Jeni?‘ He repeated and when she didn’t answer the boots turned in place and with an audible ‘ooomph’ Neno slid down the wall and sat next to her hip to hip. Before he even settle into place his strong warm arm draped around her shoulders and gave a little squeeze.

Jeni answered by turning into his side, burying her head in his chest and crying.

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.....................................................~Whilst You Sleep~................................................

The Yydryl rolled on and as all the Palace intrigue took place above, Bernard V went
back along the heating pipes to take another look at the object jammed down the space
between the massive ducts.

The shape that lay in the gloom between AC-28001 NS and AC 36429 NA looked tooled,
possibly made from metal -Bernard thought and wondered if Valve would know what to

It had been three days ago that Bernard had visited the old Foundry and spoke to Valve
Twenty-Three. The clanking Droid was always worth a detour of Bernard's duties, checking
for leaks and monitoring the miles and miles of the huge conduits underneath all the decks
wasn't something that Ship needed Bernard's full attention on.

"I had that Man-woman-thing in here the other day..." Valve had rumbled as he peered
at the slag-rimmed buckets that towered above them "... he's a strange one indeed" and
looked down at the squat-Bernard.

"There's something goin' on up there in The Yydryl" Valve had whispered and even though,
the ancient robot only had one eye, Bernard was sure he was being winked at.
"Walk wiv' me, will ya?" the Foundry Gaffer said and set off towards the Carter Furnace.

The two Droids ambled towards the looming metal hearth, an eight foot-wide door waited
ajar showing cold coals and darkness. Valve Twenty-Three's limp was quite pronounced now
and Bernard thought of telling his friend to get along to the Repair Bay, the little Droid was
smart enough to let it go.

"It used to be a hive of activity -in here..." Valve reminisced "... the Fire-Gods fought with
the Metal-Gods and all was reet with the world" A faint-whiff of hydraulic fluid came with
every step of the old robot as Bernard trotted to keep up.

It was after about ten minutes of wandering down Valve's particular Memory Lane that
Bernard asked what the old Droid had meant when he'd said 'something going-on"
Valve suddenly halted and turned to look again at the only frequent visitor to the Foundry,
his battered head leaned close to the side-grill of Bernard -as if to impart a secret...
In a way, it was.

"Ah see things down here at night, Berny... strange lights and shapes movin' around in
the Foundry's darkness, ah' think someone's aboard that shouldn't be" Valve muttered and
creaked back to his full-height.

Bernard V leaned -not unlike Valve had, and looked into the shadowy recess near the the
sign that said 'Level IV' This particular pipe ran for five miles before running straight-up to
where the crew of The Yydryl resided and checking his memory-chip, Bernard recollected
that the twelve feet-wide pipe serviced Chumley's, BIAD's and the group of girls' cabins.

The object seemed stuck fast and that was why Bernard had mentioned the find to Valve, if
anyone had a tool to get the item from it's current resting place, it was him.
"Oh yeah..." Valve had crooned confidently "... Ah got just the thing, we used to use it when
the Smithy-Droids lost their ball peins down the back of the Vice-Trestle"

Bernard took out the coiled rope with the pincers on one-end and lowered into the space,
the sound that Valve had told him about -clicked and the Maintenance Droid hauled up his
Turning it in his claw he looked at the strange device.

It was bracelet... sort of. A wide wristband that held small electronic parts, a dark-blue stone
sat in an ornate metal ring and wires ran back-and-forth on either side.
Bernard attempted to interface with the electronic parts, but all he got was a sound similar
to waves crashing on a sandy shore, although the Droid had never been to the seaside.

Standing among the vast array of pipe networks in the belly of the Ship, Bernard pondered on
what to do next, the scarred-face of Valve came to his thoughts and without looking across at
the faint shape near the Maintenance sign, Bernard set off to find a wiser head.

Valve would know what to do -he thought and the ghostly Mr. Jordan agreed.

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....................................................~Do Me A Favour?~..............................................
If one follows the AC-28001 NS, turn left at the point where cooling-ducts from two of
the Departure Bays cross each other -then bear-right to where Ship's incinerator-vents
wiggle upwards, the trekker will find a doorway.

Actually, the 'organic' opening looks similar to a tortoise's open mouth and if one passes
through it, a forgotten corridor resides there that will lead to the rear of the Foundry.
A stretch of the legs... eight Earth miles -to be exact.

Bernard V ambled into the dusty workplace with the strange device he had discovered
and holding the wristband in his single-pincer, his thoughts were on what it could be.
Valve Twenty-Three placed the last of the scrap metal onto the pile near the conveyor
-belt and watched the small Droid making his way around the discarded machinery near
the Forge.

"What 'cher got there -me olde mucker?" Valve called and his grumbling voice echoed
around the place, the empty-feeling didn't help his mood. The last sentinal of the vast
Mill, had decided to tidy up the place and even pondered switching the burners back on.
The Yydryl no longer needed the ability to manipulate metal -through heat, Ship used
Bio-materials that were stronger, more flexible and lighter.

The brooding Foundry was an ugly Bridesmaid and the Best-Man had left the church.

Bernard lifted his arm and displayed the strap with the blue-glow in it's centre. The
'Pipe-Checker' had thought that a blue stone had been set into the bracelet, but as
he had examined it during his journey, Bernard now believed that something else was
causing the dull lustre.

"Your utensil worked..." Bernard answered "... I found this" and placed the object on
a fairly-flat sheet of Caridium. The blue-glow showed the spiraling-fractels on the metal's
surface. The Droids stood in silence and wondered what the odd-creation did.

"That -my friends..." Mr. Jordan said from the shadow of the hulking Carter furnace
"... is the question that needs an answer" and stepped out into the light thrown from the
massive over-head lamps. Bernard V swung around and nearly knocked Valve into the
pile of scrap that he's spent all morning collecting, but the Foundry Droid quickly gathered
himself and shouted "YOU?"

Bernard... or 'Berny' to his only friend on The Yydryl stop his turn in confusion, Valve's
response indicated that he knew the average-sized humanoid in the Quaker-style clothing.
"Ah' wasn't losin' me gyros afterall, there wuz someone in here" Valve said to himself as
the stranger approached the two metal-men, Mr. Jordan held his hands high to show he
meant no harm -a universal sign to Droids, I suppose.

"It's a Harness, a Time machine that I must have dropped in my travels" Mr. Jordan explained
and showed an easy-smile, Valve saw through the falseness in a second and said so.
"Yer' canna fool me Mister, now do you want me to go and git me-wrench from the Office?"
the clanking robot growled, he stepped past Bernard and the smaller Droid wondered if it
was to protect him.

"Now please, keep yourself calm... we don't want any oil-leaks or perforated pipes!" Mr.
Jordan jested and was relieved that his talent for avoiding disaster hadn't left him as he
ducked under Valve's swinging arm.

Hydraulic fluid spattered across the plate of Caridium as Valve Twenty-Three went into
Security-mode, the Foundry was his patch and his job was to keep it safe.
Mr. Jordan dove behind Bernard V and sought safety behind the small 'boxy' machine with
the single-claw, Bernard didn't see it that way and utilised that pincer by grasping the invader
in the big-black hat by the testicles. A firm and confident grip -may I add.

The taller-older Droid leaned close to the wide-eyed Vithian who now remained stone-still,
Valve's single lens scanned the worried face.
"So what is going on down here in me' place? the warbling voice-box asked in calm-steady
tones, Bernard admired his friend's menacing look and clicked 'Record' for further perusal.

"I.... I need your help..." Mr. Jordan spluttered, his imagination displayed a vision of the
Committee watching from their hallowed Court and it took all of his will not to attempt to
break free from the submissive pose.

'You need help...? from me and 'Berny-The-Ballbreaker, here?" Valve hissed and jerked a
rusty-thumb at the mute-Droid with the single pincer, Bernard V would play that part back
again and again later.

(Continued Below)
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(Continued From Above)

The interloper in Valve's domain was sweating and with trembliing lips he told his two
captors of his request and later in the Office, Mr. Jordan enlarged on his want.

"There's a U-man upstairs that is destined to be the King Of The Universe..." the Vithian
explained as he rubbed his throbbing parts, the dusty room made the meeting seem very
clandestine -he thought.

"... He is unwilling to accept that this is path and a new face has appeared on the horizon to
take his place... this 'Neo' is unsanctioned" Mr. Jordan said at the featureless Droids, Valve
sat in his metal chair and wheezed worringly.

Bernard V stood near the doorway of the room that once had Auto-Runners coming in and out
with news about the work outside, Valve always wanted current information. The thick- thighed
Droid felt a little out of his depth, but still asked the relevant question.
"What is it you want us to do?"

Mr. Jordan looked at the scuffed-linoleum floor and gathered his words, would these two
simple machines understand their importance of the task ahead?
"The one currently on this spacecraft will be soon visiting a planetary system that he has
inherited, I believe that Cari..." the Vithian felt that names were not appropriate at this
juncture. "...The false-Neo will attempt to take his place then"

Valve slowly turned his head to look at his friend from the Heating Pipes, this was the
most exciting thing that had happened to him and Valve guessed -to Bernard too.
"I will need you to protect our 'cargo upstairs' and it will involve a Tumbler ride" Mr. Jordan
whispered, Bernard scanned the figure in the 'WitchFinder' attire and saw nothing to hint
at a deceptive stance, he waited for his friend's reply to all of this.

"Before I go, may I have my trinket back?" Mr. Jordan asked politely and seeing the Foundry
Droid nod, Bernard passed the wristband into the small-waiting hands.
As the Vithian Observer began to fade, Bernard chirped his last question.

"What makes that glow?" he asked and pointed that pincer that still made Mr. Jordan
wince at it's slow clutching and unclutching, A Cheshire-cat smile shone in the gloom of
the Office as the answer wafted came to the curious Droid.

"It's the Sands Of Time... but you can call it Kryptonite" Mr. Jordan said with a chortle.
The room waited along side the two Droids in the quietness and it was the old robot at the
desk who broke it.

Valve's Music...

"Must be a new-kinda metal?" Valve Twenty-Three growled.
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It was all about The Garden Of Eden. The Tree of Life -or to some, The Tree Of Knowledge
that sat in the sweet grasses of the Paradise held the secrets that were beyond the sterile
eye of science. That gently-swaying tree is called Alleinna.

Alleinna was there when Jenovah allegedly set out the first sentient Beings into his new
Universe, The tree was there when the Serpent supposedly tempted the young species
away from God's gaze... these are the scriptures laid down in The Bullwin, Za-Kan-Woll,
The Jin World and those 'Johnny-come-lately-books' The Bible and The Qur'an.
Right, that the kids sorted... now here's the facts.

A force that most scientists of reknown will begrudgingly admit to -does exist and if anyone
out there wants to give it a gender-orientated name, then fine... knock yourself out.
Seriously, knock yourself out!

It can't be bottled, it won't be summoned in any particular way and wearing a certain set
of robes doesn't make you anymore favourable to get a hallowed-nod from this force.
It can arrive as an ambient thought that can change the course of a species, it can rain
thunderbolts down on those who fawn and mewl around alters built to worship this force.
A child can taste it in a Spring breeze and the dying can feel it's forehead-cooling hand,
It truly does move in mysterious ways.

Jenovah -for the want of a better word, doesn't give a rat's ass about your little wants and
wishes, the 'Big Picture' is all that counts.

This force has big plans and big deals... mere bipeds with brains cannot grasp the enormity
of running Universes and whether we think we can acknowledge the complexity or not,
this Force will not care.

But... nobody gets left behind, nobody... and that's one of the facts that Alleinna is part of.
Nothing and nobody walks alone, even the smallest creature that sparks it's instincts to eat,
procreate, split into-two, breath or sleep, Jenovah is there all the way.

The Tree Of Knowledge can be looked on as a Library, a storing-vessel where certain rules
have been witnessed, but all of this is moot to us mere-humanoids. It would be just as
easy to say that Alleinna is the tree that Jenovah enjoys taking a leak behind.
Our importance in this -is just the same.

Carimono knows that to hold The Tree of Life is to own part of this Force, a King of the
Universe may wish to align himself with the way of the untouchable power -for benevolent
reasons and the One From The End Of Time knows that any attempts to wrestle the throne
from this individual would be practically impossible with Alleinna on his side.
The Splitter knows this too.

The Tree lies beyond the edge of the Universe, maybe beyond-beyond. Nobody has ever seen
it and nobody can actually prove it exists. Dimensional-travel won't get you there and the stupid
arboreal creation doesn't accept time... hence, scientists will agree on the Force -but not on the
idea of a Tree Of Knowledge.

Unless we're talking about a Being that has straddled this void...? a creature that holds similar
beliefs to what is important and what isn't -like this elusive supernatural force.
In the tradition of Earth's tradition of Tarot-Card reading, The Tree of Life has such a Being hanging
from it's fruit-heavy branches... The Fool.
But we digress.

The one known as Nenothtu is deemed to be invincible, a trait that can be difficult to overcome and
so Carimono will go around this particular wall instead of crashing into it.
Instead of fighting him... he will become him.
Jenovah would surely appreciate such a cunning subtle plan? -Carimono thought and waiting under
the cold-rolling clouds of Khalamzadar IV for The Yydryl to arrive, he smiled at his situation.
The burning eyes of the four Wolves watched also, but no smiling was involved.
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Please click to play...


Within our minds, we see ourselves as a unique entity that travels through this lifetime
and aspires to bring happiness to ourselves and hopefully, others. Though there are times
when we do things that can be perceived by those others -as bad, we're at the mercy of
our instincts, feelings and the hard-wired way we wish to live this thing we call 'life'
We just want to be safe, to be loved and to belong... natural traits of a sentient creature that
looks out of it's cave and wonders about the world around it.

Boy In A Dress mused on those wants as he pulled the Cotton Candy from his long fringe, the
pink strands hung like Cyprus moss and tickled his upper-lip.

And what of those who oppose the wishes of others? Is conflict the only answer?
The worlds that he had visited had always solved their differences with war and fighting, it
seemed that finding a 'middle-ground' and peace could only be achieved after exhausting
ones resources and losing lives. Lesser-creatures had it right -BIAD thought, they hold life as
a valuable thing, something that must never be traded for anything but survival of one's own
life. Power and materialism shouldn't be reasons -the Man/Girl acknowledged and stretched
his sugary-lips in his accustomed smile.

Call-Me-Kenneth slipped into the cabin and placed the Police Officer's cap on the table next
to where BIAD sat with his saccharin-strugglings, the Droid took the square-cornered stick
with Cotton Candy remains to the refuse-slot without a word.

"Are you happy, Ken?" BIAD asked as the wheeled-servant prepared to leave, most of his
face-hiding-fringe was clear of the treat and yet, BIAD's fingers were still 'sticky'

C-M-K turned around and raised his aluminium eyebrows, the question had caught him off
-guard "Yessir, I am happy" Kenneth replied with a light tone. Boy In A Dress nodded and
stood to his full-hieght and pulled his hem down his thighs, Ken politely waited for anymore

"To serve is all you wish for...?" BIAD asked and closed the distance on the small Droid,
kneeling carefully, he looked into the small-kind eyes that peered back. "... you never
wonder about who-you-are or being free?"

Kenneth scanned the grinning humanoid infront of him and after struggling with the odd
readings that he always attained when 'reading' Boy In A Dress, he set his Logic-chips to work.
There was always an answer.

"A Droid that serves aboard The Yydryl..." Ken began and stopped at BIAD's red-nailed hand
dismissing the Ship's built-in mantra, the grin had lessened as the hermaphrodite searched
for a better way to get to the 'real' Call-me-Kenneth.

"If you were free, if you were truly-free of your duties... what would you do and where
would you go?" BIAD asked as he returned to the chair he'd been using during his earlier
Kenneth could be heard humming slightly and two clicks came as he searched for an
appropriate response, it was exactly thirty-eight seconds -when he answered the waiting

There was a feeling... I suppose a robot or an artificially-made device wouldn't know what
a 'feeling' was, but that was what the little Servant-Droid detected travelling across his
Logic-chips, his hydraulics flinched at the passing and a bitter-smell of the cacao tree wafted
across his olfactory sensors, it was all very alarming.

"I would like to run along a beach..."Ken blurted "...I would sit on a porch in a sleepy-town
and watch the world go slowly by. The humming had grown louder and BIAD was concerned
that he'd inadvertently caused a meltdown inside the flinching machine.

"I would like to smell sleeping babies and sit with old men in their twilight years, I would
like to fly among Karva-clouds on one of Orion's moons and I would like to read a love-letter"
Kenneth looked up from his tumbling thoughts and added " a letter to me"

The involuntary movements eased and the Servant-Droid -who rarely showed what he was
thinking turned to leave the Man/Girl's room, BIAD felt the sadness across his heart for the
slave of The Yydryl.

"I promise you, little-one.... I promise that one day you will read that letter" Boy In A Dress
mumbled to the metal surface of C-M-K's back, he left without answering.

Within our minds, we see ourselves as a unique entity that travels through this lifetime
and aspires to bring happiness to ourselves and hopefully, others.

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............................................~Starting In Early~........................................

The massive silver-grey hull of The Starship Yydryl cast a shadow across Khalamzadar IV's
cloud-cover as the Ship came to a halt, the curved wings giving the impression of a giant
bat visiting one her occupant's new home.

Ship commenced standard scanning procedures and saw that the M-class planet held
sufficient oxygen and water for humanoids to exist on. The Yydryl also took notice of
the ample- amount of the mineral known as Duranium and stored the information for
possible future-use.

"Yydryl is in a geosynchronous-orbit above Khalamzadar IV', probes are being dispatched and
all Service-Vehicles are now on stand-by" Ship announced across her vast interior. Corky
Bunion, Drake and the two 'newbies' from the lower-decks looked at each other -but said

The re-vamped Tumbler II stood up from her waiting position and twirled for Mut and Akron,
her companions had been laid-up in the 'Decon' Bay and were welcome of her visit.
"So, you're happy with what Drake and Corky have done?" she asked in her sultry tones and
the following wolf-whistles answered Cecilia's question.

"That's Barivon and Titanium..."Drake boasted to the clunky-looking Valve Twenty-Three
and the smaller Maintenance Droid. "...her shell can now -not only be invisible to the eye,
but also morph into shapes of her approximate size" Drake lifted his elongated body to
rub a smudge-mark from Cecilia's underside. "Do you mind?" the female-voiced Tumbler
asked sarcastically and returned to the showing of her new surfaces.

Bernard V tapped his mentor from the Foundry to remind him of the next step, Valve
turned his single-eyed head and nodded, it was time.
"We need to burrow one of them thar' Tumblers..." Valve announced in his 'I'm Somebody'
voice "... we've a mission fur Ship to undertake" and with a wheezing noise, lifted himself
to rival Corky's height.

Tumbler I and III turned-up their listening devices and nobody saw Akron tap the preening
Tumbler II on the leg to pay attention.
The big gold-coloured Droid from the Service Bays matched Valve's tone with "the crew have
priority over Droids... you know the protocol" and checked for reinforcements from the Head
Repairer. Drake nodded in agreement.
It was Bernard who saved the day.

"Ship has detected large amounts of Duranium on the planet below, re-opening the Foundry
to utilise this mineral means that Valve -here..." Bernard pointed his long pincered-arm
towards his friend "... will need to check whether it will be worth mining it"

The lonely Droid that plodded the waste and water pipes everyday felt he had just given his
lamest speech ever and shuffled back behind the larger Valve Twenty-Three.
Corky looked at Drake and Drake looked at Corky "Very well" was the surprising answer and
an unheard sigh of relief went around the Decontamination Bay.

Mut's front glowed as he switched on his main lights, Akron ran diagnostic-checks and Cecilia
twisted her foot in a similar manner to Dorothy in The Wizard Of Oz... except there were no
red shoes, of course.

"We'll tek the craft with the single-arm..." Valve said and creaked to look at Tumbler I, the
Tumbler also known as Akron lifted his bulk from the resting-pad and the Foundry Droid
continued. "...We won't be doin' any diggin' on this trip"

Drake moved off to tend to his business in the Repair Bay and Corky set-to with organising
the maintenance-Droids to prepare for the crew to use one of the other vehicles, he wagered
to himself that they would use Tumbler III.

"Jordan?" Bernard V whispered as he touched Akron's hull and the little Droid heard his
rarely-used transmitter receive a response. "MISTER Jordan" Akron answered and the two
Droids climbed aboard.

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Nenothtu examined the console in the Data Center. On the left hand side of the screen were a series of 4 pictures detailing the system from data the Yydryl had gathered inbound. the top two traced the orbits of the various planets from directly above and from an oblique perspective:

The next showed an overview of all 12 planets, sorted by orbital distance increasing left to right, and attempting to vaguely relate their relative sizes:

The next one showed the planet of interest, Khalamzadar 4 in an overview:

Not much to see there but clouds - the continental lands beneath were obscured by the mass of weather that constantly circled the planet. Neno grinned at what he thought his friend BIAD would think of the view - an entire PLANET covered with cotton candy! Of more interest at the moment was the view that dominated the center of the display - their current view from their orbital position:

Not much to been seen there, either, again due to the obscuring cloud cover. Neno frowned, then spoke to the console as if it were a person - which it might well be, given the nature of this ship, neno reflected. "Have ye bounced any radar or radar-like sensory signals off of the surface? What I'm getting at is can we remove the cloud cover and get a peek at what's under 'em?"

The console didn't speak, but it beeped, and the view changed to:

"Wal that's a lot better!" neno said through a rare grin. "Now if I just had a geographic grid of some sort, it'd sure make site location a lot easier!"

Another beep, and the view changed to:

Nenothtu grunted and squinted and peered at the revised view. He noticed that the zero latitude and zero longitude lines crossed near a dark feature on a semi triangular part of a continent at mid-view. He also noticed another thing, comparing what he saw to the smaller map view in the upper right corner screen:

The orientation of the larger central view had the planet laid over on it's side, north pole to the left onscreen, and south pole to the right. They were evidently orbiting belly-down over the equator, and facing "east". The dark feature - doubtless a denser patch of jungle - was visible on the map near the center of it, which would naturally be oriented at zero mark zero as well. He noticed the same "hook" of land projecting into the ocean in both views - to the left of the dark feature in the main view, and "north", slightly "west" of it in the map view.

He tapped a tooth with a thumbnail as he was thinking. "Zero mark zero it is, Ah reckon. it ain't out in an ocean, so it seems to be the most logical place to pop the claim plaque in." He vaguely wondered WHY that particular point had been selected by Yydryl as the Zero point for the map, and what difference it would make when anyone came calling - what would possess THEM to choose the same zero point?

Well the plaque, he supposed. the locator beacon on it would naturally mark the zero point from now on after he placed it, just as the observatory in Greenwich, England had marked the zero meridian for Earth for several hundred years now. You just pick a point, and make it stick.

He hadn't picked that point, Yydryl had. Neno still vaguely wondered WHY she had selected that point, but he supposed it had something to do with the center point of the facing side of the planet as they had approached. he therefore didn't ask why, and Yydryl didn't volunteer why.

The fact remained, and went unreported, that it had nothing to do with neno's presumption of why.

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~*~ Then or Now ~*~

‘You coming in...or not?’ CindyMars smiled under half lidded eyes from the bubbling cauldron of hot water as lazy beads of sweat slid down the sides of her face causing her blond hair stringy and wet to stick to her forehead and the tips of her ears.

‘Maybe next time...’ Silo heard herself say.

Holding out her hand CindyMars half stood in the Jacuzzi her naked torso gleaming under the moonlight.

‘Don’t you worry. Next time is this time. You told me next time the last time.‘ She soothed. ’Come on in girl. Come on in.’ Cindymar’s words made twisted sense.

Allowing herself to be pulled into the steaming liquid Silo felt no regret as the warm water swirled around her feet, past her knees and farther up her middle. ‘It’s...incredible’ She sighed as the life began to flow out of her.

‘That’s a girl.’ The bear skin whispered from where she’d left it atop the picnic table pulled close to the lip of the hot tub. ‘That’s right...a little deeper, just a little more...’ Dead round eyes gleamed over a gaping mouth it’s leathered lips peeled back in a forever snarl.

‘Who are you?’ She asked with water lapping at her lower lip.

A bearskin laugh echoed in her head.

Slipping ever deeper Silo’s lips disappeared below the surface scalding water gushing into her lungs, filling her eyes and ears.

The bear’s snarl twitched at the corners making a sickly smile.

Silo sunk even deeper her lilac hair turning dark, floating up to the surface like seaweed at the beach side, weeds in a pond.

She was dying. She was liquid life. She was rain. She was ice and snow. She was melting torrents running over weathered rocks, trickles seeping down through parched ground to quench the roots of life.

Tears. She was tears. And sweat. Salty sea. It stung her eyes, her throat, searing her lings until she couldn’t breath, couldn’t... Couldn't breath. She couldn’t...

Then he was there. His eyes green as her necklace. His strong hands clutching her. His lips crushed against hers his breath exploding into her lungs giving her life...

Breaking free from the surface of her nightmare Silo’s scream woke Carpet who’d been dreaming disturbing dreams in a half sleep propped up against the side of her PHARS. Throwing open it’s lid Carpet fought her flailing arms clawing at him with manic desperation. Her eyes wide and unseeing he pulled her free from the curative pod, wrapped her nakedness away with a blanket from the foot of her bed and slipped back to the floor where he held her, rocked her, warmed her but still she shook.

‘Who are you?’ She asked later when the shaking had all but stopped her lips moving softly against him where her head rested against his chest.

What he replied - he’d regret for the rest of his life.

‘I’m...Newman.’ Carpet choked on the betrayal closing his eyes against the hot sting of tears behind his eyes. Clutching her even tighter Carpet waited until she finally submitted in a deep dreamless sleep.

~*~ Crazy little thing called ’love’ II. ~*~

‘Chumley, you don’t understand. Silo’s ok but she’s not ok. When she finds out I lied to her, who I really am, she’ll not be ‘ok’ - I’ll not be ok.’ Carpet, rather ‘Newman’ shared his fears with the only other member of Ship’s family who he knew would understand.

‘Chumley understand.‘ The Regalian lay back on a wide leather seat positioning his tentacles just so, readying his muscles to begin the repetitions. ‘We both be wrong.’ Air exploded from the Regalians chest as he took the weight of the bar. Slowly and methodically he began pushing the massive weights away from his chest before bringing it back again.

‘I don't get it. So it’s your opinion just because we do this for love’s sake that makes it alright?’ Carpet kept hands close to the Chumley’s tentacles but not quite touching ‘spotting‘ his friend should he slip or falter.

‘No Newman.’ Chumley’s breath hissed. ’But we do it anyway.’

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~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Whispers In The Dark~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

“And I saw then and there you take a man half-bad and a women half-bad and put
their two good halves together and you got one human all good to share between.”

Carimono, the Man From The End Of Time smiled to himself from the cottage doorway
and wondered about the quote.

'Something Wicked This Way Comes' had always been a favourite of his, ever since his
dear Margaret had read it to him in the last days. His planet, a far-flung orb that took
radiance from a peaceful sun -was full of love and hope and the young Carimono saw a
bright future ahead.

Margaret, her hair of a burnish that would rival that fireball, would sit at the window of
their home and read aloud from the book she had long sought after. The couple would
enjoy the afternoon and the novel would lend a hand in that happiness.

Boy In A Dress -all resplendent in the Witch's hat and twitchy-broom watched cautiously
from the rickety-gate, Halloween had arrived and the Man/Girl was in search of candy.
The fair-haired male in the long grey coat lifted his head and sent the smile off into the
darkness around him, BIAD nibbled his lip at the surreal situation.

"You crave the sweetness and yet abhor the sour -my friend..." Carimono called from the
lit-lobbyway "... didn't your Father explain that you need both to appreciate life?"
Boy In A Dress said nothing, but he remained at the garden entrance. The two males
waited for the minute hand of the clock to move on.

... Sometimes a man can learn more from other men's dreams than he can from his own.
Come visit me, sir, if you wish to improve your education.
Carimono thought and
sighed deeply for the loss of his only-love, Margaret would read those words with lips that
would ensorcele his very soul and later, he would taste those petals from heaven.

The hermaphrodite lifted the gate-latch and placed a high-heeled foot onto the grumbling
gravel, the stance was that of a wary animal of the forest.

"Your friend also steps cautiously on his path to greatness and I wonder how wide that track
is...? wide enough for his friends to accompany him?" the silhouette at the door asked and
straightened his stance, the red-dressed Witch's shadow now lay half-in and half-out of the
cottage garden.

"To be King Of The Universe is a lonely task, but I know he values having his friends close"
hissed BIAD from under the wide-brim of the pointed bonnet, those famous red-lips lay
there like a bear-trap.

Carimono nodded in agreement and took his hands from his pockets, a long finger tapped at
his own thin-drawn smile as he thought about that fateful day -so long ago.
The sun that ruled the sky, the ball of gas and heat that kept his beloved Margaret's sweet
skin warm as she tended a garden not dissimilar from the one in BIAD's dream -had failed it's
followers and with violent wretching, had rained fiery misery down on those who had loved
it's light.

Carimono had died... he was sure of it. As the rolling inferno had torn his lovely Margaret
from his hands, the hot breath of the Devil had galloped into his nose and that light that used
to dance in wife's hair became the final veil before the the darkness invaded his mind.
But when The Wolves Of The Fourways had come, time began to tick again.

"Your own seating, Sir... ? what of the illustrious throne that you set your sails towards?"
Carimono said, his voice quieter now has Boy In A Dress approached the sickly-yellow light
of the cottage doorway.
The chimney-pointing hat lifted slightly and the curtain of black hair appeared on it's stage
and the grinning maw underlined it like footlights.

The pair faced each other and for the first time -in a long time, Carimono felt pity for a
fellow-being. "You have greatness of your own to acquire... I have seen it" the stranger
whispered and held his gaze against the hidden-one under the hat.

BIAD slowly placed the broom against the wooden planking of the little house and Carimono
watched the action with caution, those red talons glittered with danger and death.
"You have me wrong -Sir, all I seek are the killers of my Father" the Man/Girl growled, the
grin soured slightly from the gloomy words.

The tall man in the moth-grey coat breathed in deeply -as if in sorrowful contemplation
and looked over the bare-shoulder of his midnight-visitor, the surrounding forest watched
with lolling tongues.
"I can help you find the brutes that took your mentor... I know of many things" Carimono
said in a voice one would use to a drowsy infant and reached to stroke the black strands
that seeped from under the Man/Girl's hat.

Then it happened.

(Continued Below)
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(Continued from above)

Call it magic or call it animal instincts, give it a name that will make you feel at ease. To name
a thing is to own that thing -isn't that what they say?

Boy In A Dress felt that nameless-force and whirled towards the blackness of the lurching-
leaning trees that circled the 'Grimm' house, those black strands now coiled like angry
mambas. The Wolves were waiting and they were hungry, BIAD had touched the trap-plate
and now the springs urged the toothed-jaws to close on it's prey.

Carimono grabbed the eyeless Witch by the shoulder and hissed "quickly, come with me..."
and felt the hermaphrodite's confusion "... The Tree of Life knows all" he added with hot

The broom fell from it's resting place and for some unknown reason, BIAD gasped and
reached out to stop it's tumbling. It was then that he awoke again aboard The Yydryl.

"Those dreams... they're becoming regular, Sir" Call-Me-Kenneth said from the side of
the bed. BIAD rolled over into a sitting-position and grumbled an agreement, his hair still
danced from the slumber-play.

"If I may be so bold, perhaps a visit to the one they call 'Mucklebones' may be in order?"
C-M-K suggested and waited for a reply, the hunched shoulders and bowed-head of The
Yydryl's guest told the Droid nothing.

Minutes slipped by as BIAD gathered himself and as he wobbled the familiar path towards
the Bathroom, the stripping-humanoid warned the small-mechanical servant "Something
Wicked This Way Comes"

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~*~ Back to Business ~*~

‘How’re you feeling?’ Ship asked, her voice emanating from a hologram spinning a kaleidoscope of colors at the foot of Silo's bed.

‘Better. I don’t hurt as much. I’ll heal.‘ Silo watched the hologram and waited.

Solidifying, finally, there stood a tall U-Man like female her hair a corona of sun, eyes blue as the sky, a tunic green as moss accentuated with gold-like spots one could find on the underside of a fern. Her arms long and graceful fell down to a trim wrist and long fingers the overall affect like willow branches ready to sway in the wind. Silo didn’t move to look over the rim of her bed, she was sure the rest of Ship‘s presentation from the waist down would match the Mother Nature theme she’d chosen for herself.

‘You’re very beautiful.’ Silo exclaimed catching herself too late.

Ship replied with a sneer, ‘When one has so many choices it’s easy to choose what’s beautiful.’ Strangely the hologram didn’t accentuate Ship’s words by motion or facial change, it’s lips didn’t even move.

‘As you can see this is a first image not a reflection of me. I expect you to be ready to help me learn such things once you’re feeling better.’ She didn’t hesitate to add, ‘Tomorrow would be nice.‘ Ship had taken her first step towards being ‘real’. She was anything but patient to finish the process.

‘Help you?’ Silo’s wound cramped with pain. She grimaced clutching at her shoulder reflexively.

‘Yes, help me do just that. What you just did just then.’ Ship would have pointed had she learned how. ’Silo, your face told me you were in pain without words. Your features contorted, you bit your lip. You hand moved to your shoulder. That’s what I need.’ The image in the hologram’s lips twitched at the corners. Her first smile. Incongruent under the present circumstances. Or maybe not.

‘Are there no memory discs or programs that would help you?’ Once more feeling the distance between Ship and herself Silo wondered if her estranged friend would take the suggestion wrongly.

‘Yes of course there are. But I want to learn. Learn to move and to smile, to laugh and to frown, to darken my eyes myself. Not use automated response peripherals. I must learn to do it all from reflex, emotion, personal input. To be ’real’ or as real as I can be.’ Ship finished quietly. A fleeting picture of a dark stalky U-Man flashed in Ship’s mind causing her pain. Ironically she gave a moment of thanks for not being able to show her feelings.

‘So!’ Ship changed the subject abruptly. ’I hear you’ve met the new Attendant to Ship Newman.’ For reasons of her own Ship had decided to help (Carpet) Newman with his subterfuge - her motives being nothing but selfish. The sooner Silo found out the truth the better but how she learned the truth wouldn’t be from Ship.

Silo stuttered, ‘Newman’s Attendant to Ship?’ Clearly Silo was hurt. ‘But Ship, I’m...’ Her throat clogged with unshed tears. Silo hadn’t felt so stranded since awakening in the storerooms below stairs in Ship‘s bowels.

‘Newman’s assignment is to Attend to Ship proper. The running of things. You’ll remain as my personal attendant.’ Until I learn all I need to learn from you. A sentence left unspoken and understood by both.

So Ship was still angry with her after all Silo thought sadly. Instinct told her it had something to do with Carpet but she wasn’t sure. ‘Yes Mam, ‘ she replied while trying to sit up without clutching at her shoulder. ‘I’ll be up and ready to help you as soon as you wish. Where would you like these - lessons - to take place?’

‘The viewing station at the rear of your quarters will suffice.’ The hologram vanished unexpectedly a rain of sparkles disappearing before they hit the floor. ‘And Silo. This is a private matter - between you and I.’ Her disembodied voice trailed from the room.

Only after she left did Silo realized Ship hadn’t waited for her answer concerning Newman, the new Attendant to Ship - Proper.

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...........~~Identity Crisis~~.............

Ben stood between the two massive "calves" of Cecilia, still holding Brittle suspended above the floor with only his toes touching (one of Ben's favorite 'overcome 'em' techniques) facing him. He peered into the boy's eyes as though a two-way mirror was between them, and close enough that Brittle's visual field was entirely blocked by the two goggley eyes, which never blinked.

Ben wasn't asking questions, he was just staring. Occasionally his jaw muscles would tense up, or his forehead crease as he raised his eyebrows. His nostrils flared a bit here and there, and he did a good deal of squinting. Then he extended his arm so that Brittle was a bit further away, cocked his head slightly to the side, and frowned, and finally opened his mouth and said, "Ahhh! That's it. Ah git it."

"What," peeped Brittle.

"Where Ah knows ya from," Ben said matter of factly. "Took a while, but Ah pieced 'er together. Heh, heh, heh…that was a long tahm gone, then." He released Brittle and sighed, shaking his head. "Ah, heh heh. Good times, weren't it…good times."

"What?" Brittle repeated. "Who are you?"

"Yup, you and that little missy were my favorite contraband ever," said Ben. "Well, not at the time, you were a right pain, a useless pup, and that stunt you pulled when Baila was in my cabin…"

"I—I don't know what you're talking about," said Brittle.

"Well, shore ya do!" said Ben. He reached forward with his middle finger and thumb and flicked Brittle on the forehead. "Ya just ain't ripe yet's, all that is. It'll come back to ya, mebbe 'twixt this time an' next, but just you wait 'n' see, it'll all come clean." He paused. "Unlike the decks you never scrubbed, ya useless bit o' drunkard flesh 'n' bones. Thought you were somethin' else, though…a prisoner dressed up like a fop! On my ship! Oh, they paid me handsome enough to take yers there, and Ah did enjoy stringing yer hide up on the mizzenmast. Ye tried to rape her, ya nitwit!"

"Who?" said Brittle. "I….I'm a ….I can't rape anyone!"

"Not fer lack o' tryin', though," said Ben. "Baila told me all about you and those wenches. Tsk tsk, a married man, cheatin' on his lovely, naïve wife. Yer still a looker, though, gotta give ya that. What poetic justice is all about, man, karmic paybacks are hell. So yer impotent this time round? Or what? Ye don't like wimin-folk? Or yer some kinda celibate shaman or sumpin?"

"No, no!" said Brittle. "I'm a… eunuch."

Ben busted out laughing at this one…."Ha ha ha! Ooohhh, that's too rich, ha haa!" he guffawed. "Perfect!" But he stopped mid-breath when he saw Brittle's bland reaction. "Fer-real? What'd you did this time? Ye just don't learn, do ye? Huh? Who did that to ya, then, brute they may be, but Jenovah knows ye prolly deserved it…" He imagined Dag being alone with this…this person in the canyon, and he was very glad that he had gone after them. It was beginning to make sense now… and while he might have spared himself the worry of whether or not she was in danger of being violated, perhaps this stowaway could be put to use… "Was it a punishment?"

"No, I was born this way," said Brittle. "That's why they put me in the temple. They were afraid of what it meant. They saw me as a curse, a throw-back to some myth having to do with ancient prophecy."

"So, yer…ye don't have both, though…lady parts and men parts, do ye?" Ben squinched one eye closed and thought about his friend BIAD. Na, he thought, cain't be more'n one o' him. But if there were….Ben swallowed. He was nervous now that this bloke could wreak havoc among the rest of them.

"No," said Brittle. "I have neither. Never have had."

"Oh, Ah see," said Ben. "Like them Grays…ain't one nor t'other by lookin'. Hmmm." Now he thought of Dag's first visit at CyndyMars' cabin…she'd been an androgen. "'Ceptin, yer not gonna choose one nor t'other, right?"

Brittle looked perplexed. "No," he said. "I just…I'm just me. The only person like me. They left me under a tree to die, but Gert found me and raised me up and took me to the temple. That's all I know…I lived in the temple, waiting. Waiting."

"Fer what?" Ben pressed.

"For her to release me," said Brittle, and shrugged.

Ben harrumphed and took out the same cigar which tip he had earlier spat onto the oatmeal glob while straightening Gert out. He withdrew a zippo from his pocket and flicked it open to light the cheroot. "She teach ye how to shoot?" he asked.

"No," said Brittle. "I'm no warrior."

"Hand to hand combat?" asked Ben. Brittle shook his head. "And ye cain't ride, we know that much," Ben grumbled. "Can ye run?"

"I told you, I'm not a soldier, I'm not even a man. I was supposed to be some kind of deliverance, but I don't know what that means. Now I don't know what I am or where I am or what I'm supposed to do at all!"

"Well," said Ben. "Got news fer ya, Pup. If'n we decide yer a warrior, yer gonna be a warrior…and seein's how Ah appear to be your drill sergeant, I'm the decider, and yer shore as shootin' gonna learn some skills. Cain't be a useless cake-hole on this here ship, and we ain't interested in keeping inmates alive to watch vidayos and eat popcorn neither. No sir, unh-unh, no lolligaggin' on board this boat!"

Ben smiled, and Brittle felt a sense of nervous anticipation. "Now what're them women folk doin' takin' this long?" Ben said as he looked up toward Cecilia's torso. "C'mon, we're going in. Muckles's had plenty o' time fer Gert's comeuppance." He looked into the young man's face and saw him go just a shade paler than peanut brittle. "With me then, Sand," he said. "What's yer name, anyhoo?"

"I was recently told it was Lancelot," said Brittle. "Gert told me."

"Yeah, yeah, Ah know what the old bat told yer, but that were lies. Ye ain't Lancelot, and she ain't no Lady of the Lake either. She's a daft old witch who ain't in charge o ye no more." He peered at him closely again. "Ye looks to me like a..." Ben thought....Tom, Dick, Harry, Jim, Mark, Ed? No, none of them seemed to fit. " a..." Jason, Bert, Sly, Harry, Clint, George?. No. " a...." He needed to make a pronouncement one way or another, this wasn't like namin' a pet where a body could wait three or four days or a month to find a fittin' handle... "Like a piece o' peanut brittle," he finally said. "So, that's yer name. I'ma call ye Brittle."

"What's peanut brittle?" asked its namesake.

"It's sweet but salty, shiny and crun--- it's candy," said Ben. "Never you mind, jest remember that's yer name, aiight? Brittle. An' quit turning all Sand-faced when ye're skeered. Folks can see when the blood drains right outta yer face like that. First lesson's gonna be learnin' how ta mask yer fear." He stood for a couple more moments just looking at the youth before opening the hatch. "Mmm hmm, Brittle," he said as if to himself. Then he turned and opened Cecilia's dorsal hatch and in the two went.

As they ascended Ben grinned with pleasure thinking of the holo-theatre program he'd use to help Brittle learn to "mask that fear" would be just like the first time the two had met....when Ben was the dashing pirate Dago, and Brittle was the philandering London fop and confidence trickster named John... on that Spanish Galleon so many centuries before.

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