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The Voyages of the Penelope and the Yydryl

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posted on Mar, 15 2012 @ 02:21 PM

.....................................~Out Of Sight, Out Of Mind?~..................................

Tibbs struggled to keep up with the group that made their way to the cabin, Mucklebones
kept her strides shorter to keep her man from tiring even more. The appearance of the
massive Tumbler craft coming lower towards the small shack made his robes flap and his
beard flew and covered his bespectacled face.

"Dash and Sugar!" Tibbs cursed and cleared his view, the yellow ship certainly had similar
lines of The Yydryl and after pulling his handset from his pocket, the readings told him that
he was correct.

The Witch-alien covered her eyes and followed Tibbs' lead "Aye, yon carriages may be here
to help, but they warn any enemies that we're here too" Muckles spat dust from her dry lips.

A second ship cruised past and then the oddest sight of the day, a running metal giant that
sped across the desert. "That's something you don't see everyday" Tibbs commented and
checked his contraption.
The small handset, the machine that the Vithian relied on and offered many different facets
of information, showed something else... for a second and then was gone.

"The GunMan and his gang are all at the hut" Mucklebones said as they turned the bend and
neared the front yard, the hulking crafts made the cabin seem even smaller.

Tibbs nodded in agreement, but his eyes never left the tiny screen "Yes my dear... yes" he
muttered and frowned at the grey rectangle. Muckles glanced over to see what was holding
his attention and dismissed the sight "Machines... they'll be the death of us" she hissed to
herself and felt for her trusty-bag of bones.

Boy In A Dress stood next to Nenothtu and Nenothtu stood next to Nenothtu, a woman with
a dangling rifle in her hand stood next to... Nenothtu, Tibbs shook his head and peered over
his small round glasses.
"I wish they'd take those things off" he said and closing on his friends, he stuffed the handset
into his pocket.

Mr. Jordan sighed with relief from near the area where Cecilia had kicked Pandora through
the air and switched the dial on his bracelet. The Green Man's face that lay on the metal ring
around his wrist glowed slightly and as the Vithian Observer slipped from sight, he said softly
"You're on probation, my dear Tibbs... don't mess this one up"

posted on Mar, 17 2012 @ 05:49 AM

...............................................~Fire Beneath The Earth~............................................

Black and green war-paint, similar to what commandos wear on the old movies they
used to show on the ancient contraptions call televisions, sleeve-less fatigue jackets
that were adorned with many pockets and stompin' boots that laced all the way up to
ones calves. Death, Pandora, Charon and the Native American Deities prepared themselves
for one more attempt to obtain the Caliburn sword.

"Is this really necessary...?" Kokopelli said as he squeezed his hulking body into a green
body-warmer. "I mean, why can't we just use our powers to destroy these U-mans?
Death used two bony fingers tow lay the camouflage-stripes across his skull-face, it was
a few seconds before he responded.

"I tried that once... a very long time ago when the Neo ran around with nothing but a bear
-skin to protect his ass... Jenovah wouldn't allow it" he growled softly and the Flute-Player
saw the FerryMan and the Lady Of The Sins nod in agreement.

"We have to fight on their level, we have to emulate their ways... only then will the reality
allow us to pass over completely" Charon added and slipped a 'Bowen' buckle-knife into his

Ka'lanu ahkyeli'ski or better-known as The Raven Mocker sighed to himself as he glanced at
his long cloak laying on Pandora's Box and shuffled his shoulders to adjust the satchel full
of ammunition. "I was disappointed in Uktena bowing out of this... I truly wonder sometimes
where his allegiance lies" the beaked-Being said and grunted as he felt the weight of the
complicated-looking M16.

Kokopelli copied his fellow-Spirit and picked up the Heckler & Koch, there was always a
sudden feel of a brutal power that all Deities knew humas couldn't resist... the power to kill.
Kokopelli felt that surge now and wondered to himself on how different they truly were to
these flesh-and-blood creatures.

"What about The Splitter... who has the job of grabbing him?" the well-muscled God asked
towards where Death now checked the Ingram Mac10, the stunted weapon seemed odd in
the tall figure's hands.

"Don't worry about that little pimp... he'll jump ship as soon as the fire-fight starts " Death
rasped and jammed a sawn-off cigar into his lip-less mouth. Pandora tied her hair back and
ignoring the aches from her jaunt from Cecilia's foot, she rolled her eyes at her boyfriend's

A faint sound of underwater sonar wafted into the Library and the Elemental known as
Nun'Yunu'Wi looked up into the darkness at the strange sound. He had dressed quickly and
waited near the stone lecturn and The Book Of Souls.

"What is that?" he said in almost a whisper and tentatively touched the M67 Hand Grenades
hanging from his shoulder-straps, he wasn't a fan of this sort of violence.

"It's The Bismarck... it's almost time for a 'collection' period" Death said and waved a painted
arm, Nun'Yunu'Wi couldn't help-but notice the heavy-looking watch on the Reaper's wrist.
"I'll pick them up after this little war of ours" Death sneered from behind the fat cheroot and
marched towards the huge Doors of The OtherSide.

Pandora slipped on the small-round sunglasses and breathed in deeply, Death groaned inside
at the sexiness she issued in her manner and she knew it -he thought.

"I'm ready... let's go and remember, BIAD is mine" she snapped and stepped up to where
he lover waited. Charon placed his barge pole onto the doorframe and cocked his M60E3
"Ready" he spat the single world.

The three Native American Gods picked up their own goods and the sight of the M202A1
Flash Missile Launcher on Kokopelli's back brought wide eyes from The Traveller Of The
Styx. "Really?" he said with a pitch in his voice that he didn't mean and saw his Companion
Of The AfterLife smile evily.

"I'm gonna bring Hell to Neno's world" Death hissed and turned to enter the tunnel under
the cabin.
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posted on Mar, 17 2012 @ 11:21 AM

******************~How One Arrives At Decisions~*****************

Mucklebones stood near where the three yellow-haired girls sat wide-eyed in the
wagon staring at the unusual creature, the Witch-Alien set her poncho straight and
ignored the condemning looks.

Tibbs nodded at the subdued Boy In A Dress on his way to speak to Nenothtu and
the woman that was known as Margot, his small footfalls bringing up puffs of desert

"I'll take it that these vehicles are to transport us back to The Yydryl" the small Vithian
asked and looked up at the tall man in the dirty Duster coat. Neno glanced at the three
Tumblers and the struggling Droids that disembarked from the machine with legs and
then turned to face the little pain in the ass that was his friend.

"Yup... it looks like this little journey is over" Neno said easily and rasped his chin.
"I'll also take it that Silo is not returning to Ship..." Tibbs mentioned and eyed the
big gold-coloured Droid that attempted to get the thinner-one with treads from the
Tumbler. Nenothtu shrugged his shoulders and without another word, he walked towards
the cabin.
"He's a talker -this one" Tibbs sighed sarcastically to Margot and received a slight smile for
his humorous comment. "We dunno what the girl is going to do" she answered.

The Crone followed the long stride of the GunMan and when he looked her way and tugged
the brim of his hat, Muckles nodded and remained silent, a steady peace was between them
and that was enough.

"I am Corky Bunion and this is the Repair-Droid known as Drake" Corky announced and with
a slight grating sound, he stepped up to the humanoid that looked like a female "Are you in
charge?" he asked Boy In A Dress.

BIAD had been wool-gathering as they had made their way to where the red-dressed U-man
had been standing, the hot sun had reddened his poor shoulders.
Even now, the memory he had tasted -had left him a little melancholy. The Man/Girl said
nothing, but pointed towards the small bearded-man with the dark robes.

As Corky and Drake tracked across the front-yard dirt, BIAD went back to his thoughts.


"...But I am not your Father" Professor Shaw said and felt the dizziness come further closer,
the strange naked Being with the wide lips kept the grey-haired human in the white Lab coat
hanging in the air and Charles Shaw wondered how this nightmare would end.

"Then why am I here?" a newly-born BIAD said and squeezed the stranger's cheeks between
his painted nails, the room was a wreck and it looked to Boy In A Dress that a tornado had

"I... I, oh gosh..." Shaw choked and as his eyelids lowered to say he was accepting the road to
unconciousness, the hermaphrodite with the goo-soaked hair dropped him to the floor.
Corona New Mexico... 1947 and the first tentative steps in exploring human DNA had begun.
In the outside world, countries were circling each other like dogs arguing about a favourite

BIAD would learn all about this perculiar planet and in that time, the old guy who coughed
fresh air into his lungs at the feet of the bare oddity -would teach him far more than anything
the Man/Girl could ever imagine.

"You could have killed me whilst I was still in the tank..." BIAD hissed and turned his eyeless
face to the massive glass container that lay on it's side amongst the jelly-like substance
" could have done that" his voice quietened as he saw the red dress near the high-
heeled shoes.

Professor Charles Calvin Shaw eyed the result of the storm that rattled the shingles above
and the chemicals that he'd placed in the tank, a female-form and yet -with male attributes,
Shaw gulped and slowly rose to his feet.

(Continued Below)
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posted on Mar, 17 2012 @ 11:23 AM
(Continued From Above)

"I saw that you were struggling to breathe, so I helped you" he rasped and watched the
visitor climb into the scarlet garment. BIAD focused on getting the shoulder-straps correct
before he turned back to the neck-rubbing human in the long coat.

"Why did you do that...?" the long-fringed creation asked with a genuine tone of interest
"that is odd" he added.

Charles Shaw used a leaning chair to assist in getting himself to his feet and straightening
his tie -he answered in a way that BIAD would enjoy until the poor man's murder, Shaw spoke
from his heart.

"Because everyone and everything has the right to live, nobody should have the power to
take life because of fearing the unknown... you are welcome here my Boy... in a dress" Shaw
said and offered a weak smile.

BIAD pursed his lips and thought on the words of the Professor that had turned away and was
beginning to tidy up the mess, he had no idea how he had got here and he had no idea where
he had been before 'here' But the red high-heeled shoes beckoned and pushed the thoughts

"Will you help me?" the figure that would become like a son to Professor Shaw asked in a
small voice, any feeling of danger had left the room. Shaw stood with a dented metal bucket
and mop in his hands and broadened his smile "Yes... yes certainly" he answered eagerly and
saw a red-lipped smile that rivalled his own.


"We should send one of these machines to Silo, she should be given the choice on whether
she comes with us or stays with the boy" BIAD said loudly and turned to where Tibbs and
Mucklebones waited with Margot. The two Droids snapped their heads around at the
intrusion of the conversation, the Man-Girl strode over to them and looked at each face for
an answer.

Tibbs leaned slightly forward and scrutinised BIAD's face, a few moments later he cracked a
smile that was surprisingly similar to the man in New Mexico -so many, many years ago.
"I agree -my friend... and welcome back" the Vithian said lightly and touched the bare arm
of his friend from beyond, BIAD sighed and nodded that all was okay.

As Corky and Drake were given instructions, it was the Tumbler called Mut that kicked his
thrusters on and rose from the desert floor. "Save me a Kipper, I'll be back for breakfast!"
Mut transmitted to his fellow-craft and sped off over the sagebrush and gorse.

Corky looked at Drake and the Repair-Droid leaned his head slightly "Ship must have put
a program in that I am unaware of?" he offered with a tone of uncertainty.
Cecilia blinked her headlights once and Akron answered with a single flash of his shoulder
-light, only Nenothtu saw the action.

"Now... where is Adam and Dag?" the tall Gunslinger said to himself and pulled the revolver
from it's holster, a flickering memory of the pistol he owned on Carbiox passed in his mind
as he stepped into the cool-aired room of the cabin.
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posted on Mar, 18 2012 @ 08:48 AM

~*~ Say Hello, Wave Goodbye ~*~

‘Maggie, errr I mean Silo,’ Pip corrected giving a rueful smile, ‘It’s like that Ship a yours an all your friends...’ Sitting on the top rail of the corral fence Pip watched his horse drop to his knees to roll.

‘I understand Pip, this is your home. The only home you’ve ever known. But what’s here now? The horses, Toby, Silo motioned to the dog hounding her feet, the milk cow and a couple a hogs?’ Silo crouched down on her heels her back to the fence not minding the rough wood poking through one of Gep’s old shirts between her shoulder bones.

‘But they’re my friends. They’re my family. Just like you got yours.’ Jealousy put a crook in his lips. Dropping from the fence Pip kneeled to scratch Toby behind the ears. The dog flopped beside him on his back hoping for a belly rub.

‘I understand, really I do,’ She did understand, ‘but your Pa wouldn’t have wanted me to leave you here alone. I don’t want to leave you alone.’ Silo pushed a lock of hair out his eyes her mind’s eye remembering doing the same for Dag. But Dag was grown and prepared to be on her own. And she had Adam. All Pip had was Silo and she didn’t feel qualified for the job.

‘And anyway,’ Silo changed her tactics, ‘I thought you might want to see where the author of that book a yours lives, well lived, on the Yydryl.‘ Silo smiled and tugged on her hair still black from walnut dye. ‘And we can take the livestock.’ Silo stepped back watching the boy, his posture, his shoulders slump slightly. She knew he wanted to go but she also understood they had to appease his male ego first. He didn’t want to stay behind alone but he didn’t want to go if he thought going was a weakness.

‘Ya know Pip there’s something else you need to know, something I thought you knew.’ Silo stood, her knees popping Toby cocking his head at the sound. ‘It wasn’t just your Pa I loved.’ Backhanding her eyes Silo swallowed hard. It wasn’t theatrics, it was truth that set her emotions on edge. ‘I love you too. And I need you just as much as you need me.’ Laying a hand on his shoulder Silo felt the moment he gave in.

‘Awww now aint that a pretty speech. Aint that just the prettiest speech ya ever done hear.‘ A sour yellow voice called from behind the smoke house - a lot closer to Pip and Silo than either of them were prepared for. Toby exploded into a mass off snarling hair and teeth launched himself in the direction of the voice. A gun shot split the air and fast as that Toby dropped to the ground dead.


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posted on Mar, 18 2012 @ 08:48 AM

~*~ Say Hello, Wave Goodbye Pt.II ~*~

A calf rope snaked through the air just above the dust kicked up by Toby’s death throws and fell neatly over Silo and Pip catching them quick around the middle a harsh jerk of the rope synching them tightly together.

He was thin as whip and rough as a rasp the man on the boss end of the rope. A black bandana tied tightly around his head where a hat should have been, a long curved sword tucked into his pistol belt at his side, boots as black and dusty as an old grave ridding up just under his knees.

‘Get on out here Hang Knot, you idjit, and watch these two chits while I check for that black haired freak!’ The man snarled throwing another loop around the captured pair. A huge man tall as the outhouse and twice as wide waddled from behind their hiding space to finish tying the rope tightly. Pip squeezed his eyes shut against his fear, the picture of his dog’s blood flowing like a faucet from it’s dead mouth, from the wall-eyed giant that approached them licking his drooling lips in delight.

Silo’s knees would have buckled if she hadn’t been tied tight to Pip. It was Dread. From Uktena. He’d started out as a smoke-watcher and moved up the ranks to one of Manko’s henchmen, a Germin or Pinor, she’s forgotten which but she did remembered him - like a nightmare revisited. The ‘freak’ they were looking for must have been BIAD. Back on Uktena BIAD had beaten Dread within an inch of his life. It wasn’t for the first time Silo wished BIAD had beat him another fraction more.

‘BIAD’s not here.’ Silo’s eyes dulled as she slid easily back into her role as hard-bitten barmaid. ’What you see is what you get Dread, it’s just me here...and the boy.’ She added like an afterthought. Strangely enough her attitude relaxed the desperado who waved the giant on to search the grounds.

‘We’ve a debt to settle with that black wigged bit...’ Dread nearly swore but caught his side his face crumpling in pain. ‘I still aint recovered from the stompin’ yer friend did on me.’ He mumbled through lips dropped in a long frown accentuated by two stripes of gnarly mustache that crawled down his chin like crippled caterpillars.

‘BIAD aint no friend a mine Dread and this snarl’s got nuthing to do with the boy. Leave him be and I’ll take you to BIAD.’ Squashed together by the rope as they were it wasn’t hard for Silo to grab apiece of skin under Pip’s arm and pinch it hard. The pinch said ‘shut-up’. Pip did anything but.

‘You let her go you dirty steamin’ piece a mule poop!’ Pip exploded wriggling and fighting the rope his teeth bared in a grimace his eyes squeezed tight in frustration. Carrying Silo along with him Pip tried again and again to get at Dread who stepped back each time the boy gained any ground.

‘Mule poop?’ Dread’s eyebrows shot to his bandana as he bent over slapping his thigh. ’You gotta be kidding me?’ Dread righted himself his mouth hanging open to let a well chewed sock of tobacco drop to the sand with a soft plop. ‘Ahhhhhhh ha ha ha ha! You GOT ta be jerkin me!’ He laughed hard again holding his side at the same time. ‘Hang Knot! You git on over here and take a listen to this little viper!’ Dread clutched himself even tighter laughing even harder tears pouring from his eyes. ‘Why, I never heerd such a thing!’ He gasped, ’A little flea bit sucklin’ pup like this puttin’ up such a piss and holler!’ Falling back against the corral post Dread continued to snort and laugh the madder Pip got.

‘Aint no one here Mr. D I checked real good.’ Hang Knot stared dumbly from Dread to the boy and back again.

‘I know that you idjit she done told me. But she knows the whereabouts a that red dressed whoreba...’ Dread’s words were cut off again as a bout of coughing nearly doubled him over.

Snarling at Pip to shut up Silo spun the boy to the back facing Dread head-on. ‘Sounds like you got a bone sprawlin’ in your chest there Dread. You want me to fix it for ya? Wouldn’t be the first time I patched you up.’ Silo’s pub on Uktena had not only served the best Carbiox whiskey, offered the only beds in town without vermin and the only grub without blow worms but also served as a landing for the hurt. If you were broke Silo would fix you up - for a cost that is. Sailors, travelers and townspeople afraid of Mucklebone’s cures crossed Silo’s threshold for potions, plasters and patch-ups as frequently as they did her ale and more often than not for both.

‘Why there‘s a gal! I do remember you got a right nice touch there missy.’ Dread narrowed one black brow his hand clutching his side. Pip started to thrash again as he approached, Silo stamped on his foot in a final attempt to silence the boy. It worked.

‘Look here Dread. Untie me and I can fix up your ribs and take you to BIAD. But it’s gonna cost you.’ Silo shrugged her shoulders like it didn’t matter. Without Manko there to boss them Dread and Hang Knot didn’t have the brain Jenovah gave a turnip but they were scheming mean and she didn’t want to chance the boy with either.

‘An just what might you be negotiating missy?’ Dread squinted and sniffed the air scenting something outta place but not quite able to figure what it was.

‘I told ya. Let the boy go and I’ll do both. Fix you up and take you to BIAD.’ Silo’s eyes were wide and clear.

‘Well now,’ He thought stroking his mustache on either side of his mouth, ‘I knows you keent lie fer pigs trotters so I suppose I can trust ya. But no funny business!’ Dread waved his free hand at Hang Knot to loosen the rope. “And that boy a yers. You make him go git us sompin’ ta eat. My stomach’s sick a sucking backbone.’ Dread scowled at Pip who went running towards the cabin when Silo aimed a kick at his hind end to urge him on.


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posted on Mar, 18 2012 @ 08:49 AM

~*~ Say Hello, Wave Goodbye Pt.III~*~

The rifle cocked in Pip’s hand was cold, his lips blue as the barrel from holding his breath. He’d left the cabin door open so he could see them coming but they couldn’t see him from the protection of the shadows. Silo trotted up onto the porch three steps ahead of the one she called Dread.

Pip aimed, settle the bead right above Dread’s crooked nose just between the man’s filthy black bandana and his two hair eyebrows, increased the pressure on the trigger, let out his breath and......

‘Come on sleepy head! Rise and shine! The transport vehicle’s here.’ Silo rapped a wooden spoon on the side of the bedstead the loud crack jolting Pip out of his dream like a gunshot. With a stifled scream Pip lunged to his feet his arms around Silo protecting and getting protection at once when her arms fell on his shoulders.

‘Hey, what’s this?’ Tilting his chin her worried eyes met his.

‘Nothin’. Just a bad dream I guess.’ Pip lowered his eyes quickly.

Ruffling his bed tousled hair Silo smiled. ’Well, it’s gone now. Nightmares have a way of doing that when we wake up.’ She giggled.

‘Not this one.’ Pip mumbled to himself pulling a pair a coveralls over his long johns.

‘What’s that?’ Silo called over fresh eggs that spat and sizzled on slicks of hot butter in a cast iron pan.

‘Nothing. I was just wondering...’ Barefoot Pip crossed the floor, took two plates and forks to her side and held them out.

‘Wondering what?’ Her mind on the transport and how they were going to get all the farm animals inside Silo moved eggs to plates not really paying full attention.

‘I was just wondering if you knew someone named Dread and Hang Knot?’ Pip looked down refusing to meet her eyes.

Two sunny side eggs slipped from her plate to land yolk down on the hard packed dirt floor. The bright yellow ooze leaking out from under the eggs made her stomach go oily.

‘That’s it!’ She yelled slamming down the pan. ’We’re getting out of here NOW!’ Pulling Pip by the hand grabbing coats hats and boots with the other Silo shoved Pip’s book down the front of his overalls and pushed him out the cabin door.

“Well would ya lookee that.’ Dread chuckled from atop a tall chestnut steaming off sweat in the dooryard.

‘Yeahhh, uhhh, would ya, uh, just lookee that.‘ Hang Knot slobbered from behind straddling a low slung mule his big bare feet dragging on the ground.

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posted on Mar, 18 2012 @ 01:27 PM

...........~Just When You Think You're Out, They Drag You Back In~................

"Five-Nine-One, Please check your vista" Ship requested and Mut panned the countryside
ahead. The Tumbler kept low to the ground as he neared the ranch, his systems told him that
Silo's bio-signs were normal and the heat-signature that The Yydryl had kindly provided of
the youth named Pip, showed he was near to the lavender-haired girl.

"Thank you -Ship, homing in now" Mut answered and slowed his jets to fifty percent, the old
fenceposts infront of the homestead rattled alarmingly as the craft slowed to a halt.

As the yellow Tumbler came to rest on the sandy bank near the leaning stable, Silo stepped
from the shadow of the shack doorway and stood -hands on hips infront of Mut.

"So what have we here...?" the female said with a slight smile "... my lift home?" and
glanced back into the shack. It was still early and Pip was deep in the arms of Morpheus.
Mut reported in his official voice "Yes Silo13, The Yydryl is here to take you back... I await
your orders Ma'am and I am Tumbler Three"

Silo raised her eyebrows at the formal introduction and nodded slightly, the scruffy-looking
vehicle may be big enough to take all of Pip's belongings -she thought.
"Wait here and don't do anything stupid" Silo said lightly and turned back to the Gep's home,
she didn't mean to sound cruel, but she was taking into consideration how Pip may react.

Mut's metal surface shimmered and as Silo entered the small building, Tumbler I went
'stealthy' and disappeared from view.

The two big U-mans on the horses came in slowly to the yard and Mut scanned the sweating
beasts of burden and the animals riding them, though no such technology exists to read
the motives of humanoids, Mut gambled that these-two were up to no good.

"Ship... are you getting this?" Tumbler Three asked and the calm-confident voice came back
from above. "Wait T-3, if they endanger No.13, then you have my permission to neutralise
the problem" The Yydryl announced and notified Cecilia and Akron of the situation.

Mut watched the thin man climb down of the dark-brown horse and then his bigger partner
leave the saddle of the mule and hoped his shoulder-mounted Mini-gun was up to it's first slaying.
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posted on Mar, 20 2012 @ 04:09 AM

~*~ Reunion ~*~

‘’Mornin’ Dread. Hang Knot. It’s been a while.’ Silo let one hand drop to her knife pouch the other she stuck out in greeting and leaned over the porch rail waiting for her old nemesis to take it.

Dread’s left hand hung from a thumb tucked into his gun belt, his right, he spit into his palm and hastily wiped his hand ‘clean’ on his pants before taking Silo’s in a hasty shake.

‘Pip, take the man’s hand.’ Silo’s eyes never left Dread. She felt an unexpected thrill of pride when the boy didn’t lean out from behind her to do as he was told but stepped cleanly in front of her like a man.

‘Boy...’ Dread took his hand, nodded and dismissed he boy at once.

‘My name’s Pip sir’. Pip dropped his hand and grimaced but didn’t make a move to wipe the damp on his palm away. Dread cocked his head really focusing on the boy before smiling over a private joke he wasn’t about to share. The look in Dread’s eye told Silo’s it was well past time for a diversion.

‘Hang Knot! Good to see you.‘ Silo trotted down the porch steps between the two and waved. The giant stayed where he was clutching the reigns of his mule and Dread’s chestnut acknowledging Silo with a dip of his head. Silo smiled at the big man and breathed a little easier. No one was dead yet, so far so good and Dread had stopped looking at the boy.

‘What can I do for you?’ Silo asked rounding back to stand by Pip having surreptitiously taken in the surroundings as she did. All she saw of the Tumbler was the impressions of its landing gear in the sand. The Tumbler had gone into cloaking mode. Either way Dread and Hang Knot had no reason to suspect the craft, even Pip who’d woken after the Tumbler’s arrival had yet to see it.

‘Nice place ya gots here.’ Dread smirked ignoring her question. ‘Got a man about?’ Eyeing the spread Dread took in every detail. Work clothes hanging from the line, three horses munching hay in the corral, every indication there’d been a man about until his eyes settled on a pair of hens scratching over a fresh dug mound of earth.

‘The boy’s pa’s fresh dead. Why’s an old friend like you asking.’ Silo kept her voice light through clenched teeth.

‘Well Silo, you know me missy, I’m gettin’ too old fer surprises.’ Dread gave a nasty wink eyeing the grave.

‘Hang.’ Dread kicked his chin in the direction of the house and like a dog to hunt Hang dropped leather and trotted past Silo into the cabin to check if she was telling the truth. The horse and mule used hard and still blowing hung their heads and stayed put. Hang exited the house a few moments later carrying the frying pan of eggs and stood shoveling their breakfast into his mouth with grubby fingers. ‘No one’s in da house Boss,’ he slobbered loose nuggets of eggs falling down his shirt front.

‘Leave me some a that grub you hog pig!’ Dread snarled his hand back on his gun. If he hadn’t thought Hang would have dropped the pan he’d of shot him right then and there. Hang jumped back through the door and came back without the pan wiping his mouth on his sleeve.

‘Pip, why don’t you take those animals over to the water trough and give them a drink. Oh, and make sure your dog’s tied.’ She added without emphasis hoping there’d be none. At the mention of Toby the dream memory of blood and flying fur made Pip pale. Dread saw the boy lose color. He had his punch line.

‘Sir.’ Pip nodded to Dread and started to do as he was bid turning for the back of the house before Dread spoke up.

‘Now you wait just a pretty minute there boy!‘ Dread stepped forward eyeing the boy like the hens eyed worms. ‘You jist give that there dog a yer’s a good ol’ holler. There’s no need fer ya ta go lookin‘.’ Dread’s brows dropped over eyes gone black. ‘And don’t you worry none I wont shoot him’. Dread’s chuckle said he would.

Frozen in place Pip looked at Silo for instructions. For her part Silo gave the boy a reassuring wink and said a quick prayer of thanks for small miracles. If Dread hadn’t intervened Pip’s search for Toby would have run the boy smack into the side of the massive Tumbler.

Watching Dread’s finger twitch and stroke air beside his holster Silo said a second prayer when Pip started hollering for his dog.

~*~ Invisible ~*~

Inside the Tumbler Toby leapt at the viewing screen barking and snarling for all he was worth.

‘Quiet down now dog.’ Ship lulled over the craft’s speakers trying to sooth the frantic animal but without effect. Changing tactics Toby ran to the side port to start digging at the seamless door knowing instinctively this was the way ‘out’ to his master.

‘Settle down now Toby...just you settle down,’ Mut crooned, ’I’ll have that boy a yours in here in a jiffy.’ The Tumbler promised maneuvering her long mechanical arms closer to Pip but Toby just went on digging.

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.................................~Think As Others Around You Think~....................................

Pip turned his head towards the large clump of Sagebrush and Apache Plume as Toby's
bark hinted of excitement and purpose. The youngster called again and with more yips
and growls, it told him that the dog had ferreted out a Jack Rabbit among the winding

"It looks like ma' dog got me some supper" Pip said with a puzzled frown, Toby ususally
came at his command and his genuine confusion of why not -wasn't lost on the wary

"Nice trick, T.3..." Ship said at the electronic voice-throwing "...but I think these two
gentlemen have a rape on their mind, the temporary measure you have employed will
not distract them from their wish" Mut revisited the information that showed indications
of sweat and pheromones, and then reluctantly agreed with The Yydryl, the readings
told of high nerve-electrical activity and muscle-preparation for possible physical exertion.

"What should I do?" Mut transmitted to Ship, his claw was only inches away from the
patch-sewn britches of Pip and the Tumbler felt that with one swift move, he could
capture the boy and then possibly -Silo13. The circuit boards weighed the percentages of
a successful action.

"Maybe yon cur has a fancy-lady in the tall grass, maybe yer' dawg is lookin' fur somethin'
other than food" Dread growled and eyed the fair-haired girl with the belted knife.
Licking his cracked-lips, he too pondered on odds, but the odds on grappling the blade from
the young beauty with the confident stance.

HangKnot watched with hooded eyes the back of the sweat-damp shirt on the female that
had brought havok to Uktena along with her crew and a snake-smile slowly bloomed on his
grease- smeared lips. 'This is going to be good' he thought and waited for Dread's cue to
grab Silo, he had already stepped quietly from the doorway.

"Well, get them hosses and lead 'em to water, boy" Dread snapped and followed it with
"ah'm hungry enough to eat that damn dog iffin' it comes a-tongue-lollin' around here"
Without looking at Pip, he stepped towards the shack's shadowed interior.

Silo breathed slowly through her nose and made sure that she was at arms-length from
the bone-thin thug, her senses were screaming to her that more was to come... and soon.

Pip ambled over to the chestnut and the drowsy-mule, taking the reins in his right-hand,
he turned to Silo and said softly "will you be okay here?" the tone spoke of hopelessness
and mistrust.

"I'll be fine..." she said easily and with a faux 'take-it-easy' gaze ", Dread and Hang are
just gonna chew on old times, ain't we Dread?" she tossed and turned her eyes to the back of
sweat-stained shirt that held the sly-bastard from Carbiox.

Dread snickered as he passed Hangknot and gave him a cunning look. "Oh yeah Lady, we're
gonna chow-down alright" he hissed and stepped into the shack.

Tumbler III felt the download from Ship enter his memory banks and ignoring the panting
-whimpering Toby bounding about the cockpit, Mut thanked The Ydryl for the information.
"These are the records from Silo, Adam and the rest about their time on the planet called
Carbiox. I hope it provides some advice on how to deal with this dilemma" Ship said and a
small 'click' told Mut that the cloaked-craft was on his own. Well, except for the dog.

It took around two or three seconds of scanning the data for the machine that waited to
collect the mother of The King Of The Universe -to arrive at his plan, 'so complex... so
intricate' -Mut chided to the now-sulking Toby.

Silo13 was still in the yard and so was the hulking-brute called Hangknot, the grinning idiot
kept checking the trail and the paddock for any snooping strangers. Using the records, Mut
found that preparation, a lack of emotion and distraction -was the best plan to go with.

if Artificial -intelligence could appreciate the guilt and sorrow that a sentient Being would
feel when arriving at the conclusion that Mut did, then the next two minutes would have
been a more solemn occasion.

But the Tumbler had dwelled too long on the information regarding Nenothtu's actions when
dealing with ruffians such as these and the only conclusion called for drastic measures.

(Continued Below)
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Continued From Above)

"Silo...? It's me, Boy In A Dress... are you there?" Tumbler III called across from the slight rise
where he rested. Hangknot jumped with surprise and went for the dusty Colt in his scuffed
holster. The sneering face of Dread appeared in the doorway and twisted from side-to -side
on his grimy-neck searching for the Man/Girl.

"Say it's okay..." Dread hissed quickly at Silo and slipped from the shack folded-low, so that the
revolver in his hand almost touched the ground "Hangknot... with me" came the whispered
order. Silo scanned the surroundings for her odd-looking friend and when the voice came
again, she answered the way that Dread had advised.

"I'm about tuckered in and my hair is a mess" Mut mimicked and clicked some soothing music
on in the cockpit, Toby sat on his haunches and 'BIAD-like' -tipped his head at the flowing

Mut Music...

Tumbler III again, reviewed the records of the events at the far-off world and using his logic
boards, onboard survival-chips and a little cunning gleaned from his brief time with Mr.
Jordan, the invisible craft began the dance.

Dread charged the rise with an evil grin on his face, the dark-stains under his armpits became
darker as he ran and if one could watch the scene in slow-motion, there was a poetry all of
it's own.

Somewhere in the recesses of Mut's reasoning circuits, the machine wondered if the tall
GunMan of Vandalia saw some of his more -dangerous exploits in this way.

The Mini-Gun tracked the thin U-man for a full full two-feet before sending a ribbon of
bullets through the upper-part of the limb toting the gun. This caused Dread to twist-right in
his hurried attack and Mut balanced the assault by shredding the left-leg of the suddenly -
screaming ex-Carboxian resident.

Hangknot dived towards Silo and if he had thought to use the woman as a shield, then he may
have stood a chance. As it was, the big oaf guessed that if he could make to the horses, there
was a chance he could out-run the hidden bushwacker with the fast-firing gun.

Tumbler III felt the elation of the music sliding around the cockpit as Hangknot's left hand and
the the right-one, exploded with a drill of hot lead, the weapon with the desert dirt on it's surface
-collected more as it clunked to the ground.
Hang wailed, but kept up his ungainly pace towards Pip and the two waiting horses.

Forced by a computerised need for symmetry, Mut peppered the left thigh and the drilled a
neat line of bullets through Hangknots flailing upper-right leg, he crashed to the ground with
gouts of blood soaking into the hot desert dust.
Hangknot whimpered once and as another hail of bullets tracked down his spine, he lay still.

Dread panted -not unlike the small burr-furred dog that watched the slaughter from the
square viewing window and as the thug raised his head to search for the wig-wearing freak
that baned him on another world, the tear-ridden eyes saw a slight shimmer in the air behind
the rise that he assumed BIAD was hiding behind.

Then Dread's head disintergrated as the Mini-Gun found it's mark, Silo watched in horror as
a large explosion of blood and purple-grey gore spattered out around the waving body in the dirt,
the gunfire ceased at once and the roar rolled away across the desert.

Toby appeared from mid-air and raced -without interest of the bodies towards the youth
that was not only his master, but his best friend. Pip merely stood wide-eyed with the
trailing reins of the horses in his hand.

Mut de-cloaked and waited for instructions from the open-mouthed lavender-haired woman
that he had come to collect.
"Nuff said?" he asked nobody as he re-read Neno's report.
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...............................................~And We're Off!~.........................................

"Phew...!" Tumbler III commented as Pip urged the pigs into a hurriedly-constructed
pen near the Engine Compartment "... may I increase the air-conditioning, Ma'am?"

Silo glanced up from her business of piling the two bags of the lad's possessions into
the outer-hold and looked into the room where the animals had congregated.

"Ma'am...? that's a little-formal for my hero to say, isn't it?" Silo said with a genuine
smile of happiness, Pip's bedtime-book poked from a cracked satchel that belonged
to Gep and the connection to the boy's Father faded the smile slightly.

"As some in this area would say.... aw shucks!" Mut said with a deadpan voice and
scanned the area for anymore livestock, the bodies of Dread and Hangknot were
still out on the desert floor, but nothing else.

Fans suddenly kicked in and the pungent aroma of animal sweat eased, Mut called
to Cecilia and Akron during the action and told them all was well.

"You didn't forget my book, did'ya?" Pip asked as the woman -who he now saw as is
Mother and showed a smile that rivalled Silo's as he saw the battered tome.
The horses and the mule waited quietly near the cow that scratched his rump against
the navigational console and if Mut had eyes, he'd have rolled them.

"Noah's Ark" The Yydryl transmitted and felt Tumbler One and Two register in that they
were waiting for Nenothtu and the others to come out of the cabin.
Ship repeated the words and awaited Mut's question, a mili-second later -it came.
"What's a Noah's Ark?" T.3 asked and closed the door, Silo and the youngster had seated
themselves in the cockpit seats and he reminded them that they hadn't used the safety
harnesses, Silo showed Pip how to belt-up.

The Yydryl waited until Mut's landing-gear was retracted before answering "It was a boat
used to save the animals from a deluge... it's from another book from long ago" Mut
manouvered smoothly into a decent space from the ranch before bringing his thrusters
online. Pip sniffed and the sound brought Silo's eyes to the dirt-smudged young face.

"Don't you worry, where we're going, you'll feel right at home. Miles and miles of rolling
countryside for you..." Silo glanced at the friend ast his knee "... and Toby to investigate.
It'll be fun!" she chirped and reached close to squeeze the small weathered hand.

"Did this boat stink?" Mut groaned to Ship and followed the line of foothills towards the
cabin, the day was racing away and his shadow was getting ahead of him as he raced East.

Pip squeezed back and showed the honesty that only children can reveal in his strong gaze
"It ain't that... I sniffed cos' it stinks in here" he groaned and somewhere in Mut's hardrive
he marked 'I like this kid' and urged his engines towards sonic-speed.

Ship tracked the transport vehicle and responded with "the vessel took a family that wanted
a better world and two of each animal -to a place to begin again... to start over" Ship's calm
voice explained. "Poignant, don't you think?" The Yydryl asked.

Without another transmission, Tumbler III asked "Music anyone?" and scanned the book
titled 'Serendipity'

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...................................~Choose Your Sides, Gentlemen~..................................

Adam's mouth fell open as Death, Charon and the other heavily-armed Deities appeared
further down the tunnel, Pandora clicked the safety-catch from her Desert Eagle and smiled
menacingly. Dag gasped at the sight of the 'painted' faces in the gloom and grabbed the
Doctor's arm "Oh my... this is it" she whispered.

Ben crouched and took the sword from Sslar -who's eyes burned red at the sight before the
strangers, Ben steadied his feet in the grey water and waited for the assault.

"Where is he?" the striped-Death hissed around the glowing cigar between his teeth and
stepped closer to the wide-eyed group. Gert and The Splitter watched from the shadows and
glanced at each other, Charon guessed a message was passed between them.

Dag flicked her damp hair from her eyes and breathed loudly "who is it you seek?" she said
and eased her grip on Adam's reddening forearm, the tall leader came closer and the sight of
the Reaper's gruesome features made the young woman breathe faster.

"Oh my pretty one, I think you know... the one that you and poor-Adam here -look to" Death
crooned and loomed over the couple "It's pay-back time" Pandora interjected and smiled at
her lover blowing a smoke-ring over the couple's heads.

The plink of dripping water was the only sound for a few seconds as both parties watched
each other and it was The Splitter who broke the quietness. "You want the Neo... you wish to
thwart the destiny of the Universe" he stated and stepped in between towering armed Soul
-Taker and the smaller U-mans.

Death's brooding eyes flicked to the thin-grey Time Mechanic and all could see the dislike
in his twisted face "Thwart the Universe...?" Death said sarcastically "you plucked a nobody
-feral kid from the backwoods and convinced everyone around you that he would lead this
reality out of certain-destruction" You and those dwarf-Viths live in fantasy-land" he scoffed.

The Splitter smiled kindly and spoke softly.
"In the vernacular of this planet... he's the real-deal, Death and you know it. Your quest to
be fully in this reality will not succeed" he stated calmy and his silver-dollar eyes glittered
in the low-light of the tunnel. The Splitter stepped away from the discussion and caught
a drop of the dripping water, the ancient stonework told of time-on-time.

"Deal with this!" Death roared and fired the Ingram's contents towards the small smooth-
skinned Being, The Splitter merely faded from view and the slugs sparked harmlessly off
the tunnel wall.
The barrel of Nenothtu's pistol tracked onto the appearing Splitter as if it had a life of it's
own, a bright smile and raised hands in mock-surrender greeted the tall GunMan.
"I wouldn't go down there if I was you" The Splitter said easily and glanced at the closed

When Neno and the smaller Being stepped out into the late-afternoon sun, Tibbs' face
reddened with rage at the sight of The Splitter. "YOU...?" the Vithian snapped "you're the
cause of all this" With puffs of dust pluming from his footfalls, Tibbs ran towards the Being
with the shiny-eyes.

Again, The Splitter held his hands up, but this time there was no levity, the small-robed
Tibbs had searched for him for -what seemed like an eternity, to say they were friends would
be incorrect.

Mucklebones grabbed her man's hood and Tibbs recoiled back from his intended beating of
the Time-Mechanic and as he writhed to break free, it was Neno who spoke next.
"Listen fella, ah' don't care what yer' squabble is with this guy, we've got bigger problems
below" he said firmly and the Vithian stopped his struggling.
"Death is holed-up with Dag and Adam, and he's loaded fur' bear" he added.

Boy In A Dress passed his tall friend and peeked into the cabin, the furniture had seen better
-days and the small trapdoor seemed whisper 'come-on-down' to the Man/Girl.

"This is a pickle-indeed..." Tibbs said and twisted his head to show the Alien-Witch that he'd
calmed down "... Immortals against Immortals" he nodded a thanks to Muckles and prudishly
straightened his robes.

Nenothtu felt the line of bullets along his belt and wondered if Silo would bring a rifle, it
wasn't much -but he'd been in tighter-spots. Then The Splitter spoke once more.

"Your success lies inside that..." he said and pointed a slim-grey finger at Mucklebones' dirty
green poncho "...The Witch Of The Winds holds your answer" he smiled.
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Nenothtu eyed the poncho draped over Mucklebones, and decided it might be best to defer that bit of unpleasantry for the moment. what on Earth could this little bit of moonbeam be talking about anyhow? Neno shuddered ever so slightly and moved on.

he turned to the Splitter and said "If you know what's a-goin' on down there, you musta BEEN down there - but yer up here now. Can ye git back down there agin? I been pryin' at this door for sev'ral minutes now, and cain't git 'er open. Can you git back down there and free up whatever is stickin' it so's we can git down there?"

The Splitter nodded solemnly, then gave that enigmatic smile and repeated "But I wouldn't go down there if I was you".

Nenothtu gave him a lop-sided grin and said "but you ain't me, are you, ya little reverse psychologist! Yeah, I'm on to ya. I just need this door opened."

Turning to Tibbs, neno said "Yeah. A Battle of Immortals. I might not kin kill 'em, but I kin sure as hell make 'em hurt. Lots. I'll bet I can bear up to the pain better'n they can. Them sumbitches need to larn that when Hell is paid, delivery is due."

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......~~The Come-to-Jenovah Meetin' is Called to Order~~.......

It was Muckles who interrupted next.

She cackled evilly, while still gently holding Tibbs. Her eyes squinted and she glared at the Splitter.

"If ya want what's under here, then ya'd best be under there, unlatchin' the Damned Door. And you betcha, bub, I mean Damned Door with a capital D. Twice. And italic emphasis. Got it? My man here is done playin' games with you. We want to settle down, and your shenanigans are interFERing with that obJECTive."

The Splitter shrugged, his expression screamed out his feeling of violated-aesthetics. "Sometimes I wonder why you don't try to know...." He waved his hands at her visage, up and down "...clean up your act a little. You've got a spitfire personality, and talent, but sheesh! can't you make the package a little more approachable? For his sake, even?"

Now he pointed at Tibbs. 'Well, I guess he ain't all that much of a booby prize anyway."

"That all you got?!!" shouted Neno, and the rest of them jumped. "Insultin' people's looks?!! You need to shut the hell up and git under thet thar door afore anythin' happens to my FRIENDS." The acoustics in the hut made his anger echo like the very roar of a lion. And then, from below the door he heard a reponse.

An answering roar of compatriotism, a snarl of the most threatening kind.

Neno grinned. He pulled another cigar out of his pocket and bit off the end, which he spit at the Splitter pronouncedly, rather than off to the side in his usual manner of "gentility."

"Heh. Ha ha ha....I see. It ain't jest Dag 'n' the Doc, is it? It's mah kitty, too." His lips stretched into a grin so wide that his eyes squinted. His fingers twitched at his bullet belt, itching for action.

He stepped closer to the Splitter and towered over him, deliberately breathing his cigar-breath into the being's face, whose sensibilities naturally distorted his features into another "violated-aesthetics" grimace. He now stood between Muckles and the Splitter, and quick as a snake strike, his itchy hand shot out and grabbed the being by the neck. And don't you dare try that disappearin' act with me." His voice was quiet -- indeed deadly quiet in the most threatening way. He added then, "Bub."

The Splitter gulped and wondered how this hick and the other bug-eyed fella were able to grasp him, to capture him, when with everyone else he could simply vaporize, or shape-shift.

" Now, yer gonna open that door, and when ya do, yer still gonna be standing there, got it?" He tightened his grip and lifted the spindly being off the floor, pushing him up against the wall opposite the exit.

Just then, a loud CRASH interrupted the silence and broken planks, splinters, and nails flew up as though spit from a very volcano. Every eye in the room shut and was first covered by a protective forearm, then, once the din died and the debris clattered to rest on the floor, then opened slowly. BIAD's face showed his smile.

He smiled and smiled, and his wig started writhing. "Sslar! Kitty, where you been?" He said and sashayed over to the cat who was crouched in pounce-mode, snarling at the Splitter, her ears pinned back flat on her green head, licking her chops.

Neno motioned for the Tibbs and Muckles to join her in a tight group surrounding the Spltter. Then he set the being down. "Ah'd not be messin' with mah cat, junior. Looks like she ain't been fed right fer a bit."

He stuck the still un-lit cigar into Tibb's side pocket and patted it. "Hang on ta that fer me, hey? I'm goin' after our friends, and then we're getting the hell outta this damn place." He looked once more at the Splitter and shook his head in disgust.

"I got plenty better places to spend ma time than here with the likes a y'all trouble-makin' malcontents." And with that he turned toward the opening and peered down into the dark passageway. "C'mon BIAD, let's go give 'em hell."


Further down the passage, still in the water, Ben strained to hear the low voices that were audible after the loud crash.
"That cat's a real piece o' work," he muttered to no one in particular. When he heard neno's voice say faintly c'mon BIAD, he grinned.

"Oh boy," he said. "Well, this ain't exactly zombies and Bransom, but I bet it'll be dang near jest as thrillin'. Y'all ready?"

Dag and Adam nodded at him. Death, Pandora, and Charon exchanged glances. Pandora's was one of a woman scorned...Death's was glowing with pride and anticipation, and Charon's mouth twitched. Squibbs' light turned green, and Skinny stood to attention with a salute.

"Here we go," said Gert. "The portal's opened. And our boy has arrived. Or rather, our boys. Your brother, and my neno. Guess he found his way back from the badlands. Too bad Lancelot ain't here for the festivities, though. And why the Raven Mocker bailed I cain't figger. It was a lot his wishin' that---"

"Shush, will you?!!" hissed Pandora. Gert did, and crossed her arms in front of her indignantly. Her lip stuck out in a pout that had no effect whatsoever on anyone. Squibbs' light rotated like a disco ball.

Skinny muttered, "Eye-rolling is considered impolite." out of the side of his mouth, his golden head tipped slightly over.

Pandora just waved an irritated hand toward the droids, still focusing on her hearing, her eyes glazed over.

What none of them knew was that the Raven Mocker had done no such thing. Nor were they aware, above ground or below, was that Brittle was present, outside the hut. Around his neck dangled the Raven-Mocker amulet.

It was the last item needed for the desired outcome, but he would have to be confronted by the U-man and his friends. His transgressions at Avalon had not yet been punished. And the Raven Mocker had some business with Ben to take care of.

As far as Brittle was concerned, though, the mists of Avalon were still firmly in place. He was not about to go into the hut now, however, not while all those folks were hovering around the trapdoor that led to the portal. So he found a seat on a nearby stump, and waited. Once these folks finished up their business, they'd leave, and then he'd enter and he would sing the mantra that Dag had heard in the apple-blossom canyon, which he now knew, and all would be well. Both Portals would be opened, and his rightful place as heir to the Western hemisphere's Avalon franchise would be formally claimed.

Of course, he was unaware that Gia/Dag and Arthur/Adam were anywhere nearby, and any thought of his transgression with Guinevere so long ago (and the wrong done to Arthur, that BIAD had warned him must be righted), was the furthest thing from his mind.

That would soon change.

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............................................~Shut-Up And Kit-Up~............................................

"The key here, is to damage the physical..." Death whispered and standing in the circle
of Charon, Kokopelli, Nun'Yunu'Wi and Pandora, his dark sockets showed his conviction.
"...This reality is based on a physical, Nenothtu has physical form and that can be damaged"
Pandora glanced over at the small U-man's waiting in the dirty water and showed a knowing
-smile, the Man/Girl is physical too -she thought and adjusted her grip on the pistol.
"These weapons, though from another time -can rip and tear... it will be enough to strip his
body of it's flesh and hopefully it'll be enough for me to deliver the coup de gras" the Reaper
hissed and tapped one of the many pockets.
The loud clicks of armed guns told Adam, Ben, Gert and Dag -that the time was nigh.
"Are we done with the name-calling?" Boy In A Dress asked with a firm tone, the Man/Girl
had listened to the two Time-travellers with a sense of disgust and made the decision right
there that a Ruler over these squabbling races was the best way to go.

BIAD stepped from the cabin doorway and walked primly to the sulking Splitter, the wild-
smile told nothing and so it was quite a surprise when he grabbed the Time-Mechanic by
the back of the neck and carried on walking.

Tibbs smiled from behind Mucklebones' arm and then his features faded as he realised that
BIAD was walking towards him, 'what has he got in mind' -the Vithian thought as BIAD's long
shadow fell over him.

"You're up -Bub... come here" the red lips hissed and with a long taloned hand BIAD jerked
Tibbs from Muckle's grasp, the Witch-Alien searched the odd creature's face for some clue
to what was happening. "I'll be needing your help too" the hermaphrodite said with a calm
voice and nodded once at the crone.

Nenothtu watched the Being that he had discovered in that strange forest -so long ago. The
Man/Girl had never argued or doubted him, he had never failed to deliver and at every turn
in the trail, BIAD had held up his part of the strange partnership.

The GunMan smiled around his cigar and wondered what the wigged-oddity had tapped into.
BIAD sighed and walked towards the waiting Tumblers. Tibbs, The Splitter and Mucklebones
showed puzzled expressions at each other and followed the high-heeled tracks.

"Which one of you is Akron?" Boy In A Dress asked and panned his long-fringed head across
the fronts of the two vehicles, he was never good on names and he wasn't a big fan of naming
machines anyway.

"Tumbler I -Akron reporting" a voice said and lifted his single metal-arm, BIAD curtsied and
offered a gentle smile. "I need you to travel to The Yydyl and obtain some weapons, I don't
care which... just something that can fire projectiles, do you understand?" BIAD asked with
a tone of seriousness and was surprised by the claw-arm giving a salute.

"We can get you those quicker..." Corky Bunion said and lumbered over to where the
group waited, Drake was hot on his heels and though his caterpillar-tracks were certainly
advantageous in a Repair Bay, the desert dust was now making the motors whine ominously.
"...I have two crates of those 'things' in my Storage Rooms and I..." Corky was interrupted by
a red-nailed hand held to his mouth.
"Thank you..." said BIAD "... but just go and gettem" he said softly.

The two Droids climbed aboard Akron and the Tumbler roared away into the blue sky, BIAD
noticed a hint of purple on the horizon and guessed the evening was coming quick.
Tibbs pushed out his chest in pride of his friend taking control of the situation, a smug glance
towards the grey Being known as The Splitter faded -as BIAD laid a hand on the Vithian's

"Now my little friend, you and The Splitter have some work to do... we need ammunition to
thwart our impervious-pals down below" BIAD said amiably, although Tibbs would wager that
he wasn't messing about.
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................................................~The Spell And The Spoil~.............................................

The pile of small bones in the rock-cleared dirt looked hardly the best type of ammunition
to fight immortal-deities, Mucklebones flicked a look of doubt over to Boy In A Dress and said
"You sure this'll work?"

BIAD nibbled his lip and breathed in deeply, he was going off intution now, he had no idea
how he was certain of the way to bring 'etheral-ammo' over from the Otherside, but within
his black-wigged head, a wee-small voice whispered.

"I'll need an amulet, some of Sslar's saliva and The Splitter to do his stuff" the Man/Girl
muttered and turned to look at the fading-blue sky.
The trio of mis-matched humanoids all showed a puzzled look towards Boy In A Dress and
without showing any emotion of the crazy-grinning face, he glanced at the rotten tree
stump at the other end of the yard.

Tibbs shook his head in bewilderment and focused on setting his hand-held device to the
frequency that would emit plasa pulses. BIAD had asked for some sort of power that would
vibrate the particles of the bones and the Vithian had decided that the ionized energy would
do the trick.

Scratching his white beard, Tibbs peered over at the Time-Mechanic. He had sought the
Splitter for centuries -if not longer and the small man's belief in having a 'Neo' at the
helm had always been obstructed by the grey-skinned silver-eyed creature standing across
the circle.

The Splitter began to shrink and with Mucklebones gasping at the sight, the thin-body
stretched like taffy and in a whining-voice that made even the Witch grin -The Splitter
screamed "ah'm melting... ah'm melting!"

Without a word from the remaing three, The Splitter became the familair crescent-shape
that was located back on Carbiox in the strange Fairgound, from what seemed an eternity
ago -Tibbs thought.

Almost there, my children!" BIAD mocked and stepped away from the hunched pair, the
pile of ivory objects looked lonely and Mucklebones serached her mind for any clue of
a spell that this red-dressed creature might be performing.

A faint eraly-evening breeze was welcomed through the hair of Boy In A Dress as he
strode across the yard-dirt. The Man/Girl was tempted to glance at the tall GunMan
waiting near the cabin, but he knew the seriousness would leave just like the bats that
were leaving the cabin eaves -if he looked into Neno's eyes, the Vandal didn't mock him
-he just knew that BIAD struggled with this 'A-B-C' style of teaching.

"You need any help, fella?" Nenothtu asked and sipped from the half-empty canteen,
his voice was easy but the Man/Girl knew a humorous grin was waiting there.
"I'm on it" BIAD said with a fake-tone of 'thank you but no' and strode to the squat stump
that doubled as a desert-watching seat.

Sslar watched the events with cunning eyes and hearing her name, she had lifted himself
from her haunches next to the U-man with the black Duster and ambled over to where Tibbs
and the taller alien waited. Sniffing the pile of dried future-telling bones told her nothing
of whatever was going on.

To minimise her involvement, Sslar drooled onto the weird-grey crescent and the bones
and found the action quite an enjoyable act. Sslar restrained herself from marking the pile
with urine and with an easy gait, slinked off towards the surrounding gorse, a half-asleep
rabbit may be waiting -she thought.

Cecilia flooded the yard with her headlights as BIAD raised his forefinger and at the same
time, scratched a thumbnail across a small stone in the palm of his left hand, the shadow
of Brittle showed for a whole-second.

"I know you're there...and so do others, me-lad" the ruby-lips whispered kindly "your
magic doesn't work with me" The use of mica-flecks in the pebble was an old trick that
BIAD had discovered when he was in the Utah facilty, he had seen many strange things
because of these strange mineral-pieces.

Brittle looked around and searched for any evidence of others looking at him, the scene
showed no indication of a discovery and so, he focused on 'not being there'
BIAD scraped the stone again and in the blink-of-an-eye, Brittle saw that the hermaphrodite
staring straight into his eyes "Gotcha" BIAD muttered non-enthusiastically.

Brittle offered a weak smile and hoped the Mists of Avalon would at least keep him from
prying eyes of the others, he dropped the Raven Mocker's amulet onto the desert floor.
Neno saw it appear and slowly laid a hand on the worn-butt of his holstered pistol.

"Thank you... I will return it" BIAD said and crouched to pluck the object from the dirt,
the sight -shown from the action of crouching open-legged -brought a small gasp from
the empty space above the tree stump.

"He does that alot" Neno quipped and enjoyed the pursed lipped-look from Boy in A
Dress as he stood erect, "sorry" BIAD offered and walked back to where Tibbs and
Mucklebones waited.

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.................................................~The Spoil~..........................................

"Yon Cat spat on me bones..." Muckles said with wonder "...the damned thing knows
more than it's lettin' on" she finished and scratched something under her poncho.

"Now... here is the ammunition that will help us" BIAD said ignoring the Witch and
dropping the amulet into the pile, he showed a long fingernail -pointing upwards.
"If I'm right..." the Man/Girl hissed and grunted as he tracked the sharp talon down
his forearm "...this will bring Death and anyone else he may have down there, to their
knees" BIAD guessed that Pandora would be with him and he also guessed that their
last meeting where she was tricked out of the Excalibur sword, would be a debt she
would want him to pay.

The blood dripped from the thin cut on BIAD's arm and spattered onto the yellow-white
bones, the crescent-shaped Splitter and black lozenge-shaped amulet, a small hiss
accompanied the dripping sound.

"One more thing... and this involves you, Muckles..." BIAD said and lifted his arm away
from the circle "Do you love Tibbs?" he asked and caused the Witch to look up from the
gory scene.

"Whatcha mean... do ah love me-man?" Muckles asked with a tone of menace, she wasn't
used to being talked down-to, this eyeless-freak had created a surreal atmosphere and
now he was invading her privacy. If it hadn't been for Tibbs' look of kindness, she would have
hexed the bastard-Deamon in the dress.

"Aye, he's my man and ah'll stand by him 'til the end of time" Muckles hissed and swelled
her ancient chest under the green poncho, the feeling of pride was good and welcoming.
Boy In A Dress patted the leathery-skinned arm of the Alien that dabbled in the dark arts
and smiled "Thank you... really, thank you" he said and leaned towards the mottled head
of Mucklebones.

"I WILL NOT!" Muckles snapped at the whispered request from BIAD and showed a disgusted
look at the wild grin under the long fringe.

"If you don't, then whatever future you think you'll have with 'your man' could be hindered"
BIAD said easily and glanced at the two incoming Tumblers, it looked like Akron had obtained
the guns and Mut had accomplished his mission -BIAD thought.

The cloud of dust bellowed out as the two craft came into land and as Tibbs watched the
Tumblers settle on the darkening-desert floor, BIAD looked at Muckles and said "you have to,
it's the only way" The dust storm made the GunMan at the cabin seem just a dark-daunting
figure and the Vithian looking that way -guessed that what he really was.

"Come with me" BIAD said in a 'school-teacher' tone to the robe-flapping Tibbs and reaching
for his hand, the pair set off towards the huge machines, Muckles looked at the pile of junk
and wondered what the hell was going on.

Reluctantly -and as everyone seemed focused on the kid and Silo disembarking from T-3,
Muckles squatted over her fortune-telling bones, The Splitter and the black broach... and
began to urinate.
"The things yer' do fur love" she mumbled and held the hem of her poncho high.
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~*~ Stay Put ~*~

‘Touchdown...’ Mut announced with something like pride as her landing gear spun whirlwinds of sand into the air.

‘Ok Pip we're here.’ Silo unbuckled from her flight chair and leapt into action. ‘Now listen up, this is how it’s going to work.' Silo moved back to the locker compartment after the dust settled and she as sure Neno, BIAD and the rest were waiting near.

'You’re going to stay aboard while I go see what‘s up with the others.’ Silo stepped into the flubbery elastic of the U-Man suit and started tugging on the cool skin pulling it up her legs, past her thighs...

‘But you’re going! If you’re going I’m going!’ Pip set his jaw, locked a snarl across his lips and stomped back to the front of the Tumbler mutinously.

‘Now you listen to me young man!’ Ship hissed over the loud speaker breaking her silence.

‘No, you listen to me Yydryl,’ Silo was quick to intervene. Humping and twisting she held her breath and let it out in a rush pulling the elastic material up her boyish curves, ’Ship, Pip’s my responsibility. He’s my son and he‘ll do as I say and he‘ll answer to me, not you.’ With a final ’pop’ Silo swallowed a ripe surge of claustrophobia and let the U-Man suit slip into place over her head.

Pip made his way back to her side contrite but his eyes glistening with joy. ‘You really mean that?’ Pip asked tentatively reaching out to touch her hand.

‘Yeah. Forever.’ Silo hoped Neno’s eyes reflected all the love, sincerity and seriousness of the vow. His own look of love and conviction told her they did.

‘Ok, then I’ll wait here and tend to the animals and keep and eye on Mut.’ Pip almost saluted but instead threw himself into ’Neno’s’ waiting arms an accepted a hard and fast hug. Neither of them heard the Tumbler fluster before ultimately laughing at the boys reversal.

‘Good Boy. You‘ll be fine. And if something happens you and Mut head back for Ship. She‘ll take care of you.’ Not sure if what she said was true but not knowing what else to say Silo bent over and planted a kiss on the boy‘s forehead.

‘One thing though. You gotta tell me something before I go.’ Silo asked while grabbing a brace of pistols, a rifle and strapping her knife belt over ‘Neno’s’ holster.

‘What?’ Pip cocked his head ready to answer.

‘Is Pip your real name or a nickname?’ Settling Neno’s worn leather hat in her head Silo waited while the door to the Tumbler slid open noiselessly.

‘I’ll tell you when you get back.’ Pip winked and ran to the front of the Tumbler to watch the view from there.

‘Cheeky brat’. Silo smiled and exited the Tumbler in a rolling gate that would have fooled Neno himself.

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...............................~There Goes My Hero, Watch Him As He Goes~............................

It was a lot of ammunition... yeah, a lot and Mucklebones gulped to herself at the sudden
appearance of it. Even during her part in the 'spell' she could hear the metal projectiles
clinking together as they appeared out of nowhere and as the rest of the Yydryl crew
greeted the one known as Silo, she forced herself to finish her part.

Boy In A Dress glanced over his bare shoulder and saw the Witch-Alien gawking like a
surprised hen at the sight between her skinny legs, bullets-upon-bullets-upon more.

Corky Bunion climbed out of the Tumbler and with a look of pride on his big-jawed face,
he produced five rifle-type weapons. One of them looked like a hydraulic Grease-gun, but
Nenothtu never said anything as he accepted the heavy weapon.

"Now I have one more task for you and your friend..." BAID said calmly "... with your quick
reflexes, I'm sure Droids as yourselves can achieve it" he said and offered a winning smile.
Drake's thin-head poked from the Tumbler doorway and after hearing BIAD's request and
unsure after-thought, the two robots got on with loading the bullets into the rifle magazines.

"That's a neat trick, BIAD... but can my pistol use them?" the GunMan asked as he stood next
to the Man/Girl, Silo was already loading some of the bullets into her ancient rifle and her
movements showed no ill-effects of wearing the 'Neno' suit.

Boy In A Dress clapped his hands in happiness at the question and picking up one of the
bullets, he tossed it towards Neno and with one-easy movement -the smiling Vandal caught
it and slid the smooth-jacketed bullet into an empty of his Colt.

"They fit anything..." BIAD answered "... the best majic on the planet, and all thanks to
Muckles" behind all the comotion of loading the arms, the crone stood still-dumbfounded.

Five minutes later, fully-armed and serious-faced, Nenothtu, BIAD, Silo13 and Sslar entered
the cabin. And once more, the grave-dwelling voice called up mockingly... "It's time Neo,
come on down"

The steps into the darkness creaked as the group descended to meet Death and his waiting

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