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The Voyages of the Penelope and the Yydryl

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posted on Nov, 21 2011 @ 02:09 PM
Dag wasn't unconscious, but paralyzed and blinded somehow. Her limbs' deactivation notwithstanding, her inner ears were still active for balance checks, and for what seemed a complete diurn she felt herself being moved…on the absolute worst clunker gurney that might still be functioning. She heard a strange clipping and clopping sort of sound too, interspersed with splashing noises and the suction of compressed mud. Focusing on her facial sensory nerves she realized there was something over her face which completely blocked out light. It was also clamped onto her mouth, preventing her from speaking. Mercifully, there were openings at the end of her delicate nostrils so that she was able to breathe. The air smelled of pine-sap and salt.

Slowly, ever so slowly, her synapses responded to her intense willing them to fire, and her limbs became responsive once again. She clenched one fist just to pump the blood to her head and to test her strength, then reached up to feel what covered her.

It was rough, sort of warty. And shaped like a…starfish? A squid? An octopus? She tucked a finger between her skin and the surface touching it, and felt slime. The thing moved. Quickly she drew in her breath and withdrew her finger. It was alive! Or at least responsive to touch. She had no clue what it was, though, but she was In no pain, and could not discern any symptoms of bruising, breakage, or injury, from her toes to her hair follicles. It must not be the immediate goal to kill her, then, but she had certainly been abducted.

Like all well-designed biodroids, her brain went straight to "Analyze Options Mode" (or AOM). The first result popped into her awareness:
She was not restrained, so she could try to fling herself off of the gurney (which was a litter, actually).

She examined that option. She didn't know what sort of path she was being taken down. What if it were one of those little rock bridges that spanned bluffs in these kinds of mountains…only one pace wide, and a sheer drop off on both sides!
No, she would not risk that.

She focused again on the AOM, aware that every moment that passed was taking her further from where she had been when last in charge of herself.

Nothing else was transmitted for a good five minutes. She activated "reset" (a simple trick of the mind for a bio-droid). There came one:

She would have sighed, but couldn't. Putting all of her patience-nodes to work, she just rode along, listening, and trying to imagine what scenery she was missing, and to where she was being taken.

She activated 'Earth Files' in her memory and began studying. It had been a while since she'd accessed the sector, which had for most of her life been her favorite while drifting off to sleep. It occurred to her that it was since she'd met Adam that she hadn't really paid it much attention. In the span of her life, of course, it was a mere eyeblink's worth that she had become distracted by him. And now, lying on the litter listening to the sounds of the real Earth (if in fact, that's where she was) and smelling its various aromas and fragrances, she had plenty of time to think about her past.


Adam was gone from the campsite for about an hour before returning, frantic.

"BIAD," he gasped. "She's gone. I can't find her."

Boy in a Dress, who had been sitting (cross-legged and glad for once he didn't have to worry about his hem) quietly, meditating as he surveyed the new surroundings and the light glancing off the water of the lake, did not react except to shift his position to one that ensured his thighs and knees were covering the parts of him that his friends found alarming. His face tilted up toward Adam.

"I know," he said.

"What? You know?! What do you mean, you know!!!?" The man/girl smiled, but Adam wasn't having it. "Lose the grin and open the hole, and tell me what you know!" Adam yelled.

BIAD sighed. "Oh, she's alive. Not even hurt. But she was needed for a start-up in the area."

"Did you know she would be snatched? What do you mean a 'start-up'? You know, I'm getting just a teensy bit tired of all this now-we're-here, not-we're-not nonsense. This 'where-am-I' crap."

BIAD, had he eyes, would have opened them wide in alarm. He had not imagined Adam could be loud. And he certainly could not have guessed that Adam would become hysterical in a time of crisis. But there it was.

"Well, go get her, you freak! Go and find her, and bring her back right now! Or is she in on this with you? Did she go to be picked up and not tell me?! Did she disappear on purpose? What do you mean a START-UP!!??" He bellowed, and his words echoed off the surrounding mountains. Ancient and wise, old as time, those mountains knew everything that had passed in the giants' maze that they created. They, of course, did not answer.

But someone did. And it was not Boy in A Dress.

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posted on Nov, 21 2011 @ 02:52 PM

"We only wish to 'borrow' her for a little while" the faint voice answered the echoes, it
came from high-up and to the right. Adam swung around and scanned the area where
he believed the voice came from.

Boy In A Dress stood up and neared the frantic Doctor.
"Don't be alarmed, Adam..." He said softly " I'm sure..." Adam pushed the attempt of a
gentle hand on his shoulder and snapped " don't give me that sh*t about don't be alarmed"
and glared at the Man/Girl.

BIAD stood still and waited for any sign of attack and Adam felt a rage that swirled across
his eyes fleetingly, his hands clenched and unclenched until it subsided.

"So... she's been taken, you're involved somehow and what are we supposed to do now?"
The Doctor's eyes darted from BAID's idiot-grinning face to the surrounding foliage.
"I am certainly not involved..." the hermaphrodite said pertly and stepped down to
the lake shore, "... I just feel that whoever it is means her no harm" BIAD's tone was still
dignified and it rubbed on Adam like sandpaper.

The fire crackled and the two men contemplated their next steps, then the voice came
again. "If you promise not to harm us, we can show you our... problem" and Adam rolled
his eyes at the ridiculous situation, a kidnapper that looked for high morals?!

BIAD placed his long-nailed hands to his lips and called back "Okay, we promise" and
the Doctor's eyes widened at the comedy of it all.
"Okay" the voice agreed.

Boy In A Dress straightened his hem and adjusted a shoulder strap, "Sounds a nice fellow"
he remarked as he passed the astounded Adam and set off along the lakeside.

Looking like a fish gasping for air, the young man followed the weird one.
"Are they coming up?" Gerald said quietly and tapped the steam guage once again, the
Walker had been showing a low pressure and the dirt-smudged Elfin with the bat-like
face reckoned the manifold was playing-up again.

Captain Cholla straighten his cap and placed the goggles back over his eyes. "Yes, they
seem to be winding their way towards us" he announced and pulled the huge-engineer's
hankerchief from his waistcoat pocket and blew his nose.

The two three-foot-something beings clambered up onto the snorting machine and
as Gerald moved the picnic basket back into the loading compartment, Captain Cholla
slid on his elbow-length leather gloves.

"Don't forget... if they try any funny-stuff, use the whistle to alert the others" the older
Elf whispered to the scared-looking Gerald.

The Walker made a farting-sound and yet, the tension mounted.
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posted on Nov, 22 2011 @ 10:32 AM
Dag did not hear this echoey exchange, because she had been taken into a place so loud that she feared her eardrums would burst. She felt the spray of water, also, stinging her skin, as the creature serving as gag and blind was peeled from her face.

The source of the deafening noise was a monstrous waterfall which served as the chamber wall on her right; beneath her was rock. Above her, rock. The remaining semi-circular "walls"? Rock. Her eyes, under normal circumstances twice as large as a U-man's, grew even wider. They swiveled about in their sockets as she tried to regain orientation.

But the noise!! She knew she was not alone, but she could no longer endure the assault on her auditory system and she covered her ears with her hands. This at least muted the roaring of the water, though by no means shut it out.

Feeling more confident, she bent her neck and surveyed her environs with more scrutiny. The only light source was the daylight beyond the water-wall, but her eyes, acutely sensitive and able to adjust as fast as a withdrawal reflex triggered by nociceptor stimulation, quickly took in the scene clearly. (In later years as she recounted this story to listeners, she skipped the biological jargon and just said "as fast as you pull your hand from fire." That way she didn't get interrupted.)

She saw a pair of faces, then. Both were humanoid. The smaller was about the same size as Mucklebones, with a wraithe-like sheen to its skin. Dag could not discern if it was male or female, young or old.

The other face was lovely, perfectly featured, flawless, symmetrical, with jet-black hair and dark eyes, and skin the color of peanut brittle. This face smiled at her. The smaller was looked worriedly at his companion, as though for approval, and shifting its weight from foot to foot nervously.

They appeared to be taking an assessment, making a decision. But Dag could not hear what they said. She saw a few gestures exchanged between them, but not in a way she could understand. Then the slimey gagblinder was replaced on her face (regardless of her pleading expression) and the litter was once more moving beneath her.

It was only a couple of minutes, however, before she heard the rustling of brush being jostled, and the scraping of stone on stone, and then the reverse stone on stone sequence, and then once more they stopped and the thing was again removed from her face.

"Do NOT put that thing on me again!" she hollered.

Peanut-Brittle's eyes grew wide, surprised at this outburst as it rang off of the walls of the passageway they were now within. There were tapers burning in sconces along the wall, and the end of the passage was beyond their feeble light. Brittle smiled at her again and nodded, and then dropped the thing to the floor and stomped on it, its guts, liquids and tissues squishing out. Dag grimaced in disgust.

Roadkill, she thought. Aloud she said, "Well, you didn't have to kill it!" and scowled disapprovingly at Brittle, whose face flushed. Apparently she was making herself clear even without speaking their language. The smaller being then patted the rump of the mule that was pulling her litter, and they moved on.

The floor sloped downward at a sharp angle, but the clip-clop noise of the animal pulling her litter was steady and sure.

Down into the mountain they descended for twenty minutes, and then came to an enormous iron door, which swung open as they approached. The wraithe creature entered first, leading the mule and it's burden into the place Dag would come to know very well. Behind her came Peanut-Brittle.

Swiftly a crowd of humanoids swarmed around her, and gasped. "What?!" she chirped. "What do you want from me?"
She noticed, however, that the crowd was not looking ONLY at her, they kept turning to look at something else, then back at her, as though comparing an image. Peanut-Brittle touched her elbow gently and helped her off the gurney, lending support while she got her legs under her once again, and then took her hand and the crowd parted to let them through.

There, at the far end of the room, was a stained-glass shrine, lit from behind by a fire. Brittle pointed at it, and then pointed to her, and then genuflected with more reverence, if possible, than if he had come face to face with Earth's Christ Himself.

Dag looked at the transparent shrine, the window that served as the foremost enclave for worship in this place. And then she understood.

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posted on Nov, 22 2011 @ 01:27 PM

..............................................~Cordial Greetings~.............................................

Boy In A Dress looked at the wary strangers sitting in the steam-pluming contraption
and wondered why he hadn't heard it arrive. 'Surely such a machine would be noisy?' he
thought and as BIAD is prone to do for some reason, added '... and don't call me Shirley'

Adam was already stepping forward and wondering where Dag was being held, he made
for the rear of the Walker and searched for a panel that would hold someone her size.
He realised the machine wasn't that big.

"Good day, My Lady" Captain Cholla said and nervously brushed a Ladybird from the shoulder
of his tweed check jacket. Gerald merely smiled weakly and nodded once.
"I'm afraid you have me in the incorrect gender category, Sir... I am a man" the Man/Girl
said pompously. Gerald looked to his Captain with a clouded face, he is easily confuse -BIAD
thought and let his smile shine.

"Okay you dwarfs, enough of the pleasantries... where's Dag?" Adam said and looked for
a step to get him onboard, his anger had returned and these two small Elves were going
to have some of it.

"We.... er, we didn't take her" Gerald blurted and shrank behind the older Capatin Cholla as
Adam pulled himself up into the seating area. Boy In A Dress looked again at the odd-looking
steam-jetting-machine before him.

It was horse-like, it had four legs, a barrel-like chassis that could seat three average-sized
people or four Elves. There were brass-like pipes running all along it's body and could be
glimpsed in places in the wrought-iron legs. Shiny pistons waited for instructions in the
upper parts of the limbs and bellow-like devices were in the 'shin' areas.

The front of the Walker... or where a horse's head should be -had a windscreen that was
held in place by a brass frame, again pipes of brass and copper ran around it like veins.
Everywhere on Captain Cholla's charge, smooth-headed rivots adorned the surface.
Adam had a better view and scanned the rich-interior of the machine, the blood-red
leather seats and whicker-picnic basket, the dials that held fluctuating needles and the
rubber-handled steering levers with brake-triggers attached, all smacked of a by-gone

"So... where is she?" the Doctor growled and attempted his best angry-face, Cholla fingered
his tie and realised the situation.
"Good Sir, our civilisation has many castes... many classes -shall we say..." Captain Cholla
said, but Adam interupted "No... shall we say where the fair-haired woman is, heh?" he
rasped and glared at the lined-face with the black-framed goggles.

"Please, it may be more-beneficial to show you, my good-fellow" Cholla said in the same
controlled tone. Boy In A Dress chiped "I agree" and climbed ungainly aboard, the high-heels
making it tough-going.

Jammed in the rear seating and with Adam holding the picnic basket, the two space and
time travellers watched Captain Cholla and First-Mate Gerald bring The Walker to life.
The steam hissed and the two passengers were hidden in a rolling gray cloud, Gerald
muttered "sorry" and with a pull on one of the levers, the iron-horse began it's march.

The hermaphrodite turned to his cramped companion and said "this reminds me of
a trip to the seaside" and allowed himself a whiff of the damp hot air.
Adam looked back at the red-dressed freak with the jewels of water in his black hair
and thought 'Surely this can't be real?' and from a crazy-part of his mind, followed it with
'... And don't call me Shirley'
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posted on Nov, 22 2011 @ 04:01 PM

...............................................~*~ Nice Digs ~*~...........................................................

When Brittle genuflected to her, the rest of the crowd positively prostrated themselves. Dag, now the only one standing (aside from the mule) looked at the shrine window and her brows drew together in concern.

"That isn't me," she said. No one moved. No one was even looking at her. The chamber was silent aside from the occasional fart and nostril-whistle. Dag looked down at the kneeling Brittle, his eyes downcast, and admired his shining hair. Straight as string, glowing like obsidian, it fell around his broad shoulders and nearly touched the floor. She tentatively reached out a hand, pulled it back, looked about again, and then once more reached, this time placing it on his shoulder.

At the very same moment, back at the lake, the Boy in a Dress tried to touch Adam, who refused the gesture. Dag could not know that, of course, but when she touched the beautiful person groveling to her, she wasn't thinking of Adam. A rush of warmth entered her arm and soared up to her shoulder, then to her heart. In a flash of second-sight she saw herself with this person in another time and place, long, long ago. A place not dissimilar to this one, but not underground, either.

Brittle looked up at her then, and she withdrew her hand and sucked in a little gasp of air. "It is me," she said quietly. "I don't understand."

Brittle stood up, and waved his arm toward the people -- the worshippers -- still prone on the marble floor. His eyebrows lifted questioningly as he looked at her. She nodded.

"Y - yes. They may get up," she said. Brittle gave two snaps of his fingers and they rose as one, but the hush remained. He then very slowly reached out for her hand, and she put hers into his. It was large, strong, smooth and warm. She looked into his dark eyes, and there she saw a flood of emotion, just as tears began trickling down his cheeks. Then he turned and walked with her toward a second door.


Adam's heart was in his throat as they rode along. What he really wanted was just to be alone, back in that cave with Dag where they had awakened. Or better, back on the Yydryl in the Swamp where he could sing karaoke to her. He frowned.

The hermaphrodite maintained his composure with complete poise, but the ride was not smooth, and his shoulder repeatedly knocked against Adam's, and his bare thigh pressed along that of Adam as well. Adam looked at him, and saw that he was dozing off. The noise, the motion, and the fresh air were indeed conducive to relaxation.

When the black permo-wig tipped towards him, and the man/girl's head rested on his shoulder, he stiffened and shrugged it off, removing himself from contact with the unique being that, right now, was his only friend.

"Sorry," BIAD mumbled, rousted rudely by Adam's abrupt display of man-repulsion. He resumed watching the scenery as the Walker climbed higher into the hills. And that very sincere apology, coupled with the gentle and unassuming tone in which it was delivered, momentarily assuaged Adam's anger, his anxiety, and his frustration.

"S'okay," he said.

BIAD adjusted a shoulder strap and shifted over slightly so there was no danger of their bodies once again sharing warmth. "Bit cold up here now," he said, and rubbed his hands up and down the opposite arms. Adam saw goose-flesh rise on the scantily-clad man/girl.

"Why do you not wear a jacket?" asked Adam. "Ever?"

BIAD turned toward him and smiled. "I'm a freak, remember?" he said quietly, and then turned once more toward the scenery.

Adam felt himself flush then, and wished once more the entity had eyes into which he could look. From somewhere deep in his mind came a phrase from his childhood: If wishes were horses, beggars would ride. It came in a woman's voice, with a soothing and calm lilt. Right on its tail came another memory, of a man who had smacked him more than once, whose favorite retort to Adam's childish 'wishing' was: Yeah, well, wish in one hand and sh*t in the other and see which one fills up first.

Adam yawned and feigned a stretch, and when he lowered his arm this time he allowed it to rest against BIAD's chilled flesh. "I'm sorry I called you a freak," he said. "I was angry."

"And scared," said the man/girl, matter-of-factly.

"Aye," said Adam. "That, too."

The Walker stopped, and Gerald and Cholla indicated they would need to deboard. They would have simply spoken, but they had reached the waterfall and it was no less deafening than when Dag had passed through it earlier.

Captain Cholla led the way as the unlikely party walked into the chamber hidden by the water-wall. But instead of exiting via the same route as Dag had been taken, they turned into a smaller tunnel and left the water-wall behind them. They were not going to take the strangers into the temple without permission.

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posted on Nov, 23 2011 @ 02:22 PM

~*~ Home sweet Home ~*~

‘But Pa, I didn’t lie!’ The boy named Pip replied squarely. He didn’t whine, he didn’t wheedle. He stated his case as cleanly as his father had asked the question.

‘Then how’d you know Miss Macalister wouldn‘t be showing up again today?’ Gep didn’t sound angry, only frustrated.

‘I told you before. I just...knew.’ Pip responded and hung his head but his shoulders didn't bow.

Silo heard their exchange from inside the little cabin. They’d been ‘doing chores’ all morning - the tension smoldering between the two had finally burst to flames over splitting a pile of kindling close to home.

Sitting up in the feather-bed and leaning closer to the window she listened for the voices she’d grown to know. Two days of keepin’ her eyes closed and her ears open had taught her to judge their moods.

‘It’s alright son. I know there’s some things you can’t explain...just like there’s some things I can’t understand.’ Gep split another log in two with a resounding crack.

‘Pa, can I go see how the lady’s doin’?’ Pip asked with a voice full of hope, their altercation already forgiven and forgotten.

‘Sure ya can. Tote her some fresh water while you‘re at it. And a left-over biscuit or two while I finish with the kindling.’ Silo heard the smile and pride pealing in Gep’s voice. Quickly she settled back under the covers to wait for company.

‘Lady?’ Pip stuck his head in the door before entering the cabin more than a foot. He almost dropped the water bucket when 'the lady' acknowledge him with open eyes and a smile going as far as motioning him closer with a jerk of her chin.

‘Hello Pip.’ Silo croaked. ‘I’d sure love some of that water...’ She smiled again encouraging the boy to the side of the bed.

‘Hello Miss.’ Their gaze met and held his eyes twinkling the deepest blue she’d ever seen bursting with something wild and fey and deep with a longing that would break her heart if she let it.

Silo blinked, and like he'd been signaled Pip tossed back his head like a bloodhound and bayed. 'Paaaaaaa!'

When Gep exploded into the room axe in hand laughter greeted his stunned expression. Pip, realizing too late how he'd scared his father blushed red as a beet and bashful as he'd just been brazen pointed to the girl in the bed.

'She's awake.' He giggled scuffing his boot on the floor.
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posted on Nov, 24 2011 @ 11:02 AM

..............................................~*The HomeTown*~...........................................

The way ahead was lit with staggered gas-lights that glowed deep-orange mantles
and sent four slender shadows from one wall to another, the cacophany from the
waterfall became a vague background noise.

Adam and BIAD stayed a little distance behind their Elfin guides as they made their
way along the sandy-floored tunnel.
"To determine where-and-when we are, I suggest we listen more than ask questions"
the Man/Girl whispered to the younger Adam in front of him, the Doctor glanced back
with a puzzled expression.

"It's been my experience that folk will tell you everything, as long as you don't ask" the
eyless-black haired being said softly and offered a smile to Adam. The creases in Adam's
brow relaxed and he nodded back once "I agree" he muttered and turned to continue down
the warm-dimly-lit passageway.

BIAD felt the cobblestones appear among the gritty sand with his high-heels and guessed
that they were near their goal, the walls of the tunnel were also reflecting a strong
illumination from ahead and sounds of metal-on-metal could be heard too.

"Steady now" Captain Cholla advised from over his shoulder and stepped out into another
It was magnificent.

The cavern -and the two 'outsiders' had no reason to believe that they were not still
underground -seemed at least, half-a-mile high. There were houses that told of another
age, a Victorian-London style -Adam thought and recalling his exploits at the hands of
Death and as his role as Jack The Ripper, Adam felt a familiar feel come over him.
Boy In A Dress loved it.

People wandered across cobble-stoned streets in clothes of a time when a Lady showing
more than a ankle from her dress-hem was seen as a disgrace, BIAD tugged at his dress
and tried to hide his thighs.

Parasols twirled on the shoulders of Elf-women with small ribbon-tied bonnets on their
heads and tiny purses dangled from their forearms and above the elbows, the sleeves
seemed to balloon with split-coloured fabric.

Bustles followed the females, the sewn fabric hung from a framework and accentuated the
ladies rear, the cloth tickled the street surface as they walked.
BIAD's smile widened at the elegance of it all.

The buildings had ornate cornices and gargoyle-looking faces showing and along with the
brownstone walls, the whole scene told of permanence and grandeur.
A high structure of ironwork and dirty-red brick towered over two other buildings that
were covered with more fancy covings and decorative window-frames, a metal crane held
sway over all.
Lattices of iron and steel seemed everywhere and sooty smoke poured from most of the
houses chimneys, the metal was covered in the grime of the strange city.

Horses also seemed to be an important factor in getting from A-to-B here, large Shire horses
leaned forward in their gait -pulling wagons of dark-wooden barrels or the shaggy-fetlocked
beasts passed by drawing small carriages of waving people and whinnied in their attempts to
steer clear of the many piles of 'Horse-apples'

Then there were the contraptions.

Steam seemed to be the major fuel for Captain Cholla and First-Mate Gerald's people,
A vehicle that was a cross between a Western-style Locomotive and Jensen Scram-jet idled
on a strutted track above where Adam and BIAD stood gazing.
The plume of grey mist that the Train coughed from it's funnel rolled and billowed up to
where wrought-iron girders meshed their way towards the darkness of the cavern ceiling.

A Walker passed by and the young driver in the top hat and leather coat waved at Gerald
in his passing, the young Elf showed a huge grin at being recognised.
Adam blew out a sigh and placing his hands on his hips, his eyes sucked in the vista.

Captain Cholla waited a few seconds more before asking "Would you Gentlemen like to
take tea? There's a fine establishment along the way and it's quiet enough to explain and
solve your current problem"

Adam snapped back to the reality of the situation and his usually-soft features hardened.
(Continued below)
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posted on Nov, 24 2011 @ 11:15 AM

"We're here to find Dag... the one that ye... the one that was kidnapped" he growled and
glanced towards the 'metal heavens' at the faint sound.

Capt. Cholla nodded and showed a wise expression, his elbow-length gloves were now
hanging folded from his wide-leather belt around his portly waist and his hand were shown
in a 'I meant no insult' guesture.

"I can assure you good Sir, that no harm has befallen the Lady..." the elderly Elf said "I just
thought you would like to rest for a moment" Boy In A Dress stepped beside the smaller
Adam and nudged him secretly in the ribs.

The sound came again and all of the passengers of Captain Cholla's Walker looked to to
see the machine that rivaled said-device.
The giant Airship loomed into view and as it's balloon-shadow darkened the four gazing
mouth-gaping beings, yet it was Gerald and BIAD that actually waved at the flying monster.
The derigible buzzed slowly on it's course over the rooftops of the buildings and the two
massive rear-propellors blurred with their haste.
Of course, here-and-there, steam hissed and peeped from it's canvas-hide.
"Golly" was all Adam could manage.

"We would be thrilled to agree to your conviviality" the hermaphrodite chirped and then
leaving the gaping Doctor's side for a moment, he whispered forward to Captain Cholla
"may I ask if a change of wear would be more-conducive with the surroundings?"

Gerald placed his grubby hands behind his back and sucked in some air, this was an
embarrassing situation -he thought and wondered how his superior would deal with it.

Captain Cholla smiled nicely and agreed with one nod of his head, "this way Sir" he advised
and the two Elves, Boy In A Dress and Adam stepped across the busy street towards the tall
-thin building that indicated it was a store, due to it's large front window. Displays of top-hatted
manequins in outdoor coats of conservative colours and seated female dummies looked on at
tweed-jacket males -striding along with silver-handled walking canes.
The establishment boasted in a lavish font of 'Arthur Brumley's House Of Tailoring'

"This'll be good" BIAD snickered to his companion and Adam looked away in disbelief.
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posted on Nov, 26 2011 @ 04:40 AM

..............................................~The way Ahead~..............................................

"Well...? what do you think?" Boy In A Dress said and honoured Adam with a twirl.
The top hat, painfully-looking tight black pants and white waistcoat suited the eyeless
being, Adam thought the white gloves, bow-tie and neck collar were a little extreme,
but produced a smile of genuine optimism.

Captain Cholla also smiled and seeking an assisting approval from Gerald with a glance,
he offered "You look dandy, Sir"
Arthur Brumley certainly wasn't dandy.

The Shoppe owner could be seen as visibly-shaken after going behind the floor-touching
curtain with BIAD. He had taken the measurements, requested a shoe-size -which the Man/
Girl declined, and then after the taller black-haired creature had began to slip on the new
clothes over his red dress, Mr. Bromley had happened to turn around during the function.

The balding Elf with the grey moustache and a pair of spectacles that would rival Tibbs'
would later relate his account to the Baker -Lewis Creeke and over a sweet-tasting tea,
he would tell of the view as the hermaphrodite pulled the pants on.

So Arthur merely waited with a shocked expression as newcomer from 'top-side' revealed
his new outfit to the young man with one-piece jumpsuit, the Tailor had eyed that particular
attire more than once.

Captain Cholla assured Mr. Bromley that the bill would be paid and after the grateful 'thank
you' from the odd-looking customer in the dapper-clothes, the four left.

The sight of the busy street still caught BIAD and Adam off-guard as they stepped out of
Brumley's Store, the industrial complexity of the iron-workings was staggering.
"Now..." Adam said politely "...may we go and and meet Dag?" and showed a serious face.
Captain Cholla sighed and nodded to the Doctor "yes we will, however there's a..." Adam
interupted with an angry "I knew it! We're getting the run-a-round" he snapped.

Again, the driver of the Walker held his hands up in defence and once again, Gerald moved
behind the older Elf. "What I mean, is that where she is -certain parties will be offended by
a visit without prior discussions, the Temple is for Elves and the Elders keep a strict code"
Cholla said with a sympathetic tone.

BIAD grinned and tapping his top hat further down on his wig, he hissed "religeon... at every
turn of our trail, religeon is the constant obstacle" and the Man/Girl ignored Tibbs' voice
relating his future-role echoing in his mind.

As a small derigible passed low and chuffed it's way down the noisy street, BIAD stepped
closer to the stout small Elf with the goggles stuck up on his forehead.
"With all respects to your Elders and with reverence to your religeon, if you don't show
me where the young lady -you kidnapped is being held, then I will make your worst
nightmare seem like a day-outing. Now, look at me" he hissed and Captain Cholla gazed
at the long-fringed freak with the bright-red lips.

Two locks of hair reached out and touched Cholla's chin, the feeling was ticklish -and
frightening at the same time.
With a gulp, Captain Cholla nodded that he understood and turned on his booted heel
towards a brown-coated entranceway marked 'To The Tracks' "We'll need to get the train"
he said weakly.

Steam blasted down from the rails above and the 'Temple Cross Express' waited like an
impatient dragon -as Adam, BIAD, Gerald and Captain Cholla made their way to ride it.

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...................................~Who Is Truly The 'Station Master?!~....................................

The monster that grumbled and snorted beyond the platform was huge and complicated,
large pistons lay on it's flanks awaiting to urge the iron wheels along the rod-straight tracks.

Long winding metal-tubing wove a spider's web across it's bulk and dark-grey cylinders stood
erect above the bogie of wheels.
Two capped Elves waited at the small open windows of the Cab and watched the passengers
board their locomotive, an orange glow from the firebox lit the interior behind them.

The carriages were made of a dark wood and the usual lavishness of embroidery festooned
the varnished surfaces, each Rolling-Stock were numbered from one-to-45 above the door.

Captain Cholla spoke to a fair-haired female behind a meshed Ticket Window and acquired
four vouchers, while Adam, Boy In A Dress and Gerald watched the humdrum of Elves loading
boxes and crates via sackbarrows onto the rear window-less wagons.

"Are you Gentlemen going all the way to Temple Cross?" a low voice asked from a large
cloud of escaping steam and a small long-eared Station Master appeared in a dark-blue

BIAD turned on a high-heel and smiled at the self-important being, the Station Master
blubbered "Er, sorry Ma'am" and scanning the Man/Girl's male-attire, he flushed a deep red.
Captain Cholla stepped forward and produced the tickets, the serious-looking being beneath
the hard-peaked hat eyed the group with a look of uncertainty.

"This is really exciting..." Boy In A Dress said and showing his best curves, clapped like a
schoolgirl going to the seaside, the action wasn't lost on the normally-stern Station Master.
"Sir..." BIAD stepped up to the small Elf that now felt uncomforatble at the closeness of this
grinning giant "...may I ask when the connection to Temple Cross was finally finished?"

The Station Master -Darwin Honaker, produced a grin that sent his embarrassment fleeing
back into the steam and related "That's a fine question Miss, and if I recall... the precise
date was officially 24th August 4018" A shrill whistle came from further down the platform
and Mr. Honaker waved vaguely in that direction.

"Temple Cross, Cockington Forge and of course..." The Station Master stopped and produced
a green-clothed flag from a leg-pocket "I'm sorry to pause Ma'am, but your train is about to
leave" he advised and Boy In A Dress glanced at the waiting Adam as he knelt closer to the

"That was extremely interesting and thank you" BIAD said in his best sexy voice. Darwin
Honaker blushed again and responded with "you're welcome" Moving a hand to invite the four
beings to get on board, his composure returned.
Further behind, heads appeared from the carriage windows and gawked to see who would be

As Captain Cholla led the way to the open-doored carriage, the Station Master returned to
his favourite subject, "Yes, it was quite a feat of engineering, considering the Great War had
only ended two years earlier" he said with an easy tone.

Adam smiled to himself as he listened to the information BIAD had teased out of the little Elf
and has he ducked his head to climb into the shadowed area, he thought that he must
congratulate the hermaphrodite later on his skill to acquire the knowledge.

"My..." BIAD cooed and made sure he jutted his butt out a little further as he clambered into
the carriage "... it does seem a very-well executed task" he finished and dropped a quick smile
over his shoulder.

The Station Master sniffed and rocked back on his heels, it had been a while since such a well
-endowed beauty had honoured him with her time. "Yes, I was there when they finished the
end of the line Terminus Station" he proudly announced at the now-seated being.

Station Master Honaker waved his flag towards the rear and then the front of the long train
and pulled a pocket-watch from his waistcoat pocket "Right on time" he said softly.
"Oh my mind is like a collander... Mr. Master..." BIAD said coyly from the open door-window
and treated the elderly Darwin to a cleavage-treat.

"What is the name of the last Station?" BIAD said with a innocent look around his ruby-lips
and thrust his upper-torso towards the gaping Elf.
In a struggling blustered voice, the Station Master gushed " Hobbs End, Ma'am... Hobbs End"
and his saucer-like eyes brought amusement to Adam looking on.

The slight tug from the Locomotive told everyone that the Locomotive journey was underway
and has a large cloud of steam rolled down the platform towards the Elf in the blue garb,
Boy In A Dress asked one more question.

"What lies beyond Hobbs End, Mr. Master?" he said cooly and again, Darwin Honaker's face
drew a dreep-red. "Why Missy, there's nought beyond that point... nothing but desert" he
answered within a chortle and leaned closer to the moving carriage.

"Er, and you can call me Darwin" he said to the passing Man/Girl in his best husky tones and
disappeared in the grey-hot fog.
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~*~ Amnesia ~*~

Dinner was festive. Pip couldn’t believe his luck - peaches in syrup over biscuits twice in one week and tonight washed down with a bottle of birch-beer split between the three.

As for The Lady and his Father? They listened while he rambled on about every little thing a captive audience of two. They hadn’t even protested when he brought his new knife to the table the Lady only mentioning (while picking bits of hair off the blade) the knife was better off used for skinning game than cutting bread. Pip thought a moment, agreed, then accepted the halved biscuit smeared thickly with butter the Lady had prepared for him. She was right.

Acting the glutton he’d eaten until his insides felt like they’d pop. He even confessed it so making the adults laugh. Not long after his eyelids drooped and with little protest he allowed his father to tuck him neatly into his trundle but only after a kiss on the forehead from the ‘Lady’.

Gep, ever mindful of the her privacy had strung a line across the cabin a old horse blanket and tattered comforter hung there to afford her what little privacy the cabin could offer. Fearing she needed rest he’d carried her from table to bed (her injury preventing free movement) much like he’d done for Pip. Soon after the sound of ‘Little Man’s’ snores drifted into the room. She heard them from the bed, Gep from where he lay down on his saddle roll before the fire.

‘You asleep?’ Her voice flickered over him soft as candlelight.

‘No Mam. Are you?’ He asked blushing furiously when the ‘Lady’ giggled.

‘No... What I am is wanting to thank you for saving my life.’ Frustrated trying to communicate through the barrier of blankets Silo swung her legs to the floor making a valiant effort to go to him. Her ankle flamed in agony. There was no use for it.

Gep hearing the corn husks rustle under her watched as five pink and five blue-black and green mottled toes dropped into sight. The firelight flickering across the smooth skin of her upper calves made his face go hotter still. It was as if he was trying to swallow dust.

‘Gep. Help me please. I want to join with you by he fire while Little Man is sleeping.’ She almost wept.

Her words tore a hole through is resolve. He knew he was reading too much into her strange speech but it didn't stop him from rising to his feet. He had the opportunity to touch her again and he’d do it. Drying his palms on the thighs of his buckskin pants he kicked his bedroll to the corner then she was in his arms again - light as a kitten she snuggled there for the so long, so short passage from bed to chair.

‘Is this a good time to talk to you...alone?’ Silo asked closing here eyes against the throbbing in her ankle.

It was Gep’s turn to chuckle. ‘Now’s as good a time as any since the boy’s asleep, but,‘ He cautioned motioning to her still very swollen ankle and leg, ‘we don’t have to talk if you don’t want to.’

‘I’ll be fine if you’ve got a little hot water?’ She implored, the pain creasing the corners of her lavender eyes.

Without another word Gep collected bowl, rags and a dipper of boiling water from the water pot hung over the fire, pulled his chair closer and with her ankle in his hands readily applied hot rags where she hurt. As they cooled he replaced them.

‘Please. Tell me. Where am I Gep?’ She asked haltingly when the worst of the pain had subsided under his gentle ministrations.

‘Telling me who you are would be a better place to start I‘d say.’ Gep countered. Addle-brained as he was with her in his home, her scent everywhere, the very femaleness of her clouding his thinking he’d waited long enough for answers of his own.

Silo closed here eyes and responded honestly with a sob of pain having nothing to do with her ankle cracking her voice. ‘I...don’t know.’

Gep’s fingers didn’t hesitate messaging her ankle. ‘I figured as much. You’ve got a rambling tongue on you when talking to, what is it you call him, ‘Little Man’? But I’ve not heard you mention once your name or where you came from...’ Or how long you plan on staying, he almost added.

‘No, Pip doesn’t seem to mind.’ It wasn’t a reproach but came out like one.

Gep’s hands stilled, her eyes were drawn to his. The firelight casting shadows over his face didn’t dull the flash of something potent and promising in his eyes.

‘I accept you. Olis farm is your home now.’ Gep held up a dripping hand when she tried to interrupt. ‘You’re here because Jenovah put you in our path. That’s enough for me. And I’m thankful for it. You’re ours now. And we’re yours. For as long as you wish.’

‘But Gep. I don’t know...’ She started. The simple directness of his declaration made her heart hurt sweetly. But there was another pain in her chest. The pain of longing. Of knowing there was ‘someone out there’ worried about her and someone, or someone's she missed.

~*~ Amnesia cont. ~*~

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~*~ Amnesia II ~*~

Watching her eyes change from liquid sunset to midnight purple and back again told him all. The girl was afraid.

‘Listen to me. It doesn’t matter, the past, your past, it doesn‘t matter anymore. Understand?’ He spoke quietly, defiantly, daring her to contradict him. She didn’t. And when she didn’t he nodded his head. It was done.

Rising to toss the tepid water out the door he returned with a newly opened bottle of birch-beer handing it to her while replenishing the bowl with scalding water from the pot forever hung over the fire.

‘So what’re me and Little Man going to call you until that memory of yours comes back?’ Having said what was on his heart, having given her his home, his son, his life, he relaxed. The hitch under his breastbone was leaving breath by breath.

‘I don’t know.’ She laughed taking a quick drink then wiping the bottle top with her palm before handing it back.

‘How about a flower. With hair and eyes like yours you need a name like a flower.’ He winked and leaning back into his chair drank off half the bottle in one pull his hand over his washboard belly trying to staunch a belch.

‘A flower?’ Her nose wrinkled under his teasing.

‘Yep. How about Lilly?’ Gep wiggled his eyebrows something that always made his son laugh and now made her laugh too.

’Nawww, you‘re no Lilly.’ He snorted while rubbing her ankle. ‘How about sunflower?’ His eyes rounded and when she shook her head and stifled a giggle he continued. ‘Morning Glory? Violet? Honeysuckle?’ His mind raced for more names as she laughed.

‘Magnolia.’ Pip called from behind the makeshift curtain yawning loudly before going back to sleep.

‘Magnolia?’ The adults chorused together busting out laughing.

‘Why not? How about Maggie for short?’ Gep’s face grew thoughtful. ‘It fits you.’

‘Maggie’ She tried the name on her tongue liking it.

‘Maggie Olis.’ He added his last name, ‘It’s got a nice sound.’ His eyes softened his fingers stoking the instep of her foot .

“Maggie’ blushed reaching for the last of the birch-beer nodding her agreement.

‘You know, I should of guessed it right off. Our Maggie.‘ Gep sighed slapping his thigh. ‘She’s our favorite.’ Letting go of her ankle Gep went rummaging about the cabin before returning his hands filled with strips of flannel to wrap her foot and a book.

‘And this Maggie?’ She asked, irrational jealousy flaring hot, fast, and foolishly.

‘She’s in here.‘ Gep waved the book before her nose. ‘She’s the heroine. Pip reads a chapter aloud most every night.’ He liked that she was jealous and hid the fact by dropping his gaze while wrapping her ankle and calf.
‘Maggie’ - relieved her rival was fictional gave into his touch and softened.

‘What are you smiling about?’ He asked tying off the warm bandage.

‘I like the idea of listening to Little Man read to us.’ Her voice failed a moment fear fleeting across her eyes, clouds covering the sun in a winter sky.

Leaning close Gep took her chin firmly in his fingers and waggled it back and forth. ‘We’re done with fear Miss Maggie. I never go back on my word. Ever.’ He kissed the tip of her nose like he would Pip’s. ‘Now, come on. It’s time you got back to bed and if you can’t sleep? Give me a smile and you’ll coax me into reading to you.‘ When he winked again her heart skipped a beat.

‘Well, it might be nice if I met my namesake now wouldn’t it?’ She smiled a conspirators smile. Raising her arms he took her up from the chair moving her to the bed with practiced ease. She was sorry when he put her down. She likes the smell of him, the feel of him, his breath warming her hair.

‘I’ll sit right here and read, you try to sleep.’ He promised tucking the covers under her chin. She waited for him to retrieve the book and settle in. She liked the feel of the mattress dipping under his weight.

‘Close your eyes, I can’t read with you watching me.‘ He confessed suddenly shy. Shy in return she did as she was told but reached out one hand to twine her fingers within his. The simple warmth in their palms meeting struck her straight to the heart.

‘Miss Maggie.’ He squeezed her hand after clearing his throat, ‘Meet your namesake. She comes to us from our favorite book ‘Serendipity‘ by CindyMars’ He started...

All the joy ‘Maggie’ had allowed herself fled softly into the night.

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………………………................................…………~*~Executive Suite~*~…………………………...................

As Brittle led Dag along the marble-paved passage she looked about herself in wonder, glad he was holding her hand so she could freely look about.
The barrel-vaulted, arched ceiling soared above her, more intricately and precisely carved than any images in her files. Never had she witnessed more perfect masonry, mosaic work of such meticulous brilliance, nor plasterwork or painting as she walked along. Her jaw went slack in amazement as she unselfconsciously examined it, wanting to burn the image indelibly into her memory files.

And of a sudden, her vision changed completely; her perspective shifted from floor level to within inches of the ceiling itself. Her optometric acuity, in a spontaneous blast, erupted into a sophisticiated, multi-infrascope with unlimited zoom, contrast adjustment, and focus, and the three-dimensional aspects of the vault were suddenly apparent to her.

The others living there had never seen what she now witnessed in the ceiling, as it came alive on its own. The representations that to other eyes appeared static, permanently positioned, and exquisitely executed into their positions became animated. She could hear the breathing of the creatures, the gods, the humanoids depicted. A storm scene cracked violently with a flash of lightning, and she watched as waves capped and soared toward a boat that she saw rocking and pitching in the scene above her.

A squeeze to her fingers interrupted her dazzled reconnoiter. She looked at her guide, and Brittle stopped walking and gently turned her, using the pressure of his hand, toward himself. His gaze grabbed hers irresistibly, and she focused deep within his eyes.

There, she saw, through a mist, a lovely place, a paradise of trees heavy with fruits: aromatic peaches surrounded by the buzz-hum of wasps at their nectar; avocadoes ("alligator pears" appeared in the subliminal recognition of that file) hung heavy; mangoes, bananas, even apples. No matter the fact that in other places these items could not grow together. A black walnut tree dropped tennis balls to the ground to mingle among the tropical delights. Even a cocoanut rolled into the panorama.

Her olfactory sensors burst in a delicious recipe of vanilla, cocoanut, strawberries. The tang of cranberries tapped at the insides of her nostrils as well. Woodsmoke, fresh snow, the thick smell of humid salt air, pines on a winter day in a snowy, mountainous terrain, freshly mowed alfalfa, a barn full of succulent hay and the molasses/corn/oat fragrance of sweet feed. The hide of a freshly ridden horse; sweaty but sun-warmed, damp and organic. The scent of a horse's lovely breath, exhaled through its nostrils in exchange for a whiff of her own.

She had shared all of these experiences with this man. ALL of them!

She withdrew her hand ever so gently, and blinked. It was all the question she'd needed to ask. He nodded.

In her head, then, she heard him: "I can speak, I know your language, but I have taken a vow of silence here. We have waited long and patiently for you, my love. The others have no knowledge, cannot tap into this place we are at the moment. Spies are everywhere. Just know that the plan has been set for eons. And now is our turn to act upon the next step. Now, come with me, and I'll show you to your private quarters."

Dag nodded, and Brittle looked over his shoulder to ensure they were alone. He made a quick finger-danced gesture adjacent to a handmaiden's mirror portrayed in the mosaic of the wall, and a panel silently withdrew into a pocket, allowing access to an inner chamber.

Through this passageway they stepped. The pocket door silently closed behind them, and Dag knew that she was home. She turned her face up and smiled at Brittle, who leaned forward and kissed her lips, and it felt as though she had sought him forever. In that instant, she became aware that even though the "plan" was still too vague in her memory, she would never want to leave.

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..........................................................~Temple Cross~..............................................

The steady pulse of the locomotive throbbed softly through the carriages as the
young Elf known as Gerald brought a large pot of tea and a plate of several hot biscuits.
"Here we are... Gentlemen" he said softly as he placed the ornate-tray on the shelf between
Boy In A Dress and Captain Cholla, Adam was stood at the carriage door and looking out
into the blackness of the tunnel.

"As I said..." Captain Cholla continued "... when the Great War was over and the effects
of the 'Ghost-Mist' finally dissipated, the world looked out on the barren lands and began
again" The older-man sighed and glanced up at the Doctor near the door.

The hot tea fogged the window and as Gerald settled himself after filling the small china
cups, he added "not all of us came out of the ground"

The locomotive thundered on through the tunnel and as Adam gazed at the walnut-varnished
ceiling of the carriage, he pondered what the Elf in the outdoor attire had told them.

Earth... and an Earth from the future -Adam reckoned, had gone and blown itself to Hell.
The countries had raced ahead, looked to stifle warfare by amalgamating into Unions and
shared technologies to eradicate poverty, the hopes and dreams of all politicians -Adam
thought sarcastically.

The races that belonged to human folklore -Elves, Gnomes, Fairies and the like, were still
perceived as make-believe stories of children and drunken-old men, but from their hidden
places they had watched the humans change the Earth into an Eden-like paradise.

Forgotten and left behind, tales of supernatural residents could only be recalled by the
older generation... Space Rockets, all-day illumination and the race to acquire wealth
-became the norm and the wonders that feather a young-at-heart's mind, were frowned

The Elf-race went deep and wondered what would become of their planet, they had taken
some of the early technologies of the Humans and sought to etch out an existence in the
bowels of the Earth, but they knew their discovery was iminent.
Then a man called Jack Carpenter had stepped onto the political stage and brought the
planet to it's knees.

Captain Cholla sipped his brew and looked at the grinning being sitting in front of him from
over the cup-rim. BIAD had asked if they would see passing-countryside and Cholla -who's
Father had actually seen the twelve mushroom-clouds flowering in the sky to the West, had
explained why the train travelled underground and the reasons that had brought it about.

Yet the Man/Girl had never asked for that particular information and Captain Cholla smiled at
the guile of this strange eyeless chap in the top hat.
Boy In A Dress turned and handed Adam his cup of tea "So, our friend is being kept in a church
of your belief?" he asked Captain Cholla -without looking at him and again, the Walker-driver
smiled at the sword-play of words.

"The Temple is a place of peace, it holds our hearts and hopes of our race. After the Great
War and the land above became poisoned, the Temple was a haven where we could come
together and enjoy our existence" Gerald had nodded throughout Captain Cholla's
explanation and Adam saw a peaceful setting on the younger man's face.

"But the land we saw was fine...?" the hermaphrodite quipped "it seemed a veritable
paradise" he offered and Cholla raised his eyebrows and nodded in agreement.
"True... true, some of the planet recovered, some of the energy of Gia came back, but
there are places where monsters roam and the wind touches nothing alive" Captain
Cholla countered, his tone indicated this was the obvious reason.

"Gia...?" Adam asked without interest, the word was ancient -he thought and couldn't quite
place it's meaning.
The Elf in the canvas coat and large black belt sat back onto the embroidered cushioned
seating and sighed cynically " You people have never believed in her" he said -looking out
into the blackness of the tunnel.

Adam eyed the swirling tea in his cup and waited for the explanation from the Elf, he was
beginning to grasp BIAD's way of handling things.
But it was Gerald who told the story.

"Gia is the spiritual Earth, she resides within the world and keeps it's residents safe and
sound..." he said in a hopeful tone. "... she is the light of the way" he finished and glanced
at his senior to see if he'd overstepped his station.

Captain Cholla nodded to the window in agreement with Gerald and added his own view
on the Goddess Of The Earth.
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(Continued from above)

"There's a prophecy of the Elfin Race, it has been around since the ones above... did what
they did" Cholla said sullenly, he showed a dead-pan gaze at the two Outsiders.
"It was said that Gia would return to those who had kept the faith and kept the ways of
peace alight, Gia would come home and heal the land" every word was wrapped in
seriousness from the Elf facing BIAD.

"The one you know as 'Dag'... the Lady in the silver robe, the Temple see her as our
saviour.... she IS Gia" Captain Cholla stated and dared them to counter the belief with
stone-stern face.

"But she's being held there against her will" the Doctor snapped and emptied his cup
in one go, the sweet liquid had cooled quickly in the artificially-conditioned atmosphere.

A row of orange lamps became alive along the ceiling of the carriage and glowed three-times
before becoming dull "we're nearing Temple Cross" Cholla announced.
The sound of hustle and bustle from the rear of the room told them that other passengers
were readying themselves to disembark, Gerald and Cholla also stood up.

"She isn't being held anywhere... she was invited" the Captain said and stared at Adam,
"... there's a destiny that awaits all of us" he added and stretched his back.

The outside suddenly became alive with twinkling lights and a small-brass grill between
the row of ceiling-lamps announced with a dis-interested tone "Temple Cross... Temple Cross.
Please prepare to leave at the left of the carriage"

The Locomotive lurched once and came to a steam-pluming stop, the Temple Cross Station
seemed a wonderous place. Blue, red and many other hues flashed and twinkled across the
platform as the four passengers gazed out of the narrow door-window.

"It seems we've intruded on a celebration?" Boy In A Dress whispered huskily into the
young Elf's ear in front of him, Gerald turned his head with a genuine happy smile.

"You've been out of the world too long..." he said amiably "... we're almost upon the Winter
Solstice... the time to give homage to Gia and rebirth"

Adam glanced at BIAD and raised his eyebrows "Oh good... Christmas" he said without mirth.

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...................................~The Elite Rescue Squad~.......................................

The Yydryl realised that the planet below had been scorched by nuclear warfare in it's
past and although some of the more-Eastern areas of the land mass she had recently
scanned, seemed to escape the initial blast, the more-arid Western land still held large
pockets of radiation-soaked soil.

Her usual crew were down there somewhere, but all the intensive scanning showed
no signs of them and the Ship wondered if Silo and the others had got themselves into
more trouble.

Ship was pondering how to retreive the lavender-haired Silo13 when Squibs trundled
into the dimly-lit Control Room, his friend -Skinny arrived moments later.
"Is there a problem?" Ship asked as the battered -trash bin-like Squibs nudged into the
Navigation console, she noted that Drake should be informed to take a look at the
damaged Droid.

"We beg forgiveness Ship, but fellow-droid Skinny wishes to put a suggestion to you"
Squibs bleated in his own over-reverent way. The Yydryl wondered what new dilemma
had occurred in the Refuse Hold.

"We have a plan to rescue Silo and the others from the planet below..." announced
Skinny. Ship noticed that the newly-constructed Droid's manner was stronger now than
his usual 'follow-Squibs' behaviour, his voice-signature was slightly different too.

"... Squibs and myself will go to the surface and locate Silo and the others" he said evenly.
Ship remained quite and felt a pang of gratitude to the small battered robots that waited
in the control Room, then Chumley stepped in and stood behind the Maintenance Droids.

"Skinny right... Chumley, Squibs and Skinny can go-get her back" the Regalian said and
raised his eye-stalks for emphasis.
Ship had used all the different scan-systems available and apart from a vague indication of
some artificial-geothermal activity in the mountainous area in the East, radiation seemed
to cloud any other information.

"If this suggestion is utilised, then constant communication to The Yydryl must be adhered
to at all times" Ship ordered and Squibs' cracked and scuffed alarm light began to rotate in
his joy. Chumley sucked in a deep breath and stood to attention, Skinny looked on without

For many seconds, nothing was said -however, Ship used the time to activate her newly
-built creation in Bay VII. Then Squibs turned poorly and barely missing the Air-Supply
Monitor, he wheeled out of the Control Room.

"Bay VII... your carriage awaits" Ship announced and the big green Chumley followed the
slender Droid called Skinny out into the corridor.

The Tumbler in Bay VII ran it's diagnostics and found it was ready for the rescue.
"Let's Rock-and-Roll" it grumbled into the headphones laying in the Pilot-seat.

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.........................................................~*~Dangerous Beauty~*~.......................................

Inside the suite, alone with Brittle, Dag's heart was pounding so hard she could hear it; the blood in her ears throbbed; her lips were on fire. She withdrew a few inches from the man, her internal warning signals prompting some distance. What am I doing?! she thought, and looked away from Brittle.

She felt his hand under her chin, gently urging her to lift her face again. She shook her head 'no' and reached her own hand up to remove his.

"Who are you?" she asked. "You say you can speak, you know my language, well, then…speak. Now."

Brittle stepped back a few more inches. His brows drew together. "Look at me," he said.

"No," said Dag. "Speak. Tell me where I am, why, what it is you want, and not in that order. First of all tell me who you are."

"My name is unimportant," he said. "And in truth I do not know it. My mother secretly said it after I was born, in the manner of the Travellers; to ensure that no evil spirits or malevolent beings could curse me. You may call me what you like."

"What do your…friends…call you?" asked Dag. She did not add her next thought: If you have any. "And why should I trust you?"

"My friends? I have no friends. I have followers. Disciples, acolytes, sycophants, spies, guards. I trust very few of them."

"I may call you whatever I like," she repeated. She was looking at his mouth as he spoke. Brittle nodded. "Is this some kind of test?" she asked then. "If I get it wrong you kill me? If I get it right you imprison me? Look, I do have friends – a regular posse! – and they will be looking for me. I know people, and you do NOT want to pi--- Irritate them. And if you harm me, I assure you they will retaliate, and it won't be 'in kind.' "

"Why would I harm you, love?" said Brittle. His voice was smooth, low, enchanting.

"Why are you calling me 'love'?" she asked, still avoiding his eyes. His mouth was so perfect!

"I just showed you," he said, and spread his hands in front of his face, framing his eyes.

"I know what I saw. I know what you were … transmitting. And I know it seemed familiar, but it does not fit into the life I have now."

"It was not the life you have now," said Brittle, and looked at the floor forlornly. "It was another place, another time."

"What place? What time?" asked Dag, looking about her. She spied a pile of cushions near one mosaic wall depicting the Celtic queen Boudicca and went to sit down. Cross-legged, her elbows on her knees, she looked up toward the right, allowing her eyelids to clamp shut in a petulent gesture of distance, and raised her eyebrows. He was certainly fatally handsome, there was no question, and she felt the urge to gaze on him again. But Dag was a strong woman; no one's fool. Then, in an act of sheer will, she summoned the image of Adam in her mind's eye. He, too, was handsome. He was also open and approachable.

This man was not, and Dag knew she was vulnerable.

Adam had cared for her. He had told her he would never hurt her. This man claimed he meant her no harm, but he had seen to it she was snatched from her friends and brought to this place, without asking her permssion.

She considered these things, and knew she must not allow him to look into her eyes again like he had…. His eyes! That was it…he had the same sort of penetrating gaze that Adam had. Adam could see people wishes, their desires, their motives. And this man now standing looking down at her had looked into her eyes and showed her a paradise; what appeared to be a past; what seemed a montage of memories in which he was present.

The room was silent as she thought these things; and she reflected on how brief a time she had known Adam. They had experienced some things together, but those accumulated could not compare to this lifetime of joy that Brittle had "reminded" her of.

Brittle's reticence -- or patience in waiting out the silence? -- paid off. She realized he had not answered her, and looked up.

Mistake! His eyes caught hers again, and he squatted on his heels in front of her, placing a hand on her knee. This time the electricity surged up her thigh to her groin, flowing like lava into her loins, and she felt a spasm deep within that surpassed anything she had experienced or even imagined.

"I need you," he whispered. "My people need you."

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............................................~Temple Cross Craziness~................................

Temple Cross was a 'Hippy-Town' -or so Boy In A Dress thought, the Man/Girl had lived
through the 1960's and though most of his memories were of images on the TV in the
DugWay Proving Ground's Canteen, this place surely belonged in that era.

The Locomotive snorted and seemed to champ-at-the-bit to be moving on as Captain
Cholla, Gerald, Boy In A Dress and Adam stepped onto the Temple Cross platform, the
throng of passengers and folk just generally hanging around the Station made it hectic
and noisy.

Multi-coloured paper lanterns hung along the lattice of ironwork above, the glow of
reds, greens and oranges reminded the Man/Girl of a 'Love-In' BIAD was once invited to.
The steam from the Locomotive swam around the legs of the hurrying patrons of Temple
Cross Station.

"Cantar be with you" a bald-headed Elf said with a sappy grin and clinked two small bells
in front of Adam and BIAD, Adam frowned but managed a "and you" to the strange being
in the orange robes and BIAD merely showed his familar grin.

The Tannoy called the train's next destination and asked for those travelling -to board now.
The bustle of small beings and luggage sweeping past -left BIAD and Adam feeling like
islands in a rain-gushed river.

"This way...this way" Cholla called from a 'Elf-free' area near two glass-panelled kiosks and
as Adam closed on the beckoning Captain and the younger Gerald, he said to BIAD from the
side of his mouth "what are those things?" and pointed to the tall-thin cubicles.

Boy In A Dress remembered them from his visit to Washington D.C in June 1972 and with a
distant smile answered "that's where you make a Telephone call from"
Adam offered a confused face to his companion and BIAD added "where you can talk to
someone who's faraway"

The Doctor feigned a 'Oh' and continued to push his way through the crowd of smaller folk.
Then the large fake-wood bound speakers that hung from metal crossbeams above the
hustling passengers began to play music to lighten the mood.

Temple Cross Station Easy-Listenin'

Adam looked at BIAD and BAID looked at Adam... in unison they remarked "this is crazy!"
and urged their haste to the Telephone kiosks and the sign saying 'Exit'
Captain Cholla and Gerald didn't move has the Doctor and the hermaphrodite reached them,
the rapture in their eyes told BIAD that this sort of 'Crowd-control' was a regular occurrence
and the way Gerald slapped his buckskin-covered thigh also indicated they were enjoying it.

"Come on... come on" growled Adam to the head-swaying Captain and seeing that the harsh
tone had done-the-trick, he grabbed the Elf's coat-sleeve and pulled him towards the tiled-lined
exit tunnel.

A few racing stragglers passed by on their way to the Locomotive and hardly glanced at the
two taller beings making their way out, BIAD wondered if humans were common-place down
here. Straightening his bow-tie, the Man/Girl put the question to the younger of their

"Do humans ever use the train-system?" he said casually and slowed to read a corner-torn
poster on the off-white wall. Captain Cholla was still being hurried along by Adam and the
two were slightly ahead, so Gerald answered the top-hat wearing Man/Girl.

"There is a few... but they tend to stay near the Temple" the young smooth-faced Elf
said meekly and offered a small smile at the eyeless creature scrutinising the ragged notice.
The colours had faded and the artistry left a lot to be desired, but that was definitely Elvis

"These humans... do they live here?" BIAD asked -but kept his face towards the peeling
poster, the answer from Gerald may help or hinder their search for Dag.
The Tannoy clicked the music off and a cloud of rolling steam attempted to escape along
the Exit Tunnel, Boy In A Dress breathed in deep and turned his body to face the lip-nibbling

"Well?" BIAD said with a silky tone, he'll have to go gently with this one -he thought and
placed a long red-nailed hand on the narrow shoulder of Gerald.
With a bobbing Adam's apple, Gerald stuttered "The humans are the..." but the words were
drowned out by the deafening noise from the Locomotive's engine invading the tunnel.

Boy In A Dress nodded as if he had heard the answer and with the same painted-nail hand,
invited Gerald to move along the exit way.
Pursing his lips in annoyance, BIAD followed the Elf towards the brightly-lit end of the
tunnel and the sign that told them that 'Temple Market' lay ahead.
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~*~ Time for a Change ~*~

Gep’s eyes popped open before the rifle shots calling from the distance faded. Holding his breath he counted. One. Two. Then the inevitable doom proclaiming three that meant trouble. The direction of the alarm? The Macalister Spread.

Out of his bedroll and into his buckskins Gep's shuffling around by firelight brought Pip, fully clothed, from behind the partition strung across the room. Gep didn’t ask. He didn’t want to know if his son heard the shots or ‘just knew’ danger called.

‘Can I go Pa?’ He whispered shaking with adventure. Pulling on his boots Gep raised his eyebrow in the direction of where Maggie slept on.

Pip nodded once his lip’s stretching thin in perfect replica of Gep’s own ‘a man’s gotta do’ expression nearly causing his Father to laugh aloud.

‘You taking the rifle or the gun?’ Pip asked all business now. Father watched as Son grew-up right before his eyes feeling a nasty tug pull at his heart while at once a worried load fell from his shoulders. He knew he could trust the boy to watch Maggie, himself and the farm while he was gone.

‘I’ll take the rifle in case I scare up some game and leave you the six-shooter.’ He replied in all sincerity then ruffled the boys hay colored hair when the ‘grown up’ Pip nearly squealed in delight. They’d practiced every rainy day that Spring fitting the boy to the revolver and soon learned to enjoy the long afternoons blasting kindling wood, old tins and nuts off the back fence.

A second round of shot’s splitting midnight sobered the moment. It didn’t take Pip’s book learning to know one and two would equal three. Little Man pulled on his coat and slipped out the door. Gep knew Red would be saddled and ready to go before he was. Gathering his satchel and ammo Gep remembered only yesterday he’d had to remind Pip to wear his coat.

‘Gep?’ Maggie called softly.

Ducking behind the curtain he smiled and bent over her to push the sleep tousled hair out of her eyes. He didn’t sit.

‘Sorry we woke you Maggie but there’s trouble at the Macalister's. I gotta go.’ He let his fingers rest against her cheek telling himself he was checking for fever. She opened her mouth to ask how long he’d be gone but stopped herself reading the look of anguish rising in his eyes.

‘Maggie. I gotta give you something before I go...before Pip gets back.’ Dropping to his knees Gep felt around under the mattress retrieving a small but heavy bundle to lay in her lap. ‘You were wearing it when I found you.’ Maggie didn’t unwrap whatever was tied in the strange cloth. She didn’t want to.

‘Look, Maggie, don’t worry, we’ll straighten this all out when I get back, and until then?’ He tried to reassure her but her gaze held fast to their entwined fingers resting on the quilt. ‘Until then Little Man knows how to use the revolver and you‘ve enough food wood and water to last for a few days or so...’

‘A few days?’ Her eyes shot to his in alarm before melting into a look imploring him not to go. To stay. With them. With her.

‘Maggie, there’s no way of telling how long I‘ll be gone but I promise it wont be a moment longer than it has to be.’ Reluctantly untangling his fingers from hers Gep rose to leave before the look in her eyes changed his mind. Frustrated he let the curtain fall between them without looking back. That he’d even considered staying, not responding to a call for help from a neighbor had thrown him harder than the first time he’d sat the colt who’d promptly sent him airborne. His voice was gruff when he told her goodbye. He didn’t wait for an answer before shouldering his provisions and closing the cabin door firmly behind him.

He was right. Outside Pip had Red tacked up his bedroll, slicker and rifle tied securely to the saddle. A lit lantern hanging from a porch hook spilled soft light over the boy stoking the blaze of the horse munching away at a handful of parched corn lipped from Pip’s open palm. Gep would chide him later for hand feeding the colt, for now the grain would give the young horse the heat and energy it would need for the fast ride ahead.

‘Maggie‘s awake. You should get inside. I told her you‘d be taking care of her from now on.’ Gep stepped directly from porch to stirrup mounting the horse, taking the reigns. He missed the look of anguish in the boys eyes.

‘I love you Son.’ Gep said easily before doing something that was not. He thrust out his hand offering it to the boy-man he saw reflected in the lamplight. He’ll grow as tall as me, Gep saw, and his wheat colored hair would ripen with age. He’ll be handsome too Gep thought wryly filled with male pride returning his sons firm grip.

Neither Gep nor Pip heard the door open but they did hear when Maggie sucked in her breath against the cold and the pain in her foot. Limping slowly forward Maggie reached out her own hand the lamplight burnishing her hair almost copper, the horse’s flank a richer mahogany, Gep’s eyes a molten brown. His heart nearly burst. She hadn’t let him leave without a proper goodbye.

Sidling Red closer to the high stooped porch Gep leaned from the saddle and gave her what her eyes begged from him, what he longed for himself. One hand cupped behind her neck he pulled her face close and kissed her. Maggie's arms wrapped around him deepening the embrace oblivious to everything but the pain of his leaving and sweetness of finding him in the same moment. The nervous colt prancing in place broke the kiss that would have gone on for a long long time...

Righting himself and settling the colt Gep relieved his riffle from its scabbard pointing high over the tree line. One shot. The colt trembled and snorted plumes of vapor rising from his nose, but he stood solid. Racking back the lever Gep fired a second time followed by a third. The Macalister’s needed to know help was on the way.

Sheathing the long-arm Gep took a last look at the son he loved beside the one he was in-love with trying to burn the picture of them deep into his heart. Maggie’s arm draped reassuringly around Pip’s shoulders, Pip’s one arm securely wrapped around her slim waist, the other holding the lantern high. The little cabin with its thin stream of smoke ribboning up to the stars.

With one last wink Gep tipped his hat, spun Red in a circle and with Toby barking at their heals galloped off down the trail.

Maybe it was enough to breath - Just breath a little - And not look forward to when you went away... But no - There is no more time to explain. Just to ask if I gave you love. Maybe it's too late? Maybe not.

(Rough translation lyrics from above song by, the phenomena, owner of our heats and undisputed Queen of Italian Pop - our beloved, Laura Pausini).
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....................................~*~The Eye of the Beholder~*~...................................

Dag's gaze was held as if by a magnetic impulse emitted from Brittle's eyes. She felt herself going immobile again. No. No! she thought. And fortunately, her body had already adjusted its manipulation scanners and activated an override to what had assaulted her last time. With supreme effort and assisted by these autonomic reactors, she broke the gaze again.

"Stop it," she said. "You'll not be paralyzing me again, any more than you will ever ever attach that foul gagblinder to my face. I don't know what sort of females you have known before, and I don’t know what you expect me to do to help you and your people. And your whispering and alluring gaze will not change that. If you actually "need" me, then you had best answer my questions." She crossed her arms in front of her and moved her knee away from his hand. He did not respond, and after a moment she added, "I already have a job, thank you very much. I was not in the market for a new one. And it is up to me whether or not I will help you. Understood?"

To her surprise, Brittle nodded and a frown of repentance crossed his face as his eyebrows wriggled closer to one another. Although she was not wearing one, she looked at her left wrist as if she had a watch, and tapped her toe impatiently as she blew a puff of air to get her bangs out of her eyes. Then she looked back at Brittle. She had not noticed his attire before; her senses had been overwhelmed by the temple's awesome artistry. Now, though, she examined it.

He wore a garment of the softest kid, which fitted him like a tunic. On his legs were boots that stretched all the way up his thigh and disappeared beneath the tunic. Around his waist was wrapped a silken scarf that she could tell was hand-dyed, in brilliant colors reminiscent of spectacular sunsets, budding trees, giant petunias and cowslips and double begonias. A splash of deep lilac reminded her of the spring morning, just after the sun had cleared the treetops, when she had gone to check on the clutch of goose eggs and try once more to gain the goose's trust. Her regular visits had calmed the bird's nerves, and Dag was by then allowed to sit within a few inches of the nest without the bird hissing and showing its barbed tongue at her.

She had wanted to steal one of the eggs, to have a goose of her own, but watching the hen meticulously cleaning the nest, tucking in down and plucking out bugs, then turning the eggs and settling back on them day after day, Dag had decided it was not the right thing to do. She had then left the streamside nest and walked about the lovely park, and watched a majestic heron poking about nearby. He took to flight, and the sun struck his plumage in such a way as to make it iridescent. Beyond the bird was a crabapple tree in full fuschia and pink blossom, and as the mighty wings spread they spanned the entire silhouette of the tree. Dag had been enchanted by the vision, and had stored it in her mind's eye, knowing she could never reproduce those colors or the light using paints or pencils.

Her thoughts returned to the goose's nest. She had gone back a few days later. The goose was gone, and there were smashed eggs and shells in the vicinity. Dag's heart had felt heavy, and now that sorrowful warmth she knew as grief returned to her. Utterly wrapped up in her thoughts, she remembered Adam's sudden disappearance, and her feeling that she would die without him.

Adam trusted her. And she trusted him. This whisperer had all the charisma and charm of a classical Greek god, but that did not make him a friendly one. Adam would find her. He would keep her safe.

Or would he?

(click now for soundtrack)

Brittle watched as Dag ran her graceful fingers through her choppy pale hair, and saw the fleeting expression of uncertainty. It was his chance; and so he began to speak.

"I come from Avalon," he said. "I was known as Lancelot, and I was half-brother to the Lady of the Lake. My veins run thick with the blood of the most revered High Priestess that place ever knew. Avalon has been lost in the mists now, and no one living knows the way back there, except for one person. And in my scry bowl I saw an image of you. An image of the last known daughter of that illustrious family line. You carry the genes of the most powerful and feared sorceresses in a long line, going back to before time began. You are the one, Dag. You are the one, Gia. Darling.

"You alone can bring Avalon back, to unlock its inhabitants from their frozen respite in that most perfect of places, where they have remained, unreachable for thousands of years, and show us the way through the mists once again." He paused. "If only you will."

Dag considered this for a moment, and indeed, shreds of collective memory were being sparked to light by his story. Had she once known the way?? Her instincts told her yes. But it was not as simple as that. "Are the oarsmen still in Avalon? Do they heed the summons still?" she asked, referring to those steady men who silently rowed the black-draped barge from deep within the mists; the barge that came only when called by the most talented and wise of priestesses.

Brittle shook his head no, and a tear slid down one of his cheeks.

Dag watched this display, then looked around the exquisite chamber again, and sighed.
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