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The Voyages of the Penelope and the Yydryl

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posted on Nov, 12 2011 @ 05:34 PM
Chumley dashed back out of the door to the Armory and turned toward where the trans-pod was (with any luck) still stopped. But he heard then, a song...coming from the Recovery Bay suite faintly...

It drew him toward the Rec Bay...
and got louder as he approached...
he entered, and saw Dag crumpled on the floor, shivering with grief. Beside her was the Harry he had previously loaded with arms and ammo.

Chumley looked at the chamber where Adam had been receiving treatment...
Adam was gone.

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posted on Nov, 12 2011 @ 05:59 PM
Adam awoke to a stroke of lightning and resounding thunder. His eyes wide, his heart racing, he clenched his fists to test his strength. Yes, he was solid, fine, and back to himself.

A few moments of deep-breathing allowed him to relax enough to gather his wits.

In the distance, he saw the glow of fire, and then he heard the boom of canon...and sat upright. He was back on Carbiox.

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posted on Nov, 13 2011 @ 07:27 AM

As the cannon smoke rolled towards the extravagantly-painted Foyer ceiling, Nenothtu
took his hands from his ears and standing up, he looked over at Boy In A Dress.
"Better than a key, huh?" he said at the Man/Girl that focused on cleaning dust from his
'little-red-number' and unholstered the pistol.

BIAD grinned widely and answered "I would have knocked" and followed his friend through
the battered space where the Throne Room doors used to be, the dust cloud was settling.

Tibbs gave out a small grunt of exertion as he rose from behind the pile of Light Flayer
bodies, the satchel was still with Jepp the Bogel and the Vithian was grateful that the humble
being was taking care of the heavy bag.

Neno's gun began to speak at once -as Tibbs shuffled across the stone-strewn tiled floor
to accompany his comrades and screams of pain followed the gunshots.
The Six-Pound Field Gun still gave off tendrils of smoke as the small Time-traveller climbed
over the remains of the doors and he wondered how the two killers had managed to drag it
from the parapet outside.

The two Guards that had manned the weapon were now laying crumpled and broken at the
foot of the Tower, Neno had thrown one of them over and BIAD had followed his friend's
example. "They're enjoying this too much" Tibbs muttered to himself as he peered into the
Throne Room.
It certainly wasn't a fair fight.

The cannon had certainly helped, eight or nine Flayers had been torn to pieces by the single
shot and a couple more were slumped against the wall nursing injuries. Nenothtu was
shooting from the hip and also lashing at the Guards with the Caliburn, his face and clothes
were covered in blue-Flayer blood.

Boy In A Dress wasn't faring as well, his hair was whipping out at the surrounding Guards,
but their Burn-Bars were finding their mark and causing him to flinch and squirm.

The sight of the Ophi Buzzards standing behind the sitting Dark Lord caught Tibbs' breath
and glancing at BIAD struggling with the Flayer's attention, he wished he had kept one of
Mucklebones' 'Leaf-Bombs' to toss at the surrounding attackers.

"YOU!" The Dark Lord boomed and the tyrant's rubbery tendrils vibrated about his mouth
at the shout, he kicked aside the slumped body of a recently-killed Guard and stepped down
from the throne. The V-Commander called Callan followed him closely.
Tibbs held his nerve and readied himself for the fight, though small and old, he would stand
with his friends -he thought.

Neno decapitated a Flayer and the head bounced in front of Tibbs, with a surprising reflex,
the Vithian swung a robe-tangled foot back and punted it towards the oncoming Dark Lord.
The two Ophi Men-At-Arms remained behind the throne and watched the Vandal and the
red-dressed creature fighting, Poll's black predatory eyes scanned the U-man's ability and
reckoned that he could take him, Graham set his wings firmly against his back and knew he
would have to take on the sword-swinging invader before Poll stepped in.

"The U-man is mine" Graham squawked and 'clacked' his clawed feet on the stone steps
before the throne, Poll breathed in deeply and snapped his beak once.

BIAD struggled on and found that using a Flayer as a shield-cum-cudgel, he could ward off
the stinging Burn-Bars more effectively, ignoring the cauterized scars, he swung the body
in a wide arc.

Nenothtu felt taloned hands on his shoulder and drove an elbow back with force, the whoosh
of air told him that he'd found it's mark and moving to one side and shooting the gasping
Flayer, he cautioned himself to check his back in the future.
That's when the facing Guards stepped back to reveal the waiting Ophi Buzzard.

Tibbs dodged The Dark Lord's first grab at him and kicked out at the taller being's shin, the
sight of the hooting blow-hole -also told Tibbs that he'd found his mark and decided to take
his battle in a more less-crowded area... he ran back into the Foyer.
The V-Commander ignored his host's moaning and rubbing of his shin and followed the
Vithian into other room.

Callan eyed the tall blonde-haired Y'Lrang that waited with a growling dog, the small bearded
man in the dark-brown robes stood beside them with a cruel grin "My turn" Tibbs said softly
and folded his arms.
(Continued Below)

posted on Nov, 13 2011 @ 07:28 AM

~*~ Finding Deson ~*~

‘You wanna try the flame thrower?’ Ernie asked as another zombie approached in it’s slow methodical way lumbering closer and closer across the plain.

‘Nope, I prefer the big gun.’ To prove her point Silo aimed from the hip, pulled the trigger and watched the zombies head exploded leaving showers of gore dotting the clover like a bunch of bright red flowers. Before the echo faded she’d reloaded and gone back to plodding deeper into the Center.

‘How’d that make you feel?’ Ernie wondered aloud. They’d come to a lull in their conversation and Ernie didn’t like it so much. It was his opinion when a female got too quiet it spelled trouble.

‘Killing that thing?‘ Silo shot her chin in the direction of the corpse. ‘It made me feel good before I pulled the trigger...But after?’ Silo pulled a face and shrugged.

‘Yeah, that makes two of us.’ Ernie didnt’ need to see her to understand. Ya had to do what the Almighty gave you to do but it shouldn’t ever get to be fun. Even if it was only killin’ dead things he thought and let the subject drop.

‘So you going to tell me yer history with Neno or are ya goinna go back to swallowin’ it all up?’ Ernie called over his shoulder. He paced himself one step ahead of the girl just in case there was something more in this great big wilderness other than un-deads.

Silo didn’t answer only stopped and looked at the back of his grizzled head wondering if she dared.

She did.

‘Ok. I’ll tell you.’ She stared right into his wall-eye when he turned. ’I think The Neno’s my son.’

~*~ cont. ~*~

posted on Nov, 13 2011 @ 07:29 AM

~*~ Finding Deson cont. ~*~

‘Neno? Yer boy?’

It gave Silo a moments deep satisfaction seeing Ernie go more wall-eyed than ever standing with his mouth hanging open. But the next moment? In the next moment when his teeth popped out and fell at her feet? When she swung her ’big gun’ up aiming for the empty black hole of his mouth? When before she could shoot she found herself sailing through the air only to land flat on her back? Hard? Right about the time all the wind was knocked out of her so went her satisfaction.

Hand on his hips looking mighty proud Ernie leaned over and picked up his teeth. ‘Awww nowb I bidn’t brow you bat bard yurb a girl abter allb.’ Ernie chuckled unintelligible wiping off his dentures on his shirt and with most of the grit and green wiped away cupped his teeth back in. Smiling he extended his hand to help her up but pulled it back again as quick as he’d offered it. The mean look in her eye told him she’d bite.

‘Would you repeat that - so I can understand this time?’ She snarled staying where she fell pulling her knife.

‘I said you can stop acting like yer winded. I know a girl when I sees one and I threw you like a girl.’ Taking his chances Ernie plunked down beside her letting the flame thrower rest on the ground easing the weight off his sore shoulder. Tossing girls and carrying flame throwers wasn’t as easy as it used to be.

‘If that was throwin’ me like a girl I’d like to see you throw something like a Regalian.’ Silo grumbled.

‘You knows what I meant so don’t be gettin’ all snippy. And put your sticker away or I’ll shoot ya.’ Picking a tender blade a grass he popped the fat end into his mouth and began to chew making the tip dance around in the air.

‘You’re not a zombie then? Those things in your mouth are...replicas?’ Silo sheathed her knife and felt a flush of embarrassment begin low on her chest begin creeping towards her hairline leaving behind a hot red stain.

‘You mean my dentures?’ His eyebrows shot up. ‘Arrrrggggghh!’ Lunging closer Ernie made a growly sound popping his teeth half out of his mouth. Startled Silo fell back on her elbows with a scream. Teeth firmly in place Ernie slapped his thigh and began to laugh. ‘I used ter do that to Neno when he was just pup. Ya should a heard him holler the first few times. Good thing the lad was still in diapers.’ Laugher echoed across the valley in deep rolling waves.

Mad at her own foolishness Silo jumped up and stalked off in the direction of the ruins. She’d seen the tip of a crumbled tower while sailing through the air courtesy a Ernie.

‘Dad-nab-it I just new it! She’s a gonna pout.‘ Ernie barked after her. ‘You never learned it’s the natural order a things? Female’s gettin‘ their pride bustid up now and agin by the superior sex?’ Ernie spit out the grass lurching to his feet laughing fit to be tied. ’An look at the bright side missy! I was downright im-pressed you was gonna shoot me like that thinkin’ I was a zombie and all. And yer fast!’ He added helpfully but if Silo heard him she didn’t show it.

Hurrying to narrow the distance between them Ernie couldn’t help himself, he knew a whopper in the making when he had one. He already itched to tell Neno.

‘Ya know girly, it’s a mighty good thing I knows them ninjy moves now aint it.’ He hollered. ’Saved you having to bury me and explain how ya shot me all cause I dropped my choppers.’ When she didn’t answer Ernie’s laughter grew to outright hilarity. Tears leaked down the corners of his craggy face thinkin’ how he’d explain to the Almighty he was waiting his turn at the Pearly Gates ‘cause some girl shot him stone dead over his false teeth.

The more Ernie thought about it the harder he laughed. The harder he tried to stop laughing the worse it got. ‘An what a picture you made a flyin’ through the air like that!‘ This time Silo did turn around. The look she shot Ernie made him suck in his breath. The fire snapping behind her eyes put his flamethrower pure to shame. When she gave him her back for the second time his breath exploded in one loud whoop of delight. Silo stomped away even faster than before.

Settling into trot in her wake Ernie stifled another outburst figuring he’d best let her nurse her vanity in peace. If he pushed too hard she’d break into a run and he’d never catch her. Plus, if what she said was true? That she was Neno’s Ma? Ernie didn’t need to be told the boy wouldn’t take too kindly to her gettin’ kilt or zombie-fied cause he was bustin’ it up at her expense.

‘You don’t know what a ninjy is do yer missy?’ He called after her retreating back.

Silo didn’t answer.

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posted on Nov, 13 2011 @ 09:17 AM
Silo stomped furiously, wanting nothing but to increase the distance between the wall-eyed, crass jokester and herself.

"I should've kept my big mouth SHUT!" she muttered. "But, nooooo…I just couldn't keep quiet about it. And now he and I, Jeez. I'm losing it. I'm really losing it." The grass was getting thicker, the sod long having reverted to an un-manicured patch of native species. Once the lawn of the grand estate that now stood in ruins, she could nearly feel the auras of all that had taken place there so long ago.

Children running, chasing rabbits and butterflies during the afternoons, and while they were napping later, a doe venturing out with her twin fawns to gambol and play…a bent old groundskeeper lovingly tending to the flowergardens while the dew sparkled off of spider's webs woven overnight between the plant stems…litters of fox kittens emerging from beneath evergreen shrubs to chase mice…

THWUMP, suddenly she was face down on the ground. Her first impulse was to jump back up and swivel and knock Ernie's bloody "dentures" from his face herself, and stomp them to bits. At least then he wouldn't be able to speak intelligibly, but when she tried, she found she was hampered. A grey claw had hold of her right ankle.

She suppressed a scream and lifted the gun, angry with herself for forgetting the dire conditions of their quest.
She cocked the action, and her finger was a hair's-breadth from the trigger when the barrel suddenly lurched out of her grasp. She drew in her breath in a silent death-keen and closed her eyes. The blast from the gun hit her ears first –

"Got it," said Ernie. He walked over to where the body of the zombie was hidden in the grass and nudged it with his toe. He looked back at Silo and was relieved to see she had re-engaged in their mutual dilemma.

She was prying the claw off of her ankle and he saw her hand shaking with excess adrenaline.

He sucked at a gap between his gum and his denture plate. "So, yer a'ight, then?"
She nodded. He grabbed her elbow to help her up but she yanked it away. "Ah," he said. "Not quite all a'ight, but it's a beginnin' I spose."

As Silo stood up, still shaking, still angry, still recovering her dignity and poise, she didn't notice that her knife pouch was being rifled through by another slender grey hand. She glared at Ernie, but held is gaze. "Thanks," she said. "Let's go." Something pulled at her garments and gear, but she tugged everything free, and stood up.

Mucklebones watched them go until she could no longer hear their footfalls, and then she stood up. "Stupid zombie," she shook her head. "They'll do anything you ask if they think brains are for dessert."

She looked at the still-dripping remains of the zombie and stepped over it with a cringe. "Rather gruesome place, this," she muttered. Again she wished she had at least her bone-pouch, but where-ever her things were, they were of no use to her at the moment. And now she didn't know where the Tome was either!!

"Carp! I thought I'd have it, and then all I'd need is the Flute, Your Darkness, but without the Tome...oh dear, oh dear. Well, I'll just have to go find it, it has to be here somewhere! But then I'll see to it we're on our way back. All of us," she looked around her, boggled by the enormity of this ship called the Yydryl. The Yydryl just then shuddered, and her mouth made an O. Suddenly she felt very tiny, indeed, and vulnerable. She HAD to find that Flute, and that Tome!! Once she got back to Tibbs and Carbiox, and found Neno, they could just possibly...but she had to find those crucial tools first....

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posted on Nov, 13 2011 @ 09:19 AM

(Continued from Above)

Graham flexed his claws and prepared to destroy the U-man before him, he had heard that
this hard-eyed being with the killing-hand was supposed to be some sort of saviour, the Ophi
Buzzard had scoffed at the remark.

"You are doomed Outremer, pray to your God -if you have one" the Dark-feathered Graham
said and stepped forward. Nenothtu placed the pistol slowly back in it's holster and placed
the Caliburn on the floor before him, "this is gonna be good" he answered and drove a fist
towards the yellow beak of the Ophi.

Graham ducked with a speed that wasn't lost on Neno and rewarded the Vandal for his
miss by driving his right-hand claws into his midriff, Neno grunted and steeled himself from
doubling over.

The Ophi went left and swiped the wickedly-sharp hooks at Neno's face, with similar speed,
the GunMan recoiled from the passing danger. "Come on... COME ON!" Neno growled and
pushed a swinging arm away to deliver a straight-fingered punch to Graham's ruffed-throat
area. Graham gulped and shook his head, the U-man fights dirty -he thought and lashed a foot
out at the menace before him.

Neno saw the move and swiping the taloned-foot to one side, he delivered a booted-kick
to where he presumed Ophis kept their 'Crowned-Jewels' He wasn't disappointed.
Graham felt the sudden urge to vomit and with another urge to not be embarrassed in front
of Poll, he lunged at the GunMan with a high shriek.

Nenothtu twisted his body away from the thrashing claws and reaching out, he grapped the
feathered-crest on Graham's head and yanked violently down, the Ophi lost his balance and
stumbled to keep upright.
A lop-sided grin... tainted with cold eyes, showed that Neno was in the killing-zone and
quickly pulling Graham's head up, he brought his other arm into play and broke the black
-eyed Birdman's neck in one swift movement.

Poll looked on in horror as the U-man dropped the Ophi's relaxing body and picked up the
Claymore again... "yer' wanna go fur the title too" Neno rasped and tossed his hat towards
BIAD without thinking. The wide-brimmed headwear flew saucer-like across the room, but
Neno's eyes never left the second-Ophi behind the throne.

Poll bolted and made for a door at the rear of the Throne Room, he'd have made it too -if
Neno hadn't blew his head apart with the pistol. The tall man had heard the beep as he drew
the gun and guessed the upgrade had brought another type of bullet into play.
It had... and a headless Ophi twitching on the floor -was the result, Neno smiled tiger-like
and faced the remaining Light Warriors.

Nenothtu checked in on Boy In A Dress and found him panting with his hands on his knees,
the Flayers that had surrounded the hermaphrodite were all gone, one-by-one the Man/Girl
had taken them. Neno eyed the bruises and scars on BIAD's bare arms and legs, but he was
still on his feet -Neno thought admiringly.

The half-circle of Guards that stood around the GunMan now looked to their Dark Lord for
answers and the Cephlapod-headed leader now entered the fray.
"You will cede now and I will spare your Ship and crew" The Dark Lord shouted as he neared
Nenothtu "... I am taking control of The Yydryl -as I speak" he snapped and pushed one of his
Flayers to one side.

The Vandal glanced at the 'frozen' Guards and then back to the one he knew as 'Squid-Head'
"Before I kneel at your feet -Fella, can yer' tell me who the 'double-crosser' is that did yer'
dirty work?" he said and let The Caliburn blade lower, he seemed like he was going to do as
ordered -The Dark Lord thought.

Pulling his gold-braided robe straight and smoothing a hand over his bulbous head, The Dark
Lord stood directly facing the so-called saviour of the Culs.
"The Crone is my missionary... she is the one who cheated you from your goal" he whined
and 'flubbered' his blow-hole as he scrutinised this so-called 'Cold-Killer'

"Eat it..." Nenothtu hissed between his teeth "... eat it all, fella" and twisted the handle of
the smooth-bladed sword. The Dark Lord's oily-eyes widened as his entrails flopped and
writhed from the gaping hole in his stomach.

The Vandal stepped back and allowed the once-Dictator of many galaxies to drop forward
and kneel in front of him. The writhing tentacles around his shock-opened mouth seemed
to reach out to the tall GunMan and checking that no Flayer would intercede, Neno lifted
the huge Claymore into the air.

Boy In A Dress stepped up behind his friend and showing a red-nailed finger, he pointed
at the wide-eyed group of Flayer-clones and indicated that they show leave.

They needed no more explanation and stumbling over each other, they fled The Throne
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posted on Nov, 13 2011 @ 09:47 AM

(STILL Continued from Above!)

Y'Lrang and Tibbs moved aside at the broken entrance as the clones ran to the hills and
wiping the last of Callan's feathers from his blood-flecked hands, Y'Lrang hunkered down
next to his sister and watched the man with the sword.

"Ah guess I'm supposed te' say something heroic at this point..." Nenothtu said to nobody
and eyed the trickling blood on the upturned sword "but ah'll let others fill in the gap" he

Without any emotion on his face, the Vandal-that-had-lost-everything swung the sword
and sent The Dark Lord's blubbering head across the room in a spray of blue-blood.
"Nuff said" Neno muttered and dropping the blade, he walked up the steps to where the
throne waited.

Cigar smoke rolled around his sweat-soaked hair as he sat looking down at Boy In A Dress,
the room and company waited for Nenothtu's next move.
"Well... I'm not being your Queen" BIAD said with pouted lips and went to retrieve his
friend's hat, Neno stifled a laugh at his friend's false-feminine antics and peered over to
where Y'Lrang, Tibbs and W'lren waited.

"Don't panic -pal, I ain't takin' the crown, ah just wanted somewhere to rest ma' bones" the
gore- covered U-man said easily, leaning back into the seat, he sighed at the feel of
cushioned silk.
Y'Lrang smiled and nodded at the strange-talking slayer, he glanced left and right as he
entered the Throne Room, "I understand your Kingdom lies elsewhere" he said and stepped
over the headless body of The Dark Lord.

Tibbs shuffled over to the burn-marked machine near the 'Rip' doorway and tried some of
the switches and toggles. The Quazi-Caller ticked and whirred at his touch and the Vithian
looked behind the contraption and saw two cables that lay like black snakes there.
If he had followed them, he would find the other ends lying near the seated Nenothtu.

"Am I too late for the show?" Adam said and genuine smiles of happiness showed all-round
from the group in the Throne Room, even Nenothtu beamed at the revitalised Doctor.

"There is one thing that you must finish..." Adam announced as he neared the throne,
"... that Rip must be turned back on" he said seriously and Tibbs snapped his head towards
the Yydryl crewman.

"I think that would be extraordinarily dangerous" the Vithian said with a tone of sarcasm
and closed the space between Adam and himself, "Why would you do that?" Tibbs said
-looking up at the taller man.

"The Splitter told me... he said it must be opened -to be closed forever" Adam said softly
and peered at the Vandal for assistance.
"It's no good lookin' to me, the gizmo is beyond ma' understanding" Neno said from around
his cigar and raised his eyebrows in mock surprise. Tibbs tutted and went back to the Quazi
-Caller and began his tinkering again, Adam just stood in the centre of the room and waited.

A few seconds went by before he tried again.
"All I know is that Nenothtu is supposed to do something that will seal the tear forever...
The Splitter told me" he reiterated and turned to seek interest from Boy In A Dress.

BIAD smiled and attempted a half-curtsy, but his wounds made him falter and breathe a hiss
through his clentched teeth. "Sorry Sir, but I am at a loss wi..." the Man/Girl stopped his
apology as he spotted the grey Moth watching from Graham's prone body.

"I see you Boy" the Moth said and clambered across the head-feathers of the dead Ophi.
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posted on Nov, 13 2011 @ 09:49 AM

(Nearly Done!!)

BIAD ignored everyone in the room and neared the waiting insect, pulling down his hem,
he hunkered down in front of the Moth.

"A device that will seal the void is on it's way here... the Neo must hurl it into the active
doorway..." the Moth related to the open-mouthed Boy In A Dress "... The Crone did not
did not give you and your friends up" the insect said and flicked it's dusty antenna as it spoke.

BIAD nodded and stood up to speak, the puzzled looks from his friends didn't deter him.
"Er... the Moth here says we should wait until something arrives and Neno...?" BIAD glanced
down to the small creature and saw it nod "... Neno should place it into that" a red-nailed
finger pointed towards the warped Rip doorway.

"Okay" said Neno and shook his head at the craziness, standing up and tossing the cigar
stub at the slumped body of The Dark Lord, he made his way to the outer room.
BIAD trotted after him and the tapping of his high-heels in the tiled floor of the Foyer
stopped Neno and made him turn around.

"Look... we've done the job and we've saved the Universe... it's Miller-time, okay?" the
lop-sided grin showed to indicate his mood was still an aimable one.
Boy In A Dress nodded and offered "the Moth also said Mucklebones didn't do the 'Traitor'
on us" The room was quiet as Nenothtu chewed over the information.
"So, the Witch is innocent, but it don't change anythin'... it's over BIAD" he said kindly
and turned to the parapet doors.

Boy In A Dress watched him go and placed his hands on hips "Men!" he humphed and went
back into the Throne Room.

The Vandal looked out on the surrounding countryside and noticed the long lines of Cul
families below, like ants -they teamed about enjoying their freedom. The sky was turning
blood-red with the oncoming evening and a contented feel came over Neno and a small
sigh escaped his lips.

Would his planet be back in it's proper place...? Would his son be waiting for him back
on the Penelope? Was it really over? the clear eyes of the GunMan soaked in the moment
as he mused on his thoughts.

It was the sight of the huge craft slowly pushing through the dark-blueness of the high
atmosphere that caused Neno's wonderings to dissipate, The Yydryl had arrived.
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posted on Nov, 13 2011 @ 10:25 AM
Sslar had been enjoying a leg-stretch when Chumley and Squibs had been removing the nav chip, but when she got back to the Sprint, she knew something was wrong. A faint beeping reached her sensitive ears and she loped the last twenty yards to the shuttle, which stood otherwise completely silent and dark on the tarmac.

Then she heard the shuffling galumph of Chumley approaching behind her. Chumley was out of breath as he reached the Sprint's hatch. He placed a tentacle on each knee and leaned over, huffing and inhaling deeply. "Why I not take dat Harry?" he wondered aloud. "Dat stoopid."

Sslar yawned, her fangs glinting with reflection of all the polished machinery in the huge bay. She sat onto her massive haunches and wrapped her tail around her front paws. When Chumley looked up at her, she twitched an ear and licked her left lip. It curled up where the whiskers caught beneath her tongue-barbs.

"Sslar," Chumley gasped. "How fast you run?" Sslar's eyes narrowed in response. "Can you –(gasp)—get up to—(gasp)—Recovery Bay? Dag, she need help. I got some, well, dis special assignment, a secret Ship-assignment, but Dag, she need somebody to help her." Sslar blinked, waiting for more information. "She got da loaded Harry, and she too upset to drive. You go calm her down, mebbe?"

Sslar's ears swiveled to indicate she was listening.

"Adam, he gone," said Chumley. Sslar was on her feet instantly and looked to her green compatriot for directions. Chumley pointed a tentacle at the double doors. "Dat way. Up to level two, den go right."

And Sslar leapt away with a low growl.
Dag hadn't even heard Chumley enter. Her mind was reeling with flashes of pictures - -Adam and she lying beneath the Yydryl's sheets, her tears landing on his eyelids, his helium-voice – and she wept. Nothing mattered anymore. He was gone. She laid back onto the floor of the Rec Bay, not even caring that there remained bits of Bransom, and Zombies here and there.

But she did not completely give in to the grief and despair. A voice, from far away, yet inside her ears, reached her faintly. "I love you," she heard. "I've always loved you. We aren't done, Dag, don't give up."

She took a deep breath and looked at the ceiling high above her. Yes. She would find him. She would find the Splitter, and if the Splitter did not reunite her with her love she would annihilate the little turd herself. Without Adam, she didn't care if the sodding "Rip" was repaired or not.

"I won't let go," she said. "I won't let go, Adam." She got to her feet, singing softly. "Near, far, wherever you are, I believe that the heart does...go on...." She straightened her clothing, and ran her slender fingers through her hair. "No time to go all girly," she said to herself and climbed into the Harry. "Now, where's Chumley?" she paused, her brows serpentine as she tossed about memories of what was going on. "Oh, right. The double doors."

She tripped the controls to on, and turned the Harry toward the doors. They opened before she moved again. There was Sslar, her tail twitching. Sslar purred and nodded, Dag nodded back, and Sslar sprinted back down the hall toward the transport-pod which would take them to The Center. Just as she leapt past the Armory Dag called out "Sslar!"

The feline skidded to a stop and turned back to her, tail-twitching more fervently than before. "Just, let me check here..." the doors opened, and inside she saw Chumley fiddling with the control panel. His tentacles whipped around so fast she could barely see them, super-eyes or no, and as he finished she smiled. He whirled around muttering, "Now, Chum, get dat other Harry. Drat! Dag got the good one wid all da good stuff."

"This one, friend?" asked Dag. Chumley looked up and grinned. "Climb in, we don't need two, and we have work to do," she said. "I'll drive, so you can reach your, uh, flame-throwers." Chumley nodded and as he climbed aboard he shouted into the Armory's interior:

"Now, Squibs!! Hear this!! Security Chief Chumley here! You get dose big guns loaded on the double, like I say before! I not want to do-over your mess-ups anymore!! Not even ONE MORE! You got DAT?"

Squibs, who was busy locking and loading the Yydryl's most expensive and troubleshooting ammo heard him, but continued to work, though his top light blipped in a resentful flash of indignation. "Brother," he shouted. "Whatever, Chumley, far be it from me to disobey orders. After all, I am only a droid, Master," he said facetiously to himself and shoved another zing-bomb into the Yydryl's auxiliary rear cannon.

As Dag and Chumley departed in the stocked Harry, with Sslar on point, the Yydryl shuddered once more. Lights came on, engine sounds resumed their hushed whirring, and Ship said clearly, "Okay, everyone. We're LIVE."

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The huge ship slowed it's velocity and the vibrations of it's thrusters rattled
crockery in the old King's Dining Room, the Cul villagers ran from the massive
overhead silhouette and the Tower seemed to cower beneath the hovering Yydryl.
Tibbs stood beside Nenothtu and Boy In A Dress on the balcony and watched the
darkness of the Ship's shadow creep across the land.

"Well, it's over..." said Tibbs lightly and smiled to himself at the accomplishment,
this-time-next-year he'd be back on Trethra and introducing Mucklebones to his
family and friends.

BIAD sighed and adjusted his shoulder strap, the burns and cuts from the ordeal
had magically healed and now the Man/Girl only needed a bath to bring him back
to his former state.

For him, the future waited with a promise of being the Devil and ruling a planet,
the hermaphrodite hoped it was a long way off.

Nenothtu placed his retrieved-hat back on his head and turned to enter the Foyer,
he wished to visit the sick King before they left Carbiox. The tall GunMan glanced
at the remains of the Throne Room and saw Adam looking back.

"You won the war -my man, you saved the day" the Doctor beamed and stuck out his hand
to congratulate the Vandal. Neno shook the hand and whispered "it ain't over until ah' close
that thing -fur good" he nodded at the strange door with wires sticking out of it's frame.

Adam breathed in deeply and looked over at the group coming slowly up the stairway,
Y'Quorra and Y'Lrang were helping an old man make his entrance.
The emaciated King hid his skinny body under a ermine-lined cloak as he shuffled onto the
Foyer floor, Y'Lrang held his Father around the waist and offered the U-man a smile as the
came close.

"His Majesty wishes to thank you" Y'Lrang said softly and looked down at the whispy white-
haired King, Y'Quorra had stopped at the foot of the stairs and greeted a young girl with
familiar eyes.

Ancient eyes scanned the hard features of Nenothtu and even though the King was wracked
with sickness, the dry lips spoke with confidence and wisdom.
"My Kingdom is grateful to you and your friends..." the cracked voice said "... we owe you
our lives and my people will never forget what you did here today" The different coloured
eyes of the Cul-King burned with admiration for the tall stranger before him.

The girl who had been standing with Y'Quorra, now walked to beside the King and Neno
suddenly realised it was Y'Lrang's sister -Y'Wren.
"We all owe you" came the velvet-soft voice of the King's daughter and leaning close,
to Neno, she kissed his stubbly cheek.

Tibbs and BIAD grinned at their friend's embarrassment from the balcony doorway and
anyone looking that way, would see a small craft called The Sprint pass by -behind them.

Y'Lrang moved his Father back towards the stairs and Neno assumed they would take him
back to the sick-bed. As they turned, Neno asked his question.

"What happened to the Zombies...? I've seen none since the forest" Neno said to the
retreating Culs, Y'Lrang looked back over his shoulder and hissed "he sent them through
that cursed doorway" a muscular hand pointed towards the Throne Room.
The Vandal nodded and pulled a cigar from his shirt pocket, the familiar smell of tobacco
swam in the air.

"ADAM!" Dag screamed and brushing past Y'Lrang, The King and his daughter, the lithe
girl raced into the Doctor's arms, kisses were traded wildly by the couple and hands reached

"Get a room -guys" Silo said and stepped out of the stairway shadows, Neno broke a smile
at her sight and enjoyed the hug she greeted him with.
Chumley loomed out of the shadows too and the scruffy stranger with him brought a wide
-eyed look from the tall Vandal. Ernie studied the folk waiting on the stairs and then gazed
around the Foyer at the people there.

When his eyes alighted on Nenothtu, both awkward-orbs grew wide as the tall man's
that stood staring at him.
"Ben...?" Nenothtu whispered, "Freddy?" Ernie croaked and smiles broke the puzzled
expressions, the two men closed the space between them and shook hands with vigour.

Boy In A Dress and Tibbs looked on with bewilderment and stepped in to join the merry

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~*~ First Grave ~*~

Silo turned from the merry making her heart filled with pride for Neno and BIAD, for all of them, but the sight of Y’lrand and Quorra hand in hand was too much for her. It was as it should be she told herself walking briskly back to the Sprint dashing the last tear she’d shed for the Cul from her cheek before climbing aboard.

‘You coming or going Chumley?’ Silo popped into the pilots seat waiting for the Regalian to make up his mind. A look of deep longing throbbed dully behind his eyes. He didn’t feel want to celebrate. Silo followed his eyes as he looked quickly away when Quorra smiled up at Y’lrang. Silo felt a moments pity for her friend. He’d kept his ‘crush’ for Quorra hidden well, even from her.

‘I going.’ Chumley sighed with resolve shutting the side door to the Sprint. Neither he or Silo looked back as the scene closed behind them. It was as it should be the Regalian thought in a rare moment of insight before stuffing his frame into the copilot seat

‘Where we going.’ Chumley asked as they rose through the air returning to the Center.

‘Once we get home? The Center. I’m sorry Chumley but...we found Deson.’ Silo’s voice choked on her words, the pain still a fresh wound.

‘He be...dead?’ Chumley asked sotto voice.

‘Yeah. Ernie and I found his bones at the ruins. I left them there but we should bury them.’ Breaking free from the planet’s atmosphere Silo turned the controls to Chumley and rose to stand by his shoulder looking down on her great green friend.

‘You ok big guy?’ Silo whispered watching the tower disappear far below.

‘I sorry ‘bout Deson.’ If Chumley’s lower lip stuck out any farther he wouldn’t be able to see the controls.

‘No, I mean about...back there.’ Silo leaned her head against his shoulder.

Chumley waited a moment then answered. ‘No ‘back der’ no more.’ Her friends simplicity was profound.

‘You’re right Chumley, no ‘back der’ no more.’ Kissing the side of his cheek she smiled.

‘You taste like pie!’ She giggled the resilient youth that she was.

‘Pie?’ Chumley’s brows knit. He didn’t know this ‘pie‘.

‘Yeah I had it once at the Mars cabin. You remember the Mars cabin.’ Silo laughed and slid back in front of her controls, it was already time to dock the Sprint and send it back on ‘auto pilot’ for the others.

‘Yeah I ‘member da Cabin, what you dink I born tomorrow.’

‘Yesterday Chumley, that’s yesterday.’ Silo pushed the throttle forward - hard. Chumley’s tentacles tightened on his arm rest.

‘Now’s a good time we have that talk about your little show a speed last time we came through here.’ Silo grinned reminding Chumley of the fright he’d given her on their last return to the docking bay together.

‘Yeah, but I’s dones it before!’ Chumley’s voice rose an octave the Sprint lurching ahead even faster the sides of the narrow tunnel blurring with the speed.

‘So...what...’ Silo whooped with joy throwing the throttle wide open.

‘Silllloooooooooooooo!’ Chumley howled in fear.

Silo only laughed.

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"Yer' know, son... you broke Silo's heart today..." Nenothtu said in a low voice to the
back of the Cul Prince, the tidying-up was underway and the noise from the servant's
chores had brought Y'Lrang and the tall GunMan out onto the balcony.

Sslar rubbed her furry head against Nenothtu's thigh and brought a ear-tickling hand
from the U-man that had fostered her, the large Green Xang Cat purred like a Jeffer
-motor and squinted her contentment.

The broad-shouldered youth sighed and watched the twinkling lights on the huge
craft above them, The Yydryl had taken to a higher orbit, but Ship could still be seen
in the night sky.

"I know, and I rue my actions" Y'Lrang whispered and turned to face Neno, the Vandal
had changed his clothes and had his wounds wrapped, but the same hat hid his eyes
under it's rim.

Tibbs had gathered everyone and after consulting his handset, he announced that
Nenothtu would launch the Glass Flute into the small Rip at Carbiox's midnight.
The mili- being known as Carpet had arrived and handed over the instrument to the
GunMan, Tibbs had asked about Mucklebones, but the stoic Carpet would only tell him
that she was still on The Yydryl.

Tibbs had become quiet since then and tended to stay near the Quazi-Caller, turning dials
and tinkering with it's innards. The clean-up operation went on around him and occasionally,
Boy In A Dress would ask the Vithian if he was okay, Tibbs had kept his robed-back to the
Man/Girl and merely nodded.

Ernie had spent the best part of an hour with Neno and the two battle-scarred U-man's
had enjoyed several cigars during their conversations. BIAD had felt it prudent to let
the men enjoy each other's company and continued to remove the Flayer bodies from
the Throne Room with the Cul-servants.

Dag and Adam...? they turned up about the same time that Ernie and Neno broke-up their
pow-wow and Y'Quorra and the hermaphrodite swapped knowing smiles as the Doctor
and the young girl on his arm gave off rosy glows, although their eyes seemed to show
troubled expressions.
The evening moved on and the work did too.
Back on the balcony, Neno watched Y'Lrang and Y'Lrang watched the Yydryl, the night sky
watched all.

"Thank you" the small dark-grey being whispered from the far-side of the bedroom as Adam
and Dag lay in the long bed and talked in quiet voices. The sight of the Splitter sitting on a
wooden chest with a small chiffon scarf around his neck -made Dag squeak with surprise and
Adam reach for the bedside lantern.

Pulling the bedsheets about herself, Dag reached for the one-piece Pilot suit and headed for
the small closet across the room, Adam spared at a glance at Dag's fleeing bare-ass and then
focused on the silver-eyed Splitter with his feet dangling over the chest's lid.

"Please... do not be afraid..." The Splitter said "... you were there for me when I needed your
spirit" The purple scarf that hung from the liitle being's shoulders seemed out-of-place, but
the regular caressing of the smooth-cloth indicated that The Splitter had taken a fondness to
"So you came here and invaded our privacy?" Adam shouted and grabbed an over-sized
shirt that the Cul's had donated. "I apologise, I waited until you and Dag... er, finished
before I made my entrance, I just wished to say thank you..." The Splitter repeated and slid
from his roost "... I also need to tell you that all is not what it seems" he said with ominous
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The old Time-Traveller with the greying beard looked down into the back of The Quazi-Caller
and sighed. The power was on and the two mastron-beams still pulsed their Charm-Quarks
back and forth, Tibbs lifted his small spectacles and rubbed his eyes, but the damn-thing
still wasn't reacting properly.

The Vithian pondered the basic principles of time and space as the Cul servants and helpers
moved around him preparing The Throne Room for a celebration, but they seemed a million
miles away.

1. If an event occurs in one Time-Line, all other Time-Lines react to cater for that event in
different ways. No two Time-Lines are ever the same.

2. A tear in the fabric of Space/Time must be repaired at once, or possible Gluon-particles
can pass from one dimension to another a cause a 'forced-change' reaction. Probabilty and
Outcome are the only permissible forces.

3. Any violation of the Space/Time fabric will alter the reality of where the violation exists
and subsequently, that reality and Time-Line are no longer true.
Probabilty and Outcome are no longer the only forces and therefore, other Time-Lines could
be corrupted and any Gluons that exist in that reality will no longer have negative intrinsic

4. All colour states of Gluons must remain as (rbar[b]+bbar[r])/sqrt[2] Failure to retain this
equation -will cause errors in biquaternions and alter the Space-Time Continuum with
irreversible effects.

Tibbs had learned those rules many, many centuries ago and now sitting with his hands
dangling betwen his knees, he knew they had been broken.
If Earth hasn't been destroyed, if Nenothtu's son and the ship known as The Penelope are still
out there and if all the other reasons they had set out on this trail -had come to pass, there was
no way of knowing if a Time-Line existed that held these objectives.

The damaged doorway that stood to the right of Tibbs seemed to look like a mocking, laughing
mouth and the Vithian showed his contempt for Caspak's stupid experiment.

Sighing again, he watched Boy In A Dress play Hide-and-Seek with the child -called Petron and
wondered how he was going to tell his friends.
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Silo and Chumley set the Sprint's controls for auto-return and clambered down onto the tarmac. Silo stopped one of the docking bay droids and said, "The aelerons are slightly iced; while you're seeing to that, please refuel, and refresh the bedding."

"Overnight journey prep, Mam?"

"Uh, no. Just…" she waved the droid away. "Just refresh the bedding, please." With that, she and Chumley walked away. Silo felt a tentacle snake into the bend of her elbow, and she pressed her green friend's phalange closer to her side.


When the Sprint returned, only Adam and Dag were waiting for it. The others had stayed at the Tower beyond the couple's threshold for frustration. They had stayed long enough for appropriate congratulations, introductions, and a debriefing justifying the destruction and carnage (which was truly gnarly despite the fact that bits of downy fluff from the gaggle of bird-carcasses floated round them all like celebratory confetti. This, of course, gave BIAD an occupation while he waited for everyone to sufficiently chat up everyone else, and allowed Dag and Adam to slip out entirely unnoticed.)

The Splitter had left them in the room where they had consummated their mutual yearning and after properly redressing one another they had returned to the Throne Room to find everything under control.

"C'mon, let's go," Adam said to Dag in a low voice. He grabbed her hand and pulled her toward the stairway.

Once down the Tower stairs and outdoors, they ran, Dag skipping here and there, and Adam at intervals whooping, "yyyYES!" releasing her hand to punctuate the outburst with a loud clap and a fist thrown skyward. While they waited for the Sprint Dag described for Adam what had taken place aboard the Yydryl while he was incapacitated. There was, of course, enough to keep her mouth occupied for hours, and while she talked Adam admired her storytelling. Her use of gestures and her facial expressions, her ability to mimic the voices of the others and to mime their movements was universe-class, and exceptionally entertaining.

In future eons they would reminisce sentimentally about the excitement that accompanied their early romance, and Adam would listen without interruption. But now that was not an option. When she got to the next "Okay, so—", and was about to begin the fourth chapter (later titled Into the Center in true-adventure books), he touched two fingers to her lavender lips.

"Stop, love, please," I can't concentrate on what you're saying. He grabbed her into a crushing embrace, pressing his lips to hers, his elbow clamping her chest to his six-pack, his hand at the nape of her neck, under her lovely hair.
Once more overcome with passion and dissociated from their surroundings, they continued their mauling of one another until the brilliant glare of the Sprint's landing beam finally got their attention. The hatch opened and they grinned at each other, and hand in hand they climbed aboard.

"Aw, what a gem she is, that Silo13," said Adam when he saw the luxurious bedding that had been installed, replacing the utility set that normally made up the shuttle's cot. He pulled Dag down onto the bed with him, and as the Sprint rose once more into Carbiox's dusky sky, they were unaware that they were being watched.

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The Splitter had sneaked aboard unnoticed and now watched, bored and silent, distractedly fascinated by the act (which he had politely 'missed' back in the Tower) and fingering his scarf, but when he heard Adam in the midst of a healthy display of physicality say, "Oh! Darling!" the Splitter had to laugh out loud.

This, of course, managed to interruptus the coitus, and even extracted a little shriek from Dag. Adam was less than pleased. "What now???" He growled. "So much for waiting until we were 'finished', you little voyeur."

"Oh, now, calm down, Adam," said the Splitter calmly. "We have some business to discuss. Right, Darling?"

Adam sat up, unashamed of his nudity. "Listen here, you wormy little….little…where do you get off calling my lover 'Darling'?!"

Dag touched his arm. "He's telling the truth, Adam. I hadn't got to that part yet, but he took me to a place that – well, he says my name was 'Darling,' a long time ago. And then he asked me to--"

Adam's brow lowered over his eyes, glaring at her with suspicion and jealousy lamps ablaze.

"And, sadly," said the Splitter, "she has forgotten what I requested of her."

Dag's hand flew to her mouth, and her cheeks flushed as she looked at the floor, embarrassed.

"To WHAT!?" Adam's voice bounced off of the walls of the close space.

"To tell Neno that…" mumbled Dag. "Oh, no. I did, I completely forgot. Is it too late?"

She looked at the Splitter, her eyes as wide as his, fearful not of his punishment so much as that she had neglected to do her part in healing the "Rip."

The Splitter held her gaze for a moment before speaking. "To be honest, Dag," he paused for emphasis, "I'm not sure I can count on you, but there is something that still needs to be done. To make things right."

Dag perked up. "I swear, I'll do it, just, please give me another chance. I just got so excited to see Adam, and…"

The Splitter held up his hand. "No harm done. I took care of it. But, I will need you to get the Yydryl to coordinates DIRECTLY above the Tower, at precisely midnight."

"Or what? The Sprint will turn into a pumpkin? We'll all be dressed in rags being attended to by mice?" growled Adam. He just didn't like the little feller, no matter what they'd been through together.

Dag ignored his snide comment, and squeezed his hand. "Of course, I can do that," she said (not at all sure she could, but she didn't want to disappoint or worry the Splitter). "Adam, dear, please," she said, "just…let it go."

"Fine," said Adam. "I need something to eat, anyway." He moved across the Sprint and rummaged around in the food locker. The rations were very low, but he finally extracted a package and held it up for the others to see.

"How 'bout some of this? Yummy." Dag and the Splitter read the label, and Dag looked puzzled.

The Splitter simply waved his hand and said, "No. Thanks. I'm good."

"I think it's an Earth leftover," Adam added. "There just wasn't much left to choose from when the last survivors started hoarding. But hey, at least the cook looks like its worthwhile grub!"

Dag smiled wanly. "No, dear, you go ahead."

"Fine," said Adam. "All the more for me."
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~*~ Woooo ~*~

‘What do you think he’d want done with his....remains Chumley?’ Silo asked standing over yards of strewn bones the hooves leaving no doubt they were Deson’s.

‘He liked it here lots. We leave him here.’ Chumley rummaged in the back of the Harry returning with a spade. It wasn’t long until he had a large hole dug deep and wide the black virgin soil a small mountain beside him.

‘You want me to put him in?’ Silo had already been gathering bones. When Chumley nodded she let them drop from her arms to rattle down to the bottom, white bones gleaming in the dark. Back and forth she carried Deson’s remains until returning with a final armload. An irregular mark deep in the surface of the last rib caught her eye.

‘Hey, Chum, check this out. What is it?’ Silo pointed to a long gnaw mark scaring the ivory surface of the bone surrounded by smaller marks.

‘Looks like somethin’s been chewin’ on dem bones.’ Chumley tentatively poked the bone before reaching for another already in the hole. ‘Dis one too. Something’s been a chewin’ on poor ol’Deson.‘ Chumley frowned.

‘But Chum, zombies don’t eat bones, they just eat the..soft stuff.’ Silo blanched.

‘Not dem zombies. Dis somethin’ hads teeth. Lots of ‘em.’ Chumley dropped the bones back into the grave and began shoveling dirt over Deson’s remains. Before the hole was filled a heartbreaking howl of a lone wolf broke the stillness in the valley. They were not alone.

~*~ Later ~*~

‘Chumley, I still don’t understand...’ Silo tossed her flight gloves across the bar and swung her hips around the corner to pour them a drink. Her hands shook clacking two shot glasses against a bottle of Carbiox Whiskey. Wolves in the Center had her unnerved. Almost as much as Carpet’s new ability to mobilize.

‘About dat woof-wooo in the Center or ‘bout Carpet?’ Chumley tried to arrange his backside on a bar stool but his eyes bugged out each time he attempted to sit down. ‘‘I sit in da chair, dis stool makes Chumley's butt pucker.’ He groused and Silo bust out laughing carrying the drinks to the round table.

‘Cheer’s Silo winked and clinked her glass to Chumley’s. He’d found a better chair, she sat next to him. “And yeah, about the ‘woof-woo’ in the Center, but first tell me again about Carpet.’ Chumley’s word for howl made her smile warmly over her shot glass.

‘Sumpin’ happened to him bein’ all mob like.’ Chumley tossed back his drink like a pro eyeing the bottle. Silo ignored him.

‘Mob like?’ She asked tossing back her own whiskey.

‘Yeah, mob like. Him gettin’ all ‘out and about’ like when he be inside a Adam. Carpet like dat. Alot.’ Chumley eyed the bottle again.

‘Ohhh, mobile like. Gotcha.’ Silo gave in a poured him another shot. ‘And how’d he do it?’ She topped off her won drink while doing the same for Chumley.

‘Squibs took him.’ Chumley said softly not likening the turn of the conversation. ‘Squib hairy now.‘

‘No wayyyyyyy. You’re kidding me!‘ Silo propped her chin on her palms, her elbows resting on the hard table her eyes crinkling in delight.

‘Yeah, Carpet gets Squibs to help him. Ya know lots a us do dat kinda ding with Squibs dez days.’ Chumley’s eyes got droopy his mouth went soft. “I use poor Squibs too. I forget what you says about dem guns and da coordinates...’

‘Shhhhhh big guy,‘ Silo reached across the table and patted Chumley’s tentacle, ‘we all forget sometimes. Don’t get all worked up.’ Silo’s eyes went sad too. ‘I mean, Carpet didn’t even tell me he was ‘mob’ like, and Y’lrang...’ Silo bit her tongue before she continued.

‘Is ok lil’Silo. Dey’ll remember. Someday.’ Chumley pat her on the head a picture of Quorra swimming before his glistening eyes. This time it was Chumley who topped off their glasses.

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'The Culs had been busy' Carpet thought and stretched his body across the window
ledge, he peered down at the small rectangles of lantern-light. Most of the cottage-
like houses had drifting woodsmoke drifting from their crooked chimneys and here
and there, bonfires crackled in the yards with dancing folk silhouetted against it's yellow

The touch of Death's caress on his nap brought a shiver to the mili-being and yet, his skin's
surface took on a peaceful pale-blue as the Reaper's shadow fell on Carpet.

"How are you enjoying your freedom?" Death said lightly and looked out across the dark
countryside of Carbiox, the lights seemed to be clustered around the base of the Tower,
but the tall Brother-of-Boy In A Dress knew that the Culs would spread far and wide...
'not unlike a virus' he mused to himself.

"I owe you nothing for this ability" Carpet snapped and wondered if his boldness had
accompanied his newly-acquire gift of being able to travel where he wished. Death
ignored the retort and glanced back towards the stairwell, the corridor seemed deserted.

"When midnight arrives, I need you to make sure Boy In A Dress not to be anywhere near the
Doorway to the Ophi's dimension..." the grave-gravelled voice came again and Death's caress
changed into a firm grip on Carpet's nap "... this is not a request I give you" the words came
like bats leaving a cave.

Carpet squirmed under the bony clutch and felt his former boldness bleed away like the blue
tone that had covered his coat, the nap now looked like stretched-chicken skin.
"I tell you this and you will tell no one... not even the Man/Girl" the threat continued, each
word dripped with dark foreboding.

Then he was gone.

The night sky offered it's treasure of jewels and happy sounds from below made Carpet
feel that the last few moments belonged to a dream, yet the numb feeling in his hide
reminded him that it wasn't.
Carpet slid glumly from the ledge and made for the Throne Room.


"Your weakness for your brother will be your undoing" Pandora cooed and stepped from the
shadows of the old Prison Room, the smells of despair still throbbed in the place and brought
welcoming nourishment to the two ethereal beings.

Death said nothing as he watched the raven-haired beauty approach, Pandora strode to him
and revealed a naked thigh from the long split on the side of her scarlet Greek-style gown
and the seven-foot Dark figure shuddered at the sight.

"At midnight, our goal will be in sight and we can again..." Pandora's eyes searched the
far corner of the room for Jenovah's arrival and pondered his aptitude for lateness,
"... rule this Universe in a more, personal role" she finished and saw the smoky apparition
begin to form.

The FerryMan waited at the Prison Room Door behind Death and placing the eternal punt
that he'd used to plumb the Styx's depths -against the dirt-smudged wall, he nodded his
dark hood in agreement.
Jenovah eyed the straw-strewn floor as he stepped up to form the circle, Kharon gave Death
a friendly shoulder-squeeze as he too stood in his place -facing the bushy-faced Jenovah.

The Carbiox-worshipped God smiled through his shock of white beard and winked at
the tall Boatman "This is our time" Jenovah muttered and looked to Pandora for the next
part of the ritual.

Midnight slid closer and The Yydryl drifted closer too.
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~*~ Dis be where Chumley say - click play ~*~

‘Just a bad case of op-po-sit sex...’ Chumley crooned winding his tentacles above his head his huge green hips undulating rhythmically... ‘Have to look to the starsssssssssss.’

‘Chumley what the hell are you going on about...’ Silo tried to raise her whiskey soaked head from the round table and succeeded with difficulty - just before a long thin tentacle wrapped around her wrist pulling her onto the dance floor.

‘Bag it up no buts no maybeeeeees!’ He dug his hips into hers and made her sway.

‘CHUMLEY!’ What the GWARK! She nearly screamed - until she heard the music.

‘Do your thing, come on ladyyyyyyyyyyy’ Chumley backed up and went down on his tentacles one at a time, holding up his body that shimmied and shaked before jumping to his feet again.

‘Have to look to the starsssssssssss...’ Chumley smugged it up right in her face.

She’d never know if it was his breath that acted like a cold shower over her drunk or his finesses on the floor but woke up she did. Quick.

‘Chumley!’ She cried again as he spun her in a circle - but this time she shrieked in joy.

‘All we need is a little respect...cause men are from Venus and girls are from Marssssssssss’ He hung on a star before spinning and grabbing her again.

It was the dip to the floor, his tentacle supporting her back that did it. The music sunk into her blood like a drug.

Her eyes flashing pure joy, her torso undulating and whipping in place - Silo danced.

And Chumley put her to shame.

Under the flashing disco lights in the ‘Swamp’ (earth lights CindyMars installed a long time ago) Silo became the ‘Dancing Queen’ and Chumley, a deep green John Travolta.

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After leaving Dag and Adam to their privacy, The Splitter wandered The Yydryl corridors
and asked the giant craft of it's take of recent events, Ship reported that -though she was
happy that her systems were all 'in-the-green' she felt that something that wasn't quite

"Is Mucklebones still aboard this vehicle?" The Splitter asked and scanned the hallway
he had just walked down, he was sure the Witch had 'gone-rogue' and was following him.

"The Gray known as Mucklebones is searching for Cargo Bay XXI... she has just asked me
for directions" Ship said and the latter part of the response told The Splitter that the
Crone was desperate, she would never interact with technology unless she really had to.

The dark-grey skinned Time-Mechanic stood at the junction of SV-2 and the Recreation
Area with his hands behind his back and nodded at the assuring female voice.

"Do you know what a Time Weave is...?" the small being chirped "... have you ever heard
that expression mentioned here?" A small regular thud could be heard further down the
hallway and the glow of pulsing lights could be seen glancing of the corridor walls.

"I have no records of any crew member speaking such an expression" Ship announced
plainly, The Splitter sighed and peered at the ceiling in thought.
"Do you know of a being called CindyMars?" came the question and he wondered if The
Yydryl was capable of relating falsehoods, the hue-change of the walls indicated Ship
was deep in contemplation.

"CindyMars is no longer aboard... chocolate cake" Ship stammered and The Splitter
showed a kindly smile. "Yes indeed, chocolate cake" he agreed and then turning towards
the corridor that led to The Swamp, he asked the walls "May I ask you another question,
The Yydryl brought better illumination to the walkway and replied "Yes, I've enjoyed
our talk"

The Splitter touched the smooth surface of the walls and whispered "Do you know what
the reference 'Chocolate Cake' means?" The Yydryl's voice was silent for a moment and
then responded with a single sad word, "No"

Passing the room called The Swamp, the Time-Mechanic glanced at the flashing floor
tiles and the cavorting occupants of the bar, his silver eyes reflected the dancing Silo
and the Regalian known as Chumley.

"Kick that mule!" The Splitter whispered and turning to locate a Shuttle Craft, he smiled
as he made his way to Cargo Bay XXI.

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