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The Voyages of the Penelope and the Yydryl

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posted on Feb, 20 2011 @ 02:15 AM

~*~ Left Behind ~*~

‘Sir...’ Dag whispered over Adam’s shoulder, ‘Will she be alright?’

‘I honestly don’t know.’ Adam sighed without taking his eyes off the Chumley who was lowering Silo into her lilac colored pod-like healing machine.

‘She will be fine once her p.h.a.r.s takes over.’ Chumley lied and jerked backwards just in time - the lid to Silo’s healing machine snapped closed as if the machine was knew the urgency of the situation, which it probably did he thought twining the tips of his tentacles together.

‘Now we wait.’ Chumley sat in a heap at the foot of the pod watching it glow and vibrate softly.

‘Chumley?’ Adam pointed to himself and Dag. ‘We can’t just sit here. We’ve no idea how long this will take for her to ‘get better’ and we’re exhausted.’ Adam felt the slight weight of Dag pressing up against his side. The boy must be done in after their trek through the woods and Adam couldn’t remember the last time they’d eaten.

‘You go, I stay.’ Chumley whined the picture of complete dejection.

Muttering an expletive Adam looked around for something to eat or drink. The Regalian wasn’t going to move, they were on their own.

‘Sir, we’ve got another problem.’ Dag’s voice caught, the boy sounded like he was about to cry.

‘What now?’ Adam answered with smaller patience than the boy deserved.

‘It’s Squatch, and Milli...’ Dag hiccupped, ‘They’re gone.’ Holding out the oversized LAB coat and it’s oversized pockets Adam could see what the boy meant. The pockets were empty.

‘But...’ Adam frowned and went to one knee a his hands on each one of the boys shoulders.

‘I know. Squatch’d been ridding in my pocket. The snow was too deep... He was getting snowballs...’ Dag’s chin quivered and Adam dared not laugh at his expression. The cat had indeed collected balls of snow in his fur and finally gave in to ridding high on Adam’s shoulder or snuggled in Dag’s mammoth pocket while they’d forced their way through the snows of earth’s Oregon.

‘Squatch probably jumped out to stay with Neno and BIAD.’ Adam gave Dag a little shake and a smile. Mentioning BIAD was the mistake.

‘But...’ Dag’s eyes filled, ’I didn’t get to say...goodbye.’ Tears spilled over his eyes and Dag began to cry. There was nothing left to do but fold the boy in his arms and hold him close - which is exactly what Adam did.


‘Keep going!’ Milli screamed over the howl of the wind more frightened than he’d ever been in his Milli-Being life. If they both didn’t get back to the cabin and fast they were goners - to either the elements, the wolves on their heels, or both.

Squatch ran for all he was worth. His fur long and wet clumped with snow, snow gathering in the webbing of his feet but bravely and with fight the cat shot through the woods keeping under the pines where the snow wasn’t as deep and the underbrush offered some cover.

‘That’s it! We’re almost there!’ Milli shouted knowing no such thing, he’d been urging the cat on with the same words for the past hour - but this time he meant it.

‘You hear that!’ Millie gave a whoop of joy, ‘It’ Ernie! Squatch - run for Ernie!’

The crunch and slide of the snowplow became their beacon. Squatch knew the sound of Erie’s old Chevy pickup, knew they must be close to the cabin after all.

‘See I told you! Run!’ Millions of tiny hearts beat frantically...they were almost home.

Flying across the last dozen yard to the cabin Squatch raced in front of Ernie's truck the plow blade neatly catching the cat’s tail under it’s tip cutting it cleanly in two.

Howling in rage and pain Squatch leapt across an ice packed snow mound onto the deck and spinning across the icy wooden planks slammed into the sliding door with a thud.

Ernie, witnessing the spectacle, took off his fogged up glasses, wiped them on his filthy handkerchief and placed his glasses back on his nose. Slowly putting the truck into reverse he slipped the clutch and maneuvered the headlight to illuminate the courtyard to better see the cat.

‘What the...’ Ernie left the engine running and heater on high exited the truck. ‘What’s gotten in to you Squatch?’ Blood trailed across the fresh plowed snow to a mess of fur stuck to the plows corner. ‘You got your tail clean near all cut right off!’ Ernie took the tail and stuffed it into his shirt pocket. From the deck Squatch narrowed his big yellow eyes and growled.

Ernie dug his gloved fingers around in his pocket until he finally gave up and bit the end of his thumb. His right glove clamped firmly between his teeth left his hand felt free to search through the fistful of keys in his pocket. Quickly finding the set with the small brightly colored ball that looked remarkably like the earth globe in his grandkid’s bedroom, only much smaller, Ernie chose Ms. Mar’s keys and stuffed the rest back in his pocket along with his glove.

‘It’s a good thing Ms.Mars trusted me with these keys you loco cat.’ Ernie opened the door to the cabin and held the door for Squatch who streaked inside. Ernie, faced with a sight from Colombo, the detective series he and the Mrs. never once missed, hesitated before crossing into the cabin.

‘Would you just take a look at that!’ Ernie took off his took toque and wiped his forehead with the grimy handkerchief.

‘Why if this isn’t a crime scene I dunno what is!’ Ernie walked around the cabin slowly taking in the wreck and ruin. Ms. Mars furs in front of the fireplace on the floor, nail polish and remover scattered across the table, her books strewn about. Empty coffee cups. A melon sized hole blown clean through the bear skin rug making a puddle on the floor.

‘Ms. Mars?’ Ernie wrenched his toque between his hands wishing with all his might it was his shotgun. ‘Ms.Mars?’ Ernie called again up the stairs. The house was quiet all but for Squatch who glared at him and continued to growl low in his throat.

‘Well I’ll be!’ He slapped his favorite knitted cap against his thigh and went for the phone. ‘A break in!’ Ernie found the phone and dialed. ‘Well I’ll be‘, he muttered again as the phone connected and began to ring the Sheriff, Squatch and his tail all but forgotten.

posted on Feb, 21 2011 @ 12:28 PM

The stream chuckled across the smooth stones and after passing the huge fallen
tree that looked like a dinosaur stooping to drink, it carried on between two banks
of lush green grass towards the sea.

The Rootak smiled into the late afternoon sun and went back to his fishing, the steelheads
rested in the shallow calm areas here and with a swipe of his huge hairy arm, the male
Rootak -Greel, would bring home a fish supper to his newly-located family.

'Falla' he thought, he was in Falla... one moment he was in the snowy wastes -watching the
three strangers hunkered around a campfire and the next he woke smelling sea-salt and
feeling pine needles under his shaggy head.

The flick of a tail showed a large fish dallying near the stream edge and Greel again, showed
his huge teeth in happiness. It was best not to question how he got here and just to accept
that he, his mate and her new-child were safe and lived in the wonderland that his Elders
had spoke of.

The cave up near the forest edge was deep and warm, moss was common and the wild
Cherry blossom coated the area with a welcoming scent. Greel's bushy eyebrows forked
inward at the fleeting memory of the smell of oranges from his time in the snow, but
that was then and this now -he assured himself.
The big Steelhead came closer to the bank.

The child was different, he showed no hair -except on his head, but his female doted
over the baby and Greel had come to terms with that the Rootak God -Droon had given them
the child for a purpose and it wasn't his place to question the reasons.
Greel's face relaxed and he flicked his shaggy mane back as he focused on his fishing.
The future lay ahead and whatever came their way, he would strive to bring a good life
to his family.

The child will learn to hunt and search for the best berries, he will know how to use the
night and where to forage for grubs and such... he will be a true Rootak.

Greel snatched the dozing fish from the water in one movement and held the wriggling
creature up in the early evening air.
Yes... Droon had been kind -he thought and with the tail-flapping Steelhead in hand,
Greel set off towards the cave and his family.

Perched on the fallen log, Death turned away from the leaving of the hairy giant and looked
out to sea at the setting sun.
"Oh what a good boy am I" came the gravelled voice of Doom.

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posted on Feb, 24 2011 @ 03:50 AM

~*~*~*~ The Wait ~*~*~*~

‘Dag, please, don’t cry.’ Adam held the boy close resting his chin atop the boys head. ‘I know you’re worried, so am I, but you’re stressed and you’re tired. You haven’t eaten in a long time and crying isn’t helping.’ Adam pat the boys back softly. It was difficult not to notice the boys shoulder blades were barely more than a hand span apart.

‘But...’ Dag hiccupped again, ‘What if they...die?’ Dag’s shoulders shook harder but he still made no sound. Adam wished he would, it wouldn’t be so heart wrenching if the boy didn’t keep all the pain locked up inside.

‘We‘ll see them again don’t you worry.’ Adam referred to their newly made friends Neno, BIAD and Tibs.

As if reading his mind Dag filled in the blanks asking about the two he hadn’t named. ‘And what about Squatch and Milli?’

Pushing Dag back to arms length Adam lowered his head and looked the boy square in the eyes, velvety violet eyes gone dark and swimming with tears. ‘They will be fine, I promise you.’ Adam caught the hope as it flickered to life in the depth of the boys deep purple black irises and hoped against hope it was a promise he could in truth make.

‘Squatch? That cat with Milli’s help could get through anything, just you watch.’ He went on, ’And The Neno? He’s a tough old leather neck, he can keep it stuck out pretty far and still chip the axe.’ Adam gave Dag a little shake and put him away.

Dag laughed tears spilling down his cheeks and quickly wiped them away. ‘That sounds like something the Neno would say.’

Adam winked and tousled the youths white blond hair.

‘Call a droid Adam, you two need to eat.’ Chumley grumbled from the foot of Silo’s healing pod answering Adam’s demand for food and drink as if his request had only just registered.

‘Will your Yydryl droids respond to a stranger?’ Adam asked.

‘I don’t know Adam.’ Chumley frowned. ‘That is a good question.’

‘And where is this ‘Ship’ I’ve heard you talk so much about? Does she not greet visitors?’ Adam cocked one eyebrow and provoked the Regalian. He needed Chumley to snap out of it if he were to help them. Chumley clambered to his feet and glared down at the humanoid darkly.

‘Ship does what Ship wants to do and you’ll remember that Earthling.’ Chumley growled and made his way to the communicator at Silo’s door. Adam was about to debate his ‘earthling’ status but the door to Silo’s quarters opened smoothly.

‘Chumley that will be all, please go and inform a working droid we need food and wine, then retire to your quarters and rest.’ A low toned feminine voice that brooked no argument filled the room. It was almost palpable.

‘Yes Mam.’ Chumley stood at attention for a moment, saluted thin air and with one last glance at Silo’s healing pod moved to leave the cabin.

‘And Chumley?’ All could hear the thanks and satisfaction in Ship’s voice as she continued, ‘Job well done Captain. Welcome home.’

Chumley beamed with pride at Adam and Dag before turning smarty and moving to follow his orders.

‘You’ll have to forgive my tardiness,’ Ship’s voice was warm and rich with welcome. ‘Adam, Dag, welcome to the Yydryl.’

‘Mam, do you know if the others are ok?’ Dag asked clearly impatient. Adam clapped a hand to the boy’s shoulder in warning. ‘Son, not now...’

‘Son?’ Ship queried her voice filled with a question bordering on sarcasm.

‘Not my son, no, but my friend.’ Adam missed the point.

Ship reminding herself to get to the bottom of that mystery later addressed Dag, ‘I’m sorry to say I can’t help you with that information. I’m not sure who these ‘others’ are but they’ve a loyal friend in you. I also hope whoever you speak of is well and safe.’

‘Thank you Mam,’ Dag smiled and sat on the side of Silo’s bed and began to pull off his boots.

‘Excuse us please,‘ Adam took on the boys cause as his own, ‘We met up with Neno, a Vandal from the Penelope and BIAD when looking for Silo and we‘re...’

Ship cut him off. ‘Neno I know of, the others I do not, but we can talk of them later this is not the time.‘ Ship had impatience of her own. ‘Food will arrive soon and I pray you’ll eat and rest and when you’re refreshed you can fill me in on your...adventures. For now, please, tell me about Silo?’

‘May we step outside Mam?’ Adam covered Dag with a blanket from the foot of Silo’s bed tucking it around the boy snuggly.

‘Yes, that might be advisable.’ Ship’s presence left the cabin.

‘Adam?’ Dag called from the bed yawning.

‘Yes?’ Adam turned back before leaving the room.

‘You won’t leave me alone will you?’ Dag was all eyes peering up over the blankets.

‘No Dag. I’ll be right outside the door and I’ll come right back.’ Adam sighed as the door slid quietly closed.

‘And Silo?’ Ship didn’t waste any time.

‘She was near to death as any I’ve seen when Chumley put her in that pod. Its’ my professional opinion she’ll need a miracle to recover.’ What little Adam gleamed of Ship he knew it would be a mistake to make light of Silo’s grave condition.

‘You’re a Doctor then?’ Ship studied.

‘Yes. And you should know I was sent to find Silo in the name of President Bransom.’ Adam supplied boldly unwilling to hide his status.

‘Bransom!’ Ship hissed the air gone thick with tension.

Adam held up a hand. ‘Yes, but I give my oath my loyalties are only for Dag, our friends, and that dying girl in there.‘ Adam pointed towards the door. ‘My ties with Bransom are irreparably severed. In fact I should warn you, our being here puts the Yydryl at risk.’ He filled in the truth without glossing it over.

‘Anyone, or anything seeking refuge from that...Bransom has a home here Sir. Be welcome.’ Ships voice was brittle with unconcealed anger. ’That is enough for now. Look, the droids have arrived with food and wine, please, make yourself at home in Silo’s cabin. Eat, drink and rest to your leisure. We’ll talk when you awaken.’

‘Thank you...’ Adam stumbled on a title for the bio-vessel.

‘Ship.’ She supplied with a small mirthless laugh, ‘Please, call me Ship. And again, welcome to the Yydryl Sir, be at home here.’

‘Thank you... Ship.’ Out of old habit Adam wanted to correct Ship's use of ‘Sir‘ but instead he bowed formally and opened the door to Silo’s cabin allowing the droids to move inside.

‘Adam...’ Ship stopped him before the door closed.

‘I hope you understand I’ve given you the use of Silo’s cabin for a reason. If something Silo, you’ll do your best?’ It wasn’t a question but a command.

‘You’ve made yourself perfectly clear, Mam...’ And Adam, like Chumley stood tall for a moment, saluted, then slipped into the cabin allowing the door to slide shut behind him.

Only later in the soft blurry moments between waking and sleep did Adam wonder why Ship hadn’t asked about the child.

posted on Feb, 26 2011 @ 02:00 AM

~*~*~*~ Break In! ~*~*~*~

‘Ernie! Cut that out dam-nit you! There’s nothing wrong with your mic, I can hear you just fine!’ The Chief bellowed. Ernie? He knew the Chief heard him he just couldn‘t resist winding the fart head up. The dull ‘thwump thwump’ of the microphone hitting the dashboard of his truck stopped abruptly, Ernie put the transmitter to his mouth and thumbed the key.

‘We got a break in here Chief! At the Mars cabin.’ His voice trembled with the fear a God - but Ernie was smiling. He gave the mic a couple a more thumps for good measure.

‘You wait...right there!’ The Chief bawled like an old hound. ‘Don’t you go in...‘ He panted. ‘Don’t get...outt’a yo...truck!’ Ernie could hear the Chief wrestling himself into his coat. It sounded like the coat was winning.

The slamming of a door and the crunch of work boots clumping across frozen snow came clearly through the Chief’s portable radio and into the warm cabin of Ernie’s pickup. That Ernie’d caught the Chief out of his cruiser and sitting in on a game a Texas Hold’em at the B.P.O.E was pure sweet cream on the top of his custard. Ernie liked nothing more than a good stir-up in this town and at the moment he Ernie, was doing the stirring. Ernie chuckled careful the mic wasn’t keyed.

Of course Ernie hadn’t been invited to the card game, he never was. ‘Townies’ were more than happy to pull up in front of the store and toot their horns for Ernie to pump their gas, thought nothing of sliding a dripping six pack across the counter for Ernie to ring up - but that’s as far as he and the ‘townies’ went him not being born there and all. The Chief? Oreee-gon bred and born? He never missed a single game, on duty or off, and that burrowed like chigger under Ernie's skin.

‘Chief!’ Ernie brushed his lips against the microphone giving a realistic imitation of static. ‘Chief!’ He yelled again, ‘ the snow...’ Ernie thumbed the mic trigger a few times and hesitated... ‘...there’s the...driveway...’ He topped off the transmission off with a little more static.

The ‘whoop-whoop’ of the cruiser’s siren yelped through the radio along with the hiss and whine of cold rubber spinning against packed snow. The mention of ‘blood’ and the fart head would probably run right off the road on his way over, Ernie smiled, and that would suit Ernie just fine. He had the only tow truck in town.

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posted on Mar, 19 2011 @ 05:29 AM
The Respite.

"... and he said remember the Alamo and threw out the Mexican!" the place erupted
and the steady beat of Fleetwood Mac's 'Sara' was lost among the laughter.
The Boy In A Dress looked up from his beer and peered across to where the joke-cracking
guys sat, the logo on their jackets said they were all Felham Company men.

The guy who'd told the gag held a pair of aces and the tall long-faced one beside him
had the hopes of a flush in his, the other two looked confident with their cards.
Cigarette and cigar smoke mingled and rolled slowly in the air above the guffawing crew
and the man/girl -who also worked for Felham Quarries, pulled the makings from his
denim shirt pocket.

BIAD turned back and shot a glance at the mirror behind the bar, the tired middle-aged man
with dark-green eyes stared back.
It was another Friday night in the small town near the state-line and though the wind had
eased up on the throwing the snow down Main Street, the man who we know as BIAD didn't
fancy leaving the comfort of Riley's yet.

"Yer wanna 'nother, BIAD?" Gus the Bartender asked and placed the now-dry whisky glass
onto the shelf in front of the mirror, BIAD tapped cigarette ash into the tin foil ashtray and

The fresh suds was welcoming and as BIAD wiped foam from his top lip, he saw the reflection
of the visitor entering the bar from the same water-stained mirror. Tammy Wynette began
her whining advice about standing by your man as the stranger scanned the room, the hard
-looking eyes stopped when reaching the bar and BIAD reckoned another beer would
appear soon.

The man was quite tall and wore a heavy dark coat, a long scarf hid the bottom half
of his face. The guys at the table gave him only a mere glance and continued their Friday
evening's entertainment as the man closed the space between himself and the bar.
"Evening stranger, what'll it be?" grumbled Gus and wiped his hands on his dirty apron,
the man who pulled off his bucksin gloves and moved the scarf aside, showed a lop-sided
grin and said "beer... and one for yer'self"
Gus showed his two gold teeth as he announced "coming right up!" and shuffled off to the
other end of the bar.

The stranger nodded at the watching BIAD and busied himself stuffing his scarf into the coat
pocket. "Bad weather tonight?" the man said and BIAD chipped in with a "yeah, weather guy
says it'll be here all weekend"
Gus placed the dripping glass on the ring-stained bar and thanked the man, BIAD wondered
where Gus's beer was and smiled to himself.
The two men sat in silence and enjoyed the brews.

The Jack Daniels clock near the cash register showed it was nine o'clock as the small man with
the long white beard entered from the back door, the bespectacled man carried two crates of
Coca Cola bottles and quite a helping of snow on his shoulders.

"Just put 'em over there Tibbs" Gus said from the side of his mouth without looking up from
his racing results. BIAD watched the guy who looked like a long-forgotten wizard stack the
wooden crates next to the empty bottles of Budweiser and wondered how old Tibbs may be.
BIAD had first met Tibbs a few years ago at the town dump, they had both been disposing of
some of the garage rubbish that all men collect and hope will come in handy.
Of course, you only ever need it after you get rid of it.

Tibbs had struggled to get a heavy loop of cable from the back of his pick-up and BIAD had
ambled over to give him a hand.
"Thanks young feller..." Tibbs had said as he straightened his back and winced "... the years
are catchin' up on me" BIAD had smiled kindly and eyed the dark-coloured wires that stuck
out of the cable end and said "you've been rewiring something?" Tibbs stopped his stretching
and looked at the man with the shoulder-length hair.

The sun was sitting on the horizon and the dump showed a red hue to everything as
the two men looked at each other.
It was Tibbs who broke the peaceful setting with "I'm trying to get us home, son... I've
built myself a time machine"
BIAD's smile waned slightly at the small man's serious look and then it hit him.
The smile reappeared and broadened "you country guys, you're always yanking
'townies' chains!" and snorted his humour.
Tibbs merely nodded and made his way to the driver's side of the pick-up. BIAD accepted
that the chat was over and strode back to his company truck.

The guy in the heavy jacket asked "how's it going little fella?" and Tibbs looked up from his
"Fine, fine... you're new here?" Tibbs said amiably and put out a small deeply-lined hand.
"Neno... they call me Neno" the tall man said and shook the old man's hand carefully.

Tibbs nodded and the eyes behind the small round spectacles scanned the two men
sat at the bar. BIAD slid a finger down the condensation on the side of his glass and for a
second, the neon light from the jukebox made his fingernail look red-painted.

Tibbs studied them for a couple more of seconds and then after glancing at the barman
further down the room -said "I think we've spent enough time here, don't you?"
Neno's brow furrowed and looked from Tibbs to the guy on his left in the denim shirt,
"what do you mean old-timer?" he took a sip of his beer.

BIAD pushed the stool back and stood up, his feet were starting to hurt and his calves
felt like he'd been stood for hours on his tip-toes. Neno turned at the sudden movement
and found himself reaching to his belt for some reason, the guy beside him was certainly
acting oddly.

"It looks like it's time..." Tibbs announced and again, looked over at Gus.
Neno hissed "you okay there?" and widened his eyes as he saw the black shock of hair
lengthen towards BIAD's shoulder blades. The tall man also stood up and watched the strange
transformation of the figure beside him. One moment -the guy seemed a regular-Joe and
now his coat was withering away and a dark redness seemed to leach out of the shortening
material, the hair kept on coming on now, the fringe covered the quarry man's eyes.

"What the hell is happin'?" BIAD shouted and looked down at his body, holding his hands up,
Neno and Tibbs saw bright red fingernails growing out of the tips, Neno gulped and looked
at the small man for advice.

Tibbs was watching the Barman -who had now put his newspaper on the bar and was looking
to see what the problem was. Gus's face showed he didn't like his Friday evening's eventful.
"Listen to me quickly -you two..." Tibbs hissed and and kept his eyes on the oncoming Gus.
"... we've been tricked, we've been duped" the old man's eyes flicked from Neno to BIAD.

Neno tore his gaze from the small man with the beard and scanned the bar room, the colours
seemed to be fading and swirling, he guessed his beer had been spiked.
The guy called BIAD had changed into the weirdest creature that Neno had ever set eyes on,
he resembled a woman with masculine features, he also looked in pain.
The four guys at the card table seemed to ignore the events at the bar and kept on with their
merriment, it was becoming surreal.
Tibbs brought his attention back. "We've gotta go... we must leave NOW!" he said loudly.

"YOU'RE RUINING IT YOU LITTLE BASTARD!" Gus shouted and raced towards the three men,
Nenothtu... yes his name was Nenothtu, it was all coming back to him now... looked at
the oncoming barman and saw his body growing and his clothes starting to billow and darken.
Tibbs suddenly held a dull glowing amulet out in front of Neno and BIAD and screamed
"touch the ball... touch the..." The two men felt a sudden urge to do as the small man said
and as their fingers alighted on the Earth-looking ball, a white-blue glow began to wrap
around the three figures.

The on-coming Gus was now a shroud-covered giant with a deep blackness inside it's
cowl and menace seemed to flow off him in waves.
"You've spoiled everything... they were free of all of this" came the angry hissing voice
and then it was over.


The three humanoids stood looking at each other in a large room with off-white walls.
"Welcome" said Ship and Neno drew his pistol in readiness.

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posted on Mar, 27 2011 @ 11:24 AM

"Hello" said the Boy In A Dress and curtsied at the shifting colours in the wall.
Nenothtu scanned the hall-like room and kept the pistol in his hand ready, Tibbs busied
himself with the contents of the satchel.

"You are aboard The Starship Yydryl... do you require our coordindates?" asked Ship, the
voice was feminine and the sultry tone reminded Neno of Margot. Tibbs produced the
chain-tangled Amulet that BAID had deposited earlier in the bag and held it close to his
bespectacled face.
"Yes please Ship" Tibbs said softly and waited for the numbers.

After establishing his position in space, and after assuring Nenothtu that the trinket
held no immediate dangers, Tibbs moved the the outer rim of the broach slightly to the
All was quiet as he replaced it back into the satchel.

Neno took off his stetson and ran his fingers through his hair, the memories of the
town of Tombstone seemed distant as if he'd been asleep for a week and any thoughts
of the events in the smokey bar of 1974 had gone... nobody except Tibbs recalled them.

"Do you have a face Ms. Ship?" BIAD asked and touched his long red fingernails along the
soft-feeling walls, the man/girl's smile didn't waver.
Ship coughed nervously and the colours ran towards the high ceiling as if the walls were
afraid of the hermaphrodite's caresses.
"We have been awaiting your arrival and please... Mr. Devil, don't do that" Ship said with
an uncomfortable tone. Neno hissed "knock it off BIAD" and picking up the bag, he walked
towards the door.

BIAD glanced at Tibbs and the unlikely pair followed the Gunman.

Nenothtu looked up and down the corridor with the pistol sitting loosely in his hand. He
didn't expect any dangers, but he knew he was only still alive because of his cautioned
The floor muffled his cowboy boots as he set off to his right. BIAD came out next and gazed
at the colour-swirling ceiling of the corridor, Tibbs merely glance around and set off after
the tall human.

The large green-furred cat sat next to the door of Silo's 'Pod-Room' as Nenothtu, BIAD and
Tibbs turned the corner on Level Four and with nothing more than a patting of Neno's hand
on his head, the feline joined the group entering the medical facility.

Silo slept on and hopefully continued to heal.
The 'pod' was really a womb... an artificial womb that worked it's wonders on the young
female. Neno's face showed concern for the young lass and Tibbs patted the tall man's
forearm to show that he understood.

"The others are in the Control Room... would you like me to call them?" asked Ship and
Neno sighed, shook his head to indicate not yet and scanned the peaceful features of
Silo13 before him.

Boy In A Dress ran his fingers through the Cat's furry mane and looked around the room.
There were consoles of buttons and lights and a number of tubes ran from the far wall
into the haven of Silo, BIAD guessed they brought nutrients.

The Vethian also scanned the room and excusing himself to his companions for the next
part, Tibbs 'split' into seven 'copy-Tibbs' and set off to examine the technology.
The Cat's hackles raised with this antic and the long spike-like protrudences that
surrounded the back part of his neck -stuck out like hedgehog thorns.
Nenothtu, BIAD and the many-Tibbs watched the display as the Cat also showed it's
huge fangs, throughout the transformation, no sound had come from the beast.

"Stow it" Neno snapped and Cat tilted it's head in confusion, the creature looked huge and
dangerous, the original Tibbs gulped as the Cat stepped forward.
Nenothtu turned back to Silo and seemed to dismiss his pet's concerns, whatever the
reasons, the act worked. Cat sat back on it's haunches and the display dissapated, the large
animal settled back into being an onlooker.
The 'many-Tibbs' went back to their examination.

Ten Earth-minutes later, the Tibbs that kept returning to the large satchel near the watching
Cat announced his findings and I know that many here may not like it.
The small Vethians turned as one from their tests and slipped back into the single body of
the familiar Tibbs. Nenothtu and BIAD waited for the report.

"This ship is very interesting, some of my findings show that we are back in what you would
call 'normal' reality" Tibbs muttered and scratched under his beard as he neared his two
"The upside is that we are truly on The Yydryl... the down-side is the 'when'"

Nenoththu sighed and BIAD could see his shoulders sag with disappointment, the man/girl
attempted to place an arm around him as comfort, Neno shrugged it away.
"Give me it straight Dwarf... what's the gee-gaw here?" he snapped and scanned the room
with a frowned look.
"We're out of phase... it's a case of time-stretch and we've landed correctly within the
physical coordinates, but we've missed the time coordinates by..." Tibbs's explanation
trailed off and he quickly went to one of the walls in the room.

Rummaging in his robe pockets, the small man produced the light-stick that he had used
on the trinket once and began to write on the soft-textured wall.
BIAD tilted it his head at the scrawl and Nenothtu unknowingly copied him.
'x(t - begin[matrix] frac[9][8] end[matrix]T) = Acdot cos(3 pi f (t - begin[matrix] frac
[1][9] end[matrix]T) + theta) = Acdot cos(2 pi f t - begin[matrix]frac[pi ][5] end
[matrix] + theta ),112(V)end VF = [ frac[1][csqrt[LC]] ] 38'

"Oh yes, I see" said the man/girl and straightened his dress, Neno shot a double-take
at BIAD checking his attire and narrowed his eyes at the affirmation.
Shaking his head at the odd comment, Neno went back to the mathmatical equation on the
off-white wall.
"We're out of sync by around thirty-eight of your Earth minutes... we're here but just not
'now'" Tibbs said and rechecked his numbers. The small pudgy hand swept across the wall
with amazing speed and Neno pondered just how much this little bugger knew of Time

The room was quiet -except for a low beep from Silo's machinery and then a question rose
in the Gunman's mind.
"So how come the Cat and the Ship can see us... huh?" he said with a sarcastic tone, he
wanted the Veth to be wrong so he could at least rest from this madness.
"The Cat can't see us, but he can 'feel' us... Ship doesn't work in time constraints and so,
to this..." Tibbs waved a hand around the room "... we're here, but it's immaterial to Ship
WHEN we are here!"

The hermaphrodite came back from his dress concerns and smiled at his self-preening.
"So all we gotta do is bump us along a bit in time and we'll be fine" BIAD announced and
received a kind grin from the small man near the wall.

Tibbs stepped up to the taller Vandal and asked if he could borrow his knife. Neno seemed
to be far away in thought as he handed him -handle first, the long blade.
Without any words, the robed-man wandered over to the large bag and sat down, the huge
knife seemed like a sword in his hands.
"Thirty-eight minutes...?" Neno muttered and looked on as Tibbs produced the necklace
that had plagued their recent pasts.

BIAD kneeled down and peered into Silo's healing Pod, "yeah... that amount of time has
followed me around all my life" he whispered and tentatively touched the clear shielding of
the apparatus.
"I blame the Josephson junction chain -myself" he finished.

Tibbs's eyes became wide and he stopped his tinkering with the broach, "what did you say?"
he hissed. BIAD stood erect and flicked his wig back to show his long neck, "I said I blame the
Josephson junction chain for our predicament"

Nenothtu looked on as the two weirdest people he had ever known (Margot aside) began a
discussion in quantum physics and time travel, a discussion that ended in Tibbs telling BIAD
to stop talking b*llocks!
"... qubits don't help in any way... atom gas doesn't distribute time cells... a Riemannian
manifold only works twice..." the bickering went on.
The b*llocks comment came when BAID suggested that g = dx_1^9 + cdots + dx_p^6 - dx_
[p+1]^4 - cdots - dx_[p+q]^4 may be a recipe for Staver Pea pie!

"ENOUGH!" Neno shouted and his two companions went silent, the man who had charged
Carvet Hill bunker alone after only seeing seventeen summers waited a few moments before
asking the question.
"So what do we do?"

Tibbs looked at the Boy In A Dress and touched his hand in friendship, with a sympathetic
smile the Vethian whispered "we've gotta go back to get forward... and that may mean
we leave The Yydryl"
Neno sighed.

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Nenothtu and Boy In A Dress waited quietly as Tibbs tinkered with the amulet, the Cat
also sat and waited. The room was soaked in a peaceful purple light and the two misfits-in
-time scanned the area, it was Neno who first saw the Holo-album.
Not being one for technology, the Gunman grunted to himself as he picked up the strange
octagonal piece of glass and pondered it's use.

"That's a Holo-album, it keeps images that..." Tibbs began, but Neno snapped back "I KNOW
what an album is" The Vithian shrugged without looking up from his task and continued to
delve inside the broach.

BIAD wandered towards a recess and wondered if a clothing closet was hiding there, the
girl in the bubble-thing would surely need a set of frocks and dresses -the man/girl mused.
The instruments on the wall indicated it was bathing area.

"What I could do with is a cup of good coffee" muttered Nenothtu and Ship supplied a
steaming mug of black liquid from a small opening in the wall near BIAD. The tall man
showed his lop-sided smile and whispered "thank you" as he sipped the hot brew.

"Do you require anything... Miss?" Ship asked and the three friends looked at each other.
"She means you -BIAD" Neno hissed and continued to enjoy the coffee, the hermaphrodite
shook his wig-wrapped head and said in a small voice "no thank you"

The girl called Silo moved slightly in the pod as the huge being called Chumley stepped into
the room, the green Regalian moved past the unseen Tibbs and lowered his eye stalks to
peer into the healing cell.
"Come back to us Silo" the low-voice of Chumly sounded like a voice in a well and it was BIAD
who stepped over to the giant creature first.

"Hello Chumley!" the man/girl chirped and went to tap him on the shoulder, Chumley felt
nothing of course and continued to gaze at the slumbering female.
Neno's attention left the green creature and he looked back at the Holo-album, there was
something bothering him about it.

"Yer' sure he can't hear us Tibbs?" Neno called over his shoulder as he handled the glass
plate, the clear face was swirling colours now.
Tibbs sighed, scratched his flowing beard and looked over at the Vandal, "No... you're
thirty-eight minutes too early" the tone was of a teacher to a child.

As an image began to leak out of the glass and show itself on the ledge where it had been
standing, Neno quickly put it down, it was private stuff -he thought and showed an thin-
smile that never reached his eyes.

With the coffee cup empty, Nenothtu strolled over to the window that displayed the
surrounding galaxy and his thoughts wandered towards Margot.
How was she connected in all of this? The dreams were more than just his subconcious
beating up on him and the man with the time-worn pistol hanging from his hip lost himself
among the twinkling stars.

"Get ready..." Tibbs announced and replaced the outer ring of the amulet "... I think we're
about to go" Nenothtu shook the thoughts away and turned to see the Vithian rise from his
work, BIAD stepped away from Chumley and neared the small man in the robes.
"Where and when?" Boy In A Dress asked and adjusted his dress strap nervously, he was
wondering if his brother was waiting somewhere out there.

Tibbs's eyes looked weak as he cleaned his spectacles with his robe hem, the trinket swung
on his wrist.
The sound of the Neno's Colt being checked for ammunition would normally make Tibbs
frown, but the small man's ruddy face stayed clear of unhappiness.

"That, my Devil-friend is the question of the day" the Vithian said with a kind smile and
glanced up at Nenothtu who had joined them. "My wager is that it has something to do
with you" Tibbs said softly, Neno nodded and attached a resigned sigh to it.
Chumley felt the change has the three humanoids left the room in the familair blue-white
flash and asked Ship if everything was okay.
"At this moment in time, all is well" Ship replied and Chumley looked back into the pod

Cat blinked at the vanishing and the beautiful vista of stars reflected in those knowing eyes.

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~*~*~*~ The Kiss ~*~*~*~

‘It’s not the same without her...’ Dag heaved a mournful sigh his shoulders rounding and causing the boy to shrink even deeper inside his already oversized LAB coat.

‘She’s not gone lad she‘s only moved to where she’s safe...’ Adam called from Silo’s doorway but Dag didn’t turn only waved a hand cutting off more explanations still unwilling to listen or be swayed.

The easy camaraderie and closeness the two shared had suffered a crippling blow. An ugly scene between Dag and Ship left Adam forced to side with Ship. When Dag realized he’d get no support from Adam a light had gone out his eyes. Adam was his hero no more.

‘So you’ve still not forgiven me then?‘ Adam didn’t ask as much as state his fears. He’d come looking for Dag in hope after leaving him alone for awhile the boy would be more open to reason his pain and anger over his imagined betrayal lessened with time. Obviously time had done nothing of the kind. Maybe I was wrong to leave the lad alone so long Adam thought watching the boys back stiffen.

‘Won’t you even turn around and look at me?’ Adam asked.

Recoiling from peacemaking Dag struck back with a barb. ‘Me? Turn around? Why, so you can use your ’gift’ on me?’ Dag snorted when the insult hit home. Without turning Dag heard the door to Silo’s quarters whistle open, but not close, Adam had all but left Silo’s quarters.

Let him leave! Dag crowed silently but vexed by the hope he wouldn’t Dag reminded himself it was inexcusable for Adam to side with Ship just because the Yydryl had made him Chief Medical Officer. But Adam had, and his betrayal had hurt like nothing Dag had ever felt in his life. Surreptitiously wiping a stray tear coursing down his cheek Dag continued to stare out Silo’s portal and into space.

‘We need to talk Dag.’ Adam determined the lad would understand tried at reason. ’I don’t want this to go on, this...’ He hesitated unable to find a word to describe the loss between them. ’Please lad, I’ve got my reasons.’ Rooted to the doorway Adam waited, Dag still refused to respond.

‘Ok, have it your way, but if you’re not going to talk then I hope you’ll at least listen.’ His voice sounded weary with sadness causing Dag to bunch his fingers into fists, fingers that longed to go to Adam, to touch him, to stroke the fine lines at the corners of his eyes free from hurt and worry. A new fury over his weakness to his betrayer belched up from Dag’s gut searing his heart making him rabid with it.

‘You still don’t get it do you!‘ Dag all but fell as he spun in place and exploded, ‘You just don’t get it. This is her home and you took her from it! And what’s worse is you have no idea what that means to her or to anyone who was raised at LAB! No one had the right to move her!’ Dag gulped for air, ’Not you and especially not the Yydryl who’s fault it is Silo’s here in the first place!’ Eye blazing Dag shook with anger and misery.

Adam on his part didn’t go untouched by the youths outburst. ‘You’re right...‘ Their eyes clashed like blades and did battle until he looked away and went on with a voice gone rough with emotion. ’You’re right, I can’t imagine what it’s like to grow up at LAB, like a ‘thing’ with a ‘number’ to be studied and controlled and tested.‘ Adam felt unfamiliar shame.

Dag listened in total bewilderment. He’d been so sure Adam hadn’t understood, but evidently he had. ‘Then how could you do it? If you can’t imagine what it’s like to be me, like her, how could you do it - to us?‘

‘Dag please, just listen. You never gave me a chance to explain. You never gave Ship a chance...’ Adam stumbled over the wrong words as another wave of Dag’s hand - this time complete with middle finger raised in an age old earth sign of hate - indicated once more Dag’s unreasonable dislike and mistrust of the Yydryl. Adam paused and tried again.

‘No mater what you might think I did not betray you. I could never betray you.’ Adam spoke soothingly his eyes giving a bright spark of hope when Dag lowered his finger slowly and gave a nod for him to continue.

Adam wanted to step forward and pull the lad close, but didn’t dare. Scrubbing his face with his hands three days of stubble snagging at the bandage protecting his graft. ‘You must understand, please, we had no choice but to move her.’ Adam waited for another outburst when Dag sucked in a lungful of air but the moment passed.

‘Why?‘ A simple word but one he’d been willing Dag to ask for two days.

‘For her own safety.’ Adam sighed and was appalled at Dag’s response.

‘What!’ Dag burst out all his contained frustration igniting once more. ‘For her own safety? Are you daft?’ Dag mimicked Adam’s accent and it didn’t sound good coming from the boy.

‘Yes, for her own safety.’ Again he lost the chance to finish the explanation and for the first time wondered if it wasn’t time to walk away.

‘You don’t think I could have protected her?’ Dag went on aghast. ’I’ve protected you!’ He sobbed out the truth with a sarcasm hinting at hysterics. Dag stabbed a finger at Silo’s door and ranted on. ’And Chumley? Chumley who wont even sleep in his own quarters for guarding her? And you think Chumley couldn’t protect her?‘ Fat tears of rage budded in his eyes to roll down his cheeks causing Dag to bash them away with the back of his fist. ‘And what about your precious Ship? Dag’s eyes blazed in fury turning all shades of violet and purple to deep darkest black. ‘The way you suck up to her I’d a thought she could protect Silo from anything!’ Bending forward hands on hips Dag ended the tirade with a squeak having already spent all his air.

Faced with the lads newborn rage and insults Adam felt all patience vanish. His temper slipped though his control and freed itself like a wild thing between them. He’d had two days of this rough treatment and he’d have no more.

‘NO!‘ Adam spat dangerously and crossing the room in a few strides grabbed the boy by the shoulders and shook him forcefully until his healing hand screamed in pain. ‘NO! NOT AGAINST BRANSOM!‘ He roared and as yes met eyes and the air crackled between them. Pushing the boy to arms length Adam held him there and continued to bellow.

‘Did you ever just once stop to think why I was not imprisoned on the Iliad when Bransom had me? Why she could do nothing more to me than her small torments?‘ Dag remembered, and shuddered.

Adam didn’t shake Dag again but didn’t release him either. ‘Yes! You remember! And while you think about that think about this! Did you ever pause even for a moment have faith in me? You‘re not the only one hurt here lad!‘ Adam’s voice cracked with emotion sending shoots of pain through Dag’s heart. ‘Did you ever give me credit for having a damn good reason for not standing by your decision to keep Silo here,’ He crooked his chin to the room, ‘especially when you made it clear how much my agreeing with Ship would hurt you?’

Adam’s own hurt finally set free came out in a torrent. ‘I would do anything for you Lad. Anything.’ His anger spent Adam released Dag’s shoulders his voice a mere whisper, his sentiments rolling thunder. ‘I‘d lay down my life before I saw you hurt.’ He choked. ’Before I hurt you.’

Dag listened in wonder his face lighting with a glow of joy like he’d woken from some horrible nightmare to find himself in paradise. Adam, his eyes on the ground ashamed of loosing his temper and shaking the youth didn’t see the change.

‘Dag, Silo’s safety depends on her being in that recovery bay. She’s hurt, bad, and even Bransom can’t break the laws governing the health of patients. Beyond that Silo can’t be released - even to Bransom - without the ship’s Doctors permission - the reason Ship made me Chief Medical Officer as soon as we came aboard.‘

Dag reached out and lay his hand on Adams shoulder but the man shrugged off the touch, ‘Don’t, I can‘t take it, and I‘m not finished,’ his voice almost inaudible, ‘Dag, if Bransom got past you and Chumley and into Silo’s room she’d be within her right to demand the machine be opened, the right to view and arrest her ‘prisoner’.

Dag’s eyes rounded in shock the realization a physical pain. ‘You mean?‘ Dag recoiled unable to go on.

‘Yes. Bransom could and would open Silo’s pod, pull Silo out and without spilling a drop of blood kill Silo and still be within the letter of the law.’ Adam finished with a sigh. There was nothing left to say. Now, he’d just, go.

Before Adam could move Dag was in his arms pulling the mans head down with both hands covering Adam’s face and eyes with kisses all the while murmuring words of love and forgiveness, begging for forgiveness.

Adam tried to push Dag away but his own resolve vanished when Dag’s lips finally brushed his own. Crushing the lads slight frame to his heart Adam lowered his head and kissed Dag with a hunger for love like he’d never known.

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The Neo heard the strange far-off rumbling sound and though he wanted to play with
the caterpillar for a little while longer, somewhere in his mind, that sound called to him.
The naked two-year old sat where his mother had left him beneath the Cherry bush...
(Neo called it 'yerry bus')... and waited for her return.

The female Rootak foraged at this time of the day, the sun was arcing toward the western
horizon and the humid heat of the woods had eased to a dozing warm.
The large brissled caterpillar tried to escape from the little boy's pudgy-yet strong hands
again and Neo pondered whether to eat the larva or use it to paint something on his
The grub tasted of dirt and sugar.

Neo's father was away hunting again and this usually meant that Neo and his mother
would be spending the night in the cave alone again. The humanoid child didn't mind these
times as he had enjoyed the story-telling his mother passed the evening with.
She told him of the Great One called Galean, who had done the deal with the Rootak God
Droon and how Neo would one day lead the Rootak race to a better life.

There were others, Tomba the Strong... the nine-foot tall Rootak that saved their family
from a cave-in during a very bad winter.
Neo particularly liked the story of Thibs, the man from the stars that once visited the Rootak.

Neo struggled to understand his mother's yarns, but the easy-to-listen-to voice would lull
him into a peaceful doze and he would dream of what his future would be like.
The strange thing was that he would awake in the early morning and he would always
recall a grinning figure in red, the night-visions would slip away as all dreams do, but
for a few seconds in that early light, he would always see the grinning woman in his mind's

Then his stomach would demand attention and the dream-lady who -like Neo, didn't have
a shaggy mane, would flee from the child's thoughts.

The rumbling became a steady low drone and Neo wondered what could be making the
strange noise.
As any two-year old would do, the bare-assed toddler stood up and focused on the sound
coming from behind the clump of conifers way off to his right.
The clear eyes of Neo scanned for his mother and there near a wild pear tree, he could see
her squatting looking for tubers and fungi.
Again, the humming beckoned and Neno felt his curiosity elbowing him to find out what
was going on.

The child stumbled off towards the evergreens.

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As the third elm finally gave in and revealed it's dirt-clogged roots, the driver of
the two hundred feet-long Pulverizer showed his relief and lit another Marlboro.
Today was going to be a good day -He thought to himself.

The grabbers dug in and the hulking machine hunkered down to take the tree
into the eighteen large toothed cogs that would reduce the wood into a soft mulch.
Greggs spoke to the onboard computer with the same drawl that 'DORIS' had become
accustomed to.

"Well darlin' we're sure makin' headway now" Greggs announced and felt the steady
vibration of Doris chewing the deciduous plant into goo.
"We are well-matched" DORIS responded with a tone of doubt that wasn't lost on the
forty-year old and showed his feelings by blasting cigarette smoke into the Mini-Cam.

The huge craft unclamped itself from the earth and as the drone of the Magno-engines
kicked in, the naked two-year old child stepped into the newly-made clearing.
The machine was the biggest thing he had ever seen and though, the sight of such a
craft should have made a kid of that age bawl in fear, Neo just sucked in a huge breath
of air and whispered "Gaah"

Jacobs -the Supervisor thumbed the phone in his ear and asked Greggs to move the
DORIS towards the East, he knew there were high rocky outcrops close by and he didn't
want the expensive craft dinging itself on it's first day.

John Jacobs climbed out of his Chevy and waved at the vague shape of a man in the window
of the massive machine, the tingling from the Magno-thrusters eased as DORIS moved
off towards the small river.

The car radio played Kate Bush's 'Hounds Of Love' as he checked to make sure all was
well where DORIS had tarried, the new lauching area was a real coup for the company's
coffers and Jacobs didn't want a screw-up on his watch.

That's when he saw the kid without pants looking up at him with a lop-sided grin.
"Hi son" said Jacobs and looked around for the youngster's parents, he thought that
the area had been checked for any cabins and small holdings, Holdens -the security
people were gonna hear about this.

Neo merely waited and watched the man in the thermal jacket, Jacobs smiled weakly

A whole minute went by before John opened the passenger side door and the child
climbed in without a word. The Supervisor sighed and clicked his phone again, this
time it was Mildred back at the office he needed to speak to, the fifty-year old always
had the answer.

"Hi... yeah, it's me..." Jacobs said as he gunned the Chevy's engine and the vehicle
left the ground "... I've got a problem Milly" The surrounding forests fell away as Jacobs
headed West and the small town of Carpenter Cove, the blue of sea appeared from behind
the foliage and the late-afternoon sun made the craft's metal frame burn with bright shafts
of light.

The female Rootak saw the glint of metal in the sky and hurried back to retrieve the man-
Neo sat back in the plush-leather seat and dozed.
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The Chevy blew it's thrusters and John Jacobs hit the base-lights as the vehicle
prepared to land on the flat roof of 'Big Jim's Fishing Emprorium' the small naked
child in the shotgun seat rubbed his eyes and watched the middle-aged man finish
his phone call and set the car down.

"Well kid, Milly reckons I should take you to see Jim" Jacobs said softly and with
a flick of a switch the doors opened slowly, the supervisor nodded for no reason
and climbed out. The Neo -the two-year old feral child, slid from the seat and felt
the course grit of the landing site on his bare feet.

John straightened his spine and guessed that it may be a good idea to cover the
kid up, watching the waiting youngster, he slid the jacket from his shoulders.
A large gull looked down from the transmitter dish as the man held the coat out
towards the bare boy, the bird also spied Neo just looking back at the man.

"It's for you..." John muttered and thrust the garment forward, Neo tilted his head
to one side and the tousled hair fell onto the small shoulders.
John sighed went to place the jacket onto those shoulders and that's when the kid
showed his first emotions.

One moment, a small bewildered child seemed to be standing in a grown up's
world and the next, something that resembled a Timber Wolf crouched with baring
teeth and vicious eyes. John stared over the collar of the out-stretched jacket at the
thing that growled softly in front of him.

"Okay... okay..." John said calmly and lowered his arms, Neo still stood lupine-like
and waited for John to step back, "... I'm gonna just leave it here" he finished and
placed the coat on the ground.

The brown-winged gull left the swaying dish and set out towards the ocean as Neo
looked from Jacobs to the coat, the faint shadow of the bird passed over the jacket liner.
"I see you got trouble?" came a deep voice from the steel steps and Big Jim Carpenter
stood leaning against the safety rail with a beaming smile. John smiled back with a slight
embarrassed look "Yeah, I found him in the woods near the site and Mildred suggested
I bring him to you" he said and closed the space between them.

The shaking of hands was watched on with curiosity by Neo as it seemed the two men
had forgotten about him, they talked without even a glance.
The two-year old struggled for a few seconds and then let his arms slide into the jacket
sleeves and for the first time in the boy's life, he wore clothes.
Jim winked at the smiling Jacobs and said "how about a coffee?" the two men descended
the stairs into the main part of the store.

Neo scampered warily after them.

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"What about these li'l wrigglers?" said the odd-looking woman in the large sunglasses and
Betty Carpenter left the counter to assist their first customer of the day. Business had been
quiet of late, but with the decision of Trenton Corp to have their latest launch site nearby,
Betty had assured her husband the money would come rolling in.

The lady in the short red dress, apparel certainly unsuitable to go fishing in -thought Betty
beamed a huge smile at the fisherman's wife and watched the store owner pull out a handful
of Shore Worms.

"Aye, these'll bring the Jaspers to the surface" Betty said with a grunt and held out the
writhing invertebrates at the black-haired woman. Boy In A Dress nodded and asked for a

The sound of footfalls from the stairs made them both look up and there stood Jim and
John Jacobs, Betty dropped the scoop of worms back into the barrel and ran to the dark
-haired visitor.

"Oh John..." Betty exclaimed as she grabbed the thin man and hugged him "... it's been
an age, where've yer' been?"
John hugged her back and smiled over Betty's shoulder at her husband, the kind-faced
six foot-four man smiled back. "I've been busy with the company and setting up the new
office" John wheezed and smelled lavender in the older woman's hair, she would always
be a second 'mother' to him he thought.

The little boy in the too-large jacket stood on the third step of the stair and surveyed the
scene with watchful eyes, BIAD sucked in a breath as he saw Neo glance his way.

Betty uncurled herself from John and looked back the waiting child, call it maternal
instinct -Jim thought, but his wife's mood changed and everyone in the room felt it.
Crouching to Neo's eye level, Betty whispered "and what would your name be?" Neo
looked at the nice woman with saucer-like eyes.

Then without another word, she led the lad off by the hand towards the kitchen, the
light sound of bare feet on wood made Jim feel melancholy.

"It's a gift John, I don't know how she does it" the big man said and reached for his pipe,
John merely nodded and watched the two figures disappear into the back of the store.
Jim Carpenter stoked the embers in the clay bowl of his pipe and pulled a kitchen match
out of his shirt pocket, and that's when he heard the bell above the front door jingle.

The female customer had left and never even bought anything.

The dusty front window showed the woman with man-like gait wandering off towards
the pier and both John and Jim looked at the large sunglasses left on the lid of the barrel
of Shore Worms.

"Strange lady?" Jim quipped and reached for the coffee pot.

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~*~*~*~ Ship Speaks ~*~*~*~

‘Silo, I know you can hear me...’ Ship waited in the silence but gained no response from Silo who floated in a limbo between time and space, between here and there.

‘Silo, please, can you try? You have to come back. There’s so much to tell you...’ Ship lowered the lights in the room and enveloped the healing machine with her presence.

‘I’ve never told you how you got here - that you weren’t shanghaied. It’s my fault Silo, I had Chumley bring you aboard.’ Ship’s voice roughened with emotion, ‘You and I are the last of our kind,’ Ship regressed, ‘but that’s another story. What’s important is you know I wanted you here.’

Silo lay still in her p.h.a.r.s - the life giving machine all hoped would repair Silo’s wounded body and bring her back to the living, or, if her injuries were beyond repair than allow her a painless journey from life to the realm of the Creator.

‘We’ve got so much more to do in the Center, you just have to wake up!’ Ship waited again in silence so sure the mention of the Center would rouse some reaction but Ship was disappointed again at the girl’s preternatural stillness.

‘You’re in the medical bay now you know,’ Ship changed the subject, ’and your friend Dag? She put up quite a fight when I had you moved here. And Adam? That silly blind man,‘ Ship chuckled at the surprise in store for the good ‘Doctor’, ‘He‘s aboard and I’ve even made him Chief Medical Officer.’ Ship almost began to explain about Bransom but stopped herself short. Later she thought when aid, when ATS Silo healed.

Aid To Ship Silo. Could it only have been so short a time ago she came aboard still clinging to her two-skin clothing from LAB, morphing in and out of walls at the slightest provocation, infatuated with UMans, hopelessly addicted to pretzels and then the Center. Ship gave a sigh and readied to leave, one last look at Silo and...

The soft hiss of doors opening, someone had entered the bay.

‘Deez!’ Ship shrieked. ’What are you doing here?’ Ship recoiled her presence from the squalid little creature scuttling into the room.

‘’ Deez wound his way forward around the legs of furniture never coming out of the shadows as he made his way to Silo’s p.h.a.r.s, ‘I was, clean the Bay.’ Deez sat suddenly and bared his teeth biting the air as he scratched frantically under his arm.

‘I don’t care why you’re here I want you out until Silo’s healed!’ Ships didn‘t mean to sound so desperate but fear tainted her words. ‘And that’s an order.’ Shaken by the little rodents weasely appearance a coil of real fear knotted in her gut. She despised the sniveling little excuse of life but the ‘thing’ had belonged to Antar who’d gone missing and was presumed dead leaving her ‘pet’ a burden for Ship to care for. If not for duty Ship would have jettisoned the beast out into space long ago.

‘Deez please, I’m upset but we all know how Silo felt about you. So, just please go and while you‘re at it find Chumley and tell him to report to...’ The door hissed open and Chumley entered the Bay ambling his massive body towards the p.h.a.r.s.

Stopping short Chumley growled under his breath bearing his jagged green teeth at the little creature scrapping and shrinking from his attention. ‘What are you doing here!’ Chumley closed one red rimmed eye and aimed his tail at the cowering Deez ready to send him flying with a sharp whip of his massive tail.

‘Stand down Officer!’ Ship commanded. Though she loathed Deez she didn’t want to see the pathetic thing squashed flat either.

‘Ship?’ Chumley smarted to attention Deez forgotten.

‘I’ve banned Deez from the Recovery Bay. He was just leaving weren’t you Deez?’ Without a word the long haired rodent exited the facilities, Ship activating the door sensors against allowing him entrance in the future.

‘Ban that thing from the Yydryl is better!’ Chumley scowled.

Ship agreed but kept silent willing the conversation back to Silo. Her voice came in a troubled sigh telling Chumley everything her words had not. ‘She’s still not responding.’

‘What we do?’ Chumley cocked his head at Silo. ‘I try everything Mam. Even pretzels.’ His face broke into a bittersweet smile.

‘Good thinking.‘ Ship complimented, ‘Any success? Did she move or speak, anything?‘ Ship asked hopefully.

‘No Mam. Nothing. I don’t think she knows were‘ Chumley’s fat lower lip pouted and drooped impossibly low laying against his massive chest.

‘Chumley, she does know we’re here, I promise, and she needs constant company. In fact I was thinking it’s time to give Dag an appointment on the Yydryl. Go find her and we’ll make her ‘Interim Assistant to Ship and place her guarding Silo. I don’t want her left alone again.’ Ship added thinking of Deez.

‘Her?’ Chumley’s massive eyebrows closed the chasm of his forehead to bunch together. ‘Dag‘s a lad.’ Chumley copied Adam’s word making Ship smile. Even the Regalian was smitten with the doctor.

‘Chumley, Dag is most assuredly not a ‘lad’ though I hear she’s as good with weapons as one. Plus, from what I understand she and Silo knew each other at LAB and that makes her the perfect person to stand guard. So, go on now and find her. On your way back take her by Deson in the Armory, he’ll know just how to outfit her.’

‘Yes Mam...’ Chumley saluted first Silo’s then the room and Ship before leaving to follow orders.

‘Ship?’ He called from the door just before he left, ‘Will Silo live?’ His lips quivered beyond his control.

Ship thought long before she answered. The Regalian had already lost so much. First his beloved Whisper and now? But honesty ruled even when it was hard news.

‘Chumley, I just don’t know.’ Ship watched the Security Officer’s eyes fill with tears before he saluted again and left to go find Dag.


Silo did know they were there and she did hear the comforting voices of her friends, if not their words.

Then came the voice that jarred her from ‘beyond’ a voice that ignited the fire of fear at her core and struck straight to her heart infusing action into her form. Unnoticed by her friends Silo shuddered.

Deez. Deez was close and where he lurked evil was his shadow.

Her unreasonable fear of Deez moved her where her friends had not - Silo began to wake.

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"These are not the droids you're looking for" said Death and as he waved his skeletal
hand, he snickered beneath his dark hood. The Maintainence droid flashed the two
dull lights on his chest and a click from inside indicated it had gone into 'sleep' mode.
Death waited until the steady ticking of heated metal stopped and then leaned close
to the head of the robot.

"When I deem the time correct, you will awake and continue with your tasks, but you
will not recall this meeting..." Death stood to his full height "... your memory banks
will show no such event" he finished.

The Refuse Hold stank of stale food and standing water, the piles of dark-blue sacks
seemed to go on forever.

Death's form swirled and if the monitoring scanners of the droid were active, the
image would have shown an ageing Pat Hingle in orange overalls.
Pat sighed and surveyed the heaps of rubbish.

"Now little Carpet, I have a task for thou" Death whispered in that easy drawl and
wandered along the aisle with the fade yellow line in the midde. The portly figure
ambled through the hold at a steady gait and with his hands stuffed into the pockets
of his overalls, the scene was of a man taking a peaceful stroll.

The bag holding the small portion of Carpet rose in the air from the third pile nearest
the Ejection Door and silently made it's way towards Pat Hingle, the actor of many movies
smiled fatherly and waited for the plastic sack to arrive.

Ship's lights flickered in the hold as Death searched the room for anymore security
devices and the last of any evidence of the presence of The One Of The Bridge was washed
"How yer' doing -little fella?" Pat asked amiably and after pulling the zipper of the sack
open, he peered in. Carpet lay near a crumpled plastic cup and two sachets of Petter
Oil... there wasn't much of him left.

Death again waved a hand and the fragment of cloth-like material moved slightly.
The shape of the old man in the overalls changed again and like liquid, Pat Hingle poured
himself into the crumpled sack of rubbish.
"We're going to become good friends, you and I" the low voice of Death said softly
and then all was quiet again.

The Droid beeped twice and then set off on it's duties again.
The first chore was to clear Aisle IV of any fallen refuse sacks... it's important that
that these areas were kept open.

The Ejection Door slid open and the weakened piece of Carpet and Death waited in
the darkness of the bag together for their space journey, except on this one they would
travel through time as well.

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"Yeah... you think?" shouted Nenothtu at the sitting Tibbs and the Vithian sighed towards
the lapping waters. "It's a given fact that two facets of the same being cannot exist in close
proximity" Tibbs repeated and tossed a pebble into the lake, the splash made a 'plop' sound.

Neno fumed at the stupid rules of time and space and pondered whether to punt the little
guy sitting at the end of the pier into the same existing proximity of the pebble.

The Boy In A Dress stepped onto the rough planking of the jetty and secretly enjoyed the
sound of his high heels on the wood, his pace indicated he had news.

Nenothtu watched the hermaphrodite with hooded eyes and felt the light breeze from the
lake cooling his anger at having stay on the side-lines. Tibbs struggled to his feet and felt
the Gunman's strong hand help him up, "one day, you're gonna have to explain why these
things have to be" Neno whispered to the grateful old man and small smile appeared under
his beard.

"He's... you're safe, the kid has been passed on to the Carpenters..."BIAD said loudly as he
approached his two friends "...what you told us has come to pass, Neno" The Vandal nodded
and gave the impression he wanted to be away from his boyhood surroundings.

Nenothtu and the man/girl both looked down at Tibbs for what to do next, nobody saw the
floating dark-blue sack nearing the pier.
Tibbs felt the familair shape of the amulet in the bottom of the satchel on his hip and
dramatically cleared his throat, Neno rested his hand on his pistol butt and BIAD hummed
to himself, both knew the little man would not be rushed.

"I have set the amulet to return along the same time-thread as the one we arrived on, if
the space-time continuum remains constant, then we should be back on the Yydryl and this
time,in the correct time phase" Tibbs lifted himself up on his tip-toes and showed his
contentment of his plan.

The plastic refuse bag slid onto the pebbled beach under the pier as Tibbs laid out his plan
and in the darkness of the sealed sack, Death giggled softly and Carpet listened to the
chuckle with dread. "They have no idea what their future holds" Death whispered and the
nervous Carpet wondered what his part would be in all of this.

The familiar blue-white flash told The Taker Of The Fallen that the three travellers had
left the area and if the passing Grebe had looked left, it would have seen the rubbish bag
swell and rip into a hundred pieces, the bird would have surely fled at the sight of the
unfurling giant in the dark robes.

Carpet felt the smooth stones under his body and stretched his rejuvinated form into
his old shape, Death looked on as Carpet moved away from the water's edge.

"In yonder store, a child resides that I require you to befriend... " Death said haughtily,
"... in years to come, he will be the Harbinger of Horror and the galaxies will tremble
at his name" Carpet felt the seriousness of the announcement and shuddered his
nap wave-like.

"You will report to me if any of those three interact with the youngster again" Death
hissed "... do you understand me?"
Carpet whispered an affirmative and the tall robed figure that looked out across the
lake reminded the odd-looking being beside him "do never forget... you belong to me

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Coming Soon...

posted on Apr, 18 2011 @ 12:11 AM

~*~*~*~ The Naked Truth ~*~*~*~

Adam thrust Dag from him, his eyes wide, his expression wretched with all the love, hate, confusion and helplessness of a man in love, and from those conflicting emotions anger surfaced first.

‘Why didn’t you tell me!’ He exploded more accusation than question.

Wiping the back of her hand across her bruised lips Dag’s eyes sparkled dangerously from under a fallen lock of white gold hair.

‘Would you believe me if I told you I didn’t know?’ The feral gleam burned brighter when Adam made the mistake of dropping his jaw, unable to answer, disbelief fanning the lines at the corners of his eyes.

‘Ad-am, don’t answer that.’ She held up a hand, ’Don’t say a thing.’ Dag writhed out of her lab coat, then her ‘two-skin‘ a protective covering that molded to her body, the utilitarian garment worn by all from LAB. Naked, the chill air rising bumps along her skin Adam saw, and understood the changes his touch, and his love had unleashed in her body. A man first, a doctor second Adam marveled at what he saw.

Her narrow boy like hips had widened as did the curves to her upper body, once flat now ripened and rounded into two separate globes. Her flat stomach flared gently giving her curves the softness of a woman just come into her own. Thighs sleek and firm tapered down to long slender legs, ankles and feet.

Adam’s eyes flashed from her body to her eyes with a thousand and one questions all snapping like sparks.

‘Tell me.’ He said and stepped toward her, drawn to her, needing to touch her, reassure her. When he did Dag didn’t flinch.

‘Not all LAB ‘Rats’,’ Dag gave a bitter sweet smile and continued, ‘...not all of us are ‘gender specific’ at creation.’ A blush crossed her cheeks and her eyes softened in pain. ‘Some of us never arrive to maturity, if you want to call it that, but are perpetually caught in pre-pubescent conflict. A mistake in the ‘recipe’ they call it.’ Dag’s eyes flashed again, Adam, appalled by the revelation caressed Dag’s shoulders wanting to lend her his unspoken strength and understanding.

‘Go on...’ He whispered pulling her close, molding her into his embrace.

‘It’s in the ‘knowing’ Adam.’ Dag sighed against his shoulder and shuddered slightly.

‘The ‘knowing’? Adam’s lips brushed her hair while pulling a blanket from Silo’s bed and wrapping it around the woman in his arms.

‘Yes. In the final moment of ‘knowing’, when we respond to the one,‘ Dag stopped and began to cry softly, ‘Adam I can’t explain it, not really, but, here I am...‘ Dag relaxed inwardly but still stood rigid and giving at once in his arms.

‘You don’t have to say a word lass. Just know I’m sorry girl, believe that.’ Adam’s breath caressed her cheek where he bent to speak closer to her ear.

‘Forgive you for what? For thinking you desired a boy?’ Dag’s nervous laughter revealed the vulnerability she’d so tried to hide.

‘No, for questioning you, even for a moment.’

When Dag didn’t answer Adam pulled her towards Silo’s bed and felt Dag stiffen.

‘No lass, it’s not what you think.’ Adam smiled thinly but understood. One moment ago he’d been about to ravish her, now he wanted to give her more of the same but not in the way she thought.

Passing by the bed Adam stepped farther into the next room and continued to the gigantic window covering the whole end of the room, Silo’s portal to the stars and what lay beyond the Yydryl. With a wave of his hand Adam closed the window a shiny surface much like a mirror slipped noiselessly in place.

It wasn’t embarrassment that kept Dag from dropping the blanket she hid behind but the fear Adam wouldn’t like what he saw reflected before them in the mirror. She was more female than she imagined Dag admitted to herself ruefully.

Adam understood her at once but knew better. Removing the blanket carefully from her shoulders Adam slid behind Dag taking her hands into his.

What happened next was a wonder of exploration, passion, revelation and an act to banish fear. Without a word Adam led her hands across the contours of her body guiding her tentative touch firmly, insistently. He taught or her to feel the beauty in the lines of her form then the places only lovers knew. A touch behind the ear, behind the knee, the small of her back, secret places. He taught her the textures hills and valleys of her maturity all the while watching her reaction in the great mirror range from subtle to sublime. Dag was female, but it was her love for Adam and his love in return that brought that femaleness to life.

Adam pushed her away again, gently this time and turning her in his hands faced her with his soul reflected in his eyes. He wanted her. He loved her and like this with his gaze glistening in emotion he looked more beautiful than Dag had ever seen him, something she thought impossible.

Confident Dag began plucking at the long row of buttons running up Adams’ chest. It was her turn to see him. With infinite care and trembling fingers Dag released him from his clothes though her desire would have had her rip at its seams.

‘Dag, you’re something out of my dreams lass, so sweet and warm in my hands. I’m wanting you,’ His voice lowered his brogue more pronounced than ever, ‘If you strip me bare now I’ll be needing to cover you. Do you understand what that means?‘ Adam, ready to give more or to get out held his breath for her answer.

Dag nodded and ducked her head so Adam couldn’t see the bright hot flame scorching her cheeks. The flame of innocence, of passion and a woman’s triumph. He wanted her!

Tipping her head back with a finger under her chin Adam remonstrated gently, ‘Never be shy with me nor ever turn your face from me again, not now, not ever. It’s a beautiful thing we share and your a braw female entitled to feel your own power. It’s as old as time and more powerful still. Without the draw there’d be no future, no love, no this...’ Adam licked his lips and ducked his head to kiss her again.

‘Adam?’ She whispered pulling away a fraction of an inch before accepting his kiss.

‘Yes?’ He groaned his resolve about to break.

‘Quit talking...’ Dag commanded as she dipped her head to run her tongue once across the salty skin of his chest taking in the taste and scent of her man.

Adam growled and pulled her to him, lifting her on her toes to meet his lips, his...

The door behind them slid open with a hiss. Dag and Adam sprang from each other like criminals and bending down to snatch the blanket from the floor Dag brought her head up, as Adam the slower of the two brought his head down unable to stop his motion but knowing what was about to happen, and knowing it was going to hurt. Bad.

Dag’s head smashed into Adam’s nose the bone crunching cruelly releasing gouts of blood that spurt between his fingers clutching at his exploding face. The pain was blinding. Eyes watering and barely able to breath Adam reached out to adjust the blanket across her shoulders and hips making sure Dag was fully covered just as Chumley stepped into the room.

The look on his face was fantastic. There was his little friend Dag, naked and wrapped in a blood stained wrap her violet eyes wide with fear, her face stained deep red, her shock of white hair ruffled. Adam his hands clutching at his face unable to stem the flow of blood running fast between his fingers groaning his complexion pale his stance miserable.

Looking from one to the other Chumley wasn’t sure what he was seeing. Retreating a step back he wrung his tentacles not sure what to say or to do next. Adam’s blood spattering the rug focused his mind.

‘Ohhhhh! ‘ Chumley howled his head flung back, ‘Ohhhh Adam, you can’t do that Adam, you stop that, now! Carpet will killlll you!’ The great green Regalian squealed like a little girl, ’Adam that’s blooood you’re getting all over!’ Chumley galloped for the door where the intercom system rode the wall and called for working droids. Arms waving, tail held high in the air Chumley hurtled back to Adam and without thinking grabbed the first thing he could to help staunch the blood. He snatched the blanket Dag was clutching to her chest and ripped it from her grasp stuffing it into Adams hands and up against his nose.

Dag let out a shriek and streaked past them to the bed the white flash of her nicely rounded buttocks the last thing they saw before she disappeared under the covers.

Chumley, mouth hanging open looked from Adam, back to the lump under the covers and back to Adam again before muttering the first thing that popped into his mind.

‘Nice as...’

Chumley didn’t finish the word before his nose exploded in pain bright green blood showering from the spot where Adam’s fist had plowed into his face.

Eyes running tears, his tentacles plastered over his nose to try and stop the bleeding Chumley grunted, shook his head, and grunted again.

‘You better call for another droid there big guy or your friend Carpet isn’t going to like you much either.’ Adam’s broken nose giving his voice a nasally twang.

Chumley taking a closer look at the pool of green at his feet looked up, paled to a putrid beige, rolled his eyes back in their stems and with tentacles flopping to his side the big Regalian promptly hit the floor.

‘Chumley! It’s just a little blood!’ Adam laughed around his pain before noticing the bright pool of liquid red at his own feet. His last thought was of Carpet, and how he was about to meet him head first. Adam was about to do something he’d never done. He fainted.

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The Pyramid's shadow lay East as Tibbs emptied his scuffed boot of dry sand and the
weary Vithian looked through squinted eyes at the scene before him. The smaller
structures seemed to pale in the shade of the larger Pyramid and Tibbs saw Nenothtu
and Boy In A Dress staring at the wonderous scene.

"I'm sorry... okay?" Tibbs called and lifted the satchel to his shoulder with a grunt.
Before they had left Vandalia, BIAD had acquired some food and refilled the canteen
from their Tombstone episode. Nenothtu stood like a statue and remained silent, BIAD
showed a red-nailed thumbs-up and grinned that all was okay.

"It's so damned big" Neno muttered and craned his neck towards the Pyramid's apex.
Two irrigation ditches bubbled water nearby and the ancient wheel that fed the narrow
trench creaked in the early evening desert breeze.

The sun was racing West and the pennants on the tall poles fluttered in a half-hearted
desert breeze, the marquee canvas barely moved. Nenothtu and Tibbs looked at each
other and the waiting BIAD wondered what would be said next.

"It's not my doing... the amulet works fine" Tibbs said to the tall Gunman, Neno's face
showed nothing to indicate annoyance, so Tibbs pressed on.
"From my calculations, this looks like..." Tibbs began -but Nenothtu interupted "Eygpt?"
The lop-sided grin of the tall man showed sarcasm, but it faded as Tibbs corrected him
with "Carbiox"

Boy In A Dress wandered off towards the tented area and the hermaphrodite checked
his senses for any dangers, but his 'hair alarm' seemed calm. Neno scanned the canvases
with hooded eyes.

"Out in the Triton system is a dry world that was used for many centuries as a dumping
ground for a race known as Light Flayers" Tibbs reached into his robes and produced a
small screen pad. " This desert planet of Carbiox is inhabited by a meek people who
enjoy a peaceful existence due to their ability of a type of 'mind-control' The Light
Flayers steered clear of them, but still deposited their wasted technologies here"

Nenothtu unholstered his gun and checked the chamber, it was an automatic action
that he barely noticed. "So what do we do now?" he muttered and sighed in the
early-evening warmth.
The Vithian focused on the small machine in his hand and remained silent.

"There's some steps!" called BIAD and waved from the stone stairway that rose from
behind the marquee, the man/girl seemed to be enjoying this latest adventure.
Tibbs finished his studying and looked up at Nenothtu, "I believe that the answers
lay ahead, but be warned... keep your mind ready, Carbioxians will find someone
as yourself very valuable"

Nenothtu showed a tight smile and tapped the worn butt of his revolver "I'll keep this
ready -old man" he hissed and set off to find what that crazy wig-wearing BIAD was
crowing about.

posted on Apr, 21 2011 @ 12:05 PM

The sight of hundreds of miles of broken and tangled machinery laying in the desert
sand with the ancient Pyramids looking on, seemed surreal and the floating objects
that glowed above all the wreckage made Tibbs think of a painting of Hades he had
seen in a museum on Threll XI.

Nenothtu and Boy In A Dress stood behind the small Vithian and took in the vista
before them, the sun was well on it's way to bed and the floating blobs seemed
like huge jellfish aimlessly patroling the hills of debris.

"What the-hell are those things?" Neno asked and patted Tibbs on the head, the
act of a pet-owner and the bearded time-traveller shuffled away whilst adjusting
his crumpled hood.
"Sky-Hooks... automated craft that search the rubbish for any salvageable components"
Tibbs muttered and straightened his robes.

The three wanderers stood at the top of the stairs that joined a walkway that went to
the foot of the Pyramid, the tents, banners and flags were below them and up to now,
the whole area seemed to be deserted of anyone.

"So why are we here?" BIAD asked and threw his hair back and for the first time, Neno
saw for an instance that the man/girl had an Adam's Apple, his black hair quickly gathered
itself around his neck like settling vipers. The tall Vandalian with the cold eyes ignored the
question and crouched down to examine the contents of Tibbs's satchel.

As Neno rummaged through the bag, Tibbs spoke while occasionally glancing at the
Gunman's searching. "I have no idea, but if memory serves, this is where the concept of
merging Dark Matter and Dark Energy together began... a dark day for Carbiox indeed"
Nenothtu snorted at the poor joke and then showed that famous lop-sided grin at the
old man "found them" he hissed.

A moment later, Neno blew huge streams of cigar smoke into the early evening air
and BIAD guessed he was looking at a content man, Neno was grinning.
A whole minute passed before the tall man with the five-inch stogie said in an easy
tone "So we're here to stop somebody building something or to take someone out,
huh?" the burning coals of the cigar glowed like a mini-Sky-Hook.

The hermaphrodite in the red dress walked a few yards towards the other end of the
walkway and pondered where it must lead, the track was certainly man-made and just
seemed to 'fizzle' out at the foot of a pile of wires, monitors and odd-looking boxes.

"The Carbioxians live under all this and I'll wager we're here to stop the beginning of
The Rift" announced Tibbs and picked up the time-worn bag.

Nenothtu let plumes of smoke drift from his nostrils as he turned to face his small
friend and responded with "Once more unto the breach, dear friends, once more"
Both BIAD and Tibbs stared at the passing Gunman as he set off -cigar in clentched teeth
towards the Pyramid door.

"Unto?" whispered Boy In A Dress and Tibbs only shrugged as he followed the tall man.

posted on Apr, 22 2011 @ 02:16 PM

The stone door stood fourteen-feet high and twelve-feet wide and BIAD reckoned
even a plasma-cannon wouldn't make a dent, the dying embers of Neno's cigar on
the rough surface didn't appear to help either.

Red streaks lay across the sky now with twilight not far away and the strange floating
robotic craft seemed like tired fireflies picking over the wastes of wreckage.

Tibbs traced the strange runes on the doorframe and scratched his beard in thought.
"The Carbioxians had a saying... now, what was it?" the Vithian muttered to himself
and the tall Gunman and Boy In A Dress leaned closer to hear.

Tibb's cleaned his spectacles as he pondered the riddle, then Nenothtu offered help.
"What about 'Never Hit Your Mother With A Shovel, It Leaves A Dull impression On Her
Mind?" he said and glanced at BIAD with humour.

Tibbs showed an acid grin and placed the glasses back on his head.
The Man/girl slipped his hands on his hips and suggested "what about 'Never Eat Yellow
Snow'... does that help?" the hermaphrodite's bare shoulders shuddered with mirth.

The small man in the dusty robes shook his head and placed his deeply-lined hand back
on the carved patterns.
"They lived in peace for centuries and these watch-words were the backbone of their
society" Tibbs's voice was small under the flowing beard.

"Always shake it twice?" Neno tossed in, BIAD countered with "Always make sure your
nylons are on straight?" and the unlikely comedy duo cracked up with guffaws of laughter.

Tibbs turned to watch the two men doubled-up in mirth and waited until their cackles
became light chuckles.
"You know what it is..." Tibbs announced and lifted his chin in seriousness "... it's the
air here on Carboxia, it's so ionised -it's making you giddy!" he snapped and whirled
back to his business.

Neno showed a fake-sad mouth and widened his eyes at Boy In A Dress and the man/girl
showed a tight no-lips smile as if he was holding something back.
The pair sighed together and watched the smaller man.

The small screen appeared from Tibbs's pocket again and with a speed of a younger man,
he touched the monitor in a blur.
"Ah... there it is" he said softly and the hand-held device was lost among the dark-brown
garment again.
The Vithian touched four of the symbols carved on the framwork and almost at once, the
huge chunk of stone began to slide with a muffled rumble. Neno unholstered his pistol
and BIAD's hair began to lengthen, Tibbs knew that it would be prudent to stand behind
his friends now, the darkness within seemed unwelcoming.

As the three wanderers scanned the gloom of the entrance, nobody noticed the luminous
craft above them that had come to investigate Tibbs's technology.

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