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The Voyages of the Penelope and the Yydryl

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posted on Feb, 4 2010 @ 04:06 AM

'Silo, what are you doing!'
Carpet's rebuke caught me so off guard I fell from the wall landing in a tangled pile of limbs and eye stalks in the middle of the floor. I'd been making my way down the corridor in morph where Carpet found me just before I made the last turn to Swarg's cell.

Carpet! How do you do that! Creator, don't sneak up on me like that!' I hissed. "If you'd waited a second longer...'
'Exactly, If I'd waited you'd already be in there!' He hissed back. 'Thank the Gods I stopped you before you got to the Ensign! Now I repeat! What do you think you're doing!' Carpet, as serious as I'd ever heard him sobered me. Fact was I didn't have a clue what I'd do once I reached Swarg.

'Oh bother!' I moaned. 'Carpet, I don't know what I'm doing! But I refuse to just let Swarg die especially if I think I can help him!' Hands on hips I stamped my foot, something Carpet definitely did not like.

'So how do you propose to help him Silo?' Carpet's tone turned growlish causing me to blanch. Carpet didn't exaggerate. If he growled or groused at all the situation wasn't just bad, it was worse.

'Look Carpet, I found something at the Recovery Bay that will separate Swarg from that Thing. We can save him Carpet, I know we can!' I nearly whined.

'And the Thing? What about it? What about when it's free of Swarg? Carpet asked pointedly ignoring my use of the plural.

'Well... I hadn't quite figured that part out yet but...' I stammered thankful Carpet hadn't asked me what it was I'd found to 'help'. Somehow putting my trust in a trinket I'd bribed from a hungry little pet didn't seem as brilliant an idea now as when I started out.

'Ok, so let me get this straight. Without knowing what you're going to do and armed with hope alone you're still going in there regardless whether you get killed in the process or not, is that it?' Carpet put a fine tune on the question that might have swayed me if there wasn't another's life hinging on my willingness to try.

'Yes that's it exactly. I'd never live with myself, or you, if we didn't.' I let my response sink in hoping it would have the correct effect.

'Nothing like putting a friend on the spot eh Silo? Carpet chuckled grimly. 'Ok, I'll help but we've got to hurry.'

Relief flooded through me making me lightheaded. I wasn't in this alone any longer.

'But what about the Thing? Once they separate how do we get rid of It?' I questioned while motioning guardian droids to my side and readying myself to enter the cell and face Swarg.

'How about the torpedo room?'

'The what?' Carpet's suggestion went right over my head, my mind went blank.

'The torpedo room! Ship ordered you to eliminate him, right? So do it. Take Swarg to the torpedo room in energy chains, prepare him for elimination and at the last second jettison the entity instead!' He made is sound so simple.

'Carpet, are you completely deranged! How do I jettison It, and not Swarg?' I almost cried. 'That's it, be a good little Monster, go ahead, just climb in this here tube and...' I was getting hysterical.

'As if you have a better idea? He sneered. 'Look Silo, whatever we do we've got to do it now! We're running out of time!' Carpet clipped off his words like he'd said more than he ought.

'What aren't you telling me Carpet?' I glared down at my friend, the hairs on my neck began to stiffen and shiver up and down my spine.

'Silo, I didn't come here to help you I came because Ship sent me. She's calling for you back on the Command Deck. It's time to prepare to disengage the Pod.'

An icy fear that had nothing to do with Swarg or the Thing gripped my gut.

Ship was commanding me to prepare her for suicide.

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posted on Feb, 4 2010 @ 08:56 AM

Well the Opi's will know Starwolf is not alone. Time for payback!

"Helm, full ahead"
"Aye sir!" came the reply.
"Ms Craig, shields to full, power the rail guns"
"Shields at maximum Chief, rail guns at full capacity"
"Branson, Chumley, vector down to the planet and come up behind the two sheared off pylons, blow the engines off then send the remains into the planets atmosphere, that will show the population there is a fight on up here to try and save them"

"Yes sir!" the crisp reply was almost startling.

As we came over the moon's horizon the Cruisers had carved up the space platforms so recently pointed down as doomsday weapons, so ineffectual as planetary defense. The Dreadnought had stabilized, the two Cruisers flanking the massive ship, the post side Cruiser was dealing with the last platform, her beams of energy slicing the platform as if it were an apple, the Dreadnought and starboard Cruiser were almost at right angles to Penelope but the port Cruiser was showing us her rear.

"Helm" I barked "Get us square on to the port Cruiser's ass, before she has a chance to turn"

"Aye Sir!" helm responded.

"Sheila, sequential rail guns on the port Cruiser, hit her down the long axis, FIRE!"

As each rail gun fired the Penelope shuddered slightly, in spite of the Bergenholm inertia damping field, accelerating a 1 meter disk of copper to 60%+ of light speed was going to be tough on the ship.

"Incoming energy beams!"

For a moment everyone prayed, then the beams hit, dozens of them, the white cutting beams and pulsed violet beams, the shields held, expanded and held again, we now sat inside an elongated bubble that grew until it was nearly a kilometer outside the ship's hull. Swirls of energy danced through the shield, colours refracted in all directions, energy splashed like water off a wall.

"Sheila, continuous fire!" the Penelope shuddered again and again, then almost in slow motion the Cruiser bulged in the center as the rail gun hit their main reactor then flew apart in a cascade of molten metal, streams of energy and thousands of pieces. The entire crew erupted cheering, clapping and waving of fists.

"Sir" a strident cry from the sensor station "The Opi Dreadnought has fired a salvo of 30 missiles at the planet!"

"Deson!, stop those missiles!"

"Already moving Chief" Deson was calm and calculating.

A swarm of Deson drones streaked around the planet like angry bees, as they neared the missiles the ships linked together forming a single mesh, all of the drones fired in unison, a wall of missiles detonated the nuclear warheads, the drones sprang apart and became tiny fireflies, almost impossible for the Opi weapons to lock on to, brilliant tactics!

Then came a sound from deep withing the ship, a tearing of metal, a grinding of steel upon steel.

"Chief!" came Ms Craig's voice "We have lost the rear rail gun, the Bergenholm coils have collapsed and the whole section moved back through two bulkheads!"

Damn! Two capital ships and we are down to one gun! "Sheila, alternate firing on the remaining ships, cut through the the engines first then try for their shield generators"

"Sir! the Dreadnought has fired at the planet again!"

Deson reported at the same time, "I have them"

Desons drones reformed but instead of a wall the drones formed a cone, the mouth facing the emerging missiles, when they were in range the fighters fired a mass of green energy that coalesced into a single intense beam sweeping through the missiles before they had cleared the Dreadnought by more than a couple of kilometers.

"122 nuclear Missiles rising from the planet sir!, they are targeting the remaining Cruiser" Finally, the planets military had gotten their act together.

"Branson, Chumley, annoy that cruiser! don't let them pick off the missiles but stay away from their weapons fire of there won't be enough of you to fill an ashtray!"

"Yahoo!" said Branson as the two fighters mirrored the drones and linked to become one, Branson doing the flying and Chumley on weapons, I can imagine the grin on Chumley's face with all that fire power under his multiple digits. They came in from above, diving down the forward side, energy beams lashing and missiles detonating, then diving down and away to repeat the pass on the underside, the Opi's shields flickered as our rail gun tore another hole in the side of the Cruiser, "Branson! get clear now!" I yelled as the missiles approached. Branson tore down the top side straight through the incoming missiles, the first missiles hit the weakened shields and brought them down, the rest impacted one after the other down the length of the ship, the blaze of energy and radiation tore the ship from stem to stern.

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posted on Feb, 5 2010 @ 09:51 AM

With four guardian droids flanking Swarg bound in walking chains glowing at his wrists and ankles we made our way silently from his prison cell. I gave Swarg no clue of my plans to free him, I still wasn't sure if I even could. With his head bowed he fell into step almost gratefully. He'd given up.

Reaching the torpedo room, the floors slick plasticine I realized too late I'd be alone, Carpet could not enter with us. With no time to stop and regroup, with no idea how to get the Thing into the torpedo tubes, it began to look like I'd have no choice but to eliminate Swarg. Maybe I'd given up too.

Time ran in slow motion, but all too fast as I ordered two of the guards to remain at the door, the second pair of droids to prepare the captive for jettison.
Stripping him bare of anything but the energy bands it was all I could do not to recoil at the wounds and scars crisscrossing Swarg's body.
Positioned next to the torpedo shoot the droids waited as I asked Swarg for his final words to be recorded in Ship's log. His reply sickened me to the core.

'Use you knife Silo.' He replied without looking up as a droid secured a blindfold over his eyes. 'Silo please.' His voice broke. 'Don't fire me out into space alive, I'm begging you.' The track of tears streaming from under the blindfold was all I needed to convince me if I couldn't find a way to separate Swarg and the evilness within him, the least I could do is grant him his dying wish.

Wondering where I'd find the strength to do as he asked as my fingers closed over my knife and the Eye hidden deep in the folds of the pouch at my waist. Pulling them out as one I raised my hand, stepped towards Swarg, and all hell broke loose.

From outside the corridor an earsplitting howl shook the hall causing all inside the room to brace themselves as the floor shuddered and rolled underfoot. Hands over my ears my head rang like I'd been hit, the droids faltered at their posts, the energy bands began to slip from Swarg who was all but free yet petrified in place with terror.

Falling hard to the floor I watched as the droids completely succumbed and tipped over in their places. Swarg, like me, slumped to his feet then toppled as if struck. No one or thing was left untouched by the awful pandemonium growing louder and nearer by the second.
As the ground beneath us shook, as bedlam came closer, I rolled sideways ever closer, then face to face with Swarg.
The Eye now hot in my hand took on a life of it's own and with a force beyond my own my hand shot forward like a projectile. I slammed the Eye directly into Swarg's head just above his blindfold as unleashed hell itself blasted through the door with the force of a hurricane.

'MY EYE!' It bellowed stomping across the floor to where Swarg lay with the Eye burrowing into his forehead.
'MY EYE! GIVEZ ME MY EYE' It boomed as front legs extended it snatched up Swarg by the neck shaking him like a plaything.

With a horrific rage the mountain of fur and flesh continued thrashing Swarg while the Ensign's body flopped sickeningly in its claws. Forcing Swarg to within inches of it's face it bellowed again but Swarg was too far gone to respond, the Eye had vanished under his skin.
Fearing for what would happen next I tried to close my eyes but could not. Then, as a seething mass, black and foul and dripping started to leak from the lifeless Ensign I shuttered in revulsion. The Thing was finally exiting it's host.

'MY EYEEEEE!' Deez howled again before hurtling the lifeless body of Swarg across the room forgetting the Ensign a soon as he hit the floor.
Crawling to the Swarg, covering him with my body while at the same time pulling him beneath me I got him part way into the hall where Carpet enveloping his head and torso continued pulling him safety from the room just as Deez grabbed my foot and dragged me back in.
That the beast was Deez I had no doubt but how he'd gotten to be so huge, and fierce, was beyond my comprehension. And that he'd turned on me? I saw my life flash before my eyes.

"GIVE...ME...MY...EYE!' He half sobbed and half roared sending spittle and thick green saliva exploding across my face.
'Deez,I don't have it!' I shrieked. 'It has your Eye! Not me Deez. Not me!' Facing row after row of glistening fangs I couldn't think, all I could do was sob and plead. Whatever Deez had become he was far from the little being I'd yelled at. The tables had turned, now I knew how he'd felt.

'Deez! IT has your eye Deez! Not me! IT has your Eye!' Thrashing in his grip I tried to point to the black oozing mass making it's way slowly across the floor. Angry and deaf to my pleading Deez would have none of it he just continued howling for his Eye.
Then it hit me. Food. It had worked before, maybe it would work again!

'MY EYE! GIVEZ ME MY..." He roared again but this time I was ready.
Slapping Deez as hard as I could cross his massive face, giving him a blow laced with strength stemming from terror I bellowed right back at him with all the authority I could muster. 'DEEZ! SHUT UP AND LISTEN!'

Blinking rapidly Deez reared back his head and look down his nose at me, clearly astonished at being hit.

'DEEZ! I'LL GIVE YOU FOOD! Just like before! Remember Deez, remember food? I GIVE YOU FOOD!' Pounding on paws holding me in a crushing grip I tried squirming from his grasp. His grip loosened, my hysterics kicked in double time.

'That's it Deez! FOOD! I PROMISE!' Panting out a litany I cried as his grip loosened even more. 'Deez, I Promisepromisepromise! Remember Promise? Deez, Take back your Eye! Get it Deez! Get your Eye from the Thing and I give you food!

'FOOOOOOOODDDDD!' The overgrown Deez rocked back on his heels the word hissing through his fangs splattering me with more spittle and slime.

'YES Deez! Like before! Go Get Your Eye! I give FOOD Deez! More FOOD!' I screamed for the last time ending on a breathless sob. I was spent. I had nothing left.

Slamming me to the floor, knocking what little wind out of me that remained stars fell before my eyes, my ears burned and the room began to grow dark. Fighting the faint I raised myself up forcing myself to my feet to scramble after Deez. I had to make sure he got rid of the evil that had been inside of Swarg. I had to see him do it.

A preternatural black filled the corner of the Torpedo room. From it's depths glowed the Eye, the center shinny and red. Deez'es Eye.
Snapping and slavering, claws unsheathed and deadly as razors Deez turned and howling in half mad glee and rage advanced on the Thing.

'MY EYE! GET MY EYE! FOOOOOD! DEEZ GET FOOOOOD!" Deez'es hellish crooning pierced the air with more earsplitting yelps as he began a ruthless attack, the entity trying it's best to retreat deeper into the corner.

With claws longer than my arm Deez snatched up the mass of rolling evil and began to shake it as he had Swarg.
Blood, thick stinking and black poured from the Thing in waves. Spraying across the floor turning it slick, painting the walls and ceiling carnage flew until there wasn't a surface left untouched by it's foulness. I couldn't tell how the Thing was damaging Deez, but that it was was evident by Deez'es grunts of pain, his gray fur red and smeared with his own blood. Still Deez fought on making his way slowly to the open torpedo tube with the entity writhing and squirming in his claws.

Then, to my horror I remembered the droids were down. There was no one at the controls.

Sobbing and screaming encouragement to Deez I slipped and slid to the control panel brushing off what ooze congealed there with my hands. Punching buttons, pulling handles I screamed again in frustration and fear, hoping beyond hope I'd readied the tubes correctly.

Deez, weakening by the moment continued clawing and digging for his Eye as it rolled and seethed at the center of the black mass. Pushing most of the entity into the torpedo tube Deez began kicking with his huge back feet forcing the Thing into the tube giving no quarter in the last moments of the struggle.

Did it sense it's own impending death? Somehow it must have for it made it's way half way out of the shaft again before Deez gave a final bloodcurdling howl, sunk his teeth deep and ripped the Eye from the middle of the bucking mass forcing what was left of it fully into the hollow tube. Heaving and moaning in pain Deez moved aside having lost interest in anything but the glowing orb he clutched to his chest.

My fear of Deez was nothing compared to the fear the Thing would somehow get back out of where I prayed it was finally trapped. Slipping and sliding in the muck beneath my feet I lurched for the secondary cap. With shaking hands I slammed it shut and spun the lid closed.
A muffled scream reached my ears, filling me with a new dread even as the door sealed shut.

'Silo, pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. Don't do it Silo! Silooo pleaseeeeeeeeeeee...' Swarg's voice rose in agony from inside the tube.
'Silo, don't do it like this! You promised! Use your knife. You promisedpromisedpromised!'
In that moment as his hopeless terror imprinted itself on my soul like a robot I turned to the control panel.

I didn't see Deez. I didn't see the room smeared with gore. I didn't see anything but the firing mechanism beneath my fingers.
And I didn't hesitate.
With Swarg's voice ringing in my ears I slammed the trigger and screamed 'Fire!' just before falling in a dead faint to the floor.

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posted on Feb, 6 2010 @ 01:07 PM

I woke in my P.H.A.R.S, my body clean and cured of it's wounds but as good as I felt physically the magic of the healing chamber had done nothing to mend my soul.

Lights flickering above me were not a malfunction but a strobe, Ship's signal calling me to the Command Deck. The Green Man pendant vibrating at my throat confirmed it. Ship was demanding my attendance, forcing me to leave the solace of my chamber regardless if I was ready to or not.
Was it only a moment ago Carpet had warned me we were out of time? I guessed that had not changed even when everything else had.

Climbing from the restorative machine I donned a clean two-skin and began the search for my weapons pouch. I wasn't about to leave my rooms unarmed, not with Deez still out there somewhere. Poor Deez. Another innocent casualty of the evil that had infested Swarg.

Swarg. I couldn't say his name, even in my own thoughts.
My throat constricted, my mouth went dry and my hands shook reaching for my pouch.
Head bent, concentrating on securing it to my waist I fought the burning behind my eyes and didn't bother looking up when the port to my quarters slid open.

'Carpet, I'm on my way, tell Ship I'll be there in just a minute.' Hoping Carpet would leave, giving me a moment to compose myself before returning to duty I continued fumbling with the weapons holder trembling fingers twisting the latch bands into knots.


'Stop it! Just STOP IT!' Violently I threw the tangled mess of my pouch to the floor, placed my hands over my ears and sank to my knees. I couldn't wipe the sound of Swarg's voice from my head! I couldn't stop hearing him call my name, begging me not to send him to his death! I would go crazy with it!

Giving way to grief, unable to fight it any longer, deep sobs wracked through me made all the more horrible in their silence. My hands fell to the floor clenching and unclenching reflexively in the thick fibers of the rug that ran the length of my room.

'Carpet why!' I finally screamed catching my breath in great gasps. 'Why couldn't we save him!' The question cracked and broke from me but Carpet didn't answer. Carpet wasn't there.

Warm hands, rough and scratching caught my shoulders, pulling me back against a chest as hard as ebony, as warm as sunlight. A stubble rough chin dipped to the apex of my neck and shoulder to nestle there before rubbing up the side of my face. Moist breath flowed from a mouth resting lightly against the top my head drinking in the scent of my hair, loose strands of it catching in the cracks of his battered lips.

I was dreaming. It was him. In some perverse dream he was alive again and here in my quarters.
Sobbing openly I let myself go limp, muscle hardened arms pulled me even closer their hold promising never to let me go again.
His smell, his warm man smell flowed over me and my heart broke with it.

Shaking uncontrollably I didn't dare to turn to see, I didn't have to. No one else, nothing else could feel like him. Though he'd never held me before, my body knew his arms, knew his chest at my back, knew his lips on my hair.

Still, I refused to accept it, the pain of hope unbearable.

"Silo... Look at me...' He breathed.

'No! You're not here...I killed you! This is a dream!' I keened wildly suddenly trying to fight free of him. I didn't want any of it. I didn't want to feel this hope, feel the heat rise in me knowing I would be cold and empty the rest of my life if I ever dared wake again.

'Silo, you're not dreaming...' He whispered harsher this time his voice hoarse with emotion. 'It's me. I'm here. I'm real. I didn't die.'

Tearing from his grasp I fought to put space between us, and made it, but my freedom was short lived.
Catching my ankle with a twist he flipped me neatly on my back, I had no chance to rise before he covered me, pinning me to stillness with his torn broken body.

The length and weight of him calmed my heart that threatened to explode from my chest.
A velvet tongue played at the corners of my eyes, teased at their lids.
Blood caked lips soothed by my tears left a wet trail behind as they grazed down my cheek.
His throaty sigh, mingling with my own, coaxed my mouth open.

I didn't open my eyes when our lips met. He was there.
I didn't call his name, it sang from every living part of me.
I didn't ask how. How and whys didn't matter anymore.

It was Swarg holding me.
It was Swarg's lips searching mine.
It was Swarg.

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posted on Feb, 15 2010 @ 04:02 AM

Sections of the cruiser spun in all directions! everyone was cheering, Sheila's voice spoke.

"Rail gun projectiles depleted" said Sheila as if they were dinner rolls in the mess hall.

the sensor station reports "Sir, the Dreadnought has completed a 180 degree maneuver and is firing!"

"Damn!" Behind a wall without any ammo, huge red beams hit the shields and flared, the shields held, a pinpoint blue beam bit like a drill, "Helm! rotate the ship slowly, don't let them overload the shield receivers."

"Deson" I called "Try to hit those energy projectors!"

Desons fighters reformed into the cone again and began a run at the Dreadnought, but the Opi's had seen that before, just as the fighters reformed into the cone the Opi's fired, an intense red beam hit the center of the cone, at least half of the fighters disappeared in a blaze of incandesent energy, the remaining fighters separated into single units.

Deson called in "Sorry Chief, they saw me coming"

An excited ensign shouted, "Sir the Opi's are firing a new weapon!"

"Brace for impact!" I yelled.

The Opi Dreadnought had converged all of it's beam weapons into a single energy pulse, the beam hit the Penelope broadside, the very fabric of space rippled! energy flowed in all directions, Penelope was violently shoved thousands of kilometers like a toy in a bathtub.

Inertia dampers were never designed to take this much punishment! bridge personnel were strapped in, not so lucky were some of the crew, reports came in from medical, no one dead but lots of injuries, mostly broken bones from impacting walls and the like.

"Damage report" I barked.

Sheila's voice came from a point to my right. "Shields holding, sensors offline, internal damage minimal, hull integrity 97%, 103 injuries to crew."

Penelope could not take that punishment forever, eventually the hull would begin to warp and the shields would lose integrity, with nothing to fire at the Dreadnought we could be kicked all around the solar system, that gave me an idea.

"Sheila, can you form a localized wormhole in reverse, initiate our test point first then open the end point inside the Dreadnought, how long can you keep the wormhole active?"

"Calculating" said Sheila, there was a pause as her matrix shifted positrons at the speed of light. "End points calculated, wormhole can be maintained for 121 milliseconds without depleting available energy beyond reserves."

Not enough for what I had in mind, we needed a whole lot more than milliseconds, where can we get enough energy? I paced across the bridge for a few moments, can I gamble with the lives of everyone on board? I had no choice.

"Sheila, using the stored energy currently held by the shield how long can you open the wormhole?" I asked.

As Sheila calculated several faces on the bridge turned white, I was about to strip Penelope naked in front of the enemy!

"Wormhole can be held for 7.6 seconds until shield depletion, warning professor, without shielding the Penelope can be destroyed by a single firing of the current weapon."

"Thank you Sheila, integrate shield energy, calculate end points" I commanded.

"Sensors, what is the time between the Dreadnought's pulses from that beam?" I asked as the Penelope shuddered again.

"9.2 seconds sir!" came the reply.

1.6 seconds is a tiny margin to gamble with. Opening ship-wide communications I spoke. "All crew, if you believe in a higher power now is the time to pray"

"Sheila, get ready to open the wormhole" I waited for the next shock wave, "Now!" I cried.

Time seemed to stretch, nothing seemed to be happening to the Dreadnought, but inside a door to hell it's self had opened, a million plus degrees of plasma and raw radiation straight from the sun's corona poured inside the Dreadnought's hull, bulkheads boiled and flowed like water, radiation in all forms flooded through living tissues, the hull began to glow, first a dull red then yellow and finally white as the Dreadnought exploded in a cascade of white hot molten metals.

"Shields depleted, wormhole terminated" said Sheila, almost as an afterthought.

The crew were going wild, slapping each other on the back with grins from ear to ear, Penelope hung in space on reserve power, the generators whining to rebuild, sensors came back on as the crew returned to their duties.

Then came a report that turned everyone as cold as space, "Sensors report an errant planetary missile, current trajectory has impact on the moon surface, impact location within 1 kilometer of the Yydryl"

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posted on Feb, 15 2010 @ 11:15 AM

'Take it off...' He whispered against her lips, his bruised and broken hands trying to clutch at her backside to pull her closer.

Unable to catch her breath Silo squirmed against him and the heat that rose between them.

'Please...' He begged, his head dropping down to the front of her uniform.

'Swarg...' She panted, 'I can't... ' Breaking Swarg's hold took little more than rolling away from his side, he was weak as something newborn and put up no protest.

'Want me to take it off for you?" Blue eye and brown crinkled in pair at the corners to join his mouth in a roguish grin.

'You know I can't Swarg. It's bad, real bad. Ship wants me to ready the Pod.'
The vibration and heat between them continued as Ships pendant thrummed and glowed at her breast.
To think how close she'd come to giving in to his desire to remove her pendant, her direct link to Ship, Silo shuddered at more than just the cold air that breezed between their bodies.

Making her way to her feet Silo offered her hand to the battered Ensign, helping him to his feet. Once righted he took her in his arms again holding her close, but carefully, protecting broken ribs and bones protesting being pressed upon.

'I wanted to take it off, but...' She confessed from the circle of his arms...

'But you wouldn't would you Silo?' He asked almost to himself and she didn't answer only broke their embrace for the second time.

'Look Swarg, you're busted up something bad and the Recovery Bay is trashed even worse but I can't stay here to help patch you back together.' Leading him carefully across the room Silo stopped in front of her healing center. 'You'll have to use my healing pod but don't worry we're not that different anatomically...' Silo tried to sound matter of fact and failed miserably as a telltale splash of color rose up her face.

'I think we've already figured that much out haven't we Silo' Reading her discomfort correctly Swarg chuckled and with a wink dipped his chin and stole a kiss.

'Just get in to the healer you big lug. I'll have a droid bring you food and...clothes'. Having gone shy her words came out almost prudish.

The heat of the moment having quickly cooled by the fear of discovery Silo's scanned the room looking for signs of their tryst her face flamed back to life as her eyes rested on the telltale imprint of her body and Swarg's crushed deeply into the rugs soft lilac-white shag.
That Carpet hadn't been there when Swarg arrived was a gift, that he would be momentarily was a certainty.

Bending over Swarg who'd settled painfully into the healing pod Silo let her lips touch his briefly before righting herself and securing the lid.

'I'll be back as soon as I can...' She called not knowing if her words reached him over the purring of the machine in action.

'SILO!' Carpets voice calling from the corridor shattered any illusions she had left as to the emergency status of the Yydryl. She jumped and scrambled from the pod, her heart beating erratically, her breath to coming fast. Scuffing the surface of the rug back into place she called out for her chamber to open positioning herself between the healing pod and the doorway.

'Carpet, I'm on my way....I was just ...' Carpet interrupted her from the doorway saving her a lie.

'You were in your healing pod, we know, that's why Ship sent me. We weren't sure if your pendant had woken you...' He nearly spat with uncharacteristic impatience.

Trotting to and through the door Silo passed her weapons pouch but left it lay where it was. After a few meters of following the path Carpet lay before her in the direction of the Command Center Silo pivoted smoothly back in the direction of her rooms.

'SILO! Comeback here, we're out of time!' Her friend yelled truly angry now, the sound sending cold shivers of nerves shooting straight through her to the tips of her fingers.

'I'll be right back I forgot my weapons' She yelled back running to her door.

Once out of site and sure Carpet hadn't followed on her heals Silo summoned a working droid and ordered wine food and clothes to be brought to her quarters without delay.

Ducking inside to retrieve her weapons pouch Silo stopped dead in her tracks.

The healing pod was open... Her room was empty.

Swarg was gone.

posted on Feb, 20 2010 @ 08:00 AM

"Sheila, can you transport the missile?"

"Insufficient energy to form a wormhole" was Sheila's reply.

"Branson, Deson can you intercept?" I called

Deson's reply was very quiet, "Not in time Chief."

Branson came back "I have the throttles through the gates, but I won't get there in time"

"Yydryl" I yelled, "Inbound nuclear missile, impact within 1 kilometer of your position"

Everyone watched as the tiny blip closed on the moon, a small green dot indicated the Yydryl's position on the moon's surface, as the two grew closer Deson called in.

"Someone has launched in a recon ship! It's Swarg!"

The tiny ship accelerated away from Yydryl in a direct line towards the missile, with no weapons we all knew what Swarg intended, time seemed to slow as the images on the view screen grew closer, the two tiny blips merged, a ball of white hot energy grew and faded, Swarg was a true hero and gave his life for Yydryl.

posted on Feb, 21 2010 @ 05:17 AM

It took only seconds after Silo's arrival on the Command Deck for Ship to make herself perfectly clear. The end of the Yydryl was drawing near and under the dire threat of annihilation Ship had already begun the initial steps of uncoupling her living frame from the Pod.

The Pod, as deceiving a name if there ever was one, was not something small, and neat, it was huge, the whole Center itself, and to separate it from Ship would be the death of her, tearing out her core, leaving in it's wake her dying skeleton.
Since no droid could be ordered to participate in the killing of a Sentient Being the final step of unyoking Ship from her Center could only be achieved manually, and that's where Silo's participation was crucial.

On her word, Ship explained, in tandem with Silo performing a series of on demand manipulations the Center's last connections would be severed, her core effectively blasting free from Ship. Initial thrusters to make the break a clean one would fire automatically, secondary thrusters would engage once Center tore clear from Ship moving it off into space on a pre calculated trajectory. Then the Center, now 'The Pod', would free float through space until... Until had too many possibilities to count.

'For your part you'll use your Green Man Silo. There's a smart-code and a powerful anesthetic compound inside your pendant that once injected into my main energy vein will enact the last stage of disjointing. At that moment you and anyone you can take with you will enter the Center and finish manual separation. The farthest room of your quarters, the one with the large view screen? It will separate along with the Center, rather the Pod, allowing you to navigate your trajectory with rudimentary controls.

Fingering the Green Man at her throat Silo fought back a surge of bile. She'd worn Ship's Pendant with pride and affection for so long now it was hard to fathom that around her neck she'd also been carrying Ship's destruction.

Reading her thoughts Ship continued. 'With all life comes sacrifice Silo. For the continuation of the Center and it's millions of life forms my sacrifice pales in comparison. I've made the Center my life's work and with your help it will go on even when I do not.' She paused. 'It's a small price to pay Silo, and don't abhor the Green Man. Be thankful for it. As I am.'

'But when..?' Was all the Attendant to Ship could choke out, the reality of what Ship was saying beginning to register fully an finally.

'On my command. Or, as you know, if we take a hit that renders me unable to...' For once even Ship's voice broke off giving way to emotion before resuming her instructions.

Turning back to the view screen Silo's ears ached with the hearing of it, the battle taking place above them.

Motioning to a Guardian Droid positioned at the entrance of the Command deck Silo sent it in search of Swarg to accompany the Ensign to the Center. Silo wanted Swarg in position well ahead of time just in case.

Turning back to the screen once more Silo watched in horror as the battle raged, her friends and the Penelope fighting, doing everything in their power to fend off the attackers, delay what seemed like the inevitable.

And when they were done and there was no more fight, no choice left?

Then it would become Silo's turn.

To kill Ship, and run.


'Yes?' Silo responded. The same guardian droid Silo had sent in search of Swarg came to attention at her elbow distracting Silo from the sights and sounds of the battle.

'ATS Silo, I was unable to locate Ensign Swarg. There's no life sign of him anywhere on Ship. I regret I was unable to fulfill your command.' Turning smoothly the droid left the bridge, Silo left staring at it's retreating form.

'What was that all about?' Carpet asked, his voice rising cautiously from around her feet.

Startled Silo wasn't sure how to answer. 'Well, you see Carpet... Swarg, he...' Running her fingers through her hair, a gesture he'd seen her repeat often when she was nervous, Carpet felt more than a little confused.

'Swarg' what Silo?' Not wanting to put a fine point to it Carpet waited again, wondering what she could say. And what could she say? Swarg had died. Carpet had pulled him free from the murderous attack of Deez. He himself had covered Swarg with his own life force trying in vain to bring the Ensigns life signs back, and he had failed.

'Swarg was in my cabin Carpet... He was there...with me...' Silo let her voice run off her belly growing warm, her head feeling dizzy in the remembering.

Carpet, aware stress was taking it's toll and all too aware his friend had become attached to the Ensign chose his words carefully. But the words wouldn't come easily, he knew better than anyone what she was saying was absolutely impossible.

'Silo. We have to be clear here. I know you've been through hell and back, but facts are fact.' Carpet stopped.

'Carpet, he was there! He held me, he touched me, he...' Silo gasp and held her breath until she could breath normally.

'Silo. You were alone when I came to your cabin.' Carpet said gently, 'And now you've got the droid confirming Swarg's life force is no where on Ship.'

'But Carpet... He was there. I know he was there...' Sobs started to blossom in her chest but anger kept them from reaching the surface.

'Silo. I tried. Creator knows I tried.' Carpet's voice pleaded for her understanding. 'When I pulled Swarg away from Deez I did everything I could. I even gave him my life force, all that I could spare Silo. For you. Do you understand I did it for you? But Silo, he was already gone...'

Silo stood still as a stature, her eyes focused somewhere beyond the bridge, beyond the viewing screen, somewhere far beyond the end of space itself. Carpet felt no response from Silo, heard nothing from her over the screaming chatter that blast from the communications coming from the Penelope.

"Yydryl" "Inbound nuclear missile, impact within 1 kilometer of your position"

Ship's alarm system screeched a terrible cacophony, the Green Man at Silo's throat glowed a bright red catapulting her to action terror burning through her veins like acid.

'Silo!' Ship screamed, 'To your quarters! I'm initializing separation! Get the Green Man and get to the secondary Command Station in your quarters! NOW SILO! RUN!

Ship's command shot Silo from the bridge like a runner from a gate. With the fear of retribution on her heals Silo ran to do as she was told leaving Ship and Carpet behind.

She didn't hear the rest of the transmission from the Penelope, by then she was half way to her quarters.

When she did hear the rest of the communique?

By that time, for Silo and Swarg, it was too late...

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The ship grew quiet as everyone gave a silent prayer for Swarg.

"Sheila" I called "Open all communications"

"Open" came Sheila's reply.

"All craft, all personnel, stand down, all threats have been neutralized, Yydryl, your crew members sacrifice will be remembered"

"Helm, slow about, return to the planetary orbit" with a sigh I sat in the captain's chair, Tickette nuzzled my ear and promptly went back to sleep. We had won, but at a cost.

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Evans: “Colonel! Colonel! COLONEL! YOU”RE ALIVE!”

Studious: “AHH!!!!”

Evans: "Okay, relax old man, it’s me, it’s me, it’s Evans.”

Studious: "No it can’t be you…I just sent you back to the fleet.”

Evans: “I know, you did send me back to the fleet, but I’m back, I’m back from the fleet!”

Studious exclaims “Dear God!” before passing out.

Waking up Studious looks up and sees Ackerman, Evans, Nathan and Monroe huddled over him.

Monroe: “He’s regained consciousness.”

Ackerman: “Thank you captain obvious.”

Studious: “What the hell are you guys doing here!!!!”

Evans: “You don’t want us here?”

Studious: “This ship…err I mean…this crew doesn’t like any of you very much.” Studious remembered he wasn’t on a living ship anymore.

Evans: “But we’ve got information that could…”

Ackerman: “Evans this isn’t the time.”

Evans: “Isn’t the time!”

Ackerman: “We’ve got to speak with the Captain. Where’s Luder?"

Studious: “They just hauled him outta this ship. He…uh…” Studious’ thoughts drifted back to Luder’s eyes and the pain he saw in them.

Ackerman: “Are you alright? Your starting to give us a stare I’ve only seen on Nathan.”

Studious: “I’m fine.”

Monroe: “Well you did just faint.”

Studious: “I didn’t faint I…uh…I…”

Monroe: “Passed out?”

An embarrassed Studious tried to change the subject “Why do you need to see Luder?”

Ackerman: “It’s urgent.”

Studious: “That’s all you’re going to tell me isn’t it?”

Ackerman: “For the moment. You probably wouldn’t believe me if I told you anyway. Plus I don’t like to repeat myself.”

Studious: “Not even a hint?”

Ackerman: “Patience Studious.”

Studious: “Well I doubt very much that Luder is just going to let you walk up to him. He’ll probably…” Studious’ thoughts drifted back to what Luder had done to the NI ships and the rumor Mr. Dougherty had told him about what he’d done to prisoners.

Ackerman: “We need your help Colonel we’ve got a time sensitive mission here.”

Evans: “You mean a time t…” Ackerman elbows him in the chest.

Ackerman: “There’s a heavily damaged ship of ours out there we need to go on a rescue mission.”

Studious: “Oh no. The last time I went on a “rescue mission” with you guys we got captured and you all got replaced by duplicates!!!!"

Ackerman: “This mission is different Colonel it’s just a mission to a small friendly ship named the Star Wolf. It’s an easy mission.”

Studious: “Yeah well last time Seeker was just injured and floating in space. That was an easy mission too right?”

Ackerman: “His ship is heavily damaged we might not have much time.”

Studious: “Look I’m not gonna help you guys. If you wanna do this do it yourselv…”

Ackerman: “It’s Neno sir and he needs our help.”

The old man paused for a second and then said. “Well why didn’t ya say so! We’ve got a job to do.”

Ackerman decloaks an NI dropship in front of them runs up to it and kisses the door. The lock opens recognizing Ackerman’s saliva.

Studious: “How did you get another one of these things? I don’t like the looks of this.” Studious begins to hesitate.

Monroe: “He could be injured he might need a doctor.”

Evans: “We can’t just leave him out there.”

Ackerman: “Ya know Colonel. A wise man once rescued me from a cocoon on an alien ship. And when I asked him why he was risking everything to save us he told me we don’t leave our people behind.”

Studious: “Well stop quoting me and let’s get our people back!!!!”

The team boards the small NI dropship. Studious remembers the carnage he had seen inside of one of these ships. He feels uneasy being in one again, after all he’d seen duplicates of NI-7 killed in one of these ships before.

The ship glides out of the bay and begins it’s journey toward the damaged ship.

Studious: “Hey I thought these ships didn’t have the capability to travel long distances.”

Evans: “It doesn’t.”

Studious: “Then how did you get here?”

Evans: “Well we…”

Ackerman interrupts saying “We attached this ship to that small civilian cruise ship you rescued us in. The same one we used to escape when you "sacrificed" yourself.”

Studious: “Hey that’s right how did you know I was even alive.”

Ackerman: “We didn’t and I'd love to hear the story about how you survived. But we’ll talk about that later.”

Studious: “How do you guys know that I’m not a duplicate?”

Monroe: “Simple we scanned your teeth when you were unconscious.”

Studious: “Oh good thinking.”

The NI dropship reaches the slightly larger damaged ship.

Ackerman: "Prepare for docking."

Evans: "Why don't we just tow it back?"

Ackerman: "He could be injured and need medical attention now. Plus if we tow the ship back the Penelope could fire on us. If we're docked with this ship they're less likely to blow us to bits."

Ackerman swings the ship into position and the dropship docks....


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As we neared our previous orbital position the view screen showed space littered with the remnants of the Opi ships, thousands of pieces both small and large were being drawn into the planetary atmosphere, the show on the ground would rival any fireworks display and would likely go on for weeks.

I addressed the bridge in general "Scan the debris, check for significant amounts of copper, send shuttles to collect what you find"

Our rail guns were effective, but we now needed copper to reform projectiles.

The Ensign at comms spoke up, "Sir we are receiving a transmission from the planet, it's an early form of audio and visual, I believe we can replay the message."

On the main screen appeared two older men, they seemed a little uncomfortable, their message, one of thanks.

" To the starships above, our most heartfelt thanks for your bravery, we who were separated on this planet and fought over trivial grievances are humbled, only by combining our forces and science were we able to assist, yet we came so close to to complete annihilation, if there is anything we can do you have but to ask, again our humble thanks"

I had an idea "Sheila" I called "Match the transmission method from the planet and transmit the specs for our rail gun projectiles, ask politely if they could spare a few tons of copper."

Flicking the switch for the launch bay I called the red head with the good upper deck "Lieutenant O'Grady, prep some shuttles for planet-fall, we should have some rail gun fodder to pick up, they are likely to give you the key to the planet so be diplomatic" I grinned as I flicked off the comms, Lieutenant O'Grady was about to become the planet's pin-up girl for the year!

Switching to engineering I called Ms. Craig. "Anthea, how long before we have two operational rail guns?"

Ms Craig replies "About 40 hours Chief, we have to repair and strengthen two bulkheads, refit the rear gun and we will need two new Bergenholm coils to replace the burnt ones, I can halve the time if I can borrow Sheila for the coils?"

"Certainly Anthea, have Sheila make a spare set as well, 'tho I hope we never need them" I switch off and wonder if anyone will remember I need to eat.

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'I'll just check quick, I'll have time...' Silo kept repeating while running for her quarters.
'The droid didn't see Swarg in the healing pod, that's all.' She told herself, 'But he'll be here there this time, I know he will...'

Why she herself hadn't seen Swarg when checking back the first time she didn't question, it was unconscionable that Swarg...but she didn't have time to think about that right now.

Ship had commanded her to her quarters to initiate manual separation of the Pod. What was the difference if she took a nanosecond to run by the healing room first? What harm could there be in that? She'd just run by real quick and peak in...

The light blinded her, blast right through her hands that had instinctively rose up to shield her face. Showers of stars played on the inside of her eyelids even as they clenched tightly shut.

She hadn't seen Swarg there in her room, she didn't see the room at all, the healing pod, open and empty, it had all been a blur. What she had seen outside the viewing port, an explosion so great it tore through her soul, had been enough.

The room swayed as she fell to her knees, dropping to the same piece of rug she'd shared with Swarg only moments before, a lifetime ago. Her fingers dug deep into the soft silky fibers beneath her touch like once her fingers had buried into Swarg's hair, when in pleasure she'd called out his name. Could she still catch his scent? Could she still feel the heat where there bodies had lain? She told herself yes as she let herself down gently to burrow deeper into the carpet and the memories of the love they'd shared there.


'Silo?' Carpet carefully grew his fibers over her, holding her close giving heat to the cold clamminess of her shock.

'The explosion. It was...him...' Not a question, something inside had already told her it was Swarg.

'Yes...' He choked on the response feeling her body stiffen then curl in on itself almost as if she were trying to get away from him.

'Did it...hurt?' She questioned after many moments had passed.

'No. I promise you. It didn't hurt. He didn't feel a thing.' Carpet, knowing only how too true this was didn't hesitate to reassure her.

'Ship?' She asked breathlessly. If Carpet hadn't been so close as to be nearly a part of her he'd not have heard her.

'Swarg saved Ship. Saved us all. It's over. Ship and the Center are safe.' Carpet knew in that moment Silo would have traded them all to have Swarg back, and with the knowledge something inside him broke.

'Listen.' He gave he a shake to bring her back to listening, 'Silo, I know you want to sleep, but, we have to talk. And soon, ' he hesitated, 'There're things you must know. About Swarg. About you.' Only then did he add, ''

'Sure Carpet. Whatever you say.'

She sighed before she lipped away, her body going limp.
For many moments Carpet wondered if she'd willed herself to go to Swarg, to leave them all and join him.

Listening for signs of life Carpet was relieved hearing the steady beat of her heart, and searching closer, he caught the first faint whisper, a tiny fluttering, almost like an echo it sounded from deep within her.

In sweet harmony the tiny heart kept time with it's mother's own beat and told Carpet they were still alive, and they were both safe, and right where they belonged with him.

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'Is the child Swarg's!'

Firing off each word like a shot, ending with his name an awful scream Silo fell back in exhaustion her head hanging over the side of the bed. Creator but she felt like a fool yelling down at the floor. If she hadn't been so sick at heart she'd be laughing at the absurdity of it all. But she was sick, and tired, and Carpet, after hours of explaining still hadn't given an answer she could accept.

Sighing she draped her arms over the edge of the bed dangling her fingers just out of the reach of the living tendrils writhing below. 'Carpet, why are you making this so hard! Isn't it just as easy as a yes or no?

'Swarg is the babies father, yes. But, what I mean is, yes he is, in a sense...' His words tight laced with a kind of duplicity.

'In a sense? Aghhhhh!' Lunging for an empty wine goblet from off the sideboard she threw it at the floor watching it bounce and roll to a stop, fingers searching for something else to throw came up empty.

'Silo stop it!' Carpet snarled working his fibers in a knot where the cup struck him. 'Try to understand Silo, Swarg was beyond saving by the time we got him away from Deez!' The true sorrow in his voice caught Silo by surprise until his words registered fully.

'Carpet! What are you telling me!' She screeched horrified, 'That I was making love to a dead being!' She rained curses down on her friend but nothing hurt him so much as when her tears began to fall, fat wet drops from above.

'For Creator's sake Silo! He wasn't dead, No!' Carpet shouted back and began to tremble at how close she'd come to the truth. 'But Silo, you were there! You saw what Deez did to Swarg! The damage that was done to him physically.' Carpet's words rang with horror. 'All that blood, the crushing blows, the...'
Waving away the description of Swarg's vicious beating Silo choked back another bought of pain, and though he couldn't see her eyes they begged Carpet to continue.
'Silo, Swarg was as near to death as any humanoid type can be without being completely dea...gone.' He tried in vain to gently his words.

'Then how!' She whispered fiercely. 'Tell me how!' And in the remembering her voice began to soften. 'Carpet, he was here, he came to me. He was warm and he was alive and he was breathing.' Nuzzling her nose in the cushions she searched for something she wouldn't find. 'I could even smell him!' She keened.
Jerking her head up her eyes scanned the room searching wildly as if any moment Swarg would step from a shadow to wipe her tears away.
Carpet, wanting so to hold her, to still her trembling, to whisper words of comfort for only her ears to hear felt a new wave of raw frustration and rage wash over him bound there where he was on the floor beneath her feet.

'You want to know how?' Carpet restrained himself and chose his words carefully.
'Silo, when I pulled him out of the torpedo room I thought he was truly soul dead. But, Swarg had not yet separated soul, from body.' He paused as the grizzly memory flashed before him. 'But he was so...broken. At first I couldn't even tell if the divide had taken place but I searched him, and knew there was enough of him left ... Enough so that I took a chance.' He stopped for a moment feeling spent.

'Go on...' She called down her voice void of anything but a demand for him to continue.

'So, I covered him with my life force... I 'infused' him with me, and then we came to you...' He spoke plainly but wondered at him own actions. What had he thought in those moments, those nanoseconds lasting an eternity while he faced his decision to let Swarg's soul depart, or, to seize the chance of a life time. To take the opportunity to be, even for a moment as a humanoid being. To rise and walk and talk and touch, to feel as a humanoid man?
And to do so for Silo? Or for himself? Carpet wondered if he'd ever be completely honest with himself in answering that question. He doubted he ever would.

'Infused him with 'you'?' Silo mimicked and scoffed, 'You mean you morphed into him and he became a convenient vehicle for you! That's it, isn't it?' She spat, 'You had a chance to slip into Swarg's body, and you took it. Isn't that right Carpet?' She accused and hated herself for being cruel.

Stunned at her accurate conclusion he froze, his life held in a balance. What he'd done with Swarg was punishable by death, a penalty until now he'd not even considered. Not one fiber in the millions that covered the room moved while Carpet waited for what she'd say next.

'So,' she went on unaware of Carpet's fear, 'Fact is Swarg wasn't alive, but he wasn't really dead, so you crawled into his body simple as that. Then you came here and he, you, we...' Jumping to her feet she trod back and forth across Carpet's surface. It was all she could do not to grind her heel into her friend. Unreasonably she wanted to hurt him, wished him pain. But he probably couldn't feel anything anyway she sneered to herself, then stopped short, the revelation rocking her back on her heels.

Carpet probably couldn't feel it anyway! She repeated to herself soundlessly. Stunned the thought washed over her in a wave of understanding.

What unimaginable torture for Carpet to feel with a heart, yet not feel with a body! To be incapable to hold and touch, no lips to warm and bruise against another's... To have a heart filled with love yet no hands to give and take pleasure, bodies to intertwine...
She couldn't imagine a life without touch and feel. She couldn't fathom love without caress, love sans the bliss of running fingers along warm skin, the learning of your lover's body, touching here, there.
Love without fulfillment. Without the consummation of love and desire, not in so much as a single touch? The thought alone was horrific, and for her friend must have been a living hell to endure.

Staggered with the epiphany Silo collapsed to the floor her fingers resting just a breath from the surface of the millions of tiny fibrilla that made up her friend Carpet. Her heart knew what it was to love, her body what it was to feel. What right did she have to condemn her dearest Carpet for wanting the same?

'That's it isn't it Carpet?' She whispered in awe. 'You wanted to feel.' The revelation amazed her.
'You wanted to be something you could never have been without Swarg's body as a host. You wanted to hold and give me comfort. To be held and feel and be felt. To love.' A deep well of sadness opened in her soul.
'Carpet... I never knew you loved me so...' She thought but stopped the words from forming on her lips. Tears dripped down her cheeks falling on him, while her fingers dug in to pull and twist at his silky strands, clenching, holding on for dear life.

'So my friend.' She smiled a watery smile. 'It was your life force in Swarg...' She stopped on a sob, the pain still too new.

Carpet waited before he replied marveling at her knowing, her understanding, and the male in him frightened by it, the depths a female being could understand and forgive, for love.
'Yes. My life force mingled with his, but only a part. His 'anima' was present, he wasn't completely gone.' Carpet prayed she'd never ask how little of Swarg was left, and how much of his own essence had been present.

'So, you gave him enough life force to fly out and save the Yydryl, and before he did, to give me a child.' Stated so matter-of-factly Carpet wasn't sure he'd heard her correctly until he witnessed a sight that wrent him to his core. Silo's hand raised to splay against her abdomen in a protective gesture natural to mothers.

'Yes.' Carpet's replied, his voice held marvel and wonder tainted with grief and sorrow.

'And the father? Who's the father?' They'd come full circle back to the same question but now she thought she knew the answer. Silo held her breath then let it whistle out in a long sigh.

'The father Carpet?' She needed to hear him say it.

He sighed. 'We both are.'

A second whoosh of air escaped her lips followed by a hiccup of emotion.

'Well... I don't know what to say. I just don't...' One hand still pressed against her flat abdomen the other still clenched in Carpet's fibers Silo chewed at her lower lip.
With new tears blurring her vision she pictured Swarg as she'd last seen him wondering as so many mothers do, if the child she carried would have his eyes.

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Part 1

Lieutenant Commander nenothtu was dead, he was sure of that. That last blast had thrown him all over the place, like a rag doll, and MUST have killed him. Everything around him was black, but foggy. He was pretty sure that if he'd just been blinded, it would just be black. Without the swirling mist.

Yup, he was dead alright. Damn. Had to happen sometime, but you just never expect that 'sometime' to be right NOW!.

As nenothtu was musing over these thoughts, and trying to decide just which way to go from here, the swirling mists directly in front of him started to take a form. A feminine form. Great. Some angel was about to bust his chops over all the wrong choices he'd made in his time. Wait! an ANGEL! He must have gone to... Naah. Can't happen. Someone had made a clerical error. The mists swirled, pulled together, and solidified into...

AH CRAP! It was Margot, his long dead wife. That proved it to neno. He'd died and gone to hell.

"Gotta hate when THAT happens!" he mumbled.

"Hello, love! I see you've made Lieutenant Commander in your precious military" she said, with not just a little stress on the word "precious".

"Yeah, fat lot of good it did me, having to die for it and all that. Why you wanna gripe at me now? I don't feel like fighting no more, certainly not for the rest of eternity!"

"I'm not griping - much. I'm proud of you. Really. And you're NOT dead!" she added with a grin and a slight snicker.

"All I ever wanted to do was make you proud, woman. You picked a hell of a time to finally get proud. It's a little late, now, ain't it?" Then her addition struck him. "What do you mean I ain't dead? Of course I am! I'm here, ain't I?"

"Here?" she said with a slight grin "just where do you think 'here' is?"

"Well I died and went to hell, of course. The fact that you're here too proves that. Now I get to get griped at for all eternity. If that ain't hell, I don't know how to define it! Of course, it must be heaven for you, since you get to engage in your favorite pastime forever."

Margot couldn't resist it. She just had to gouge at him a little bit. "Now, love, you KNOW you love me! You promised to love me forever, and, well, here you are! I've never known you to break a promise, for all your other faults, and this just goes to prove that you're a man of your word. Now we can get caught up on what's been going on. Won't that be nice?"

"THOR'S HAMMER, WOMAN!" nenothtu yelled. Could you really yell without vocal chords? he briefly wondered, before getting back to the 'discussion' at hand. "OF course I love you! That don't mean I'm gonna put up with your woman-mouthin' for the rest of forever, any more than I did for the rest of 'before'!"

Margot smirked. "You always were such a sweet talker! How could a lady resist?"

"Shaddup" neno grumbled.

"Margot just continued right on. "See what I mean? It just makes me melt to hear you talk like that."

"Smartass" neno spat out.

"Better to be a smartass than a dumbass" Margot shot right back, then continued "and now I can prove you're a dumbass, like I always said. You think you're dead, and you're obviously not. Neither am I."

Nenothtu was getting exasperated already, and he knew he had forever to look forward to. Great, just... great! " Evidently you didn't get the memo, Margot. Now, I'm gonna explain a few things to you, and you'd best listen. You always were pretty hard - headed..."

"Me, hard headed? ME?"

Nenothtu ignored the interruption. "I've been to your grave, on Travis' Rift. Now, to be sure, I didn't dig it up or anything creepy like that, but I've got no reason to doubt Freddy. I don't think he'd have lied to me about a little thing like his ma bein' dead. That means YOU are dead. As for me, well, there was an explosion. Lights. Concussion. Sparks. Things going 'pfzzzt' all over the place. Me getting tossed around like a bad lunch, making crunching noises. Then, I saw that 'bright light' everybody says you see when you die, and now I'm here talking to you. Since YOU are dead, and I'm talking to YOU, then it naturally follows that I must be dead too. Well, that and the 'bright light' thing. Freddy said the last thing you told him was that you'd 'see me in hell', and, well, here I am" he finished.

Margot actually laughed. Right out loud. Her laughter tinkled like a bell. She was smiling, and her eyes were laughing in his direction when she said "Neno, you've always been such a simple man. I don't know why I could never figure you out. So simple, with such a simple outlook. If you couldn't shoot it, eat it, or bend it over the kit..."

"STOP THAT! We're DEAD!" neno interrupted, uncomfortably.

Margot laughed at his discomfort, and continued. "It's not so simple as you think. You have no idea about the universe, neno. You think everything is measured in length, height, width, and time. You're SO 'four dimensional'. It's not like that at all. I'm not AS 'alive' as you are, in your 4 dimensional trap, but we're both 'alive'. You're just more '4 dimensional trap' alive than I am. I've gotten over the 4 dimensional thing, and from my perspective YOU are the one that's been less alive." She paused to let that sink in.

Neno would have sat down, but he wasn't sure he had a rear end to sit on. It wasn't enough that the gods had sent him to hell for his misdeeds. It' wasn't enough that they intended to punish him forever with taunts and teases from Margot. No, that wasn't enough. In their infinite malicious wisdom, they'd made him CRAZY before sending him off to his everlasting doom.

Great. So THIS is what hell is like.

"Well Margot, we've got forever now, you might as well go on, and I'll just have to get used to it" he said.

"Well love, we DO have 'forever' but not like you think" she giggled at him. "Here's the long and the short of it" she snickered like she'd made a joke. "NOTHING is 'real'. Nothing. Nothing is 'real' in the sense of 'solid'. There is no length, height, width, time, weight, none of that. There is only 'space', which contains 'fields', but NOTHING 'solid' no sounds, no colors. That's only the way people trapped in a 4 dimensional reality PERCEIVE it. It's just your senses that tell you that, it's how they make sense out of what IS real. It's the only way reality can be interpreted by your 4 dimensional mind. Everything you see, everything you feel, ALL is just an interpretation created by your mind out of the signals sent by your sensory organs. There is no matter. There is no energy. They are both different manifestations of the same 'field' in 'space', one 'field' of many - mass, energy, electromagnetism, gravity - it goes on and on, nearly forever. All of these are what you would call 'fields' which in turn are themselves simply manifestations of another 'field'. All truly IS 'one'. More properly, they are how your mind INTERPRETS that field at any given instant. Even THAT is an oversimplification to help your feeble mind grasp the concept. 'Field' isn't really accurate, but it's as close as you can understand in the short while we have."

"You're giving me a headache already, Margot" neno sulked.

< to be continued>

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Part 2

Margot continued like he hadn't even spoken. At least she'd learned something from him. "Here's where it gets interesting" she said. "The same 'fields' are all across the 'verse, all at the same time. The same field you see here as solid 'mass' is present here also as energy, and it's present in the farthest galaxy, as both mass and energy too. When you affect it here, as with a 'thought', you affect it all the way over THERE, too. At the same 'time'." She frowned for a moment. "That's not exactly right, since there is no 'time' either, but it's as good as I can explain it to you, trapped as you are in the 4 dimensional perceptions."

"Wish I could find one of those 'fields' right now, so I could run through it to get away from your crazy ass" neno mumbled to her.

Margot just laughed. "You don't really mean that. You think you do, but you don't. Last time you ran like that, you beat yourself up without mercy for months."

"Huh? How'd you know..?"

"Be quiet and pay attention. I've been sent to explain this to you before you go back. It's something you'll need to know."

"Sent? By who? Go back? To where? WHY do I 'need to know' what crazy feels like?"

Margot ignored the first part, and, answering the second, said "Back to your limited perceptions. You're NOT dead. You have to go back. Now pay attention. When you inject energy in the form of 'thought' into a particular 'field' here, it's instantly available EVERYWHERE. All the way across the universe, everywhere in the black. Instantly. All at once. If you can manage to harness that, to manipulate that field, you can communicate with anyone, any'where', any'time', instantaneously. Thought is not limited to light speed, or even superluminal travel speeds. Thought isn't limited in any way by time, distance, or any other 'dimensional' perception, because the 'field' moves every'where', every'when' instantaneously. In the old days, they called it 'telepathy', 'precognition', 'clairvoyance', all sorts of things, but it's all the same thing. It's just the manipulation of an omnipresent 'field'. Same for what humans used to call 'ghosts'. Have you ever wondered why all of the sentient beings humans have ever run into had a concept of 'ghosts'? It's because no one ever TRULY dies. Life is a form of energy, another type of 'field', and it can't be destroyed. No energy is ever destroyed, it would destroy the entire 'field', the entire UNIVERSE, if it were destroyed, because all is one. Without the 'fields', even 'space' doesn't exist. For that reason, it CAN'T be destroyed. Ever. It just changes it's form, it's..." Margot appeared to be searching for the words "... I mean, the way you PERCEIVE it changes." She shrugged helplessly. "There's far more to the universe than you can even imagine - for the moment. So you see, I'm not really 'dead', I'm just not in a reality you can normally perceive any more. But I still know what you're up to!" she added forcefully. "That... that... cook woman! What are you thinking, flirting at her?"

Nenothtu did a double take. "How'd you know about...?"

"I TOLD YOU! I see everything you do! I've been keeping an eye on you, mister!" Margot fumed.

"Well, what do you expect me to do? You're GONE. Am I supposed to join a monastery now, or what? It's not like I'm jumping around ever-which-a-where, pollinating every flower I find!"

"I'M NOT GONE! I'M RIGHT HERE, EVERYWHERE, ALL THE TIME! Jackass, that's what I'm trying to get through your thick skull!" Then she shrugged, and slumped a bit. "S'ok. I understand. You're still in that dimensional trap. Ya gotta do what ya gotta do, I suppose. That's the thing about physical bodies. You're a slave to them. They can't travel like we can, either, can't get anywhere, any time, all the time like we 'dead' folks can. You have to have perception-limited machines for travel in perception-limited physical bodies." Then she changed course abruptly. "When you went into that coma, on the bridge, when Freddy was so worried about you..."

"Hmmph. Freddy wasn't worried about me, he was worried about not having anyone to tell him what to do any more. The UEF would have solved that problem for him, in short order."

"You're such a moron sometimes. I have often wondered if you feel anything at all, ever. He was worried about YOU, knothead. He's perfectly able to think for himself, and tell himself what to do. That's neither here nor there right now, though. You'll have forever to think it over. What I was trying to tell you is that when you went into that coma, you went into it BECAUSE a signal was sent into the 'fields', a signal that was meant to raise your vibratory awareness. It overloaded your system when it hit you. Why it worked on YOU, I'll never figure out, but it did. Probably because your mind is so primitive. Primitives, being closer to the Source, haven't limited themselves in perception quite as much as 'civilized' folks. Otherwise, you wouldn't be talking to me right now."

"I'm not" neno said matter-of-factly. "I'm dead, or hallucinating, or dead AND hallucinating. I don't know which possibility is the worst, but whichever it is, I'm sure the gods have picked that one to inflict on me."

Margot seemed to sigh. "Maybe it DIDN'T work. No, it has to have worked, or I wouldn't have been sent, and you couldn't be talking to me. I told you, you're not dead. Neither am I. We're in the ' 'tween', the interface between 'here' and 'there'. I've told you what I've been sent to tell you, and you have to go now."

"Go where?" nenothtu queried.

"Gods! you've not been listening at all, have you?"

"Did I ever?" nenothtu asked smugly.

"We'll continue this later, mister. You can bet on that! Hear the knocking? They're here now. Bye" and she reached up and kissed him, right on the lips, caked blood and all. Well, it FELT like a kiss, on what FELT like lips, anyhow.

"Tell Luder that someone named Teresa said 'it ain't OVER 'till the fat lady sings, bucko'. He'll know what you mean. Tell the alien SILO aboard Yydryl that 'forever never ends, no matter how brief, and new life doesn't replace old, it just makes you that much richer'. That ought to be all the proof you need to get started." Margot said as she backed away from him.

Nenothtu didn't bother to ask why she was talking in riddles. That had been a habit with her. Instead, neno marvelled at the touch. He'd damn near forgotten that about her. In his shock, wonder, and bewilderment, he noticed Margot was dissolving back into the mists.

"Wait Margot! Where are you going? WHO 'sent' you? What's Luder and Teresa, or SILO for that matter, got to do with me being dead? I'M NOT DONE TALKING TO YOU, WOMAN!"

She was gone, but her voice came whispering out of the mists "You are for now, love. There's always later. There's always later for forever. Learn to manipulate the fields, use your mind, ride the 'tween, love..." Her voice trailed off, and then it was gone, too, leaving neno utterly alone again.

The mists started swirling more violently, thinning out, breaking apart, leaving nothing but blackess in their wake. It was when they were nearly gone that nenothtu heard the clanking, as if someone were forcing open a ship's hatchway. Then, there was a blinding light again, and pain.

Terrible, torturous, searing, excruciating PAIN. At least the pain let him know he was still alive, after all.

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The team moved toward the aft hatch but the old man put out his cane and blocked their path.

The old man glared at them “Now hold on a second. The last time we ran into one of the crew you all got killed.”

Ackerman with his trademark smirk “That wasn’t “we” that was you and them.”

The Colonel didn’t want a smart remark he wasn’t in the mood. “I didn’t travel halfway across the galaxy, smash into a living ship, get captured, and then nearly get myself killed just so you could get your sorry rear ends melted again.”

Studious knew they didn’t fully understand what had happened to “them”…er… him in that dropship. “That’s right I said again. You guys got to watch it on a screen. It wasn’t real enough to you.”

“Well it was a small screen.” Evans said jokingly. Ackerman knew the old man wasn’t having any of it and nudged Evans.

Studious had had enough of their smug remarks “I had to live it and I’m not going to have that happen again.”

The old man backed slowly out of the ship holding his cane up to keep the rest of them away. They’d seen what he was capable of doing with that cane and so they stayed away.

Studious moved toward the wall and picked up a small stretcher board before moving through the hatch out of the clean bright dropship.

The door shut in front of him and he entered the darkened ship. The occasional panel here and there sparking gave the ship an oddly familiar feeling.

He’d been in a darkened sardine can like this before. But last time he’d been alone. So alone…

He remembered the blast, remembered the picture the co-pilot held, remembered yelling into the blackness...remembered the familiar silhouette. He now even felt again what he felt then.

It was all too familiar. Studious wondered how many out there had suffered as he had suffered. How many more would suffer.

After what he’d seen Studious knew he wanted revenge. Would Neno?

“At least this wasn’t my fault.” Studious said aloud. His voice echoed in the darkened room.

Moving to the cockpit of the craft Studious found Neno lying on the ground. The old man could tell he was starting to regain consciousness.

Remembering what had happened rescuing Seeker the Colonel made sure the Chief was unarmed before trying to haul him back toward the dropship.

The Colonel also kept a tight grip on his cane he had been too lax when he’d rescued Seeker he wouldn’t make the same mistake twice.

As Studious moved Neno onto the board the Chief became more and more conscious and it was obvious he was in increasing pain. Pulling a pain killer from a pouch on the stretcher the old man gave Neno some relief.

Studious paused for a moment, he had the odd feeling they weren’t alone. As he looked around at the shadows he thought he saw that familiar silhouette but the old man refused to let himself be fooled again....

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Havana, Cuba August 1, 1715

Cadbury awoke to a direct beam of sunlight hitting him squarely in the eye. He had a very stiff neck and a rocky head from all the rum that he had imbibed, but it was time to get moving. He shoved the desk away, knocking things around. Now to get the wagon, where his diving gear and supplies were hidden, then to pick up the mercenaries he had hired from the twentieth century. They were paid exuberantly, with a promise of more when the mission was completed. They did not even blink an eye over the time travel, Dexter and Hoss were a motley pair, brutish and looked the part of pirates.

As the wagon crested a mountain top the cove came into view where the ship was anchored. Cadbury let out a big “Yippee!” as the ship was still intact. Cadbury urged the horses down with a crack of the whip, looking over his shoulder at the guys, “Let’s get the ship loaded and set sail as fast as we can. Its 6 days before Salmon sends for help and several more before it gets there. You may have to kill a few survivors!” he says with a raise of his bushy eyebrow. “That is why you hired us boss.” says Hoss as he rubs his rifle lovingly.

The short sea voyage only took them a little more than a day. Cadbury knew from reports that there would be survivors and he just wanted to get in and out. They arrived midday,
and spotted the mass wreckage, as well as the survivors. Cadbury instructed Dexter to hoist the Jolly Roger and prepare to be fired upon. They dropped anchor out of rifle range from the beach and not seeing any skips on the shore, Cadbury got suited up to dive.
“Hoss, Dexter just keep and eye out, and fire if necessary. I will send the gold up and we will get the hell out of history!” Cadbury laughed at his own joke, the men did not.
“Good fortune Boss, send up the mother load!” says Hoss. Cadbury pulls on his mask and jumps in the water on the starboard side away from the shoreline.

Gold and treasure covered the sea floor, instead of gasping in awe, Cadbury got to work
filling the basket. Once filled it was hoisted aboard the ship. He worked through 4 tanks,
taking only time to change them and checking on the guys, who were diligently watching the shore and the horizon. Before going down he tagged the treasure and sent it to a secure location. “This last batch is for the two of you.” says Cadbury to Hoss and Dexter.
They both smiled, “Great fill it up.” says Hoss, “I will get the ship ready to sail and the shots ready to drink.” Dexter replied. Cadbury nodded in agreement, “I am looking forward to it!”

It felt like a dream being under the sea with so much treasure, but he had gotten his share and he was going to make sure the guys got theirs, as they had literally watched his back all day. The rays of the sun were streaking through the ocean, something shimmered oddly on the seabed and caught his eye. He swam over to inspect it suspecting that it may be a huge diamond or some sort of jewel, as he got closer he was astounded to see a crystal skull.

It was dancing with light refraction, he found himself mesmerized, he reached out to touch it and pop, he just vanished.

Hoss is eating a sandwich and watching a couple of whales about a mile out when a huge air bubble breaks the surface of the water.

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Clearing her throat Silo punched the record button on CindyMar's bar top communicator. She'd leave a message here in the Swamp and hope it'd be the first place CindyMars would pass when she returned to Ship.

'CindyMars, it's me Silo...' Her voice echoing out over the empty room made her cringe and check to make sure she was alone.
'Look, I'm headed to your cabin. I'm taking a few of your teleport tabs with me...' Pushing the pause button Silo sorted through her thoughts before resuming.
'There's something I've got to tell you but...' She hesitated wondering if she should say more deciding against it. 'But it'll have to wait until we meet up. Hope to see you soon. ATS Silo - out.' Silo closed the communicator before it could record her heavy sigh - something that would have told CindyMars all her message had not.

Reaching for a few pretzel pouches from beneath the bar Silo crammed them into her backpack slung it over her shoulder and headed for her own quarters - the second of two stops she'd make before she could leave Ship.
As much as she wanted to run to the Center and follow CindyMars through the portal there Silo couldn't quite face any more adventure at the moment.
'What I need is the cabin, and quiet and...cake, chocolate cake.' She mumbled to herself and tried to keep from drooling at the thought.
She knew she had to have time to recover and gain back her strength. Something she knew CindyMars cake and the hominess of her cabin would accomplish.
Then... And then, well, and 'then' would have to take care of itself later.

Silo paused before entering her rooms scrubbing her palms roughly over the grimace on her face.
Steeling herself to pass through her sleeping chamber and even farther through the healing room Silo moved through the chambers averting her eyes lest something spark memories of the moments she'd spent there with Swarg. And Carpet she remembered with a strange mixture of pain, love and embarrassment.

Rushing through to the next chamber she trotted to her data bank and view screen. Punching in the queue she didn't have to wait long before she was face to face with a few figures, simple examples of Ophi V-Point Commanders, Wing-Drones and Princes.

Frustrated and disappointed she could find no replica of the Ophi leader entered in the memory banks Silo gave up queuing the computer. Staring down into the beady bird-like eyes of the beings she'd spend the rest of her life exterminating Silo smiled a feral smile.
No matter, she'd find the Leader on her own she promised herself before erasing any info-paths stored in the unit and shutting it's power.

Turning from the empty view screen Silo strode to her private arms center to choose a weapon with a purpose. To kill.
The thrill of anticipation spurted through her veins making her hands clench and unclench around the throat of her weapon.
One last thing to do before leaving Ship proper for the Center and then on to the Cabin.

Armed with one of Deson's straight kill weapons Silo made her way to the Recovery Bay and there moving swiftly and silently she scanned the ruined medical facilities letting her eyes stray to each corner, probe under each overturned table and medical cabinet all the while continuing to guard her own back.
Though the Recovery Bay seemed abandoned Silo knew Deez was hiding there somewhere and the time had come to root the beast out. And when she did? His would be the first blood spilled in the revenge for Swarg, and the unwanted child growing in her belly.

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Searching for Deez was exhausting. And futile. So far Silo'd turned up nothing but his sleeping box left half hidden beneath a tower of ruble, the box itself empty of anything but an odd handful of trinkets - sans Deez and his 'eye'.
Wherever he'd gotten off to it wasn't in the ruined Recovery Bay.
Making a final turn around the overthrown room Silo let out a breath she'd been holding in a rush of relief. The length of the search had done much to cool her blood lust for Deez and the once proud flesh of revenge had healed momentarily leaving behind an emptiness in the pit of her stomach, a dull throb behind her eyes.

Leaning heavily on a data counter Silo wondered not for the first time at the reasons behind the damaged done to the RB and the absence of it's Medical Officer. The ruins gave up no answers only spawned more questions causing the pain in her head to double.
Moving to an exam table Silo perched on a corner and swung her legs while watching the consoles lights and monitors attempted a bio-scan of her person. In fits and starts the table groaned and bleeped before coming to a rest on a belabored mechanical sigh a little puff of vapor escaping from the cracked headboard. Hopping to her feet Silo gave a disgusted sniff. Even the exam tables had been rendered useless.

Well, there went her hope of finding something to help with her injured eye stalks she thought, running her fingers through her hair.
The healing pod in her chambers could only repair just so much and it had not been successful at mending her second pair of eyes that had been badly damaged in the torpedo room incident. Her blood began to heat again at the memory, emotion stirring her back into action.
Striding with purpose to corridor communicator Silo called in a squad of working drones giving instructions to right the whole of the Recovery Bay. While keyed up at the communicator Silo issued a full Ship alert for Deez giving directions the creature be taken to the brig, alive if possible, dead if he fought capture. Her hope went out to Deez that he'd be sensible and give in without a fight allowing guards to take him without incident. She had too many questions to loose Deez now.

Waving the drones to begin their work Silo exited the Bay following a long green corridor past acres of storerooms and into the hydroponics area of Ship pausing momentarily as a pair of heavy glass doors allowed her automatic passage opening and closing with a pressurized hiss.

Moist warm air thick with life swirled over her face and arms leaving behind tiny droplets of water glistening on her hair like diamonds. Pushing her way through layers of overgrowth Silo was surprise to find whoever had run roughshod over the Bay had either missed these out of the way rooms or had spent their rage before entering. No overturned pots and broken machinery yet another kind of chaos, the damage done from neglect was in evidence here.

How long had the place been unattended she wondered tiptoeing around rambling vines that escaped their containers careful not to crush the tender trailers underfoot.
Left to themselves herbs and plants had grown wild reminding Silo of the Center in their natural abandon of structure and confinement. Unattended and untamed vegetation grew over every surface leaving nothing untouched by greenery. Thick soft moss grew in a parody of dust on shelves and tabletops. The floors carpeted in weeds swirled with designs painted in colored petals. Every nook and cranny burst with stems and leaves, bubbled with blossoms and the joy of creation moving forward never looking back.

Wandering the isles deep in though Silo realized there was much to learn here and more to do and as she explored deeper into the rooms all thoughts of Cim's cabin dimmed. Why the plants were verily animating right before her eyes, like they'd missed contact, as if being neglected has somehow left them wanting. Waving tendrils of ivies their thin limbs sprouting tiny green fingers trailing hidden messages against her skin, wilting away in sadness as she passed.
Silo continued ducking and maneuvering through the untamed wonders wondering at the mysteries each plant held secret, aching to know more about the magic hidden in each leaf, each blade of life and spine and stalk. Stroking a frond here, smelling at a bit of flower there the dusty yellow pollen clinging to her nose Silo's peace was interrupted by the garish scream of Ship's arrival sirens announcing the Deson fighters had returned. Chumley's back she thought smiling sweetly over a tender honey blossom, and in the knowing he was safe Silo found a new joy and purpose.

The Recovery bay must be put to rights and the hydro-room plants? They needed her care, wanted her there. In return for sharing their secrets and healings, for giving up their balms and unguents Silo would give them the living touch they so needed.
And Chumley?
Silo could never leave Ship before thanking Chumley for all he'd done to save the Yydryl and telling him how proud she was of him, how glad she was he was safe. Nor could she leave without first asking Ship to re-assign him to the rank of First Security Officer to replace Whisper. Remembering Whisper brought a lump of emotion to her throat, but the memory had grown faint, as had the pain it once brought. She still missed Whisper - as she was sure Chumley did also, but, it was time to move on.

Silently promising herself she'd return to the herbaria soon Silo thumbed the Green Man at her neck relaying a need for an immediate audience with Ship. Silo would give her recommendation of Chumley's advancement before she welcomed him home and in passing her own quarters store her backpack, she wouldn't be needing it or the teleport tabs any longer. Curiously her sudden change in plans brought Silo no disappointment. Anyway, she thought, there was no use running away from fate - it seemed wherever she went it caught up with her anyway.

Moving back through the ruined Recovery Bay Silo stopped short at the guards swarming in a knot of commotion, one hand instinctively moving to her belly, the other to her weapon.

'Leave him!' She yelled at the droids circling around the thing on the floor, fear giving volume to her voice, resolve lending her hand a steady aim.

Deez, tiny Deez, not the monster from the torpedo room lay maimed bleeding and trying in vain to evade capture.
Cringing as if hit when hearing her voice he redoubled his pathetic efforts to escape but sensing freedom had eluded him he stopped his struggling and lay still.
At the end, with eyes glazed over in pain the creature turned towards Silo, blinked, and let out a strangled mewling cry before all signs of life fell away from his broken body and his scraggly gray head slumped to the floor.

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I didn't want to pick him up, to check if the little mop was alive or not. But I had.
I hadn't wanted to experience that jolt a fear when my ear against his chest failed to detect the lub-a-dub of his heart.
But I did.
I sure as hell didn't want Deez anywhere near my quarters. But that's where he was.
I'd scooped him up, checked for signs of life, tucked him snug in the crook of my arm and run for all I was worth - straight to my rooms.
And no, I hadn't wanted the little fur ball in my healing pod either, but, that's where he was - and the PHARS was still humming away, doing it's job saving Deez life - and taking it's own sweet time at it.

'Silo? You still in there?' Carpets voice called tentatively from the door of my quarters. We were still feeling a little awkward with each other.

'Yeah, I'm here, come on in.' I replied trying to sound nonchalant. Cocking my hip against the buzzing machine I purposefully chose not to smile watching a wave of rug ripples cross the room halting out of reach.

'So, how's Deez" Carpet asked, breezy as a spring earth day making a wide ark around my feet to get to the pod, to give it an apprehensive poke with his fibers. Now normally I'd of chosen that moment to say 'Boo' and watch Carpet come unraveled, but, our days of teasing were behind us, who knew if they'd ever return. Instead I carried on, business as usual.

'How is Deez?' I echoed, 'I dunno. He's still cooking, or doing whatever it is that happens in there.' Tapping the top of the pod with my fingernails I was surprised when it responded. The machine belched, I jumped, Carpet scuttled in bunches to the corner where I joined him. So much for nonchalant.

'What was that?' Carpet whispered from behind me his piles scrunched up under my heals.

'I don't know! You saw, all I did was touch the top and...I dunno!' Crouching down I clutched Carpet with the fingers of my one hand, the other hand reaching out skimming the wall getting ready to morph if monster Deez popped out of the PHARS.

The hatch opened as if on queue and out shot 'My Eye', a small brown lump raised high and clutched in Deez's tiny fist.
Next, a second paw snagged at the rim of the pod slipping, then catching and grasping, pulling himself up the side of the machine.
Big eyes protruding from under scraggly hair and shaking slightly Deez's head appeared over the lip of the pod.

'So what now?' Carpet whispered from below me.
'I don't know but get out from under there.' I hissed venomously poking him non too gently with the tip of my toe aiming for the plushest part of the knot at my feet.

Grumbling, barely rippling forward Carpet raised his knap in a make-do barrier between where I crouched and Deez in the pod.

'Ohhh! So now Deez is all weenie again you're gonna play the hero? Nice one...' I muttered sarcastically from the corner of my mouth.
'Shud-up' Carpet shivered, his shag raised like hackles on a dog.
Deez responded to our squabbling with a look that read confusion and fear before uttering the words that stopped our bickering flat.

'My Eyeeeee...' Tension rose in his voice as he drew the word out.

'No! Deez!' Spreading my hands out in front of me I waved them slightly in a stopping motion. 'No, Deez, sweetie, it's ok... Really. It's ok Deez, no one's going to hurt you. Promise!" Frozen in place I focused on the little being trying hard not to show fear.

'Deez hungry.' He mumbled, his words muffled, his mouth pressed up against the rim of the pod.

'Ok, well, you come on outta there and I'll get you something to eat.'

Feeling foolish crouched down there on watery knees I nearly laughed at myself for keeping my distance from the little being until the ugly memory of what Deez and his 'Eye' could do, had done, flit through my memory like a funeral dirge.

Rising slowly I spoke overly loud to compensate for my fear. 'Carpet, why don't you go out and get a working droid to bring us some food...'

'Lots' Deez called from the depths of the pod.

'Carpet, make that lots of food. And bring some wine...'

'Cake' Deez added.

'...and cake. Lots of cake,' Heavy emphasis on 'lots'. '...and Carpet, please, get back here ASAP.'

'Yes Mam!' Carpet shouted making sure Deez heard him but he hesitated to go until I waved him off watching the fibers of his form leaving the room like waves under a stiff wind.

'He's gone now Deez you can come out.' Nothing. 'Don't worry, he'll be right back with some food and we'll have a nice snack.' I kept my words cheerful but still Deez stayed hidden. So much for trust.

Moving quietly to the side of the pod I waited for the droid bearing food to arrive saving any more speeches for when I had something to bait them with. Sooner than I though was possible a droid arrived, I laid the food out on the floor at the foot of the pod and like the picnic I'd shared with CindyMars I sat with my legs tucked under me and began eating.

'Come on Deez this is yummy' I called around a mouthful of something scrumptious following it with an audible gulp of wine.

As before Deez's 'My Eye' talisman appeared first above the rim still clutched in Deez fist, followed by his second hand but this time he flipped himself neatly out of the pod to scramble up beside me.

'Deez hungry' He drooled as he spoke, flecks of spittle barely missing food laden plates.

'You can eat...' I made a shield of my hand between the little being and the food. '...but first you have to promise to be nice from now on Deez. And promise to help me.' Still holding my hand in his way I waited for his answer.

'Promise.' Deez squealed his head bobbing up and down in an enthusiastic 'yes'. Ducking under my hand before I could move away Deez's fur brushed against my palm making my skin crawl. My stomach went oily watching as he began shoveling in amounts of food that'd put Chumley to shame.

Surrounded by a mountain of bones and crumbs Deez's eating began to slow. I figured enough time and food had gone my to begin questioning.

'Deez?' I asked around a dusty mouthful of dry tasteless cake regretting it wasn't a slice of Cim's chocolate bliss.

Catching him in mid-drink draining another goblet dry I held out the wine jug offering him a refill before continuing.

'Deez. I was just wondering. Now that you've eaten, well, would it be ok if... Would it be ok if I could see your 'Eye'? Can I touch it? I asked swallowing hard between questions.

Tossing a fresh meat wing to the floor Deez narrowed his eyes to black slashes across his face. His shock of hair bristling like spines he turned, opened his mouth to twice it's normal size, pulled back his lips exposing row after row of dagger like teeth and began to emit a low menacing growl.

'Here, have another wing!' Pailing I slid the meat plate in his direction.

And this was just that moment Carpet chose to poke me and say 'Boo!"

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