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The Voyages of the Penelope and the Yydryl

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posted on May, 23 2009 @ 04:41 PM

Meanwhile, back aboard the USS Penelope...

After making sure that Security Chief nenothtu hadn't stopped breathing before the medical staff whisked him away to sick bay, the red-haired sergeant turned back to the security console and read the names of the "formerly" NI personnel aboard Penelope listed there. Activating a comm channel to the security Desk Sergeant, he spoke. "Desk Sergeant, this is Sergeant James. I'm taking over as acting Security Chief until Chief nenothtu... sobers up." He didn't want security to discover the seriousness of the situation and become distracted from the work at hand. " I've got the first name on the list of roundups the captain ordered. Send a six man detachment to berth 17G-542, and I'll meet them there. Send detachments of not less than six men each to round up the other two. Prepare separate cells in the brig for each one. They are NOT, I repeat NOT under arrest. They will 'officially' be under detention for questioning, and are to speak with no one but myself or the captain, unless nenothtu rolls his lazy butt out. James out." With that, Sergeant James headed for berth 17G-542.

Upon his arrival, the sergeant found that the security reinforcements had not yet arrived. Drawing himself up to appear more 'official', he pushed the door annunciator, and waited. No answer. Finally, hearing several footsteps in the corridor heading towards him, he punched in the security command override code, and forced the door open. Entering the stateroom, he was greeted by a surprised Horkos just standing up from a comm console at his desk.

"How did you get that door open, young fellow? It's supposed to be un-overridable".

"Please come with me, Mr Horkos. The captain has some questions for you" was the only reply. It wasn't in his job description to tell detainees how he did his job.

"I ASKED YOU A QUESTION, YOUNG MAN!" Horkos thundered, trying to intimidate the sergeant, and demonstrate that HE had the upper hand.

"That would be 'young SERGEANT' to you, sir. Please come with me. The Captain awaits." by now, the security detachment had arrived on the scene, blocking the doorway. Horkos, seeing escape cut off and intimidation not working, dropped back to plan B. He looked around the room as if searching for another way out, and then, as if in resignation, actually yawned and stretched, arching his back as if to work out kinks, and reaching both hands toward his lower back to massage it.

Sergeant James instantly had his sidearm in hand, pointed steadily at the center of Horko's face. "FREEZE WHAT YOU GOT, MISTER!" he barked out, then added more calmly " If you so much as twitch, your gonna look like a garden sprinkler before I get through."

Horkos's eyes widened ever so slightly, but he didn't twitch. Focusing beyond the sergeant, he was greeted with the sight of 6 more weapon muzzles leveled on him. "SEARCH HIM" barked the young sergeant to one of the security team. One of them secured his weapon and glided forward. "You know the drill" he said to Horkos. "Grab some wall - slowly", with which order Horkos complied. "NI will clear this little mess up, and make it disappear", he thought to himself. Horkos shouldn't have underestimated Penelope's crew, and overestimated the reach of his own bosses. He was a LONG way from home to be having such naive thoughts.

In mid patdown, the security officer found a small, concealed "Plasma Zapper", of a type associated with NI operatives, at the small of Horkos' back. Breathing a low whistle, the man said "Lookey what we got, Sarge! I DO believe he meant one of us harm..." and handed the Zapper over to Sergeant James.

"How 'bout that." was all the sergeant replied. When the patdown was completed, the security team placed Horkos' hands in cuffs behind his back, and shackles on his ankles, with a short connective chain between the two. He could, at best, hobble along.

Sergeant James reported in to the Captain. "Sergeant James, acting Security Chief, to Captain Luder. We've got one of your boys, I think. He was acting sort of shifty, braced up to fire on us, and, when searched, was found to be carrying a NI Issue Plasma Zapper to do the firing with. He's been thoroughly disarmed, and trussed up like a Christmas Turkey. He's on his way to some special accomodations in the brig now. I'm sealing off his quarters, pending a more thorough search and investigation, with a Command Security Lockdown code. I recommend you have the comm officer do the same with the connection to his desk console, as he sent someone a message from it. Probably need to capture the transmission from the ship's Comms Log too, if that can be done. Sergeant James out."

"Good Job, guys. Take him to the brig, gentlemen. He has a room reserved. No checkout time, I think this one is a VIP guest. Have the other teams report to me as soon as they have their own detainees secured. I got some more business to take care of." as they all left the stateroom, the security detail turned left, prisoner in tow, and Sergeant James turned right, toward Sick Bay.

Arriving at Sick bay, Sergeant James entered and inquired into the condition of Chief nenothtu. The attendant said "There really hasn't been any change. We can't get a handle on what's wrong with him, he just seems to be... out"

"He mentioned something about his 'ticker' just before he collapsed on the bridge. Noted any heart problems?" replied the sergeant.

"No, nothing like that. Matter of fact, his heart seems to have IMPROVED since his last checkup, if anything. That's one of the puzzling aspects. We've detected unusual brain activity, as if he were awake, and... something else... going on in his brain. We just aren't quite sure what that 'something else' is indicative of. There has been some degree of... cellular regeneration... in his physical body, and there's no known mechanism that would cause what we've observed in him. All in all, he's in better health than he's ever been, since joining the service. He's... YOUNGER... is the best way I can put it. He's just unexplainably out, comatose. we can't seem to revive him, in spite of the fact that his condition is steadily improving. It's puzzling."

"Can I see him?" asked Sergeant James.

"Yes, for a few moments. Don't expect any witty conversation from him, though." was the reply, and the attendant led the young sergeant into a side bay.

Security Chief nenothtu lay on a Sick Bunk, with two transverse beams of light, one red, one green, constantly scanning up and down his body, from head to toe. A status board at the head of the bunk had constantly updating readouts on his condition. Turning to the medic, the young sergeant said "Could we have a few moments alone, please?" The medic was prepared for that, he was used to the "clanninshness" that tended to build up amongst crew members, particularly the ones that worked together on a daily basis, and went through stressful events together. They often behaved as if as close, or closer, than blood family. He had no way of knowing that this young sergeant had only just been promoted to his position as assistant Security Chief.

"Certainly. I've got some of his test results to go over anyhow. I'll just be at the front desk if you need anything" he said, and took his leave .

Once he was sure the attendant was out of earshot, Sergeant James spoke to the inert form of neno in a commanding tone. "Get yer lazy carcass up out of that bed! There's work to be done, and you're slacking!"

No response from nenothtu.

"Move something, dammit! I need to know you're still in there!"

Still no response. The sergeants comments became plaintive."Do something, neno. Twitch a finger, and eyelid, growl, SOMETHING! Doc says there ain't no reason for you to be layin' there like that." Nothing.

Sergeant James' tone became exasperated and pleading at once. " Dammit Dad, you gotta get out of this. How in the hell am I ever supposed to make you proud of me, if you don't even know what I'm doing? GET UP!" The plea was almost a low wail.

ever so slightly, nenothtu's eyelids fluttered, but didn't open. A low whisper issued from his lips. "Shaddup, kid, or yer gonna let everybody know. Get outta here. I'm Ok now, just tired. Leave me alone so I can get some rest. Get back to yer job." Then he seemed to go slack again.

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posted on May, 23 2009 @ 05:54 PM

Whisper was intrigued and impressed listening to CMs suggestion to Captain Scurvy of having the humans over to the Yydryl for some diplomacy and dining. Seeing the human on the view screen made her mouth fill with acidic Rigellian salvia. Whisper had been stripped of her jerky snacks and still not had time for any meals yet today. She would maintain her professionalism during this crucial meeting but her lust for human meat would be difficult to suppress.

While listening to the conversation between CM and the Captain, another communication arrived and with it a series of events unfolded seemingly on various dimensions but all on the same time line as they happened all at once.

The human Captain of the invading ship came over the bridge com units and stated:

“Captain Scurvy, this is Captain mf_luder. Sorry to abruptly contact you in such a manner, but we are tracking one of our crew members as moving toward your ship as we speak... Correction, Captain we are showing that crew member as now being aboard your ship. Please be aware that his actions are his own. We ask that if it comes to confrontation you preserve his life so he can answer to us. We apologize for this transgression, but again it was not authorized by anyone on my command staff. Luder out.

In synchronicity with mf_luders communication a strange voice was received on her personal communicator. The ignition of the alert mode by Silo and mention of Whispers name had activated the com system on Silos headband, Whisper heard a strange dialect:

“What is that device?” “It’s some sort of headband sir.”

Whisper states “Computer: Re-route communications with Silos headband from my personal communicator to the bridge. Mute vocalizations from the bridge and keep a log of all incoming transmissions.”

With a pleasant albeit computerized female voice, Whispers commands are acknowledged “Communications re-routed. Transmissions to Silos headband terminated. Log activated.”

Dismounting from the ceiling with a backwards flip at the same time unsheathing her high-energy beam blaster rifle, Whisper address Interrex Captain Scurvy.

“Captain, I have reason to believe Ships Attendant Silo is in some way compromised by the marauding humans. With your leave and by your command, Sir” Whisper notes the orders by Captain Scurvy and salutes before exiting the bridge with squinted eyes, pursed lips, and a tentacle tethered to a trigger.

As Whisper swiftly sped down the corridors she inquired:

“Computer, locate Ship Attendant Silo”
“Silo is not aboard the Yydryl”
With alarm, Whisper retried her query “Computer, locate Silo”
“Silo is on deck three”
“Confirm computer, Silo is on deck three?”
“Silo is not aboard the Yydryl.”

Whisper bared her short, razor sharp teeth and gave a growl.

Whisper was too impatient to wait for one of the ships elevators and opted for the rarely used emergency staircases. Swiftly she grappled her way down, deck by deck using multiple tentacles to grasp the handrails. Engaging her com unit she alerted her staff:

“Security: All staff be advised we have intruders on deck three. Security staff on decks two through four please pursue, engage, and subdue. Be advised it is by order of the captain that these human species not be killed but be detained however possible. I expect professionalism here no matter your prejudice towards humans. Failure to follow Captains Scurvys orders will be dealt with swiftly and harshly. Moloch maintain your post. Whisper out.” The words left her lips and she knew she spoke to her own inner self about the prejudices towards humans.

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posted on May, 23 2009 @ 08:24 PM

Ackerman’s team is finally gets close to Asher, only to find that the corridor is being guarded by two strange tentacled creatures. Monroe being a doctor, is fascinated. Ford being a weapons expert checks his weapon. Ackerman being himself gives a smirk.

Ackerman: “I’ve got an idea.”

We’ll hit them from the….

One of the guards spots them and aims his weapon.

Ford raises his weapon and fires into one of the guards riddling him with bullets.

Another guard, seeing this draws his weapon and fires a bolt at Ackerman hitting him in leg and causing excruciating pain. As he falls backwards he lets off one stun shot from his pistol and knocks him out. Two more guards arrive and begin to fire.

One of them is using a projectile weapon. The small needles hit Ford in the heart and chest. He falls with a thud.

Ackerman seeing this nervously and quickly yells “MONROE THE GAS, THE GAS!!”

Monroe pleads “BUT SIR!”

Ackerman: “DO IT!”

Monroe pulls out a grenade the size and shape of a small water bottle. He pulls the cap straight off and shakes the can back and forth to ensure that the gas is diffusing properly. He does this while Ackerman and Ford put on their masks.

He throws it at the incoming security forces and puts on his own mask. The grenade explodes causing massive damage to the already dead guard on the ground. The explosion spreads the gas everywhere so thick that very little can be seen but the gray cloud of Type II incapacitating gas.

Ackerman reaches up to his ear and calls out to Studious’ team. “OP IS BLOWN, OP IS BLOWN! FALL BACK TO THE SHIP, GET OUT OF HERE NOW!!”

Monroe firing into the now smoke filled corridor is disarmed by one of the aliens. He stands stunned. As the alien says

"Welcome to the Yydrl."

No one can see it through the smoke but Ford’s unmoving, mangled body disappears in a ball of white light.

Studious hearing Ackerman’s orders and knowing his team needs assistance yells to Evans “WHERE ARE THEY?”

Evans nervously: “There, uh over…”


They leave the talkative alien and do not look back.

Evans runs through the open door with little difficulty. However as Studious and Nathan follow through, the door, which already not detecting an ID releases tentacles and grabs them. Evans already through the door, begins firing at the tentacles stopping a few but not enough from reaching the two men. Nathan thinking quickly, pulls out the anesthetic used on the door openings when they were cut open. Figuring those doors did not attack because the anesthesia knocked them out. It works, and the tentacles release them and fall limp.

Studious: "How did you know that would work?"

Nathan responds "I didn't."

The team injects each new doorway before passing through to prevent this from occurring again. After passing through a several doors they see a large cloud of gray smoke ahead.

Nathan yells “MASKS!”realizing what the gas is.

They pull their masks from an easy access pouch on the right side of their belts and run closer to the smoke.

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posted on May, 24 2009 @ 05:35 PM

Sounds of battle filled the air as she neared the stairway exit for deck three. Entering the corridor she could see on the far end of the hallway an all out battle taking place between four of the Yydryl security team and three humans. Was that Moloch? Her orders being to subdue and detain the humans, Whisper decided upon a more stealthy approach and sheathed her blaster rifle.

Remaining around the corner and out of sight, Whisper quickly again took to the ceiling. She removed from her belt the Whip of Seething Sorrow. A quantum dot infused tip whip which reacted with light speed and could retract back into itself in a movement even too fast for Rigellian eyes to register. In it’s casing, the whip appeared to be an innocuous silver baton.

Stealthily, Whisper slithered along the ceiling increasing her fog emitters filling the entire hall with an increasing dense white mist. She first came upon her security detail and was pleased to see Exert’arrh using a Nerve Pistol which stimulated the nervous system of most living targets to feel excruciating pain. It would appear Exert’aarh had made at least one hit as one of the humans was crumpled upon the floor holding his leg and screaming in agony.

She had lost one staff member. Several of his tentacles had been blown off and his chest was flayed open like a gaping Rigellian mouth at dinner time. Green blood continued to soak the area around his body, his stomachs were visible against some yellow bile with one half hanging out of what was barely recognizable as a body. Whisper wished this had been Moloch rather than the promising cadet that lay before her.

Eyes wild, Moloch was using a needle gun much to Whispers displeasure. These were not disarming or subduing weapons but ones that killed. They shot fire thin needles and are silent, semi-automatic weapons. As her fog continued to fill the hall, Whisper lashed out her whip and disarmed Moloch tossing the weapon far behind the action.

Whisper continued to survey the situation. To her relief, she saw Ships Attendant Silo. Silo appeared unharmed however was rubbing her palm against her cheek. Amidst the waning firing of weapons what caught Whisper eye about Silo was her expression. Not one of fear but more of fascination. Silo was being guarded by the final security team member near the front of the battle so this must mean Silo was close to the humans when the security team arrived.

This final security member who was guarding Silo was wielding a Paralysis gun. This beam weapon also affected the nervous system, causing instant paralysis for thirty minutes. The victim of a paralysis gun is still aware of its surrounding and is conscious. Armor offers no protection against a paralysis beam unless it is totally sealed. The downfall to this weapon is lengthy recharging time. Team member Chumley had missed his target and was evading shots fired by the intruders.

Deck three looked, smelled, and sounded like a battle zone. One human remained standing and fighting full on with some foreign antique looking weapon. He was yelling as he fired his weapon not seeming to aim at anything in particular through the blinding, dense fog.

Whisper slid along the ceiling making her way over to the remaining human. Whisper, without notice, hovered above the human. Unleashing her whip she first used it to disarm him. He looked at his hands in disbelief as she dropped down in front of him and used her whip again. The silver colored whip wound its way around the waist of Studious several times. The quantum dot infused tip merged with the whip itself and constricted him. Whisper put herself inches from his face. With a glare and an intentional show of razor, silver sharp teeth she hissed:

“Welcome aboard the Yydryl.”

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posted on May, 24 2009 @ 09:38 PM
Asher backed away cautiously from the dark haired woman until the back of his legs bumped into the raised platform behind him.

Slowly, he lowered his arm.

"Thanks for pulling me out of that," he whispered to her before calmly sitting down on the platform. "What do you want me to do?"

Without warning, the doors at one end of the room split and ruptured inward with a thunderous explosion.

Asher snapped to his feet and crouched to a firing position. The "Zone Killer" deployed from his arm with a wet snapping noise.

From the acrid smoke emerged what appeared to be a team of humans.

Asher stood, the Zone Killer still engaged and pointed in their general direction, a plasma sweep at the ready.

"Who are you and what the hell are you doing here?"

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posted on May, 25 2009 @ 04:04 AM

They begin to fire but cannot see through the dense smoke.

Evans calls out “Reach out with your feelings use your min…”

Before he can finish this terrible joke he is hit by a paralyzing stun blast.

“NOOOO!!!!” Nathan yells. There is great pain in those words. His eyes grow wide and he snaps.

He runs forward firing wildly yelling “TAKE THIS YA MONSTERS!!” He is hit by another one of the paralyzing stun blasts and goes down. His body may have stopped twitching but his mind still does.

Studious, still firing into the thick smoke, sees a whip grab and pull his submachine gun away. Before he can reach his sidearm a tentacled creature appears. The first type of this creature he has actually seen due to the thickness of the smoke. The alien throws a whip which wraps around Studious several times and locks tight, putting pressure on him.

The tentacled alien says “Welcome aboard the Yydryl.” and bears her teeth in a grin.

Studious recovers from the shock, realizing he would already be dead if that was her intention.

The Colonel reaches out a hand for a handshake saying “My, what big teeth you have.”

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posted on May, 25 2009 @ 05:25 AM
It happened so fast I didn’t see it coming, all 4 eyes or not.

Weapons firing, gas bombs exploding, the U-Mans taking off at a run without giving me their names, without looking back.
What a battle! The stink was everywhere, but, I still couldn't make sense of it.
A moment ago I was stalling a pack of the U-mans standing before me, now I’d a big goon with a stun gun trying to block my way from following the U-Mans.

“Stand where you are ATS Silo, it’s my job to guard you” He ground out painfully.
That kick to his tentacles must have hurt.

“Get out of my way you, you...!” I growled my boot taking aim.

“Chumley, I'm a Chumley, I mean, my name is...Don’t do that!” The guard danced to avoid the kick but still blocked my path.

“Look, I don’t want to have to lay tentacles on you ATS Silo, but I will if you...”

“And how’re you going to do that, if you can‘t catch me?” I interrupted him and morphed smoothly into the wall, as always my uniform falling to my feet.
The Regalians head spun around like it had come unhinged.
Done by a Rigellian not a very pretty sight.

Morphing back out of the wall I picked up my uniform and headband tossing them over my arm. Who cared if I was out of Yydryl dress, it wasn’t like the Rigellian knew the difference was it?

“How’d you do that?” He asked, wearing an expression like he’d shot himself with his own stun-gun.

“Look, it doesn’t matter how, just get out of my way before someone gets hurt” I had to crane my neck up to look into the face of the Regalian, but my glare was potent, the guard took a step back.

“Did you know you’re...naked” He stammered staring at my chest, then blushing to the nubs of his tentacle, spinning around to face the opposite direction.

So I was wrong about Rigellians not knowing the difference.

As soon as the guard turned I was off like a shot running down the corridor following the sounds of fighting, struggling into my uniform as I went. I hoped I could get to the U-Mans before S.O Whisper or they were as good as lunch, probably would be anyway as I doubted I could change the Security Officers mind, but I had to try.

Ships ventilation kicked in sucking gas from the halls replacing it with cool fresh air.
My ears popped at the pressure change, my eyes quit watering but my mouth still tasted as gross as something I’d imagine you’d find living in a Rigellians armpit.

Near to flying around the next bend I ran headlong for the second time that day into something warm and hard.
Falling right back on my hind-end it was like the mornings events revisited, yet if my first glimpse of the U-Mans was a shock the scene playing out before me was even more so!

In a sight I’d never have believed if I hadn’t seen it with my own antenna there was S.O. Whisper and the U-Man standing eye to eye, the U-man, his hand extended before him bravely in a very U-man greeting.
Though Whisper didn't clasp a tentacle to the proffered hand, she did look sufficiently perplexed, a bit like she wasn’t sure what to do with an arm still attached to the U-Man, but at least she hadn't killed him either.

Standing above me the U-Man who’s name I never got an answer to extending his hand to help me get up. I’d run head long into *Twitchy*.

“Thank you Twitchy” I said holding onto his hand and shaking it wildly while brushing off my uniform with my other hand.

“That would be Nathan mam, my name that is, it's Nathan.”
He didn’t let go of my hand but returned my shake in a crushing grip his face growing redder each passing second.

“Nathan is it” I smiled and cringed as he continued to pump my hand spasmodically. His facial tic had worsened to the point he looked like he had water in his ears.

At the warning roar coming belting out from behind us I tripped, broke the U-Man’s grip and fell back into Nathan's arms, arms that dropped me at once.

“Let go of her!!!” Chumley bellowed, galloping up the hall huffing and puffing, his weapon aimed directly at Twitchy Nathan's chest.

“Here we go again,“ I thought just before my pendant let out with a long purr.

Ship was fine, just fine.

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posted on May, 26 2009 @ 12:39 AM

Captain's Log.

It's been nearly four hours since we last made contact with the alien vessel in our path. There has been no word as to the disposition of any of my crew who are aboard that vessel, whether they be there under invitation or not. Studious, as is seeming to be his fashion disobeyed an order to report to the bridge and somehow managed to get himself over to the ship on our screens. Whatever his intent is or was, there is no way of knowing. I find myself growing mildly impatient with the waiting game we have entered into and am hoping for something to resolve the seemingly endless silence. Luder out.

Luder turned to Varlas.

"Any luck getting those long range communications back online?"

Varlas nodded. "Sir, you should have the capability to contact UEF HQ if you so desire. Sensors are also back online as well."

"Good, good. I want a full sensor sweep out as far as we can get it. I'd like to know just where we are right now. Also, launch a class 3 probe into orbit of the planetary body we seem to be near and get me a readout on the situation there."

"Aye, Cap'n."

From the underbelly of the Penelope a small black probe issued forth and rocketed into orbit of a small, Earth-sized planet near the two vessels hanging in the void.....

Darlnoria liked to watch the stars. She had come out to this very spot since she was a small child, led by her grandfather to peer up and see the vast field of light up there. Recently, she had acquired a small telescope and since then had spent perhaps too many sleepless nights peering up into the darkness, watching and hoping for something, anything.....

This night, she brought her son with her to show him the wonders that the darkness held. Regax, the nearest planet to their own, was closing into its nearest part of its orbit and would be a splendid sight for the young boy's eyes.

"Here, darling. Look through this part and you can see it." She helped him into position, smiling as he grasped the edges of the telescope. He peered in and giggled.

"Mommy, there are some things in there." She grinned and said, I know sweetie, it's the planet Regax.

"No. Other things. Look!" He moved out of the way and she sat him on the ground to have a peek herself. She moved her eye into the viewer and gasped. There were two UFOs holding position not far from each other, just hanging there in space. One of the two launched a point of light which sped toward the world and vanished. She pulled out her phone and made a hasty call to her friends....


"Sir, the probe has returned its first reports. I'm reading a Class M environment with a humanoid civilization. Seems to be about the same level of technology as 20th century Earth. No indications of advanced space technology or propulsion on initial scan, sir." Varlas said.

"Thanks, lieutenant. Continue to monitor." Luder said, standing up.

"Commander Jackson, you have the bridge. I'm going to go catch some sleep while we're waiting on a decision. Let me know at the first sign of.... well.... anything." Luder headed out of the command center.


When Luder arrived in his quarters, he breathed out a sigh of exhaustion and kicked his boots off. It had been a long couple of days. He turned around and saw a shirt laid out over the back of his recliner. He frowned.

"I don't remember putting a shirt there."

He picked it up and looked at it. It was a UEF uniform shirt with Captain's bars on it.

"Hmm." He tossed it into the clothes recycler and headed to his bed. There, he saw a couple of large duffel bags on the floor near the end of the bed. He flipped the lights on and cursed.

The duffels read: JACKSON, T. CPT

posted on May, 26 2009 @ 07:05 PM
"Antar! Antar! Open the Damn Door!" It was the distant but frantic voice of Silo, but for now antar had her senses filled to capacity telepathically scanning the U-man standing before her. Silo would ahve to wait and it was more important to keep Silo from the unknown fate of her now fully alert patient than to allow her entry to the RB.

Knowing that D@D were at this very moment watching from the distant shadows of the RB, antar continued to scan the Uman yet could not shake the thought that he was actually scanning her!

No words were spoken as they stood silently in the now flickering lights of the RB. Something was happening with ship, something antar could not deal with in the moment as the task at hand took all of her will, her concentration.

Almost painful visions came flooding in and she had to cut off the emotional sensing as this was not a normal U-man and the visuals were both enlightening and frightening at the same time. None of her education had prepared her for the advancements that the U-mans were capable of, had accomplished.

This amply advanced species before her was nothing like the subjects in her Fathers laboratory experiments. For an instant she stood wondering if he could have somehow been one of Fathers projects that had been a success?

Scraping that idea as she knew better, the visuals told her that if nothing else, he was an easy meld, simple really to mentally scan, and with great ability for memory he was more than she could have ever hoped for in a U-man/Cybernetic species.

As if trusting for the first time in his life, he opened the memory gates even fuller and the flood that came streaming in like a 1000Gb upload. From every fiber of her being she sensed him and he allowed it, welcomed her.

In return antar allowed him to see great distances into her past history as well, surprising him with her longevity and consequential youthful stance, before him.

When the link was fading, they both stood as if at attention, lacking of any external emotional expression, yet fully connected on a deep and meaningful level.

Taking a deep breath and exhaling audibly, antar broke the silence.

"Well, it is a pleasure to meet you, Seeker, and now that we are more familiar I trust you to follow me to the recovery waterfalls, it is painless and actually quite enjoyable. It will rejuvenate you completely and leave you feeling many years younger and hydrated. Since your wounds are only superficial, it will also be able to heal those topical wounds to almost perfection."

As he stepped over and into the falls, antar turned her attention to the now flashing lights from the center of ships mantle, her comms center was lifting a holographic image of the hull of the ship which now looked like a Cesarian Cection done by the worst of hack jobs up and out by a few feet and back again repeatedly.

She turned with a look of utter and complete hatred towards the Uman now blissfully merging with waterfall.

Signaling to D@D to head for the bridge, for Captain Scurvy and Whisper, speaking telepathically to them at the same time she said "Go now, and tell everything you have seen, tell Captain that I am fine, not to worry and ask what he wishes for me to do with this U-man?

And please ask Whisper what this holographic image means to our safety? I will get down there as soon as I can but will start repairs from here while I await my next orders from Captain Scurvy.

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posted on May, 28 2009 @ 11:14 AM

CM was tapping her fingers on the console before the viewing screen.
Captain Scurvy had gone to check out for himself the fray with the Uman intruders below deck. It had been hours and she felt it best to answer the Uman Captain Luder to avoid further conflict.

"Captain Luder This is Officer Mars." She pauses giving him a chance to answer, deciding not to wait she sends her hail. " Captain Luder as I was discussing your dinner invitation with Captain Scurvy, as you know our vessel was visously attacked. I appreciate your message and your dilemma, however our vessel The Yydryl is a living sentient creature and we are not very happy about her attack and injury. I understand you say that these men acted on their own but I am unsure as to how my Rigellian crewmates are going to react? The Captain went to see to the attack himself, which is why I am communicating with you and not he. I am still hoping that we can meet and discuss all this. If a meeting does happen, we request under the circumstanses that you and 3 other of your crew come here instead. The when of this meeting will have to wait until we have had time to determine the status of the situation. I personally look forward to meeting you but please no more surprises." CM says with a sweet smile but a raised eyebrow.

"Officer Mars out."

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“My what big teeth you have” responded the human and understood via brainwave patterns from her mental translator embedded near her first brain. Educated but unaccustomed to human protocols, Whisper was curious at first to the outstretched hand gesture before her. Hoping to add a ‘touch’ of the macabre and an added deterrent should this human try anything further, she greeted his hand with her own tentacle. She allowed her suction cups to latch onto his human palm and pulsate. As she took her tentacle back, a slime of her tentacle oil was left on the human hand and a visible slick string was between them for a moment before it snapped, most of it dangling off the hand of the human. The disgust was evident in Studious eyes for a moment but Whisper was impressed he did not show the emotion on his face or behavior, at least while she was watching.

Even as this interlude took place, more security had arrived on deck three. Whisper released the Whip of Seething Sorrow from the waist of Studious and it retracted back into itself. She put this back into its harness on her Thermal-Superconducting Armor which was meshed with a more common Combat Infantry Uniform.

Thermal-Superconducting Armor is also known as energy armor. It is made of thin layer of material able to absorb and reradiate electromagnetic energy. This armor halves the damage done by lasers, X-rays lasers, gamma-ray lasers, flamers, shaped charges, fusion guns or microwave disruptors. As a prize for one of her more lengthy sparring matches on Rigel, Whisper was presented with this armor which had been integrated with a higher end Combat Infantry Outfit. The CIO consisted of a chemically-coated and contamination-proof two piece outfit. The suit comes with pockets, attachment points and a harness for holding weapons and gadgets. Her chest and abdomen were protected by durasteel plates inserted in a compound fiber mesh. A flexible compound fiber mesh covered 3/4 the length of Whispers tentacles.

Her many eyes never the leaving the two of Studious, Whisper engaged her com unit: “Yydryl Crew: Be advised the intruders have been taken into custody. Security Officer Whisper, Out”

Whisper turned swifty on her posterior tentacle glaring at Moloch. She looked at one of her security officers who had been present during the short exchange of volleys and nodded with force in Moloch direction. “Escort that gwarking mass of cartilage to solitary confinement.” Moloch held her gaze with a defiant, knowing sneer as if he had information to which she was not privy. “Moloch you are hereby relived of duty and stripped of all rank.” He was escorted to his silent cell.

“Security: Darus: Please excuse yourself from the RB and meet me on the bridge.”

“Officer Whisper, I am already in route. CMO Antar relived me of duties, advised me to wait for you on the bridge and requests an update to the status of the injured area of the ship. Darus over” responded Darus with respect.

“Darus: continue on with Antars orders. I shall meet you there momentarily. Officer Whisper out.”

“Recovery Bay: Officer Antar: Please be advised the ship seems to have grown a Sensa-Skin which is minimally holding the severed area together. I am no expert in these matters but, it does appear it will need your attention. Whisper Out.”

Whisper turned to notice Silo and the one later she would know as Nathan shaking hands. Her many eyes blinked as this human should still be under the influence of the paralysis. She also noted this human had a strange ‘twitching’ about him. She walked over to the two of them and with a menacing display of attitude stated “ATS Silo! Why are you interacting and making contact with these invaders!”

The little being appeared shocked and hurt. Whisper revealed her creepy smile and slapped a slick tentacle on Silos back “I’m gwarking with you Silo, I’m glad to see you are okay.”

Whisper always carried a minimal amount of hyposprays in the pockets of her combat outfit. One of these she never leaves her quarters without holds the fitting name of ‘painaway.’ This shot will mask pain completely for an hour but can be highly addictive especially if taken three times within a 24 hour period. She walked over to Ackerman still laying on the floor, clutching at his leg which had been targeted and hit by a nerve pistol.

“This may sting for a moment” she says with a hint of teasing menace before jabbing the needle in his thigh.

She turns again to Studious, “I would like to interrogate you now but it has not been the orders of my captain. For now, my security team will be escorting and detaining you in our brig. As far as brigs go, you may find the Yydryl quite comfortable. I must say, the circumstances were not pleasurable but it has been a long time since I have had the opportunity to eat, um, I mean meet a human.”

With that, her security team made away with the intruding humans; some walking of their own accord and some on stretchers to be fully recovered in only thirty more minutes of human time.

Whisper slithered her way to the bridge to give her full report, find out about the status of communications with the human captain, and promote a new 2nd in command of security.

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The tentacled alien reached forward and touched Studious' outstretched hand. As the alien pulled away a strand of slime hung between them.

Though Studious liked spit shine, somehow slime didn't score the same sheen.

He was slightly disgusted by the slime, however he considered the historical impact of this occasion.

The alien described that they would be escorted to the brig. Studious thought "Oh not again. Come on!"

The alien called the rest of the ship saying...

“Yydryl Crew: Be advised the intruders have been taken into custody. Security Officer Whisper, Out”

Studious thought to himself. "So the alien's named Whisper."

She turned and said to one of the guards...
“Escort that gwarking mass of cartilage to solitary confinement.”

The mass of cartilage simply sneered.

She continued...
“Moloch you are hereby relived of duty and stripped of all rank.”

Studious thought to himself "hmm... Internal squabbles. This could come in handy."

Whisper turned to the small alien the team had run into before.

“ATS Silo! Why are you interacting and making contact with these invaders!”

Studious figured ATS must be a rank or job of some sort, perhaps an acronym for something.

After a sort exchange she went over to Ackerman on the ground holding his leg in pain. She injected him with something and it seemed to ease his suffering.

Approaching Studious again she said...

“I would like to interrogate you now but it has not been the orders of my captain. For now, my security team will be escorting and detaining you in our brig. As far as brigs go, you may find the Yydryl quite comfortable. I must say, the circumstances were not pleasurable but it has been a long time since I have had the opportunity to eat, um, I mean meet a human.”

Studious brushed off the comment about eat vs. meet as an error in translation.

The team was led away toward the brig. Studious glanced at Moloch also being led this way he was placed in a solitary cell nearby.

The rest of the team was placed in a larger cell together. They entered and some were lowered onto beds from their stretchers.

Nathan had already recovered and had walked to the brig on his own.

Studious: "Hey, why did you recover so quickly?"

Nathan: "I can't tell you."

Studious said frustrated “Of course.”

After the effects of the stun blasts had worn off on the others Studious said.

"Hey, she was right. This is WAY nicer than the Penelope brig."

Evans: "Why were you in the brig sir?"

Studious: "Huh, they didn't tell you?"

Ackerman smirking "He didn't need to know."

Evans: "What now?"

Studious: "What do you mean 'what now?' It is the sworn duty of every officer to attempt escape.

Evans: "Escape? How do you propose we do that? Take a look around."

Studious after looking around says "Wait a minute where's Ford?"

Ackerman no longer smirking "He was hit."

Studious: "What do you mean? There was no body."

Ackerman: "What do you mean no body?"

Studious: "I mean I saw no body."

Ackerman: "Oh, nobody! Well it was pretty smoke filled. I'm not surprised you saw nobody."

Studious: "No....No body, that's what I mean. Mr. Ford's body was gone."

Ackerman: "Gone, are you sure? I saw him he was.....was...."

Studious: "But I tell you I didn't see anyone."

Nathan twitching angrily "Let's focus on escape." he was actually thinking of revenge.

Studious: "Right! They just took our weapons, but does anybody have anything left?


Studious: "Anesthetic?"

Nathan: "Gone."

Studious: "Smoke Grenades?"

Monroe: "Gone."

Studious: "Chewing gum?"

Evans: "Sir?"

Studious: "Just tell me what you do have."

Evans: "Well I've got a pin sir."

Studious: "A pin? Well, we'll just have to improvise."

Ackerman: "Improvise what?"

Studious: "You don't need to kno...."

Ackerman interrupting "You learn well Colonel. But just tell me, what do you have in mind?"

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Stepping out from the cleansing waterfall looking at least 10 years younger and fully healed from his injuries, seeker stood before antar rubbing his hair as if he expected it to be wet after his bathing.

"Please understand seeker but I must call on my Chief security officer to escort you to another secured location as I have to go investigate an apparent tear in our ships hull."

Standing up straighter and taking a deep breath he let out what could only be described as an empathetic sigh.

"Seems you are not the only U-man on board at this time."

Walking across the RB and gathering her healing sleeve and placing it on her arm she began to struggle with the clasp on the back side when seeker gracefully made his way over and assisted her with ease.

Looking up into his deep and piercing eyes antar broke the slight discomforting moment and spoke telepathically to him.

"You see our ship is in part a biological entity, so when you , well your people obviously gave it the anesthetic to numb the area where they entered, ship was only temporarily subdued and within minutes after your ship mates boarded ours the sensors had already been alerted."

Shuffling from one side to the other and placing his fist to the side of his face as if "Oh" and at the same time raising one eyebrow antar almost lost it! This one has a sense of humor!

"Almost shouting out loud she said, Ok you funny U-man me outerdimensional alieeeennnn, Lol."

Now squinting his eyes and crossing them over his chest as if thinking her a strange alieeen. He starts walking around the RB looking at one thing after another.

"Hey! please dont touch, this is my recovery Bay, and the items that you see here are all my personal belongings. If you must wander please move over to my private quarters and perhaps get yourself a drink and focus your self to the situation which you have found yourself in, I have to warn you that not all the other beings on this ship are the same as me, I realize that I am um, U-man looking, but others here are most certainly not nor do they have the same patience."

Antar walks over to her console and calls for Whisper.

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[Note to Masqua: Please Delete my post preceding this one. It is out of context, thanks.]

The waterfall was like wonderful beyond most could imagine. To Asher, it was vaguely familiar, as he experienced similar feelings when he plugged in and interfaced with the Penelope. It was like being Uncarnate, it was rapture.

The dark haired humanoid alien spoke strangely to him. There seemed to be some communication errors, but when she synced telepathically with him, it was less communication than instant understanding.

Asher very much this form of telepathy. It was very similar to the communication between two Enhancers interfaced to the same network, ideas were translated instantly as comprehension to the other party.

She then reverted to verbal communication, using an ancient form of net slang that he had only encountered in data caching operations. His Polyglot translation program was trying it's best, but still getting confused.

Asher did however come to realize that she was informing him of other, more hostile, humans aboard the very alien spacecraft that was his recent savior.

There could only be two reasons why a hostile team would come to retrieve him, one being that there was a perceived threat to his life if he remained onboard.

Asher glanced over his shoulder at the dark haired being that was talking into some form of organic comm linkage. The bladed object still rested at her side, lethal looking as ever.

The second reason was NI. To them, he was nothing more than a very expensive, albeit broken, investment. He was their malfunctioning slave and they would want him back.

A sense of fury came over him, washing away the pleasant feelings the waterfall had left behind. Asher would never again be their slave, and they would pay for what they had done to him. The boatman on the river Styx would welcome those responsible into the land of the dead before he was done.

The gray bruise-like splotch originating from the "Zone Killer" implant in his arm began to change. Tendrils of dark gray matter crept outward and up his arm.

Anger quickly turning to horror, Asher tore away the UAV suit around his arm and realized that the gray streamers were in fact outlining the veins and arteries above and below the "Zone Killer". As he watched, the dark tendrils spread fully throughout his hand. Above the "Zone Killer" implant site, the tendrils reached outward until finally halting at his shoulder.

Gasping, Asher patted himself down to confirm that he wasn't injured. Everything seemed to be working properly, so he decided to ignore the literal darkness in his veins and move on to the pressing issue. His arm could be dealt with later.

He activated his suit communications array and boosted the signal with his fully functioning Polyglot implant. A text only document was the only transmission with guaranteed delivery.

[Captain Luder: This is Asher. I'm aboard the alien spacecraft and fully up and about. They've healed me and treated me well. They seem to think that there is a hostile human presence on board their ship. Please tell me that you sent them... Otherwise we may have a problem. Asher, out.]

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As Luder stared at Theresa's duffels laying there on the floor, he was interrupted by a beep from the intership com in his room. He turned to the control panel and pressed a button.

"Yes, what is it?"

"Sir, we just received another message from the other ship."

"Pipe it through in here, Luder out."

A few seconds later, the screen popped on and the strangely beautiful blue-skinned female appeared there. She spoke.

"Captain Luder This is Officer Mars.... Captain Luder as I was discussing your dinner invitation with Captain Scurvy, as you know our vessel was visously attacked. I appreciate your message and your dilemma, however our vessel, the Yydryl is a living sentient creature and we are not very happy about her attack and injury. I understand you say that these men acted on their own but I am unsure as to how my Rigellian crewmates are going to react? The Captain went to see to the attack himself, which is why I am communicating with you and not he. I am still hoping that we can meet and discuss all this. If a meeting does happen, we request under the circumstanses that you and 3 other of your crew come here instead. The when of this meeting will have to wait until we have had time to determine the status of the situation. I personally look forward to meeting you but please no more surprises. Officer Mars out."

Luder stared at the screen, appalled. An attack? He cursed under his breath and tried to raise the Yydryl through normal hailing channels. After not recieving an immediate response, he turned to the door and headed back to the Command Center.

The doors slid open and he walked out onto the bridge.

"Did anyone authorize an attack on the other ship?" His crew looked dumbfounded so he repeated the question. "Did any of you authorize the dear Colonel to lead an assault on their ship?" The bridge crew shook their heads, looking nervous.

Luder walked to his station and typed a few commands in.

From this point forward, no one leaves this ship without the direct authorization of the Commander or whoever is acting in my stead. I will not have this crew acting as if we are a boat-load of pirates. Luder out.

Luder turned back to the doors and headed to the turbolift.

"Medical bay." He waited as the seconds passed.

Suddenly his com crackled.

"Sergeant James, acting Security Chief, to Captain Luder. We've got one of your boys, I think. He was acting sort of shifty, braced up to fire on us, and, when searched, was found to be carrying a NI Issue Plasma Zapper to do the firing with. He's been thoroughly disarmed, and trussed up like a Christmas Turkey. He's on his way to some special accomodations in the brig now. I'm sealing off his quarters, pending a more thorough search and investigation, with a Command Security Lockdown code. I recommend you have the comm officer do the same with the connection to his desk console, as he sent someone a message from it. Probably need to capture the transmission from the ship's Comms Log too, if that can be done. Sergeant James out."

Luder replied.

"Good work Sergeant. Ensure that he is placed alone and under maximum guard. Luder out." Luder squinted his eyebrows a bit and chuckled. Apparently Neno was having an effect on his crew if they all started talking like him.

The doors finally slid open into a hive of doctors rushing about, trying to fix crew members who had injured themselves. Luder silently cursed in his head, wishing fleet had assigned a lead medical officer, but the circumstances were great to begin with.

Luder walked up next to the bed Nenothtu was currently laid on. Neno was out cold and from the looks of it, having a pretty decent dream. Luder grabbed the nearest medical technician.

"What's his status, chief?"

"Well, sir..... we're not even sure why he passed out in the first place. He seems perfectly healthy to us. We have him under mild sedation and right now he is just in a deep state of REM sleep."

"Can you wake him?"

"Of course, Captain. Just a moment." The Chief grabbed an instrument from the nearby table and she used it to inject a clear substance into Neno's arm. A few seconds later, his eyes fluttered open.

"Chief Nenothtu. Welcome back to the world of the waking. I am about to be indisposed for a short time and I need you to take command in my stead. Do you feel up to it or do I need to grab Slayer?"

Before Neno could answer a massive blast rocked the Penelope. The alert lights kicked on and alarms started wailing. Luder turned to head to the doorway when another blast shook the ships. Luder flipped his comms open and yelled, "Get the damned shields up! I'm on my way!!" He turned and shot a look at Neno, who was still looking around in the small medical bay.


The command center was in chaos. Luder shot a glance at the viewers and noticed the Yydryl was still holding her position.

"What's going on?"

"Sir, we just received two hits from...... nuclear style warheads. Calculating launch points now...... Sir!! Those warheads came from that planet?" Luder frowned.

"You're kidding me."

"No, sir. We're detecting two more launches coming this way."

"Tactical, target those warheads and destroy them before we get anymore raidiation hits. Security, what's our status?"

"Sir, there are a series of hull breaches on decks seven through eighteen and we are getting casualty reports in now. The computers are reading sections three though six on each deck as having lethal levels of radiation."

Luder shook his head. Barbarians.

Slayer! I need your damage control parties to decks seven through eighteen, we have major damage there.

Luder spun around in his seat and pointed at Varlas.

"Do those people have anything even resembling technology with the capability to receive our messages on?"

"Sir, I am reading a highly developed network of radio and satellite communications throughout the planet."

"Good, tap into the entire system and prepare to send."

Varlas looked at Luder like he'd just grown wings and flew around the room a couple of times. ".....aye.... sir?!"

A few seconds later, Varlas nodded at Luder.

"This is Captain mf_luder of the Earth ship USS Penelope. I ask that you or your governments cease further hostile acts toward this ship and her crew. We are on a mission of peace." Luder made a kill signal and Varlas nodded.

"Sir, we're recieving a new transmission from the planet's surface. Audio only.

Luder nodded.

"USS Penelope...... you speak English? We would like to meet you in person to discuss terms for your surrender."

Luder smiled.

"Sir, if what you just sent up here is your cutting edge weaponry, I'd suggest we take a more diplomatic approach to our communications."

"Ah. Yes. Understood. We would be most.... gracious to meet you in person. Can that be arranged?"

"Sir, I will not bring myself or any of my crew into a situation that I deem completely unsafe to....." Varlas interrupted Luder.

"Sir, we have another signal cutting in on the original gain, shall I put it through?" Luder rolled his eyes and nodded.

"UFO! Please, hear us! The attack made against you was not the will of this planet or its majority. Please hear us! We have long searched the skies for other life and this is not the way things need to be."

"Who am I speaking with now?" Luder sat down in his station.

"This is Teqaial, the President of the Allied States of Berona. We ask that you meet with us to open diplomatic talks."

"What of the others? The ones who tried to blow us out of space?" Luder asked.

"Sir, the others are our rivals, the Toknorians. We cannot answer for their actions."

Luder sighed.

"Alright, President Teqaial, I will personally travel to your headquarters in order to meet you. However, I warn you now. If this is some type of trap, we have the capability to... retaliate."

"Sir, we mean you no harm at all, please, this is a gesture of friendship."

"I'm on my way, Luder out." Luder cut the signal and stood up.

I need a squad of security officers and two science officers to accompany me to the surface of that world. I will also need a fighter escort in case the Toknorians lob some more of those antiques up here. Until further notice, Security Chief Nenothtu is acting commander of this ship. Take all orders from him until I return.

"Commander Jackson, you're with me."

Luder headed out of the command center, grabbing an energy pistol on his way out. This was going to be interesting.

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“Chumley LOWER YOUR WEAPON! I hissed at the guard from where I sat at Nathan’s feet.
The big Rigellian was still pointing his stun gun nearly point blank at Nathan's chest, when the U-Man dropped me to the floor instead of using me as a living shield.

“Chumley! Now!” I hissed again with real anger in my voice. I was afraid any quick movement could provoke the guard into firing and was horrified to see Nathan's body begin to twitch again, his eye blinking and rolling wilder than ever before.

“But Silo... U-Man was, touching you!" The guard's deep voice rumbled and fell to a blubber but he did what he was told.
Eyes brimming Chumley blinked furiously matching the U-Mans own expression tic for tic but didn't take his eyes off the U-Man for a second. Hearing the real concern in Chumley's voice made me feel bad for the hulking Rigellian, I smiled softly and spoken gently to him.

“I‘m ok mate, Nathan here,” I gestured toward the U-Man who stood over me, “He was only trying to help.”

Looking around the pair of U-Mans legs blocking my view I tried to make out if the Security Officer had noticed the byplay taking place.
If I hadn't seen it first hand I'd of never believed it, the Security Officer was gripping the hand of the U-Man leader in a non aggressive if not friendly manner!

Reaching down Nathan grasped my fingers and pulled me to his side. My fingers still clasp in his sweaty palm I shook it for the second time that day and I thanked him yet again.
I knew the big Rigellian wouldn’t have shot me but it didn’t hurt to thank the U-man for being gallant, even when doing so meant dropping me on my butt.
From three feet away I could feel Chumley quaking in anger as he watched my hand clasped in the U-Mans.
Either the guard was taking his job very seriously or his proprietary interest over me had grown completely beyond mere duty.

“ATS Silo! Why are you interacting and making contact with these invaders!”

My heart flew to my mouth, I jerked my hands from the clasp of the U-Man's and jumped closer towards Chumley.
Security Officer Whisper had silently come up behind us, her outburst causing me frighten and Chumley to swell into attention.

“I, well, I...” Closing my mouth over stuttering I snapped a perfect salute, stopped stuttering and waited for S.O Officer to continue.

“I’m gwarking with you Silo, I’m glad to see you are okay.”

Surprising us both Whisper actually pat me on the back and mouthed something between a grin at my reaction to her and a scowl eyeing my salute.
The sticky slime left behind where she'd slapped my back made my skin shrivel as it seeped under my uniform but the comradery in her gesture stunned me and filled me with pride.

Turning away, the three of us momentarily forgotten, Whisper leaned over a U-Man moaning on the ground. Grumbling something unintelligible she injected him with what must have been a pain reliever as he ceased writhing within seconds.

After speaking with the prisoners and giving direction to the other guards for the disposal of the U-mans, Whisper made to leave for the bridge.
On her way down the hall she called back to where her Chumley and I stood awaiting her command.

“Silo, get back to your job attending Ship. When you’re not needed keep close to the Leisure Officer CindyMars. She may need help keeping our, “guests” comfortable”. With a cough Whispers voice dropped an octave to speak in a dialect so thick my headband could barely make out the translation.

“Chumley, escort ATS Silo in attending Ship. Before the day is turned get her outfitted with a weapon. Next time she’s in trouble I want her armed with something other than her mouth.” Continuing down the hall, without looking back this time, her voice rose and carried back to where we stood.

“Don’t think for a gwarking moment I don’t know what’s happened here Chumley, don‘t you even dare...”

The rest of what she said was lost under a loud groan from guard.

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Nenothtu's world was slowly coming back into shape, out of a horrendous fog. He couldn't see it, of course, since he was afraid to open his eyes in case it was still spinning. Ever so gradually, however, sound came back to him, and the fog seemed to clear away. FOG! Yup, he informed himself, that was one strange dream...

After laying there a few moments, listening to the random sounds around him, neno thought it MIGHT be safe to open his eyes. He began by barely cracking open one eyelid. It was BRIGHT out there! Had the world been that bright before? he found he couldn't quite remember. He opened that eye wide, and moved the eyeball left and right. Everything seemed to be working ok. Now for the next one. Both eyes open, he scanned the room without moving his head. No sense pushing things, neno didn't want the dizziness back. Nothing amiss, it was a normal sick bay. SICK BAY? what was he doing here? He found he couldn't quite remember that, either. Strange place to take a nap. Nenothtu hoped he hadn't hollered during that strange dream. It might've disturbed the other folks in sick bay, the ones that really WERE ill. He wiggled first fingers, then toes. No problems there.

Someone was standing there chattering at him, but for the life of him, neno couldn't make out who it was or what they were saying. He considered asking them to speak english, then thought better of it. Suddenly, with a loud BOOM! the entire ship was rocked, and alarms started going off, lights flashing like he imagined they would have in one of those quaint ancient 20th century "disco" rituals. Whoever it was that was chattering in that foreign language at him took off for the doorway just as another BOOM! rattled the ship again. He chattered some more, shot a look at neno which he couldn't interpret, and took to his heels out the doorway.

Finally reaching a decision, neno sprung off the bed, and alighted on the floor. The sudden motion from the bed startled the attendant.

"Chief, lay back down. You're not well enough yet." he stated in a soothing tone. Nenothtu considered that, realizing that human speech was now beginning to resolve itself back into english. He sure FELT well. Matter of fact, he hadn't felt this well in years.

" 'Course I am. Fit as a fiddle. I'm finished with my nap now. Thanks for the loan of a bunk." he replied.

"No, Chief, really! you're not... not cleared for duty yet. Lay back down. You may not be too steady on your feet at the moment, all things considered"" and the attendant started towards him.

Just as the attendant was reaching for him, to "assist" neno back into the bed, nenothtu drew back and said "Now I KNOW you ain't about to lay hands on me, now are you?" The attendant paused, and Chief nenothtu stepped into the gap created thereby. "I just cleared myself for duty. You have a nice day, now." and he shot out the doorway without looking back, before the attendant could recover.

"I reckon I'd better go see what's going on on the bridge" he muttered to himself as he strode down the corridor. Just then, a vague memory of the conversation with Sergeant James assailed him. Without breaking stride, he thumbed his comm button and spoke. "Security Chief nenothtu to Sergeant James: Go take a break, kid. The boss is back on the job. Nenothtu out".

When neno had covered about half the distance to the bridge, the comms unit blipped and delivered a message from the Captain on the All Comm channel:

Originally posted by mf_luder

I need a squad of security officers and two science officers to accompany me to the surface of that world. I will also need a fighter escort in case the Toknorians lob some more of those antiques up here. Until further notice, Security Chief Nenothtu is acting commander of this ship. Take all orders from him until I return.

Nenothtu headed for the bridge with long strides. It simply wouldn't do for anyone else to get the strange notion that he'd been sick. Especially at this juncture.

The nerve of them doctor types anyhow.

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The Chief and ensign Kim were going over some routine reactor maintenance. The Chief liked to take advantage of moments like these with his crew while doing repairs. The Chief thought it was best to instruct them in the real world hands on environment of Engineering rather than that stale holo-classroom that was programmed into the ships computer.

OK Hot shot.

The Chief said looking over at Kim. Which is the quickest way to recalibrate the onztonce emitter? Kim grinning answered, OK, First you decouple the inducer and then realign the capacitors to frequency .05 ghz.

Correct said the Chief and the best tool for the job?

Kim stood there for a moment thinking then answered.
The resonance micrograpler?

No Said the Chief grinning like the Cheshire cat.

The posodyne calipers? Kim blurted out with more confidence.


Kim shrugging his shoulders tried again this time sounding more like a disappointed guess. The crosshelix manipulator?


Said the Chief as he removed the access panel near the main reactor and bent down and crawled half way in to produce the very mechanism they were discussing. Kim never liked these types of on the spot pop quiz's. He always got nervous and never gave the right answers. The Chief ducked his head out from inside the access panel looking up at Kim.

Give up?

Kim rolled his eyes, gritted his teeth and with a barely audible voice said Yes!

A Phillips Screwdriver!

Right then and with out warning the Ship shook violently. First one then two massive impacts. The Chief banged his head trying to crawl out of the access duct. Kim was thrown off his feet. Immediately the alarm siren sounded and the emergency lighting kicked on.

Engineering's comm blared with Capt Luders voice.

Slayer! I need your damage control parties to decks seven through eighteen, we have major damage there.

Within minutes the Chief and Kim had suited up and made it to deck 7. The corridors were filled with thick black smoke. There were many walking wounded trying to egress from the pandemonium. They came to junction 12 but the doors would not open so they had to use the manual override and just about broke their fingers and wrists prying it open. When they finally got it open they were greeted by a grizzly sight.

Lying on the floor charred and burnt was a crewman horribly disfigured and unrecognizable. Their radiation alert gauges started making the telltale chirping sound which was a sign of radiation exposure.

Shut the Door! The Chief yelled and they both slid the door shut again. The body will have to wait.

What now? Kim said looking at the Chief. We have to circle around and see if we can activate the ships automatic firefighting halon system. That should contain the fire but if we have a radiation leak we will have to seal off all the exposed levels from the rest of the ship.

The real question is why hasn't the Halon system activated already?
The Chief walked over to a panel on the wall and thumbed the comm.

Engineering, Horn you there?

Aye Chief

Ensign Kim and I are going to take Jeffrey's tube 3a around and then up access ladder 1 we will try to make it to deck 8! See what you can do about the Halon system it seems to be on the Fritz and step on it before it gets any worse!

The Chief started up the ladder when the forth rung gave way and he fell catching his right foot between the third rung and the wall. There was a horrible CRACK. He crumpled on the floor...

Chief... you OK?
The Chief could barely speak the pain was excruciating. Kim looked at his calf there was a bone protruding through his pant leg.

I'm taking you to sickbay

NO! We don't have time get up to deck 8 and check for survivors!

But that leg Chief you need medical assistance.

That wont mean a damn if the ship is contaminated now go that's an order!

Kim stood there hesitating then turned and made it up the ladder struggling at first to get passed the broken rung. He made it to deck 8 there was nobody there he then proceeded to see if he could engage the Halon system manually. The control panel was badly damaged. He activated his suit comm...

Horn? You with me buddy?

Yeah go ahead Kim

Kim quickly told him the situation about the Chief. Horn tried contacting the medics to give them the Chiefs location but was unsuccessful they had their hands full. Kim continued towards the more severely damaged parts of the deck.

The main fire prevention valve was on the far end of the observation room on this deck behind a wall panel. Kim was grateful for one of the Chiefs previous pop quiz sessions otherwise he would not have remembered that little bit of Penelope trivia.

The deck was a wreck. Debris was strewn everywhere. The emergency lights had failed. The smell of burnt flesh was heavy in the air. Electrical sparks had caused fires through out the deck.

Kim came across another cadaver. The violence of the explosions had been extensive. Kim's path was blocked by a large fire straight ahead of him. He looked for a way around it but could find nothing large enough for him. He then noticed a fire extinguisher lodged between an over turned desk and the wall. He grabbed it and quickly dealt with the impediment.

Finally he made it to the observation room. He had to as before force the door open and again his radiation warning device started chirping louder this time. He was about to back out and give up on trying to finish his task when a large part of the ceiling gave way behind him.

He started to spray the fire but his extinguisher was empty now. He was Trapped. There was no turning back now he had no choice but try and activate the halon system. He quickly ran forward and removed the panel and pulled the unit forward on it's tray. The valve was damaged and slightly burnt he needed to get it apart he tried twisting it with his hands but it was no good,

He looked around for something to hammer it a bit with but found nothing. He noticed on the side there was a small hole. Maybe he could jam something in it to use as a handle and twist it apart? But what? He felt his pockets and pulled out a Phillips screwdriver.

Chief your a genius
Kim said out loud he jammed it into the hole and using the handle he twisted it. It came apart easily and inside he quickly removed the electronic governor and then put the two pieces back together.

He called out to Horn over his suits comm...

Try it now I removed the governor, it should flow now.

Horn replied

Horn typed in the command for the Halon system and it came to life and all through out the damaged decks the fires got extinguished in a matter of seconds. He then started to flush the contaminated decks one by one as they were cleared of crew mates.

Kim made his way back to the Chief. When he found the Chief he was passed out but before doing so he was able to apply a tourniquet to his own wound.

Kim started to pick the Chief up to carry him out and get him to sickbay. The Chief awoke at the jostling and had a shocked look on his face as he looked at Kim...

Whats the matter Chief?

Why are you looking at me that way?

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Ackerman’s question still lingered about The Colonel’s escape plan “What do you have in mind?”

Studious: "Well anybody have some any oxides? Some are found in pigments"

Monroe: "I don't think any..."

Ackerman smirking wide. "Yeah, Evans has some."

Studious: "Where?"

Ackerman: "On his face."

Evans: "No I don't!"

Ackerman: "Oh yes you do!"

Ackerman reaches over and smudges some of the makeup off and into his hand.

Evans moving away yells "Get off me man."

Studious: "Do you have any more of that?"

Evans: "Of what? I don't wear mak..."

Ackerman says persuasively. "Evans, come on."

Evans breaking "Alright, they took it."

Ackerman: "Oh well, I'm sure he's got more than enough on his face!"

Ackerman peels the rest of the makeup off setting it in a small pile on the floor of the cell.

Studious: "Alright, anyone have anything made of aluminum. A soda can or some aluminum foil.....The stuff inside an Etch-a-Sketch?”

Ackerman: “I think our zippers are made of aluminum.”

Studious: “Excellent, now does anybody have a file?"

Ackerman smirking: "We all have files Studious."

Studious: "Great, give me one."

Ackerman still smirking: "That's not the kind of file I meant."

Studious: "A file for shaving things........A file….anybody?"

Nathan: "I think I've still got a file they didn't seem to find it…….” He fumbles around looking for it. “Here it is."

Monroe: "They probably missed it with all that twitching, you should really see a doctor about that."

Nathan hands Studious the file. The Colonel then uses it to make some shavings from the zipper on Ackerman's vest. He mixes these shavings with the makeup powder.

Ackerman: "Now what?"

Studious: "Got any ice?"

They look around and Monroe finds something.

Monroe: "Yeah there's some over here. Look they even give you water! This is an awesome brig."

Studious: "Sounds like you guys have been in some bad prisons."

Monroe: "Don't ask."

Monroe hands Studious the ice. The Colonel then positions the ice into a small lego-like stack. Then throws the powder on top.

Monroe: "What exactly do you plan on doing?”

Studious: “Well, the makeup Evans had contains the oxidizer Iron Oxide and the Aluminum from Ackerman’s zipper will act as the fuel.”

Monroe: “What?”

Studious: “It’s thermite.”

Monroe: “What does the ice have anything to do with this?”

Studious: “Glad you asked. You see the heat generated by the thermite will break the water molecules into oxygen and hydrogen. These gases then ignite and KABOOM!”

Monroe: “I’m a doctor and not a weapons expert but I don’t think that will open the door. “

Studious: " Well, if We won't be able to open the door, we'll have them open it for us."

Monroe: “How is an explosive going to do that?”

Studious: “Simple, thermite is usually incendiary so they’ll have to put out the fire. When they open the door we’ll jump them and escape."

Evans: “I see one problem with this, what if they have automated sprinkler systems?”

Studious: “That’s the beauty of thermite, it cannot be put out with water. In fact it can’t be smothered at all because it contains its own supply of oxygen. So they can’t even vent this section into space to stop it. Plus this ship is organic and therefore highly combustible.”

Evans: “Vent us into space?”

Studious: “Yeah they might try to save this section by venting us but it won’t stop the fire.”

Evans: “I don’t like this plan anymore.”

Monroe: “Quit worrying you don’t explode and you blood won’t boil. You’re saliva probably will though. What actua…”

Evans: “Stop it, just stop it man.” Evans begins to twitch around.

Studious: “Wonderful choice of words doctor, look what you’ve done. Alright, Evans this is an undeclared war and we're on an unauthorized mission."

Ackerman: "Actually this is authorized. It's just the secretary will disavow all knowledge of our actions."

Studious: "Ok?.......So Evans, what does that make us?"

Evans: "Spies."

Studious: "And what do they do to spies?"

Monroe: "Wait, that's a better choice of words?"

Studious: "Yes, your words made him nervous. My words have made him realize we have no choice but to escape."

Evans: "You really are crazy!"

Studious: "Wouldn't you guys have to swallow some "silence" pills anyway? I'm giving you a chance." No response from the others. "Look would you rather go quietly or in a blazing flame of glory."

Ackerman: “I'd go for that. What now?”

Studious: “Now I'll need the sparkler I have.”

Ackerman: “Why do you have a sparkler?”

Studious: “So I’m always ready to celebrate. What else?”

Ackerman: “Where did you hide it?”

Studious smirking for a change says “You don’t need to know.”

The Colonel ignites the strike anywhere sparkler and tells the others “Alright Stand back and don’t look at it. This can be damaging to your eyes if you gawk.”

Studious moves the sparkler closer to the thermite on the ice. Closes his eyes and prepares to toss it the last bit of the way.

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Originally posted by Whisper67-Post 1
Whisper unpacks and notices one item of interest in her quarters, a floating, illuminating orb.

Originally posted by Whisper67-Post 2
Whisper could take care of herself, always had and always would – she needed no one.

Originally posted by Whisper67 Post 7
Whisper watched with a gleam in her eyes and a guarded smirk as Interrex Loam gave the command to Scurvy to target and fire at will at J’I Moden.

Originally posted by Whisper67 Post 9
Whisper couldn’t part with the sense of a looming unknown dark energy.

Originally posted by Whisper67 Post 10
Whisper spoke briefly of her mother. Her father, she never knew. What she did know, that she didn’t share with Scurvy, was that she was actually an offspring of ruling Rigellian bloodlines. After spending a short amount of time cohabiting with her mother, Whisper was transferred into a demanding, esoteric elite program.

Her eyes being closed as she languidly lapsed into dream state, she did not notice the mysterious opaque orb in her room beginning to shift with color.

Originally posted by Whisper67 Post 12
The vision of the Dark Lord remained in her third brain, Whispers eyes lighting with excitement.

Antar tending to Scurvy and Whispers back to the aquarium where even Saraswati could not see her expression, she mused over the image of the Dark Lord ever present now even in her first brain. A sly, menacing smile crept across Whispers silvery sharp teeth.

Originally posted by Whisper67 Post 13
Whisper, eyes still shut, leaned her sigil imprinted forehead against the glass. Saraswati swam up to meet her. At that moment, Whisper could feel herself opening up to Scurvy. Even though he lay unconscious, through tethered tentacles was transmitted much of Whispers inner most thoughts, experiences, and feelings. Much, but not all. There were parts of Whisper that were impenetrable, like an ominous, imposing black turreted castle.

Originally posted by Whisper67 Post 14
Whisper pondered if Scurvy was part of His plan.
Everyone had an agenda it seemed, even the whales. There was the Orion Alliance, the Dark Lord, the Elites who controlled the Rigellian government, and who knew how many other factions, well meaning species, and ill intentioned entities existed.

Whisper knew who she served.


The events of the morning being overwhelming; the union with the whales and Scurvy, the sudden appearance of the human ship, the invasion of humans hacking into the Yydryl herself and the ensuing battle, Whisper needed a brief break. She headed to deck six and her quarters to re-oil her tentacles and retrieve her Force Sword; an energy weapon of annihilating energy held in shape by a magnetic field. Similar in length to a broadsword or katana blade, the energy blade can be used just like a sword to do devastating cutting or impaling damage. It can also be used as a very powerful cutting tool, doing its regular damage against any material.

Handling her sword with loving care, Whisper became aware of the mysterious orb in her room once again beginning to swirl with color. She was no longer alone her personal quarters.

“Daughter, you have served your purpose here. I had been waiting for you to have your union with the whale Saraswati which provided me with great insight to their plans. I have another spy aboard the Yydryl and you will be surprised to know you have a half brother aboard the human ship Penelope.”

“The time of the Big Rip grows near and I want my cherished daughter by my side.”

Without fanfare or an alert to any crew mates, the Dark Lord took Whisper into his arms. Before they disappeared, the last word Whisper spoke aboard the Yydryl was:


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