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The Voyages of the Penelope and the Yydryl

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posted on May, 19 2009 @ 08:51 PM
"Antar? Antar, answer, you were saying?"

"Ah yes, um Captain I , I just need a minute to make the proper adjustments for the transporter."

"Fine Antar stand ready."

"Yes Captain Scurvy."

Seconds before antar had woke laying on her back with Deez frantically licking her in the face and the weight of the triangular medallion on her chest.

*How long had I been out?*

*Couldn't have been long as I recall blacking out in mid sentence to the Captain.*

Sitting up and catching the medallion as it began to slid down her frontside, antar looked at the piece angrily and threw it across the room.

Carefully standing up and placing deez in his box, antar strides over to the waterfall and steps inside. The blissful sensation cascading down her enveloped her in a moment of pure ecstasy. Not even bothering to change her clothes she stood in the warm shower and did a complete inner scan.

*Nothing unusual, I 'feel' fine, there does seem to be a very slight presence of vertigo, but nothing to be concerned about.*

Stepping out of the waterfall she almost fainted when she saw her image in the mirror!

Not since the dark days of the battle of Valkyrie did she morph into her darker side, the warrioress, her usual fair hair was gone and with it her sense of light heartiness.

This could mean only one thing, that the presence of the Dark Lord and his minions must be close at hand.

posted on May, 20 2009 @ 01:25 PM
"If you insist CindyMars then we will make do." Scurvy shot Cindy a re-assuring smile so she wouldn't think him to be disappointed and added, "It was worth a shot, I would have liked to see it first hand."

"Antar I am initiating transport procedures now, the human should be in the recovery bay momentarily." Scurvy plugged in the activation key for the transporter. It took mere seconds to power up and in that time the ship had already locked on to the human's location. A small greenish beam protruded from the nose of the craft and engulfed the now motionless body that had been drifting towards the ship. Antar I want a full update on the humans condition as soon as you have it.

"Whisper, Cindymars, here we go..."

Bringing the ship to a halt at the human's requested three thousand kilometres Scurvy disengaged the Yggdrasil Pods so the humans could visually see the cannons retreat back into the core of the ship. The Pinpoint launcher had gone on standby when the payload of N-Bombs was destroyed.

Facing the transmissions screen Scurvy initiates the visual connections. The screen flickered briefly before depicting a solitary man sitting on the other end. Some beings were visible scurrying around frantically beyond the figure but the screen had been positioned strategically so as to not reveal much other than the face of whoever was speaking.

Captain mf_luder, Captain Scurvy of the Yydryl. This is one of my top hands, Leisure Officer CindyMars. Your man that disabled the N-Bombs has been gathered and is at this moment in our Recovery Bay receiving treatment from our most valued empath. I will update you on his condition the moment I have the information. In the mean time perhaps you could explain to me what you were doing jumping around space with a cluster of novas strapped to your ship?

posted on May, 20 2009 @ 04:37 PM

Cheif nenothtu stood gaping at the viewscreen on the bridge, accompanied by a young red-haired sergeant, his newly-minted replacement for the now disassembled Sgt. Means.

"Close yor mouth, Chief. Ain't no flies to catch on a starship." the sergeant commented drolly.

Neno shot a glance at him, but closed his mouth. "Your momma ever tell you you're a smartass, and it's annoying?" He asked.

"Yup, many times. She said I got it from you."

"Shut up! Don't talk about your ma like that, it ain't right. You KNOW you got it from her" neno grumbled.

Changing the subject, the sergeant asked "So what's so interesting, Chief? You see something suspicious?" and the sergeants eyes lit up.

This whelp is a little TOO anxious, thought neno. "Nope. It's that blue being standing there..."

The sergeant interrupted him "I see... well, she IS about a thousand percent female, ain't she?"

"Shut up. Don't you young 'uns think of anything else? Naw, she just looks... familiar, is all. Like I've seen her before or something, and I know darned well I haven't. Must be some kinda deja vu, or something."

"Deja who?" queried the sergeant.

"Deja vu. It's when one input signal gets to where it's going in your brain a split second before the one you recognize. Gives ya that 'I been here before' feeling. Something about the way signals are transmitted though synaptic connections."

The sergeant snorted. "Well we already know ya snapped yer connections a long time ago, Chief."

"SYNAPTIC connections, you overgrown pile of protoplasm! When are they gonna hire me a sidekick for his brains instead of his brawn? And how do you even KNOW that's female? Just 'cause it LOOKS like it? You got a lot to learn about other species, kid. That might be what their MALES look like. Even back on Earth, sea horse males bear and care for the young. No telling WHAT ya might run into out here. On Gametrius, they got THREE sexes. Takes all 3 to make a young 'un. Don't ask me the particulars of how that works. I don't get deep into other folks reproductive strategies, I just know it IS."

"Wouldn't THAT be a wild time!" commented the sergeant.

Nenothtu resisted the urge to slap him in the back of the head, and continued. "Them ones there that kinda look like octopii, I ain't seen one before in person, but them's 'Rigellians', or 'Rigilians' or 'Regallians' or something like that. Mean as snakes, I hear, and prone to eatin' humans. Got teeth like a shark, I hear." Neno gave the sergeant one of his lopsided grins. "If they come aboard, have 'em patted down real good. You'll be looking for knives forks, and bibs."

"Octo-pie? Your pullin' my leg, Chief. What kind of pie eats people, instead of the other way 'round?" scoffed the young sergeant.

"Shut up and listen kid. ya might learn something, and Freya knows you need to." grumbled nenothtu.

"Yeah, that's what ma said." commented the sergeant.

Scroggin' kids! thought neno. Always gotta have the last word, 'cause they already know it all. Then he went back to staring at the viewscreen.

Chief nenothtu had been feeling strange all day, and couldn't pinpoint the source of the feeling, As the day had worn on, the strangeness had intensified, a "tingling" at the back of his neck had progressed throughout his body, creating a tingling sensation akin to an electrical current throughout his frame. It picked this particular moment, for no apparent reason, to go over the top. Neno slumped slightly, and had become obviously paler. The sergeant peered at him intently.

"You ok, boss? You don't look so good all of the sudden."

"Yeah, I'm fine. It's just... I dunno. Probably ought to get to sick bay one day soon, and have my ticker checked out. Just a weird sensation, I dunno what it is... not sure what's happening..."

"A voice popped into his head, out of nowhere. " Your vibration is being raised." it stated matter of factly, in an indeterminate tone. Nenothtu, having increasing difficulty telling the real from the imaginary, replied to the voice audibly.

"My which is bein' whatted?" he asked with nearly a comical expression.

The young sergeant's eyebrows shot up. "Huh?" was all neno heard him say before his whole world went black.

So black, in fact, that neno never even felt the bridge deck rise up to smack him.

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posted on May, 20 2009 @ 05:03 PM

"Captain, the alien vessel is powering down their weapons and holding position." McCready said.

All hands secure from Standby Alert. Lower our shields and take the ready fighters off of standby.

"Sir! We have a visual message from the other ship" Varlas said.

"Put it on overhead number 5 Varlas."

The overhead flashed for a second then displayed the first images of the interior of the alien ship they had seen. Seated at a lone chair was the Captain, accompanied by an exquisitely beautiful blue-skinned female humanoid.

Captain mf_luder, Captain Scurvy of the Yydryl. This is one of my top hands, Leisure Officer CindyMars. Your man that disabled the N-Bombs has been gathered and is at this moment in our Recovery Bay receiving treatment from our most valued empath. I will update you on his condition the moment I have the information. In the mean time perhaps you could explain to me what you were doing jumping around space with a cluster of novas strapped to your ship?

Luder stood up and straightened his uniform out.

Captain Scurvy, thank you for pulling our man aboard for us. We appreciate whatever help you and your crew can provide. As for the nova bombs. As you know, every government has a section or department that operate outside the normal range of day to day activities. One such organization decided it would be a grand idea to place these abominations on this ship without notifying me or the crew. We discovered the presence of the bombs only moments before you appeared on our sensors. I can assure you, we do not normally carry such a weapon in our payload. Now - I would like to invite you and a few of your crew over to our ship for a casual dinner and as a show of good faith.

Luder turned and motioned to have the comm relay silenced until Scurvy's response.

Luder turned to the command station and sat back down, awaiting the next response. Across the bridge, the doors slid open and Theresa walked onto the bride, wearing a fresh uniform with Commander's ranks on her shoulder boards.

"Commander Jackson reporting for duty, Captain." Luder frowned.

"You haven't been officially reduced in rank, Jackson." Luder said.

"I offer a voluntary withdrawal in taking on a position with less responsibility as fitting my grade, Captain." She smiled.

"As you see fit. Computer, assign Commander Theresa Jackson quarters and rations aboard this ship." Luder said.

"Commander Jackson has already assigned herself to quarters, Captain Luder." The computer replied. Luder peered up at Theresa and she gave the slightest smirk.

Great.... Luder was shaken out of his reverie by the sudden collapse of Security Chief nenothtu across the bridge.

Luder stood up and yelled. "Medical teams to the bridge at once!"

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posted on May, 20 2009 @ 05:06 PM

The bridge crew was still reeling from what had just transpired with Asher when it instantly sobered up as the Alien craft came to within three thousand kilometers and halted.

The Chief had stopped making his scans. The two captains were discussing the present situation. First contact situations always gave the Chief goosebumps.

Suddenly and without warning across the bridge Security Chief nenothtu collapsed.

The Chief was startled at first. He was apparently transfixed on the Alien ship. The Chief stood up to help but other bridge crewmen rushed to his assistance. The Captain called for medical assistance.

Right then a voice came over the Chiefs comm.


This is Horn Chief. We are reading some power fluctuations in the Magneton scanner we are unable to run thorough scans of space and subspace. The Chief looking over at nenothtu on the floor thought for a moment then replied.

Try using the microcalipers to realign the unit. Then see if you can grab the microcircuit fibers, you may have to check each one individually... Sorry to interrupt Chief but we have tried all of that. No luck.

Alright I'm on my way, Out.

The Chief wanted to stay on the bridge to see how things would play out but he had to attend to his duties. He made his way to the lift, he had to step aside for the incoming medical team. He entered the lift then looking back watched as the medical team started working on nenothtu as the doors closed. Engineering deck. The computer acknowledged his command. The slow hum of the lift always seemed to calm his nerves the slow steady vibrations seemed to reassure his belief that technology could overcome the unknowns of space. He closed his eyes, his thoughts started to drift....


Simultaneously his eyes and the lift doors snapped open. He stood there for a moment blinking not sure if he had really heard his name being called or if it was just a dream. He stepped off the lift shook his head and continued on to Engineering. As he entered he was greeted by Ensign Horn who immediately began to explain the situation. It started happening right as we were starting to get a tracking lock on Asher Chief then all of a sudden it started acting up and we lost the signal. Nothing but static now.


The Chief stood there with his arms crossed over his chest with one hand up to his chin stroking his goatee then pulling lightly on his chin whiskers as he thought about the possible causes and solutions. Horn Continued. We have tried all the basic diagnostics but the problem seems to be from our close proximity to that Alien craft. All we are receiving now is static.

The Chief broke his silence.
That is strange. Well maybe we can recalibrate the array to cut through the interference. It's not going to do us any good if while we are in close range to be blind. Lets run a diagnostic subroutine and see what we can find out.

The Chief and the Ensign started by going back over the basics. They pulled out the array assembly checked the pathways and then rebooted the computer each time they made adjustments. Then finally realizing that they needed to shield the exographic targeting scanner. It wasn't until after all that effort that they found out it was a simple fix, one that just took time to figure out.
OK said the Chief I'm headed up to the scanner array station. You monitor this one here and lets see if It works. The Chief went across Engineering then climbed up to the array terminal and logged in to the station and pressed the comm.

You ready? Aye Chief.

The Chief typed in a command and slowly the screen came back up. It was working just fine. He thumbed the comm...

Horn we are going to need to check out all of the ships systems to make sure that nothing else is going to go out of wack while we are in such close proximity with that vessel. I need you to organize at least 3 teams and set them about shielding the rest of the ships systems. Start with the weapons systems and life support. I want them done in that order! All other systems come later. I'll take care of the propulsion systems.

Aye Chief

The Chief then made his way down to the propulsion station.

Ensign Kim had been dutifully monitoring the Chief and Horns progress. Hows it going down here? The Chief asked.

Fine I have been making the changes you recommended they seem to be working just fine. I had to reroute some of the plasma and I diverted the data link while modifications were being made throughout the ship so it would interfere the data supply for other systems such as SIF, life support, computers, shields and weapons. Very good the Chief said acknowledging the hard work and dedication to his duty. Kim continued to describe the task that he had done and what was going to be done next. Is it true we lost Asher? Kim interrupted himself and turned his head to the Chief. The abruptness of the question took the Chief by surprise. He shook his head and smiled. Well it almost appeared so. Slayer put his hand on the Ensigns shoulder.

The Chief left Horn in charge of the systems refit. He was tired and was ready to hit the sack. He left engineering and made his way back to his quarters. Sleep was what needed. It had been a long day. They had almost lost one crewman Asher, He had one crewman still in sick bay in a deep coma. The chief was not feeling that great.

Computer Dim lights 75%
The computer acknowledged his request and complied.

The Chief was undressed and in the sack within minutes.

At first he could not rest. The days events kept swimming in his minds eye. Every time he would start to drift he would flash back then shutter to consciousness. He rolled about, twisting and turning trying to find the right position finally after a few minutes he drifted away.


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posted on May, 21 2009 @ 06:20 AM
The ship was beautiful, like some great bird of prey.
As ruthless and beautiful as the hawks I'd seen on memory discs of Earth.
And compared to the shuttles I’d witnessed coming and going from LAB and the Space Bar back home, the ship before me was a work of art, deadly art.
Funny though the Penelope didn’t radiate menace.
Maybe because we’d just saved one if their crew members.
Or maybe because those who know their strength have no need to make a spectacle of it.
The Penelope didn’t have to prove she was lethal, and by the looks of her Creator help anyone who was foolish enough to think she wasn’t.

Though I could see the comings and goings of the Yydryl crew from where I stood at the observation port, I couldn’t hear nor was I privy to the communique between Captain Scurvy and the Captain of the S.S Penelope - But what I wouldn’t give to be!
I was beside myself to know the fate of the Penelope‘s U-Man, what would be done with him aboard the Yydryl.
I wondered if I should sneak in to check on him, but the thought didn’t give my curiosity a second nudge.
Not only was the U-man wounded and in need of care, but more than likely under top guard.

Laying my hands against the portal before me I drank in the vision of the U-Man Ship.
How desperately I wanted to talk with them, yearned for just a few moments with them.
What drew me with such force I couldn’t say.
The similarities in their form and mine, the Bio-Cells running through my own body?
Sheer curiosity to explore what once had been censored interaction and information?
No, it was more, that I knew, what I didn’t know was why.

Now there was a U-Man on Ship and the Penelope full of them right outside this portal.
So close, yet it might as well have been light years away.
Ship had told me I must stay on the Yydryl and for the moment contact with the wounded U-man wasn’t an option.

If only I could talk to them, make them see me for what I was.
My hands pressed against the glass, my heart went out, reaching to the Penelope and all inside.
Someone please hear me I thought to myself, to them...

“Hello U-Mans... Hellooooo... Can anyone hear me?”
Though I listened with the very ears of my soul, nothing, and the disappointment tore through my chest.
Just as in trying to talk to the whales, my attempt at communication failed.
Chin to my chest, tears pooling in my eyes I pulled my antenna far into their sockets and lay my forehead on the thick windowpane, my hands raised above me now, embracing the glass like a supplicant.

“Uuuuuuu-Mannnnnns,” Drawing out the name in a sing-song chant the plea rose within me like a howl.
I tried again and again letting my heart-mind reach out, projecting my greeting to any like mind on the Penelope.
“U-Mans, Hellooooo... I’m here U-Mans...”
Nothing...Only the beating of my heart.

Giving up I let my hands drop and stared out across the cold unforgiving space to the U-Mans Ship.
It was no use.
I couldn’t hear anyone calling back, I didn’t think anyone could hear me.

I was wrong.

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posted on May, 21 2009 @ 11:09 AM

"Captain Scurvy, thank you for pulling our man aboard for us. We appreciate whatever help you and your crew can provide. As for the nova bombs. As you know, every government has a section or department that operate outside the normal range of day to day activities. One such organization decided it would be a grand idea to place these abominations on this ship without notifying me or the crew. We discovered the presence of the bombs only moments before you appeared on our sensors. I can assure you, we do not normally carry such a weapon in our payload. Now - I would like to invite you and a few of your crew over to our ship for a casual dinner and as a show of good faith. "

This was the response from the U man vessel.

CM gently squeezes Captain Scurvy's shoulder causing him to turn away from the viewing screen to look at her. She gives him a knowing smile and turns back leaning into the viewing screen and smiling a very alluring smile "Hello Captain Luder, I am CiM" she pauses for just a second for affect, looking directly into the screen she lifts her pointer finger in a gentle pointing gesture,"Pardon us for just a Earth minute, if you would?"she taps the com with her other hand and he disappears from the screen.

"Sorry Scurvy" she forgets dropping the title captain, "I mean Captain Scurvy" she smiles,"but were not going to their ship, are we? I mean they are in our neck of space, are they not? CM does not give him a chance to reply, I suggest we invite the Captain and 3 of there officers here for a meal." Seeing the smile on his face, "Yes, I want to meet them not eat them. However we can't let them be alpha dog here! That means the aggressor."

"I have an idea, so if your game?"

Cim thinks to herself must remember to send ATS Silo a copy of "Alice in Wonderland".

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posted on May, 21 2009 @ 05:50 PM

Studious looked down at the small data pad. The only tangible proof of the mysterious Horkos.

The first instruction read. “Head to the Launch Bay.” The Colonel got up and began his short trip there.

Along the way Studious averted his eyes from those he passed, unwilling to look them in the eyes. As he neared the bay her voice called out and asked

“What do you think you’re doing?”

He did not speak, knowing NI was watching and listening.

But she pressed the question.

“If you don’t explain yourself I’m going to kick your…”

Whispering he cut her off.

“Look, Asher is out there he’s dying. Don’t you get it?.. Dying. The enemy is out there, I can’t explain it all, just please trust me.”

“No funny business, remember I’M watching you too.”

Arriving at the launch bay a technician greeted him.

“Hello, Studious.”

“How do you know my name? Have we met?”

“Yes, remember from LagrangeTWO.”

“N’of course” Studious saved himself.

“I think you should “inspect” the new spec ops dropship we picked up.”

“Because the other was destroyed.” Studious said under his breath.
Remembering that someone on that ship out there had been behind the mind control…… behind the deaths… behind the war.

Studious was startled as he opened the door to the dropship to find 5 well armed men were already on board. The 5 men were prepping the ship for departure and readying the recovery system. The Colonel waited for a moment. Not wanting to take that final step just yet. Steadying himself knowing that time was of the essence. The Colonel entered and the door shut quickly behind him.

“Who the hell are you people?” Studious asked.

“Colonel, we’re the strike team.” Their leader replied.

“What’s your name?”

“It’s Lt. Commander Ackerman.”

“You don’t look like a Marine Spec Ops unit.” Studious looked around the ship. It was far more advanced than a standard Spec Ops ship.

“That’s right, we’re a strike team.”

“What kind of strike team.”

“Don’t ask to many questions, we’ve got a time sensitive mission here.”
“What’s the objective?”

“Search and Rescue, don’t worry you’re in the right ship Colonel.”

“Right, let’s get out there, he doesn’t have much time.”

As the ship took off Studious asked an obvious question.

“How do you expect to do this secretly? Won’t the bridge be alerted of our departure?”

The Lt. Cmdr. replied with a smirk “We’ve got that taken care of. Don’t worry about it.”

“What the hell does that mean?”

The Lt. Cmdr. still smirking replied. “It means their screens won’t report anything, it’s like we never left.”

The small, dark ship took off and flies toward the bay doors.

“What about enemy short range sensors?”

“This ship was built for missions like this.”

“Why can’t you people like you ever give me a straight answer?”

“You don’t need to know, therefore you won’t”

The ship exits the bay and steadily flies toward a small dot in the distance. It appears larger and larger as the ship approaches.

Studious knows what it's like to be trapped. In the damaged ship after the battle and in the brig. Even so Studious wonders to himself "I cannot imagine being alone in the blackness. Trapped unable move in any direction. With only the ability to flail around in place."


The dot begins to look more human and more human as they approach.


Studious looks out into the blackness he can see Asher’s maneuvering pack still spitting smoke. His injury still releasing blood.


The Colonel says “I hope you all are medics, he looks like he’s gonna a lot need better care then our bumbling sickbay will give.”

The commander starts to reply reassuringly. “Don’t worry we’ve got………”

Someone from the back suddenly yells “WHAT THE HELL IS THAT?”

In an instant Asher is bathed in a green beam of light and disappears.


“D###!” the Lt. Cmdr. curses.

All that’s left is a cloud of smoke and a trail of blood.


“Did they just….” Studious can barely get out the words. “kill him.”

One of the men from the back of the ship calls out.

“Commander we’ve got a reading, he’s on the alien ship now.”

“How do you know that?” Studious asked.

“We’ve got a tracker on him.” The Lt. Cmdr. says, recovering his composure.

The small advanced spec ops ship changes course and begins to glide towards the imposing alien ship, as the Strike team Lt. Cmdr. calls out

“Prep for hostile extraction.”

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posted on May, 21 2009 @ 11:03 PM
Antars entry light lit up and with it the two security personnel entered without welcome at the command of their head security Officer Whisper something that irritated antar yet she let it slide due to the gravity of the moment.

"Darus and Durin, please stand over there and do not disturb me no matter what may happen unless it is apparent that I have been killed. Nothing else do I wish for you to do but observe."

"Yes antar, yet it was our direct orders to protect you from the transported being," said Durin. Darus then added "Yes our direct orders, to protect you at all cost."

Antar pulls out her wrist attachment especially designed by Deson of Regellian High Command and makes some adjustments which cause the device to make a slight pitch as it is activated.

"Listen guys, the only thing I can say is that if you see me pull this out, it is best you retreat to the furthest corner of the RB and duck behind something , and really like I said, only if I am dead."

Both security officers held their hands to the sides of their ears as antar made the final adjustments on the Transporter Pod.

No sooner than the transporter was fully activated Captain Scurvy made the announcement to be at full ready.

"Ready Captain".

The beam came in and instantly the U-man was alert yet disoriented. he began to speak almost instantly.

" Erehw ma I? Ohw era uoy?"

posted on May, 21 2009 @ 11:35 PM
Asher's eyes snapped open and he gasped at the pain in his side.

The shrapnel had narrowly missed his left kidney by less than an inch and exited out his back. The gaping wound was surrounded by a blotchy black kind of bruise. Surprisingly, the bleeding seemed to have stopped.

Only after he had assessed his wounds did he begin to try and work out his current situation. Obviously, he wasn't dead. He was breathing again, which was good.

He seemed to be on his back in a large open hangar of some kind, metallic and polished. He was on some kind of raised surface off the floor of the hangar, suspended but mobile.

Nothing seemed to be moving, but when he glanced over his shoulder, craning his stiff neck, he saw that he was not alone.

A pale skinned woman with dark hair stood close by with a sinister humming device in her hand. She appeared to be alone.

Asher grimaced and propped himself up on one arm, leaving the "Zone Killer" free and able to do its work should the worst happen.

"Where am I?" he asked. "Who are you?"

She stood as if perplexed. Perhaps she didn't understand him, he reasoned.

Without warning, there was a jolt throughout his body and his heart fluttered alarmingly. An instant later, a green readout scrolled through his virtual vision, a layered view generated by his bio-mechanical irises... A view that he hadn't experienced since all of his inserts were destroyed.

Something was powering up.

According to the diagnostic, it was a rudimentary insert located in the language center of his brain. Asher visibly relaxed as he realized that it wasn't the crystalline memory augmentations powering up. Within those dead circuits rested the ashes of his slavery, an AI algorithm waiting for the chance to be reborn.

But there were more pressing issues.

The now online insert contained a series of analysis modules coded "Polyglot". Suddenly, his irises analyzed the woman and identified her as non-human. Asher's alarm rose.

The program continued on to begin an active analysis of any speech that the being might emit, be it sub-sonic, infrared, tactile, or olfactory. It would then compile likely translations until it could actively interpret and translate a foreign language.

To Asher, this seemed particularly useless given the situation.

Groaning in pain, Asher slowly stood up from the platform and held level with the woman, 20 feet away. Carefully, so as not to startle her, he brought his "Zone Killer" arm up to firing level, the weapon ready to engage at the slightest notice, with the other arm clutching the tattered EVA suit around his wound.

"What happened?" he asked.

posted on May, 22 2009 @ 01:14 AM
"Uoy era efas draoba eht naillegeR pihsrats lyrdyY."

The stunned looking U-man was up and on his feet which was unexpected considering the amount of blood covering his spacesuit.

It was obvious that the telzemetric translators were not picking up on his speech as it was coming out backwards at this point. It was abundantly clear that the only way to communicate with this U-man would be telepathic until the computers uploaded the U-man speech patterns in the RB. But was he going to be receptive?

Attempting to discover if he had a translator she spoke in an even but strong tone, " Do you understand me?"

Sensing that he was as unpredictable as she had always been warned about U-mans only added fuel to her desire to see him lunge at her so that she could finally use her newly designed Shurikens on his fragile U-man heart.

"STOP!" antar warned telepathically as the man began to slightly stumble in her direction. Moving her arm deliberately and with extreme slow caution, she gently placed her hand at the area of her own body where she saw the blood draining from him. Then touching her heart and extending her gentle open hand to him in a gesture of trust and help.

"I am antar and this ships Chief Medical Empath. You were outside your vessell when an explosion rocked you from your position and sent you towards our ship." "We have contacted your Captain and he was pleased that we were in the vicinity to help deactivate your payload and stablize your ship as well as bring you in for examination and repair."

"Now if you please lie back down on the examination platform, I can conduct a full and vital scan of your injuries."

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posted on May, 22 2009 @ 02:50 PM

Luder turned to Theresa and grinned.

"You picked a good time to come to your senses. This is the first time I've been involved in a first contact scenario. Something any space fleet captain worth his salt dreams of, for sure." Luder turned back to the viewscreen and remembered something.

Luder watched as the medical teams carried Neno's limp body out toward the medical bay.

"Varlas, I asked Colonel Studious to report to the bridge over forty five minutes ago. Give me a readout on his current location, please."

"Aye, sir. Working."

A few seconds later the Lieutenant stood up.

"Sir, I don't understand the computer but it is displaying his current position as approximately 1500 meters to our fore out in space, moving away at a constant speed."

Luder clenched his fist.

"What the hell is he doing?"

"Sir, he has to be in some type of craft to be moving that speed away from us, there is nothing else to account for his position. Shall I attempt to raise him?"

"Go ahead."

Lieutenant Varlas pulled up the link to Colonel Studious' communicator.

"Colonel Studious, this is USS Penelope control, please respond. I repeat, this is USS Penelope control. Please respond."

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The small ship swooped silently toward the low front face of the massive enemy ship.

As they got closer Studious could see more clearly that the ship’s structure was organic.

“Who are these aliens?” The Colonel thought to himself, knowing asking would only lead to a cryptic non-answer.

The team member who had located Asher just moments before now said.

“Sir I’ve found a good entry point, coordinates should be on the HUD now.”

“Thank you Evans” Ackerman replied as he swung the ship to the side and began heading for the spot indicated in blue on the HUD.

The small advanced dropship slowed and came to a halt close to the section of the alien ship’s hull.

The Lt. Cmdr. ordered. “Monroe, I want you to get out there and cut us a hatch. Use localized anesthetic, this thing is organic and we don’t know if it’ll detect a cut or not. After all, we don’t want to alert the enemy to our presence.”

Monroe donned an EVA suit and stepped into the antechamber. It depressurized and he stepped out to perform the impromptu “surgery” on the ship.

As Monroe injected the anesthetic and slowly cut a circular hole in the ship. Ackerman described the plan.

Ackerman: “We’ll split into two teams. Nathan and Evans will go with Studious. Monroe and Ford your with me.”

Ackerman: “Monroe, Ford and I will rescue the enhancer. Studious you’ll need to know your team. Evans is our technician and Nathan is our exobiology expert. Since we’re not sure how the mind control device works. It might be mechanical, biological or both so you might need both of these men. It is imperative that we learn how they were able to pull off that attack.”

Studious: “What about Monroe and Ford, what are their specialties?”

Ackerman: “They’re not part of your team, you don’t need to know.” The Lt. Cmdr. replied matter-of-factly.

Studious: “Why the hell am I here, why didn’t you do this yourselves?”

Studious was becoming frustrated.

Ackerman: “It is not necessary for you to know that, just do your job.”

Ackerman replied calmly.

Studious: “Shouldn’t my reason for being here be to rescue Asher?”

Ackerman: “No, we’ve got it taken care of.” Ackerman replied with his trademark smirk.

Studious: “Taken care of! It seems you think everything is taken care of. But here’s one you won’t have an answer for, just what is it you plan on doing if this rescue fails?”

Ackerman: “We have contingencies.”

Studious : “Like what? Are you going to kill him? Is that why you don’t want me on the rescue team? If you fail you’re going to kill him, Is that it!”

Ackerman: “Colonel, that's enough.”

Ackerman continued. “I don’t care what you think of me or the organization I serve. But know this, we have a job to do, a very important job. This enemy has killed our men and started a war DON’T YOU UNDERSTAND THAT! Don't you understand that! I don’t want to see our people die anymore than you do. But if you want to save lives as I do you are going to have to help me.”

Studious’ thoughts drifted back to his ordeal in the damaged dropship. The man who died, the woman in the picture that man held. He thought of what she must be thinking. If she was thinking what he thought so lon… Studious snapped back to the present.

Studious: “If you mean what you say I’ll help you. But if you double cross me, I won’t hesitate to put a bullet in your head.”

Monroe broke the tense silence that followed by saying “Commander I’ve got the hatch open. A small section has been decompressed.”

Ackerman replied. “Excellent, we’re on our way.”

The team and Studious donned their EVA suits and entered the antechamber.
Studious asked “What happens if we don’t come back?”

Evans and Ford looked at each other.

“To the ship I mean.” Studious clarified.

Ackerman answered with his smirk again “This one I can tell you, you might need to know this. I set the timer if we don’t return when that time is up the ship will be no more. The ship will lock once we leave and is booby-trapped. She won’t fall into enemy hands."

Studious: “How do I open the lock?”

Ackerman: “I can’t tell you that.”

Studious: “Oh for Pete’s sake.”

The door to space opens and the team and Studious leave using their maneuvering thrusters. The door closes behind them as they reach the hole in the enemy vessel. Once inside Monroe reseals the door behind them to prevent further decompression when they enter the rest of the vessel.

Ackerman: “Where to Evans?"

“Through this door and down thirty meters.” Evans responds holding a small datapad with Seeker’s tracking data on it.

Monroe applies another anesthetic and cuts the second hole with help from Nathan.

As Monroe cuts the hole the others take off their EVA suits and leave them for use to get back onto the ship. An extra suit for Asher is also left.

With this “door” opened both Studious’ team and Ackerman’s team proceeded down the corridor.

As they walk Nathan suddenly calls out in a yelling whisper. “Stop!”
He runs to the front of the group and looks at a small device attached to the side of a door outlet.

Ackerman: “Well what is it?”

Nathan: “It seems to be some kind of ID reader. It seems like it might accept some kind of chip.”

Ackerman: “Evans or Nathan can you hack it?”

Evan: “Of course……… give me a week, a quiet lab and…”

Ackerman: “I get the picture. Any other options?”

Ford: “We’ve got explosives, we don’t we just blow ourselves a door?”

Ackerman: “No, that will be too noticeable any other ideas?”

Ford: “Better yet, we could just shoot it.”

Ackerman: “Any quiet ideas.”

Monroe speaks up “We could just cut ourselves another hole.”

Ackerman: “Alright get on it, but we’ll need a faster way here on out.”

Monroe applies another anesthetic and begins cutting.

Just then Studious heard something in his ear. But it wasn’t her voice. It wasn’t Horkos. It was just the radio. It was one of the bridge staff.

"Colonel Studious, this is USS Penelope control, please respond. I repeat, this is USS Penelope control. Please respond."

Studious reached up to touch his right ear.

Ackerman saw this and broke out a smirk. “Colonel, we did think of that. You’ll only be able to contact the 5 of us for the time being.”

Evans: “Don’t you like us?” Evans joked.

Studious wondered “How will I explain this to the captain when….if… I get back.”

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“You can’t just walk up and saunter in Silo! Whisper’s guards will eat you alive” Carpet sputtered with something sounding like serious concern.

“And you Mr. Negative make me want to wear my headband“ I snorted, pulling a face at the thought. I hated wearing the thing that regulated our idle conversation, but, it would silence the negative comments too.

“No reason to get nasty Silo” Carpet chuckled continuing to make a path before me regardless of his misgivings.

Trotting the hallways towards Ship’s sickbay my optimism was high. I was going to get in to see the U-Man no matter what. I wasn’t a S.I.L.O for nothing, right?

“Look I know you’re a S.I.L.O and all, but this isn’t like slipping into the Swamp to steal pretzels.” He continued echoing my thoughts.

“Yeah yeah, so you’ve said. Big drooling Rigellian thugs, Antar the Healer, blah-blah-blah”.
I laughed and skipped forward mocking my earlier fear of the Rigellians.

“What’s this ‘blah blah'” Carpet stopped in his tracks, his fibers bunching up at my feet.

“The memory discs of Earth, all that flora and fauna stuff? There’s also a disc on Earth etiquettes and idioms.” I’d stopped to avoid tripping over the small mound at my feet.

“Oh, so now you’re going to start talking like a U-Man? I really am going to be sick. Got any spiffy Earth idiom for that?” Carpet made gagging sounds that would have made me laugh if I wasn’t so irritated, or so said I, then laughed anyway.

“It's not funny!” He was getting angry for real now, and I didn’t like it.

“So what it is, why the attitude Carpet” I shot out. Hands on hips, antenna pointing in both directions monitoring the hall, I waited for an explanation.


“And by the way, while you're explaining this attitude you’ve got about Earth, how about tell me your name? Here I’d been calling you ’Carpet’ all this time, what’s that all about, huh, huh?” I began tapping my foot, something I knew annoyed Carpe to no end.


“Oh Forgedaboudit!” Back to walking I pulled my headband out of my pocket, and slipped it over my head to hang around my neck. I’d need to wear it fully when I arrived at sick-bay but the gesture of readying to close out communication with my friend did not go unnoticed.

“I-don’t-like-you-talking-about-Earth-so-much-because-I-can’t-go-with-you.“ He rushed. “I’m afraid you’ll not want to come back”.

“You’re a knucklehead you know that?” I tried to smile around the lump of emotion climbing up my throat. Sometimes I forgot Carpets limits.

“Knucklehead?” He queried sounding like little Mr. Innocent. He‘d scored a point and he knew it but would rub it in later, we'd rounded the corner to sick-bay but didn't find a guard in sight.

“If the guards are inside, the U-Man must be awake” Carpet whispered as I crouched down and let my finger knuckle the floor.

“Well that should make this all the easier right?” I whispered back.
My eyes glued to the door I continued the conversation.

“Carpet, I’m going to Earth, nothing is going to stop me. And nothing will stop me from coming back either. That is unless...”

My voice froze and breathing stopped, my teeth bit into tongue drawing blood, my fingertips tinged in panic.
The pendant hanging at my chest vibrated violently emitting a low decibel shriek that caused the hair at the nape of my neck to rise and stand on end.


Ripping my headband off I began pounding on the doors to sick-bay which remained closed.

“ANTAR! ANTAR OPEN THE DAMN DOOR!” I screamed before turning to run without waiting for the Healer.

The pendant’s vibration began to slow, the burning at my chest growing colder, the fear jolting through me nearly sending me to my knees.

“Carpet get help! NOW!” I screamed, bolting down the hallway towards the bridge, I hoped towards the Captain and Security Officer Whisper.

Someone, something had hurt Ship, and whoever it was - was still here!

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Varlas turned to Luder and shook his head.

"Sir, we are transmitting, but if the Colonel can hear us, he's not responding. What shall I do?"

Luder ground his back teeth together. This was a very delicate situation and the slightest mistake on anyone's part could lead to unnecessary bloodshed. Luder closed his eyes and sighed.

"Open a channel to Captain Scurvy. We have to warn him."

"Sir!? But what about..."

"I'm aware of the danger, but this is something the Colonel did on his own. I'll not put the entire ship at risk for his insubordination. Now open a channel."

"Aye, sir. Channel open."

Captain Scurvy, this is Captain mf_luder. Sorry to abruptly contact you in such a manner, but we are tracking one of our crew members as moving toward your ship as we speak...

Varlas interrupted.

"Sir! The Colonel's signature is now reading as on board the other vessel!"

Correction, Captain we are showing that crew member as now being aboard your ship. Please be aware that his actions are his own. We ask that if it comes to confrontation you preserve his life so he can answer to us. We apologize for this transgression, but again it was not authorized by anyone on my command staff. Luder out.

Theresa sat down at a station near the command area. She looked at Luder and shook her head.

"Think they'll actually buy that, Luder? They're going to think you sent him over there."

"It's the only logical conclusion they could come to. What in the devil could he doing over there alone like that?"

"When I was alone with him in the brig, he was talking to himself a great deal, so much so that it baffled conversations between him and his own men when they came." Theresa suddenly stopped and winced.

"Theresa, you alright?"

"Yeah.... I just thought I heard someone calling out to us...... saying... Humans, I'm here...... Ahh..... I don't know." She shook her head and sat back in the chair.

"What the hell is going on around here?" Luder walked over to Varlas' station and checked the communication controls. The display still showed the long range systems as being inoperative.

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Rounding a corner at full speed on the way to the bridge while trying to force my headband back over my antenna I collided full force with something strong as a wall, something that didn’t give way.

Falling with a grunt on my backside, my headband obscuring my eye vision, my antenna grew to their full length blinking and peering forward and backwards at once.

Pulling the circlet free my eyes grew wide in shock.

Stunned into silence l let my antenna collapse back into place beneath my hair and climbing slowly to my feet I smiled in utter joy.

Before me stood something straight out of every dream I'd ever had.

I hadn’t run into a Rigellian - I’d run into U-Mans!

Reaching out one hand in welcome, my other hand slipped behind me to the wall and pulled Ship’s alarm.

Just because it was silent didn’t mean S.O Whisper or Captain Scurvy wouldn’t hear.

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Monroe finishes cutting the door open. The team and Studious proceed down the hallway. They reach another corridor running perpendicular to the one they are on.

Evans tells them “This is it Commander. You should go down this corridor to the left. Studious, we’ll be taking it to the right. I trust you can guide yourself the rest of the way, Commander.”

Ackerman chuckling and giving his smirk says “Yes Evans, Thank you.”

Ackerman: “Alright Colonel take your team, find that device”

As Studious is leaving Ackerman calls out.

Ackerman: “Oh and Colonel, we’ll bring Asher back alive, you have my word.”

Studious thinks to himself “I hope he means what he says, but how can I trust any of these guys when the can’t even give me a straight answer.”

The Colonel’s team travels down several corridors and reaches another door and another ID reader. Just then they hear one of the creatures.

In an instant the alien runs into them.

The team jumps back and draw their weapons. Nathan’s eye begins to twitch.

Studious asks Evans “What is that device?”

Evans: “It’s some sort of headband sir.”

Studious ever thorough and perhaps a little paranoid asks him “Could it be some sort of weapon? Or perhaps an explosive?”

Evans: “Uh sir, it’s just a headband.” Evans moves closer to take a look. “Wait a second I may have spoken too soon. It looks like this might be our ticket to getting around this ship. Look here you see how the design……”

Evans stops talking.

Studious: “Yes?”

Evans: “Well it’s just nobody’s ever let me talk this long about this kind of stuff before.”

Studious: “Hurry it up, we don’t have all day.”

Evans: “YOU SEE!”

Studious: “Can it understand us Nathan, you are an exobiologist right?”
As Studious looks at Nathan’s he sees his gaze is teary and focused. “He’s twitching with…. is it fear? No he’s an exobiologist, he’s seen it all it must be something else…. Something deeper something darker.”

Studious: “Nathan, you alright? Can this alien understand us? Nathan?”

Nathan snapping out of it “Uh…not sure. Ask it something.”

Evans: “Like what?”

Studious asks the alien “What’s you name?”

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“Silo, Sir, the names Silo” I replied in a calm voice trying hard to keep my happiness under control.
I was talking to a U-Man!

Watching so many pairs of eyes pop open in amazement would have been funny if the simple answer didn't cause each U-Man to aim their weapon at me in unison.

“Please, may I have my headband back?“ I asked politely trying not to move fast but reaching out for my headband all the same.
“It wont do you any good anyway - it’s engineered for the original wearer alone. In fact, well, if you try to wear it, it might bite.”

“Bite!” The taller of the U-Mans squeaked, jumped back and colored red as a Earth beet.

The one who’d been holding my headband?
He wasn’t any longer, he'd dropped it at my feet where I wanted to pick it up didn't dare.
The U-Mans weapons were still trained on my forehead and heart.
Even my feet were covered, the pin-points of light wavered over my toes where Carpet swarmed over my headband as it seemingly vanished right under the eyes of the U-Mans.
They blinked, looked at each other and blinked again, not sure where to aim their weapons any longer.

“Would you please lower your weapons U-mans. I’ve got no weapon, I’m a passive life form and no use for them.
In fact, you couldn’t shoot me even if you wanted to” I tried to sound unthreatening but I need’nt worry, my voice verily bubbled in delight.

Trusting Carpet to cover up my uniform, which of course would fall off when I morphed, I proved just how illusive I could be, and *disappeared.*

If I thought their eyes had popped when I spoke their language I wish I’d had a picture of their faces when I spoke to them from the wall.

“See, I cried! "You can’t see me but I can see you.” I laughed merrily.
My mistake.
Their weapons trained on the spot where the wall *talked* to them.

Moving out of firing range I laughed again pleased as punch to show them my abilities.

I wasn’t prepared for their reaction.
They were not amused.

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The alien told them it couldn't be shot and then disappeared.

Then a voice called out from the wall taunting them with it's power.

The team flipped out. Pointing their guns at the wall that had spoken.

Studious thought. "Great more disembodied voices, just what I need."

Evans spoke up first, imitating the long passed Queen Victoria “We are not amused.”

Nathan was now shaking uncontrollably. His whole body seemed to twitch in different directions. His trigger finger was particularly twitching.

Studious was the next to speak up “You said the headband could…um…bite. *gulp*.. Is it biological?

Without waiting for an answer he asked. "Could you show us around the ship? But.. uh.. keep us hidden we're a little shy."

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Reaching out from the wall I grabbed my uniform from Carpet and slipped into it as I stepped from the wall.

“The headband,“ I replied digging at the floor for the very item I spoke of, engaging in a slight tug-of-war with Carpet, “Is mine."
As if proving the point I snapped it back into shape in their direction, smiling when they jumped.

"As for it biting, I don't know. I was afraid if you tried to wear it, well, it might shock you.” Wondering if I’d said too much I pulled on the communication circlet and continued.

“At ease U-Mans, I told you I'm not dangerous.” I smiled again.
“Not that I can say the same about you lot. Would you look at the bunch of you!"
Reaching out, albeit slowly, I extended one finger and lowered each weapon in turn to the side of it’s bearer.
"There we go! Much better!"
Brushing my hands together I took a step forward, they as one took a step back.
I tried not to notice, and rambled on.

Enthusiasm proving to be a verbal stimulant my tongue ran wild, and, engaging as a conversation with the U-mans was it also fulfilled another need, to stall.
They'd asked to see the rest of Ship but the thought turned my blood cold.
I had no idea what the porticos were for intruders.
I didn't see the harm in taking them to the Swamp but trembled at the thought of angering the Security Officer.

Where was she anyway?
I couldn’t believe it was taking S.O Whisper and the Captain so long to respond, but time had a funny way of changing during stress. It could have been minutes or hours since I pressed the alarm button.

"We saved your man you know. He's in sickbay with our Healer right now."
Even speaking of their crew mate didn't bring forth a comment, the group of U-mans still stood tongue tied.
In fact they were ceasing to look like U-Mans and the more I talked began to resemble goldfish I'd seen of Earth, mouths gaping and gulping air but no sound coming out.
In fact one had gone bug-eyed.

I blinked at the U-Man who continued twitching, an active facial tic in his left eye causing him to flinch and wink lewdly.

“What’s your name? “ I asked and smiled widely at the suffering U-man wondering what on Earth could be wrong with the poor thing.

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