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My thoughts on gravity

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posted on Mar, 17 2009 @ 02:22 PM
My thoughts on Gravity and the big bang

I woke up one night with this scenario in my head after a dream

that I experianced.

What if gravity is more than just a thing, actually its several

forces combined and not really gravity at all.

First, let me set up my big bang theory to explain what I came up

with that night. Suppose that dark matter is what we now call

gravity and it was the most prevalent force at a given time.

Over the ages it collected and forced all matter to condense into a

central area and began applying pressure from all sides to this mass

of matter. Finally the pressure became great enough that it cause

the matter to overcome it's resistance to the pressure and explode

out in all directions with enough force and energy to overcome the

dark matter pressure. Eventually, over many eons, the dark matter

will win out again. After which, the force of the exploding matter

loses strength and dark matter once again starts to collect it back

to a central area to start all over again.

So, my theory is that gravity is really dark matter and is a

pressure type force and not some unexplained mystery. It is

everywhere. It maintains at this time, the galaxies and all known

matter by forcing them into groups or creating new groups under this

dark pressure. This pressure from dark matter and the anti pressure

from the creation episode, keeps the galaxies together as they speed

out into the universe. This to me explains why most if not all

galaxies have black holes at their centers. it's a stabilizing force

where you have more matter than the fragmented dark matter from the

initial explosion.

Think of the so-called gravity on other bodies. Take earth for

example. It has mass and weight. The weight(or pressure) of it's

land mass, along with the weight(or pressure) of it's water. We have

hydro pressure, Atmosphere pressure, surface pressure,even blood

pressure, etc. Is gravity pressure?

Deep in the ocean the pressure is crushing. Venus is suppose to have

crushing pressure on it's surface from the atmosphere. Is this

gravity? The moon has a low gravity. It has mass but not water like

the earth to add to it. Nasa said it rang like a bell for an hour

after we either landed or took off from there. Is the core dead and

now hollow? low pressure and low gravity.

So, in my opinion, the further away from a pressure source you are,

the less pressure (gravity) you will experience. But it's so much

more than just dark matter.

It also involves nuclear, magnetic, electrical,and anti pressure

forces to complete this dark matter theory. There is so much more I

had and this is not written very well, but I felt like it should be

put out there.

posted on Mar, 17 2009 @ 02:44 PM
I can only think of Hydrogen being important which is a sub atomic
electrical capture between electron and proton.
Huge Hydrogen gas balls then become stars and make each successive
atomic element until iron.
Exploding stars presumably make the rest of the elements.

That is pretty down pat.

Some how there are the big bang and other theories such as
yours that seem to be valid for the start and finish.

posted on Mar, 17 2009 @ 03:22 PM
I heard a theory that gravity is leaking in from another dimension, or leaking out into another dimension. This is explains why it is one of the weakest forces.

posted on Mar, 17 2009 @ 04:15 PM

Originally posted by daftpink
I heard a theory that gravity is leaking in from another dimension, or leaking out into another dimension. This is explains why it is one of the weakest forces.

I have heard of the push theory of gravity.

Don't go beyond 3 dimensions for anything physical.
Really stick with Newton and Tesla.
Adding time just fouled up science.
Makes for good coffee shop talk like Einstein did but
breakthroughs are from experimentation.

Some of Tesla existing notes are still unpublished and I have
yet to pin down many of the Tesla discoveries that have been
mentioned by researchers.

The idea of an electrical source for gravity seems impossible
yet the earth is a source of all electrical lightning electrons.
Something about the atmosphere might cause gravity and
might have different strength on the Moon that has no atmosphere.

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