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Whats your perception?

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posted on Mar, 17 2009 @ 12:09 PM
I am inclined to think that the world you see around you is purely perception. How you/your mind interperits something, whether be it a person, picture, song, surroundings or a situation. The information you have collected, divulged and stored along with all new information helps form this perception. As time moves forward and climates, our environments and civilazations adapt, learn,forget?? and evolve, so do our perceptions. The world how i see it is likely to be a different world to how you see it, albeit a very similar one in a physical sense but how i perceive the world in its entirerty would be different and i would think the same would be for any individual.

To anchor ourselves to a place in time in this world, we tend to divide our lives into periods, i would say most use the decade method, a 10 year period of your life. With me its slightly easier with me being born in 1980. I can quite easily think of a year and instantly know my age, what i was doing, the music i was listening to, places i visited and even quite a lot of my thoughts too.
To seek reasurrance and and maybe as confirmation as proof of those times, we look to our generations to help us indulge in nostalgic memories.
Why is this? Take facebook, how many people accept freind invites from people they hardly knew and may even actually used to dislike? Why?
People are so caught up in their own generations that they forget they are part of a bigger generation.

I love listening to anyone older than myself, no matter what age they are. You can get a truer picture of the world if you listen. People live, they learn, they love and they die. Unless you take and make the time to listen and ask questions mistakes can be made over and over again, as the wisdom dies along with that person. Someone once told me know one is ever really forgotton until the last person who knows of them has also died. I know about people in my family who died before i were born, i listened to the stories my elders would share about them, and if those memories are passed forward then that person still lives on in memory whether it be first hand or not.

Share your own stories with people younger than you, let them ask questions.
What i'm scared of is a superficial world, where people are just 'polite' and the once tight-knit communities turn into just people in houses. Do you smile at anyone? I do, 95% of the time the smile is returned and a part of me hopes to have lifted someones mood.

Back to the generation thing, apart from us anchoring ourselves to generations, it appears to me we are getting assistance with that. Without media, religion, government, education ect. would i still be able to anchor myself to any period of my life - maybe but not so easily or with anywhere near as good precision. The anchors we use, as i said connect us with the rest of our immediate generation and we form a general bond of time that we share/d - even if you don't know them. I feel quite lucky in the fact i was brought up in a time where change was happening, i listened closely to anyone and everyone but did not accept what i was told, i would always ask questions and not stop asking until i was satisfied, and even then still keep an open mind. Perception again is based upon what you have absorbed, I'm like a sponge and i can't get enough, my perception of the world now is different to what it was 25 years ago, 10 years ago, a year ago or even a week ago, it evolves with me.

As a child, my generation were subjected to superheroes fighting to make the world a better place, and amazing cultures and adventures, thanks to the technology of the day we were able to listen to music that spanned back to classical times all the way to the current, record the music/programmes we were listening to and play them back at our own convinience enabling us to learn them word for word for free. Books and reading were pushed on us as were history and geography but done so in a way that made you want to listen and inspiring you to find out more. Doesn't sound too diffrent to any other generation? Maybe not, but this generation went from listening to tapes and records to mp3, from the bulky cathode ray tube Analogue tv to flatscreen LCD HD digital TV, from manual film cameras to digital carmera's, landlines to mobiles all in 3 decades and can still keep up. I look at people 10 years younger than me and i don't see the spark that my generation had? They have one but its different, like they are the digital generation

My childhood had a fair balance of tv/music/computer games but the larger proportion of my playtime was spent outdoors (65% aprox), from the age of 5 i was making hedgerow dens with my friends or even on my own, i'm sure everyone one had there own secret place. No one told us to do this, not our parents or tv? It seemed just a natural thing to do? Do kids still do this, i guess it depends on where you live? This were i'm sure my kinship with nature started. I do wonder though if people are brought up and are not exposed to the wildlife in their own environment that they may never truly develop a bond with nature, and sense of respect for it.

Schools have changed since i attended infant/junior school and being polictically correct and not wishing to offend other cultures, many have done away with the once compulsary hymns.
I pretty much came to the conclusion at 5 years old that i did not believe in what i was being told as far as relgion was concerned. I kept quiet, asked my own questions and came to my own thoughts on the matter, as i still do. Religion aside, the hymns themselves i along with the rest of the school's assembly loved to sing our hearts out to our favourite hymns, although not as enthusiastic towards others and none of us partuculary relgious. It was the act of singing together to songs we like that made it enjoyable and i think those songs will have stayed in the hearts of many of us. Our school was mixed and everyone accepted each other no matter what - i was indeed quite fortunate in that area. The following are a few of the hymns that i liked:

Morning has broken: Makes me think of spring, morning dew, everything new fresh and alive:

Lord of the dance: I really used to like this, i took the relgious sense away from it and could reasonate it to myself at many times throughout my life.
Dancing i have found is a brilliant remedy for depression

Autumn days, no real element of religion in this one just one that makes you appreciate, this made me appreciate autumn of a young age:

Clours of Day: Just liked it

From the tiny Ant - couldn't find a video for this, or an official source for the lyrics but this to my knowledge is correct, again no real relgious element but one that maked you feel responsible:

from the tiny ant (1)
from the tiny ant (2)
to the elephant (1)
to the elephant (2)
from the snake to the kangaroo (1)
from the snake to the kangaroo (2)
from the great white shark (1)
from the great white shark (2)
to the singing lark (1)
to the singing lark (2)
care for them its up to you (1)
care for them its up to you (2)
care for them its up to you (1&2)
care for them its up to you (1&2)
noone else will care for them (1&2)
its up (1)
its up (2)
its up to you (1&2)

from the tabby cat (1)
from the tabby cat (2)
to the dessert rat (1)
to the dessert rat (2)
from the hamster to the chimpanzee (1)
from the hamster to the chimpanzee (2)
from the common turn (1)
from the common turn (2)
to the crawling worm (1)
to the crawling worm (2)
care for them its up to me (1)
care for them its up to me (2)
care for them its up to me (1&2)
care for them its up to me (1&2)
noone else will care for them (1&2)
its up (1)
its up (2)
its up to me (1&2)

from the mongrel dog (1)
from the mongrel dog (2)
to the snorting hog (1)
to the snorting hog (2)
from the badger to the platypus (1)
from the badger to the platypus (2)
from the small minnow (1)
from the small minnow (2)
to the white rhino (1)
to the white rhino (2)
care for them its up to us (1)
care for them its up to us (2)
care for them its up to us (1&2)
care for them its up to us (1&2)
no one else will care for them (1&2)
its up (1)
its up (2)
its up to us (1&2)


one final one, when a knight won his spurs: makes me think of everthing King Arthur ect:

but some will remember this version more fondly i would guess
worth a luck, just for a smile

Despite the relgious side to singing hymns i could see through that to see the message that was in these hymns, but like with everything, it is down to how the individual perceives them and what you choose to take from it.
Like blossom trees, they make me think of spingtime and then smiling, knowing later in the year they'll be confetti

Life is what you make of it, and is down to you how you choose to see it.
The influences and contact you have with the world around you help to form that perception but is untimately up to the individual on how they interperit it. I can't help thinking though that it is a generational divide that actually could be hindering us as a civilization, and the more we mingle the generations the more i think the world could be a better place to inhabit.

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posted on Mar, 18 2009 @ 05:59 PM
that was great! thanks!

posted on May, 13 2009 @ 05:53 PM

great thread....

ot wishes more would have responded...

lot of wisdom there...

philippians 1...verse 3

ps; glad u shared this...sorry for all lower case...its this treo you know....

posted on May, 13 2009 @ 06:08 PM
reply to post by OldThinker

cheers OT,

Like i said though, it wasn't my intention to gain replies, i just wanted to get my thoughts out of my head and somewhere where they could be read. I'm just glad if i can bring a smile to someones face

posted on May, 13 2009 @ 07:48 PM
reply to post by MCoG1980

My perception is that you are a really nice person.

posted on May, 13 2009 @ 07:51 PM
reply to post by OmegaPoint

Awwwh thankyou, i'm truly touched. I'm sure you are too

best of wishes,

MCoG x

posted on May, 16 2009 @ 10:21 AM
My perception is shaped by the path I have chosen...the lefthand path, the darkside road. I have given myself freely and submitted myself to serve as an altar for the Ancient Ones.

My entire world-view is colored by this surrender to the Lefthand Path. As I breathe and move down the city street, sit in my apartment, or drift through the bars and tattoo parlors, I attempt always to feel the torque of Tiamat and Kingu within me, their eternal dance of dark love. After I first ate from the dark lotus and drank the blood from the Cup of Abominations, it was amazing, my Third Eye opened and the whole world changed. Forever.

My outer life is not at all remarkable, but every step is a homage to the Elder Ones, who in turn have shared the power of the flesh with me as a reward for my submission.

posted on May, 16 2009 @ 08:51 PM
reply to post by Goatflesh Gnosis

...that was quite a deep repsonse. I think there are many roads to enlightenment, and thankyou for sharing yours

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