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Anyone tried ultra-violet video @ night?

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posted on Mar, 17 2009 @ 10:18 AM
I was just watching David Sereda's "The Secret NASA Evidence on UFO Technology" on youtube. He's hypothesizing that UFOs actually travel to & around earth in a state of high vibration that's only visible in the UV spectrum. Further, he believes they may be able to reduce their vibration into the visible spectrum once they arrive at or near their destination. This accounts for their ability to "fade in and out" of existence, as in so much nighttime footage.

As evidence, he presents much NASA footage, taken from the shuttle & space station, whose cameras pick up not only visible light, but also ultra-violet light. He has quotes from NASA high-ups that say there are objects that appear on UV cameras, which do not appear on visible spectrum & infra-red spectrum cameras. Indeed, much of the NASA footage is *full* of such objects.

So, my question is "Have any of you tried filming the night sky using UV cameras?" or UV filters? If space is full of these "UV Objects", and many of them are heading toward earth, then it seems to me that if we filmed the night sky with UV cameras, we might be able to get some great footage.

Note: A quick google search for "ultra-violet photography" shows you how to either modify your existing digital camera to do it, or where to purchase UV filters for your film camera.

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