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Digital converter boxes have cameras? the truth-Video inside.

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posted on Mar, 20 2009 @ 09:12 AM
If youre posting in jest, that is amusing if youre not:

Firstly, let me premise this by saying I DONT think they have integrated micrphones into digital set-top boxes but at least here in the UK, we have to (in theory, and sometimes by contract) plug out boxes back into our telephone lines so in THEORY they can send data back to the manufacturer.

I know again that at least in the UK, viewing figures are collected by a special box, as they are in general in the US as far as I'm aware. These are given to specific homes to cater to different 'tastes' and 'lifestyles'. It would be possible to check what people view by storing the information in NVRAM or some sort of memory inside the box, but that would require either the power to be left on all the time, or an onboard battery, but then that can be explained away very easily.

To check each chip individually would be very time-consuming, and I assume you identify a micrphone by its size and shape (the old coil type). These days, they have made microphones based on silicon-on-insulator technology, for use in monitors and other computer products where size is important.

That's just one suitable product, and I'm sure the military have had them for years before that was available. At least in the UK I could buy from from Farnell who provide electronics equipment, and they aren't that expensive, so if I bought them in bulk for onboard electronics, well they'd probably add a few pence per box.

See, it says PINHEAD SIZED... That is almost impossible to see. And I could order those right now if I had any useful need for them.

Cameras is a completely different thing though and you would probably notice one, and while I agree that these days, computers can and do monitor almost everything we do online and over the phone by artificial intelligence keywords, they do as you said require humans to check and repair. But one server farm could monitor MILLIONS of people, and require at the most twenty people if that to monitor, repair and service.

Sorry, but while I agree they aren't monitoring people via STBs, it is technically feasible to add a microphone in theory, but not in practice, and computers CAN and DO monitor us, and they require less maintenance and monitoring than you might assume. Camera's, my phone has two SMT mounted on the board, so why can't a STB since its much bigger, but you'd need at least several gig to record a few frames of 1MP or better every 30 seconds or so. While that MAY explain the price of STBs in Europe (where they are usually subsidized over the lifetime of your subscription, I don't know about the US), its unlikely.

So to sum up - do I think they do it? Yes, but NOT in STBs, they DO monitor phones and Internet use because its far easier and doesn't require that much more interaction on their part than they already currently do.

EDIT: Minor editing spelling errors, excuse any I left.

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posted on Mar, 20 2009 @ 04:43 PM
reply to post by ejsaunders

Wow, that is one big reply there.

first off, let me just say, I have a cold and am in a bit of a fog right now so I apoligise if this post is not up to my usual high standards.

Let me just say this. While it may be feasable to put a microphone or any other type of spying equipment in digital converter boxes, the FACT remains, they havent.

You seem to understand that.

Yes you are correct it is possible to put spying equipment into a digital converter box. but the actual monitoring of each box and actual spying is where the issue lies. To spy on over 306 million people non stop 24 hours a day, is just not possible whether it is done with the help of computers or not. The money required to mantain such a program would be through the roof, and to do it in secret? Come on.

Now only 14% of the US is getting or needs one of these boxes. That is 15.5 million people that is still out of the question.

You are right, it is possible to put them into a converter box, I have not and do not deny that. What I deny is the ability to spy on that many people 24 hours a day, or even at all. I also deny that they have put them in there.

To any one who does not believe me or still believes that the government is spying using these converter boxes. I can only suggest that you go out, buy one your self and open it up your self. Find out the truth. it is not a hard thing to test in this case.

Please everyone, Dont just take my word for it. Get one and open it yourself and look for yourself! That is going to be the BEST way for each and everyone of you to deny ignorance!


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posted on Mar, 20 2009 @ 04:52 PM
No I completely agree its a stupid thing to do, but trust me, the government have done far stupider things with your money than you can possibly imagine.

I used to do computer work; government work, for IBM and the government, and they would pretty much splash money on ANYTHING that sounded feasible. Just look at half of the stupid things even the UK government has spent taxpayer money on to do with IT in the last 10 years. So please believe me when I say, what you can imagine, make it worse, make it stupid, make it unreasonable, and they've probably already done it.

I'm not saying its right, but believe me, the technology to monitor people exists and has done for many years. Whether they honestly monitor everyone, I can't tell you, but they do monitor phone calls and internet useage, particularly if you have been near bandwidth caps or downloaded something they have on their watchlists.

Whether its the government who collates the data for themselves, or the movie/music studios for prosecution, this data is being abused, and was being abused long before any bills were passed anywhere in the US/UK.

But no, i definitely agree its stupid to imagine stbs to be monitoring you, aside from perhaps your viewing habits, which in theory, they probably have a right to do for Neilson ratings or whatever they're called in the US. and the OVF in the UK.

posted on Mar, 20 2009 @ 05:15 PM

Originally posted by ejsaunders
No I completely agree its a stupid thing to do

Oh Ok. I apologize for misunderstanding you. Like I said, I have a cold and am in one big fog right now, so I read what you said wrong.

My mistake.

Also, Thanks for posting.

I have thought about the neilson boxes. All that does is, with permission, keep track of what channels and tv shows you watch. It doesnt actually record anything or send any signal.

I would not bet my life on it, but I am thinking that when you agree to be a neilson family they come by, install a box which keeps track of what channels or shows you watch and after a predetermined amount of time, they come get the box and take it with them then they look at the information wich is strictly what shows and channels you watched.

that is how I have always heard it was done. I once got a letter in the mail from the neilson company wanting to know if I would be willing to do it, but I never responded.

Once again, please forgive me for misreading what you said, I am just out of it today.

I will try to refrain from posting untill I am a bit better. Although I will if I feel it neccasary.

Peace and love.


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