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How about we take some accountability?

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posted on Mar, 17 2009 @ 01:35 AM
I see the anger through most americans, I see the anger coming from both conservative and liberals. The anger may be directed at different sides but there is anger, and people feel cheated. With this anger comes the opportunist, the ones who see chance to spread their own hatred or opinions on something else, and in that sense the anger of the people are misguided.

We have an issue here in ATS and out there in these United states and the world. We have this issue where at a time of division and frustration we find it suitable to put all the blame on one scapegoat. I know we have been cheated for the last 8years, I know the banks and the elites, both liberal and conservatives have cheated us on.... but about we take responsibility because we the people contributed to this mess we find ourselves in today. Heck I didnt buy a house that was well beyond what i could afford, I didnt live beyond me needs, but I know many have. Heck I know plenty of em... am I saying I should take the blame because they spent beyond their means? No.... but just like my anger towards those who cheated us over the last few years I look to the american people and I put half the blame on us and a nation.

We elected the idiots over the last 8years to lead us to this mess.

We neglected to live within out means. We got greedy, just like AIG, just like those of the wealthy.

We allowed these costly wars of lies to go on, we didnt question, we neglected the cost and the toll, and that verywell contributed to this mess... soldiers are now returning to no jobs and homes foreclosed.

We allowed ourselves to be completely distracted from the real issues... we allowed these opportunist news men and woman who get paid millions a year to guide our anger away from the real issues...

We the people have allowed others to underestimate the power of the people and the influence they still have over this nation. We have given too much credit to those behind close doors and in that sense have allowed them to reign with such influence.

We spent on that house that we couldnt afford.

We took out that loan years back that we find ourselves still having to pay for.

We wasted our money on an overprice viechle on that car that we are still paying interest for.

We the people sat back all these years when things "appeared" to be all fine and dandy and only stood up when it began to hit us. We paid no attention to the warning signs years ago prior to this event.

By we it doesnt matter if you lived a perfect life, paid your loans, lived within your income, you are one of millions. Unfortunatly it is likely joe average next door to you had contributed to this mess. Most likely you contributed to this mess. Most likely you didnt say anything when your sister obviously couldnt afford that house, over spends on her credit card and you said nothing.

We the people take up large chunk of this mess. Its time we give ourselves just asmuch credit as we do the banks and those darn politicians and elitists.

Yes Im giving Obama his term. You dont have to like Obama. What you should do is agree with the above on either side, because it is true. Its time we get just as much exposure to the contribution to this mess because allowed your anger on one scapegoat will not solve the issue.

If we dont learn the lessons for ourselves, our children will continue to suffer, and maybe a worse fate than ours.

posted on Mar, 17 2009 @ 03:34 AM
Just to quote Mr. Obama here:


It's a call to the American nation to perpetuate a so-called American Dream™

Here is president Hoover in the same "tone": A chicken in every pot. A car in every garage ! ...

People often get "inspired" by this BS in self destructive fashion.

Many "understand" it that all they have to do to contribute to this "dream" is to swipe the plastic and make them self look good, and they do it, indeed, in staggering numbers...millions of these "inspired"(=ignorant) people spending money they do not have to buy the things they don't need (but, then, they blame our government for doing the same thing, lol)...

American dream is not a reality, it is a fairy tale designed to make people think that they can have a little taste of power and control in their lives too

As legendary George Carlin said it once upon the time: You have to be asleep to believe it


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