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Chemtrail or wierd contrail?

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posted on May, 14 2004 @ 03:30 PM
What about this from my camera phone. I see these every evening in the summer, and have done for as long as i can remember.

posted on May, 17 2004 @ 10:50 AM
Did anyone see the very strange trail over illinois yesterday? I was driving north on 355 as I watched a plane begin very low in the sky to the west travel almost straight up. It went so incredibly high I could no longer see the plane - only the freakishly wide trail it was leaving. As a point of reference, I am near Ohare and see planes constantly - but have never seen one go this high and as is expected, there were plenty of other planes in the sky at the time making no trail at all. After reaching its incredible height it then began to decend toward the east making a huge arc over the city and as it began to decend the color of the trail changed from white to dark grey - almost black. The latter part of the trail (grey part) dissipated quickly but the beginning (white part) lasted for hours and as is typical grew wider and wider. This is by far the weirdest trail I have seen in Illinois.

posted on Jan, 18 2005 @ 03:53 PM
Well, I am in Missouri. Last night I saw 2 contrails like I had never seen before. I got on here to see if anyone else is talking about them. Never saw any planes, I walked outside and looked at the stars but there weren't any contrails went to go in and 2 contrails making a perfect x going from horizon to horizon. They had to be made at the same time. I just found it really strange.

posted on Jan, 18 2005 @ 05:09 PM
I have seen so many contrails in so many weird freakish ways...but I don't buy the chemtrails unless I get some great evidence...and most importantly...A MOTIVE...

I also noticed the black speck...if not chemtrails, you have a UFO

On second thought, it looks like a fly zipping by

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posted on Jan, 18 2005 @ 06:48 PM
Here's an interesting video of an unidentified object laying cts over Spain last year

from this link Other Issues/11297/

And then there's this

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posted on Jan, 18 2005 @ 07:22 PM
Looks to me like a 4 engine airliner made it.. like a 747.

What is the general flight pettern in your area and where is the nearest major airport in relation to the contrails?

posted on Jan, 19 2005 @ 01:56 PM

Originally posted by Spectre
Yeah, I am near an airport, too, and have taken some photos of similar contrails. Here is a link to the ATS thread and a direct link to the photos. Since I noticed the ones I photographed, I have seen enough others that it isn't even interesting anymore, just not so many at once. I guess I had just never paid attention until then when the conditions were perfect.

hate to tell ya but some of those are chemtrails.

posted on Jan, 19 2005 @ 02:27 PM
spangbr says:

"ive seen those huge trails that go from horizon to horizon, and ive also seen planes flying right by that trail and not making any trail of their own. why?"

Because although they're "right by" the contrail, they're not at the same altitude.

You hear a lot of stuff by "chem-trail" believers who say, "I can tell the difference between chemtrails and contrails!" Yet, when pushed to explain how they can tell them apart, they either change the subject or say that the "chem-trails" persist and contrails do not.

But that's not the case. As our colleague Kano says, the chief exhaust product of a jet engine is water vapor. As a matter of fact, the components of a typical jet engine (especially the more modern, cleaner- and hotter-burning ones) is water vapor: around 99.7 percent by weight, unburned hydrocarbons, about 0.3 percent. What you see, of course, is not water vapor, because water vapor is invisible. What you do see is an ice-crystal cloud, because the water vapor flashes into ice crystals within a half-second or so of hitting the air.

At 30 thousand feet, a typical altitude for contrail formation, the ambient temperature is somewhere in the vicinity of minus forty degrees. If the temperature is either above -40 degrees or the relative humidity is less than 100 percent, the ice crystals will sublime (that is, go directly from solid to gaseous states, like dry ice does). So if you see a contrail that dissipates within a minute or so, you can be pretty sure that the regime is either a bit too warm, a bit too dry, or both.

But if the temperature is below minus forty degrees and the humidity is saturated (100% or greater), then the ice crystals will stay solid, which means the contrail will persist. Often, the ice crystals act as a 'seed' or catalyst to freeze the surrounding cold and wet atmosphere; the result is that the contrail will not only persist, but spread.

Bear with me, spangbr; I'm getting to your question LOL!

Anyway, the air around us is not homogeneous; you will have areas of slightly colder/slightly wetter atmosphere surrounded by slightly warmer/slightly dryer air. This can be shown simply by noticing the you will have a cloud in the sky, and right next to it, there will be clear sky. Very often these changes are a factor of altitude; it is just a teensy bit too warm at 31,500 feet, but cold enough for the contrails to persist and spread at 32,000 or 32,500 feet.

Now you or I can't tell a 500-foot or even a thousand-foot difference in altitude when you're looking six miles straight up with nothing like a mountain to give you a frame of reference. We assume that two aircraft are at the same altitude -- but, of course, the FAA makes sure that adjacent aircraft are seperated by both time and vertical difference.

And it is that separation which leads us to think that two aircraft are at the same altitude when they're not, which is why you will often see an aircraft near a persistent contrail that is making its own contrail which rapidly dissipates.

posted on Jan, 19 2005 @ 02:50 PM
weather modifcation in the form of cloud seeding is documented and licensed in almost every state. and that was in the 70's. its only to be expected that they would advance their technology to climate control.

posted on Jan, 19 2005 @ 03:18 PM
Joepits says:

” weather modifcation in the form of cloud seeding is documented and licensed in almost every state. and that was in the 70's. its only to be expected that they would advance their technology to climate control.”

Possibly, although, given the storms we’ve been having recently, their “climate control” doesn’t seem at all that advanced, right?

But Joe, I don’t think the disagreement is whether or not climate control (actually, weather control – there is a big difference), is feasible – what I find is that a lot of people say that, since we can use cloud seeding techniques to make it rain and aerogel to soak up some rain, we are therefore engaged in some Huge Secret Plot To Use The Exhaust From Jet Aircraft To Make Some Extremely Bad Juju But I’m Not Sure What It Is Yet.

There are a whole bunch of things wrong with that assertion, but here’re a couple of them:

First, there’s no evidence at all for any of that stuff happening; saying that something is happening because it’s possible is like saying that, since Edward Teller once said we could use hydrogen bombs to dig canals and harbors, that means we’re secretly doing that right now! Well, of course we’re not!

Second, you know we’re not using these “chem-trails” for UV blocking as some people would have you believe, because if we were, we’d be “chem-trailing” our hearts out in places where the ozone layer is real thin -- like in Chile. You know we’re not using those “chem-trails” for making some sort of stuff for people to consume, because spraying an aerosol at six miles high – where it’s going to take days for it to reach the ground, an the wind will blow it miles and miles away from the “target” -- means that it simply won’t work

So there go your two best reasons for spraying “chem-trails” in the first place!

” hate to tell ya but some of those are chemtrails.”

Tell us, Joe; how do you claim to know the difference between contrails – some of which can persist for hours and days – and “chem-trails”?

posted on Jan, 21 2005 @ 11:11 PM
Off_the_Street. What can I say except that I simply put 2 and 2 together?

I first began to notice that something wasn't right when I worked closing shift at Wendy's. I would often stay up after I got home from work and watch the sunrise. Very often that summer I would see a clear blue sky invaded by spraying. This is before I had even heard anything about chemtrails. Soon enough the trails would spread out and connect. I immediately "knew" inside that they were spraying clouds. I asked my dad, who works for the NY State Department of Military and Naval Affairs to ask about it at the armory. He asked his superior who told him it was "some experiment". I searched on the internet and found that, apparently, some people thought this was more sinister than cloud-making.

I am really frustrated that people will not accept that this is going on. I try to rationalize it and I know it takes an above-average individual to notice it with all the densensitiation going on. But I fear that some people are taking a stance that chemtrails don't exist for the sake of arguing.

There are patents; these confirm the possibility, but, as you say, don't guarantee it is happening. Then I read about FAA controllers being told to divert commercial aircraft from restricted airspace for "climate modification" (yes "climate" is the word that the military commander used in conversing with a certain ATC controller). I am putting my trust into the materials I read. I do trust the conspiracy web sites somewhat, but I espescially trust nationally recognized newspapers. I also see "chemtrails" acknowledged and attempted to be banned in the Congressional Record.
I am also big into the metaphysical and I have many dreams about chemtrails. One particular dream which I believe was the higher powers trying to get me realize how serious this was went like this:

I was out on my deck where I usually watch for chemtrails snapping pictures with glee. Then this white powder came from the sky that looked like snow and got in my eyes and i felt them burn.

When I see chemtrails being displayed in advertisements and backgrounds of movies in an attempt to desensitize us to them, I know something is not right. I see the mainstream media avoidance of this subject as a bad sign. I belive the so-called "leaks" and the available patents about weather or climate modification is disinformation, provided to maintain calm among those aware of the operations, by letting them know something is indeed going on. If it was for weather or climate modification the people would be told. All of the current talk about global warming is taken in by the people without a terrible reaction. So I don't think a climate modification plan would cause panic.

I can't recall easily all the supporting facts that I know. When I read about it now I no longer take in facts that support something is going on. I am already convicted.

That being said there is too much going on to be coincidence. Respitory ailments has gone from being the 8th (iirc) to the 5th leading cause of death since 1999, the year that most agree chemtrail spraying began. Meanwhile, overall smoking has decreased. Alzheimer's, of which aluminum is belived to be a cause, has had a 1200% increase in cause of death since 1979, though this may be due to it not being well known until now.

I hope this post gives some insight into where I'm coming from.

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