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how do you keep up?

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posted on Mar, 16 2009 @ 03:26 PM

so... i got to wondering while at work this morning, i wondered
how all the people here keep up with all this stuff, what with
working, and doing all the rest of life's stuff, i seem to not have
as much time as last two months, i was sitting around as i had
an injury that needed some resting time,.....

cutting it short,
i could barely read and keep up with daily events let alone
everything else here at both sites... (idle question has me
wonder how many gb's or tb's of data at the server now?!?!)

so, how do you do it? how is it possible to do all the work,
pay bills - spend time socially etc, and yet still have the time
to read through hundreds of pages... after following some
larger threads from the more experienced members, i am amazed
at how seemingly quick they can assemble info so fast...

is this similar to other things, where experience helps out in this? or maybe these 'professional researchers' (in the amateur sense) are self employed or have somehow a lot of extra time...

i figure when we hit growing season here on the orchard i will barely be able to keep up with emails, let alone peruse hundreds of pages....

literally amazed, and my hat is off to the more experienced folks for doing all they do to provide all they do... as i will more then likely never get the chance to read what they post, someone surely is!

oh and as a closure, what will you do, if, and remember If,
tshtf and they somehow disrupt the internet and other systems
of communication to try and keep others informed, as i take the
net for granted now, i do remember that catch phrase -
the revolution will not be televised -
and i might add, nor will it be youtubed

cheers and have a great day eh!
49°35'41.44" N - 119°34'41.25"

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posted on Mar, 16 2009 @ 06:17 PM
Well, when you think of an 8 hour workday and then roughly 4 - 5 hours of leisure time then it's not so bad. You can get a lot accomplished in that time. There is indeed also the weekend to consider as well.

But yes, I too am amazed at all the info that there is.

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