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Dont believe in Chemtrails ? please spend 5 mins reading this

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posted on Mar, 19 2009 @ 03:34 PM

Originally posted by skyshow
you know, I resent the fact that just because I post my two cents, having come from a long line (more than 3 decades) of aviation...that what I have to say is totally trashed by you folks who want so bad to believe you are being targeted and sprayed. I hold an advanced degree (a BS, a BA and a MS), and have followed this issue very closely for many years. My opinion should be taken just as seriously as any of yours are. If you can't accept my input then what the heck are you doing posting on here for? At ATS we debate and put forward our thoughts and offer up facts or backing behind what we say...sometimes our personal experience counts as some backing right? this is a forum for conversation and debate and so I request that you respectfully take into account my posts before your rush to conclusion.

I stand by my statements. I stand by my experience, and I stand by the fact that more than 9 our of 10 pilots in the sky (and probably more than this; 100% in my experience, but hey, major airlines and air force, what the hell do I know right?) globally today will not support this ridiculous theory. I have offered my backing as to why I believe this to be so. Yet all I get is a 9th grade level response at best, as to why I am wrong. How many years and how many countless threads on this, and nothing yet totally completely substantiated? Nothing that I know of to prove it, nothing!

Come on. This web site deserves better! This is a total red herring folks...I say this with total 100% complete sincerity. You're totally wasing your time here, put your effort into the ones that are real. Quit falling for the side steps!

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I have read your posts with great interest, and am firmly in your court, both in matters of experience, education, and opinion. Please keep posting your excellent insight.

Personally, I usually refrain from posting in "chemtrail" related threads, as I firmly believe that those who believe in this nonsense are deluding themselves and part of a very small, unenlightened fringe......but hey, that's just my opinion. Part of the reason I read through these threads is for the pure entertainment value. But, when its starts to snowball down hill and gain momentum, reasonable people, like yourself, need to apply the brakes. Please continue to do so. More people are reading your words and hearing you than you probably realize....

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posted on Apr, 14 2009 @ 04:59 AM
Just a few thoughts...

The idea that the government has not or would not test just about anything on their own citizens is probably a symptom of a reality detachment.

Believing that every persistant contrail you see is a chemtrail based on you not remembering seeing them is paranoia.

Accepting evidence with no actual science behind it is stupidity.

In all likelihood, governments have probably dumped chemicals into the atmosphere either not knowing or caring how they might affect the population or actually testing on citizens. Also, I find it more likely that chemtrails that are truly not normal contrails would be for climate control or weather control. Published US projects have included recommendations to use atmospheric deposition of various compounds and seperate documents show obvious military interest in weather modification. Neither of those admit or prove anything, but is suspicious considering some of the recommendations include simple things like tuning commercial aircraft to burn 1% rich to increase particulates in the lower atmosphere for short term reflection of solar radiation and injecting aluminum oxide higher up, though planes were not deemed a cost effective delivery mechanism. The recommendations technically were to begin research and development on a small scale to prepare for any event in which they would actually be needed.

That said, most contrails are most likely exactly that: normal jet contrails. Long, persistant contrails are NOT in any way a new phenomenon. Nor are criss-cross and tic-tac-toe patterns, especially near cities with commercial airports. Being a few hundred miles from any major city or airport does not mean you don't live under some common or even high traffic flight paths, at least in the US.

My personal belief is that a small portion of long, persistant contrails are actually chemtrails in a moderate way. I don't believe that it is a grand eugenics plan or a conspiracy developed by the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries. What some of you consider chemtrails appear over places where some of the richest and most powerful people in America have their homes and families. I'm sure you could argue they protect themselves somehow, but I wouldn't buy that theory without real evidence.

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