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How to Save America; The PODs

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posted on Mar, 29 2009 @ 06:17 AM
well, it looks like you did a lot of homework on this.

id love to see this come into life. i worked at six flags, with roller coasters for a season. id love to see something like that replace what we have now.

its an awesome idea, meant for the truly lazy.... it would be great, hitting a few buttons, and in no time, your at your destination, w/o you even having to put anymore effort into it.

too bad ill be 55 when it would be complete if construction was starting tomorrow.

posted on Mar, 31 2009 @ 02:32 PM
reply to post by ugie1028


I don't know if I would call it a solution for the lazy. Maybe for those who want safety?

Either way, this article will make even more sense after I complete the one I am currently working on. (part two, that is)

I admit that there are many other factors, and like I said, they will tie together in the end.
None of my positions in the ten would stand alone, unfortunately.

But I do believe that there are many who see where I am going with this.
The first solution would be getting this country one ONE type of energy grid.
That this alone will cut costs dramatically, as energy costs touch every aspect of our economy, and every part of our daily lives.

Having just one grid leaves open the door for a solution like the one in this OP.

Here is the Link to the second article.

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posted on Apr, 6 2009 @ 01:04 PM
I am Bumping this thread, because it, and it's follow up, Article 2 are deserving of more exposure (IMO), before I post Article 3, Prison Planet.

I am soooo over this second line.

posted on Apr, 6 2009 @ 01:58 PM
Good ideas, but...

The only solution is to come to terms with tech. You have a marvelous and remarkable creative energy and your idea for 'pods' on rails, is well conceived, but for the cultural aspect.

I would summarize the whole thing in one sentence: "Indians hate rails."

Seriously, if I could go back in time, I'd take one of those four-note wooden train whistles and I'd tell the natives, when you hear this sound, know that your enemy is near.

Why are rails bad in some folks' worldviews? Because they bring troops and guns for those troops to fire at the people on the land. So, the bottom line of any analysis is that rails suck, as does anything which prevents animals (food) from moving. Even if it's raised from the ground, it's not ever gonna work.

Now a lot of Zeitgeisters might say, "What? Only tech can save us! Break from the past brother, and join us in our paradisaical future of pods and rails!" ...I am saying that you are perfectly on the level of that movie. As I recall, that movie said that we need "technicians" rather than politicians. But what we really need, as a race, is what the Indians had for their own tribes and that was A: Compassion within, and B: A desire for peaceful relations outside our group.

I am saying that no amount of Zeitgeistian future-think which is ignoring the past and the natives who've been trodden underfoot, will be beneficent for humanity. The ZG future as being some new invention or some John Galtian super-free-energy-motor given to the people, is deluded. What needs to happen, is a revisiting to the past and the cultural reasons why people hate rails.

Also I must include the Celtic spirit in this grouping of "Natives who hate rails" because if you've ever tried to get around Ireland, it is a pain in the rear, for sure. And yeah, that's what the Romans found out also, which is why they never took Ireland, only a chunk of it (oh well, and its brain I guess). Fact is: People like walls and hate rails because one keeps the invaders out.

Ireland is a small country and has been prized for thousands of years. Until I went there and complained about the traffic and saw the truth in the eyes of the cabbies, I didn't understand why a nation would purposefully make travel around the place difficult. Now I appreciate and love Ireland even more. Next time I go, I'll have a huge smile on my face when lost in some roundabout because I'll know in my heart that Ireland is strategically hard to conquer.

Here's what I propose: Take your enthusiasm for hemp and use that as the fuel for simple diesel engines which are everywhere on Earth. The Diesel motor is the Promethean flame given to the human race. It will accept any oil as fuel. As for regulations of vehicles and giving people freedom to drive their SVO diesel vehicles across America and without too much pollution, well you might need a thread of it's own for how to fight the DMV and cut the traffic court noose which would shape not just mine but your ideas also.

As for pollution of diesel vehicles, that's silly because battery power can keep the vehicle operating at highway speeds. I am saying that a full size Gen-1 Hummer built by GM, could be converted to run straight veggie oil and switch to battery when appropriate and probably average around 60 MPG on a cross country trip. Emissions would be nil because all the cruising would be battery-powered.

I like your moxie, but the future is more about making existing tech work, than about crafting new tech under some "Great Plan". Actually, the failed "Great Plans" of the past 200 years have produced a pretty good world. All we need to do is remove those who control us through money, and the vehicles we've got, will suffice, particularly if modified with current hi-tech in the right spirit.

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