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The good guys are here

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posted on Mar, 16 2009 @ 12:09 PM

i accualy found something that is not on this awsome site al least not in the search function

A new website bout a week old

witch i think need deserves attention.

this is for all everyone who is thinking ... is the army really gonna attack us citizens....

well friends help is here for you.....

( (i am in holland europe)

people who know what the swore to...and so


have a look for yourself maby you find "mental" support if needed

good luck to all....


posted on Mar, 16 2009 @ 12:32 PM
Great site...thanks for the heads up

Refreshing and reassurring to see there are some that have morals in the world.


posted on Mar, 17 2009 @ 02:55 AM
Awesome site. I found it very interesting that really the retired ones are the ones who are really speaking up. This is what I particularly found scary and follows along the same lines...

It's about time that something like this has formed. I'm an E7 in the Army National Guard (Colorado, B co. 5/19th SFG) I'm an 18C and I'm getting the hell out of the Army. I've had enough. I ETS in October and I'm picking up my family and we're moving to New Hampshire to join other defenders of the Republic in a place that is still one of the freest places in the nation. (I'm a member of the Free State Project.)

I'm currently serving on OWT status at Ft. Bliss, TX. I wanted to share what is going on here.

Bliss is mandating that all soldiers who own POWs (privately owned weapons) cannot store their firearms on post housing. They must be turned into the arms room. All soldiers must register any weapons they own with the provost marshall regardless of whether or not they live on post. Further, the post commander has mandated that if soldiers do not comply, they will face courts martial.

The counseling statement I recieved on this new policy stated that privately owned firearms are a serious threat to the safety of the community. I kid you not.

Here it is: they're now figuring out who in the military is a firearms owner as a pretext to disarming these soldiers first before going after everyone else's guns.

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