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You have seen the birth and deaths of entire Universes.

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posted on Mar, 16 2009 @ 12:59 AM
You are not as human as you think. What you really are, is a consciousness experiencing what it is like to be human. The facade of human experience is really just an exterior focal point of you, as you are entranced by the experience of what being human really is.

As consciousness, you have experienced far more then just human life. You may not remember anything but this human life, and it may seem that this human life is all that you know right now, but that is the facade. That is the focal point of this existence.

This existence is, a phenomena of personality development for you, as a conscious whole. It is just a part of you, just as today is a part of you, as yesterday is a part of you, and tomorrow a part of you.

When you look at this moment, the moment where you read this text, you know you have had past moments, and are entering future moments. Somehow, in quantum physics, you are dispersed within a third-dimensional state observing a fourth dimensional state of time.

You existed in a past, exist in a now, and exist in a future. It's not rocket science. That spectrum of time of which you consist of, is really just parts of one fundamental moment of self-realization.

Each moment of time, that you observe, you had with you a self-realized focal point of consciousness.

That focal point is merely just a pint-point in the overall spectrum of time that you will experience.

You are all times, that you become self-realized. Every day you remember or forget, you existed. You breathed life and had an experience which you identified with your biological self-expression of being human.

Each day comes and passes, and you obtain experience and knowledge.

I will tell you, that it didn't begin with this lifetime, and will not end with this lifetime as consciousness experiencing itself in biological self-expression.

You existed before this lifetime.

In fact, you existed before this current Universe came into existence. "You" have always existed, in one form, or another.

However, there is a quandary of self-imposed limitation whereby we forget. We have an ability to forget past knowledge, and that forgetting is why we do not always remember the truth of our total existence, our total reality.

We are consciousness, experiencing what it is, to be human. Not humans experiencing what it is, to be conscious.

This consciousness, this self-realization is what we truly are. When we realize we exist, we have reality. Reality is only real, because we are real to observe it.

We are the glue which binds reality to our existence.

Now, my nick name certainly makes a bold statement doesn't it. It states, "You are Dreaming." and it does for obvious reasons.

"For those who dream, there is reality."

And for every dream, there is a dreamer.

It's not so much dreaming that is relevant, rather that we as a dreamer, have an ability to think into our awareness, an experience that becomes for the moment we realize it, a reality.

There is a reality of dreaming, is there not? You are a dreamer right? You have dreamed dreams, and those dreams have been spectacular, frightening or down right silly.

Have those dreams ever, like deja vu... came true?

I "know" that many of you will say yes, you have had dreams that have come true. That somehow a dream one day later becomes the reality you are experiencing right now.

It's not a fantasy of mine, certainly it could be but I "know" better then that. I know you have had dreams come true. And will have many dreams come true beyond you current human focus.

Why? Because I know what dreaming is, and I know what dreamers are. I know what we are.

We are the creators of this reality, some of us lost in its vast expressiveness, willingly unaware of their creative participation in the massive undertaking of focused thought [dreams] and their relationship to observation.

In all of your forgetfulness, I want you to remember, and I want you to celebrate that you are a dreamer.

And a dreamer precedes being human... it is closer to who you really are.

It is a fundamental of consciousness, and it is the bridge that will take you to the most obvious truths, should you one day, simply realize them.

You have seen the birth and deaths of entire universes, why? Because "you" created every single one of them.

posted on Mar, 16 2009 @ 07:43 PM
Thank you for sharing this.

I can only say it is known how true your words are. I have experienced and remember quite a lot of what it is that makes this reality. A dream within a dream. An illusion.

I can also say that I personally have so many deja vu's that there is hardly many days that go by anymore where I'm not having them. I have seen so many things only to then experience them not long after.

I always said that we were spiritual beings have a human experience. We truly are the creators you speak of.

You have my deepest gratitude for spreading your knowledge and wisdom.

Be In Peace.

posted on Mar, 16 2009 @ 09:40 PM
Thank you, you reminded me what I had forgotten for a while.

I think I know what it feels like, to realize that your life in this world was only an illusion, a 'test' if you will. Just waiting for that moment... When everything is revealed.


posted on Mar, 16 2009 @ 09:48 PM
Nice words. When I speak them to the people, they call me names and tell me I'm wacked..."we're just human and that's all there is to it."

Stuck in little shells of Egg shaped forms, a few with cracks in them, a couple with heads and fingers and toes and tails sticking out.

The Ancients of EverAll. You.

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posted on Mar, 16 2009 @ 09:51 PM
Just as the great Bill Hicks says in his performances ;

I agree completely

posted on Mar, 16 2009 @ 10:05 PM
Fascinating read.
The determination that "You existed in a past, exist in a now, and exist in a future." I s a profound one indeed.
Ideas of retro causality are perhaps not so far fetched.
Also the notion that "time" is not so linear and may not have a direction at all, is interesting as well.
We are merely observing the imbalance of an equation. An imbalance that causes our very existence.
As a youngling I asked my elders, where was I before I was born.
I used to enjoy when they would tell me "Oh, you were around"
''I was?" "Yes you was."

I believe it. For what it's worth.
I am going to experience some reality right now and enjoy some Italian Ice.

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posted on Mar, 16 2009 @ 10:12 PM
Very provocative claims, indeed.

But how do you go about explaining birth? Since we're inside of a large dream, wouldn't we remember some aspect of our previous "endeavors"? And what about when we die? Do we move on to some new species or race?

posted on Mar, 16 2009 @ 11:14 PM

Originally posted by denirohascome
Very provocative claims, indeed.

But how do you go about explaining birth? Since we're inside of a large dream, wouldn't we remember some aspect of our previous "endeavors"? And what about when we die? Do we move on to some new species or race?

If you were to be able to remember all your past lives in this physical state you would have less ability to learn and grow. So we choose to forget all our other experiences when we start each new sojourn.

When we die...when our meatsuits die we go where our souls need to go next. That can be all depends on what you need. We are not only dreamer but are intentional drifters.

Am I awake or in another dream? I only know I am a seeker, a teacher and a student of infinite love.

posted on Mar, 17 2009 @ 12:14 AM
reply to post by YouAreDreaming

I like your post, though I have a slightly different take on some things. To me, our dream of our existence, rather than being reality, can be what stops us seeing the reality of it. We rarely focus on the moment we are in, in an open way, as it is. As soon as we try to be immersed in it, it is already gone and we are in the past which may be a fact, but doesn’t really exist. There is a flowing way to live in this unfolding moment which is different to our normal dream. I think many people like Gurdgieff have expressed something similar, that we live asleep or as dreamers, which I agree with. There is a way to approach sleep/dreams from this point of view also, and eventually we can see that beyond the normal fantasy, there is a reality there also. I know that sometimes the future can be established in these places before it becomes physical, causing feelings of déjà vu via dreams.

We have a tendency to cling to what is known (the past) or project what might be the future. We also view things through our beliefs or feelings at the time. Our mind is also very good at rattling on all of its own. This is our dream that overtakes our lives and our dreams at night. For example we can take off in the morning so deep in thought about the coming day that we realize we were largely oblivious to the journey when we get there. We dreamed the whole way.

It seems true enough that we are more than just physical and 3 dimensional. Psychologically we exist in many ways, feelings, thought, consciousness, and perhaps even more than this. I agree these things come closer to what we really are, and that there is something there beyond our notions of time, if that is what you seem to be saying. I know there is something within us beyond all of this, that exists in a beautiful “eternal instant” as they say.

Very interesting post, thanks.

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posted on Mar, 17 2009 @ 12:20 AM
reply to post by LoneGunMan

"Meatsuits", that is classic! I'll hafta remember that one!
I feel that the OP's words ring quite true. For one thing, as a child I had
far too many dreams of being an Egyptian slave for it to have been "all in my mind". 3 to 5 year olds don't really know a thing about Ancient Egypt!!

posted on Mar, 17 2009 @ 12:36 AM

Originally posted by Cogito, Ergo Sum
reply to post by YouAreDreaming

It seems true enough that we are more than just physical and 3 dimensional. Psychologically we exist in many ways, feelings, thought, consciousness, and perhaps even more than this. I agree these things come closer to what we really are, and that there is something there beyond our notions of time, if that is what you seem to be saying. I know there is something within us beyond all of this, that exists in a beautiful “eternal instant” as they say.

Very interesting post, thanks.

Albert Einstein once asked Abraham Pais (author of Einsteins two volume biography) "Do you really believe the moon only exists when you look at it?"

Sometimes questions are more important than answers.

posted on Mar, 17 2009 @ 01:22 AM

Originally posted by denirohascome
Very provocative claims, indeed.

But how do you go about explaining birth? Since we're inside of a large dream, wouldn't we remember some aspect of our previous "endeavors"? And what about when we die? Do we move on to some new species or race?

This is something that I can answer based on some of my pre-life memories. And I will entertain you with some of what I remember.

Before this life, I remember existing as another human. The memories where strongest in my life, when I was two years old, and over time became more fractal, more collapsed.

I'll break down the memory into some of the fragments I can most recall:

I was in a war, and I was fairly young, quite possibly 18 years old and died when something in the war machine killed me.

There was the sounds of water dripping near my ear, at least that is what I thought it was. However, it was actually blood from my head pooling near the ear canal.

The sound of the water drops intensified into thunderous sounds as death took over and I turned off, for but a second.

After the death of the body, I was then able to briefly observe the terrain, but that observation was short lived as another being had other plans for me.

This being of light, stood behind me and emitted a beam which it then proceed to lift me up through all these layers.

I had some time to observe the afterlife and even had a descriptive tour as the being described certain features. One point of interest was this layer where I thought I was in water, like an ocean up to my waist.

All around my and as far as I could see, where trillions of dime sized grey circles which I lifted into my hand and could clearly see each individual cell like circles.

The being told me, that they were like me, waiting to return to life. It was an unbelievable spectrum of seemingly endless grey souls.

It was during this conversation, that the being then told me I had to go back and become human. Of which I was not at all willing to do. I put up a fight and argued with it that I didn't want to go back, and it told me it would be different.

Finally, it would win the conversation by simply sending me back into a new body which is me today.

How the story goes is also interesting, as over time in this lifetime, I would start to have moments where I would become conscious when I slept at night.

And in that mix of experience, I would start to have dreams that would come true.

In one such conscious experience, I met again this being who asked me what I wanted to experience. And I told it what I wanted, and the being formed a two dimensional square window and I saw myself in the dream below.

I projected into my "dream" self, so I thought and was very awake and fully realized that I was dreaming and participating with this being in the dream that was taking place.

Without my knowledge, that dream would one day come true, just as it was "created" by that being.

A very profound day for me to say the least, but it offered tremendous insights into the reality that "something" is creating reality. That reality is a dream, and I was a participant in it.

Well, many many more experiences to follow, so much so that one day, I realized that I was that being. And everything connected. I sent myself back here, so I could become that being, it was kind of a paradox that I needed this life experience, so I could fulfill the journey into becoming the very being that I somehow thought wasn't me.

As the story goes, I do remember much as that being, but experiencing myself as this human right now. When I am here, the memories may not be as fluid or accessible as I would like, but then, I am also very involved in a human experience, not the full spectrum consciousness I have when I over see myself as a human having this experience.

In all of this, what I am is merely a part of the same Universe, the same Universal Consciousness if you will, that we are all a part of.

In our illusion of separation, we are all one, we came from one, and return to a state of one. We expand and collapse into a myriad of experiences, and have done so without the measure of time or space, after all we created it.

The human experience is exactly that... an experience within a Universe that we have nurtured, cared for and propagated with the thrill of our thoughts, our imaginations and a very evolved higher intelligence then what we tend to have when we compress into human form.

Mortality is a game, and we are masters at making games. Part of my memories which serve me as to why I came to be a human, was out of boredom of the immortality of endless existence, and this place offers forgetfulness, and the illusion of mortality that made having experiences fun.

We are all a familly united by our common oneness with the Universe, a spiritual familly so to speak. And in that, obviously one of the most important aspects of this whole relationship is Love.

Which should be obvious but I can explain more as to how love will play a very profound role in our return to oneness.

I would like to comment more on some of the other posts, but am out of time for tonight.

posted on Mar, 17 2009 @ 10:27 AM
im not sure were but i have heard we forget so we can remember, sorta like we would overload if we rememberd everything. Iv had dreams, if u could call it that where im watching certain events or happenings and im purley an observer, nothing else, for instance. one dream or more like a vision where i was observing two angry wanna be gang members talking about finding who's blood was on it, that was it. i awoke and phoned and told my freind this dream i had and how it was him they were talking about. He laughed and shrugged it of. two months later he became affiliated with a certain group. One month later this group held a meeting without him disregarding their rules of his presence and unanamous voting two certain individuals voted him out of this group. a week later he recieved phone calls sugesting he romoves his tatoo patch or they'll do it for him. he hasn spoken to me since because of if and the dreams/visions and feelings/thoughts , you know the ones that feel like their burning your chest inside have just been getting stronger. Im amazed at your thread. awsome. sorry for typos

posted on Mar, 18 2009 @ 03:02 AM
Well, I have taken comfort in the words above, for they thoroughly explain why I sometimes feel like I don't know s***. On the bright side, glad to be here where it's never a dull moment, conversatin' with ATS geniacs.

posted on Mar, 25 2009 @ 03:39 AM
reply to post by aeroslag

Like the idea, it always amazes me how I can read so many different variations of this but essentially deep down they are all the same.

I'm not sure if everyone will find this appropriate but the post I'm replying to gave me some confidence to ask. Every time I take mushrooms I live in a perpetual state of deja vu. Everything that has been said I can actually experience not just think about as I can only do normally.

Just wondering how everyone else tries to incorporate these ideas into everyday life? Meditation, intuition? I have lucid dreams almost daily but then it goes to the back of my mind during the course of my day.

posted on Mar, 26 2009 @ 03:00 AM
I think mushrooms, or any psychedelia can trigger this, and this can be in part of a frequency shift of our attention and focus.

If we embark on Quantum Theory as it applies to consciousness, the human brain functions at a quantum state, and there is evidence supporting how the brain uses quantum states and produces quantum dipoles.

At the quantum level, our brain also uses photon coherence which also opens our mind up to quantum entanglement and quantum bi location.

It's possible that a quantum frequency change at this photon coherence state may cause a quantum leap, or allow access to other aspects of our consciousness grid, which in many ways is compartmentalized into many different aspects.

One of the things that I am observing is not what makes us separate, but what makes us a part of a larger system.

And one of those aspects is the relationship between stored Sun Energy in the form of hydrocarbons, and how this glucose fuel translates back into photon energy in the brain.

As electrical as our biological system is, it's also using photons and light energy to help fuel it. The energy of the sun is a driving force in our life, and I am curious as to what aspects of light radiation play a role in stored potential energy.

How does this energy integrate with our consciousness, and our brain at the quantum level. We are infused with the very energies we consume and they play a role in our biological development and processes.

Since we have this energy element based on Sunlight, we are now part of the Sun, by taking on it's energy. And have become a conduit of the suns energy, experiencing itself as us within a quantum entanglement.

This entanglement I think is what binds us to all things and everything.

All the energy of the Universe is transient and constantly migrating from one system to the next. And we too seem to be transient souls, moving from one reality system to the next, as they fold and unfold within our overall conscious perception.

What ever the answers are, we are truly an amazing Universe entrapped within itself.

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