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Aurora Never Existed?

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posted on Feb, 1 2003 @ 12:19 PM
Quoting Military Space: "In 1993, and 1994, Air Force spokesmen had claimed that Aurora did not exist. The sources said the denials were phrased in the present tense. 'You dumb reporters never asked whether it had ever existed,' a source told Military Space, adding that the statement was true since the project had been canceled nearly six months earlier."

What we do know about Aurora, according to Military Space's special report and Aviation Week & Space Technology is: Aurora was a super-secret spy plane that was based on technology acquired from the development of the SR-71. It was originally funded in 1982, and although it was misnamed in the press, the military seemed to be comfortable using the term "Aurora" even in 1995.

According to reports from people who saw it, one of the Aurora craft had an unusual triangular shape and emitted a doughnut-shaped contrail. Since it was published in 1990, that Aurora referred to a blanket under which several different types of highly classified experimental aircraft fell, it is not surprising that a new program called "High-Altitude Endurance Unmanned Air Vehicle" has replaced the Aurora project. As far as I can tell, these craft have been in use since at least 1998.

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