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I can't stand people who support either the Democratic party or the Republican party.

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posted on Mar, 15 2009 @ 11:23 PM
People seem to have made politics into a game where they can just push their own personal agenda on the rest of the world. Democrats say that they aren't doing it as much because the Republicans do moral legislation. You know what? I say that's BS. Democrats do it as much as Republicans but with their economic legislation. They feel it's more moral to redistribute the wealth. Democrats are against rich people. Democrats are anti-business. I'm not against business- I'm pro-business but I'm also not against capitalism going unchecked, I want capitalism but I want it with some checks-- that's why there needs to be a labor union powerful enough to check the power of the employer. The labor union can't make the company go under but that's how I see the labor union there. As a balance of these capitalists which the liberals hate so much. Then with the Republicans. They believe that there are somehow traditional values in America. Well there aren't really any traditional values... there are only values which you consider to be traditional and what you consider to be traditional might be different from some other person. I don't think Republicans should force moral legislation on the people. What gets me even more riled up is when I read liberal criticism of economic policies and they say things like the rich people are the bourgeis and they act like rich people are super human or something. They criticize the government for doing things invasive to us and they don't care if the government has control of the economy. Republicans want a free market but they don't care about moral legislation impeding our social rights.

Hey liberals and conservatives, how about caring about our freedoms for a change? People have a right to their wealth- and yes the wealth should be fairer- but the idea of a redistribution of wealth is stealing... rather if the governmental policies are going to be favoring any one group that would be at the consequence at another group- the tax cut should be for the benefits of all people. Why not lower the tax cuts for 30% for everyone? That would be a great stimulus. Plus when gas prices are higher like they were before because the NWO wanted them that high we could have more money from our taxes to pay for it. And conservatives, how about letting women do what they want to and how about gays exist and how about letting minority groups exist? If you are for economic freedom then the idea of moral freedoms should be consistent with your ideology of differences and etc etc. And liberals, how does it seem free if you ban religion? Sure it not may make sense to you or me but why ban it? There are a lot of things in the liberal ideology that contradict the idea of freedom.

So hey liberals and conservatives, how about you stop letting these politicians have power from your ideological beliefs, and start caring about our freedoms for a change? There are better solutions to problems than to legislating what rights we already have.

Ideologies are just what political parties use to attract people to their parties. It's a shame. It's what keeps them in power.

For example, I believe in the libertarian ideology because it is against government. I know it is impossible to do without government these days because we're so dependent on them- but I think the libertarian philosophy can apply in many ways in governments today. The ideology doesn't give the governments an excuse to take away freedoms. However, both the liberal and conservative ideology does.

So, in truth both parties are just using the liberal and conservative ideology to TAKE AWAY our freedoms.

Open your eyes people. Stop supporting this political BS.

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posted on Mar, 15 2009 @ 11:51 PM
I hate it when people guess or say I'm a (insert political group/agenda) etc trying to put me in a group to judge.

I have my "own" beliefs, my "own" opinions, my "own" way of thinking. I am not part of a certain politcal entity. I am a individual human being.

Hmm maybe this is why I have never voted haha.

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posted on Mar, 16 2009 @ 10:01 AM
You make this assumption often Frank, and it isn't correct.

You title this thread about those who support the Democratic and Republican parties, yet you rant about Liberals and Conservatives.

There are those out there, like myself, who are Conservatives (or Liberals) that don't support either major party.

Don't lump everyone in the same boat.

posted on Mar, 16 2009 @ 11:54 AM
reply to post by nyk537

There are many out here who erroneously operate on the concept that those out here who are conservative are automatically by default Republican. This is not true.

The Repblican party, just like the Democrats are for the political party first and the public interest ..somewhere down the line in priorities.

Both parties.. there interests are in getting and maintaing This is not the same thing as the interest or welfare of the public they take an oath to serve in serving the Constitution of the United States.

Both liberals and conservatives often lose sight of this dogma about the parties while rooting for their sides and confusing this with a political party.

The two party system is corrupt and obviously bankrupt. Monetarily as well as morally.

What should be obvious to so many now days the very track record of history that the standards for public office across the land is not that high. The two party system and thier workings gaurantee this outcome.

The trick for the parties is to keep the voter on an emotional treadmill such that they can keep getting votes and hence power. In otherwords..drama techniques....fear...with the proviso that this party or that is the solution.


posted on Mar, 16 2009 @ 03:12 PM
reply to post by Frankidealist35

I am a civil libertarian and value my freedoms quite high. I support all the Bill of Rights and people's right to protest. I am a firm believer in the right to bear arms, and believe everyone is equal under the law. Equal pay for equal work, and also in the Golden Rule.

While I do agree there is a lot of red tape out there, the government has a job to protect the people from hazards and to care for those who otherwise would not get care.

Are you against ALL government, or do you want to pick and choose? Here are some government programs:

Social Security: Just think how many would now be wiped out because of a few greedy bank bosses.

Medicare and Medicaid: Affordable health care for the elderly. It does have many problems and needs fixing, so what would be an alternative?

OSHA, EPA, FDA: Do you want a return to the robber barons who controlled everything and had children working in factories? Do you want the slaughterhouses to go back to what Upton Sinclair wrote about in "The Jungle"? Those regulators have kept us relatively safe from past abuses. They do need some overhauling, but considering what was done in the past...

Highways, railroads and transportation: Those expressways make it nice and easy to move across the US. Also, the byways are paved for those of us who like the scenic routes.

FAA: I think this justifies itself.

Defense, Veterans Affairs: We would need at least a small defense and navy to defend our borders. Some veterans need medical care after their service.

Speaking of defense, most of you Libertarians want to close the borders to illegal immigrants. That costs money and requires a large border patrol.

This does not mean the two parties in power have all the answers and are perfect. Sometimes a good idea gets thrown around by third and fourth party candidates. President Bill Clinton balanced the budget because Ross Perot made it popular when he ran for office.

The main question is, how will all the problems get solved with no government?

posted on Mar, 18 2009 @ 12:03 AM
I have never voted for someone only against.

posted on Mar, 18 2009 @ 06:35 AM
1. I'm not really willing to fault someone for standing up for what they believe in. As you've spoken from your heart, so are they. At the end of the day, both parties are only doing what they feel is best for the country.

One thing I have learned, if you're prepared to question someones motif.. be damn sure you have your ducks in a row first.

2. The generalizations in this thread are truly overwhelming.

You've managed to take the broad spectrum of political ideologies and lump them into two categories. Then proceeded to fault everyone by placing them under these two umbrellas.

There is so much more out there that I think you should read up on. Research past the major parties that you're familiar with in American politics and see what it is that I and other members here are talking about.

The terms you throw around so liberally are not universal.

posted on Mar, 18 2009 @ 07:33 AM
When will people get it through their heads there is only one party, one AGENDA?????

Sadly, all that is happening started many years ago, each president obviously had a role in it, Bush having taken on a major role to accelerate whatever this agenda is.
Obama's role has been passed to him, and he has the exact same agenda with only a few name changes, and a sprinkle of insanity and different lies mixed in.

Its my opinion that both parties and congress are just forming the illusion of a system, when in fact there is no system and the ultimate goal is to subdue, not perceived terorists from abroad, but to enslave all American people- and guess what? They dont care what party you root for....they want to spread the mysery and the enslavement to ALL AMERICANS, not just one side or the other!

Time to take a sip of that coffee and wake up!!!

posted on Mar, 18 2009 @ 11:13 AM

Im going to disagree with you slightly in your post. To my limited knowledge this has been going on since before the Spanish American War..sometime back about 1898/99. Also include in that the Boxer Rebellion where American Troops found themselves fighting with an international combine in China in clear violation of the Monroe Doctrine. Same thing with the Spanish American War..we suddenly found ourselves in the Phillipines...outside the envelope of the Monroe Doctrine.

Since then we have found ourselves all over the world and with all the commitments, finances, and politics which go with this empire building and the Presidents to accomodate such. Presidents, as well as members of congress, have been elected who favored such expansion politics..even at great debt and obligation to the American People. Those Presidents not in favor of such policies did not get far in the political buisness. This is still true today.

THese financial are catching up with us today ..having been debt financed...just as are our wars.

All this under the cloak of voting democrat or republican or what ever parties were competing for office back then...Bull Moose party or whatever they were.

Nonetheless the slide as far as I can tell goes back that far. However Our money system was a bit more stable and less obligated back then. This is not so today.


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