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France launches first anti-Zionist party

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posted on Mar, 15 2009 @ 05:50 PM

For a fairer world ...

At all free citizens,

The improvement of relations between the European Union and Israel involves France and Europe to all crimes of this Zionist entity on the Palestinian people. Today, this conflict and injustice that result in pro Israeli. Thus the crimes of Zionism Israeli have their supporters who support the violence of the Zionist state and this may be prejudicial to peace and national accord. This Parisian Zionism and its unconditional support for Israel is an affront to human principles are not followed.

These Zionist organizations in France tend to import the conflict on the national soil. We call on citizens to keep their blood cold, respect the laws of the Republic and not to fall into the trap of this foul beast that Zionism. We must organize to resist and to extract the roots of this evil in denouncing all these organizations that glorify falsehood and crime and have called for Israel to show.

: We urge all citizens to help free our nation to free itself by adhering to this new political party liberating and anti-Zionist:

* To eliminate the Zionist interference in the affairs of the Nation.
* Denounce all the politicians who are advocating Zionism.
*Eliminating all forms of Zionism in the nation.
*Prevent companies and institutions to contribute to the war effort of a foreign nation that does not respect international law. Read more ...

This is a Google translation the original is on this link;

Some of the goals of this party to terminate military technology transfer from France to Israel, to eradicate the Israeli lobby in France and to ban dual passport holders from Israel and make it illegal for French nationals to do military service in Israel and engage in war with the indigenous people.

Recently in the UK, we had reports in our papers about British nationals serving in the Israeli military in the assault on Gaza. We were told how tough it was for those young men, who volunteered, to attack Gaza and missing their families on the holiday season. The same kind of news reports where in the French papers so French citizens have come together to form a party to end this problem.

posted on Mar, 15 2009 @ 07:56 PM
This does not surprise me at all. Israelis and Palestinians are now bringing these kinds of actions and attitudes on themselves. Israel looks like a bully to most people except for fundamentalist Christians and Zionists. There is even a large portion of the Israelis looking at what their government is doing and feel ashamed. I can see how it is bad for both sides, though. My point is that no plot of land would be worth my children growing up in fear and dying.

What is worse to me is that this all revolves around religion and prophecy. I wish we would grow out of that already. I wish that I could see this as a sign of humanity's growing pains, but with the fever pitch of the propaganda machines on both sides, this issue could really kill most of us!!!! These people are making prophecy come true, but it looks like it is no accident. They are willfully doing this to themselves. Look at the weapons that we have today. To hell with nukes, we have super bugs that can destroy the majority of the population in every nation of the world. And there would be counter strikes if this ever were to happen.

I am weary of these kinds of things springing up in here, it sounds to me like small brush fires, each one getting a little hotter until the fire will be so great that it will consume us all. These guys are getting it wrong. We all have a right to a peaceful existence. No one is chosen by god to be anywhere. This kind of blind arrogance has caused nothing but trouble in the last couple of centuries. It worked in the past, served its purpose as a social strategy to maintain cohesiveness. Now it cleaves into us like an ideological wedge, ripping humanity apart.


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