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Anyone else have a Dream about the Rapture Last Night?

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posted on Oct, 9 2010 @ 12:44 AM

Originally posted by Goradd
reply to post by TheMythLives

Well, the first dream i was around 5 and i remember the colors so vividly, i was at home and looked out the window and Christs face started to appear in the sky with one angel on each side with a trumpet, then people started running outside bowing....

2nd dream, we are watching TV and the news reports come one saying JC has come back to earth and it walking the streets of jerusalm, the news reports saying, JC has returned....the dream then switches to my room i wake up and go to the living room where we have a picture of JC and as i look at it his eyes turn red, and its like that means its really him and i start screaming and like falling to the floor and i wake up screaming in real life while sitting up in bed, it was pretty darn scary...

This last dream, its was in modern day kinda like almost post warish and the news saying people are missing and we can tell that people have just vanished and the rapture has happend, i find it hard to believe but it ends up being true and i have not been taken by the rapture so we are waiting to the next one and i remember us going to a specific place like traviling on foot to wait or be ready for the next one...

Pretty weird huh!

Your dreams sound exactly like what I expect from project bluebeam. I just can't imagine Jesus using the tv as a tool to broadcast his return. And that last dream sounds like the planned plaedian ufo motherships to carry away people to another earth lie that's been going around.

posted on May, 20 2011 @ 12:26 PM
reply to post by Goradd
I had a dream for the last month of the Rapture it was horrible it all started off with a major earthquake that effected even dallas texas me and my kids seeked shelter from falling stuff and when it was over i went to listen to the news i looked outside and seen the sky was on fire i seen on the news that volcanoes were going off left and right people were vanishing out of thin air it was one of those dreams i was unable to wake from in my dream i went to grab my kids and all three had vanished from my living room i have had this dream for the past month it seems to be getting worse every dream i am starting to fear going to bed and i dont know why but ive had a sinking feeling in my stomach that some thing very bad will happen very soon i dont even go to church nor am i Christian so i cant understand why this is affecting me

posted on May, 20 2011 @ 12:34 PM
Woops! There are a couple of things that must happen first.

" Now we beseech you, brethren, by the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ, and by our gathering together unto him, That ye be not soon shaken in mind, or be troubled, neither by spirit, nor by word, nor by... letter as from us, a...s that the day of Christ is at hand. Let no man deceive you by any means: for that day shall not come, except there come a falling away first, and that man of sin be revealed, the son of perdition."
2 Thessalonians 2:1-3

posted on May, 20 2011 @ 12:55 PM
no rapture but I did have a cool dream about a volcano! my first ever killer dream! I want to I cannot remember the name of it something like a wind instrument like trombone.

posted on May, 20 2011 @ 05:56 PM
reply to post by kim0217

Kim not saying this is a certainty, but it could be God warning you and beckoning you to come to Jesus. God can and does speak to people who are not Christian. Just saying for your consideration.

posted on Jun, 9 2011 @ 09:44 PM

Originally posted by autowrench

Originally posted by sir_chancealot

Originally posted by FlyersFan
There is no such thing as the rapture.
It's a cult invented by Nelson Darby in the 1800s.
It's completely unscriptural.

This thread belongs in BTS - member prophecies/dreams.


Deny your ignorance.

Church leaders have been speaking of the rapture since at LEAST 100 AD. Do some research before spouting an incorrect opinion next time.

The research has been done, friend. You deny ignorance here. The theological notion of a "rapture" was invented 170 years ago. In 1830, in Port Glasgow, Scotland, fifteen year old Margaret MacDonald had a vision concerning the return of Christ. Her vision was adopted by John Nelson Darby a British minister and founder of a denomination called the "Plymouth Brethren."
The Dispensational Origins of Modern Premillennialism

What's Real About the Rapture?


Some of you Christians will believe anything a preacher says, and that is what is wrong with Christianity today. That, coupled with the fact that none of you actually read the books, the canon and the lost books, makes for some pretty sensational claims. If you do read it, you will find that Jesus actually said he was coming back with a sword. And there is no evidence that Jesus even existed either, Philo never mentioned such a man, and there is much evidence that the Biblical God was a Dragon, an ET from another planet. I should have become a preacher, my god I would be rich by now! Christians are so gullible.

"Rapture" is derived from the Latin verb: 'rapere', of 1 Thess. 4:17—"we will be caught up," ['to carry off' - or 'catch up']).

A Dictionary meaning for Rapture says: ' The transporting of a person from one place to another, especially to heaven '.

So when we mention the Rapture, we are not saying the actual word is in the bible, but what it means is, the removing or taking away of the Christian believers just before the seven year tribulation begins.

Here are just a few of the many references of the Rapture in the Bible (NIV Version):

Christ will bring raptured Church (his believers) to place he prepared: John 14:1-3 - "Do not let your hearts be troubled. Trust in God; trust also in me. In my Father's house are many rooms; if it were not so, I would have told you. I am going there to prepare a place for you. And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come back and take you to be with me that you also may be where I am."

The followers of Jesus will be removed to safety while those still on the Earth will face the tribulation period: Revelation 3:10 - " Since you have kept my command to endure patiently, I will also keep you from the hour of trial that is going to come upon the whole world to test those who live on the earth."

In the verse above we are told that the 'followers' of Jesus, those that have kept his commands (followed his commandments) and accepted him as lord and savior, will be kept from the time of trouble (tribulation), so here we have the proof of a pre-tribulation rapture. In 1 Thessalonians 4: 16-17 we are told how this incredible event will take place:

1 Thessalonians 4: 16-17 - "For the Lord himself will come down from heaven, with a loud command, with the voice of the archangel and with the trumpet call of God, and the dead in Christ will rise first. After that, we who are still alive and are left will be caught up together with them in the clouds to meet the Lord in the air. And so we will be with the Lord forever."

There are even more references to the church being delivered from the tribulation. Also, remember what happened back in the days of Noah. In a sense there was a rapture that occurred then also. Noah and his family, the only true believers and followers of God, were removed from the earth (raptured) by the safety of God to the Ark, while the rest of the earth’s people suffered and died.

If you would like to know a lot more about the ' End Times ' , and read some great Christian articles on such subjects as 'Being Saved, Armageddon, The Rapture, and much more, visit the website called: ' Signs Of The End Times '

posted on Jun, 10 2011 @ 03:09 PM
read what i have written and what i have seen and get back to me

i had a vision yesterday and i believe it was God talking to me. its not the first time this has happened. on my birthday i was sitting on my couch watching TV with a friend when something told me to get up. i listened and it lead me to my room. i closed the door and all of a sudden i fell to my knees and was crying for forgiveness with absolutely no control of my body. i felt as if i was watching myself go threw this but there was nothing i could do. when i finally realized what happen i was sitting on the floor with a feeling i cannot describe. i felt loved and embraced by something but i didn't even bother asking to myself what it was i just sat there smiling. as of that day i found myself researching on the Internet. but i was not researching religion i was searching Illuminati, new world order, and all types of government frauds and killings covered up from the everyday person.

yesterday i came home and was explaining everything to a friend of mine, showing him a video of the Illuminati when it hit me. i had a vision that was explaining the pyramids and how everything relates to the same evil. i don't even know where to start and how to translate my vision into words but ill try.

the pyramids is a sign given by other creatures that landed on our planet. it was a sign given to the most powerful at the time. it is meant to represent that they too can become a god. its all about control. (DIVIDE AND CONQUER why is Pangaea no more? shifting plates? yeah, right! the planet is easier to control if it is divided! this thing is bigger than what you know as reality) if you are the top point of the pyramid everything else is under you and under your control. nobody can tell you no or disagree with your ways because you have the power to eliminate anybody. you are ultimately seeing yourself as a god. that's what happen in ancient times with the Egyptians and the Aztecs, and that's whats happening to us now with the Illuminati.

i believe these people who are in power have seen and believe that their false gods have given them the power to be gods of this planet. threw technology and false religion they see this coming true for them. they see these false gods as giving them power of technology to finalize there power as gods. they see false religion as a way to control peoples feelings. they are working on chips that they will implant in you and you will beg them to. they will tell you it can unlock the other parts of the brain we never could on our own. when the world is one government as the plan on making it it will be ruled by one man with the power to turn any ones chip off if you do not live or agree to what he says your life must be. TOTAL CONTROL!!!

our governments are also just pawns in this master plan. just ask yourself what this man with all this power realized. all these countries come to me for loans and they are in debt to me. what does this mean? i basically own these countries and i can make these countries do whatever i want because if they don't i have the power to stop that country by not funding it.

turn your TVs and radios off for a minute and turn your minds on. do you need an Escalade on 24's? Do you need to have sex with every woman you can get your hands on? do you need more money to buy all the things TV tells you you want? does money, drugs, weapons, and violence make us happier? does working hard and waking up early to go earn a paycheck the way you really picture a beautiful life?

i believe we are spirits being tested! i believe whats happening is the devil is preparing for war with God and threw these lies the devil calls life he is building his army by making Gods children non-believers! he tells you in order to believe in god you need facts, but that is far from the truth! All you need is to believe that there is a God. you don't need someone or something proving it to you, you believe because you know life is more than just a job, house, and a car! will you be the devils soldier of war or will you believe in God and and let only God show you the way to life?

the only answer is GOD! i cant tell you who or what God is, i can only tell you that God is everything and everything is God. the only way to true Paradise is threw God. I'm not telling you to go to church or anything like that all i ask is that you believe in God and talk to God. God has not forgotten about you so don't forget about God!

am i crazy or just found God?

posted on Jun, 10 2011 @ 05:54 PM
reply to post by bubusmells

How did you come to the realisation that there will be one man ruling the world and entering a chip into people and a forthcoming war between the Devil and God? Was this part of your revelatory vision or is this an addendum to your vision? Thanks.

posted on Jun, 10 2011 @ 06:01 PM
I feel like this is the generation, of the return of Christ and what we are seeing in the world now is the beginning of sorrows!!

posted on Jun, 10 2011 @ 07:21 PM

Originally posted by Revelation2011

I feel like this is the generation, of the return of Christ and what we are seeing in the world now is the beginning of sorrows!!

Agree, as do quite a lot of folk. The rapture first before trib, AC and final judgments. Seems some judgments have already commenced looking at developments around the world, both natural and not so natural.

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