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The Space Opera Working Thread

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posted on Aug, 19 2009 @ 11:39 PM
reply to post by silo13

Originally posted by silo13
What is *Do not allocate CPU* mean - sorry - That one went over my head.

CPU is...

The CPU is the brains of the computer it is where most calculations take place. In terms of computing power, the CPU is the most important element of a computer system.

Basically one droid is saying to the other "Don't allocate processing power to it" which means "don't think about it" or "don't worry about it."

Originally posted by silo13
Also, how are you going to deal with Ship is alive and knows what you’re up to? She just had said how she’s had enough of the problems of attacks, etc and there’s no way she wouldn't react to this newest breach of *etiquette* let’s say.

I'm hoping Ship is just as angry at the shapeshifter as she is at the team. I tried to make the team only resist when they thought they were threatened first. Hopefully ship takes pity on them.

Or another solution would be to replace the shapeshifter with Delia (Ship personified) and have her shoot Studious.

That way Ship can get revenge by almost killing him.

Originally posted by silo13Don't forget, the droids around the other bays will shoot to kill. And they’re no way to be *distracted*...

I can change the part where the droids that run into Studious are distracted if you want me to.

And in the NI-7 side of the story that I have written many droids attack the team and are not distracted.

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posted on Aug, 20 2009 @ 12:32 AM
reply to post by Studious
CPU - Gotch’a -

Shapeshifter is all cool - what I’m asking is - when all this is going on where is Ship’s interaction with you?

Ship will know this is all going on and it just feel empty that she isn't participating with you now.

I mean she's already made it clear she’s keeping a close eye on you - then to have no interaction when all this goes in with the droids, the shapeshifter, it really feels like it’s missing Ship.

Like, will she help you - try to stop the shapeshifter but can’t, try to detain it?
I can definitely see her trying to help you big time. You’re on board as her *guest* at the moment - Ship wouldn’t abandon you - and she knows you’re only trying to do what you have to do to get away from the shapeshifter.

I don’t see Ship giving aid to the shapeshifter that’s already caused problems on Ship before but I don’t see her sitting all quiet while all this goes on right under her hood either, lol.

Soon he saw the hangar bay in front of him and saw that a transport was waiting.

My point is there are two guards at every opening to any transport bay.
They cannot be distracted.
They have orders to shoot to kill.

As a suggestion only - to get around this, could this be a time you interact with Ship?

I mean it could be something dramatic like the shapeshifter is after you and Ship throws you through one of her walls to save you, or tells you to make your way to the bay - she’ll let the others go - or how she didn’t know there was a shapeshifter aboard so she tells the droids to stand down just a millisecond before they open fire on all of you - then lets some go, you stay, whatever...

Ask her to let them go, and you’ll stay in return?
She doesn’t have a problem with them only she insists you stay? (The UEF article of detainment says nothing about crew only you)...

I don’t know how you want it to go I’m just saying from a reader’s standpoint the post having no interaction with Ship is, well, missing something.

NOTE TO SELF - so I don‘t forget... (I’d like to add here I’m *seeing* the Shapeshifter being responsible for the cocoons, not Ship, and, the Shapeshifter was trying to ‘shift’ the occupants of the cocoon??) (But that’s a story line we’ll have to deal with later)...

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posted on Aug, 20 2009 @ 02:11 AM
reply to post by silo13

Ah I see what you're saying.

Now that I look at it I agree that it is missing interaction from Ship.

Originally posted by Silo13

Soon he saw the hangar bay in front of him and saw that a transport was waiting.

My point is there are two guards at every opening to any transport bay.
They cannot be distracted.
They have orders to shoot to kill.

That was a mistake on my part.

When I wrote it I was basing it after the scene where Obi-Wan ran into Vader on the Death Star. Since no guards where present by the doors in that scene I forgot to add them in my writing.

Luckily I didn't post it in the Story Thread yet.

The NI-7 side of the story (which I'll hopefully make available soon.) has the team encounter droids but I forgot to have Studious run into droids as well.

I'll make some alterations to the post and re-post it here in the working thread.

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posted on Aug, 20 2009 @ 04:20 AM
reply to post by Studious

Good Luck!
I know you'll make is smashing!

Hehehe I can't wait to see how Ship interacts with you!

She already showed herself to you first so I think there might be some real significance in that.

We'll see!

posted on Aug, 20 2009 @ 08:15 AM
Has the story line continued with the whales being transported back in time to old Atlantis? Did I miss something? I need them there now before I go any further with my part, well I can address the footsteps coming down the hall, but after that I am going to need an exit strategy...

I am behind on my Opera reading, but am still here.

posted on Aug, 20 2009 @ 09:00 AM

Thought that you were going to connect with Dees ? 8/3/09
Never happened and I never heard another word about it.

Was begging for exit stradegy help here: 7/28/09

Had some time this day, no response back on graphics from silo, no word via u2u, did not get what I needed and waited, then ran out of Opera time 7/31/09

Waited again for cloud dome pics, ran out of Opera time, 8/2/09

Deson began ignoring me, 6/17/09 which left me in a lurch.

Still waiting for CM to transport the whales... 6/17/09

Was feeling like if it was not silos way it was no way, started feeling left in space dust because I am not into tons of covert u2us... 7/13/09

Begging for some collaboration here:7/13/09

Was really let down about the calls from nature being put on the shelf and ignored completely so that the working thread could hash out the personalities and rubbing of elbows and chopping of heads in stead. This made me want to leave the opera as it was obviously no longer a flow but a set course without any secrets or surprises from nature that we actually acknowledge or address.

Asking for exit stradegies here, no response that actually came to fruition 7/13/09

BEGGING for some exit stradegy here and to clean up the blown up earth scene...7/13/09

Laid out my plan clearly here and was totally left in the dust... 7/27/09 Could have been out of Dark Atlantis but was ignored.

When I ask for people to u2u me, you dont, I have stated my intent to be popping on and off and if I was needed could atke a minute to post something to keep the flow going. 6/1/09

Anyway this could go on and on, but point is, I dont need threatning u2us telling me to do anything, I am part of this Opera and will continue to be.

I will wait a considerable time before creating my own exit if must be, but have given as much respect as I could to those who have made exit offers via the whales and the latest when silo said she could send my Dees with the whales, I said yes, you could even catch him trying to be a stowaway on CMs time portal as they are sent back to earth and old atlantis. This could give you a heads up as to where i might be...

posted on Aug, 20 2009 @ 09:17 AM
Sorry but I was under the impression that a collaboration piece was going to be a little less stressful and allow for more of a creative flow for me, that this would be the place I come to to hone in on my writing skills and bounce off other writers, maybe a bit more spontinaity and less a set up deal, we are not being paid to do this and with all the back ground personalities being overly sensitive it started becoming a social hang out like survival space cast, where if anyone disagrees with another they threaten to leave.

I think the mods did a fine job keeping it the working thtread and even though I was not one that starred their decissions, I felt like it was putting things back on track. I did not think masqua deserved the attacks and did not think him as being non supportavive of us, but the T@Cs.

I guess I am not too social and dont do well in group mind. Rather a creative loner who is trying to learn how to interact with peers, I have failed.

posted on Aug, 20 2009 @ 11:19 AM
reply to post by antar

Antar, I U2U you last week and you said things were going on at home and I said that I would wait. I will go send the whales back but I can't do that whale character and justice. I will help you however I can.

posted on Aug, 20 2009 @ 01:27 PM
reply to post by antar

Here’s the U2U.

Antar -
Are you going to continue in the Space Opera?

Your character needs to be dealt with out of respect for the readers.

You left Ship, with no notice, there’s blood on the floor etc quite a long time ago.

So, will you use it(the blood on the floor) as a way out - or are you returning?

You stated you have not been U2U’d on how to carry on with the opera, but you’ve yet to send word to Ship that you’re ok, or give Ship a means to contact you.

If I don’t hear back via U2U I’ll just go ahead and post this in the working thread.

thanks tons

Antar writes: Anyway this could go on and on, but point is, I dont need threatning u2us telling me to do anything, I am part of this Opera and will continue to be.

Nothing *threatening* can be gleamed from that correspondence even by the most paranoid and vivid of imaginations.
Nothing in that post indicates a wish for you to leave the Opera, exactly opposite in fact, it is an attempt at finding out how we can carry on with your character as you did not bother to answer a similar post in the working thread.

From there I will point out this:

Was feeling like if it was not silos way it was no way, started feeling left in space dust because I am not into tons of covert u2us... 7/13/09

That absolutely ridiculous and absurd.

As for the links? All your links are BOGUS. They all link to page 13, 14 or 15 of the working thread and NONE are consistent or pertaining to what you say the links post to.

First page is page 15 of the working thread - Non applicable for your description.
Second link - page 14. Non applicable for your description.
Third link - again - page 14 - No applicable for your description.
Fourth link - back to page 13 and No applicable for your description...
Fifth link - still page 13.

What’s the point to this sideshow Antar? First making up groundless accusations now bogus links and bs?

And you’re still getting stars over this? What does that tell everyone?

Oh sure, all those links look good - Until people click on them!

It boils down to this.

If you don’t want me to be a part of the Space Opera, have the ‘fortitude’ to say so but these dull attempts at knives in the back get you no where, use up band width, are off topic and worst of all give the Space Opera nothing but bad press. Something which I’m sure you are quite aware.

Please, out of respect for other writers and Masqua, quit the slander (*threatening U2U*) and think before you post. - especially about U2U’s.

First you complain you get too many, then you don’t get any, then you beg for more? And as has been stated before, if you want to be a part of the Opera why should the writers have to U2U you, to keep you involved?

Antar, I’ve done my best to provide your character with support - The story line proves this, as does the working thread - and that speaks volumes. You can’t wipe that all away with one insane bunch of accusations, smoke and mirrors.

I’ve spent unbelievable amounts of time on pictures for you, and I did it gladly - even to the point of sending you the U2U (you did get), of a picture I made so you could add it in where you accidentally double posted. But, if you read back I state the ‘dome’ picture you wanted are beyond my abilities...

If you want to use the ‘no picture’ excuse for not writing, fine, you need to blame it on someone, I’ve got big shoulders.

As for Deson and CindyMars ignoring you - once again, do you forget you’re not even on board at the moment and there has been no contact on your part in the story line back to the Yydryl? That makes it a bit tough not to ignore you.

Antar, you chose to leave the Yydryl behind, NO NOTICE to any writers on the working thread to the other writers.
That is not collaborating.
Then you leave with no contact back to the Ship and no way for us to contact you.
That’s called closing doors Antar - doors you have yet to open again.

But you had your reasons, so from there I dedicated a whole post to the situation and since I’ve pointed out many times in the story line (With Chumley, to Deson to Studious) trying to make sure you didn’t get forgotten. There’s no ‘ignoring’ in that.

I reiterate, the Yydryl has NO WAY to contact you, and you have not tried in any of your posts, to date, to contact the Yydryl, much less poor Deez. (How long can he go without food and water anyway?)

Since you mentioned Deez (and I never agreed to what I would do with him by the way - that is pure fantasy to think I did) the Yydryl’s been crashed into, Studious is back aboard (yay!), Swarg the infested sicko is in the brig, Ship is messed up - so we've got quite a handful to deal with between very few writers and no help from you.

Busy with the above, I’ve not had time to tie up your loose ends concerning poor Deez, yet, but make no mistake I will.

Antar, you can point the finger all you want, you can make absurdities, you can accuse, but you can’t change the facts Antar and they’re all right here in the working thread and the Opera for people to see.

If you don't like collaborating with me, avoid me and write around me, but while trying to slander me, and blame your deficiencies on others might get you loads of stars from your friends, it will not, I repeat - it will not cause me to abandon this project or Ship.

I hope you don’t choose to go, but I do hope you stop this insanity where I am concerned.

And anyway, the rest of us are having a blast and enjoying the process of collaboration and continuing the adventure, so, it’s time to move on, so why not join us?

And if you intend to stay would you please give the Yydryl writers a way to contact you or get word to Ship that you’re ok?
Something for us to go on?

Sincerely, can we just get on with it and get off the roller coaster now?


[edit on 21-8-2009 by silo13]

posted on Aug, 20 2009 @ 01:55 PM
We still haven't heard from Deson.
I so so hope he is felling better.

So, Studious, do you want me to wait for you to post before i do?

CindyMars - are you going to go with that Millie got a hold of you through Carpet?

From there I hope we hear from Antar so we know how to present the *bloody floor* synopsis to readers.

Let me know you guys and I’ll go ahead with my post when it fits in.


posted on Aug, 20 2009 @ 02:02 PM
I am currently writing the whales go to Atlantis.
Antar you can take it from there.

posted on Aug, 20 2009 @ 02:11 PM
Maybe the penelope could make use of one of these time portals and maybe go back to prevent the destruction of earth? Just a thought.

posted on Aug, 20 2009 @ 02:16 PM
reply to post by Mr. Toodles

Thank you Toodles, great idea - We'll ask CindyMars if she can do something that vast.
For now she can teleport us back and forth in time - I just don't know where her abilities start and stop (other than she makes a smashing chocolate cake)! hehehe

We've been throwing around ideas behind the scenes - but - let me ask you - as a *reader* - do you think that would fly?

I mean, would that be an acceptable outcome you think?
(Must be if you suggested it huh)?

The reason I ask is where do you draw the line with teleporting back in time?

If we can save the world that's ok, but what about, for example, going back in time - the classic line - to take out Hitler before he comes into power? See my point?

So is it believable or not?

I was wondering if we just figured out a way to re-seed earth - instead of saving it save it in a new way?

I dunno - moral dilemma to deal with here...


[edit on 20-8-2009 by silo13]

posted on Aug, 20 2009 @ 02:19 PM
reply to post by silo13

I think it could be an acceptable outcome if it is written properly. It can't be anything like "The penelope saves earth from the evil invaders from the 98'th dimension" kinda crap. Could make it so there is a catch to it. Incorporate the many worlds theory in quantum mechanics. Give the crew a choice. If they go back and change time, then they will not be able to return to the future they hoped on because it is on a different world line.

Or at least enough so that the entire earth isn't broken into pieces and still capable of supporting life. Making it possible to at least re-populate it

[edit on 20-8-2009 by Mr. Toodles]

posted on Aug, 20 2009 @ 02:24 PM
reply to post by Mr. Toodles

Incorporate the many worlds theory in quantum mechanics. Give the crew a choice. If they go back and change time, then they will not be able to return to the future they hoped on because it is on a different world line.

I don't think it can be so simple as stick a Band-Aid on it.
And you're right it should have a price to pay for doing it...

*think think think*...

posted on Aug, 20 2009 @ 05:20 PM
No she can't. Her people the DTST/ Dimension Time Space Travellers are supposed to only observe and record. They know that she is trying to prevent this from happening (which is what she is constantly doing) but they her people are not pleased with it al all. She has gone more or less renegade on them.

Mr. toodles did you read the post by Scurvy about the whale Saraswati?


Scurvy, I am Saraswati. As Antar mentioned I am an Atlantean Whale. You and your partner Whisper are vital to our efforts to overcome the tipping of the celestial balance. The universe is held together by opposing forces and should one side become stronger than the other this universe will cease. There is one who seeks to tip the scales in favour of the dark side and in turn destroy existence as we know it.

This is the Dark Lord. He is of an ancient race known today as the Light Flayers. Their planet was destroyed millenia ago during an epic battle between the Light and Dark forces. The Dark Lord is the last of his kind and seeks vengeance on behalf of his people. He intends to merge two black holes into one enormous negative energy force that will be enough to overpower the Lights forces.

lack Atlantis is the Dark Lords hidden temple. Its whereabouts are unknown. Earth has spawned many different species and races in the universe, each migrating when its growth was complete. Earth is very conducive to harboring new life and is one of a number of nursery planets throughout the multiverses. The Dark Lord hopes to muster the necessary energy to merge the black holes by drawing from the life essence of the creatures currently being developed. He has led them to believe in a ruse of a single god and absorbs the energy the humans put into the entity through prayer and meditation. The humans of present day Earth have been having their essences drained by the Dark Lord for thousands of years. This has delayed their enlightenment and thus bound them to Earth and keeps them unknowingly in the vampiric aura of the Dark Lord.

This is Earth. You, Scurvy, are part of a key. The Loyals all contain chips each containing a unique piece of information that will allow the Light forces to access a celestial being created by Dr. Z, this is the project Antar spoke of earlier located on the floating planets. There are Loyal representatives from all of the races developed on Earth. Some of these representatives are already among the crew. We are traveling to the floating planets in order to unlock the biotechnology developed by Doctor Z.

This is the facility we must reach for here is held the project. Many other ancient sea creatures protect it for the time being and it is sealed with an organic forcefield also designed by the late doctor. Your chips are the necessary tools for unlocking this shield and the only way of now accessing its contents.

It was a pleasure meeting you Scurvy. Antar will answer any questions you may have. We will speak again.

... The vision ceased suddenly and Scurvy jumped back startled. He looked at Antar with awe prevalent in each of his eyes. She smiled knowingly at him and walked towards him. Taking his tentacle with the marking, which was now glowing a brilliant sapphire blue, she placed it on Whisper's forehead marking without a word. Scurvy could feel his vision being shared with Whisper and saw her eyes glimmer with what he could only describe as excitement. After the transfer was complete Scurvy took two strides backwards before collapsing to the ground due to the mental torrent of newly acquired knowledge.

So maybe Saraswati being back will affect a change.

The quest to fix it is cool. I am actually glad they blew it up now.
I was so bent at the time.

posted on Aug, 20 2009 @ 05:23 PM
reply to post by antar

If you notice Saraswati has the jewel box with a diamong tag inside it that will return you.

posted on Aug, 20 2009 @ 05:54 PM
Well, I've healed physically for the most part (except for frequent trips to .... well I won't go there). Mentally I'm a bit better now and I'll be reading and trying to catch up.

I've sent studios a U2U concerning some thoughts about time travel aspects. I'll try to do some catchup either tonight or tomorrow. I'm still a bit out of it at the moment due to medication but getting there.

Antar, at no time have I tried to ignore you. If you are referring to the pistol design, I must admit that the design specs as far as you wanted are so nebulous that in all honesty I can't do it justice. If that is what you were referring to please using even a basic drawing program do a very rough sketch of what you wanted. Even ms paint, I don't care. It'll at least give me something to work with.

Everyone, I'll devote as much time as I can on this project but my time is very constrained. Things at home, time requirements on Second Life, designing not one, not two, but 8 star-ships for a friend's Role Playing game, my guild on Fallen sword hasn't seen me in over a week, trying to deal with my psychiatrist and getting a straight answer concerning what (if anything) has been found concerning my latest Cat scan of my cranium, repair work around the house, and trying to rebuild as much as I can concerning files lost when I had my computer crash. A lot of which can NEVER be replaced.

In other words, I'll do my best but I can't guarantee things at the moment.

Thank goodness the Guinea Pig's lice infestation is healed and I no longer have to grab him out of his cage, hold him down on the table while his owner puts medication on him. That's one less thing to worry about.

Edit to add:

I agree about incorporating the "Many Worlds" Theory. (Personally one of my favorites) This would allow the crew to go back into another universe and prevent it from happening to someone else Earth but not prevent "the crews" Earth from the destruction. Think of it this way, assuming that a universe identical to ours except for the temporal aspect was chosen then the storyline could continue.

[edit on 20-8-2009 by Deson]

posted on Aug, 20 2009 @ 09:01 PM
Here is the re-edited version awaiting approval. (It is now not obvious Delia is Ship)

It's so long I can't fit it into one post.
(What I'm saying is it might require some cutting down.)

The Delia/Ship parts have been altered but still definitely require Yydryl crew approval. (The ending of the last post talks about how these parts can be changed again if necessary.)

This one has a considerable amount of Ship and Studious interaction. (Perhaps a little too much at that second chasm.
(See the second post below this one for more on that.)

The beginning has been changed to mention Nathan arriving in more detail.

Changed beginning...

Two droids escorting Nathan from his cell arrived and they left once Nathan was under the watchful optical sensors of the four other droids guarding Studious and the rest of the team.

Ackerman: "They let you out?"

Nathan: "Well if by "they" you mean a very wobbly young lady then yes."

Unchanged Part.
After this the Lt. Commander continued to brief Studious on the rumors of the cancer.

Ackerman: “There had been rumors of an entire shadow war taking place that few inside NI even knew about.”

Studious: “If no one knew about the war who would be fighting it?”

Ackerman: “Anyone maybe everyone. They just wouldn’t know that’s why they were fighting.”

The Colonel stopped for a second thinking he had seen a shadow moving behind him. He wondered if he was becoming paranoid.

Studious: “How long has this been going on?”

Ackerman: “The rumors of a shadow group have existed for a long time but the idea of a shadow war has only existed since the Nimitz incident.”

The old man saw another shadow but this one was different.

Studious: “How do you know this isn’t just all rumor and theory?”

Ackerman: “Earth was destroyed, presumably the civilian government has been decapitated. This will give the shadow NI a chance to seize power.”

As he walked he saw another shadow move and wondered if something was following the team.

He turned to Ackerman and whispered “Did you notice anything weird following us?”

Ackerman nearly laughed saying “Besides the creepy killer droids?”

Studious: “No it’s like a shadow, but it’s different each time. It’s like several things are following us.”

Evans moved closer and whispered “I see it too.”

The Colonel looked back at Nathan who had joined the team to be taken to their quarters. Judging by the increase in his twitching he had seen something as well.

The old man saw the shadow and again it was different than the other two times he had seen it. When he looked back at Ackerman his was as white as a sheet so Studious knew he had seen it as well.

The Colonel then saw the shadow in a different location but this time it was raising something…..a weapon of some sort.

The old man grabbed Ackerman and tackled him to the ground as a red beam was fired. It missed Studious’ head by a few inches.

The droids seeing this sudden movement trained their weapons on both of them. The team assumed they were about to be killed.

Then miraculously all the droids turned off. Fearing that the alien crew was trying to kill them Studious yelled “The Droids!”

In a moment they had each grabbed one of the four droids guarding them.

Studious pulled a panel off a droid and jammed it into the circuitry the panel had covered. Sparks flew from the still disabled droid.

Ackerman grabbed the droid from behind and pulled at its weapon turret until he ripped it off.

Monroe grabbed the droids head piece and bent it slightly.

Evans removed a panel and being an engineer he rewired the droid causing it to short circuit.

While it would have been impossible for them to succeed if they only had 3 seconds the droids were trying to reboot and this added several seconds allowing the team to defeat the droids.

Quickly Studious formed a plan and told Ackerman “Get to the hangar bay. I’ll disable that green beam we encountered that took Seeker. Hopefully that should give you the ability to escape."

Ackerman: “What about you Colonel?”

Studious: “That’s an order!”

Ackerman: “I outrank you.”

Studious: “Well then….just do it! It’s our only chance.”

Ackerman nodded and took off. Studious could hear that Evans was objecting to leaving him behind and the old man was touched by this.

The Colonel took off and ran down several corridors but every time he looked back he saw a shadowy figure still following him. Anything he did to lose the shadow failed.

The old man stopped but the shadow kept moving first he saw it on his left then it was behind him and then it came closer and closer. Each time it changed its form.

End of unchanged portion start of changed portion...

However when several droids arrived and began searching the area the shadow was nowhere to be seen. As if the shadow was hiding from the droids.

As he tried to get away suddenly he ran into Delia again.

Delia: “Hello Studious.”

The Colonel began to back away.

Delia: “Don’t be afraid, I’m not here to harm you.”

Studious eyed her skeptically but did not respond.

Delia: “But your team blasted one of the walls, cut a….”

Studious:“Please don’t harm them.”

Delia said angrily “Why not, they’re harming Ship!”

Studious: “That shadow was trying to kill us.” He looked around for the shadow but it seemed it had left. “Then those droids leveled their weapons at us.”

Delia: “No someone tried to kill you but lunging around like that made the droids think you were trying to escape. That's the only reason the droids would try to kill you.”

Studious: “So who did try and kill us?”

Delia: “Someone.”

Studious: “Do you know this someone?”

Delia: “Maybe, but that’s not the point. I don’t like that someone anymore than I like your people tearing Ship up.”

Studious: “Please forgive them.”

Delia: “Why should I?”

Studious: “You know that this is all that shadow’s fault.”

Delia: “Yes but they keep attacking Ship.”

Studious: “Can’t you tell them not to.”

Delia: “How?”

Studious: “There has to be an intercom or something. Right?”

Delia sarcastically says “Oh of course they’ll listen to voices coming from the walls telling them not to escape.”

Studious: “Let me speak to them.”

Delia: “Your voice coming from the walls would be just as frightening for them as my voice. And by the time I got you near them they would have moved on. It’s very difficult to keep them contained without killing them.”

Studious: “Then let them escape.”

Delia: “What, why!?”

Studious: “They won’t be able to attack Ship once they’ve left.”

Delia: “Alright, but if I’m going to help your team escape you’re going to help me."

Studious: “How?”

Delia: “Follow me.”

Delia led Studious through several doorways which did not attack him with their tentacles. They traveled toward a buzzing electrical noise until Studious saw that it was a room with a deep chasm and a walkway. On one side of the walkway there was a large circular structure with a thin walkway that circled it.

Studious: “What do you want me to do?”

Delia: “Turn off power to system 1138. This will prevent anyone from using the green transport beam to capture your team as they escape.”

Studious thought "That was exactly what I was going to do!" then said “Why don’t you do it?”
Delia walks forward stumbling a bit. The Colonel hadn’t noticed it before but she seemed unsteady.
Delia: "Well...uh..." she points over to the deep chasm and then at the control panels.

Studious: “Oh.” He peers over the edge looking down at the chasm below.
“Who designed this? I mean why would you make control panels that can only be accessed by standing on a thin walkway above a deep chasm?”

Delia: “Just do it!”

Studious grumbled at the homicidal design as he shimmied across the ledge to the control panel. Reaching it he pulled a lever and then moved further along the ledge and turned what looked like a screwdriver. Both times he could hear something powering down.

Then she told him “Not the lever you idiot go back and turn it up again.”

Studious: “Alright, alright!”

The old man shimmied across again and turned the lever back up.”

Studious: “Happy now?”

Delia: “Yes.”

Just then a group of droids approached.

The lead droid told them “Turn on automatic updates.”

First Droid: “Confirmed.”

The rest of the droids moved on but two stayed behind.

First Droid: “Do you process what’s going on?”

Second Droid: “There is a 75% chance it’s another attack.”

With their business taken care of they start to chat.

First Droid: “Have you seen the new BT-16?”

Second Droid: “Yes some of the other droids sent me data packets about it. They report it is quite…"

Studious picked up a ball bearing and threw it behind them.

First Droid: “Did your sensors detect that?”

Second Droid: “Negative it’s probably just an error. Do not allocate CPU.”

Studious moved quickly back onto the walkway but a droid saw him and said.

Second Droid: “Freeze! We are not so easily distracted. We will require your identification.”

The old man turned around and looked at Delia.

Delia turned and told the droids “You don’t need to see his identification.”

Second Droid: “We do not require his identification.”

Delia: “He’s not the person you’re looking for.”

Second Droid: “He is not the biological entity we were tasked to locate.”

Delia: “He can go about his business.”

Second Droid: “You may continue to fulfill your function.”

Delia: “Move along.”

Second Droid: “Your presence here is no longer required.”

(Continued below. Yes I know it's really long.

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posted on Aug, 20 2009 @ 09:06 PM
(Post II (The last part) is below.)
As they left the room with the control panels Delia says “Ugh your team just attacked the hangar bay but is now running away.”

Before Studious could speak she continues “Don’t worry we’ll chase them in a circle they’ll be back.”

They walked down several corridors and through several doorways but with Delia near him the tentacles did not attack.

Suddenly a shot came from behind them and hit part of the wall next to them causing a small explosion.

The Colonel shields Delia and they quickly move to escape. Through the smoke they can see that the dark shadowy figure is still following them.

They run but as they run away from the smoke, debris and the killer they reached another chasm which he started to fall off of. Just in time however she reaches forward and pulls him backwards.

Studious: “I think we took a wrong turn.”

Delia: "No you took a wrong turn."

Studious: "Then why didn't you stop me?"

Delia: "With all the smoke and debris I wasn't able to see where we were going. Oh yeah and did I mention someone was trying to kill us!"

Just then the figure appeared behind them and fired.

Studious smiles happily and says "Is trying to kill us!" then his smile quickly fades when he realizes what he's just said.

Delia quickly hits the controls and the door shuts, leaving them stranded on a short piece of bridge overhang. The figure continues to fire at the closed door behind them.

Delia: “There’s no lock!”

Studious hits the panel.

Delia: “Quick use the controls that extend the bridge.” But looking at the destroyed panel and then at Studious expression she knew what had happened.

Studious: “I think I just destroyed it.”

Studious: “Wait a second who puts a giant chasm in the middle of ship? What purpose does this serve; I mean why do you need a big empty area?”

Delia: “Well Studious you see this is an organic Ship that means that any mechanical components have to be added to suit it. They can’t fit everything in perfectly. Now if this was a mechanical ship this would make no sense at all.”

Studious: “Oh, ok.”

Hearing noises on the other side of the door Delia says “He’s coming through!”

Studious sees a string and metal piece on Delia’s belt and takes it from her.

Delia asks concerned. “What are you doing?”

Studious: “Making dog tags so they can identify our bodies “See 'S' for Studious and 'S' for….”

She punches him….hard.

Studious: “Okay, okay I’m actually going to use this to swing across.”

Studious swings the small grappling hook above his head and throws it across. It latches onto a pipe on the other side. He pulls it to make sure it’s secure and then holds Delia close.

Behind them the hatch door begins to open and they can see the feet of the figure that was chasing them.

She moves closer which Studious interprets as her trying to kiss him but he backs away saying “Whoa are you trying to give me a good luck kiss?”

Though the old man was worried that a little piece of string wouldn’t hold 2 people he was surprised to realize that Delia wasn’t adding much stress on the string at all. It was as if she wasn’t even there. That nearly made his heart stop, was this woman just another illusion?

They swing across and land safely. Just as they reach the other side, the door opens enough for the figure to fire at them from the other side of the chasm.

Once they had run out of range and hidden he stopped her and said “Hey…uh…I felt something between us when we swung across.

Delia looked at him smiling and said innocently “Yes?”

Studious: “My cane!”

Delia: “WHAT!”

Studious: “You stole my cane!”

Delia: “I didn’t steal it! I feared you might go off on some darn-fool idealistic crusade like you did last time.”

Studious: “Well where is it?"

Delia: “Right here.” She presents the wooden object.

Studious says as he holds it in front of them “Ah the weapon of an old man, not as clumsy or random as a firearm. This was a more elegant weapon for a more civilized age.”

Delia: “You mean your society was more civilized when it used wooden clubs?”

Studious: “From a certain point of view.”

Remembering the threat that was following them Studious asks her “Why don’t you call some of those droids to help us?”

Delia: “Many of them were chasing your team but one of them stupidly closed the blast doors so they’re trapped for the moment.”

Studious: “Great.”

Then as they rounded the coroner they saw the figure before them. He changed shape right before the old man’s eyes which made him even more menacing.

Studious raises his cane, and still facing the figure says “Run, Delia. Run!”

Delia: “What about you?”

Studious: “Better me than you. Just make sure my team gets out alive.”

Delia gives him a sad smile and says “I knew I was right about you!” before taking off down the hall to safety.

The shapeshifter pulls out the weapon he’s been shooting at them with the entire time and it changes form, turning into a sword.

Shapeshifter: “I’ve been waiting for you, Studious. We meet “again,” at last. The circle is now complete when I “left” you, I was but a pawn; now I am the master of the mind control.”

Studious: “Only a master of Evil, Shapeshifter.”

The old man swings at the Shapeshifter and they engage each other in a duel. After a moment it becomes apparent no one has the advantage.

Shapeshifter: “You should not have come back.”

Studious: “You can’t win Shapeshifter. If you strike me down Delia will surely destroy you.”

Shapeshifter: “That's a lie! Why would she care if you died?"

Studious: “But how do you know she won't, after all you know nothing about me.”

Shapeshifter: "Wait whose Delia again?”

Studious tries to answer but the Shapeshifter cuts him off.

Shapeshifter: “I know you’re thinking we’ve never met. In one sense that is true, but I’ve been watching you.”

Studious: “You have?”

Shapeshifter: “Well I’m the handler for someone who was watching you.”

Studious: “So you were watching someone else watching me?”

Angry the Shapeshifter lunges and they continue to duel.

The Shapeshifter then locks "blades" with Studious and says as he pushes his opponent's cane back slowly “Your powers are weak old man.”

Studious looks over and sees Evans watching him as the rest of the team boards the transport. The old man smiles knowing that they will escape.

Then suddenly the Shapeshifter’s sword turns back into his firearm and he trains the weapon on Studious. The old man knows that his cane will not be able to deflect that blast, and so he raises it in what he believes to be a final salute to this world.

The beam cuts across his upper chest and with a serene look on his face the old man collapses…

This entire post is based heavily off of Star Wars: A New Hope.

(The Yydyrl did blow up a moon so parodying "The Escape from the Death Star scenes" is not that far fetched.)

I particularly parodied the 9:25 seen in the video below. (Though I made many other references as well.)

(Note: The video below is a fan "revist" and uses music from the prequels when Obi-Wan and Vader are dueling. But I couldn't find another video that showed nearly all the things I parodied in the above post.)

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