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Does NWO discussion and Helplessness assist creating the NWO reality

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posted on Mar, 15 2009 @ 11:59 AM
I was just thinking (dangerous lol) and i was wondering with all the thought and discussion given to the "NWO" or some type of world nefarious agenda to unite the world under the governance of world authoritarins..... wether this "knowledge of information" and subsequent discussion...COULD be used to "energize" their "vision/goal"

by getting others to talk and use some "thought energy" and develop a belief in the future where their is a NWO wouldn't this assist the creators of such an agenda of reaching their goal..... i mean it seems 95% of the NWO talk simply helps to cement the reality/future expectation of this movement in the minds of the followers.... (instead of think of ways to delay their "plans" or any solutions) due to probably a logical conclusion of helplessness that is portrayed given the absolute stranglehold they appear to have over "conventional media"

perhaps this discussion is encouraged (on certain website dedicated to the topic) order to to help turn the tide and give new life to a plan in order to turn the tables into creating it's reality....

just a thought..........perhaps the agenda is suffering from a lack of cohesiveness due to greed and competing fractions (infighting) and that could possibly be a result of Karma (if it was a universal law as opposed to a self actualizing belief system) .........

posted on Mar, 15 2009 @ 12:40 PM
Oh, how I adore your thinking. Yes, strongly, yes!

What do we little people do in the face of such a monstrous take over? We think... we talk... (amongst ourselves)... but in the end DO NOTHING to stop it. Why is that? Is it that overwhelming idea fed to us that we are only one person... helpless... in need of an authority to direct us.. a small.. very, very small.. (did I include minute... like maybe a hundred or so?) number of people to dictate billions of people that are... oh... so... helpless... cannot possibly think for ourselves? Give me a break or just break me! WE outnumber!!!

If all WE need is a voice?... use mine! A martyr?... use my ex-husband to burn at the stake, I would GLADLY give him! Seriously, WE outnumber..but WE do nothing but talk!

The NWO began. The global economy emerged while local economies collapsed (world-wide, I would like to add!)...hmmmmm... have to put some thought into this... The plans are in motion but the planners did not take into consideration anyone would have enough... how shall I put it?... the glands producing testosterone?... to stand up and say...ABSOLUTELY NOT! But I do.

I have been living it and got a pretty good bonus besides. The powers that be... well... they pay me, not the other way around. I am fearless because, really, when you or I think about it... what do I have to lose? Kill me? If reincarnation is true.. I will be back!... Hurt me? If Karma is true... they will get what is coming... Buy me off? I never bought into it... can't eat paper. Imprisonment? If telepathy is real... I will get my message out. Really now WE outnumber... what can NWO do?

X-files... the truth is out there and it ain't a bunch of aliens!

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