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Something Very Freaky Happened to Me Last Night - I even Called the Police - An Answer to Question?

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posted on Mar, 15 2009 @ 10:57 AM
I debated about doing a thread, regarding this freaky event...after I got off ATS last night - at 12:30am est...... but I will go ahead and tell you about this very FREAKY experience - where I even called the police for the first time ever!

Let me first give you some past experiences, I have had of "paranormal" events.

In 1990... I was thinking about moving up from the Virgin Islands to the states, after having been wiped out by Hurricane Hugo.... I had stayed living on St. Croix for 1 year... without electricity etc... for most of the time.

I visited a friend in Nashville, Tn. - then on my way to the furniture market in North Carolina... I decided to rent a house in the mountains for the weekend. Up in that house - by myself........... I questioned and asked for a "sign" from God.......... if I was on the "right" path, and if I should move up to the states (I had looked at a farm outside of Nashville, to buy when I was there)?

I asked God for a "sign" of a picture falling off the wall................... NOW, I really DID want a picture to fall off the wall................BUT..... I then thought.............ooohhhhh NO, I will "freak" out.... being up here all alone and some picture - fly off the wall. So, I argued with myself and God..... saying..............."I want a picture........but, uuuhhh no I don't it will scare me".

Well - I had dragged a mattress into the den, because it had all windows and view of the Smokey mountains, with a full moon over them.... I did not want to go back into the bedroom, that did not have that view. I went to sleep, still debating with myself, of "wanting a sign - in the form of a picture". In the middle of the night, I had to use the "ladies room".... so I got up, without turning on any lights.... to walk down the hall to the bathroom. As I entered the hall, I had to step over something dark on the floor, right in the middle of the hall, not thinking about it, I just did.

As I finished in the bathroom, I began thinking.... and realizing "something" odd was in the hall. I turned on the lights this time, and picked up what was laying out in the middle of the hall way (a square wood thing) - it was upside down. As I turned it over............... I saw it was a PICTURE that had been hanging on the wall there, I looked it over and found nothing wrong with it.......... and was able to hang it right back up on it's hook, still on the wall!

I GOT my sign..................... without it "freaking me out", I was given my sign, in a peaceful and none freak out manner.

That was the "first" time................. since then, there have been many other times.............. I have asked for a "sign" at major cross roads in my life of 'pictures coming off the wall'.............. I have received them.

NOW - you know I have received signs of pictures.......... BUT ............... regarding LAST NIGHT!!!!

I had been reading a few threads, one thread led me to another............ the threads? "Your Home is Not Safe"..... which then led me to the very big thread of "Old World Secrets the The Omega project codes"........ after reading about 10 pages of that thread............ it then led me to the "Terra Papers" Thread.

So, I decided to stop and come back to the "Old World Secrets" thread to read the "Terra Papers" thread, that then led me to the actual "Terra Papers Book" online.

I then decided to read the book last night.....................................

Now, to say the book, turned my thoughts of the world and our lives upside down, is an understatment!

I got through the 1st book, I have not yet read book 2, I will be doing that today.

But............ I began questioning literally "everything" God - the works...............after reading it.

It was about 12:30am est............ when I decided to go to bed, I turned off the one lamp I had on in my den and walked down to my bedroom............. the whole time I was asking "FOR A SIGN" that God is REAL and that the angels I have felt around me etc........... are ALSO REAL!!!

side note - I have had near death experiences.... where anyone else would die.... but I did not...... I felt angels protecting me, one example (I was hit by a car going 30 miles an hour - and then flew in front of it, into other lanes.....long story short... the hospital had NEVER seen anyone live through something like it.... yet I walked out without a scratch on me - no broken bones, NOTHING) There is a thread somewhere - that I posted my complete experience on ATS - as it was a thread asking for "miracles that have happened in our lives".

OK.......... now going back to last night..................... I was walking down my hall, saying I NEEDED A "Proof Positive" sign..... that is undeniable..... that God is REAL..........

I simply did one or two things in the bathroom then crawled into my bed... I had been out of my den - maybe 3 minutes at the most. I had not yet turned out my lamp, when I turned and looked outside the sliding door of my bedroom, I saw my outdoor spot lights on.

I immediately questioned "why are those lights on?" I went to my sliding door and looked outside.... I could see (my den jutts out from the house - all glass windows in the back) my Den lit up VERY BRIGHT! I thought WTF? Why are my lights on in the Den?

As I decided to go to the den... when I turned to walk down the hallway.... I saw my entrance (inside the house) chandelier on............. my heart skipped a beat............ then in the den........ the spotlights over my fireplace were on................ now talk about being "freaked out"!

I called my sister and woke her up.......... she then suggested calling the police................. so I did........................

Well, when the police came - the dispatcher stayed on the phone with me - we looked down some steps that go into my basement.............. I then saw a reflection and that Lights WERE ON in my basement also!! The three of us, walked down........... they took their guns out to check everywhere............... as they went into rooms and checked the doors........ I was definitely........... wondering.......... what the hell was going on............. seems that someone - Had to be in the house..... for all these lights to be on.

So, once the basement was finished being checked.... I then went to "turn off the lights"............................. BUT ................... Guess what?????

The lights WOULD NOT TURN OFF!! I flipped a switch over and over again, then went to the otherside of the room to flip a switch that controls the lights also..................... NOPE nothing worked................ So, we came back upstairs....................... I then went to the switches of the lights that were on.............. and tried to switch those off.


Now............... I am "happy" that it seems that my problem was not someone inside my house.............. but an electrical problem. I told the policemen, well it was better than the alternative............ I will take an electrical problem over someone inside the house any day.

I thanked them for their time............ and said I was sorry............. but I also was not going to try "turning off lights" before they got here, at that time, the more lights the better.

So................. after they left, I went down to the electrical panel, as I did not want all the lights that were on to burn all night - and one circuit breaker took care of all the lights that were on.

Funny, about it, the lights that were on........... are not lights I ever turn on... I don't use those lights, normally.

So............... even before the police got here, I began questioning, if the "lights" were the sign - I had asked for and got an "IMMEDIATE" response on!

When I could not turn off any of the lights, chills went through my body........... thinking.............. "OK, this is an undeniable - very freaky" event.......... that had occured - when I questioned "God" and what our lives were............ and if there "really" was life after death.......... and what death is...............

I have not yet, gone down to turn the circuit breaker back on yet this morning, to see if any of the light switches will work once again............ I am not ready to do that just yet.

But........................ I did want to share this experience....... after debating about, sharing it or not here.

So.............. the question is now......................... where does this experience lead me................. I also had asked for an 'ABSOLUTE' sign, that could NOT be questioned - so were the lights "really" a sign or not?

One part of me says "YES" I got the sign.................. another part of me says "it was just a freaky event", though it did happen moments after asking for a sign. I am more inclined to believe it as "the sign" I asked for, but wonder now......... what will it lead to from here?

So, now I ask................. has anyone else received such signs .........and do you think this was my sign...............?

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posted on Mar, 15 2009 @ 11:14 AM
I had signs all my life in times of extremely stress since my childhood.

But in my case is in the form of a well dressed man the one that comforts me and an older women that gives me advise.

Finally the the last time the man showed up was when I was facing major surgery 6 years ago, (and before that was when I was getting marry 20 years before), I could not sleep, eat or drink.

He told me, in a very nice but strong voice that "what should I be worry about, is not like I will go through life without major problems, but that I should not worry because every thing will be fine"

I asked him his name and for the first time since I was a child having him around he told me his names was John, that is the same name of an uncle I had that die before I was born during the Korean war.

Then two years later I started to have problems with my upper back and treatment was done in the way of injections to my spine.

This time the elderly woman appear to me and told me that "I had nothing wrong with my back and that I needed to stop the injections.

I changed doctors when the one treating me would not listen and few weeks later I had surgery in my shoulder not my back.

I have not seen the man for the last 6 years.

But last Nov. I had to go through a breast biopsy, again I became very stress and scare about the results.

This time it was the elderly woman the one that came to me, to tell me to stop worrying so much about because everything will be ok.

Yes this two figures will come and go through the years in my life with spans of years in between with advise and to ease worries depending what is affecting me the most.

I hope that helps.

I guess depending the way we tend to approach the supernatural that is how it tends to manifest to us.

I have never been scare of them as they seem to be like a father and mother.

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posted on Mar, 15 2009 @ 11:22 AM

Originally posted by questioningall
One part of me says "YES" I got the sign.................. another part of me says "it was just a freaky event", though it did happen moments after asking for a sign. I am more inclined to believe it as "the sign" I asked for, but wonder now......... what will it lead to from here?

So, now I ask................. has anyone else received such signs .........and do you think this was my sign...............?

Is in human nature to doubt the things that we can not find a logical explanation to it, as dictated by the norms of society.

But always look deep inside you and always go with your first impression, that is usually the right one.

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posted on Mar, 15 2009 @ 11:29 AM
I love this topic as I have signs and symbolism in my life all the time.

That was very interesting reading. It appears you have a very good connection to your source (I don't believe in the God of the Bible so I may refer to this connection in different terms). I looked up the symbolism of light in dreams. According to the symbolism it would be a confirmation.

Psychological Meaning: The appearance of light in dreams symbolises consciousness. Light confirms that profound insights are illuminating or about to illuminate your conscious mind. Light can also take various forms: as a rainbow it symbolises hope, as sunlight happiness and as moonlight it is the guidance that comes from the unconscious, intuitive part of yourself. Mystical Meaning: The light you see may have a deep spiritual significance. It may represent your journey towards enlightenment or a direct experience of the inner light described by mystics. The light may have religious associations with Christ as the light of the world, the boundless light of Buddha’s Nirvana or the ‘light of ten thousand suns’ as described in the yoga sutras.


This one is from a christian site.

Candles, lamps, light and flames represent the manifest presence of God.

I hope this helps in some way.

I would love to here how signs and symbolism is displayed in the lives of others.

posted on Mar, 15 2009 @ 11:36 AM
Thank you, to both Marg....................... for sharing your experiences, with the paranormal, that led you the "right" way.

Thank you to Liveandlearn, I will look at those links and you have given me something else to think about now and to look into........ regarding "lights" as having a meaning on its own. Which that area had not even occured to me before.

posted on Mar, 15 2009 @ 01:33 PM
questiningall, embrace the spiritual aspect of what you are experiencing, what happen to you is a major event but also something you needed to experience.

Do not get scare as this type of things will not harm you as you see I have never been harmed by any of mine in my entire life.

Remember also that this comes in clusters and they will stop for a time to come back again.

I am very positive about what just happen to you.

posted on Mar, 15 2009 @ 01:57 PM
I have only asked for a sign from God once in my life. I got an immediate response and it freaked me out pretty bad. I will not share the exact details, but lets just say that I think my sign was correct in guiding me to do the right thing, but I was so unnerved by it, I have never done it since (about 13 years ago).

Who knows where these types of things actually come from. It does make you question reality and what exactly is beyond our little world though.

posted on Mar, 15 2009 @ 03:04 PM
reply to post by marg6043

Thank you, it is not that I am scared.............. yes I was completely "freaked out" last night, it was just completely bizarre -

I got an answer, that yes.......... there are protecting forces......... but now....... it is about........ what is our life?

The "terra Papers" have really messed up "What I thought was", but I have just finished reading all of it, so now I need to figure it out, what feels, right and what feels wrong.

But last night was a "major" sign......... I have to also - figure out, EXACTLY HOW I worded my question.

I think it is amazing that the universe gave me an 'absolute immediate answer'.............. IF that IS what it was.

I still haven't turned the circuit breaker on again, I am in no rush to do it.

posted on Mar, 15 2009 @ 03:11 PM
qestioningall I see you are taking your time and that is great, but also you have to understand that you life is not going to be the same again at least spiritually.

Now is things that you will see totally different and believes that will never be the same again.

Now that you opened this thread please keep it up and tell us what else is happening.


Is nothing wrong with asking for signs, I learned a long time ago that we all have what is called "angels", "spiritual helpers" and "spiritual guides" depending what you believe in.

They have a reason to be around us and that is to help us when we needed, but is something else we usually never ask for that help.

But when the need arises you will get it.

posted on Mar, 15 2009 @ 03:52 PM
reply to post by questioningall

When I had my NDE in 1999, I found myself engulfed in a bright, loving, light, whom I knew was the bosom of our Lord. I felt others within that light. The light was bright, but not blinding. I felt like I was part of it. I was fully self-aware, although according to my husband, I had been declared dead.

The lights being on was to let you know that the Light of the Lord is always with you.

posted on Mar, 15 2009 @ 04:08 PM
I am just curious, do you ask for signs out loud when you are talking to God(praying)? Only God can read your heart and thoughts, so if your asking out loud and researching some dark stuff your answer may not be from God at all.

posted on Mar, 15 2009 @ 04:08 PM
reply to post by rachel07

Thank you, I have to say, I am in a VERY somber mood today, in one way, I don't want to "think about things" or try to figure them out, in another way, it is ALL I am doing.

I am trying to get everything "straight" in my head.

I do feel "blessed" in the way of, I was given an immediate sign (I believe) - though still not 100% sure of and so.... that means - what I believe are "good forces" surround me.

Some people have said, "only the evil forces" give "signs" on things, and that we should NEVER ask for a sign, I don't agree with that. I DO BELIEVE when we ask in a manner of "good" we can get the signs we need.

posted on Mar, 15 2009 @ 05:14 PM
Firstly, if possible, you should get a qualified electrician to come and check for faulty wiring, to rule out any electrical problems and potential fire hazard.

It does sound strange, and late at night and all alone, I would have called the police as well, thinking someone was in the house.

I've also had pictures fall off the wall, yet the nail is still intact, not bent down, as if it jumped off the nail and fell.

As for asking for signs and the signs being given, this can happen. What's questionable is, is it really the one you "spoke to" really the one answering?

Talk about "signs":
When that movie Signs came out, we went to see it on it's first airing. Mel Gibson and the family went down to the cellar, and the dangling lightbulb got smashed and the cellar went dark. In this scene, the actors were scrambling around in the dark, as the alien was now in the room, finally being shown for the first time in the movie (although I don't know if it ever was). This darkness felt very realisitic, as the audio played but you couldn't see anything, it was pitch black, the theatre was black. I thought well this is certainly very realisitic, but ok enough already, usually a dark scene you can still see something. Then an Usher came out telling us the projector bulb had blown. So the theatre bulb blew out at the exact same time the bulb in the movie did. Talk about coincidence.

It doesn't stop there. Later, our local newspaper had a story, no mention of this bulb, but it had a picture of a Crop circle that had apparantly happened the night Signs was shown at our theatre. I never saw this crop circle, in fact I'm not convinced they're done by aliens, and Ive never heard anyone else mention they saw it, but I've also checked and it's picture is online at a crop circle site, but no mention of the local news story about it happening when Signs played.

Now this is all very odd, but the point I'd like to make is: the only confirmation of the crop circle is from this picture, not so far backed up by anyone else noticing it. It would be visible without flying over, because it was seen from a bridge that has an overpass connecting it, where you can look down at this section of a field. Secondly, how do anyone of us know that this wasn't a prank being played in the theatre by whoever operates this projector? Or even a deliberate scheme done by some other group who wants us to see these signs, as "signs"?

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posted on Mar, 15 2009 @ 05:27 PM
reply to post by questioningall

It could very well be the sign you asked for...why not?
I think it's a great story and i bet you were absolutely crapping yourself

I still don't know what to make of it... could obviously be an electrical fault, but then again it could be a sign of some sort.... very strange.

I've had a couple of NDE's and one in particular i floated right up out my bed....out of the atmosphere, out of earth...all the time while being fully conscious, fully aware and fully awake.
Was truly the freakiest thing I've ever experienced....and was so real....and i mean SO real..
Don't wanna say any more about where i went or what happened because it is a pretty mad story.... but, these are personal things.... take from it what you will.

Only YOU know in yourself what happened and what it meant.

Good luck on working it out

posted on Mar, 15 2009 @ 05:31 PM
A few years back, I flew out to texas to attend my fathers funeral. We ended up taking the remains to colorado, to his home town, but after the service my aunt and I went back to his old house in texas so I could catch my plane home. By this time my dads power had been shut off, but something wierd started happening.
We arrrived at my fathers house the night before my plane took off, and as previously stated the house had no electricity. but for a few hours the lights would flicker on for about 2 seconds. after a while they would flicker on for a little longer 5-10 seconds or so. After about 6 hours of this, my aunt says, very loudly, "damn it richard your stronger than that, off or on" immediatly after that the lights came on, and stayed on.
My aunt and I were so freaked out we called the electric company, and they said the lights should be off. we were freaked out, but those lights stayed on till she left texas whitch was like 2 days later.

posted on Mar, 15 2009 @ 05:59 PM
reply to post by The Great Day

Last night was within myself, not out loud,

But - when pictures have come off the wall - never in front of me, I always find them the next day, - except one night when a very big one slid down the wall behind my bed in the middle of the night.

posted on Mar, 15 2009 @ 06:01 PM
reply to post by kcired_tsew

WOW - now that is AMAZING!! That obviously was your uncle - I have NEVER heard of anything like your story before!

What an experience! Something - I am not sure I would want to experience, honestly.

posted on Mar, 16 2009 @ 01:11 AM
Questioninall I think you're about to go on a very awakening intellectual journey, best of luck!

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