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posted on Mar, 18 2009 @ 07:59 PM
I moved into the house i am living in now about 4 years ago,when we had been here for about a year one morning a black cat turned up on are door step would not go away was here day and night so we let him in,he has been with us ever since.Now for the unlucky part in the last 6 months he has been in and out of the vets costing me £1300 POUNDS so far,black cats are unlucky hmmm!! No not at all he is well worth it

posted on Mar, 21 2009 @ 01:18 PM

Originally posted by Ysterlong
I am allergic to cats. If I enter a house with cats, I immediately get a severe "hay fever" attack. I need to take anti-histamine tablets for at least two days after I have been in contact with cats.

Beyond that, I do not like cats - it is just something deep inside of me, I cannot explain it. The funniest part of all is, that whenever I visit someone with cats, the cats seem to immediately focus on me and want to come sit on my lap or rubbing against me.

Obviously, I find it very frustrating because of my allergy and my general feeling toward cats.

I know cat lovers wil nail me for my comments, but unfortunately this is the way it is. As far as the OP's questions regarding the paranormal side of cats, I definitely think that cats have some sort of 6th sense. They definitely can sense my negative attitude and then focus totally on me. Perhaps they are just not interpreting my body language correctly, or perhaps they do it on purpose to try and to agitate me.

If this post is off topic, kindly forgive me for that.

You are on target. The cats either have a mischeivious streak and just want to annoy you or you are sitting quiet and still most likely just ignoring them and no cat can stand to be ignored. Drives them insane.

posted on Mar, 21 2009 @ 06:00 PM
Hi all..a few years ago, about 2001, two weeks after my mother died, i was at home cooking dinner , my two cats sitting side by side on a table near. suddenly there was a strange noise from the other room , like a bang and i looked over to see if one of the cats had gone in there. nope. But the look on their faces freaked me out. They were both looking in the direction of the noise , their faces still and eyes wide, staring , the expression 'like they had seen a ghost' pops to mind.
I went into the room, which felt very cold around the bookcase and noticed one of the books had fallen out. Now these books were securerly packed into the bookcase and it is a very solid wooden bookcase and i knew the cats had felt something. Interestingly , the book that had fallen was called "Living With Crazy Buttocks" (odd name !) my mother had a history of mental illness and i had gone thru living with that as a child.
i have no doubt that cats can see a feel things we cant, and many times i had caught one of the cats staring intently at walls when nothing is there etc...

posted on Mar, 21 2009 @ 10:17 PM
reply to post by NightSkyeB4Dawn

I also had a cat who would always lay on me when I was sick. He belonged to my girlfriend and she said that when her sister was pregnant and staying with her, 'Spaz' liked to lay on her belly during the pregnancy. When her son was old enough, I told him about how Spaz layed on his mom's belly when he was in there and hatched him like an egg. -He thought that was really cool and grinned ear to ear.

Had three cats at the time and spent a lot of time with them and paid attention. I don't have it figured out but yeah, there's definitely a whole lot going on there that is mighty peculiar.

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posted on Mar, 21 2009 @ 10:42 PM
reply to post by mhinsey

With cats' when you shut your eyes or turn your head away from them it means I trust you, come here if you want (everything is a suggestion to cats). It's usually why they bug people who are trying to ignore them in hopes they'll go away. That's not to say that they might not just be having a little cat fun with someone they make uneasy. If you ever seen one with a cornered mouse, you know they can have a wicked sense of play.

posted on Mar, 21 2009 @ 10:47 PM
I have many cats! Five of them are solid black and bring me the best of luck!

Yes, I'm a crazy cat lady. It's also the occupational hazard of being a Director of an animal shelter!

Do I believe they are "magical"? I believe they have extremely keen senses. I believe they are very intelligent. I believe they are very connected with "the hands that feed them". I would like to believe they are magical but since I've seen no real proof, I will just have to believe that they are groovy to have around.

Some people are not cat people. Thats A-OK. Cats consider people that are ignoring them to actually be "non-challenging" to them. Thus making them friends. Thus making them want to come over to you and nudge around. If you dont want cats around...challenge them by staring straight into their eyes...they shouldnt bother you then.

Black cats and kittens are always the last to be adopted at shelters because of that old superstition. I've been known to say to people in my cat adoption room, "So, you can fly around in a jet, get addicted to a CrackBerry, and watch your relatives grow up via webcam but you cant adopt a black cat because its bad luck??"


posted on Mar, 21 2009 @ 11:31 PM
I've had cats my whole life. Never more than 8 at once... which is too many in a tract home for sure. I currently have 6. Hopefully if my ex comes and gets 2, that'll make it a little more manageable.

I've gradually come to the suspicion that cats can affect the energy of 'things'. Physical things. I think that's why they will sit with people who are ill or deeply upset, and why if you bring anything into your house they will try and find a way to sit on it immediately, as if to modify its energy to fit the environment. That is total superstition on my part; I have no evidence for it.

I've had some rather amazing cats over time. I will mention 3 here.


The first was 'cat'. We put off naming her till it was too late. Someone found her on the side of a highway, malnutritioned, as a kitten. The woman who found her was telling my older stepsister and friends this outside the circus we were visiting. Yet she insisted she could not keep it, yet would not give it away to my stepsister (who was 16) either, she felt it needed to see a vet as it was probably diseased. When she went into the circus, the young men forced down her car windows (this is circa 1976) and opened the door, took the cat, rolled up the windows, and we took it and drove away. Poor woman to this day is probably wondering about her schroedinger's disappearing cat. Anyway, 'cat' spent a lot of time with me as I had a miserable life for the next year or so.

She played 'fetch' like a dog. We used ski gloves as she could grab any part of them with her teeth, including the clasps that hold them together, and carry it back to me. We played this a lot.

One time when we moved into a new house, in a neighborhood still under construction, I came through our 6' back wooden fence, the gate at the side, near the front door. Two big dobermans (I love dobies! Used to have a couple when young) came running up at me barking like crazy, apparently with someone who was moving in nearby. I couldn't get in the door which was locked, and couldn't find the latch string for the gate I'd just shut behind me, and although I figured they were probably just friendly, you never know, so I stepped back, my back against the fence, a little panicked.

Just as they nearly reach me, Cat comes flying off the fence over my head, literally all four paws out wide like a little X with full extended claws, and rakes both these dogs down the top of the head and neck all the way down to the ground, where she hits and rebounds like lightning back toward me and up the fence. The dogs were already running away yelping! After that time, as the neighborhood developed, we lived in a cul-de-sac and so people all around the neighborhood often took their dogs for walks in the circular sidewalk. Except our house. Cat sat in front of the house in the early evening guarding the property. If any dog came NEAR the property -- even on an owner's leash -- she would attack them from behind. The dogs all became completely paranoid, until the common sight was people walking their dogs and then suddenly veering into the street until past our house -- pulled by their dogs, who saw Cat sitting there! -- and then getting back on the sidewalk. It was hilarious. She's the only cat I know that managed to terrify every dog she ever met.

Because of her malnutrition as a baby, one symptom of this in cats is that they will eat anything (including things that can poison them or are bad for them), they don't have the same wise discretion about food cats normally do. Her favorite foods were meat spaghetti, popcorn, and guacamole.

I don't remember anything psychic with her, just that she was an awesome cat.


The second cat is Katrina. I still have her. Her mother Rene actually began giving birth to her litter ON MY LAP as I meditated and she purred. I put them in the box I had prepared, on my bed though. The last little white kitty was not breathing. Rene meowed, looked at me as if uncertain and looking for guidance, licked it a couple times, looked at me again -- I had a total sense of upset from her. I started petting the kitten with one finger and talking gently to Rene and encouraging her to clean it anyway just in case. The kitten began breathing. One of her eyes was crusted shut but at 3 weeks I got most of it loosened with a fingernail and Rene took care of the rest. She is all white but for about 10 black hairs at her throat, and she doesn't see very well, but she's a sweet kitty. She is 8 years old now. I named her Katrina and called her my White Russian princess.

One night when all the cats were living outside (a cyclical thing when they start 'priding' and I get sick of it), I had the garage back door propped open about a foot so the cats could get in and out. There is a big loft in there that they go up into and they are warmed and safe from storms and so on. I was sitting up in bed, relaxing, thinking about meditating but not doing so yet, when I thought I heard something and opened my eyes. Katrina was beside the bed, standing on her hind legs, with her forelegs on my bed, looking very intensely at me for some reason.

I sat there looking at her in confusion for at least 4 full seconds, before my brain went, "But she CAN'T be in the house" and she 'popped' like a bubble! She was just gone! I thought, WOW, total hallucination! But at the instant of the 'pop' I had a whole "thoughtball" of information: it is cold; it is wet; the back door has somehow been shut; I can't get in; please let me in. I got up and went out the kitchen door into the garage and sure enough, the door had gotten shut, and I opened it and there was Katrina, getting very wet.


posted on Mar, 21 2009 @ 11:42 PM

The third kitty has the funny name YumYum. I was embarrassed to call her that, but I got her when she was 8 so it was a bit late to change it. I called her "Yum" or "Yummy."

One night when she was about 10 (and deaf as a stone), I finally woke up. I had been dreaming that I was in a cat's world-of-dream, and that yum was there with me, and she was "managing" my dreamstate. I kept falling slightly too deep in brainwaves to stay 'where' she was focused and she would slightly dig one claw into my scalp, ever so slightly, as the slight pain and physical sense brought me a bit higher. This went on for awhile, as she showed me her world; I don't remember much except the fascination. Then finally I started falling again and she quickly sunk a claw into my scalp -- but she did it too hard, and I woke up, Yum at my head with her claw in my scalp, looking directly into my eyes.

I was "awed". That's the only word for it.

Anyway, another time, I had just moved into this house -- this is a story nobody is going to believe, I know, but it's a funny cat story in its own way so I have to tell it.

The living room was nearly empty. I was sitting in my glider rocker with my back to the windows. The front door, on the wall with the windows, was shut. Yum was sitting on the arm of the couch which was against the wall to the left of me and a bit in front of me. There wasn't anything else in the living room except a plain wooden dining table over at a section adjacent to the far side. It was late evening, and peaceful and quiet. I had been meditating a bit more during that time, and was focusing on "feeling in the center" as I call it, as I very slightly, just barely, rocked in my chair. Yum sat on the arm of the couch, her eyes nearly closed as mine were, purring slightly. We both stared into space unseeingly around the center of the living room.

And then right smack in the middle of the living room this gigantic toad just APPEARED. I swear it just manifested in place. We were both pretty much focused on that spot actually, although "spaced out" just a bit, and all the sudden it was THERE and it CROAKED. (As if IT were as surprised as we were LOL.)

I felt my eyes widen and my mouth fall open and I looked over at Yum and it was the funniest damn thing. I have never in my life seen a cat look ASTONISHED before. Surprised, confused, whatever, but that particular look -- she looked exactly how I felt! Utterly "agog"!

Then the toad leaped. Holy sh*t!! I'd never even SEEN a big toad in person before (or since, in fact). This thing, in order to move, leaped a good 4' up into the air I think, and the sound of the leap and it hitting the ground again was insanely loud, like swish-thish-THUMP! Me and Yum both finally jumped up from our chairs and closed in on it, still with Oh-my-god-what-the-heck-IS-this?! look on both our slack-jawed faces I'm sure, and we followed it, slowly, as it moved across the living room -- making an incredible racket doing so -- until finally, I considered waking up my little girl then 5 who'd probably love to see a toad, but it was late and I decided not to, and I grabbed it after it hit the ground, to take it outside.

Tip: Toads are SLIMY.

I still have no explanation for that. Even if I assume he is the only toad I've ever seen like this in the 9 years I've lived here, it doesn't explain how he got into a pretty much empty room, right in the middle, making zero noise, while we had sat there for quite some time looking blankly at the very spot where he appeared.

Anyway, I know that's a pretty unbelievable story but scout's honor it's true.


posted on Mar, 23 2009 @ 07:22 AM
what could be about me that cat like. Every where i go, cats over there come over to me and start purring and rubbing againsnt my legs and jump into my leg and want to nestle to sleep.

Oh, i forgot to mention, I ABSOLUTELY ABSOLUTELY LOVE CATS!!! Especially the kittens.

Can they "smell" how i feel???

posted on Mar, 25 2009 @ 02:18 AM
reply to post by RedCairo

Hey thats a pretty cool story, im definately not one to discount anything straight of the bat, this worlds far to crazy to do that....

posted on Mar, 25 2009 @ 09:13 AM
The last cat I had was the sweetest cat. She was rescued from an animal shelter and had been abused so was very wary for a couple of years but gradually became more confident.

Whenever you were feeling sick or down she would come over to you and look for a pat or curl up next to you. Now this was remarkable because she was definitely not a lap cat and normally you had to go seek her out if you wanted to pat the cat, not the other way around.

Unfortunately she got in a fight with another cat and got feline aids and also had hypothyroidism so her life was cut shorter than it should have been but after her death I got 2 visits from her. One was in a dream, where she suddenly appeared to me young and healthy. I picked her up all the time saying "but you're dead!". The 2nd visit was more spooky. I woke up in the middle of the night, sure that she was sleeping on the bed next to my feet. I could actually feel the warmth of a cat's body for a few seconds before it disappeared.

Ok skeptics will say they're just dreams etc but I like to think of them as visits from her to let me know she's ok.

posted on Mar, 25 2009 @ 10:14 AM
They say killing of black cats during the plague years in Europe caused more harm than good as Rats spread the plague because there were no cats to kill the off which spread the disease as they grew in numbers. The reason why they killed black cats and cats in general was the superstition of bad luck and the plague was the cats fault.

posted on Mar, 27 2009 @ 04:54 AM

Originally posted by The time lord
They say killing of black cats during the plague years in Europe caused more harm than good as Rats spread the plague because there were no cats to kill the off which spread the disease as they grew in numbers. The reason why they killed black cats and cats in general was the superstition of bad luck and the plague was the cats fault.

I cant stand the idiocy of what we used to be like back in those days, so many species were wiped out or wiped close to extinction because of us, really makes me sick, i live in new zealand and we used to have the biggest bird in history, the Moa but we came we saw and we ate, now its destined for the history books, so sad

posted on Mar, 27 2009 @ 05:06 AM
Cat lover here. This thread immediately made me think of Oscar, the cat who can sense death.

I can't get that link to work right. From the article:

Raised at the nursing home since he was a kitten, Oscar is described as aloof -- even, at times, grouchy. But when he is on a death watch, he is as warm as can be. He will nuzzle a dying patient and purr, perhaps trying to offer whatever comfort he can.

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posted on Mar, 28 2009 @ 09:11 AM

Originally posted by Skinon

Originally posted by The time lord
They say killing of black cats during the plague years in Europe caused more harm than good as Rats spread the plague because there were no cats to kill the off which spread the disease as they grew in numbers. The reason why they killed black cats and cats in general was the superstition of bad luck and the plague was the cats fault.

I cant stand the idiocy of what we used to be like back in those days, so many species were wiped out or wiped close to extinction because of us, really makes me sick, i live in new zealand and we used to have the biggest bird in history, the Moa but we came we saw and we ate, now its destined for the history books, so sad

My previous post has a lot of grammer mistakes but its still legible, yes we kill so many beautiful animals off, I hate the Whale hunters such great animals and the Tigers. Takes one jealous ungly being to destroy another of because of its beauty.

posted on Apr, 11 2009 @ 09:08 PM
I love cats, My mom calls me the 23 year old crazy cat lady, which i am 100% fine with haha.

I have always been interested in the mystery behind cats.
I have three black cats, one who just showed up at a camp site and these campers were saying they were going to throw her in the fire, so of course i had to take her home, 2 other black cats a stray had.
I don't have the best of luck in the world but it has nothing to do with them as all they bring me is peace and laughs, I also have an all white cat.

One of my cats, wasn't acting right as a kitten something was just a little off, not as sharp as the rest and a little wobbly.
We took her to the vet and the vet took xrays and said "If you lived in Japan you could be rich right now!" of course I asked why, he said she only has half a brain at first I was like "aren't you being a little harsh she may not be the sharpest but.." he goes "oh no no, I mean literally she only has half a brain and cats in Japans are seen as being very special some think they are the reincarnation of Gods." I didn't care about that time I just wanted to know she'll be ok and all, he said she'd be fine shes about 7 months old now and she does just fine.
I love her so much shes just so resilient she may not be able to keep up or do things the typical way a cat does, but she finds a way to do what she desires.

Another story is that cats use to steal the "breath" of a new born, my granmom always told my mom don't leave the cats in the room with the newborn.

Now I know cats like warm spots so some dopey cat in histories time probably figured a babies warm face that smelled of milk was a nice place to cope a spot and sleep leading to cats getting a bad rap on that end.

Cats vocal cords are amazing as well, they make sounds that amaze me at times.
There's a lot of stories out there of cats who can speak, fluently not that "I wuuuuuuuv yeeew" stuff.

Yes these are all folklore, but there is not doubt in my mind that there isn't something special about cats, they love you no matter what they do not judge or laugh at you, they know when you feel sick.
I call my cats little angels (i'm not a religious person) it's just a way of expressing how I feel about their spirits they are just special little creatures that carry light and joy into peoples lives.
Like there's a little all knowing soul locked up inside of them.

God, I sound like I am off my rocker, seriously, I do other things besides pet my cats haha.
Anyway, bare with my nuttiness as this is my first post and thought this was a fitting one for me.

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