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Is Obama Being Held Hostage?

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posted on Mar, 15 2009 @ 03:49 AM
This is a different angle that I haven't seen considered anywhere.

I'll start here: I'm not as was well read as most of the true conspiracy theorists; so, I'll beg you to consider this angle.

Flame all you want afterward but I would appreciate thoughtful and/or humorous replies rather than sarcastic apathy.

It's a constant that people are not wholly evil (maybe Pelosi.) =)

All of us Conspiracy Theorists have seen the Alex Jones reports, perhaps Zeitgeist et al. and The Obama Deception. Read countless theories with no real solid answer; only some really great educated guesses.

Is Obama really doing the bidding of the powers that be? Maybe he's sending America a wake up jab. Perhaps Bush did too.

This much is obvious to many observers. Lou Dobbs recent quote and lyrics from one of The Who's songs "New boss, same as the old boss".

I had noticed almost no difference between Bush's policy and Obama's first 50 days. In fact, it's alarming to me how similar the two have behaved. As I've posted in other forums on ATS, I've seen a number of presidents now and this is an unprecedented similarity to the Bush presidency.

OK, Many people are aware that presidents ... our presidents, have been assassinated for going against these massively rich elite (how many presidents have been wasted? 4-6 of them, including Jackson, Lincoln, Kennedy; all killed trying to rid us of powerful controlling banking systems every one of them. These elite that seem to be able to control events. Again, a great educated guess that seems plausible enough.

As I build this theory, allow me to point out some more current events that absolutely puzzled me.

. What the hell was Obama doing going to foreign countries making speeches while running for president here? No one ever asked? At least I didn't hear a plausible explanation. Trips were off the Bogus-O-Meter.

. Other countries have tighter control over their population (and not visiting diplomats) yet we have ... The Patriot Act...

. TPA is not enforced overseas. Obama can pick up a scrambled phone and call anyone without ANY scrutiny. My opinion that he did indeed.

. Prior to the election both candidates were called to the White House. Unprecedented.
(My theory is that Bush was threatened with assassination and worse =) by the elite and he passed that on to both candidates while mincing words.)

. Also, Recall during that time frame a giant TARP package was in the works; With many Republicans!? finally coming on board. in a panic!

. That was fiscally irresponsible "but hey we need the bailout". Or did we really? At that time. Obama could have done it. Was Bush sending the first 'heads-up' to the US population?
(BTW Bush has recently been quoted as saying "Not on my watch" as in; pay the ransom to the elites now and shut them up for now so I can escape.)

I'll postulate this :

That the elites threatened Bush long ago to commit billions and sell us out and that he was made well aware of many of their plans. Not all, MANY.

They are essentially extorting the entire world. The United States as the main 'extortee.' When they have enough they'll power up the economies and perhaps a status quo will resume but with massive debt obviously. Here's where it gets a little strange. The elites didn't plan on Obama being so freaking extravagant with his spending. Again unprecedented! That coupled with bailing out the banks!

Perhaps the presidents are doing what ever THEY can do, being as 'over the top' and extravagant as they can to awaken the American People into a rage until the elites are caught unawares? They seem very incompetent... Not as much as our government, but also not so all-seeing either.

Elites see money being thrust at them in bailouts in quantities unheard of before. Drowning in their slop of money.

They don't see the American people? (Maybe watch for some bones being thrown to us now that many people are awake and angry.)

(Almost Done...)

posted on Mar, 15 2009 @ 03:53 AM

Some claim that our entry into WWII was contrived and gov't and bankers couldn't wait to get their money involved on the American side too...

In any event, They still woke a sleeping giant in the USA ... Do we need to rescue our gov't from the elite?

We got 2 stars for winning WWII with our allies. Is there room for more after we win what's coming? (Maybe just keep our 50 stars.)

Perhaps we can have some responsible banking. I hope that all this makes sense. I'm not an author/writer.

In the mean, time watch for many more bones from the elite (Berney Madoff is a start but he is new money, not old money... expendable.)

posted on Mar, 15 2009 @ 05:43 AM

Originally posted by DrMattMaddix

I had noticed almost no difference between Bush's policy and Obama's first 50 days. In fact, it's alarming to me how similar the two have behaved.

That's simply just not true.

In the first few days, Obama had revoked the ban on stem cell research, dissolved Guantanamo bay, dismissed all prosecutions that we held against the potential terrorists.... Started a dialog with Iran directly with arms held out in friendship, etc etc etc...

What is true though is that the Us government are being controlled somewhat by mega powerful people that head the major companies and institutions. This has been going on for a long long time and won't change.

I find it laughable that the idea that the administration changes but the people in power don't... I thought that was common knowledge..

Alex Jones maybe right about some things but he sensationalises and fear mongers and that is not a good thing at all.

Information is key but an incomplete picture is all we can ever hope for... I for one wouldn’t like to speculate and state certainty.

We can only go on what out gut tells us and try and extrapolate from the pieces of the puzzle we have.


NeoN HaZe

posted on Mar, 15 2009 @ 07:42 AM
Fifty Obama Administration days hardly equate eight years of the Bush II Administrattion. However, Obama is just as elitist as Bush, but more involved with policy. Same game, new name.

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