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What do Dreams really mean?

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posted on Mar, 15 2009 @ 12:15 AM
For as long as I can remember, the concept of dreams has fascinated me in different ways throughout my life. The mystery and uncertainty that surrounds dreams make them even more interesting. In addition, dreams are arguably the most subjective experience one can have; sometimes I think dreams involve more than using my normal five senses, and logic and reason.

posted on Mar, 15 2009 @ 12:56 AM
Dreams are fascinating, I assume we all have had a dream, that makes us wish the dream was real and real life was a dream.

Dreams are fascinating there are tons of Threads on here about them I assure you.

My belief is dreams are pictures of emotions in the subconcious, while defragmenting the mind.

If you can convince me otherwise, I am open to it, and feel someone amongst us can/and or will.

Favorite dream is the dream where you can fly, while lucid dreaming, best friggin things ever. I'm sure others feel the same way.

Do you have any questions on this, or opinions on what dreams mean? or anything else to debate/ponder upon?

posted on Mar, 16 2009 @ 01:14 PM
Well now dreams....

A very extensive study within many different circles. One of the most common beliefs is that this is a reaction from the transition of memory from the concious to the sub concious and the observation of this transistion within our minds.

When getting deeper into perception, transfer of information, what exactly we are seeing when dreaming, how exactly we are dreaming it can get frustrating. Largely id say alot of it is conjecture people thinking and trying to figure it out. Largely....I say this because im not going to sit here and tell you THIS is the WAY it is.

In many circles of study. Dreaming and such is part of many systems, and usually gets tied in with many other studies.

In some studies. We look at the mind as a send/recieve transfer point for our personas or souls so to speak. This means our thoughts and feelings are not only part of our personal bubble or reality as it were. But a system of bubbles for each and every person around us.

For example, say we think or feel something towards another. Depending on the severity and power behind the feeling others can sometimes feel this.

Alot of what we pick up on from others and the world around us depends on the persons senses. In scientific circles, many of the studies limit our sensory range and abilities based on what they can physically prove.

In observation we know that we use our eyes to see nose to smell and so on. The most interesting sense to look at in these studies would perhaps be touch for it is the closest to our empathetic sensory ability.

Everything that happens within our ability to observe and sense our world and reality comes in the form of signals, some say that these signals are different types of energy waves which all vibrate at different frequencies such as radio waves and electricity to name a few we use this information much liake an old record player.

Perahaps you could say that the world around us is the record, the needle is our senses and the speakers are our brain. Maybey a bit off the path as far as a compairson is concerned but ill try to explain.

Like I said before our brains are like a transmitter of sorts, but also it recieves signals from our senses to create this imagery and sound we deem as reality.

Now on this end of dreams, we start to see that perhaps all of our minds are connected.

When it comes to the sub-concious part of our brains. Many say that while we use our conciousness to function and we use minute to minute memory to do so, that we also save memory within our subconcious and this is where most of our personality and behaviors stem from.

Some practitioners say that it is this part of the brain, the subconcious that many of our dreams come from. While some people say dreams come from the transition of the concious-subconcious memory transfer. Others will say that dreaming comes from our perception.

While awake the minds eye that we see the world with is recieving a signal from our senses and using that information to create the world around us and then relaying it to our subconcious.,while dreaming some believe that instead of processing what we see in our conciousness from our peripheral sensory systems(touch,sight,smell etc.) The brain is actually working in reverse sending a signal from our subconcious to our concious which then processes the information just like it would normally with our sense's information.

The study goes further to say that perhaps we are all connected within our subconcious memories to everyone else and this is perhaps why we can sometimes experience things in our dreams that we have never experienced in life. Also that we are connected to many different worlds through our brains subconcious functionality. Saying we are more like a radio then anything else and what you see and feel and so on, depends on what channel youre tuned into.The question here is how do you change the channel.

Hope that helps a bit.


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