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An explanation of what is happening. Please prepare.

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posted on Mar, 14 2009 @ 10:14 PM
Id like to clear up some information about what is currently going on in our world.
Politics and business are not easy to explain because everyone conducts business differently. The scary thing is that we make up our own rules when it comes to business and unfortunately most big businesses do not conduct business in a manner that you may find legal. Unfortunately no one truly over sees this- there isnt a universal regulator to watch over the higher powers.
A real business man is involved in many forms of business. We let big business get so large that it is dangerous when they fail. In result big money makers have the ability to screw you out of money and still aquire their money back- thus doubling their income and allowing many to take off with millions and still allowing the business to prosper. Could you be responsible enough not to milk that?

We punish small business by imposing regulations that require rigorous work arounds. All this is paid for and passed by big money makers so they can keep their profit. Our dependence on money is very flawed.

You may have theories that this is all an elaborate scheme- some how NWO related. In many ways it is and in many ways it is not.
For starters, most of this is derived from the fact that many humans are simply irresponsible. This isnt a giant conspiracy- it is our own irresponsibility that trickles down. Hand in the cookie jar kind of thing.

On the other hand many of you believe in the NWO. The NWO is very real. Let me rephrase that- the IDEA OF THE NWO is very real.
Originally we had clans, then gangs, then government, and now the idea of a universal government. Why do we want a universal government? Better control is all. Populations keep increasing. We need to crack down on crime, punish without limitations, supply large amounts of food and medical supplies, etc.

For the NWO to take place so many countries would have to literally comply but you must understand how this systematic breaking down of the countries works.
Right now we have 4 major powers- the United States, The United Kingdom, Russia, and China. Think of these like bubbles that absorb other bubbles and get larger. These countries indirectly fuel war and violence in other countries TO KEEP THEM SUPPRESSED AND IN CHAOS. We let them run around like chickens with their heads cut off until we need them, their land, or their resources; Then one of us will swallow them up. Until we need them we just keep them occupied with enough to be over looked.
Each of these 4 major powers recognizes each others strengths and attempts to stay out of conflict with one another until the day eventually comes where these 4 have swallowed up everything they need to eat each other.
The NWO that currently exists is the bringing together of our entire continent. The Amero respresents Canada, Mexico, and The United States. This is the process of the eventual realization of the NWO. It is in general interest to unite our continents firstly and then unite our world.

I cannot stress enough how this all results from our irresponsibility. There is no end to what is happening. Do not believe someone will stand up for your rights or fix this; better yet dont believe in rights.
Sometimes I begin to feel like a 2012 event needs to occur to wake everyone up- but that is just too hopeful. It feels like we've become so complex that this irresponsibility is spiraling out of control. I can only hope a refresh would occur.
Please prepare yourself effectively for this continued spiral of society. No one can stop this.

posted on Mar, 14 2009 @ 11:19 PM
Well said!!

I just joined and haven't figured out the star and flag system yet but you certainly deserve them both. I don't believe the N.W.O. is a highly organised grand conspiracy but it is oviously the way we're headed.

Quite simply, you said it all brilliantly and hopefully others will read this to gain a better grasp of the situation.

There's the flag......

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posted on Mar, 14 2009 @ 11:30 PM

Originally posted by OZtracized
Well said!!

I just joined and haven't figured out the star and flag system yet but you certainly deserve them both. I don't believe the N.W.O. is a highly organised grand conspiracy but it is oviously the way we're headed.

Quite simply, you said it all brilliantly and hopefully others will read this to gain a better grasp of the situation.

There's the flag......

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I am with you there.... I am not an NWO believer. What I do believe is there are many many "want a be" Organizations and Individuals who would love to set-up their grand power scheme but luckily these "factions" don't agree on much and many are polar opposites of each other so nothing gets done (at least I hope this is the case). Each "side" wants to extend their influence with the grand goal of and NWO but luckily they are not united. Of course this will change if there is a "one world" religion or banking system as he who controls the bank can "beat" the others. Until then... no worries in my opinion. Let the UN and others dream of ultimate power and control because they don't have it yet... LOL

posted on Mar, 15 2009 @ 12:24 AM
You've both provided useful insight that expands this topic. I'm very happy to see the both of you truly understanding what is going on.

It is true, the NWO is a psychological disorder we strive for. It's just the direction we are headed in. We have very legitimate reasons to strive for this.

There are also checks and balances by so many different organizations: secret societies, government, , religion, and business related. These 4 major powers recognize each others strengths but individually they still try to excel over one another- this is the reason for intelligence agencies and indirect political funding. We might fund for a country to do war with itself but still neither of these 4 powers want anyone just sucking the mess up when they choose. It's a game of multiplayer chess with a little poker chance thrown in between ha.

My only question is... how can you let anyone decide what is wrong or what is right? Even Macbeth went corrupt. Your political enemies, Kim Jong Il, Saddam Hussein, Hugo Chavez, who ever... they are only merely trying to help their people. When these major powers put the pressure on these smaller nations we limit their ability to make money- this is why they seem to resort to crime and violence. Everyone is patriotic all around the world. We all love our countries but you must realize there are men out there that devote themselves to no country. Their money will buy a house anywhere in the world.

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posted on Mar, 15 2009 @ 12:51 AM
Stared and Flagged,

You are so right, people keep looking for things that are going to happen to change whats coming, sad part is, short of ww3 , nothing is going to change.
Things are going to get MUCH worse, and the wise will prepare.
We have been riding the fat cow for to long.

I for one am excited to see things go down.. its about time things get reset.

Call me odd, but $40K for a vehicle is insane.. Lets get things back to where they should be. Let it all fall, and it has to ALL fall in order to get better, if we go down a little, then get better, it will only build the bubble more...
We need global collapse, to reset and make things where they should be.

posted on Mar, 15 2009 @ 01:03 AM

Originally posted by buspol

My only question is... how can you let anyone decide what is wrong or what is right?

That my friend is the million dollar question. I do believe that a lot of these leaders/dictators truly believe they are doing the right thing and that is the scary part. If a one world government does eventuate (as seems inevitable one day) how can we ensure the right person is at the helm. We probably can't. When you look at middle - upper management in big companies, you find that many of these people get there by standing on anyone who gets in their way. It would seem unlikely that somebody like that would be qualified to have other people's best interest at heart.

I believe that we as a species need to evolve past selfishness, greed and corruption. If we do a one world government would probably be a good thing.

I could go on and on about this but I think we're on a similar page!

posted on Mar, 15 2009 @ 01:12 AM
Well that would be very well said my friend!

I don't give very many stars but you'll get that plus a flag. I think you're correct in saying that there is no end to this. The results of all our abuses of this planet and our fellow man are coming to fruition.

That does not mean however it will be all destroyed. Empires must fall, as history so often tells us, however I can also realize that empires rebuild themselves a little better each time.

If that's how long it takes for our species to develop in it's natural way than so be it. After all of this burns, we will still survive, we'll build and build and then destroy again, such I'm afraid is our nature at the moment.

If the event of 2012 is real, then hopefully it will provide a new shift in consciousness along with the destruction and give us a chance to move forward instead of toiling away at the same level.

We can do more as well. If the people would actually sit up from they're sit- coms and payed attention they would realize how we are at the end of the road, almost to the point of no return.

Let's hope somebody has a change of heart and calls this whole mess off shall we?


posted on Mar, 15 2009 @ 01:15 AM
Eventually for humankind to truly prosper and survive yes, it needs a one world government. The danger in that transition is who consolidates power and rules in that one world government. Looking to Rome as an example only one out of every six emperors was a good emperor. The rest were either incompetent, despots or sadistic tyrants that the state and the people suffered under.

Right now there is still that possibility if you don't like the system somewhere you can move somewhere else with a different system. Right now though it is becoming increasingly hard because of how the media and technology function it is easier to over throw through either peaceful or violent means a one nation government as opposed to entire planet under one government.

Unfortunately the business practices you speak of are almost impossible to stop for one simple reason. Money, it's the root of all evil, and when you have a society based on earning wealth equals earning privilege, status, luxury, influence and sexual partners you have a whole lot of incentive to not only work hard for money but to come by it any means necessary if you covet the things money can buy enough.

While a Utopian Society based on a communal sharing of resources equally has long been attractive to the progressively romantic, peace loving and spiritual, attempts and communist type Utopian societies have failed miserably for two primary reason.

First is the propensity towards laziness when one is not under the harsh urgent need to acquire sustenance or wealth. Communist workers all paid the same privileges in similar food, dwelling, clothing, and entertainment rations have no incentive to be productive. They can't be fired, their rations can't be taken away, and likewise they can't get extra privileges for working harder or being innovative.

Fewer great innovative minds develop as to date necessity has been the mother of all invention. Only the most curious and introspective minds will then engage in this process and in engage in a system where less forward thinking minds in charge of parceling out resources to aid such an innovative inclined person might not see it expedient to deliver those resources controlled by the communal state.

The second big problem in communist systems trying to truly take hold is while they remain dependent on other capitalist societies and nations that lie outside their borders for natural resources that they lack within theirs they must produce something that can be sold for hard currency abroad to buy those things and produce it from a system rife with inefficiency and laziness because it is not a performance rewarded society. This usually causes shortages of domestically made goods that have to be sold on the international market and shortage of natural resources that have to be bought internationally because of a low domestic output and productivity. Ultimately no one in these societies is better off and keeping people participating in the system then usually requires intense security and oversight.

Right now under this current performance based monetary system, that is basically devoid of any true spiritual nature, the chances are the powers that could achieve enough wealth to force consolidation through force are going to be corrupt powers who amassed wealth in anyway shape or form they can.

Most of the world's wealthiest families have their fortunes rooted in Piracy, Opium Smuggling, Mercenary Activity, and various forms of extortion and frauds. Few people get rich by participating by adhering to all the rules, and the few who do have a very hard time keeping their wealth playing by the rules.

Currently because of this it's almost a given that any regime that can take over the whole world will be a bad one, and any performance based system they device that incorporates a form of currency that can buy privilege will be an equally corrupt and bad one.

One of the founding fathers greatest fears as they hammered out the details to the constitution in that sweltering summer in Philadelphia is how they would attract the best minds into government with service to the government not being particularly lucrative as far as being paid.

Looking to Rome the example of a representative Republic that ours was being founded on and how the Patrician Ruling Class basically ended up consolidating most of the land and commerce in relatively few hands because of their position of access in the government creating a situation similar to ours today with corporations the founders tried to build in as many additional checks and balances as possible into the government.

Ultimately though it depended on politicians and public officials being honest. Ultimately though most public officials and politicians yield to a concerted effort to bribe them to get favorable laws that give a select few an advantage in commerce, and to themselves be on the lookout for rare business and investment opportunities that politicians are often in a unique position to get in on the ground floor of.

The special interest Lobbying system in the nation today is basically the organized institution set up to bribe politicians. Special interests are the only ones that have representation in the representative republic now. The State's Rights originally set up in the Constitution to protect each State and it's citizens individual interest have all been taken away by a Federal Government that our founders wanted to be weak and simply settle disputes between states, ensure uniform tariffs in trade, levy taxes and raise an army both only in a time of war, and conduct the nation's foreign policy has grown so bloated with all invasive powers in large part to accommodate each special interest group's special arena of wealth and power generation.

The entire system is based on bribery, corruption, power for the sake of power, and eliminating all forms of dissent and counter measures against it.

Though it will be hard on the citizens the only thing that is going to correct this likely will be a prolonged period of deprivation that starves the corporations and special interest groups out of business for lack of business and ceases to make political office and government positions unattractive.

It would be highly detrimental to let any corrupt system take over the world and ours as well as every other nation's is basically flawed because of a performance based, monetary based society.

A Utopian society could only flourish if and when humanity reaches the point where we are all well educated at youth and are allowed to choose precisely what we love doing best in doing something creative and productive and the output of each persons labor, or invention, or growth or cultivation is simply given away to whom ever needs it at the end of the day.

People will work for the love of what they do, the things that they need will be obtained free from other people who love what they do. Everyone will see a responsibility to share and share alike in this process and everyone will have a desire to enhance and support one an others spiritual and intellectual growth and provide the support they can to further their talents and expertise at what they do to contribute they love best.

Which billionaire and which corrupt political establishment do you currently see willing to give up their power to begin the hard transition to this system?

That's the only way Earth and humankind will survive. It's going to take a lot of courage and selflessness and love for one another to dare try it.

We are pretty much screwed until the Ommish Sects concept of Ask and thou shall receive is practiced universally. It's a Christian concept but they are the only group of Christians and the only group I know of that actually practices it.

That's the road forward, and we are going to have to go backward to get to it in my humble opinion.

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