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Quake Live

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posted on Mar, 14 2009 @ 09:31 AM
The free online version of Quake 3. Yes I know usually free and online immediately tells you that its crap but I love it. I have been into eSports for a while with Counter-Strike 1.6, Source and Call of Duty. Quake was always a game that I thought was great but never got the chance to play. With UT, one of my favorite franchises of all time, dead and Quake 4 flopping the community went back to Quake 3 and the CPMA mod for competition.

Someone had the genius idea to make a free version of the popular shooter in a browser form. It is amazing and nearly no lag depending on the server locations. For competition its great. The dueling scene died off since most of major tournaments dropped it and decided to go with the usual CS 1.6 or Source (which is dead also CGS was a joke). Thankfully it is coming back.

Now below is what you would call a frag video. Except this one is just pure brilliance. I have watched hundreds of them and frankly this makes me want to play Quake again more than anything.

I could go in depth about what I think about the art of the duel and how its better than CS / CSS (which I wasted god knows how many hours with terrible teams) but you can't fight that fight. My QL ID is vrv if you want to play sometime. Or am I the only PC gamer on these forums? Come on guys. Quake 3 + free (legal might I add) = win

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