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Hidden Illuminati/NWO operatives among the Amish?

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posted on Mar, 14 2009 @ 06:05 AM
Unusual claims of Illuminati involvement (long-term/bloodline breeding programs as well as experimentation) within Amish and Hutterite communities.

TOP SECRET Amish front (& Hutterites):

Illuminati slaves/programmers have infiltrated Mennonite churches.
-some of the Illuminati's/intelligence's best programmed Delta assassins operate under the guise of pacifist Amish. Some Illuminati children switched at birth so programmers have better bloodlines to work with. Some Amish women in cult families allow impregnation from Illuminati bloddlines.

-Nazi bloodlines hidden after WWII amongst Amish/Mennonite.
-Mennonites and some progressive Amish adopt MANY children.
-Amish in Missouri (Jamestown), kansa (south of Hutchison), Oklahoma (Guthrie, OK), Kentucky, Ohio (Holmes, Co.,Ohio), and Pennsylvania (Lancaster, PA) have been involved in selling children to Illuminati.
-children born outside the system excellent for snuff porn.
-it is VERY SECRET an active occult group within the AMISH is practicing Witchcraft.
-Generational Satanists have been placed with the Amish to assist the Catholic Church in the Amish's destruction.
-Hitler's descendants in Oregon, Washington, and Pennsylvaniz; one descendant in Portland, Oregon, works for the federal government.
During WWII, Amish conscientious objectors forced to assist in 'mental' hospitals such as:

Allentown State Hospital (PA)
Cantonsville " " (MD)
Cleveland " " (OH)
Delaware Denver " " (DL)
Greystone Park " " (CO)
Harrisburg " " (PA)
Hudson River " " (NY)
Kalamazoo " " (MI)
Lima " " (OH)
Livermore " VA " (CA)
Macedonia State Hospital (OH)
Marlboro " " (NJ)
Mt. Pleasant " " (IO)
Norristown " " (PA)
Provo " " (UT)
Rhode Is. " " (R.I.)
Roseburg VA " " (OR)
Staunton " " (VA)
Tiffin " " (OH)
Wernersville " " (PA)

-many anxious-to=-please, compliant innocent Amish boys 'assigned' to these hospitals.
During WWI, several mennonite/Hutterite conscientious objectors tortured to death. Not only did Amish boys go to 'mental' hospitals, in WWII, ALL religious groups conscientiously objecting contributed boys to the Office of Research & Development (part of Army).
-Amish recognized the boys don't return the same and found the 'Civilian Public Service' proving unsatisfactory/harmful

Hospitals which have received Amish boys:
Columbia Missouri's State Mental Hospital & Hospital Complex
Colorado Psychopathic Hospital
Central State Hospital (IND)
New Jersey State Hospital (NJ)
Philadelphia State Hospital (PA)
Amish Deltas (assassins) used in black/'wet' ops [wet = blood]

Illuminati families like Dukes/Reynolds control tobacco production and cigarette manufacturing. In order to keep their lifestyle in Pennsylvaniz, Amish grow tobacco for the Illuminati families.


posted on Mar, 14 2009 @ 06:25 AM
One question:


posted on Mar, 14 2009 @ 06:30 AM
Are you sure??
I mean kriky weve been turning a blind eye all this time..I even drive through there land quite often..Should I be worry cuz this kid was starring me down?

posted on Mar, 14 2009 @ 07:02 AM

Originally posted by Chadwickus
One question:

Why what? Why are the Amish specifically involved, or why do the "illuminati" (or whatever you want to call these sorts of dark, evil, and hidden forces) engage in horrific mental experimentation?

Assuming that all this is true (and it might not be, of course), as to the first question, I would assume the Amish provide a good alternative psychospiritual milieu, so to speak, to "normal" life. They are relatively separated from others, they have cultures of secrecy and spirituality that might make them more amenable to occult/illumiationist type thoughts and activity. "Normal" people assume (falsely) that the Amish are "saintly" and somehow more pure than normal people; therefore Amish can travel in isolation and without harassment in many circles. Their status as separate from society provides a possible cover for all sorts of things; little "static" from low-level law enforcement, little contact with the wider world and media, etc. A self-contained universe is a great "gift" to the powers that be.

As to the second, more general "why," well, that's the $64 quadrillion question, isn't it? Power corrupts, leads to ever-greater perversions, distortions of emotion and morality, the desire for ever more power. Secrecy, power, a sense of control, are all intrinsically satisfying to the dark side of humanity. There is also the issue of psychopathy in leaders and successful individuals of all sorts; the ability to cold-bloodedly manipulate, stab-in-the-back, and so how is an "advantage," in terms of survival and growth of power. Thus psychopaths end up at the tops of numerous pyramids. People who grew up in sick, evil environments become sick and evil and go on to perpetuate the same patholgical, sinister forces. A trans-generational march of the damned and damning.

If you've studied some of the more grotesque, gut-churning aspects of alleged mind control, child torture and ritual abuse, sexual abuse, etc. that go on, this little tidbit about the Amish is NOTHING compared to the malignancy that is said to go on. Ultimately you must draw your own conclusions about how much (some? all? None?) of these allegations are true. The very fact that they are alleged at all, often in lurid, horrific detail, is testament to the potential extremeties of depravity that the the human mind and imagination can travel to. Even simply reading some of this stuff can warp and damage sensitive minds, never mind savoring and contemplating it at length...or experiencing even a the smallest part of it, for that matter.

[edit on 3/14/09 by silent thunder]

posted on Mar, 14 2009 @ 10:09 AM
I agree that the Amish are probably being exploited in some way, there is no way that an group as large or outside-of-the-box as the Amish were allowed to exist when so many 'outside groups' have fallen, declared illegal and un-American, among others.

If they don't pay taxes... They lose their land, so they have to do something to keep the taxman at bay.

If somehow the Amish escaped the radar of the country's PTB, well that is just amazing, a miracle, because it's not supposed to happen, to live outside the matrix unfettered by the PTB, so to speak.

Someone had to make deals, somewhere.

posted on Mar, 14 2009 @ 10:15 AM
that is someone's guess at it all...........

I owned a large farm one time, and the Amish lived near by........ I would go to their area and buy things, and they even invited me into their houses so I could see the way they lived. It was a very enlightening view of how they exist. Some Amish even did work on a home I owned, completely remodeled it.

They are the most protective group over their kids and very nice, I am sorry, but I can not believe any of this.......... they are very smart people and they love their kids........ there is no way they would allow their kids to be used in that way. Their life is about their family, the family unit means everything to them!

Sorry, I don't buy any of it!

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