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Strange things I have witnessed....

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posted on Mar, 14 2009 @ 05:30 AM
As opposed to a lot of people on here sharing a single strange thing they have witnessed, you are unfortunate (Or fortunate) enough to have me dump a 36 year old's LIFETIME experiences with things outside of what I know, (Or thought I knew) to be the norm. I'll start with me at age 11 and work my way to, well, now.

11 My Step Brother and I were "camping out" in a friend of ours back yard. You know the deal, we set up a tent, made a little campfire etc etc (All being essentially a ruse for our parents so we could run wild through the night doing the type of dumb crap that kids of that age do). Around 11:30 at night, (Which for an 11 year old is LATE!!!) We decided to gallivant around the neighborhood sowing chaos and discord in our wake.... Upon reaching the front yard of our friends house, we noticed an Armadillo in the road and using various implements, ( I recall having a 9 iron....) chased this Armadillo across the road and into a ditch... Then we looked up. Floating above the local sweet potato canning plant ( Try to picture that if you will) were three metallic spheres, perfectly round, perfectly reflective and moving along at a rate of what couldn't be more than 2-3 miles per hour. Totally silent. Each sphere was the size of.... I don't want to say the New Orleans Superdome, but not much smaller. If you took all of the matter that made up the above ground buildings and other items in this town (Hessmer, LA) and kind of compressed it all together, it would have "easily" fit into ONE of these spheres. This in an of itself is all sorts of amazing, but remember, I was a child of 11. Back then the amazing was the norm and though it was decidedly strange, we were three essentially redneck kids of the 10-13 year range and it wouldn't have caused a blip on our radars for more than a week or two.
Where this story gets interesting is in what followed. For the next 9 years of my life, I had absolutely NO memory of this event. None, nada, zilch. 9 Years later after having lived my teenage years and VERY early 20's in the BIG CITY of Baton Rouge, Louisiana, I returned to my hometown of Cottonport LA and shortly thereafter had a meeting with my stepbrother for the first time IN 9 years.
We sat down on my porch to rehash old times and one of the first questions he asked me was this...... "Do you remember what we saw that night we camped out in Royston's back yard?" (Yes, our friends name was Royston, don't ask me.....) For a split second, I had no idea what in God's name he was talking about..... But then in my mind's eye, I saw those sphere's. I saw them as though it was happening at that second. I am not a stupid man so I knew not to tamper with the experience so I didn't answer him. I merely asked "What did we see Sean?" His reply has changed my life ever since and is part of the reason that I'm here telling this story to you guys today, (After quite a while on this site avoiding it). His reply was.... "These three giant ball bearing looking things floating over the canning plant."

This is the "second" tier of amazing (At least for me....), but there's one more. After he left that day, I started poking into my own memories and thinking of that night. It was almost like his original words were a key that unlocked an entire part of my memory that had been locked up for 9 years. So I explored it. This is what I found.

My last conscious memory of that night, around 11:30-Midnight, was chasing that Armadillo and looking up and seeing the spheres. My next memory is of it being around 5:30-6:00 in the morning and myself gathering firewood to warm myself up and Royston and Sean sleeping in the tent as I did this. There ARE no memories in between. I have no memory of us discussing what the hell it was we saw. I have no memory of us running amok as we originally had planned. I have no memory of being worn out and laying down to sleep in our tent. Just click the fast-forward button and I'm in the mid-state of gathering wood to build the fire back from the coals that remained. For the record, Sean has no memories after seeing the spheres. I've never had contact with Royston again so I can't verify anything with him. Something is rotten in Denmark and it isn't the account I've just given you. I never thought I could type this all out but there it is. Make what you will of it.

I'll post some other experiences some other time. This took for frikken ever.

posted on Mar, 14 2009 @ 05:46 AM
I've changed my mind, I still have a little gas in the tank this morning so I'll post one more, albeit much shorter and with no collaborating witness's. In my mid teens, (14-17?) I would often wake up from a dead sleep to see....??? This is kind of hard to explain, this multi-colored conduit attached to my forehead while vast, DENSE amounts of information were.... fed? into my brain. It wasn't until the advent of the Internet and the WWW that I had a handle on how to really describe it. It was like someone attaching a cat-5 cable directly to my brain and uploading (Downloading?) Hundreds if not thousands of terabytes of information into my brain. I remember my body sort of jerking like a fish on a hook while this # was pumped into me. I could catch small glimpses of the info but nothing coherent. When it was over? I'd collapse back asleep. Had this not happened in excess of 10 times and had not my later years happened, I would think it just a random, odd, recurring dream. I later went on (In my 20's) to bar tend at a bar literally across the street from LSU's campus. A large percentage of my clientele were LSU professors. Almost without fail, I could converse with these professors, regardless of discipline, on their level, and most of them asked why I wasn't teaching somewhere instead of being a bartender. I had no answer. I quit High School in the 11th grade.... Much like the last experience I shared. Take it or leave it. I am who I am and have experienced what I have experienced. I have at least one other experience to share so it will be in this thread but I'm not sure when I'll get to it. Have a great weekend.

posted on Mar, 14 2009 @ 06:22 AM
reply to post by Zenagain

Thanks for sharing your story. Have you discussed with your brother if he has any other memories? Are things coming to you in bits and pieces, or have you just suddenly remembered all of your experiences?

Have you thought of having any sort of hypnotic regression?

I just wonder if you might remember some of the things downloaded to you.

posted on Mar, 14 2009 @ 02:23 PM
I'm 35 now, (Will be 36 in three weeks more or less) So the sphere thing happened 25 or so years ago. Both Sean and I (He's only like 2 months younger than me) were like 20 or so when"my" revelation happened. He had never forgotten the.....event. Other than seeing the spheres, he, just like I had no memory of what happened "after" we saw them. He just woke up the next day. Incidentally, from what I can remember, there was no conversation about the event the next day, or at ANY point until Sean and I were 20. As for the multi-colored info injection thing, I never lacked any memory of that. It happened 10 or so times in my mid-teens then stopped. The reason I "know" it wasn't just some bizarre recurring dream is that to this day....15+ years later? I have tons of extraneous information in my head that I know with little shadow of a doubt that I never "learned". Don't gfet me wrong, I read voraciously, and have since I was 4 years old, but pretty much every "fact" I've learned from both school and books is categorized in my mind and I can state the source for it. There's just a ton, in my head that has no source, so I believe that what I experienced with the rainbow cord thingy is actually reality. To what end? Hell if I know. It's 2009, the world's still here and with the exception of being interesting at parties, none of dump? has made a difference in my or any other's lives. I'm like Fox news man, I report, YOU decide. I never asked for either of these wierd assed things to happen to me nor the several that will follow when I feel like talking about them, which aren't now,yet.

posted on Mar, 15 2009 @ 03:30 PM
Man, are my experiences THAT boring?

posted on Mar, 16 2009 @ 02:15 PM
I saw the sphere thing it's the only natural phenomena I've seen. I just wonder if angles and light make some of these sights. We could see distant objects light years away.

Not to be snied but I saw the pink elephant too.

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