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Whispers/Voices- The Mystery of The Forest/Jungle

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posted on Apr, 8 2009 @ 06:31 PM
reply to post by TheMythLives

My friend, Interesting that you say "move logic out of the way".
It is true too much logic impedes imagination.

I spent my youth in the forest of North Carolina.
I am Cherokee so this forest felt like *home*.

When I am driving past a forest now I have visions
of me running fast through the forest barefoot.
I am younger, almost naked & sooo free.

I *hear* whispers all the time. (in nature & in my home) Yes I have plants.
I am alone most of the time and I enjoy silence.

I think you can discern whether the messengers are good or evil
by how they make you feelwhen they are around.

Sometimes I hear music too...
beautiful music that makes you want to dance & sing.
(I usually do... dance & sing)

I talk to animals (especially dogs & birds) & trees. : )

The sad part is that I am severely allergic to trees, cats, dust & pollen.
But I still LOVE trees.

I think they know more than their telling... hee hee
...or it is we don't take the time to be silent & listen?

Peace & LOVE, Cindy

posted on Apr, 13 2009 @ 06:05 PM

Originally posted by cindy22761
reply to post by TheMythLives

I talk to animals (especially dogs & birds) & trees. : )

The sad part is that I am severely allergic to trees, cats, dust & pollen.
But I still LOVE trees.

LoL, you must not get a chance to talk to many animals and trees if your allergic to all that stuff.

posted on May, 10 2009 @ 05:28 PM
I recently recieved an email from a friend who took a jog in the woods behind his house. He stated:

I was joging through the forest, keeping pace with my legs and my breathing. I must have been going strong for about a half of a mile before I felt compelled to stop, as if something was following me. I slowed down and turned around to notice that a gust of wind began to pick up and it began to go through the tree branches and leaves. At this point I completly stopped watching the wind as it literally approached me and eventually engulfed me. At this point the hairs on my neck stood up and very faint whispers began to surround me, I kept looking around for whoever or whatever it could be, My eyes jumping in every direction as the voices got extremely loud; at this point I began to run the way I enetered the woods; the voices followed me no matter how far or how fast I ran and when I was out of the woods they stopped...... Can you make sense of any of this?

I just thought it was worth sharing. Let me know what you folks think.

posted on Jun, 2 2009 @ 07:48 PM
Not to bump my own thread, but I hope that fresh eyes come in here and perhaps share their experiences..

posted on Jun, 3 2009 @ 04:29 PM
Good job everyone we have been featured:

ATS News: Whispers in the Forest

posted on Jun, 3 2009 @ 05:09 PM
Yet another excellent thread from you TML.

Will chip in later...just at work at the moment...

But certainly our forests, our waterways...all places of nature hold *whispers*, hold spirit.

I know of a number of areas in my own country that I've spent time in, where you can hear not only whispers, but also full conversations of groups of *people* walking along...

One river in particular I grew up next to was like that...early morning or early evening - right on that change of light. If you were out trout fishing in some areas of that river you could/might hear the old people who have passed on, just walking their way down the river. Hear them speaking old - or as we say 'tuturu' Maori (our native language).

I also grew up as a hunter, spending much time in the bush...and have had many such experiences.

Will add more in depth when I get a break from work.


posted on Jun, 3 2009 @ 05:30 PM
reply to post by alien

Yes, the evil that continues to thrive. Take your time, you always post excellent posts.

posted on Jun, 3 2009 @ 05:54 PM
reply to post by TheMythLives

Yes. Work. People pay you and expect that you do some work for them rude of them...

Anyway - on the subject of nature talking:

As mentioned in previous threads here I often get called to assist by friends and family with things of a, well, woo-woo/spiritual nature. Or 'wairua' as my people term it.
Normally its stuff that could be termed 'ghostbusting', sussing *issues* out that may have some wairua component...that sort of thing.

One thing I like to do whenever I/we (if I'm going with other people to do such work) is seek advice regarding any issues...particularly with land.
Where do I like to seek such *advice* from? The land itself.

Yeah - I know to many that would make me look crazy...perhaps now isn't the time to mention that Mental Health and Mental Health assessments has been my job now for some 14 years. Oh the irony.

Anyhoo...what I like to do, if theres any old trees on that go ask them. Literally. Go and pay respects to them - for to our culture they are also our tipuna/ancestors. Say to them something like "My tipuna/ancestors, please tell me what has happened here, what has happened on this land here so that it may be put right again"

Those trees after all have been there for many many years. They have witnessed the events there. They have drawn nutrition from the very soils of that such they have *fed* upon whatever balance or disbalance exists within that land - or 'whenua' as we say. So chances are they will *know*.

Often a response comes.

Normally that response is more a *feeling*. Only way I can describe it is its like an epiphany feeling...that strong, deep, overwhelming 'ahhhh, THATS it!' sensation you experience with an epiphany.

Every once in a while however the response is audible.

Yes I know that would constitute an auditory hallucination...lets not go there...don't want to have to Section myself to one of the Wards...

Every once in a while the response is like a whispered voice...that speaks and tells me what has happened on that land. From that comes a more focussed, more informed 'action-plan' to restore balance to that whenua.


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posted on Jun, 3 2009 @ 06:17 PM
reply to post by alien

That is awesome, excellent contribution. The trees of the ancestors, perhaps its a mixture of the ancestors and the tree remembering. Does anyone know if tree's or plants have some sort of "memory"?

[edit on Jun 3rd 2009 by TheMythLives]

posted on Jun, 3 2009 @ 06:32 PM
reply to post by TheMythLives

Depends how you define *memory*

An example could be found within the Punga/Tree-fern (see my side-profile background).

The Pikopiko are the small *baby* fern shoots found at the top of the Punga/tree-fern.
As they grow and the fern fronds/branches extend they become budding Rito
The Rito in turn as they grow larger become Koru (that curled frond in my background is a Koru. The smaller curled mini-fronds within it are Rito).

Now, my culture utilises the Pikopiko, the Rito and the Koru for different medicinal purposes.
Sometimes the section that is harvested necessitates removing the main body of the Frond/branch from the top of the Punga.

Whenever this is done what we do is cut one of the Rito from the Frond and place it back on top of the severed section remaining from harvesting the frond.
Its rather freaky...the Punga literally sucks and envelopes the Rito back into the 'open wound' of the severed section. A bit like splicing plants.

The thing is you can't place a Rito from a different Punga onto a different won't absorb it and bond with it. It just falls over and is rejected.

Only the Rito - the baby - can be placed back with its own Punga - the mother. Its like the Punga recognises its own and pulls it back...quite literally...into itself.


[edit on 3-6-2009 by alien]

posted on Jun, 3 2009 @ 06:46 PM
More on Tree 'Memories'

There is a small island just off New Zealand (my country) - still part of NZ though...called the Chatham Islands.

On that island are a stand of trees that have very old carvings etched into them. They were carved by the Moriori who inhabitated those islands and hold immense cultural and spiritual importance to them.

Now these carvings are old, old, ooooooold. the tree has grown the carvings have not *stretched*, they have not deformed, bark hasn't regrown over, or moss, or anything.
The bark surrounding the carvings has grown and moved over it does...yet those carvings have remained unchanged.

Bit freaky really when you think about it.

Add to that that if you ever have the opportunity to see them in person, you'll notice its a place where there are no animals. The livestock in the surrounding areas come nowhere near them.


posted on Jun, 3 2009 @ 06:58 PM
reply to post by alien

Now that is interesting. I might plan a trip there. It sounds very interesting. I will post more when I get more time

posted on Jun, 3 2009 @ 07:31 PM
reply to post by TheMythLives

Well...if you ever do venture these ways let me know.
There are plenty of similar places I could direct you to, or take you to.

...more on Tree Memories:

I once knew an old Kuia/Elderly Woman who lived a brief walk from where I grew up.
I used to visit her regularly.
Whenever I went out trout-fishing I'd always take her a nice fat fresh trout and pay my respects to her.

She was a lovely old soul. Very wise and would often share stories of old, old knowledges, old Waiata/Songs with me...hence I loved to visit spend time with her and learn from her.
That and she baked the most delicious Rewena/Traditional Maori Bread and always had a larder stocked with amazing preserves, jams etc...which she's always so joyfully fill me up with over a cuppa.

Anyway - she lived in a big old 3 bedroom Homstead/house that had been in her family for many generations. Next door to her lived her youngest daughter in a smaller 2 bedroom house.
Both houses sat on the same block of land...separating the two houses was this row of fruit trees.

I'd often collect up the fruit for this old Kuia for her to bottle and preserve. The fruit was always so big and so juicy. Year after year. She didn't tend to the trees or anything, just let them grow and every year the fruit was bountiful.
Thing is that the fruit was only ever so bountiful and sweet on the side of the old kuias house. The other side, where the daughter lived, only seemed to produce very few fruit and not as big or sweet etc.

I asked her one day why that was, her reply was something like:
"They don't like her much. She was always naughty to them when she was a kid. Breaking off their branches and being naughty to them. No respect for our tipuna/ancestors (the trees) that girl."

One year the old Kuia's daughter had her kids return to live with her for a the old Kuia and the daughter traded houses so the daughter and her kids could have the larger house with more room.

I continued to visit the Kuia.

Come fruit gathering time I noticed the fruit trees were now producing their sweetest bountiful fruits on the side of the smaller house, where the old kuia now lived...and no longer on the side of the large house where the daughter now lived.

"Told you" said the Kuia "They don't like her. Our tipuna (the trees) remember those things you know. She should apologise to them and they'll give her fruit again".

The Kuia and the daughter stayed in those houses for a few years...and each year was the same. More fruit on the kuias side...hardly any on the daughters.

One day I visited and the Kuia said her daughter and her kids were moving away to the city. And that she would be moving back to the old Homestead to look after it and they would probably rent out the smaller one.

Well. You guessed it. The old kuia moves back into the larger house and low and behold the fruit comes back on that side again.

A newly wed couple rented out the smaller house...and the fruit started to regrow on that side again.

"Hmmm. They must be good people. The tipuna like them. Or maybe they just really didn't like my daughter - hahaha." said the Kuia.


posted on Jun, 3 2009 @ 07:42 PM
reply to post by alien

I think that is ground breaking..seriously, that should be in DISCOVER Magazine. I love those stories, of the ancients and what not. I honestly think now those plants didn't What an awesome story, hell, I think I should make a video about this now...

posted on Jun, 6 2009 @ 04:56 PM
I had a thought, if it is the trees that are the problem. If we cut the trees down and use the lumber for houses and other things does that mean they can still communicate? Or are they dead? I have been wondering, but I am just not sure...

posted on Jun, 7 2009 @ 04:54 AM
reply to post by TheMythLives

Very interesting question.

My own take on it...and bear in mind this is inevitably from a cultural perspective, as well, thats really the only perspective I can come from - so may not be applicable, who knows
This will also no doubt be somewhat of a novel, but theres much to the background and rationale for the apologies, but a bit of background info will also hopefully allow you to see more fully the perspective.

In my culture there are essentially four main layers to living - and in some ways non-living - things.

1. Tapu
2. Wairua
3. Mauri
4. Mana

1. Tapu.
Tapu could very loosely be translated to 'sacredness'...yet its far deeper than that.
Tapu, as we see it, is the inherent essence...inherent value...inherent *sheen* if you will that we are born with.
Tapu also exists within other beings (living and non-living) however for this bit I'll refer to human beings to perhaps more readily explain the layers.
The word 'tapu' is also a formation of two main words/concepts:
Ta = to create, to shape, form, mold
Pu = Source (in this sense, the original source, Io Matua Kore...or 'God')
Tapu then essentially means formed, shaped, molded, imbued 'God'.
...hence the inherent 'sacredness' of all things...for its a 'sacredness' that was bestowed - right from the beginning - by 'God'.

2. Wairua
Wairua can be somewhat loosely translated as 'spirit/spirituality' etc.
Again, it is a composition:
Wai = (in this usage) unique, special, unprecedented
Rua = (in this usage) an abyss, a container
Wairua = The special uniqueness of you contained within. In some ways...perhaps even soul may be somewhat applicable here.

3. Mauri
Mauri is sometimes translated as 'life force'. Again its quite a bit deeper, and also too a compositon:
Ma = joined, connected
Uri = descendents, all things both seen and unseen
Mauri = our life-force, our connection to all things seen and some ways its perhaps our 'mauri' that our 'wairua' interacts with the seen and unseen worlds.
Bit like our senses...our hearing, vision etc.
Our Mauri is the link to it all...bit like strands of a spiders-web...when a strand is *pinged* by something moving next to or into the web those vibrations transfer along that strand to the spider sitting in the middle receiving that vibration.

4. Mana
Often translated as 'prestige, authority'. Yup, you guessed it, far deeper and a composition:
Ma = joined, connected
Na = breath (nana - breathing: Ma-nana)
Mana = To be joined to the everlasting breath. Of whom? Io Matua Kore...or our concept of 'God'.

...okay, I know I said there were four...but I'm going to also throw in a fifth as a bonus...

5. Tinana
Can be translated to mean body. Yup, deeper, compositon:
Tina = To be fixed, firm, held fast
Na = breath. Nana - breathing.
Tinana = The breath, the breathing to be held firm, to be fixed. Fixed where? Within the *body* that its being *fixed* within. the whole hoopla about these levels and layers and whats it got to do with the price of fish?

Essentially all living things (and some non-living) are compositions of these layers/levels. They are all part and parcel of that *being*...whatever it is...human, animal, tree, whatever.

Tapu could be seen as like the outer shell of a thing. Bit like a Star Trek deflector-shield if you will.
Its the gleaming, shiny coating...the nice polished finish...that we were born with. A shiny polished finish bestowed by Io/God.

What does it encapsulate? Well...the rest of it below...

Wairua could be seen as possibly soul. You. Your true essence. Though, heh, like everything its so much more than that.

Mauri could be seen as the senses, the interactive ability, the transporter of information and engagements between Wairua/Spirit/Soul/You and the seen and unseen worlds. Maybe even like an 'aura' of sorts that radiates out, touches upon and is touched by the seen and unseen - and so acts like those strands of the spiders-web.

Mana is the essence of power, of hard to describe really.

Tinana - body, the vessel within which all the above resides.

Tinana isn't overly important...well it is, but in the wider scheme of things not so. I guess that perspective is more a reflection and acknowledgement that we - us - who we truly are - is not our body.

My body can be destroyed yet I - the true me - will not die. For while my body may be part of who I am in this essence/world...I am not part of it.
The true me is the Wairua.

So...lets say that someone wishes to do me harm. And by me I mean Wairua.

They will need to strike to the core components of who I am...they will need to strike to my Mauri, Mana and thus affect the Wairua.
Firstly however, the Tapu needs to be breached. That 'outer shell' needs to be cracked in order to 'get in' and mess up the inner parts.
I won't get into specifics about how one might do well...that falls a bit too much into the realms of what we term Makutu, or Curses...and I'm not prepared to share any specific methods/info regarding those types of knowledges. Too dangerous. about peeling off that outer layer in order to target the target/attack the Mauri, the Mana and ultimately the Wairua

However...Tapu can be breached through actions that violate the person.
For instance, a common breach of Tapu that I deal with most days in my Mental Health work is the affect of Abuse upon people.
Sexual, physical, emotional abuse etc. Those actions can certainly tarnish and crack that outer-shell and thus open up the inner to be messed with.

We may be able to assist the person is restoring their inner-self, in helping heal those inner components...however in order to ensure that healing is sustainable that persons Tapu also needs to be restored.
How and who?
Well...for us that is left to Io/God. We see Io as being the original bestower of we ask Io to also restore it.
Without that restoration what you have is a bit like a cracked can refill it all you want, but eventually the contents will perish or leak out through the cracks.

So...what has ANY of this seemingly faaaaar Off-Topic Reply got to do with your question about Trees???

Trees - particularly the very special *trees* this thread seems to discuss could well be seen to function in similar ways...with a similar essence of 'layers'.

If you destroy their Tinana...their physical may well not have in any way affected their inner. Particularly their Wairua.

If anything, you may well have just set it *free*...separated it from the physicality/locality of the bark and branches of its physical self and effectively let it loose as *spirit*
Now - IF that Tree, that being, that essence was in some way malicious...I guess in some ways its maliciousness may well have been somewhat contained and confined to that area/space.

What now with the *body*, the Tinana, removed? could have have just opened up a whole new can of free flying worms...
Sometimes its not wise to removed the lid of a container thats meant to hold things in.

The milling of the tree, turning it into timber, building something with it...will it remove its Tapu? Who knows. Or will it simply create lots of smaller individual *containers* of the *issue* that are now just in the form of timber that has in turn become the form of a house??

I guess perhaps the question is WHAT is doing the *speaking*? Is it the physical tree, the wood itself...or the Wairua/spirit/soul that is communicating. And possibly communicating via the Mauri component of self.
If so...if the Wairua and/or Mauri are not affected...then will it cease communicating?

My own thoughts are that if you wished it to cease communicating - though I'm not sure why, as personally I've never encountered Trees that have been problematic, quite the reverse.
I do know of accounts of Trees that have functioned as Gaurdians of areas, and really its only those people up to mischief or who have no reason/right to be in those areas that may experience anything negative from them...but generally speaking Trees in my culture are certainly not inherently malicious.
If you wished it to cease communicating or creating whatever effect is the issue...then I'd assume from my understanding that you'd have to also deal with the Wairua and the Mauri of it in order for any action taken to be effective.

You would have to intervene on a far deeper level that just the physical.


posted on Jun, 7 2009 @ 11:13 AM
This thread has struck a definite nerve with me.

You see, I’ve been looking for some time to explain these…things. It was thanks to a random find on Wikipedia that I found something similar enough to arouse my interest; however, what I’ve seen does not entirely match the descriptions for a “shadow being”, but its close enough that I wonder if its linked somehow. Now you've given me more to consider, to say the least.

On multiple occasions for more than a year now I’ve seen “shadow people”, though I’d honestly only compare them to humans to give a basis for their physical appearance. They're in no way like the "shadow people" which have become a sort of fad nowdays, and I only call them "shadow people" because I can't think of a better name. They didn’t move like humans; these creatures tend to move on all fours and seem to communicate with a strange series of shrieks and barking noises like some sort of predatory animal. The sounds sometimes seemed like the call of a hawk, and at other times reminded me of a Hyena. Though I’ve only seen one directly in all of this time, I’ve caught glimpses of many others; they appeared, if they were to stand erect, to be about four to five feet tall, with elongated arms and diminished physiques. Their shoulders were thin and their necks were long; their basic outline, aside from the mentioned features, appeared distinctly human. In each instance I’ve sighted them, they were in the shadow, or in transit from one shadow to another. I originally thought their skin was black, but after sighting a few in partial light I think their skin may be more of a dull grey. Their eyes have always been green, with only one exception; the one I sighted directly (which frightened me, to be honest) had piercing blue eyes. All of their eyes glowed, which is the only reason I sighted most of them.

Aside from occasional glimpses at random intervals, I’ve had three experiences worth noting due to their shocking and unusual nature.

The first was the most unmistakable, as it was that one occasion on which I saw the blue-eyed one directly. I was simply sitting on my back porch on the night of March 4, 2008, at about two thirty am. I remember because it’s the day before my birthday, and I’d just watched Aladdin and was preparing to go to sleep. Almost immediately after sitting down, I noticed an abundance of strange noises coming from the trees and shadows in my yard; as noted before, it sounded like predatory birds or hyenas, if such a combination could be imagined. It sounded like a lot of things, whatever they were, and I was intrigued; I’ve been going out at night around my home for years and had never heard anything like it before. I became aware of movement in the corners of my eyes; it seemed that every time I would turn my head to look at one movement, another would happen elsewhere. Now, like I said, I’ve been going back there for years at night, and was accustomed to the normal noises as well as the shadows cast by the trees, garage, etc; I noticed multiple shadows were out of place, and seemed to be moving. At this point my eyes were adjusted to the dark and I could see something moving through the trees, leaping from branch to branch. There were at least ten of whatever they were, all with green eyes, shrieking to each other and making me feel like I was being toyed with. One shadow leapt right between me and the porch light, which was only seven feet away from me. About then I spotted the blue-eyed one perched on the corner of the garage, staring intently at me; it is from this things outline, clearly defined against the sky, that I derived the general description of the “shadow people” which I provided earlier in this post. Once I saw that, I went inside and didn’t go out at night for a while.

Only weeks afterwards I decided to go out into a familiar patch of woods we call The Den, about three miles away from my home. I built a small fire and sat there, alone, for a good hour, staring into the fire. This experience was a wierd one, and completely unique in my time; I heard a motor, saw blue and red flashing lights, and heard two distinct voices coming through the trees. My natural assumption was that I was about to be arrested for trespassing, so I stomped out the fire and hid about half a mile away. It occured to me moments later that no vehicle could physically have arrived in that area, and that I couldn't have seen what I'd seen. I, at that point, realized I was dealing with something a little too strange for my tastes and ran. The whole way down the path, until I left the woods, I could hear those two voices on either side of me; I never could understand what they were saying, though. Nothing like it has ever happened to me since.

About a months later I found myself back in that very spot with a friend; We were sitting by a campfire talking about our relationship woes, trying to get a few more friends to come out and keep us company. We both heard breaking twigs and what sounded like whispers coming from about thirty feet away, give or take. Once again, we were in a very familiar area in which we’d spent many nights before, so there was no chance of us simply reacting to wild animals or moving trees. My friend and I put our backs to the fire and took out our pocket knives; the area is prone to stupid kids going out to the woods to drink, and being stupid, they were usually armed. We assumed it was nothing more than such, but were prepared nonetheless, hence our weapons and position. However, the footsteps and whispers never came closer than about ten feet, staying just behind the treeline in the shadows; there were at least four, on all sides at once. This is only relevant because of the area we were camped; there is only one trail in, and the rest is thorn bushes and trees. Nobody could have surrounded us as quietly as they did, it simply isn’t possible. We decided to leave, and both witnessed humanoid shadows leaping through the trees without making any noise other than the occasional twig breaking. We jogged down the trail, and they kept perfect pace within the thicket on either side; once again, it isn’t physically possible to move that quickly and silently through brush like that. We haven’t been back to those woods since.

posted on Jun, 7 2009 @ 11:15 AM
I know several other people who wish to remain anonymous who have seen these things. My own mother, who doesn’t believe in a single thing which isn’t printed in the bible, has seen humanoids in our back yard at night. I have accounts ranging from downtown Houston to Conroe , and have even heard one reliable report of red and yellow eyed varieties in Louisiana . In all honesty, if it weren’t for these other people who have seen as I have, I wouldn’t be telling you of this now.

I'd nearly forgotten; there was one other sighting. An acqaintance of mine came forward four months ago to tell me about something which defied his logic; he had been in those same woods with four of his friends, and they'd heard something moving swiftly through the trees. They then saw something do a roughly twenty-foot vertical leap from the bottom of a trench to the trail on which they stood; the thing proceeded to chase them completely out of the forest. They saw it clearly in the field outside of the woods; it matched perfectly the creature I've described. This acqaintance had never been told of the encounters in those woods, nor had anybody; whatever they saw, it scared them badly enough that they were pushing and shoving each other in attempt of escape. They were all friends who had known each other for years, and they still reacted in the purest form of flight or fight when they saw this thing.

In closing, I must impress upon you that I never saw or heard of anything like this before seeing it myself, and the accounts given by others to me were given before I spoke to them of my own affairs. There is very little chance of “contamination” by cross-telling, and I, for one, can swear that everything I’ve written here is true. Do with it what you will; I have my own theories about the beings, but like all humans, would like to find proof. Given things which have been brought to my attention on this thread, I have much more to consider.

Do you think that these experiences could be linked to, or even be the cause of, the "whispers" in the forest?

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posted on Jun, 7 2009 @ 11:20 AM
reply to post by Malfeitor

Well its a good possibility, I have heard of Shadow people (ghosts/poltergesists) who can communicate with people. Most of the time to pull pranks, however, there are a few that are very mean. Some mischieveious, some nice, and really, really few that are mean. Perhaps you have come across the mean ones. I will need more time to read you story and when I do I will add more, until then visit my thread:

A guide to exorcisms, located in my signiture. It may help you....

posted on Jun, 7 2009 @ 11:27 AM
reply to post by TheMythLives

I've read your thread; I found it quite informative, actually. That is no small part of why I chose to post these occurances on this thread instead of making my own (which I intended to do once more information became available).
Truthfully, I doubt these things are incorporeal. They left tracks, and while they moved unnaturally quickly, they never just vanished like poltergeists or shadow people are reputed to do.

My Conroe friend who witnessed these things, or rather, things like them, believed that they were some physical manifestation of forest spirits. I'd need to type up another very long post to explain those occurances, though; my bloody wrists are killing me, lol. Perhaps I'll try it later.

At any rate, I myself haven't seen any of the little buggers in months, and to my knowledge they've only been sighted once this year.
I have no doubt, though, that if these are as wide spread as I believe, they may be quite responsible for a number of disappearances and sightings in the forest.
The fact that they never appeared in full moonlight and only came out at night also brings questions to mind; I think I failed to mention that earlier.

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