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Whispers/Voices- The Mystery of The Forest/Jungle

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posted on Mar, 14 2009 @ 03:47 PM
I've been thinking about this all day, since I first read and then replied to this thread and after reading the subsequent posts I wanted to add another thought.

I moved from England to Spain and love the mountains here but I really miss the old trees and the woodland areas of England. The mountains look beautiful but they don't resonate with me like trees so I certainly think there is some sort of connection with plant life. Maybe for some people they resonate more with other aspects of nature, such as the mountains? I also love listening to the sea but inland water areas make me uneasy.

I know that may seem to be going off in a different direction but I thought it might make a difference if some of us feel more 'at home' with different aspects of nature. eg. some of us hear/feel plant life and maybe others get something from water, mountains, etc? It might explain why some of us sincerely believe we can talk to plant life and other people think we're completely off our rocker!

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posted on Mar, 14 2009 @ 03:52 PM
I am a Pagan by religion, Druid to be exact, and have spent many hours meditating by trees and in the countryside. I always am aware that trees and plants have a voice and a spirit and I always ask for permission before entering a forest then thank the forest and its spirits for allowing me to share their place when I leave.
What you hear when you are surrounded by life (that is what the forests are 100% life and more of it than you will find in any city) are the voices of the natural world. Next time you are alone, surrounded by trees and animals and nature in general take time to stop for a few minutes, blank your mind and feel the life force surrounding you. You may not hear it but you will feel it I guarantee.
Remember nature is your god, god is in everything, the rocks, the soil, the air, the plants, in you and in me. God is not some man in the sky it is in everything and due to that we all have the potential to hear and feel it when the conditions are right.
For any Christtians that are about to attack me for that statement I suggest you read your history. Not the christianity of Paul but the Christianity of the original Christians, look at what they believed .
Anyway back to the point, what you are hearing is the voices of nature, the voices of the trees, plants, animals and even those that like to remain unseen. Those of you that have felt something in the forest or in the wilderness, what you are feeling is the life force that holds the world together. God if you will ! or some people prefer to split it into seperate deitys to make it easier to understand, so therefore in that case you are feeling and communicating with the gods

posted on Mar, 14 2009 @ 03:57 PM
reply to post by lee anoma

That is very cool and very strange that your spouse had a similar dream. Maybe it was some sort of sign.

reply to post by FIFIGI

Interesting many people say that they get a sense of heightend "feeling", like they below there in a way. Very interesting.

reply to post by Skyfloating

Yep, more oxygen the better things work. The brain, the heart, everything. Very cool perhaps there is something in that. Like a hyperbaric chamber almost except all around you. The trees and everything green the forest helps with the oxygen and other gases. I like where this is going.

reply to post by synchro

Very interesting and legimate theory. I know about this and have heard about this before, like painters and other people who have a craft, like yourself gain inspiration from auditory perspective. Nice theory!

reply to post by Maya00a

Could certainly be a possibility. Perhaps we become more in tuned with nature when isolated. After all you don't really have much of a choice, but to return to nature and get along with it. What better way to get to know eachother than talking.

reply to post by avriel

As a christian myself, I actually enjoyed your theory and thought it was well said. Unfortuantely, different beliefs lead to different ways of understanding. But what people fail to realize upon is that the beliefs we have all lead us to the same end. In the end we will all be together, not as one but as our own being connected through our experiences and our faith in something higher than ourselves.

posted on Mar, 14 2009 @ 05:35 PM
I appreciate how you've made the effort on this thread to indulge explanations from many theories and belief systems.

It would be interesting to compile a study that compared characteristics of wooded areas which have a high and low volume of incidents like this. I'm wondering if woods that have a longer human history are more active.

Because of my hobby I spend hundreds of hours each year in the woods alone at night. I have never heard whispers and I'm wondering if it is because the woods I am usually in are not original old growth forest or possibly because the human presence in this area only goes back about 150 years.

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posted on Mar, 14 2009 @ 09:08 PM
reply to post by dainoyfb

Interesting, I have not even considered that possibility of the age of the wood. I appreciate you bringing that up, as that could be highly important. Maybe metitating in the woods would allow for the wood to open up? I have no idea, but maybe, let me know if you find anything since you are now armed with this info.

posted on Mar, 15 2009 @ 12:23 AM
Very cool thread, I love talking about things like this. I live next to a wildlife refuge so I've spent most of my life outside; I'm actually studying to become a wildlife biologist so I can work in a national park or something similar.

reply to post by Maya00a

I know exactly what you mean, I did the same thing when I was about 10 years old. Pretty much every day I'd go sit outside and chill after school. I tried to talk to the wind. I swear it worked. I'm 20 now and there's this big huge tree I go sit under at my dad's house when I'm over there, you can feel the energy coming off of those things, it's just spectacular.

As to the OP I've never "heard" any whispers in the woods, but sometimes words aren't the best mode of communication if you catch my drift.

posted on Mar, 15 2009 @ 04:08 AM
reply to post by TheMythLives

Maybe it is the "elementals". The Gnomes, sylphs, salamanders, and undines. Many cultures have refereed to them and how to communicate with them. If they do exist they most likely exist on a different frequency exhibited by the fact that in order to see and contact them one must make changes in ones own consciousness, according to legend.

posted on Mar, 15 2009 @ 05:03 AM
i have yet to hear voices in the forest, but check out the celtic horoscope. it is based on trees and i have found it to be surprisingly accurate.

i think ancient knowledge is a powerful thing.

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posted on Mar, 15 2009 @ 05:06 AM
Oh yea -that-, hehe. I made a post about sometime back lemee fetch it...
ATS Post

I made that post after one night while working i swear i word not a word or two but a whole sentence. It was jumbled and i couldn't make anything out but now that you mention it, it could have sounded like something said in reverse. *shrugs*

posted on Mar, 15 2009 @ 05:14 AM
just on the topic of voices im sure some people say it could just be "your mind playing tricks on you." basic fear etc..

though this is sort of off topic ive heard a voice ONCE loud and clear, in a whispering format. i was around 16, really upset for reasons i dont like to talk about then suddenly i just heard a loud voice " why dont you worship the devil?" my room got cold and i was frozen in fear. no, im not a religious person or anything of the sort but god that was the worst thing ever.

posted on Mar, 15 2009 @ 08:40 AM
I say "All of the Above"..I beleve we are talking about time again.If there are more dimensions (which there are) our perceptions can still be subjective.
We could be hearing thoughts in our head for sure.It could be silent because we aren't listening.Turned off those psychic ears because our brain cannot process it.

It's just like a hard drive without the processing speed, now to make heads or tails of it, it takes for a long TIME.

I have known musicians that have to have a fan on at night because of whispers they constantly hear.

My experiences with Oujia boards and psychedellics produced a similar effect.

Whispers are always there, Waiting.

Think of the religous sentiment of "the still,small voice" or "Gabrial blowing his horn".

You have touched a fundamental human common denominator with this topic. that leads to higher learning.It is the level of fetishes and totems to remember the past.

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posted on Mar, 15 2009 @ 09:37 AM
reply to post by Mr Headshot

I definatly understand what you mean. Have you ever felt or heard any other means of communication by any chance?

reply to post by harvib

Could very well be the elementals.

reply to post by JebediahSpringfield

I'll be sure o check that out.

reply to post by cenpuppie

Whisper in the wind huh? Very interesting, maybe its not the trees at all but the wind, wow I totally missed that theory. Well in many cultures the wind is destinctive as its own being. Carrying anything that it may, moving mountains, some cases said to be Gods breath. Its very interesting theory! Thanks for bring that up.

reply to post by Aelous

Yep, what better way to tempt then when someone is scared and by themselves.

reply to post by Bruiex

Yes that is also something that I considered perhaps its all the above. Not just one factor but all the factors combined. Could very well be plausible.

posted on Mar, 15 2009 @ 09:40 AM
Thanks OP for this interesting post.

No offense to any of the religious here:

Growing up my brothers and I lived near the forest and for 15 years we heard voices coming from the forest and from within our house. My family was very religious at the time and the church leader basically kept telling us these were demons and to be afraid so we freaked out every time we heard these. Visiting relatives and friends also heard voices. Every so often objects within the house would move but, just out of your sight. I am referring to physical objects such as toys, books, or the television knob.

By the time I was in my early 20's everyone in the household would argue with these whatever things about moving things, whispering in the basement. After so long it became non eventful to have strange things happen as the fear of this had subsided years ago.

The forest behind the house had always felt like there were guardians there watching out for me. There is even an old tree there that has my descendants names carved into it dating back to the 1800's-present since my grandfather's family lived nearby. Many days I would venture there and take naps in the tree unafraid of whatever may happen by.

Upon moving back a few years ago one newer event happened. Within a few days of returning and while strolling outside probably 3am to check in on some of our pets I heard a voice coming towards me but, saw nothing. It stopped so I resumed checking the waterers for the pets and right behind my head something said my name loud and said, "Don't be scared."I turned and saw nothing. It was as if the breeze carried a voice right behind me. A few minutes later as I was heading back indoors I heard a voice whispering as if someone was heading into the forest.

Some reason the perimeter between forest and open land always seems foreboding to me. Wondering if anyone else ever felt that?

posted on Mar, 15 2009 @ 10:53 AM
reply to post by toochaos4u

Now that is very interesting. Perhaps its something that your descendents talked with as well, maybe its the forest, maybe its a demon, maybe its a gnome. I have no idea, but that experience must be something, very interesting. Perhpas you can attempt to record its (there) voices with a voice recorder or video camera. Still very amazing, glad this thread has helped you.

posted on Mar, 15 2009 @ 12:46 PM
reply to post by TheMythLives

We talked about two years ago contacting Ghost Hunters to investigate the house while it was empty but, like the events it kept getting forgotten by everyone. Like I say it was on and off for so many years that it became common and at times annoying.

Nothing feels malevolent about the area. The events in the house was more of something being mischievous instead of being dangerous. I now live in our old house and it has the essence of being asleep. I will setup some recorders though for fun to see if any sounds show up.

I try not to name things though because nobody knows exactly what the strange things we experience truly are.

posted on Mar, 15 2009 @ 01:01 PM
reply to post by toochaos4u, it seems that Ghost Hunters only want the BIG investigations which is why they rarely ever find anything, but anyway. Do set up the recorders and post what you find on here, maybe there will be something and maybe not, but who knows. Also if you could "drop" some recorder in the woods and maybe something will turn up.

posted on Mar, 15 2009 @ 01:47 PM
reply to post by TheMythLives

Absolutely I have, basic call and resopnse with wind ect. Like I, and maya, said you can feel the trees if you're close enough to them. If you've ever made an energy ball try manipulating the energy around a tree; it's pretty amazing what you can get back. You just have to listen, it's a sloooooooow process.

Here's a good video, the book was mentioned earlier in the thread.

Google Video Link

posted on Mar, 15 2009 @ 01:50 PM
reply to post by Maya00a

This and other posts in this thread reminded me to bring up the fact that well, isn't it weird that if you look at somebody long enough eventually they know you are looking at them like they can sense it and then they look back.

It has always amazed me and pretty much always works. Do we have a sense like that which we don't know about?

posted on Mar, 15 2009 @ 01:52 PM
reply to post by toochaos4u

I think it's more of a mental barrier than anything. Everything changes when you enter a forest. It's a different set of rules that we generally aren't used to.

I feel like a yuppie when I talk about stuff like this but there's something inside of me that screams for it to be true.

My girlfriend always tells me she used to do the same thing with trees as I did, and the wind. There's a much much longer story to go along with her though, she doesn't even know if she believes it and it happened to her. So =/

posted on Mar, 15 2009 @ 02:18 PM
reply to post by LucidDreamer85

Yep In know what you mean, I find myself doing that a lot. I can feel people looking at me and then I have to find them.

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