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Cycle of the ATS Member

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posted on Mar, 13 2009 @ 02:45 PM
For a couple years I would visit the ATS website on a semi-regular basis, weekly or monthly. Curiously I'd venture around the board. I'd find a couple of nuggets of information and take those back to my husband and few friends for discussion.

Like most of you, I found not a lot of people really wanted to talk about these issues - at least to any length. (NWO, UFO, other lettered topics) They usually had one opinion, that was it, forget discussion or I have that one friend we all probably have (seen some of these on ATS too) who hears one word of your topic and BLAZE! they are off and running on their own rant, won't let you get a word in. By the time they are done you're left with a headach and unvoiced opinions but too exhausted to pursue.

Then the magical day came! My tin foil hat fell off and I no longer had irrational fears of actually joining ATS and becoming a bonefide member!Infalmatory, what really happened was I had gobbled down every Jim Marrs book and decided I had to speak up, I had something to say - if my family and friends wouldn't listen to me maybe I could add to the enlightenment that already exists on ATS. This chic has something to say!

My first weeks were filled with fury flying fingertips fueled by caffiene and years of being too quiet, too shy. Pandora had opened her box...and my mouth. (That didn't sound right togeather did it? lol I'll leave it - you guys know what I really mean-I hope lol) Okay, let's change that from my mouth to "my voice." Makes more sense anyway, I can't do video so you can't HEAR me lol I digress.

Oh the joy! Oh the happiness of finally having others agree, or even disagree providing a theory perhaps I hadn't known or forgotten. Long long nights. I'm use to these. Natural nightowl. Before ATS there were game sites and all kinds of internet musings. However, all this thinking was slowly taking it's toll.... Achy muscles, piles of laundry..

Embarassingly I'll admit to falling into a semi-cult for a week. Just having an open mind and frakin brain fell out. As my natural skeptism resurfaced and questioning the poster I was then invited via U2U by the OP (not a mod; not even anyone with 1 oz of respect on ats) suggesting I become a 'teacher' on ATS - um what??!! I can't teach (spirituality) what I don't know. That's dangerous and immoral. They used all the common salesmen techniques 'you'll receive special treatment' 'this offer won't last forever' 'and if not you then somebody else' I ceased communication and am still beyond embarassed. Forgive me my friends. I returned to my ATS interest of NWO, UFO, Psychology ect. Kept my arse outta the grey area for a bit.

Back into my favorite subjects, joy returning. Debating this and that. Then the inevitable happened - someone was mean to me! Gasp! (lol) I noticed everywhere hate language, mean reply posts, people who just wanted to argue for agrument sakes. I was looking at the 10% of trouble makers and not the 90% who debate the ideas and not the people. My ATS happy bubble popped again. Time for a break.

I went to a movie; found myself looking for NWO symbolism lol I had done this before but, not the extent I couldn't also lose myself in the movie for a bit. Had some dinner out. Went to the park. Reconnected with the family.

Started some threads which no one replied to or posts that exclaimed "Off Topic Posts" were the haters following me? Paranoia! No worries, I was please with the threads I started, even if no one noticed. I think it's good to do some research and give back from that which we take so much from.

Read some threads about fellow ATSers being watched and followed. Psycho, paranoid, honest? Looked out my window. Checked my rear view mirror. Just as I thought! I'm too insignificant to matter.

I'm now exhausted. Have headaches. Dishes piled high. I've noticed a lot of other ATSers proclaiming how tired they are. Mind control has invaded ATS! Seriously, my internet usage hasn't wavered - I'm on as much as I have ever been on - but, it's what site I'm on - ATS. Brain on overdrive. When I'm not here I'm usually reading - at the moment not any fun fiction; more of the same ATS subjects. If I'm not reading, I'm talking about it. Poor husband

My point here is there seems to be a cycle; as with all things in life and nature. What is the ATSers 'oldtimer' view on this? Even if you're not an oldtimer, do share this cycle? Be nice, I do have a life and I know all things in balance.

Think tonight I'll kick back with a cold beverage & BSG. :w: Just betcha I'll be here at 1am anyway. I can't quit you guys. lol

posted on Mar, 13 2009 @ 07:10 PM
reply to post by Whisper67

I loved what you had to say here. I do not ever log off of ATS, being new, and I check quite a few times a day in each category for interesting threads and posts.

I did sort of take offense at your comment about a person having not 1oz of respect on ATS. Why would you think that, since all of the members make this place what it is? The old members are very knowledgable, but new members are also refreshing!

If you are put off by new people, or those that bother you, all you have to do is hit the ignore button, or tell them you are not interested in what they have to say, in the case you mentioned, via the U2U feature

I do enjoy your posts, but not everybody will always agree with what you have to say. I have a suspect that is just the way it is around here, so don't take it to heart!

posted on Mar, 13 2009 @ 07:44 PM
reply to post by Blanca Rose

You make a good point Blanca Rose. So many members don't even post but, sit back and enjoy all there is to ATS. Who am I to say who members respect and don't respect? I know this. I get upset with those who make blanket statement, personal attacks ect. and that is exactly what I just did. Please know it wasn't due to this member appearing new. I'm fairly certain they'd been here before. I was very upset personally about this event. I found out the poster was an imposter. I'm the one that lost respect. I can't speak for everyone and you are so right.

Again, let me make it perfectly clear - I totally respect and enjoy new members!! Very much and enjoy what they contribute to ATS.

I take great pride in examining my motives. Of living a conscious life. The reason was personal and I totally missed the mark here. Thanks for calling me on it. Star 4U

posted on Mar, 13 2009 @ 07:47 PM
PS - I'm finding BTS a place to chill out but still be in touch as well as getting to know my neighbors a bit better

posted on Mar, 13 2009 @ 11:10 PM
I've been here for nearly 3 years now and I've settled into a steady rhythm.

The first 6 months was posting countless topics and being fairly obsessed with being right. I had a lot to say and on a lot of topics, and I got it all out of my system.

After about a year and a half I got bored of ATS (This was around mid 2007, when the board was basically dominated by reptilians, drones and a couple of guys called Sleeper and John Lear, who I despised).

I backed off and left ATS alone for a while. I felt it had lost it's edge and had ignorance seeping out it's ears.

I'd check up every few days and see how things were going, comment on one or two threads every week that had a bit of substance.

But in 2008, the boards picked back up again. (IMO).

Reptilians were removed from the UFO forum, John Lear was banned and Sleeper fell into obscurity.

Topics of real consequence came back, with the election approaching and Big UFO events like O'Hare and Stephensville.

Now in 2009 I'm posting as often, if not more so, than when I first joined. I think ATS has it's edge back in a big way.

I feel I'm mature and knowledgeable enough now also (I joined when I was 17 I think... or 18) to publish some important threads of my own, no more of those 3 or 4 line posts that waste time and space.

It is kind of sad the amount of times I check ATS every day. In the morning when I get up. Then again after breakfast (especially if there is a hot, fast moving topic I'm interested in like the PIFTS.exe one the other day). Pretty much the most frequent thing I do every day. I'll even close ATS, reset the computer to clear ram so I can get a game going, and when it turns back on go 'Oh, I'll just check bla bla bla again' and then spend another hour on ATS.

The ATS member cycle has gone around 360 for me. I'm back at the addicted stage.

[edit on 13-3-2009 by fooffstarr]

posted on Mar, 14 2009 @ 01:14 PM
reply to post by Whisper67

The idea of ATS is to try and find answers to the tough questions that the main stream media do not ask anymore. (They seem to care about celebrities more than actual news.) The fringe news area also does not get treated seriously, and this is a good outlet for that.

It is true there are some outrageous beliefs out there, I like to read them to see what people are thinking and their reasons for those thoughts. I try to bring in my experiences when needed, and also will look for the truth, no matter what it is. And that could be that the actual explanation given by everyone else may also be the truth to some of these ideas.

I love a good debate, and also try to find the facts to back up what I write. That can be hard, as trying to remember something can take a while!

Stay with this site, Blanca Rose, as it will be a bumpy but fun ride!

posted on Mar, 14 2009 @ 11:04 PM
reply to post by Whisper67

I enjoyed reading John Lears posts and he was alway's polite to me. When John was banned I'm sure the ATS officials had a good reason. Some have accused me of having outlandish beliefs. Most of the things I've discussed are not beliefs, but from experience. I have lived near Area 51 for two decades and know just about anything is possible. A lot of my friends are gone. I'm just a diehard to the ATS and I try not to let nasty remarks get to me. They are childish and I just click on the ignore button. We've had wonderful mods here over the years and the site sure has changed.
However, being one of the elders I learn something new everyday.

I do not believe the world will end in 2012, but will be a better place. However, from now until than it might be a rough ride for some..... Especially the greedy. Growing an acre garden wouldn't be a bad idea. Take time to relax and have a positive attitude.

I also know the difference between Black-0ps and UFO's.

posted on Mar, 17 2009 @ 12:52 PM
While I would hope that most members enjoy contributing to the discussion, I place no different value on members based on habits. Some prefer to just read the posts of others. Some post an awful lot (guilty).... As long as the member enjoys being here for whichever activity, they're welcome to do so, is my feeling on it...

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