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posted on Mar, 13 2009 @ 01:18 PM
Whats really going on?
Do people even realise their alive anymore?
In this fast forward world,nobody even notices what they have anymore.

Which is funny,cause in your final moments of life,what will you think about?
Will it be about all the things you have acquired?
Or will it be the moments in life?

People dont live life anymore.
They exist.

What does it mean to live?
Isnt it suppose to be about the bonds and connections we make throughout?

People dont even raise their kids anymore.
Parents are so quick to throw there kids into 3-4 after school activities,as they run around working 12 hour work shifts.

And they pass their kids like ships in the night,trying to fit a lifetime in mere moments.

And when their kids are home,all parents want is their kids to get good grades and stay out of trouble.While in the meantime,they send their children off to be raised by the internet and what they see on tv.

By the time parents even realise it,the kids are all grown up and on their own.Its about that time,they realise what they missed out on.

And what happened to making connections?
What happened to dating?
Gone are the moments in which your heart races and your palms sweat as you approach the girl you like,to ask her out.
In its place is the internet.
The emotionless,impersonal device in which there are no consequences.
Its where people can lie and hide who they are.
People now look for dates online,and its like filling out a job application.

We live life allowing everyone to tell us theres something wrong.
Our children arent kids anymore.
When they cry,get excited,throw a fit or what have you,theres a doctor with a fix for it.
Theres Prozac,riddelin,xanax etc.
Instead of a kid being just that,a kid.

Parents dont want to be parents anymore,they want quick fixes and less responsibility.

You have the media scaring people about terror or you going broke.
You have the media telling you what you are if you think a certain way.
We have the Maury show glorifying underage sex,violence and its played to the masses as entertainment.

In the midst of all this,people dont live life anymore.
Or they arent aware of what life is for.

They dont help others anymore.
They are closed off to whats happening in the world.
They hear about thousands of people out of work and homeless,and they might lift an eyebrow and think how bad for them,but at the same time,better them than you,right?
Seconds later they are back to channel surfing.

And then theres ATS.
Nothing worng with it by any means.
But some people on here spend too much time worrying about the coming end of the world,nWo,martial law,aliens or whatever.
Some people spend too much time focusing on what could or might be,that they fail to see whats really important.

What will be,will be.
Stop living on fast forward.
Enjoy the life you have now.
Stop and look around you.
People make up this life,the connections you make are what counts.

Im actually surprised our suicide rate in this country isnt higher.
All day people are constantly complaining about how bad things are,and how bad things are going to get.
It makes you wonder what keeps people around here.
Theres a little piece of them that keeps them going,and its that one piece that people dont pay enough attention too.

After reading 1000's of posts on here about everything wrong,i've come to conclude,the problem with this world is the people in it.
Life is what people make it,and the people nowdays have made it a chore,instead of an enjoyment.

Maybe someday,the zombies that enhabit this planet will wake up.

posted on Mar, 13 2009 @ 01:46 PM
reply to post by Black_Fox

Excellent rant. I think the main problem is what you address, we are too obsessed with technology and we are forgetting about being human. My niece spent all her time texting her boyfriend. My mother asked her why she doesn't wait and tell it to him in person, and she just shrugged.

People have more friends through these online services than in real life. One thing about my boys was that they were physically active, and we would always do something. They sometimes went on the computer or played games, but it was not for long.

Maybe we should all go Howard Beale and turn off the TV, games, and other electronic gadgets and go outside. There is actually a world going on, and we are missing it.

posted on Mar, 13 2009 @ 02:00 PM

Originally posted by Black_Fox
Which is funny,cause in your final moments of life,what will you think about?
Will it be about all the things you have acquired?
Or will it be the moments in life?

I think life is a series of moments.
Special, poignant moments that shape your existence and allow you to "feel" and feel "alive", if only for those moments.
I think the capitalist west in general have forgotten how to live properly and what life is and should be about... people, family, friends, relationships, culture, arts, love, peace, unity, community, nature, relaxation, contemplation, kindness, listening, sharing.

ALL these things have been replaced by.... necessity, greed, ease, quickness, efficiency, selfishness, apathy, careers, pride, ignorance, money, power.

People don't live life anymore.
They exist.

That is very true.
What is it to really live... to dance, to love, to feel, to recognize, to empathize, to be passionate.....

Not merely just go along with whatever is easiest or is the least hassle for you to do or be bothered to do.
Modern life is everything that life should be against.... to many distractions, to many excuses to not feel and live.

What does it mean to live?
Isnt it suppose to be about the bonds and connections we make throughout?

It most definitely is...To make heartfelt communication with other human beings.
To recognize ourselves and all similarities in every other human being we come in to contact with and share many humbling and poignant moments with one another.

This makes us feel safe and makes us realize that we are all in it together... instead of the greed and corruption that society shoves down our throats and that is born out of ignorance and intolerance.


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