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Could everything be true?

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posted on Mar, 13 2009 @ 11:54 AM
This is basically a responce to the headache I was forming as I tried to wrap my head around some theories on dimentions, dreams, time travel, and the reason for being. I'm not sure if this is under the right topic but it shall cover a bit as I try to order my mind...

I consider myself a flexable person when it comes to accepting things, I can even accept two things to be true at the same time even though they contradict eachother. For an easy example, creation vs evolution. I can accept some 'thing' created everything and then left us to evolve. Who says it had to be one or the other?
I wonder then if everything could possibly be true? Every concievable notion of why, where, what, and how come are just pieces of a much larger puzzle that we have yet to compleat because we're troubled by the fact that one of the pieces has a strange color to it so we ignore the shape (which could fit another piece) and discard it and therefore lose the whole picture.
Each theory that is concieved is based on a logic of the person who created it. That logic is based on an experiance of their collected life up untill that moment. meaning no one else could come up with the theory exactly as that person has (though they may come close or agree with it)
So in essance that is one piece of our 900mill piece puzzle.
I read on one thread several theories for alternate dimentions. This varied from them not being real to there being infinant dimentions. Could it posibly be that everyone was right? that they aren't 'real' yet are infinant? That they are infinant yet limmited?

Sorry if all that is a bit scattered, my mind is boiling over and in my attempt at staying on topic I've lost some content.

posted on Mar, 13 2009 @ 12:18 PM
reply to post by Sakuyanekochan

I made a thread a few weeks ago that ties in with this.

Maybe have a read.

It was my attempt to explain my thoughts like you are doing right now. Should be an interesting read for you and make you see a bit clearer I think.

Looks like you are beginning to understand the point of life.

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