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Karmayogi 11 :Spacetrip in Indian Srimad Bhagavatam

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posted on Mar, 13 2009 @ 10:51 AM
Spacetrip in Indian Srimad Bhagavatam

Reading the Indian holy scripture Srimad Bhagavatam we find very obius sings of ancient trips into the stars.

Dhruva Majaraja is like an Indian King David. Majaraja means King. He was from childhood on a grat devotee of the lord. Dhruva Majaraja be undergoing severe austereties became the blessing to achieve the highest position in material universe. After fighting the yakshas he WAS TAKEN BE THE DEMIGODS WITH A CELESTIAL AIRPLANE TO THE POLAR STAR SYSTEM.

This scripture contains also knowdledge of the self and just reading a bit of it should dispel any bad karma you got.

Check it for your self :

posted on Mar, 13 2009 @ 11:06 AM
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i'm sorry ...

but i am extremely confused as to what this thread is about?

posted on Mar, 13 2009 @ 02:19 PM

Originally posted by Karmayogi11
Dhruva Majaraja be undergoing severe austereties became the blessing to achieve the highest position in material universe. After fighting the yakshas he WAS TAKEN BE THE DEMIGODS WITH A CELESTIAL AIRPLANE TO THE POLAR STAR SYSTEM.

You're a little off.

The trip occurred in Dhruva's mind as he died:

He realized that this universe made of the external energy was to the living being a phantasmagoria prepared by ignorance like in a dream. (16) He considered all the created, of himself, his wives, children, friends, his influence, riches, the pleasure grounds and the upkeep for the women and the complete of the beauty of the earth with its oceans, as something bound to time and thus he left for Badarikâs'rama [the Himalayan forest]. (17) There he purified his body, bathing in pure water and controlled he, fixed in yogic postures, the breathing process by withdrawing the mind from his physical senses. Concentrating on the exact form of the Lord became he so meditating, constantly keeping Him in mind, fully absorbed. (18) Engaged in constant devotion unto Lord Hari, the Supreme Personality of Godhead, he was in an everlasting bliss and again and again overcome by a stream of tears that made his heart melt and all the hairs of his body stand on end; he no longer remembered he had a body and was thus liberated from [also the subtlety of] the material bond [mukta-linga].

In the trance state from extreme meditation, Dhruva then:

...saw a very beautiful chariot descending from the sky that illumined him and the ten directions as if the full moon itself was appearing. (20) There he then saw two beautiful demigods in it with four arms, a blackish skin, being quite young and with eyes reddish like a lotus flower, holding clubs, attractively decorated with helmets, bracelets, necklaces and earrings. (21) Understanding them to be two servants of the One of Renown, he stood up, but being puzzled he forgot the proper way to behave and thus he respectfully joined his hands offering his respects by chanting the names of the chief of these associates, the Enemy of Madhu. (22) He whose heart was always absorbed in thoughts about the feet of Lord Krishna, very humbly with the folding of his hands bowed his head while they, Nanda and Sunanda, the two confidential servants of the One of the Lotusnavel, smiling approached and addressed him. (23) Nanda and Sunanda said: 'O best of kings! All good fortune to you. Listen attentively to our words. You are the one who, being five years old, greatly satisfied God by penance. (24) As the associates of the creator of this entire universe, of the Godhead who carries the bow named S'ârnga, have we approached you to take you with us to where the Lord resides. (25) The position of Vishnu, so difficult to reach that not even the greatest of enlightenment can achieve it, has been conquered by you.

See, he achieved a state of meditation that put him as one with Vishnu, which no one else had ever done.

He was invited to come and live with Vishnu.

Come and simply see the supreme which the moon, the sun, the other planets and the stars circumambulate to the right. (26) Never ever was this achieved by your forefathers or even others, o dear one; come and live there in that supreme position of Lord Vishnu who is so worshipable for the inhabitants of the universe. (27) O immortal soul, you are worthy to board this unique heavenly chariot that was sent to you by the Praised One, the head of all living beings.'

He purified himself and "lit up like gold." (One is led to wonder why you haven't claimed he was King Midas here as well. After all, you're taking these vedas as literal truth in your post.) He then boarded the "heavenly vehicle" (note, it doesn't say celestial anything, much less "airplane.")

The sage Maitreya said: 'After hearing the speeches pouring like honey from the chief associates of the Lord, took the one so dear to Him, offering the sages his obeisances and accepting their blessings, a purifying bath and performed he his daily duties. (29) In worship having circumambulated that best of positions and also having proved his respects to the two of them, he with his form lighting up like gold, was ready to board the heavenly vehicle. (30)

Then he died and went to heaven (not exactly a happy jaunt in space the way you claim!)

Then the son of Uttânapâda could see death personified approaching him and putting his feet on his head, he ascended that wonder as big as a house. (31)

Good son that he was, he worried what would happen to his Mom, so the heavenly beings let him check on her Kharma before he split for the long dirtnap:

As he was about to ascend to the abode of heaven, Dhruva instantly remembered Sunîti and thought: 'How can I go to the world over the worlds leaving behind my poor mother?' (33) Understanding Dhruva's worries, showed the two superior ones of enlightenment him how she, ahead of him, was on the path of reaching her divinity. (34)

He then traveled to the highest level of heaven to live with Vishnu - a great honor:

On his way passing one after another all the heavenly spheres around, was he covered by even more flowers, here and there showered on him by the ones enlightened from their own elevated positions. (35) Surpassing the three worlds traveling by God, he even went beyond the great sages, after which the accomplished Dhruva then achieved the refuge of Vishnu. (36)

Once he moved in with Krishna (Vishnu), the passage only explains where Vishnu lives, it says nothing at all about some silly "polar star system:"

Thus became Dhruva, the son of Uttânapâda, on the supreme path of Krishna, as pure as the summit-jewel of the three worlds. (39) With great force and speed unceasingly connected encircles the sphere of the luminaries [the galaxy] that place, o Kaurava [Vidura's family name], like a herd of bulls around a central pole.

Source:Srimad Bhagavatam ,Canto 4, Chapter 12



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