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Human bioelectrical system

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posted on Mar, 13 2009 @ 08:33 AM
I was just reading the post about the disturbance in our electromagnetic field and the coronal mass ejection that is blowing the magnetic field all over the place.

I was wondering what effect that this may have on the living species on this planet as we are all bioelectrical creatures, and must in some way interact with the electromagnetic field of the earth.

I thought that the birds and alike used the electro magnetic field for navigation purposes.
I also remember reading an article not long ago about penguins that had swam a few thousand miles off course.

It may also be the reason for so many beached wales and dolphins appearing across the globe aswell.

Does this field or solar activity effect the way humans think and act without us even been aware of it?

Is there a link between the 11 year solar cycles and the economic boom and bust cycle and war?

I no nothing about human bioelectric systems but I am sure theres a link and it's worth further study!

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