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Regarding The Obama Deception And The NWO

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posted on Mar, 13 2009 @ 05:22 AM
*Note: this isn't another thread to discuss the merits of Alex Jones' film (already a thread for that) - it's about acting on the information contained therein*

Just watched The Obama Deception. Relatively little of the information was new to me, partly due to everything I've learnt reading ATS threads. However, those of us who largely believe the information conveyed in the film would agree how frightening it is.

After watching it, I had a discussion with my fiance and brother, which went along these lines:
A lot of the info is only going to be 100% substantiated when it actually comes to pass. Until that point - yes - a little gut instinct is required. However, at the point that these NWO plans DO come to pass, it will be too late to prevent them.

So... the way I see it we have two options: We go with our gut instinct NOW, based on as much info as possible, and stand a chance at preventing what we believe is coming; or we continue being (justifiably) sceptical until the moment that our fears are confirmed - and stand little hope of saving our liberty. If we prepare now and are proven wrong, we'll have lost little. If we don't prepare and are proved right, we'll have lost everything.

I can understand why people are sceptical of the whole situation. It's just TOO crazy to be real. It seems like a fantasy, and perhaps it has become one in our minds due to popular film and book depictions of totalitarian worlds. But what if a secret group of elites are depending on our disbelief to make these crazy things happen?

What can we do? I'm sure there are posts with better suggestions than mine, but for a start:

- Turn any savings into real assets (precious metals, land, food)
- Arm yourself (if possible - not for me)
- Start growing your own food
- Start relearing how to trade items among your local community rather than depending on currency
- Cut down on TV
- Start saving important web-based information to your hard drive
- Send out mass emails linking to The Obama Deception
- Copy films like The Obama Deception and hand them out

Basically, do everything you can to cease relying on your government. When we've been taught to 'need' them, that's when they have the greatest control over us.


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