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Conspiracies and mental illness

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posted on Mar, 12 2009 @ 08:58 PM
I believe in conspiracies. There are --real-- legitimate conspiracies, that is for sure. I even had, well, 'things' happen to me. I want to broach a sensitive matter, though. Oh I'm really walking on eggshells with this one. When you read someone go on, here, about scary occurrences that they percieve, and it sounds real crazy to you, do you not voice your opinion? Because for all you know, they could be right? But if the reality is, that the person is ill and needs to be on meds, is it still better to leave that one alone? Sometimes I believe that I see people encouraging someone who seems obviously to me, uh, 'mispercieving'. But then I say to myself, "what if their stories of persecution are true?" It's like the ufo topic. If someone is posting a ufo picture, I think it is right for skeptics to critique it, as long as it's not in a mean way. But the catch 22 is, that someone will say, "if you are being skeptical, that is mean to me". I remember when I would try to tell people about some "things" that happened to me, and they couldn't believe it, without seeing my documentation, it hurt my feelings. If you < i.e. whoever is reading this) had some stuff happen to you, that was like, right out of The X-Files, but without any documentation or any other corroberation, would you still be telling people it? Would you tell it on the internet? Here on ATS? Sometimes, I say, "I need to mind my own business", but then I say, "but this is a public international chat forum". I sort of do, and sort of don't, know exactly just what it is I'm precisely trying to glean here, but everyone's input to this will be very interesting, if you want. Thanks.

posted on Mar, 12 2009 @ 09:35 PM
Hi, well, I would probably tell people, and not worry if they thought I were crazy. My friends and family know me as a Conspiracy Theorist. I talk about CT's with everyone.

Now, if I were to stumble upon a local conspiracy, or one I or a loved one were involved, I would probably gather my intelligence, and go for proof and protecting my loved ones/self.

I never get my feelings hurt if people dont believe me if I talk about CTs. I sure dont believe everything I am told either. But I expect respect, no matter your beliefs, and I give the same.

I think that how one posts say a lot of themselves, so take all the posts/ and comments with a grain of salt.

posted on Mar, 12 2009 @ 10:41 PM
We have passed through centuries where hundreds of millions of people blithely accepted that there was a spiritual being, the Son of the Deity, who looked over them and sometimes talked to them. As this was a socially reinforced belief system, no one thought less of related claims. If you said people the Virgin Mary appeared to you at your bedside and told you the future, many would say you were honoured.

Times change, and so do norms. We are now more aware of how the mind plays tricks on us. Our memories don't necessarily conform to what we actually experienced. Beliefs and imagination get inextricably entwined with what we think we know through our senses and intellect. Fiction and persuasion play a bigger role in our mapping of reality than most realized.

Myself, I consider a non-verifiable belief system unhealthy when it interferes with one's functionality and well-being. Thinking there is a Devil and you'll pay for your sins might even steer you towards being honest. Not caring what happens to you because you believe the New World Order is about to destroy society is not a beneficial frame of mind. Nor is thinking you have been chosen for some kind of special mission, and that others have to be subservient to your needs.

It's fine to keep an open mind as to the existence of aliens among us, or be persuaded that the US government was responsible for the attacks on Sept 11, 2001. When these beliefs shape your life in ways that put you in a discordant relationship with others, then it's time for serious self-examination.

You have to be able to edit your own running movie for coherence. When you lose that ability, you come into the region many classify as mental illness.

Mike F

posted on Mar, 12 2009 @ 10:51 PM
I'm mighty impressed with these responses so far. They show much common sense, maturity and wisdom. I was terrified I was gonna get jumped on by those who did not understand, and reacted. May still yet, but may yet.....not.......(?)

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