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Video of UFO been watched by helicopters! Any ideas??

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posted on Mar, 12 2009 @ 06:19 AM
Hi everyone, I have been exploring this site for a few years now, but never signed up and got involved before.

I guess I am one of those lucky people who have had many strange experiences through my life but recently things have began to take a rapid change in direction which has pushed my hand into writing this report and showing some of my videos and photos, If not for anything but to get my information into the public domain let people make there own minds up (if they have one) and stop it forever spinning around in my head.

The reason I have not posted before is quite simply the pictures and videos are not the best quality in the world, (although all contain anomalys) most of them taken with my mobile Nokia N95.
With only my word a few photo's and some video footage. The evidence would not have stood up to the wrath of the Skeptic ATS members.

This is a copy of the report and video of the incident that I gave to the Local newspaper and the BBC in June last year. Comments welcome.

On the morning of the 25th at approx 02.30 There was a loud noise that flew over the house. It was incredibly loud almost like a jet breaking the sound barrier. It seemed a very odd thing to happen at any time let alone at 2:30am so I ran downstairs to investigate.

I first looked out the kitchen window to see if I could see anything but all I could see was a massive light just hovering in the air, no more than 500 feet up and about 1/4 mile above A*%$*n. The noise had stopped as abruptly as it had started. It just looked like a massive rotating pulsating star but it was odd so I grabbed my Mobile phone and began to film the object through the kitchen window.

When I zoomed in I could clearly see that the object was flashing every single colour you could imagine. This was not Chinese lanterns or hot air balloons or any other man made object. It was just hovering in the same place silently, not moving just flashing changing bright colours. I ran out side at this point to try and get a clearer picture managed to sit down and get the camera steady and began filming. It continued to flash and change colours all the time just hovering there. After a few minutes I began to hear Helicopters flying in the distance from behind me very fast.

The object then disappeared completely, almost blinked out for three or four seconds like some one flicked of the light switch. which you can clearly see in the video। It then reappeared and continued to flash just hovering there.

I could hear all the helicopters hovering around but could not see them. They were not displaying any green white or red direction strobe lights.
I am surprised the whole street didn't wake up to the noise.
I continued to film for about 5 minutes, then got bored and cold and went in side.
It was there a few minutes before I began filming and was there for at least 15 minutes after I finished filming so it must have been there for about 25minutes half an hour before disappearing completely.

The footage is as good as a mobile phone can be at night time. You can see the object clearly pulsating with different colours blinking in and out of space, and you can hear the helicopters approaching at speed and hovering around. The object did not seem to react to the helicopters, apart from disappearing into thin air once or twice, it just continued to hover and change colour.

I'm sure the military would not waste there time flying helicopter's around at 02:30 in the morning in a residential area observing Chinese lanterns for 15 minutes.
I didn't really know who to report this to. I know what I saw and this was no traditional man made flying machine. I have taken photos of a few strange objects/orbs lately and was not sure what I should really do with the video, so I thought I would post it here ******* to see what the world thinks about it. Please turn your volume up so you are able to hear the helicopter's approaching and hovering around.

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