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Earmarks insignificant!

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posted on Mar, 12 2009 @ 01:53 AM
I understand that the earmarks totalled some 6 billion. Out of a budget of 410 billion. Who really cares about 6? How about the 'black' budget, that is not publically debated or discussed, or voted on? That has totalled in the past, what, 60% of the budget? And noone mentions it? What happened to a two party system? We the People are no longer represented by an Elitest Congress, nor a Kenyan President, nor a lawless SCOTUS. Give me liberty or give me death... it is a good day to die!

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posted on Mar, 15 2009 @ 06:17 PM
reply to post by Gregarious

I gave it a star... since I really happen to agree with you. I want to know what my money is getting spent on.

posted on Mar, 17 2009 @ 01:05 PM
I don't personally care about this whole hoopla, but I want to point out how very important 6 billion dollars is.

If you have 410 dollars, and you end up having to use 6 on things you don't want, like say, needles to get poked into your eyes, is that too much to waste? Of course! That money is being wasted on something harmful!

Do you know how many school could be funded, how many trees could be planted, how much armor for soldiers could be bought with 6 billion dollars?

posted on Mar, 17 2009 @ 04:29 PM
Do you understand what I am saying? I don't think so, so I will try again. The earmarks are only a small percentage of what is being spent, and there is a LOT more that is being 'lost', and even more being spent without Congressional and public oversight, re. no accountability. So maybe they have 10 billion dollar toilet seats. Who knows. And don't say it couldn't happen.
The Army loses tanks, the AF loses planes and missiles. The government loses trillions. And you are worried about .02 percent of that? Spend your time on the higher loses, not the lowest. They are using the earmarks to distract you from their thefts.
We recently lost trillions in the stock market, trillions more in r.e., and everyone is worried about a half trillion spent on bailouts? The government has not issued most of the US currency for a long time, and now the banks stopped counterfeiting it, so the government has to issue thousands of billions thru printing, giving, or spending, just to stop deflation. Inflation is not going to stop for a long time, the Fed not withstanding. They raise and lower interest rates to try and control the amount of lending the banksters do, because that is how the banksters counterfeit money. By loaning out money that does not exist. So it affects the M1. Otherwise, they could just control how much they print. During the runaway inflation of the 70s, the government was responsible for only a small fraction of that. It was the banks counterfeiting money like crazy. That is exactly what caused the Great Depression, and what is causing GD II now. But the banksters bribe politicians thru their PACs, so they won't bite the hand that puts them in mansions, on golf courses, on Lear jets. Accomplices all.
The price of gold has not risen nearly as much as it should, due to manipulation and fraud in the gold industry, and the banksters I guess, too. NONE of the politicians, Ron Paul included, is addressing the chief economic problems' numero uno cause. The price of silver is another matter. It is not even up to the historical percentage of gold price, and yet it has many miltary and industrial uses that consume it. Once, then it is gone. Gold goes on your sarcophagus, then becomes a pendant, then becomes a watch, then becomes a wedding ring, but it is still there. Silver goes into, say, a missile and explodes. End of silver. Our new satellite tech, and new gold prospecting tech is making huge surpluses of gold now. We are finding ancient shipwrecks, and missed gold in old mines. Not so much silver.
I'm starting to like silver, but perhaps the silver market is also being rigged. Like the Hunts did before. I talked to a New York silver trader today, and they wanted a 15% commision. Yeah, right. And I want an 85% commission to sell it back. The thing to get now is gold or silver old coins in excellent condition. Such numismatics are the hobby of the wealthy, and when the price of the metals rises, the percentage price of collectibles rises even more.
Be careful when you buy anything on paper, and not in your hand. There is much 'naked shorting' going on. They sell you a stock, and later you try to sell it when the market is collapsing. Then you find out that they sold you a worthless piece of paper that gave you no ownership of anything. It was fraud. So what are you going to do? Sue them? Costs alot, and IF you win, (not guaranteed in lawless courts) you will get your award in highly inflated dollars perhaps. It's a crap shoot. You might just end up with huge legal bills, from highly paid professional liars. (Sigh) It's a good day to....

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posted on Mar, 17 2009 @ 05:07 PM
$6billion is like what...... $50 per tax payer?? (120 million working tax payers)

But i suck at math, no joke, so I might be wrong. Either way. I want me $50 back.

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