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Hersh: 'Executive assassination ring' reported directly to Cheney

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posted on Mar, 16 2009 @ 03:09 PM
Kuchinch calls for Congress to investigate the Cheney assassination allegations


Democratic Congressman Dennis Kucinich (D-OH) has called for a formal Congressional probe into allegations by investigative reporter Seymour Hersh that former Vice-President Dick Cheney had his own SS-style political assassination unit.

Kucinich made the call Friday in a letter to Chairman Edolphus Towns of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee which has been published on the Congressman’s website.

“If true, these operations violate longstanding U.S. policy regarding covert actions and illegally bypass Congressional oversight,” Kucinich adds. “Hersh is within a year or more of releasing a book that is said to include evidence of this allegation. However, we cannot wait a year or more to establish the truth.”

posted on Mar, 17 2009 @ 01:40 AM
If this is true then don't trust anyone.. especially alex jones etc.. they would be dead if they weren't complicit to tptb's ways.

posted on Mar, 17 2009 @ 01:43 AM
This reminds me of McCarthy.

He waved around a laundry list (a real one) saying it contained names of Commie sympathizers. A witch hunt ensued and after a few years it turned out he was talking out his butt.

I think history is about to repeat itself

posted on Mar, 17 2009 @ 04:50 AM

Originally posted by questioningall
I just can't help myself, I just have to add this photo........................

now............. does this guy........... look like he could head an assassination group? hhhhhhhhhhhmmmmmmmmmmmmm

let's think about it.......

Haha, great joke, but let's not kid around here. QA, from what I've seen.... You were joking right? Of course he looks like he could "head an assassination group." Did Hitler look like he could kill well over 6 million people? Not really, but he did. Shall we mention the things we KNOW Cheney has been in charge of? He's ugly, but since when do looks have anything to do with corruption?

Sorry, but I can't stand that guy. I apologize QA, much respect as always. Just seeing his picture makes me cringe.

- Strype

posted on Mar, 19 2009 @ 08:37 PM
Interesting, I just read -that there is speculation and accusations from Hersh that ....................Sonny Bono was one of the people that Cheney had assassinated -

Bono supposively had information about something, that the Bush administration could not afford to get out,

also as I began researching this tidbit - I came across this:

Investigation Discovery: “…former FBI agent Ted Gunderson made some shocking allegations that somehow flew under the mainstream media’s radar. Gunderson theorized that the former Palm Springs mayor and Republican Congressional representative, Sonny Bono, most famously known as the husband of pop superstar, Cher, was privy to some sensitive information — so sensitive it got him killed.

A FBI agent said he was assassinated.

Interesting, I wonder what other names will come out of this accusation against Cheney?

posted on Mar, 21 2009 @ 05:03 PM
Three words, dude. Heavy duty tinfoil.

Hersh has read too many Vince Flynn books. Sounds like he's suffering from Stupidity Migranes. I miss Hunter S. Thompson at times like this.

Oh well. I'm sure the men at JSOC enjoyed the comic relief. Why do all the idiots pick on Special Operations??? The article would read better if the moron wrote about the Air Force 344th Special Services Squadron as a highly trained hit squad serving poisoned food to "enemies of the state".

posted on Mar, 22 2009 @ 03:23 AM
reply to post by questioningall

Bono, an experienced skiier, was ambushed on the slopes by hired hitmen, who beat him to death and then staged a tree collision, Mr Gunderson said.

He called for authorities to dig up Bono's remains and open a homicide investigation.

His claims have reportedly been backed by top forensics experts who fear Nevada authorities were too quick to call the death a skiing accident.

Investigator Bob Fletcher had also confessed he sent evidence of a 10-year study that linked top US government officials to arms and weapons dealers to Bono less than a month before his death, the Globe reported.

"(Bono) was going to make it his No.1 priority... There's no doubt in my mind Sonny was murdered by someone who needed him silenced," Mr Fletcher told the paper.

Please visit the link provided for the complete story.

Sonny Bono's Assassination

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