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Is our global nuclear arsenal really MADD of Humans and and an Adversary?

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posted on Mar, 11 2009 @ 02:32 PM
Has anyone ever considered the possibility that Humanity has stockpiled an unrealistic amount of nuclear weapons in order to use the threat of total global destruction as a bargaining tool with a MORE POWERFUL opponent?

What if we have had all the major nations governments working together to overcome a mutual threat,all the while getting the populace to work harder and harder as they compete with each other on a nation to nation basis?

How many of us can keep a dollar in our pocket for a week without finding a legitimate reason to spend it?Do you really think that all the countries in the world could have kept their nukes in their pockets for over 50 years and not popped at least a couple off?

Does anyone out there really believe that the U.S or any country that had a HUGE advantage over other countries a.k.a nuclear or atomic bombs in the beginning,wouldnt make a serious attempt at global supremecy?Lets not get tied up in the Russians kept us honest crap either,once America detonated the first sucessful weapon they had a historical advantage.Lets not fall back on how long it took to produce the materials for the weapons making it unreal to expect a push for global dominance immediatly either because that is only a scheduling glitch.

Was this accumulation and refusal to destroy these weapons actually OUR LAST STAND?Have we been using the MADD of the planet as a bargaining tool so we could buy some time to find an edge or a better weapon?

If there is a state of detante happening right now ,what happens if the balance is tilted to one side or the other?

If we thought it was bad during the cold war, imagine if six billion people all felt like they had to start digging holes to hide in at the same time?Life as all humans know it today would cease to exist.In a very short time.

Does anyone else have anything to add that will explain this incredibly RIDICULOUS OVERKILL?

posted on Mar, 19 2009 @ 11:30 AM
Cm'on no one has pondered the reality that even governments realize that this is grotesque overkill.

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