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One Shot ONE KILL! Single Middle class parents prepare for poverty!

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posted on Mar, 11 2009 @ 11:00 AM
Yesterday I heard of a coworker that was extremely sad/stressed because she was told by her child care provider that her fees would be increasing. Obama has removed aid to those in middle class income brackets across the board! She is a single parent that works full-time and makes 30-35k/ yr.
Not much in today's economy and she never misses work as a blackjack dealer. Her child care is going to increase to $200 / week. This is the cost in the sleepy town of Bullhead city.
With an average of $400 take home per week she has no idea what to do and is scared crapless!

I had no idea that this happened untill her friend told me why she was being so quiet...normally she is a happy gregarious woman. I thought about it and suggested that she volunteer for the next layoff...we had a layoff of 35 dealers last month and I hear we are laying off again in April.
That way she will get unemployment and not have to pay childcare.
Unfortunately, the next step is get food stamps and welfare.

This is what Obama BIN-LADEN has done!
Listen to his words while he stabs you in the back!!

posted on Mar, 16 2009 @ 03:12 PM
Wow, I am really sorry to hear about your coworker!
I hope that she is able to find a solution. Maybe different work hours? But with things the way they are with the economy, maybe it might be best not to rock the boat at work?

She is not alone, I know it feels that way. Right now, I am in college and they do have a child care and are filled and while they have room for a few more I was turned away because because its for those "most in need", its mostly students taking early education providing the care with the prof supervising. Anyway, according the the financial records since I do not qualify for assistance of any type, even though I am going to be a single Mom in several months, they will not accept my child for the Winter semester. For me personally, I would like for my child to be there so I can go visit in between classes.

They won't accept my child, the other affordable and decent child care centers in the area having 3-4 yr waiting lists and the ones that don't have a tuition of about $700 a month.

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