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UFO Movement

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posted on Mar, 11 2009 @ 10:42 AM
I guess its nothing to do with some watch movent. Or does it?

OK i am really tired just now but i sort of had the picture there and thought of threading it up.

If you are going to read this then do so carefully.
My revelations.
So UFO 's come in various sizes shapes and textures, while the most common is that of shiny saucers or even lately light spheres.

The later (saucers & spheres) may post some advantages over rods or whatever else shape they come in and thus they are more common.
I have no experience but thats what i hear....

So assuming that the whole folklore is actually close to that speculated by most, there are some terrible things to overcome physicaly. In order to manage that the strongest tool would be....physics!

So physics as we know this science today makes the various UFO sightings/observations inconsievable or at least hard to grasp.

But what about physics with a twist?

Most will assume UFO movement as relative to their point of view in space, and that ads for a hardship in understanding the physics involved. We seem to lack much knowledge of there to overcome many problems such as inertia.

The twist?

Well what if you take inertia out of the equation?

By just changing perspective and defining the UFO as in static state and point of refference all of a sudden the inertia problem cancels out or rather most of it anyway, since it still has to relate.

So an energy source rightly or smartly employed (not necessary a source of extreme energy in quantitative or any other terms) may provide the means to altering the state of space surrounding the immediate space around it in a radial and declining with distance magnitude. The vectors of magnitude of this change of state can then easily altered in the various axis in space ( and/or time as the external viewer experiences), effectively sucking space around it up to a certain degree that will be relative each moment to the magnitude of the vectors. As the vectors or resulting vector increases so does the perception of time, but only to the external viewer.
The above if pictured completely still allow for a UFO bumping onto something or crashing. The greater the positive diference of mass/density of the UFO to that of the medium moving about it, the less energy will be required to create those vectors, so suddenly when a dense field comes about the UFO the relulting vector/s will sudenly decrease in magnitute given that the energy consumed or rather utilised stays constant. You could go around changing the amount of energy and play against the effects caused. However say you don't. If you keep the amount of energy constant the relative differense in mass/density will have to be absorbed somehow. Well that would be tha change of rate of movement of space and the time to the relative observer. Inevitably this would cause a reverse inertia to the mass of the UFO or whatever mass is included by the vectors increasingly to the centre of their origin.
To get a wider perspective take that a UFO will ussualy operate at the medium capacity of the energy utilised to allow for vector manipulation according to different media of the manipulated space so as to keep reverse inertia to the acceptable limits. So for example a transition from air to water is quite a light one to achieve considering the difference of mass/density between the two media is fairly minimal relative to the density of the UFO. This will require very 'hard-dense' material to be utilised as for the construction of the craft. One could also change the attributes of the material itself depending on 'charge' and become quite flexible in takling different circumstances but i will not analyse this (keeping the rest constant) at the moment. Some people allready get the idea by now and many will have allready lost me some time i will not complicate any further.
Lets say that suddenly there was a los of control and the UFO gets hit by a considerably larger mass than that intended. The degree of reverse inertia will increase and stabilise to the difference of the missing energy at each moment causing the UFO to expand onto/into something when observed externaly. Internally the effects will ofcourse be reverse inertia as well as implosion towards the centre of the origin of the vectors, or allternativelly great change in scale of the surrounding mass in positive terms. Like coming closer to something and the closer we get the larger it looks. Naturally the utilised energy at some point will be insufficient for the UFO to maintain its vectors, but it all can be arranged in such a manner as to achieve minimised 'impact)

I suppose that i am not the only one yet to describe the above but its just the best representation in words of my perception . It is just derived from my own experience and words with an effort to remain simple in expression
and comprehensive.
A PHD or DR's degree is not really necessary to understand the concepts i described. However your knowledghe on Physics Maths & Algebra is to be above basic to get the picture.
So the above may help to understand why a UFO wobbles when observed from an external observer like floating, whereas its merely us wobbling relative to it as its vectors adjust to favour movement.

Just my original words trying to best explain my perception to the average you. I hope i have no mistakes there, since i am very very low in energy due to lack of sleep. Well at least hope there are not too many mistakes anyway.

I might look around and check maybe some other soul makes this easier to comprehend by his own work.

Until then,

BE WELL !!!!!!!


posted on Mar, 12 2009 @ 02:53 AM
No-one around to give me some feedback?
Yesterday i suspected to be flamed for this thread...


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