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News: NHS may miss out on EU migrants

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posted on Apr, 18 2004 @ 04:41 PM
The NHS could miss out on recruiting badly-needed staff from the new EU countries because of uncertainty over standards, medical chiefs have said.
An alliance of health regulators said the UK had still not been told which of the 10 countries joining the EU on 1 May met basic training requirements.

The NHS currently has 25,000 nursing vacancies alone.

The General Medical Council said the alliance needed "urgent clarification" from the European Commission.

In a statement the Alliance of UK Health Regulators on Europe (AURE) said its members needed to know whether doctors, nurses and dentists from the 10 states were adequately trained.

This is breakin news but im really dumb and canna figure out how the submission thing works.


What i can tell u is this is a major problem...i worked in the NHS before i joined the army...we were lucky if we had about 4 staff on a ward at one point...its a serious problem as it threatens patients health and staffs nerves cause they are overworked and this new pay deal they are mena be gettin in October is causing problems already

more info as soon as possible


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